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The Beginning:

The Assassins's ossociation was founded in the 1600's. BUilt to preserce the balance of good and evil so that there would be no totalitarism. The Associations founders were people who not only killed but spied and trained for the greater good of the Earth. Ever wonder how Odysseus knew to build the Trojan Horse? The Associations leaders thought of that tactic for there were no other mortals that could match there wit and skill. After decades and decades of the beginning a split came between the great, great grandsons of the founders. Some felt that to preserve the balance every big leader must die. This faction became the Blood Clan, the hypocrites of the Association themselves. The ones that stayed true to the code and remained loyal are the Light Clan.

After the split, the Blood Clan became more and more powerful and killed every major leader. They are responsible for the deaths of Kennedy and Lincoln. Also they allied themselves with the Germans in both World Wars. The Light Clan intervened to preserve the delicate balance and killed Hitler. The Light Clan tries to stay hidden and secretive, that is why the stories of Hitler killing himself were made. The world is really run by the Assassins!

In present day the battle has grown worse. Super Heroes and Super Villains have been created and created chaos in the once balanced world. Aliens have interviened and so have Norse Gods. During the disruptions the Blood Clan Made a move for more power and assassinated the Light Clans leader while sleeping in is apartment. now leaderless the Light Clan must bounce back to preserve balance in the world. To add insult to injury the President of the U.S. was killed in his sleep. No one knows who did it but they suspect a super human. The world in chaos no one knows who to trust. So now a new dawn begins.....

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Altair fought hard against the rolling machine. This vile contraption threw blades and swings around his body, but Altair dodged them with supreme skill. Finally, when there was an opening, Altair wielded his sword, and jammed it through the body of the machine. It fell to the floor, sparking and twitching, as Altair smiled proudly. He had been working hard these past few months, because he knew that soon, the leaders of the Light Clan would give him his first real assignment. His very first solo mission was going to go down in the history books, as the first completely successful rookie mission.

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Platinumwarrior was tired. He had been running jobs for years and no time to relax and their was one place in the world where their was money to be had along with relaxation: Vegas. Platinum had stopped at a large casino where many people gathered. He could tell some of them were assassins maybie even super were they here for him? Platinum altered his apperance into a reguler party-goer and headed to the bar hoping his Assassin life had not followed him here.