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Then: 15th Century Romania

The cool night air swept past a small entourage of hooded Priests as they slowly made their way along a dirt covered trail, causing their horses to snort and hesitate. Their heightened sense of awareness picking up the uneasy tension as it resonated from the darkness. Moon filled nocturnal eyes shimmered from the shadows as creatures of the night tracked the convoy's migration towards the storied Neamt Monastery. The pinnacle of Moldavian architecture and choosing location of what would be one of the most important clandestine meetings in unrecorded history. Arch-Bishops from every major cathedral in Europe had come to negotiate terms with a legendary power structure that could trace its lineage back to a time before the written word. Viewed as unholy abominations the Orthodox church would never formally admit any knowledge of their existence, however in the interest of self preservation and under the corruptible influence of greed, a secret pact was formed. On one side sat the representatives of the human faith, and on the other sat the heads of the three most dominate Vampire Clans of the time, the Treme, the Tzimisce, and the Ventrue. That night both sides reached in agreement leading to the Eastern European countries being carved up and distributed between the Clans. In exchange the Bishops were rewarded with unimaginable wealth, titles, and the unconditional backing of the Clans. The treaty insured that both sides would flourish while obtaining what they coveted the most, power. With the Church vehemently denying the existence of Vampires they were free to feed upon the unsuspecting public. Over time they infiltrated every human institution and organization which in turn allowed them to spread their own agenda and politic agenda.

Now: Chartres Cathedral

Gambler walked side by side with the last living decedent of Bishop Fulbert, Bishop Jacques, one of the greatest scholars of his time. His unexpected visit came on the heels of one of the most mismanaged situations in the OsC's history. Three members were now gone and the sanctity of the Cathedral had been violated by a small faction of heroes. The situation caused concern among the Elders and they would use it as they handed down their declaration. "You know Jean, your father may have revived the Order but it was us, the Bishops, who created it. We are, and always will be, its foundation." Gambler stopped as the Bishop's words stroke a cord with his ever volatile temper. "State your business Priest, I have no time for subtly." his words sharp and direct. "As you wish Jean. The Vampir have broken the treaty and the Elders want you and the OsC to rectify the situation." The Bishops face was filled with a self placed heir of entitlement. Arrogantly the Cajun simply chuckled, "By broken treaty you mean grown to powerful, and by rectify the situation you mean wipe out......no?"

"Call it what you will assassin, but the Church wills it. You and your Order are to systematically eliminate each of the Clans with extreme prejudice. And we want you to start with the House of Drake, the Toreador ruling body in Italy."

This is an OsC rpg (but if you feel that your character works with the plot/story, send me a pm and we'll work something out. Also if anyone wants to create a Vampire account strictly for this pm me.)

Otherwise the Vampires will be NPC. In addition to normal Vampire type abilities, feel free to add extra skills and powers in an effort to equal the playing field. Lets not kill 30 Vamps in one post.

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Photon flew over Europe with the guidance of Death, soaring higher and faster than any bird, where the sunshine had fueled his energies. Something inside him jerked and snapped him out of the carelessness of flight as he stopped over a magnificent cathedral somewhere in France. It was obvious at first glance that this cathedral had seen better days. Almost all of the windows were broken with colorful window panes lying shattered on the grass. The fences were destroyed in some places with brick and mortar lying in chunks across the huge terrotory. Grass was burned in some spots, some were turned red with crimson blood, while some were the final resting places of a few house ninjas, lying sprawled on their backs. Uprooted trees were lyring across, some charred and still smoking. It was as if two great armies had met on the doorsteps of the cathedral and neither one of them would step away, fighting to the death.  
Photon noticed a short and slightly fat man in a church uniform indicating that he was a bishop speaking to a man whose sight brought on faint memories to Photon's attention. His powerful presence was unmistakable, although the manner with which he responded evidenced that he was almost out of temper. Photon knew him from somewhere, sometime before Death took his soul into the other world, but he couldn't exactly remember how he knew him. His name was Gambler, but that was the only sure thing he could remember about him. He automatically knew this was the man he needed to find. After descending down from the skies, he watched as the Bishop gave the assassin a deep bow, attempting to show him respect while housing an obvious dislike, and proceeded to walk away. A flicker of vicious desire sparked inside Photon as he watched the Bishop, making him want to burn the man alive for no apparent reason, but he restrained himself. Photon took a few cautious steps towards the assassin, not entirely sure how to start a conversation. 
"Hi... I think... Umm... I think I know you from somewhere before... Death sent me to find you..."
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The blackened shadows where a comforting and warm place for his need to be unseen and unheard. This was not a task for introduction or communication but to watch and observe his surroundings and wait. This is the remaining whispers of the old Midnightist continuing to bother and weigh down on his new intentions and drive that are not to far and between his old and more calm state of existance.  Soon the secret church chamber became a meeting ground for many many souls far from lost  "Hi... I think... Umm... I think I know you from somewhere before... Death sent me to find you..."  
"Wow lightbright did you really just say that I could have seen a better line watching Family Guy". The voice was heard but the speaker was unseen. Those who heard the sarcastic and disrespectful words moved there eyes to the darkness on the wall that seemed to have no place there. The Shadow began to extend outward as if a child where blowing a bubble with it as the gum. Soon the surface melted away revealing the former hero. Midnightist having been corrupted by his own dark powers made his new level of insanity quite clear to those around him. 
"Hey Frenchie you know honestly if were going to do the whole I'm joining your evil supervillain team your going to have to be vigilant. I've been stalking your for a few hours now and really I just couldn't decide where to stick my handy dandy little fingers through your body to kill you. I thought about going a classic horror movie thing and ripping hearts out and what not but well then the preacher here started to go on about vampires and well I'm A HUGE fan of vampires seriously did I tell you I've seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel." 
"Silence your insanity you foolish boy I am no simple "preacher" as you say I am a Bishop Jacques my title has been passed down to me as it was my father and his father before him I am a servant of the all mighty God andhhhhhhhhhccccccccccckkkkkkkk". Midnightist rushed across the empty space between him and the Bishop his hand drawn to his neck like steel to a magnet with no chance to escape the forces pull. "What you are is sad little man who has no real power and only that which he tries to get through his precious religion and fear. You are just another sad little boy sodomizing man in white dress trying to hide behind his god. Is god going to save you is here can you hear him asking me to give you mercy." Midnightist turns his head and places his hand next to ear to mock the Bishops faith. 
"Nope I don't hear nothing from god well it really wouldn't matter anyway God doesn't even exist and if he did wow he's got to be the most evil son of a b!tch I've ever known because he if he existed knows exactly what I'm about to do to you and doesn't give a damn. Wait wait maybe there is a god but he truly is a righteous god maybe he wants me to kill you for raping little boys in their booty wholes like some sick pervert of Oz or that episode of Boondocks called "Date With a Booty Warrior" did you see it preacher man I think you should have it was funny I wonder if you can watch TV in he!!. Oh well I'm getting distracted I can't seem to focus now adays........... Oh I remember god telling me to kill you. He also said I can change my name to the little boy from the Flinestones what was his name huh man again with the can't remember oh I remember. "  

Midnightist lets go of the Bishops through and moves his hand to the back of the mans head tightly gripping his skull. "BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM". He repeats this like a montra as he collides the Bishops head with a stone wall over and over again. " BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM  BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM  BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM." He finally ceases this new found insanity by letting what remained of the mans body to slide to the ground grazing against what used to be it's head now covering the paints of the wall." 
"Yo Gambler I wasn't sure I was supposed to do that or not but he was just kinda ............ actually he hadn't done anything to bother me I just wanted to kill him. Oh well so are we going to kill these super vampires now cause all this blood is kinda making me want to kill some vampires."

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The sun beams filtered through the linen plane window covers placed beside Xane's window. They got ever brighter, waking him up from the short slumber he'd taken. The captian came over the intercom, annoyingly telling everyone that they were going to be touching down in Italy at the in only moment, he repeated them in three different languages after the initial message. Xane, wiped the corners of his mouth and eyes, and sat up strait in his seat. Lifting the window cover, and looking out to see a vista that could only be explained as anciently beutiful, and then came the roads and cars, finally the runway. The screach of the the rubber wheels against the pavement cut off any vision that this was anything other than a watched vacation. 
Even at his age of 18, he was still under the eyes of his mother, and the Council. but, Xane had other plans. He would get at least a taste of true freedom. When he left the airport, he walked up to a limousine, and got in. He faintly recognized the faces that sat in the car from visits past. They moved on in silence, until they arrived at the country house. As they all exited the car, and walked up the pathway to the house, Xane scoped out eh entire place. He saw the windows, and distances between window and ground. Tonight was the night he would get out. 
Aimlessly walking around, being waited on hand in foot, as good as it sounded, was extremely insufferable. The day passed like a crawling baby , slowly. But the time came, when night fell, and Xane was in his room. He knew that watchers would be outside his room, and outside, littered around entire premises, but he was fast enough, and could endure a long run. He hoped that it would not be that way, but he knew otherwise. 
Opening the latch on his window, he looked down. "15 Feet down...I can do it" He leapt out, and landed, rolling to exert the extra sound. Then from that role he began to bolt out, running as fast as he could allow. He looked behind him, to see two guards running after him, but he was already to far gone for them to catch up with. He crawled up the side of the barrier that protected this old establishment, and continued to run. 
As soon, as he hit city light, he stopped running. Partly because he was exhausted, and partly because he was truly in awe of the beauty offered without a price. He looked at the large town clock. It was ten pm, and the moon was full, and there was not a cloud in the sky. "Is this what freedom feels like..."? He asked himself, without answer. If this was his only time to enjoy it, he would enjoy it to it's fullest. With the money given to him by the very guards that were supposed to chase him, he bought food and drink to keep him sustained through his night of debauchery. 
The sheltered like of someone like Xane, could be described as the "good life" but someone who's lived it knows that, it is completely limited and cut off from the rest of the world. It was because of this that, when Xane wandered into an alley way, that he did not know what to expect, but only knowing that he was 'safe'. Little did he know, he was stumbling into something much bigger and much much more dangerous than he would have ever anticipated. 
The lights of the city had diminished into a single candle lit walkway, with cobblestone pavement. Xane began to feel, uneasy, like was being watched. He figured that it was just the 'guards' keeping an eye out on him, but no...That feeling became fruit in the form of a woman, black clad. She, began to speak in a language that sounded sultry and archaic. Xane becane entranced with her, he walked closer, and closer, until his body was almost in her arms. Then she stopped her siren song abruptly, and he snapped out of his stupor. Looking behind him, he saw a man with almost the identical wears of the woman, only much larger in stature. Then, everything went black.
The man carried Xanes body to a vehicle and the woman followed after. In an Italian accent, she spoke "Is it me or is this becoming much, much easier"? The man did not speak, but opened the door for the body to be thrown arbitrarily inside, along with the woman to sit beside. He drove off into the night...Taking the body to manor, with brass gates an an old English letter D on the opening feature.

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Rokuakai hated everything about this, the mission and the entire Church. Never a man of the cloth or of the church Ive always dispised those who told the masses they spoke with God and heard his voice or seen his face in toast. Walking with my lord Gambler, he made each step with a dignified pose and cocky at the same time. He always seemed to know why he was called upon or why he was called for in moments of Crisis. I walked in unison with his steps, Sparrow on the other side of him. Sparrow was another man I saw as a lord, he was a man who knew no fear an would take a blade for Gambler at anytime and unleash a force unknown to anyone if they harmed our lord.  
The Bishop had power but he was a coward deep down, knowing full well his people had bitten off more than they could chew many years ago with these Vampirs. The clans names brought the hairs on the back of my neck to a still, their names were stories to my people. Japan was a place full of these creatures, and many times they were far from any class or regal unlike these the bishop was speaking of. Never were the suck heads Geniuses or Tactitions they simply killed for the love of it. Which was why at least three were kept for secret missions within my clan of Rokuakai, they didnt want anything but blood an by the gallons. I stood beside Gambler watching as he spoke to the Bishop as if he was nothing being sarcastic an disrespectful...as if the pedophile needed respect. The bishop was going to talk down to Gambler but before any of us could stop him, the new one decided to rectify any future insults towards Gambler by smashing the Bishops head in. It was bloody an amateurish, no style nor any class this boy had nothing but brute force an some talent...which is probably why Gambler allowed him into the OsC.  
The only reason I didnt end him for this stunt myself is...Gambler would do it later. I wanted to kill the boy but decided that Vampires would be more of a sport, and Italy was around the corner. A man appeared from nowhere a man speaking that Death sent him for Gambler. Grasping my Gladius I waited for Gambler to give the order to dispatch the outsider, a order both Sparrow and I would follow with swift action.

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You are going on a journey pet, a lonnng journey in a box of all things” the weedy little professor hovered around the head of the android. Metal clanged as he bumped into the pole holding her head, her hair flowing down the back of it while he tweaked the circuitry inside her head. “Very sad to see my pet go, but our Master has bigger plans for you he does” sniffling as he giggled his ferret nose lifted in a grin as he slammed her scalp back and fastening it behind her head.  Lifting the skull off the stand her long bone and metal spine trailing behind, wheeling the trolley with her body attached he groped the breast slightly before sliding the spine and head into place. “Charge you up now” nodding, his wet palms grasped the trolley and wheeled the girl over to the wall; a plug extending from her arm like a long tentacle attached itself to the green globe glowing against the wall. Her dead blue eyes shone in the green light as he zipped up the blue lycra suit moving his hands in places they should not be he smirked and wiped his nose as he left the room, off to prepare the crate for her long journey ahead.

The weedy man darted up the hallway and knocked on the large wooden door at the end of the room a stern “enter” was heard from the other side. Wood shifted in the fireplace the only light in the large den of a room, the desk and chair had its back to the man, an arm holding a cigar gently nestled in its fingertips the only indication that a man sat in the chair. The arm raised, smoke wafted as he spoke a deep voice, tinged with a French accent “Is my pet ready?” he did not turn as he spoke, awaiting the Professor’s reply. “Yes, yes yes.. yes” the small rodent of a man nodded and started approaching the desk the voice stopped him “you did not touch her did you Samuel?” freezing the doctor pushed his glasses up his nose, sweat pouring down his face his hair sticking to his forehead his lie pressed through his dry lips “nnnnn no sir, master sir” bowing he watched the arm move, tapping the ash off the head of the cigar the man raised the cigar to his lips and inhaled deeply, smoke filling the air and making the doctor cough. “Fine then, make sure she is packaged carefully and make sure to add de letter” A letter sat on the desk, gold envelope with a red seal holding it closed, the doctor shuffled forward snatching the letter off the table and spinning to exit the room.

The next day the mansion was bustling with movement as Flower was packed away into a massive metal crate padded and containing the letter it was loaded into a black truck and swept out into the morning air.

Hours later

The Order mansion gates swung open as the truck moved down the long driveway, every corner of the garden covered in assassins and ninjas hidden from site as the vehicle slowed over a bump the package in the back shifting with the movement. The long truck emerged at the front of the compound as the butler met the man, signing the electronic delivery device the crate was taken into the house scanned for weapons and placed carefully in the side library. The note attached to the side of the crate was removed and read over by the butler who promptly delivered it to his master. “Mr Lebau sir, a delivery” the butler handed the note to Sophie who slipped into Gamblers office, carrying it in her long fingers. Gambler shirtless moved as he slowly swept through his morning Tai Chi movements, his long black silk pants whispering with each move, Sophie coughing carefully announced her approach “What tis it Sophie?” the girl raised the letter to show him then blushed and stopped herself “A delivery sir, with a note, do you want me to read it to you” Gambler placed a fist in his palm and bent slightly before picking up the towel resting next to him and wiping his neck “Please” he motioned to her to go on, ripping the seal open she began to speak “oh its in French, shall I translate sir or read it in the French?” Gambler smiled as he pulled his crisp white shirt over his shoulders “either way is fine chere” Sophie blushed and read on in French:


We have not seen each other for some time and I am sure this note and my gift will not entirely be welcome, but I assure you she is nothing but a gift. I at this point will not tell you who I am, it is not time for us to know each other again, but I hope that Flower can make you happy and in turn help you to heal old wounds. Her full name is Flower of Flesh and Blood, you will excuse the dramatics but it seemed to suit our girl.

Enclosed please find a list of her capabilities and functions, I assure you, she is much more than what she seems, I would call her art if I was a vain man.

Enjoy her friend and soon we shall meet.


Sophie finished and looked at Gambler the note puzzling her, Gambler was now fully dressed in a rich navy Armani suit. Raising a hand Sophie handed him the note as he spoke to her “where is de package Sophie” Sophie a puzzled look on her face pointed down the hall “In the front library sir” Gambler smiled at her “Thank you Sophie” as he moved out of the room, Sparrow appearing at his side form nowhere he nodded at his guard and strode down the hallway, his brow puzzled as he handed the note to Sparrow to read. Pushing open the double doors of the library he motioned for Sparrow to open the crate, the lid door creaked as it shifted, the metal hitting the edge of a bookshelf as it opened, Flower her system activated at the touch of the door opening stood and rose from the crate walking to Gambler she raised her arm and placed it on his gently speaking in a soft tone.


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 With the deadly swordsmen Rokuakai positioned just off his right shoulder, the silent assassin Little Sparrow to his left, and the enigma that was Flower, Gambler and Bishop Jacques continued their summit. Being in the presence of such renowned dealers of death had clearly disrupted the Bishop's exaggerated sense of self-importance as he quickly remembered that the members of the OsC were not bound by their own religious beliefs, nor the churches. Still, the devoted man of the cloth had no other option but to continue debriefing the Aristocratic Assassin despite being overwhelmed with fear as more and more members began to gather. It was at this very moment that both Roku and Sparrow instantaneously reacted to the sudden appearance of  Photon, a former protegee of the legendary Mighty Magneto. Sparrow's superhuman dexterity was on display as his fingers remained contorted in an impossible position lined with several strands of razor sharp wire, while Roku's left, and most deadliest hand grasped the hilt of his katana. The commotion had sent the Bishop diving on the ground reverting into a fetal position at the foot of the Cajun, who himself had arrogantly not moved a muscle.

"I think I know you from somewhere before....Death sent me" said the new arrival. His statement broken into two parts half asking, half telling. But before the King of Kings could even comprehend the reemergence of Photon his attention was drawn to the taunting mannerisms of Midnightist as he attempted to provoke a reaction. Sadly, the Bishop took the bait. Rising to his feet with an undignified look upon his face as he frantically brushed the dirt from his robe, Bishop Jacques' sharp tongue lashed out at the OsC's most unpredictable affiliate. "Silence your insanity you foolish boy I am no simple "preacher" as you say I am a Bishop Jacques my title has been passed down to me as it was my father and his father before him I am a servant of the all mighty God andhhhhhhhhhccccccccccckkkkkkkk". his words cut off in mid-sentence as he found himself in a inescapable choke hold. All eyes watched as the impetuous former Veritas member proceeded to brutally murder the last line of the Jacques lineage. Slamming the overweight and defenseless man's head against the beautifully hand sculptured decor of the garden wall over and over again leaving behind fragments of bone and blood as the Bishop's skull was caved in.

Immediately Midnightist began speaking but his words fell on deaf ears as Gambler tuned him out. For even though the Cajun found a subtle hint of artistry in the madman's brutal and savage assault, the fact remained that one of the Order's Elder's had just been killed by one of his own. It may as well have been his own hands stained with the Bishop's blood. "Foolish move, but one we will have to deal with at a later date. Sophia!" he called out, summoning his lovely assistant. "Yes Jean Lu OH MY GOD!!" she screamed upon entering the garden. Her designer Prada's quickly becoming stained with blood as it pooled around the dead body. "Compose yourself my dear and clean dis up. Procure dee body and load it on dee plane, we'll be taking it wit us" he smirked. 


Two Hours Later:

The door of the private luxury jet opened slowly allowing the delightfully refreshing air of Florance, Italy to sweep through the cockpit. Outside on the runway a small convoy of fully loaded all black BMW's sat in wait as the OsC departed the plane, Gambler and Sophie in the lead. "Welcome to Italy Mr. LeBeau. This way please." sniveled one of several cowardly assistants, compliments of the Santa Maria del Fiora Cathedral. A small Italian church with ties to the OsC. "Sophie, Flower, and I shall ride together" announced Gambler, his hand slightly rising up symbolically preventing Little Sparrow from entering his car. "Tis okay, I'll be fine." directing Sparrow to one of the other vehicles. After a short symphony of car doors shutting, the distinguished entourage of decadence pulled out of the airport in a single line. Arrangements had already been made for the teams stay having rented out the entire Castello del Nero hotel and spa for three weeks.

As the BMW procession made its way through the lovely streets of Florence Gambler took the opportunity to study Flower, who seemed completely uninterested in anything other then the people in the vehicle. Never glancing out the window of losing focus for one second, the disturbed killing machine suddenly became extremely agitated. "Whats wrong chere...." Gambler began to ask before something in the air caught his attention, "GET DOWN!" he roared while grabbing Sophie and shielding her with his body. Out of nowhere a swarm of heavily armed shadows sped in atop the most powerful production bikes in the World, the Vyrus 987 C3 4V's. Methodically weaving in and out of traffic while bypassing the trailing cars in the envoy and targeting the lead car, Gambler's car. Shredding it with a continuous onslaught of bullets instantly killing the driver before the front wheels exploded launching the vehicle end over end, landing in a heap of burning metal and wreckage. With tactical proficiency the first wave swooped in on the Cajun's car and those instead it, while a secondary wave of heavy hitters attempted to block off the rest of the team.

Barely conscious Gambler was drug out of the car along with Sophie and Flower, before all three were injected with an unknown compound and thrown into the back of a murdered out SUV. Bound and gagged the trio were whisked away disappearing into the underworld of Florance. The Vampires had struck fast and hard capturing the OsC leader. And as the House of Drake's secondary unit of soldiers prepared to engage the remaining OsC members one thing was for certain, the OsC had been set up.
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T.J. Magnum’s office, Meta Human Affairs, 12:01 PM

Magnum sat in his quasi-futuristic office, at the computer desk. The computer itself was state of the art, just a holographic screen, with wireless keyboard. Magnum was wrapping up a video conference with the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It seems that terrorists, hiding out in Turkey, have been playing with hazardous materials, leading to strange mutations, running amok. So naturally MHA, would be the ones to call. “Rest assure Prime Minister, Erdogan, it well be dealt with, I’ll send some of our top agents on this.”  “A thousand thank yous, sir.” the Prime Minister responded. The video link cut out.

Sighing, T.J. sat back in his chair. Still getting to use to role of the boss. It wasn’t the influx of responsibility, it was that he had even less time for his kids. He looked over to the top left corner of his desk. There sat a picture, lying in a silver frame, of his wife Mary Ann and the triplets, Amber, Adam and Emily, all huddled together. Smiling and picking it up, it always brighten his day. Studying it, his eyes rested on Mary Ann, “I miss you.” he said. Things have been tough on the kids, since Mary Ann was murdered.(of course Magnum left out that detail, when explaining it to them) Daddy wasn’t around like he should, But they understood, daddy made the world safer.

Speaking of....T.J. leaned forward and click up another video link, on camera now was Magnum’s assistant, Miranda Johnson, her green eyes, sparkled out from behind her glasses. “Miranda...what do I have on tap next ?” He asked, getting more comfortable, feet crossed, resting on the table. “Afternoon sir.” Miranda said in a soft voice “Well...yo..” “Hold up, stop right there..” Magnum interrupted “What did we discuss ?” He asked with a smirk. Miranda closed her eyes and sighed a little, she was one of the few, who could tolerate her bosses lack of professional attitude at times. Opening her eyes, she calmly answered back “I’m not going to call you Big Kahuna.” copying T.J.’s previous smirk. “Hmmm..I’ll let it slide for now” He chuckled “Continue.”

She adjusted in her seat, a bit and spoke “Well, the only mission, that is available is dealing with Vampires in Italy.” “Vampires ?” T.J. interjected “Isn’t there anything we don’t take care of ?”  “Well, extraterrestrials...since they’re not humans” Miranda replied. “Oh yeah..that’s MIB...send them, a muffin basket.”T.J. added “Yes sir, we’ll have you outfitted with specially made UV lights and pure silver ammunition.” He stopped her again with another question “Silver....isn’t that for Werewolves ?”  Vampires too sir.”

Magnum stood up and stretched... “Anything thing else ?” Miranda cleared her throat “Yes, It seems that this also involves the supervillain team, The Order Santa Camisa” She typed on her keyboard, brining up, on Magnum’s screen, a dossier of the OsC. “We’ve been motoring them for the past couple of months.” Sitting back down, Magnum read the screen, flipping through the individual profiles, he stop at one, rubbing his eyes and letting out a groan. “Problem sir ?” Miranda addressed. “Yes and no.”

“It’s been awhile.” he said under his breath, it was her, KGB Jane. “Get my jet.”

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"I didn't mean... I'm not here to..." Photon staggered back, his crystal body lighting up on defensive instinct at the sight of pure hostility from Sparrow and Rokuakai. Gambler quickly motioned to two of his bodyguards to sheathe their weapons with a curt nod and a wave of his hand.  
"That's quite alright Sparrow, Rokuakai. I know dis man." Gambler looked over him, as if to make sure he was the same man he had known so well all those years ago. His appearance and power all seemed very simular, but the manner of his speech, the way he handled himself was far from the ruthless murderer of light he had fought with so many years ago. Photon simply stood there, looking back at the powerful man with hints of goodness and innocence that were not present before, believing Gambler to simply be sizing him up. But the Living Legend was far too wise, analyzing every crevice in his facial expressions, even if they were constructed of crystal and not human flesh. The presence of the villain was still inside Photon somewhere, buried beneath the reprieve he decided to take in his final moments of existence. If he was to become an ally, Photon had to become a monster once again. 
"Last time I saw you, you blew yourself up while... trying to destroy a good chunk of the planet. Did you see mon ami Magneto in hell?" Gambler knew that if The Weatherman sent Photon here to find him, this was indeed the real one, brought back by the Master of Souls himself. Gambler thought of him as a gift sent in at the most opportune time. A being made of sunlight walks through the doors of The Order right as they are about to take on a clan of powerful vampires. Gambler grinned, as Photon recolied in uncertainty. 
"No... I don't remember much of anything before I woke up in a gas station in California after that huge earthquake struck..." Photon responded honestly, his naiveness stood out like a sore thumb amongst the villains of the Order of Sancta Camisia. 
"I can send him back to hell, to refresh his memory perhaps. Just give me the order." Rokuakai stepped into the conversation sarcastically, mocking Photon's inadequacy to remember anything. Photon looked Roku in the eyes for a long moment, then his lip twitched on it's own, making a provoking grimace, but Gambler once again interviened. 
"No... Dis man will be of good use to us... Welcome to The Order of Sancta Camisia, Photon. Roku will catch you up on the details. We're heading for Italia soon."
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2 Hours ago

Cripple one word to describe the result of the Order's recent action, the Order tried to weaken the hero population by attacking what they thought was its weak points, big mistake, the hero population eventually retaliated, defeating the Order, "taking 3 members of the Order with them". Things were so bad for Michael, he had recently remembered the history hidden inside his own memory and the power that came with that history. Nonetheless joining the Order or the OSC how some members called it, was a productive decision, he had now more money and resources than he had ever had, the "failure" of his Marions to help hurt Michael, not physically but mentally, he knew that his creations have failed not only their mission with Gambler, not only the mission that Michael gave them to spy on him, in order to learn more about him, but they failed him. He was still trying to develop his powers when a meeting is organized, a few members of the inner cercle of the Order were being summoned to gardens, something about a assassination mission. Michael wasn't too interested in this seeing how he preferred to entertain himself with others doing his share of the dirty work. He was currently working on a new project, after having a devision of 40 of the Order's finest soldiers equipped with the new Marion armor, there weren't many changes brought to it, actually it was only one, sound nullifiers, devices that would nullify the vibration that would normally cause sound. Not his biggest achievement but it could have been useful, for example when one of the assassins would shoot a person in public, it would silence the gun, allowing him to escape undetected. His new inventions were far from over, but just how he was prepared to adapt some of these sound nullifiers to his new invention a spirit appeared, the spirit of a tall man, blue hair, with two skulls on his shoulders, his name Legato Bluesummers "You should be with the others, master, this mission concerns you also…"

The spirit was interrupted by none other than Miss Sophia, Gambler’s secretary, who was send by the Cajun himself to bring Michael to the meeting. “Mister LeBeau has send me to take you to the meeting, can we leave we are already late.” Hearing this Michael decides to listen for once and go see what Gambler had to say. “Whatever, let’s just be done with this, some people around here have plans to put in motion, once that don’t concern being the puppets of some corrupt priest. But hey he is the boss, I mean the master.” Things were getting stranger and stranger, as an old “friend” of Michael’s was back in town, the former hero now villain known as Midnightist had joined the Order. Michael’s sensors picked him up right away, it was funny, kinda like a reunion, I had been what six months ”Familiar signature detected, Midnightist is in the premises.” Hearing this Michael stopped, he was shocked to hear this name once more, strange he never would have thought he would see someone like Midnightist joining the Order, but then again he at the begging wasn’t expecting to become evil, funny how life works.

The two entered the garden after Sophie was summoned by her master "Foolish move, but one we will have to deal with at a later date. Sophia!" , only to find the body of the messenger of this “church”, "Yes Jean Lu OH MY GOD!!", she was shocked to say the least, her screams were the proof of that, but Gambler calm told her to take care of this situation, "Compose yourself my dear and clean dis up. Procure dee body and load it on dee plane, we'll be taking it wit us" the smirk on his face said it all, he had no regrets. Also new pawn had join this game, Photon an agent of Weatherman had joined their little meeting, probably send to fill in for the Weatherman. The walk to Gambler’s office was a long journey for Michael seeing how he started to have a strange feeling about all of this, “You know Gambler, I have a strange feeling about this, I mean that guy, he wanted us, his enemies to take care of his other enemies, something’s not right. And why do we have to kill them, I mean think of the possibilities I mean we can use these vampires to become immortals. Or even better why not take over they “businesses” the Church’s and those that these vampires have. Think of the possibilities.”, although didn’t say anything, the smirk on his face said it all, the two were on the same page.


How ironic the first time Gambler was left alone for a few seconds by Sparrow and he is abducted, Michael along with the other members of the Order were not far behind Cajun’s car, his being the front one, while Michael and Sparrow were in the second one. The two were trying to keep a close eye on Gambler’s car, although Michael was apparently more concerned with talking to his spirit buddies. It was a strange ride, during which he had a discussion with the spirit of Saizuchi, a master of words and deceit, member of the group of ancient samurais Juppongatana, Saizuki. “Look at him” he said “some leader, ruled by his own pride, how pathetic, listen to me if there is any intelligence inside that brain of your you will kill him, and take his place, you rightful place.” “Silence vermin, no spirit will tell me what to do and when to do it, is that clear, be gone.”

And with that being said Saizuki left, but during this time a few motorcycle managed to get between Gambler’s car and the other cars. “No this can’t be happening, not now, ambush.” As Michael was preparing to attack, one of the motorcycle pilots shoots the driver, the car in which he and Sparrow were, goes directly into the other cars. They had no chance at all, they were gone, Gambler his secretary and his “Flower” gone into the night.

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“Hello Valadour” if Val had not been dead for over four hundred years, that voice would have chilled him to the grave. Valadour turned slowly his raven black hair brushed over his velvet looks as his two red eyes fell upon Final Arrow. “Ar…Arrow” Lifting an eyebrow he moved from his place on the wall and took the seat across from Valadour. He sat surrounded by books, old and new, a single fire place supplied the light to the room. The two 17 century chairs sat across from one another with the fire between them. Valadour crossed his legs and took a large gulp from a wine glass that sat on   a small wooden chair to his left, the heat of the fire kept the blood at a warm temperature. Arrow watched the vampire with an every growing smile on his face. “Why so worried old friend”, he asked the malice thick in his throat, Valadour bore his teeth and spat back at him “Do not pretend you do not remember are last meeting?” Arrow smile left him as he looked into the fire “Ah a hundred a forty years ago, did I not swear to kill you.”   Valadour never said a word. “That was then, this is now.” Valadour still looked skeptical, Arrow had never noticed how his own voice was so old compared to others.

“A war is coming, one in which most of your kind will be killed.” Valdour took another drink of his blood “Many have tired Christopher”. It had been so long since anyone had called Arrow by one of his more informal names. “True but very few have had the power nor the backing of the church. “ Val went silent for a moment, “I do not fight anymore, you know that better then anyone, I gave up my clan and my right to rule, why should this worry me.” Arrow turned his head back from the fire, “because you are going to give me the name of every prince and queen in her majesty kingdom”. “And why would I do that?” Arrow smiled as the shadows began to grow, the fire blew out and he stood “Because old one, by the time I am finished with you, I will know everything I need to and more”. Valadour was a blur as he headed towards the door, only to be met by Arrow. His claws cut at Arrows face as he attacked trying to escape, but Arrow had all his powers and more. For every punch that was thrown he blocked, for every bite that was taken, he healed.

Finally Valadour felt the tug of darkness pull him off his feet, he hung up side down as the shadows suspended him above Arrow. “I will tell you nothing.” He swore with all his heart. Arrow ran his hand over Valadours brow “No you will tell me everything” he licked the side of vals face and his teeth dug into the old vampires ear, scarlet blood began pumping as Arrow began to shake his head back and forth, ripping the ear clean off. Valadour let out a scream, Arrow spat the ear to the floor and licked his blood covered lips. His index finger pushed into the open wound and dug deep, the screams of pain filled the room and Arrow laughed. Then he stopped and the shadows began to move like thick oil on water, moving up and into Valadours mouth, drowning him from inside, crushing every part of his body, the lungs, heart, ribs, breaking bone, ripping at muscle. “You know we could keep this up for days, even weeks.” Arrow said with a smile.

“Will you tell me now.” Tears ran down Valadours face from the pain that was now tearing at him, Arrow moved round to the side of Valadour and placed one leg on the mans side as he reached up and pulled on his arm, the crack from bone as it was torn free set another round of screams round the room, blood splashed over the floor and books. Arrow walked casually round to the front again “Oh if you think your going to bleed out, im afraid not, the shadows that are causing you so much pain, are also keeping you alive, yes I thought that little piece of irony all up on my own.” Valadour looked at the lifeless limb that now sat in Arrows hands, his arm dangled at the elbow “Tell me if this is just me or is it really funny” Arrow swung the arm hitting Valadour over and over again, the blood sprayed with every hit of the arm. When Arrow was finished Valadour began to nod. His blood and tears mixing and streaming down his face and onto the floor below. A thick circle of blood had stained the carpet. Arrow pulled open Valadours mouth forcing his hand between the vampire’s teeth and down his throat, he began to pull on the shadows within, valadour, they came up just as they had gone in like a thick river of oil.

Valadour coughed as Arrow removed his arm, he looked for his voice but the pain was to much, “Just think” Arrow said as he entered the vampires mind, he had the names he wanted, throwing away valadours lifeless arm Arrow smiled “By the way, I left some shadows in you, only about two or three days… or was it weeks.” Valadours mind screamed “KILL ME PLEASE” Arrow vanished as another surge of pain washed over the old vampire.    

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Once inside the vehicle Stormy recognized the design. A Bugatti Veyron, with a custom engine that was quieter than an ant's footstep. Turning to look at the driver he noticed an emblem emblazoned in the corner of his chest. The emblem was a blue dragon, the symbol for the Ice Dragons. “You are a very interesting fellow, Light.” Stormy said in a hushed tone. Light grinned at the man's astute observation. “I could say the same to you, Ryu. You know me and I know you. Now that we're past that lets get down to business.” Ryu nodded. He had seen Light many times in the past. Most of these sightings were during sparring matches with James Wilson yet their were others. Countless times Light was on the news, either for who he was dating at the time or for his heroic efforts. Quite the charismatic character. Yet his arrival here was too much of a coincidence. Light knew more than he was willing share. Stormy let a small smile creep into his aggressive features. “The life I live does not compensate for children. This child, I cannot take care of. Alas, I can allow no one else to take care of it but you. Teach the child nobility and integrity. So that when the time comes for him to accept his kingdom, he may lead them away from this cycle of slaughter and bring them to peace.” “Why me?” Stormy sighed. You are the only person I've deemed trustworthy in my many years of life.” Light gave a curt nod. “I will try.” Stormy shook his head in disagreement. “You must succeed. Failure will cost you your life.”

Light's facial expression became much more stern. “Is that a threat? The only reason I don't beat you down and take you too the Authorities is because of what your doing here and now. Don't think for a second that the next time we'll meet things will be so pleasant murderer.” Stormy's smile widened. "We shall see. For now, Mr. Starks, I bid you adieu.” A flash of light signaled Stormy's exit from the vehicle and his body rematerialized back in the Cathedral.

Within the confines of his dimly lit room Stormy sat in meditation. His lips moved and the word “Arrow” could be heard. Without warning the shadows in the room converged to a single point in front of the assassin. Stormy didn't move in the slightest. The shadows created a humanoid figure and in little time the mighty Final Arrow, lord of Hell, Shadow King was before Ryu. “You rang?” Arrow sang. “I require something of yours. The sword of Flames. State your price god.” Stormy said, still in meditation. “Hmmmm.” The Lord of Hell exclaimed whilst rubbing his chin. “That baby of yours was looking pretty delicious. Here's my offer, your soul and that newborn everyone's been fawning over,. Then the Sword of Flames can be yours.”  

The two stood in silence for a long moment then Stormy's voice broke in once again. “No deal. My soul is yours but the child is not within my grasp any longer. I have an idea just as grand.” Arrow eyed him curiously. “Spit it out already then. I'm not a very patient man.” Stormy raised a single finger up. “One favor that I cannot deny you. No matter what it is.” Arrow's sinister grin sent a grim vibe throughout the room and forced Stormy out of his meditative state. The assassin rose to his feet meeting the evil incarnate face to face for the first time. Their eyes met and where most men felt fear enough to keep them motionless, Ryu felt the invigorating power exuded by the tall, skinny figure. Extending his hand Final Arrow said, “Deal.” The two shook hands and in that moment the word became law. The sword appeared in his hands, in all its mystical glory. The sheath was cool to the touch but you could feel the heat within. Pulling the blade from his sheath Ryu smiled as he studied the blade, its crimson color made it unique. The heat pouring off of it was powerful enough to light a cigarette from a good distance. Realizing his eagerness to use the weapon could lead to disaster Stormy placed it back in the sheath and placed it on the wall. Soon the day for battle would come and Stormy would get the chance to wield the tool that cost him his soul.

The plane landed within a few hours and Stormy awoke a bit grumpy. He hadn't slept since Gambler spoke of the OsC's next mission. Vampire hunting was on the agenda. Stormy stood at the very back of the crowd Watching Gambler take two women with him inside his SUV. Ryu smiled and chuckled a bit too himself before entering his SUV. The line of tinted vehicles brought quite a lot of attention to themselves as they drove through common roads without the slightest hint of an escort. In Stormy's mind an attack was imminent. Their enemies would be complete and utter fools if they were to pass up an opportunity like this. He gripped the hilt of his newly acquired sword tightly as his super sensitive ears caught wind of a medley of motorcycle engines.  

Ryu opened the the ceiling window and poked his head out. Behind his vehicle were the source of the sounds. The cycles zoomed past him, hastily making their way to the lead car. Bullets crashed into the lead car and it was flipped. Landing with a heavy thud, fires spewing every which way, it was evident that these vampires were no fools. Stormy climbed out of his vehicle and took off in a daring sprint. Leaping from one SUV to the next he tried to make it to Gambler and his partners. He caught a glimpse of a mysterious figure needling them and carrying them off. To carry three bodies like that must've been a serious feat of strength. No doubt it was the vamps who'd gotten ahold of them. Stormy was just about to reach them when another car was attacked. It crashed into the vehicles ahead of it causing another Explosion that sent the assassin flying forward, into a group of the riders. They weaved his body quite easily and three of them surrounded him.  

 Stormy leaped away quickly. The riders turned around to see that he'd jumped onto one of their bikes and was speeding after the only SUV that was moving after the commotion. He could smell the cologne Gambler was wearing and the Shampoo in Sophie's hair. These smells were already embedded in his mind. The motorcycle tore down the block after the SUV and the other two riders were hot on Stormy's tail. They let off shots aimed at his tail pipe which Stormy guarded with his Polarity Wall. He was in hot pursuit and time was running thin. Soon the riders would reach him and his chance at rescuing Gambler would be lost.                   

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  New recruits...why must they be so crazed and quiet why cant they ever be one or another. These were the thoughts going through Rokuakai's mind as he sat quietly in one of the many SUVs that followed Gambler as they left the disaster with the Bishop. A disaster they would most likely be hearing about for months to come, that one of the OsC killed a man of the cloth wasnt what was going to be coming back to bite them in the ass. It was the fact it was a high lord holding or attempting to hold a treaty between human an vampires. The world was going to come crashing down on Roku and his kin very soon. 
The smell of fresh air filled the SUV the windows all rolled down in the vehicle, humidity was something many of his clan hated. He sat across a new recruit known as Photon, the two had briefly been introduced prior to leaving for Italy. Gambler told Roku specific orders not to cause problems, something Roku would obey..slightly. On either side of Photon sat two of Rokuakais clansmen each holding blades sharp enough to pierce and slice without Photon even realizing anything had happened. Roku was in control of their body at the moment so he spoke politely "You have known our lord for sometime now havnt you?" Not waiting for a responce he continued "Then you know he only allows the most loyal to him to follow him wherever he goes correct?" Being as polite as possible "That being said, I will give my life to protect him. That means I will be watching every move you make from here on out until I see otherwise." Within Rokus mind Kai spoke  
"Something smells off...kinda like...GET DOWN!!" As soon as Kai screamed within their mind explosions erupted as bullets sprayed the SUVs. Rokuakai brought out his sword an slashed upwards slicing the roof off. Grabbing Photon by the collar "Get out!" He tosses Photon out the roof and follows as the SUV explodes with his two clans men still inside. Grief and rage fill his body as Kai screams for control within his mind, but Roku being the man of honor silences him an speaks to Photon "Find Gamblers..." As he was about to finish his sentence he watches as Gambler and his team are taken away by the assaliants "Its a god damn ambush we were set up!" Roku screams as he watches as a Biker hurtles towards him, bullets fly past as he stands his ground. Photon staring at him, he waits for just as the Bikers about to crash into him and he leaps forward tackling the driver off the bike. The bike bounces off the ground and the driver skids to a stop as Roku lands ontop of him " Speak!!" The driver says nothing and Rokuakai acts without remorse his arm grows in size as Kai takes control of his body an wraps his hand around the bikers face and squeezes until his head pops. Dropping the bloody remains of the biker he turns to Photon "I wouldnt suppose you know how to ride a bike would ya?" He says pointing to the downed bike with a smile.

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Photon sat inside the SUV, feeling extremely nervous about being inducted into the Orde of Sancta Camisia so easily. He was let on to their history and all the influence that they played in the shaping of the modern world, which would baffle him if he didn't really care for it so much. The only thing he desired right now more than anything was to know of his past, of who he was before he sacrificed himself. For what did he decide to blow himself up? What kind of villanous scum did he run with if Gambler seemed to know him so well? What kind of sinful acts did he commit if he was able to find a place among such villany so easily? He was afraid of all of them deep down and he didn't know the full extent of his powers and abilities. It was like going into battle with a rifle that you didn't know if it would fire or not. But as long as he kept it cool amongst them, he hoped he could pass. 
"You have known our lord for sometime now havnt you? Then you know he only allows the most loyal to him to follow him wherever he goes correct? That being said, I will give my life to protect him. That means I will be watching every move you make from here on out until I see otherwise." The two men chanted like their minds were taken over by someone else. Photon smiled smugly, not really sure what to make of this threatening display. The man that rode in front of him in a luxurious SUV limousine across the brightly lit streets of Italy that seemed so alive was Rokuakai, his skeleton mask grinning at him, trying to make sure the newbie knew his place. Something inside him tensed up, as if wishing to provoke the man in front of him to attack, but Photon was afraid. He didn't know how much damage his state of being would be able to endure. He curtly nodded and turned away, looking over the lively streets filled with people that enjoyed the nightlife.  
"Something smells off...kinda like...GET DOWN!!"Was all Photon heard before the world went in slow motion. Rokuakai unsheathed his sword, and automatically Photon raised him arms in defense, but went deaf in the next moment. A loud bang rocketed across the entire block as the car in front of them flipped over, the one with Gambler and two women. Before Photon could even yelp, Rokuakai grasped his collar and after mouthing something Photon didn't hear, threw him outside, jumping out from the hole he just cut after him. The SUV then blew up and a multitude of bullets fired from small caliber machine guns were fired in their general direction. It was pure chaos, as Photon was still shocked from the explosions and the burning vehicle, where the rest of passengers had burned to death in an instant. The bullets bounced off his crystal shell as if they were made out of cardboard, finally waking him from the trance.
 "I wouldnt suppose you know how to ride a bike would ya?"    Rokuakai had already dispatched the two foot soldiers in the assault before they could get away, but the majority of the way had already sped away into the night, kidnapping Gambler and along with it Photon's only chance to find out about his past. He ripped off the shirt, letting out the shining light of his plates, illuminating the roads brighter than the flames of the wreck. With a smooth motion, he lifted off his feet into the air.
"No. But I know how to fly."
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Sparrow was silent as he exited the black SUV he had been in, his eyes gazed over the destruction around him, watching taking every moment in. The OSC members had began their assault, Photon and Rokuakai where already in pursuit of Gambler, his fist tightened “He knew” the words escaped his lips like a vipers bite. He had never questioned why Gambler had not wanted him in the car, not once did this thought enter his head and yet it should have. Gambler was no fool and Sparrow had been on high alert since the meeting with the bishop. It was one of the reasons he almost drew is weapon upon Photon when he first appeared. He had sensed and so had Jean, they where being watched, Gambler knew if Sparrow had been in the car he would have never of allowed for him to be taken. But Gambler knew that, just as much as he needed someone to fall back on if his plan went south. So he took Sparrow out of the equation so he could rely on him later, when he was of better use.

A bullet flew past his head and into the car behind him; Sparrow turned on the spot and began walking away from the road block and the rest of the team. He should have acted earlier, when he heard the faint rumble of the almost silent engines. But his mind had been on Flower she was still not ready for the field, she was an almost unstoppable fighter, except for one small thing that could cost her and Jean their lives, she was unable to fight with emotion, she purely relied on technique, stuck unable to innovate to the something outside of what she already knew. Several more bullets moved his way, it seemed as if one of the vampires had taken a liking to him. Sparrow’s body twisted, the black material of his uniform with it as he pulled his sword free, the light bounced of the blade as the flat side made contact with the three bullets, ricocheting them back at the biker who fired them. He placed his sword back and turned his back once again.

The three bullets made contact and the vampire was taken of his feet, he was a blur of dark as he got back up, baring his teeth under the helmet he ran towards Sparrow. Once again Sparrow twisted, his hand reaching for the SUV door he was now standing at, he threw it open and pushed his legs into the centre as the vampire collided with it. The sound of metal bending at the sheer force the vampire had hit with tore the door clean from the car. Sparrow pushed off, his legs replied with a scream of pain, the door had taken the brunt of the attack and acting as a shield, Sparrow knew it would have been a pointless attack against a vampire. The car door flew to the side as if it was nothing more then an annoyance, the SUV doors had been designed to withstand a car crash with a small APV and it now lay in the mud like a crumpled piece of paper.

The vampires helmet was broken in half and now lay at his feet, he had charged head first at Sparrow. It was as if he was staring at a rare piece of art, his face was beautifully crafted, the mans eyes where like never ending rubies and his short brown hair almost seemed as if it had never had a hair out of place. “That was rather impressive.” He said in a thick European accent, he was polish from what Sparrow could tell, which mean he could be one of the older vampires, but judging from his show of power there was a doubt to that.. Sparrow remained silent, the micro fibre wire already tightening round his fingers. The vampire stood where he had knocked the door from its hinges. “Tell me are you a human or…” Sparrow moved his free hand to reach for his sword, the Vampire instinctively went on the attack using his speed once again. The wires round sparrow’s fingers tore into the protected gloves, he felt his fingers split open but he held in tight.

 The car was dragged as the Vampire got caught in the trap, Sparrow now lay on the ground using his free arm to strength the hand with the wires and keep himself from being dragged along the ground. Sparrow had used the valuable moments to tie several of his wires to the inside of the car, sealing them in place with his scrolls. Moving for his sword, baiting the attack forcing the vampire to charge, with his other hand he pulled the wires and dived to the side narrowly missing the vampire. It had hit the wires at an incredible speed, its flesh tearing as he was sliced into four equal sized parts. But the force of hitting the wires had taken a toll on the young Ninja. Sparrow stood, his left hand covered in blood, he felt no pain as it went numb. Reaching for his blade he cut the wires with one single swipe and the hand dropped to his side. He would use the seals he had to heal it, but not now, he needed to reach the back up position and return to the OSC. Gambler had a seal placed on his body as a small tattoo, a homing signal that only the crafty Cajun and Sparrow knew about. 

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Punch for punch the rider and Stormy went, whilst the other rider reloaded. The SUV was gaining distance from Stormy and he was taking quite a beating from the rider. He had to make a choice, either lose his life trying to catch up or fight and hope the captives can stay alive long enough for the rest of the team to find them. An easy choice in his battle molded mind. He blocked another punch from the rider and leaped off his cycle. He dropped immediately and the rider hobbled off his to avoid a nasty crash. He landed on his feet in perfect positioning whilst the other rider wheeled himself around, stopping behind his partner and getting off. The two took off their helmets to reveal a pale faces with black eyes. With sinister grins the vampires revealed their trademark fangs. Their long hair dangled, quite stylistic for an undead individual. The monsters sauntered towards him and Stormy assumed a springy stance. Bouncing on his toes he awaited the first strike. The vampires took off at super speed, zigzagging before launching a kick at the Storm's ribcage and head. The first kick landed fast and hard, Ryu's body lurched forward. His head dove straight into the next kick which sent him reeling back. They continued the onslaught with a series of punches, rebounding Stormy between them. Combo after combo landed without an answer from the warrior. Bruises began to appear on his face and large whelps developed on his torso. Rage swelled within the Storm and with a mighty roar he unleashed a burst of lightning. The force of the attack sent both vampires flying into the wall, electricity pulsating around them. Their bodies were being fried to a crisp. After a long moment Stormy turned his back, sure he'd defeated them.

He began sprinting back to his team, which were being ambushed at the moment. Pounding steps could be heard behind him. Taking a quick peak around his back he saw that the vampires were up again, revitalized and ready for another assault. Stormy continued running, unsheathing the Sword of Flames. The vampires caught up to him and lashed out, trying to take his feet from under him. Stormy lunged forward with a quick leap and swung his weapon hard. It caught the vampire directly in the chest, leaving a deep gash and it fell to the ground. Bloodcurdling screams escaped its mouth as the sword's special effect went to work. The next vamp was deterred but Stormy wanted blood. He pulled to a stop and turned around, breaking off into a high speed dash. The Vamp took a fighting stance. Stormy swung three times, catching nothing but air. The Vampire came back with a spinning quick. Stormy dipped under him, then sidestepped to his back. Once the vampire hit the ground Stormy had it right where he wanted it. The bloodsucker was felled by a strong kick to the stomach that had it doubling over. Stormy raised the crimson blade above his head and brought it down in a fast swooping motion. The Vampire's head popped right off and rolled down the street. Stormy twirled the blade, executing a smooth motion then placing it back in the sheath on his back. He readjusted his bulletproof vest and continued back to the fight scene. Taking a strong whiff of the air he could no longer smell Gambler nor the two females that had been captured. They were far beyond his reach meaning they were most likely housed somewhere by now.

His body was growing weary. The beating those two vampires had dealt him was brutal and had it not been for the Sword of Flames Stormy would have became one of them. The fighting was looking bad. Sparrow looked wounded and the vampires numbers were growing. With no sign of help coming Stormy went for a risky move, in attempt to buy the team some time to retreat. Placing his two fingers to his head Stormy channeled his chakra. In an instant he teleported to the top of a building overlooking the battle. With a booming voice he said, “Retreat so none of you get caught in the blast.” His voice was loud enough to be heard for blocks, so he could only assume that the fighting hadn't drowned out his words. Raising his arms high in the air he began to inject his chakra into the sky, letting him control it. Arcs of black lightning with red highlights wrapped around him and dark clouds filled the sky. In dramatic fashion Ryu through his hands down. Like a conductor at an orchestra his hands started a chain reaction, and thick beams of lightning came down from the sky. Five separate beams poured down near the battle. Swing his arms to the side he guided the beams of destruction to the area, the SUV's exploded upon contact and countless bodies were caught in the mayhem. Stormy doused the entire area in lightning, swinging his arms back and forth. He knew the vampires would not be killed by this display, it was only to slow them down. After a few more moments Stormy ended the lightning shower, a good chunk of his chakra absorbed.  

 Sweat poured down his face and he panted hard. Suddenly vampire was on him. He tackled the Storm and brought him to the ground. Stormy covered up as the beast tried to pound him through the brick. With every punch the gap grew deeper and deeper. The final blow landed ant the two of them went spiraling to the ground. Stormy landed on his back and the knees of the fiend pressed into his chest. With a bloodthirsty roar the beast drove its teeth into Ryu's neck and the warrior yelped in pain before wrenching the thin creature off of him and tossing its body through the building. He struggled to his feet and went in side the apartment through the hole he created. Drawing his sword he found the demon laying on its back, a large piece of glass impaled in chest. Screams escaped its gaping maw before Stormy sliced through its jaw, cutting the head clean off.


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Evil Voice:"Wow buddy boy you really do make a really good bad guy I mean how long had you been with these guys before you let your team "leader" get kidnapped." 
Mid: "I did no such thing the vampires it's their fault not mine. I couldn't have done anything to save him I was miles away and it's not like I can know everything that happens in the world. It's not my job." 
Evil Voice: "Typical you always talk tough but you can't lie to me I'm in your head I know how guilty you feel about oh everything thats why I'm here in the first place still got that bad old hero complex thinking everything is your responsibility but then at the end of the day you couldn't stand it and started to try and make excuses for what you really wanted and few "waa" waa" "waaas'" later poof you fall under the spell of the first bad guy to come your way. Why don't you wake up and take some responsiblity." 
Mid: "No no I'm scared I'm scared to go out there" 
Evil Voice: "Fine I'll do all the work then 
Midnightist's eyes open to the world once again or better yet his new feelings, his new morals, his whole new identity. No longer held back by his former life style of trying to save everyone and everything but some of those lingering notions still beat around his head. They drive him into a new path of hunting down monsters whos' lifetimes have been filled by bleeding people dry and eating them like the cattle they are. He replaced his mask around his now bald head. He decided to take a new look physically as well as mentally and what's better than a bald bad guy. 
Midnightist had kept himself hold up in an old and ruined building of a hotel instead of a prestige and magnificent stature of a castle that he expected the others to be living in no doubt under Gamblers bill. But the impressive comfortable lifestyle was not suited to the task that Midnightist needed met. He needed a dank and dingy little piece of real-estate to work on a project he had and he was just waiting for the last piece of a very important tool he would need to get his project off the ground. He grabbed his sword from a suit case and picked up a 9-mm barrette but decided against the firepower and placed it back in his bag. He had the feeling it would be of little no use and besides he had once again gotten use to the cutting forcing of taking a man to pieces. 
As his back was turned he felt a cold chill travel towards him. "Just one I feel so embarrassed." Midnightist prey had taken his bait. He turned his back to clash swords with one of the nosferatu. "Right to business I like that" He pushes the hellborn creature back as both began to clang their swords against each other back and forth. He ducks down under a sword swipe and twists around trying to slash at the vampire but the creatures jumps back and then dashes at Mid only to be blocked by his blade. The two are stalemated for a few seconds pushing against each other so much that the blades begin to brake. 
The push off and the vampire tries to kick Mid and the villains foot crushes his knee cap and causes him to fall to the ground and then the beast begins to beat Mid's jaw with his bare hands forgoing the quick and clean approach of the sword. Punch after punch Midnightist feel the teeth in his mouth grind themselves against the walls of his mouth. His jaw begins to break under the pressure. His masks begins to become bloody and soaked with his own blood. Seemingly on the edge of defeat the vampir has made one punch to many and Midnightist raises his hand to stop the blow. 
Mid rams the edge of his forehead against the monsters nose and then lands a powerful punch to the beasts stomach sending him into the ceiling wall where he bounces back on to the floor only for the Medium Noctist to kick in his rib cage with enough force to toss him into the wall of building and then into the room next door. The patrons flee the battle ground as Midnightist and the vampire reclaim their swords. Mid jumps through the literally hole in the room he just made with his blade in hand, but the two just begin to stalemate each other once again without even clashing swords.  
They pace the room like back alley dogs fighting over a piece of meat. Midnightist then turns his eye to the window and then jumps on the bed of the room and then leaps out the window but he holds onto the window frame and then bends his body so his feat land on the outside wall taking on a new equilibrium where he is now perfectly balanced on the outside of the building. His feet cling to the walls and then the vampire himself flies through the window Midnightist just came from. The unholy creature mimics Mid's moves and uses his powers to walk on the walls just as Mid did. 
The two resume their combat outside under the moon light. The moon is reflected in their individual blades as they strike one another over and over again. They seem to be on equal footing till the battle takes a turn for Midnightist's side. He hopes over the beast grabbing him by his hair so that he doesn't fall down to the ground. He regains his footing and pushes the edge of his blade into the vampires gut. He pulls the blade out and then again send it into his stomach. He rams his foot into the beasts leg and breaks his bones with such force that his knee breaks apart and and with only one good leg the vampire falls to the ground with Midnightist riding him down to the ground and twists in mid-air making the vampire land face front on the surface of the pavement. 
Midnightist gets up why the vampire doesn't. He turns his back to the vampire to reach into his pocket and bring out his iPhone but while his back was turned the vampire leaps up and then jabs it's fangs into the former hero. He letting out a bloody scream and tried to through the vampire off him but soon he is too weak because of the blood loss and then he must kneel to the ground with no strength to stand. The vampire crawls over the body of Midnightist and then wipes some of the blood from his wound and smears it all over Midnightist neck bite. The vampire grabs Mids phone and makes a call. "We have another one I need a pick up." The monster pockets the phone and doesn't notice that grin that appears on Midnightists face. Not his brightest idea but what better way to find his missing leader than to be dragged their by the people who took him.

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24 Hours Ago: Paris, France

Not much for religion after having lost faith years ago, Cass tended to look for the scientific explanation in things. Joining the Order was based purely on her interest in two things: 1. Finding both the scientific and historical truth of things and 2. Her being a highly trained/skilled assassin. Not to toot her own horn, but she was one of the best and she knew that she could do The Order proud. 
Cass took long, quick steps down the hall as she got a really bad feeling. She loved being in France and did her best to split her time evenly between there and Japan, even though she tended to spend more time in Japan. However, The Order never failed to deliver action during her time there. She had had this feeling in the pit of her stomach that action, in one form or another, was coming. She always carried numerous weapons on her person, just in case. It never paid to get caught empty-handed. She did have telekinetic abilities that she could put to extremely good use, but she preferred relying on her immense skills and rigorous training. She carried throwing knives on concealed sheaths on both of her wrists, she carried a silver katana on a hidden sheath down the center of her back, the hilt of which hid beneath her hair, she carried two fully loaded FN Five seveNs in shoulder holsters and, if she felt like there was going to be extra trouble, she carried two kukris in thigh sheaths and a Tec-9 slung across her back.  
She loped her way towards her bedroom and her trunk full of weapons, she had a hunch that they would soon be needed. When she got there, she laid down on her bed and took a few deep breaths, she figured that it was OK to relax until she was contacted by her leader with the specifications of the next mission. Cass wondered what it was going to be. She took another deep breath and let her mind begin to drift. She let it go where it wanted to and it invariably ended up where it usually did: Donnie. The man had saved her life and she couldn't quite seem to get him out of her mind. Cass didn't know if it was his old world charm, the fact that he had saved her life and then so chivalrously offered her the use of his bed, or if there was just some deeper connection between the two of them. She liked to think that it was a combination of all three. Then her mind went to it's sciencey place. She had done her research and knew that the human race was some sort of genetic offshoot of the Elandorians, but she didn't know much more than that. She had always been interested in other lifeforms and she would love to pick his mind, but the only time that she had asked him about it he had had a horrible flashback. As somebody who was sometime prone to flashbacks herself, she would never knowingly put somebody else through that. Her need to see him happy was greater than her need to pick his brain.  

12 Hours Ago: Paris, France

Cass had received the mission specs and frankly, she was pumped. She knew that The Church had had nefarious dealings, it was par for the course, but never had she imagined that they would be this far in league with everything that they were supposed to be opposed to. If she really thought about it, it made sense. The Church must have brokered a deal with the vampires, something among the lines of "If you deny our existence, if you give us unsuspecting prey, we will give you everything that you could ever want in your wildest dreams." She wouldn't put it past the Church for a second, hell, she probably would've made the same deal, she wasn't going to lie. But that didn't change the fact that the Church had seriously, if not epically, f#(ked up. Cass couldn't get over the fact that they were so short-sighted that the didn't realize that this was going to happen from the very get-go. What made the Church even more vulnerable was the fact that they believed that the vampires were truly re-animated corpses. That was one of the reason why she was such an asset to this team. She was more interested in the science behind why they rose then the belief that it happened magically. She knew that there was a good, scientific explanation for why these things rose as the undead and as a sometimes user of venom, more accurately known as vampire blood (although from a different type of vampires), Cass knew the exact science behind both how their blood interacted with humans' and how they "rose" from the dead. She also knew how truly dangerous vampires could be and how err.... disinclined.. they were to people using their blood for their own fortuitous purposes. As a precaution, she always carried weapons that could be utilized against them. As effective as a stake was, you still had to get in close to use it, leaving yourself vulnerable. She preferred something a little bit more high-tech. She carried clips with UV bullets in them at all times, she also occasionally doubled up and carried silver bullets, although those wouldn't actually kill a vampire, just injure them the way a normal bullet would injure a normal human. The silver didn't work against the type of vampire whose blood she used, but it would be effective against most, if not all, others. She had a trunk full of anti-vampire weaponry in case of attack. It contained multitudes of clips of UV bullets, two silver katanas, plenty of silver bullets, vials upon vials of holy water and plenty of religious tokens (Stars of David, crucifixes, Buddhas, etc.) in the case that they would be of use to her teammates. The thing about holy items and vampires was that they only worked against them if the person yielding them had faith, which she didn't. She also had a hearty supply of vampire blood, in the case that someone was grievously injured. She had stocked up after she was beaten to the brink of death several nights ago. She knew that whatever Donnie had given her had done the trick and was thankful for that, but she also knew that anybody with a pain tolerance less than hers wouldn't be able to take it. As it was, she had barely been able to hold onto consciousness through the excruciating pain of her flesh reforming and she had an unnaturally hight tolerance for pain. She always assumed that it was par for the course with a healing factor. 

She smiled a huge, s#!t-eating grin as she loaded up her weapons. This was going to be a whole lot of fun. Church-sanctioned vampire-killing. She almost laughed out loud at the thought of it. It sounded like something out of a movie. Sometimes Cass could barely believe the life that she was living. Her smile quickly disappeared and a tear came to her eye at the thought of what her father would say if he could see her now. Daddy's little girl wasn't so little anymore, at least not age-wise, and what little training that he had managed to give her before his death had served her well. She had built upon the basic fighting and self-defense skills that he had taught her in the last seven years and she had no idea what he would think of what she had become. She didn't know if he would be proud of her for doing her best to eradicate the mob that had killed her parents or if he would hate her for becoming an assassin. She tried to convince herself that he would be proud of her, but deep down, in her heart of hearts she knew the truth. What she did was against everything that he had fought for and knowing that might just be her undoing. She pushed the thought out of her mind as she loaded up her arsenal and headed for the door. It was time to go hunting.  

4 1/2 Hours Ago: Florence, Italy

Cass had gotten a telepathic message from Tlieso while she was on the plane to Italy. Cass still hadn't quite managed to get a hold of her telepathic abilities, but she was able to receive messages and send back simple ones. S#!t had gone south and it had gone there quickly. She had been stunned to learn that Gambler, the great and mighty Gambler, had been abducted. The thing that made it even harder to believe was the fact that Sophie and the mysterious Flower were with him when it happened. The three of them should have been able to neutralize almost any threat. It had to have either been somebody of almost unimaginable power or a group with pretty high numbers. Cass gathered her weapons from the hold of the private plane that had just landed and loaded them up into the trunk of her armored Hummer. It would take her all of twelve minutes to get to her Florence safehouse. She thanked whatever god there might or might not be that she had had the foresight to set up one of her most heavily stocked and fortified safehouses in Florence. After a short ride speeding about 20 MPH above the speed limit, she finally made it to her destination. As she drove into the underground entrance to the safehouse, she couldn't help but feeling both worried and excited. She brought the vehicle to a stop, flung open the door and hit the ground running. It was 5 PM and the sun would be setting at 8:16/ That gave her just over three hours to get changed, get her gear and track down a vampire in the upper echelon and lay in wait for him. Sounded like a plan if she'd ever heard one. She made it to her closet and ripped her usual uniform off of a hanger. Skintight black leather pants and a black long-sleeved shirt of the same buttery soft material along with combat boots. It was her go-to uniform, the soft leather very easy to move in, but still provided nice protection and allowed her to blend into her dark surroundings easily. She stalked over to the armory and stocked up on weapons that she had loaded into it. She tested the edge of her silver katanas and made sure that all guns were loaded with UV bullets. She grabbed a comm-link from her electronics closet and popped it into her ear on the way out, on the off-chance that more help was coming. She grinned widely as she walked out the door to the garage and climbed into her Hummer. It was time to track down and kidnap a vampire. 

Now: Florence, Italy

Cass walked slowly and menacingly towards the vampire that she had tied up in a chair. The thing that she hated most about these vampires was their special special abilities. They were like the freaking X-Men, only in vampire form and y'know.....evil and she never knew who was going to have what power. Luckily, she had prepared for almost all outcomes and this one's phasing ability was quite easy to subdue. All she had to do was keep on giving him an electrical shock with a Taser every 11 minutes. There was something about the electrical discharge that disrupted his ability to phase. Easy-peesy. 
"Hi," she said nicely, waving at the vamp with a silver knife in her hand. "I hope you're comfortably," Cass said sarcastically as she walked slowly towards the large male vampire. "Just vhat do you think that you are doing?" he asked imperiously. Cass grinned and almost laughed. "I'm sorry, but what could possibly make you think that speaking with an affected Transylvanian accent was going to scare me? It's almost laughable. I'm no regular civilian that's never come into contact with the fabled vampires before." She grinned menacingly as she got within hitting reach of the vamp and she got a sadistic light in her eyes. "Where are they?" she whispered as she thumbed  the edge of her silver knife. The vampire's eyes widened for a split second and then went back to normal, almost before Cass caught the reflex. He had realized what her purpose with him was.  "I don't know who you're talking about." was his reply.  Cass let out an impatient sigh. "I'm with The Order and you know exactly who I'm looking for. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I'm going to tell you right now that it doesn't really matter to me which one you choose, although I am partial to the second option. Either way, I'm going to find out where my leader is and depending on how cooperative you are, I'll either leave you immobilized in a sunny, sunny courtyard minutes before dawn or find something a little more interesting. Oh, and don't forget about the torture," she said happily. "There will be lots and lots of torture. Maybe even heaploads. It all depends on how helpful you are or are not." Cass' watch started beeping and she noticed the hopeful look in the vamp's eyes. "Awww. That's so cute. You thought that I was going to forget," she said as she tazed him. "Sorry, no such luck." She tossed the silver knife up in the air and caught it by the handle. She moved in quick and slashed him across the upper shoulder. She waited a minute for him to stop screaming from the burn of pure silver. "Now. Let's try this again, shall we? WHERE THE F#(K ARE GAMBLER, SOPHIE AND FLOWER?!?!?!?!?!?" She screamed in his face. "I do not know who these people are," he whispered. Cass smiled. "That's a bold-faced lie. You were the one who coordinated their abduction, I do my research. Now, you either tell me where they are being held - " she said as she picked up a gun, "-or I'm going to put a silver bullet in your kneecap." The vampire beckoned for her to move closer. She did so as she kept the gun carefully trained on him. "I will tell you where they are." 

10 Minutes Later: Florence, Italy

Cass couldn't help but feel disappointed at how easily the vampire had given up the location. She was blasting Breaking Benjamin as she barreled down the road towards her destination. She knew that they wouldn't be there, but she was interested as to what would be. She also couldn't help but wonder if any other help was coming. She hadn't heard from anybody about anything yet and she wondered if everybody had gone radio silent. She shrugged as she popped the comm-link back into her ear. She was ready for action and she couldn't wait to start dealing death to these vamps.
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She walked briskly through the summer rain, her dress shirt and jeans soaked from only a few seconds of being outside, her heels clicking through the clear puddles of water that reflected the night's sky. He could have stopped the rain with a flicker of his thought, but after noticing her decided against it. She was beautiful, mezmerising him from the first time he laid his immortal eyes upon her. She was tall with flowing dark hair that reached as far as her shoulder blades. She kept them in a tight bun but after exiting the workplace so late at night, she let them hang down and soak in the rainwater as she walked briskly to the bus stop. She had a slender figure of a beauty that faded a bit with age, work and childbirth, but she kept herself well in shape and the dim yellow glow of street lamps failed to illuminate her beauty completely in the darkness of the late night. He flew behind her, unseen and unheard. There were gunshots somewhere not too far and vampires that kidnapped Gambler but that was like vapor that blew across his mind and quickly dissipated. She had the entirety of his attention, at least for tonight. 
"Pardon me, but would you like an umbrella? You look completely soaked and I'm in a raincoat." He spoke in flawless Italian as he stood in front of her on the lonely bus stop. She always caught a late bus. He smiled at her with simple kindness in his eyes, a kindness that was easily understood and so very human. She smiled back, noting how disarming his handsome smile was and decided to take it. He noted how blue her eyes were, so breathtaking, just like her's used to be. Everything about this woman reminded The Weatherman of her. 
"Thank you." She accepted gracefully, glad that the documents she carried in her purse would no longer be threatened by the water. They talked for a while before the bus would actually come. He made sure it would be a bit late. Her name was Monica, and while he couldn't remember the name of the woman she reminded him of so much, he was certain it wasn't Monica. He lied about his name. He made everything up of course, to make himself sound interesting, picking out from a range of lies with the ease of someone who had done this a thousand times. They continued to calmly converse while riding the bus. He noted that her laugh was not exactly like her's, but he could feel it was genuine. It was easy for him to make her laugh and it actually brought him joy whenever he did.  
"Why do you keep staring above my head?" She asked a question that snapped him out of the buzz of the conversation he had. This woman was supremely attentive and she never really was. The Weatherman just now actually realized how different she actually was from the woman he once loved, what felt like a millennia ago. But he found himself to be enjoying her company far too much to actually end this. To end her. 
"Just... don't want to miss my stop..." He lied again, his eyes sparkling with a delight of someone who lost track of everthing but the conversation. He knew she had only a few minutes left to live. There was her bus stop, coming up far too quick for his taste. He didn't want to part and it pained him at the thought of it. The Weatherman could control a lot of things, but time was not one of them.  
"Well... This is goodbye. Thank you for the umbrella." It had stopped raining halfway through the bus ride, but it must have done so on it's own, without his command. He gave her a last long look that hovered in the air for far too long to be comfortable, but he didn't care. He let the image of her burn deeply into his mind. He took a step away from her and the folded black umbrella she held in her outstretched hand. 
"Keep it. I have a feeling it will rain again." He smiled, his eyes filled with goodbyes as he gave her one last fleeting look while their eyes locked for a moment, and turned away. He walked as quickly as he could without breaking into a run before blending in with the shadows of the alley.  
The vampire that was praying on her right in front of the apartment building she lived in never got his claws anywhere near her. As soon as he leaned away from the wall, the shadows behind him formed into the figure of death with a gigantic scythe. The street lamps went out like someone just blew out a candle. All she heard was a slight growl, but she passed it off to be one of the neighborhood dogs before walking into the complex, into the arms of a loving husband and their baby boy. She shook the umbrella off in the doorway and placed it on a hanger right next to the door. The Weatherman stood outside, with his hands calmly folded into his pockets, a smidge of blood visible on the shoulder of his raincoat, before the first raindrops had washed it away. He couldn't see the numbers above her head anymore and for the first time in a long time, he felt truly happy, at least for a night.
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The old manor had been at the top of the hill since the village could remember. It had never aged, most thought it beautiful as if taken straight from a period story. Every night around seven a small orange light could be seen in the bottom right window, it was the only room that ever showed any signs of life. The sandy road had been lost to a sea of over grown weeds and grass. The building itself had three floors and was easily the length of a football field, even with the grounds left to go feral, the actual house was in perfect condition, no one ever knew how, but they never asked either. To them it was just part of history some visitors came and left never getting past the front door, the village never knew crime or the touch of pain as if it was protected by an unseen force. Arrow stood in the moonlight, his ruby eyes locked onto the building, a small smile showed a flash of teeth.

Cocking his head back, his long white hair fought to stay in place against a small gust of wind. Valadours blood sparkled in the moon light, the damp patches on his clothes where a thick black red. Tilting his head forward Arrow began the long walk to the house, his black Italian shoe’s scuffing the blades of grass aside as he strolled. Lifting his ivory hand he went to tap the door, a purple flash splashed over him knocking him off his feet and sending him thirty feet across the air, landing with a hard thud Arrow let a small curse escape his lips. His eyes turned a dark shade of purple as he rolled over and looked back at the house. A large red shield only visible to the undead had erected itself; it was more then normal magic. Arrow began linking the clues, the long grass around the house, the covered path all showed aging, but the house was still perfect as if it was outside of time itself.  Standing up he dusted himself off and this time lifted both hands, the small space between him and the shield began to glow with a dark silver orb, ruby sparks flashed off the shield as he pushed forward.

A large crack began to splinter up the shield, like ice cracking under a heavy foot. “Knock Knock” Arrow called over the now humming silver orb. The ruby shield shattered and vanished. Arrow closed his hands and his silver orb flew towards the front door blowing of it’s hinges. Standing in the dark a single out stretched hand caught the door with ease and placed it to the side. “Won’t you come in” the voice said, it was hollow with an almost hiss behind it, “It has been so long since I had company, Arrow winked “Said the spider to the fly. Why don’t you come out and play” his hands shot up and the vampire mimicked him, fighting the Arrows power that was trying to remove him from the house. Arrow knew if he was pulled in this fight would be a lot more dangerous, Hora was over two thousand years old and the King of England, he was a few years younger then his Irish and Scottish brothers but he was far more dangerous, where they relied on brute force, he used magic and his wits. He stood at least five foot four, the average height for when he was turned, two deep emerald eyes sat upon a flawless face and his blonde hair was pulled back. His raven shirt matched his trousers .

Hora’s house was a death trap to any invader, the two fought frantically, pushing and pulling. Hora sent a flash of light, his first mistake, for every light a shadow was created. A pure black hand shot out of every new shadow and caught the vampire unaware. He screamed a blood curdling cry as he was pulled from the house, his nails clawing at the walls and ripping what ever he could get hold of. But it was to late as he was thrown from his own home, the door slamming hard behind him. He instantly threw a small red shield around himself. But no attack came from Arrow, he waved at Hora, for the first time he saw the Vampire king of , in all their years they had never crossed paths. “hello my name is..” Hora stood spitting his words at Arrow “I know who you are, do not take me for a fool. I also know you killed Valadour, why have you moved on us?”   It was a fair question Arrow thought and the king would soon be dead!

Arrows eyes turned cold “Because it sounded like fun.” He recalled being called to Gamblers office and the Cajun with a wicked smile told him of the meeting he had been called to, of course non of this even remotely entertained Arrow until he started talking about the kings and queen the . How he would be taken and that a show of power, no a message would have to be sent to these vampires a message of power, it would need to be done quickly and with a flare of style that only Arrow could provide. Arrow of course happily accepted he had three hours to kill the four most powerful vampires in the UK, every part of the world was ruled by the most powerful the vampire community was no different, the UK had two of the oldest vampires watching over it, they where of course not the oldest but the message would be clear to the rest of them. Fall in line or die.

“Fun” the vampire scoffed raising his hands, the grounds around him began to move, the whole field they stood on broke as they dug themselves free, corpses or more to the point zombies began to crawl their way to the fight. Arrow lifted an eyebrow “Really….” He shock his head, and pointed at the sky, and span round in a circle a single shadow came from his finger, like a whip it cracked against  the ground, shadows erupted from the ground and it once again went clam. Arrow turned back to Hora with a sinister smile on his face. “Now how shall I kill you.” “You’re very full of yourself are you not, we have not even battled to are full extent. Magic is about much more then who is more powerful. “ Four ruby pillars shot up round Arrow crimson lighting sparking from them striking at his body. It felt cold, at first it surprised him and then the pain came. It was as if all his bodily functions had begun shutting down.

Closing his eyes he went within himself, he began forcing his body to collapse from the inside out, breaking his own bones, puncturing his lungs, the crack made Hora’s head snap up, his attack was not meant to do bodily harm, it created pain beyond any man could endure. He probed Arrows mind and was shocked that he was allowed in “Oh what a wonderful feeling, it’s stinging again, the pain is invigorating.” Horas with drew his mind and looked upon Arrow, he was enjoying it. Breaking his own body to heighten the experience. Arrow coughed up a heavy clump of blood from his throat and spat it out. It quickly changed shape, the blood spread as if it was from an opened wound. It grew into a larger and larger puddle and soon was touching the pillars, they began to break and fall and Arrow was free.

More sickening cracks followed  as his bones healed back into place. Hora’s began to step back “Blood magic” he said allowed, “Yes blood magic. The things I can do. You were right about magic, but what if you meet someone who has more knowledge then you and a lot more power?” Hora’s screamed as his veins began to move on their own, he watched as they moved under his skin, blood poured like a small waterfall from his mouth “What .” Arrow held up a hand “Don’t speak, well you won’t be able to in a ,moment, that pain is your blood moving in reverse and then began blocking certain areas, so it builds up. Also you heart is filling and filling.” Hora’s ripped open his shirt. His chest   growing and then in with a ear bursting scream and a spectacular fountain of blood he exploded, his torso the only thing left

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The SUV bumped along the road, speed slamming it against the tarmac as it sped through the traffic on the freeway, Flower could hear men talking, three to be exact but men with a distinct smell that her system could only explain as death. The leather suit she wore creaked as she moved to kick her legs behind her and undo the restraints, freeing the gag she flipped her wrists over aiming at Gambler thin silver chain weaved out of her flesh thickening as it did the end curving into a sharp claw she motioned the cable around to Gambler’s restraints slicing through the thick rope before moving to slice through Sophie’s restraints. Stretching an arm up and under both of them, the wires in her arm slinking back into her skin, she pulled her knee back and kicked the trunk door hard, the steel in her leg driving it forward and popping open the trunk. Jumping high and curling into a ball to cover the humans she rolled carefully shifting her body to take the force of the two landing on top of her. Cars shot around them, horns blaring as they swerved to avoid hitting them, Flower rose and opened her mouth, little nanobots ran from her mouth spilling down her in waves they began to spin wire mesh like spiders creating a fine bubble around the three large cage surrounding them all. Tyres squealed behind them as the SUV slammed on its breaks and turned hard, crashing into several cars as the vampires taking chase on the escaped victims. Flower attaching the pair to the edge of the cage, securely fastening them as she moved at high speed, running the ball along the road she sprinted, the cage moving so fast it leapt off the ground and bounced gracefully along the road. Flower sprang around the cage driving it as the vampires gave chase redirecting it to dodge their attacks, one of the vampires grasped against the edge of the cage its pale clawed hand slashing at the wire trying to form a hole, snarling at Flower. Flower turned lying flat on her back she flung her wrists at the vampire the long thick cable whizzing out and swining around the vampires neck looping as she pulled hard on them slicing through the vampire’s neck severing it neatly, dust exploded across them as the vampire died. The nanobots raced to fix the small hole on the outside of the cage; the other vampires howling as Flower raced their round cage along the distant woods escaping. 


She began to slow down as she scanned the area ascertaining their safety and securing a spot to land, the cage shifted and swirled collapsing in on itself as the nanobots raced up her legs and arms disappearing into her eyes, nose and mouth. Gambler and Sophie lay on the wet ground neither having roused from the injection forced upon them by the vampires, their bodies heavy on the wet leaves and soil, Sophie’s head resting against Gamblers stomach. Flower crouched on the ground, her left hand placed on Sophies foot as the small injection took blood from the vein inside the girls foot, Flowers system processed the blood as Flower analysed the poison and looked for a cure. 


As she worked a voice behind her halted the process “Goodness me, tis a   strange creature you are precious child” Flower raised her wrists ready an d exposed to fight the woman standing behind her but her wrists were instantly bound and flattened to her side as the woman talking raised a hand “now now child, no need to fight thee, I am here to help your friends there” Flower looked back at Gambler and Sophie and spoke “Jean LeBaeau is my Master” The woman laughed as she walked treading softly across the grass, picking up her crimson skirt as she walked, her bare feet digging into the soil as she reached down to gently run a hand across Gamblers forehead with an almost motherly touch “Your master is needed child” The woman known as Morgana Le Fey rose from the ground the air around her sparking  she smiled at Flower “you can come too I think, but we shall leave the girl for now, perhaps we will need more later” Morgana looking to the rising sun smiled as she turned to Flower and winked snapping her fingers the world spun around them. 


Smooth marble appeared under Flowers feet as Morgana landed the three of them in the 17 century, looking around Flower’s system glitched, dealing with the shock opening her mouth, Judy Garland’s voice spoke “Toto, where not in Kansas anymore” 

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Outside the OsC Mansion, 6:51 PM

“What a wondrous night.” Jane said, stretching. Taking in the crisp, somewhat frigid Italian air and studying the pale moon, off in the distance. She had just finish work on her bike, a yellow 2006 Honda. Smiling and caressing the handle, this bike held special memories for her. Drifting back to Amanda’s and her’s first date, the feel of Amanda’s warmth, as she wrapped her arms around Jane’s midriff, as they zoomed to the country side. Sitting a top of a hill, under a oak tree, sharing a tender and magical kiss. The world was on pause at that moment.

“Nice job, if I do say so myself.” her tight white baby t-shirt stain with motor oil. Then out from the brush of a near by forested area, rustling. On instinct, Jane tensed up, hand lowing to the Tokarev TT-33 holstered on her belt, she was never unarmed. Slowly moving to the source, she kept a grip on the gun and her emotions. It was probably an animal, rabbit or something, But Jane had a gut suspicion it wasn’t, like it something much more primal. The wind ran it’s fingers across Jane’s and crawled up her spine. “Nothing.” not a thing, searching around the dark green foliage. Letting out a deep breath, lowering that Assassin’s guard.

Making her way back to the bike, Jane froze up again, this was a totally new and strange sound. Sharply turning, eyes darting around, again nothing. Now it came from behind her. Bang, bang, bang Discharging three shoots into the void of night.

Putting way the pistol, muttering obscenities in Russian, Jane, kicked up the kick stand and rolled the bike into the garage.

Amanda and Jane’s room, 7:41 PM

She laid, eyes wide open. Turns out, she couldn’t sleep with out that gorgeous woman, mere inches away from her. Amanda was out doing what she did, reconnaissance. Jane understood, but didn’t like it, hating being apart from her love. Jane sat up and turned on the small desk, the light illuminated her blank face, she buried it in her hands.

Tap, tap

Emanated from the bedroom window, overlooking that same forested area as before. Throwing off the covers, she got up to investigate, certain that something or someone was messing with her now. Peering out into the dark, a sense of unease washed over her, as the door opened and closed. Standing in the room now, a pale, slender, Euro trashy, teenager. He grinned at Jane, who just came to realize she was topless.

Not hesitating for a second, Jane ran for her pistol, that rested on the night stand, her fingers barely brushed the gun, when her wrist was grabbed tightly by the attacker, Jane threw a punch with her free hand, but it was stopped also.

There was something inhuman of this attacker, his speed, his strength seemed to outclass Jane’s as they struggled. He said something in Italian, eyes ogling Jane’s bare breasts. His toothy smile explain it all, Vampire.

Jane and the vampire continued to struggled, his power proving all to much for her. The gun was useless, but by grace, she had another option, the silver letter opener, next the gun. He lowered Jane’s left hand, raised her right to her head, pulling hard on her hair, wrenching it down “Ah!!” Jane let out a cry of pain. Doing this to get better access to her neck, the vampire edged closer and closer, savoring the moment. Now or never, she kneed to the groin, forcing him to break. Jane quickly took up the opener and stabbed it deep into the chest of vampire boy, blood splatted. He fell dead on Jane’s bed.

“Pig.” she said, panting heavily on her knees.
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Gotham City: 7:30 PM

Amanda stood on the edge of a clock high tower in Gotham City wearing her cat leather costume, watching carefully as the people walked on the sidewalk's like little ant's. Tonight was going to be a big night for her she was planning on killing this mobster who worked for her uncle and was part of her parent's death finally this was the last man she needed to kill anyway, after finishing off the man Amanda planned to go after her uncle and finish him off once and for all.  Amanda eye's looked toward the green colored house which the man she was after was probably sleeping with his wife and kid's while her parent's were dead, Amanda then grew tired of waiting she was so desperate of killing this man, so she leaped off from the clock high tower and landed on another building, she than began to scan the other house's making sure no one was watching her, but everything seemed clear which was perfect.

Amanda jumped off the building she had once stood on just a second ago and landed on the hard solid ground with no problem, Amanda then ran across the street and jumped over the man's fence and smiled, she then scanned once more on the other house's making sure yet again no one was watching but yet again it was clear. Amanda quickly ran quietly into the backyard when suddenly she heard a growling noise, Amanda quickly turned her head to where the noise was coming from there she noticed a black dog with dark yellow eye's staring at her and growling, Amanda stared back at the dog and whispered to the dog trying to make it hush. " Shhhh... be a good doggy now.... I don't want to have to hurt ya". Amanda watched as the dog came closer and closer to her, Amanda had no choice but to put this dog to sleep, Amanda quickly pulled out a gun and pointed at the dog that launched at her but before the dog could attack her she shot a sleeping dart at the dog leaving it fall to the ground asleep and harmless. Amanda looked at the sleeping dog and whispered to herself. " I hate.... dog's!". Amanda then noticed a window that was open which was weird cause no one ever leave's there window open in Gotham City knowing there is a lot of criminal's.

Amanda quickly ran to the window and climbed it and landed on her feet when she got inside, Amanda then began to scan the kitchen, and Living Room but no one was there, Amanda then noticed some stair's and she began to quietly sneak upstairs, finally when Amanda was upstairs she noticed that was stepping on a trail of blood coming from the bathroom into the bedroom, Amanda quietly walked passed the bathroom and quietly opened the door leading into the bedroom when she did, her eye's had widen when she saw the man she wanted to kill dead naked on his bed with blood all over his bed and body, Amanda walked in and whispered to herself. " Somebody was here before me.... and I believe that someone is still here watching me!". Amanda quickly turned around when she heard the door lock, she smiled. "Someone want's to play with the cat huh"?! but then suddenly somebody replied in a deep dark voice. " You got that right sexy... I can't wait to get a bit off of ya! mhmmm... I could taste ya already.!" Amanda quickly turned around and saw a tall pale man wearing a biker's jacket with tattoo's all over his arm, Amanda looked at the man and got ready to attack, the man smiled and shouted. " Let's have some fun kitty".
Amanda quickly leaped at the man with her claw's that were made out of metal which could cut through anything, she then noticed that the man moved quickly out of her way. Amanda turned around quickly and there he was standing right in her face, the tall strong man grabbed her by her face and slammed her on the ground, Amanda shouted in pain she than was able to kick him in the face with her boot's, the man let go of her and Amanda then ran toward him as fast she can ready to strike but she then noticed he was not human, he was a vampire she could tell from his pointy teeth and his claw's. Amanda quickly knew that her claw's were made out of metal which vampire's could be killed by metal if they were stabbed in the heart, Amanda quickly leaped and stabbed the vampire in his chest with her metal claw's leaving the vampire burn in flames and finally he was in ashes. Amanda then sighed and threw herself to the ground resting.

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Florence, Italy (2010)

Cass was driving through the streets of , wondering what could possibly be at the end destination that the vampire had given her. It had been far too easy to glean that information from him and she knew that there was going to be some sort of trap lying in wait for her there. The fact that she was actually looking forward to it spoke volumes about how bored she was. She blasted the Breaking Benjamin music, tapping out a beat on the wheel. She was fully loaded, with all of her weapons and she was ready for action. She pulled up outside of the location that she was given and took a few minutes to do some recon and scout out the location. It appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. She smiled. How cliched could you get? She had been led to an obvious trap in an abandoned warehouse. What was her life coming to that she was bored enough to do something that was as potentially reckless as this? Oh well.  
She wandered into the abandoned warehouse, weapons at the ready and went through the entire warehouse, clearing one room after another, finding no overt or hidden traps. It was then that she noticed a trapdoor in the floor, leading down to who knew what. It could very well be what she had been looking for this entire time. She surrounded herself with her telekinetic shield, in the event that the trap was something that her healing factor wouldn't be able to handle. She carefully opened it up. It lead to a staircase, which she rapidly and carefully descended. There was a door at the bottom of the staircase, with a slight purple glow emanating from it. Strengthening her shield, Cass went to open the door. She was blinded by the purple light and could feel herself being lifted up and spun around, it was the oddest sensation.  


 Somewhere in France (17th Century)

 The blinding purple light vanished and Cass opened her eyes. Her first thought was to wonder where the hell that she was and what the hell had just happened?!? She was standing in an ornate garden with beautiful marble statues. She made her way through the garden and to the building that was nearest to it. She had obviously been transported somewhere, but everything felt so.....rural. It felt like she might be in a different time period, but that wasn't possible, was it? She pulled her sword as she continued walking, she wanted to be prepared for trouble. It was then that she caught sight of him through a window. Cass quickly made her way to the building and headed for the room where she had seen him. She smiled when she got there; it was Jean and Cass couldn't be happier to see him. She walked up to him and saluted. It took her a minute to find the words. "So...... where the hell am I? When the heck am I and what's our course of action?"