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A meeting room deep in the bowels of the Earth, obsidian walls and ebony furniture, shutters over the lamps that give out a dim light, all this adding up for an eerie atmosphere. This place is the heart of the Brahma Corporation an underground facility known as Naraka. Inside this mysterious HQ, laboratories with advanced weapons mixed with the best mystical experts constructing and designing spells and curses, divisions entirely aimed to create perfect soldiers, assassins and destroyers. Each floor of this facility holds dangerous secrets that the higher ups would sell to the best client, and that’s the main income of Brahma, selling death and misery all around the globe. Leading this monster in corporate form is a single man, only known as Mr. Black. He is the only man inside the meeting room that is covered in shadows, but soon several screens start turning on, and the faces of 7 individuals can be seen. The Chairmen of Brahma are as ruthless and as inhuman as their leader, each one an expert in their fields. Mr. Gold, the business manager of the Corporation, Mr. Silver, the lead salesman, Mr. Bronze, the Weapon Master, Mr. Copper, the master of arcane arts, Miss Ruby, the technological expert, Miss Zaphire, the bacteriological expert and Miss Topaz, the chief of security, also known as Catherine Saint Croix, the one that was leading the experiment of the DEVA series alongside with Moon Forest, the crazed scientist creator of the DEVA line always tinkering in the Corporation hidden laboratory in the sky, ShinkaLABS also known as Devakai.

This Chairman meeting was called by Miss Topaz regarding the failure of the DEVA XIX project. –Estimated chairmen, the DEVA XIX Chassis was a complete failure. The corrections we made from the XVIII prototype ended up causing problems in the complete opposite side.- She took a moment to breathe as the specifications of the previous Chassis was shown in the other screens.- XVIII was too machine-like and his A.I ended up becoming self-aware and sentient, turning the Chassis against us considering our directives primitive and our objectives and I’m quoting from it “The fruitless pursue of something that only held value for primitives lifeforms”- Some of the other chairmen laughed in whisper, quickly shut down by Mr. Black clearing his throat. With an emotionless voice, lacking any kind of sentiment or inflection, the Leader of Brahma inquired from the shadows that cloaked his face.- We aren’t here for the DEVA past mistakes, but for its current. How did the XIX fare?- Catherine shivered for a second, as any other member would do considering that they lived on the whim of the man cloaked in shadows.-Yes sir, the XIX Chassis had several adjustments from the previous model, thanks to Miss Ruby, Mister Bronze, Mister Copper and Dr. Moon Forest skills and intelligence this new model had a incredible technology called Evolutionary Drive, also nickname Darwin Drive. With this it could evolve according to the current situation and adapt to any environment. This new Mainframe and A.I combination allowed him to copy skills from living beings. For this advancement and to stop the XVIII situation from happening again we used the brain of the Chassis subject as a processing unit, so he retained most of his humanity but could be turned off and let the Mainframe take control.-

Once again she stopped as she uploaded the XIX file with all the mission debriefing and information about the events. –As you can see in this files the XIX had a promising start giving the Chassis subject a mock social environment allowed us to control his every move. But the flaws of the subjects, meaning the flaws of the flesh started to show up. The Chassis vehicle cognitive process and emotional output start to interfere with his assignments thus we started using the Vajra Device and Vajra Protocols, created to for a better control over the DEVA line.- Catherine took a sip of water, she was scared as the hardest part was about to start.- But the Darwin Drive started evolving over the Vajra Device, and our control started to become erratic at best, this gave the Mainframe and the XIX Chassis more than enough time to repair the cognitive cleansing we made the XIX vehicle go through after every mission. With that and a complete overwriting of the Vajra device control mechanism we had no other strategy that activating the Vajra Protocol Ultimatum. The device exploded and erased the XIX Chassis at an atomic level.- She touched the screen to activate an on-screen video of other Vajra line of weapons in action. Most of the Chairmen knew about this line the crowning gem in Mr. Bronze inventions, he was possibly one of the best weapon makers in the world, capable of constructing death machines capable of destroying entire countries with a single button. – With this said, we had already started the disassembly of the “Nike” HQ, codename Shurakai, and our technical crew is cleaning any traces of our connection to the XIX actions. The responsible for committing the mistake of leaking the XIX actions is already taken care of.-

Mr. Black remained silent for a couple of minutes, while the rest of the Chairmen checked the information sent by Miss Topaz. The Dreadful Leader face could barely be seen as he was shrouded in darkness, but everyone connected to the room saw the hint of a smile in his shadowed face. –Perfect briefing Miss Topaz, inform Moon Forest that he can already start with the XX Chassis as he wanted. Chairmen dismissed.- The communication closed down and the screens were turned off. Mr. Black left the room walking at a serene pace, the Deva project had to continue, he had to create the perfect Bio-mechanical being. He left towards his “day” job, as his brain machinated new strategies and new tactics. Meanwhile 3km over Europe the ShinkaLABS, also known as Devakai, floated. A full industrial city hidden by an advanced field of obfuscation, inside the main building an alarm and all hands on deck were running to find out what was the ruckus about, all except one, the director of this facility, known as Dr. Moon Forest that kept working as the other people rushed in the outer hallway. One of the subordinates entered without delay brining the news. – Doctor! We have an intruder in the facility!- Moon Forest looked at the soldier with a surprised and snark filled glance –How did we get and intruder? He came flying?- The soldier still shivering replied. –No, he used the teleporters, and he is targeting the chameleon field generator.- The Doctor once again looked at the soldier this time with some concern behind his glasses. –Then stop him, how difficult could it be for an army to stop a single man?- The soldier replied rushing one word after the other.- That’s the problem Doctor, he is not a man, he is…-

BOOOOM! An explosion shook the floating city and a weird sound, like an engine being turned off filled the room. The chameleon field generator was destroyed and when he picked himself off the floor the soldier finished his sentence. – He is XIX, the DEVA XIX is here and is trashing the place!- Moon Forest eyes widened in fear, as he knew what the Cyborg he created was capable off. –Activate the emergency protocols! We need firepower to deal with him!- The Devakai emergency protocol dictated to send messages to any superhuman mercenary and pay them in full to stop the situation at hand, anybody who accepted would be teleported to the Flying City and briefed through artificial mental communication. The situation needed to be contained as each minute without repairing the Chameleon Field Generator was a liability for Brahma and even Moon Forest that had a good relation to Mr. Black knew what would happen if he became a liability.

Devakai, also known as ShinkaLABS
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You know, I thought I was finished with Blondie, but not that long after our skirmish, in fact, maybe just a few days or so, my digital diary picked up a signal sent out by this crazy corporation with a shady reputation in the underworld. Apparently Blondie was one of their greatest assets, only now he seems to be their greatest foe. They want somebody to come and stop him and I shall be that 'one'! Actually, I just want revenge for my ribs.. he broke them last time, and if I wasn't able to harness ki from the environment then my poor ribs would still be like ground beef right now.

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm going to get my revenge on Blondie today; this little distress signal from the corporation is the perfect excuse for me to go after him; and even though I got hurt badly during our first meeting, I'm going to kick his tin-can butt when I see him.

After receiving the cryptic message on my digital diary I answered the call, trying to sound as much like a professional contract killer as I could. Luckily I was able to pull that off and now they're going to teleport me to Devakai to fill me in on some details. Who knows? I could probably get to know some of his major weaknesses while I'm there and be better prepared for our next fight. Still, this could be my last entry in this log considering this is like a really huge endeavor and I'm like a really little girl. *sigh* Wish me luck, Yei! If I make it outta there I'll make sure to write to you about it. Hugs, kissies and candy hearts <3 <3 <3

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Today is the day to do big things, the day I get to kill aboard an airborne carrier. Feels like a first day at school, meeting new faces and pissing them off in spectacular ways. Swapping silly things like itching powder with something nice like ebola or leprosy, after all I will show them the wonders of 'good' air. I am now situated within the dining hall of the carrier, yet this is probably the biggest time in life where death is ever-present. Luckily there are schematics around and ways to emergency escape pods, I am not a super-durable brick nor am I a regenerator. Things to keep in mind that I am as mortal as all of my victims, such as the poor schmuck who received that 'signal'

Originally I came along to kill a specific person with the capability to heal at an accelerated rate. That opportunity is used to experiment the variety of arcanobiotoxins which I have acquired after my trips in Haiti. The healing only prolonged the agonizing death as I saw his skin molting off which revealed the layers inside, the blood spewing from every orifice and spasmodic movement.

His cellphone then beamed me into an unknown location, yet because he dropped the phone and jammed it with his gadgetry then something must be off with the teleporter. Bits and pieces of my clothes are torn, some parts of my skin is lacerated, luckily no major organs are displaced elsewhere. Some of my equipment is damaged, yet the package inside is still functional but only the arming methods are gone. Canisters must be hand opened, instead of button triggered. One of my gloves are torn so I can only use one Toxigaunt, I guess this will be quite an interesting day.

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Secluded in the lavish confinements of his extravagant study in the Catalonian region of Spain, Don Andres immerses himself in the meticulous practice of amassing as much knowledge as possible. In his lonesome, the Armani clad aristocrat seats himself on his desk, the overpriced Italian leather generating a collective sense of comfort and illustrious stylish appeal as El Caballero calmly leans in, intent on maximum comfort. Delicately flipping through the invaluable pages of the political treatise known as 'The Prince' by historically renown political theorist, Niccolò Machiavelli. Relying on the indefinitely accelerated information processing capabilities provided by his highly elevated number of neural synapses, the aristocratic Spaniard rapidly absorbs the presented information of the perfectly documented text, utilizing quick glances to ocularly capture every studied page with peerless perceptive analysis. Upon the inevitable conclusion of his ritualistic knowledge-gathering practices, Andres calmly closes the historically significant piece of political work before him. Rising from his cautiously organized desk, the Charismatic Catalan returns the political masterpiece to his exaggeratedly wooden bookshelf, intent on frequenting one of the high-society clubs he has grown irreversibly accustomed to.

A respectful knock on his study's perfectly crafted door served as the unanticipated testament to unforeseen misadventure that would soon consume his relatively serene day. "Si?", patiently awaiting an answer in regards to the knocker's identity. "Its me sir", the composed yet monotone voice of his Cockney-accented butler breaching the door's physical structure prior to his impending entrance. "Ah Charles, is there something of importance that I must know of?", Andres asked, his mesmeric, dark, ocean blue eyes brimming with poised curiosity. "I thought this might interest you", Charles concluded, presenting a received message on a laptop's radiant screen from the elusive Brahma Corporation. "You were busy so I felt that I needed to see what-", Charles' explanatory reasons being halted by a calm wave dismissive wave of the hand, "Tis fine my friend. This is most interesting. While compelled to send my mercenarios, this organization is competition, no?", his question, a rhetorical one, "Perhaps, opposing them will prove more... fruitful", Santo Andres decided, delicately shutting the laptop before him. Instructing Charles to fetch the items and clothing necessary for such a physical endeavor, Andres very calmly removed his elegant, white Armani dress shirt, patiently folding, and placing it on his desk. With his perfected physique in full view, the distinct, artistic red scorpion tattoo on the right side of his upper back was prominently highlighted by the radiant luminosity of the looming chandeliers.

Waiting in respectable patience, Andres regally folded his arms behind back as his unquestionably obedient butler soon returned with the requested piece of attire. A surprisingly resistant, personalized black Dolce & Gabbana Martini Suit was rested above his desk. With his head, he gestured towards one of his most preferred bladed weapons, the Spanish Rapier. "That one", he instructed, intent on employing the Spanish armed fighting system, Destreza. Upon Charles' departure, Don Andres was immediate in his sartorial transition, his chosen suit, perfectly complimenting his chiseled physique and impeccable sense of style. With his rapier cleverly disguised as an extravagant cane of expensive craft, Andres responded to the the Brahma Corporation's message, seemingly accepting their request, while secretly intent on aiding their supposed opposition. Instantaneously, he was teleported to the Flying City where the briefing on the situation at hand would commence.

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After his near death experience, Asura decided to visit the Reisho Monastery searching for a goal and a path to take, there he reached to the conclusion that he didn’t wanted to harm any leaving being again, but that his creators and handlers couldn’t be allowed to continue with their schemes as somebody else could suffer the same things he went through. After leaving the Monastery he travelled under the radar towards Europe, where he was held without knowing in a prison disguised as a regular life or as regular as high tech Cyborg can get. He should have noticed the signs, to be fair he did notice, but his memory was wiped of those incidents, moments in which he realized the false reality forged around him as collar to contain him. He found the secret entrance to the basement HQ, only to find it deserted and wiped clean, yet some equipment too heavy to be taken without a bigger operative was left there until the clean-up team reached this place, Brahma had a lot of messes to fix and after how things ended, or how they thought that ended, this place wasn’t were high in their priorities. –Something here may give me a clue about where to start.- Az talked his thoughts out loud as the Darwin Drive Mainframe connected to electronics still in the HQ.

A quick search allowed Asura to find out more about Brahma, but most importantly he found out the place where he was turned into the Mechanical Monster he was. The problem was its location, hidden in plain sight floating aimlessly through the whole airspace over the European continent. That would have been a problem, if the console didn’t held the location of a nearby teleportation device and the codes to use it. Codes Az hoped to be still working. Thanking whoever was watching him from above and granting him this lucky break, the Cyborg Hero moved towards the device and thankfully the codes for it were still approved. With a flash of light in a hidden alleyway Asura was transported to the Devakai, one of the six Brahma bases hidden in the world. A regular person would feel some dizziness or the need to throw up, but the lack of conventional organs inside Asura allowed him to pass through the teleportation as if he was taking a stroll to the park, he sighed upon the sight of vomit in the sides of the Teleportation lobby, once thanking his mechanical half rather than shunning it.

But that was a light as this was going to be, as the moment he reached the place was the moment that the alarms started to beep surely thanks to something inside the Chassis. As he didn’t had time to search for it and extract it, Az thought that the better plan was too move as fast as he could so they couldn’t react to him. He took down to guards with non-lethal movements he was getting feed from his Mainframe database and connected to the City Network, a kind of communication system shared by the whole of Brahma, the Nirvana-net, a wireless world spanning secret information highway only accessible by their equipment and their codes, think about it like Wi-Fi on steroids. Asura gained access easily to the network, the problem was that what he could do was limited by the lack of codes, thus the only option he had was download the City Map and allow the Darwin Drive to formulate a plan. The first suggestion of the A.I was to destroy the Chameleon Field Device, as shattering the cloaking around Devakai would surely bring fear and despair to them, considering that a floating fortress would be suddenly appearing over Western Europe.

The Cyborg Hero rushed through the facilities using his enhanced sensorial and physical capabilities to easily sneak through the guards and reach the Chameleon Device and destroyed it with a single blast of energy. The effect was immediate as if a sphere of glass around the gigantic floating structure suddenly shattered into a million of pieces. Asura moved to his next target, the factory, were the basic raw materials were processed. The A.I decided to go from the first step of production to the last in order as they were placed in line towards the main base and the lower steps facilities were much more difficult of reconstruct if it were destroyed, and in the case of having to flee Az wanted to give the Corporation a blow as big as he could with that mentally he moved towards the factory jumping from roof to roof hoping to do this without having to face any enemy. At least that’s what he hoped and as we all know that’s the last thing that is lost. Asura didn’t know what slumbering beast had awakened with his actions.

Meanwhile as the Deva XIX plan was in motion, his actions were the cogs that started other events. Dr. Moon Forest activated the Defensive Protocols and his summon was sent to mercenaries all over the world, with three getting transported here. The Doctor went swiftly to their encounter for a quick debrief. Opening the doors in a rushed manner he started talking the moment the door was open. – Gentlemen and Lady I brought you here to take care for a minor discomfort that is attacking the Corporation, as any other time you worked with us, the payment will be substantial and according to your performance you’ll be rewarded with the commodities we can offer. Don’t bother in trying to kill me as this is a robotic duplicate and my flesh self is already leaving the City.- A holographic screen showing the XIX Chassis, and his specs, a Cyborg also known as Asura appeared in front of the assembly of mercenaries. – This is your target, a runaway Cyborg known as Deva XIX or Asura, your objective is to find him and destroy him before he makes this City plummet into Western Europe. The one that kills him will have a bonus and surely will be invited to form part of our large and ever expanding family of business.-

-Time is money are standing here is just a waste of time, so go and destroy, payment will be substantial. I will monitor your performance and serve as your liaison and mission control, any door that needs opening or code to crack a electronic lock I can provide, but certain sections of the City are off-limit unless XIX is there. You have been warned, now carry on.- With that said Robo Moon Forest started his monitor duty with the help of the Holographic screen.

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As the other mercs are getting debriefed Dennis is currently exploring the craft, one Toxigaunt working and his curiosity hungering. Defensive measures seem readily available so he must tread carefully. Whatever signal is sent his way is replaced by an empty signature, instead of him there are only others missing one more individual. He saw bits of information of the mail, yet he is interested with salvaging pieces of technology and perhaps even take a few samples so that he can reverse-engineer them. Yet the place is like a maze, the only pieces of information is from the schematics on the walls for emergency passageways. So without further ado Dennis explores the paths leading to the emergency points, men and women are mobilizing elsewhere. With his sleight of hand he placed several timers on the pods and escape routes, devices that are triggered by proxemic entry from unknown personell. Which in this context translates to everybody who is not him, even the faintest of bodily traces will be picked up and trigger calamity. The fact that they are in closed spaces propagate the chances of contaminating an entire wing with noxious fumes for higher beings, and instant death for lesser ones. Such as baseline humans who will vomit out their intestines. This poison is designed to kill 'bullet proof' type metahumans and this is the first time that he uses it on an event, over 500 people have succumbed to its toxins in his own gas chamber below his domicile in linfen.

Time is of the essence as getting caught will end up leading to imminent death, and there are still more emergency hangars to securely place explosive armaments. The chaos provides him with a veil of cover, yet he has not been approached by hostile beings as of yet. He plans to keep things moving that way. Finding a lone guard and taking over his clothes, seemingly blending in as he moves towards the next 'hot zone' with his special RX gas. Which in turn is more potent than the one he tested in his chambers.