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The daughter of Death and a bane to both Heaven and Hell has begun clawing her way from the aether. LastPyre is established as a pure relentless force of destructive nature. Now aligned together they have a potent genocidal weapon for soon Pyre will be unshackled and thus erupt in a blazing scar on the world. The embers tell the tale of a patch of the rain forest gone, of peaceful monks and prayer givers turned to ash. Amazing Angel angered by two horrific demons now cut lose goes to stop anymore atrocities from happening.

Aka an excuse for Pyre Reaver and Angel to all punch each other in the face!

Insert cool pictures here! I would but CV mobile blooows

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Desolation Cometh...

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Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, a woman's scorn pales in comparison to my wrath

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The wonderful things about strippers... Is strippers are a wonderful thing... Their breasts are made out of rubber... On their buts they wear G-Strings... They bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce bounce bounce bounce! But the most wonderful thing about strippers is boobies! :) *Wicked Smirk.*