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It was a dark night; the stars could be seen without interference from clouds. About midnight, Katsuro walked slowly, kicking up sand and dirt with short paces. His hands in his pockets and the wind blowing through his hair making it dance in its path. His eyes closed and he was thinking about the upcoming fight, this would be a total trip to Katsuro. He got to his destination in the middle of the rumble, its ancient fortress crumbled under its own weight. Its pillars broken and covered in vines, and surrounded the side of the ancient battlement. X stood with his arms crossed and his head slightly cocked to the side, glaring at the earth. He noticed several houses in the distance, a small suburban community that would be a perfect place to grow up. It was bordered by a small thicket and a thin forest, its green made the houses pop out, it was nice scenery.

Come out from hiding, I know you are here.

Let’s have a chat before we get at each other’s throats!

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Warsman was at peace, his legs firmly crossed and his backside planted on a comfortable pillar-top, the moss making a nice cushion. The usual book about reactor-core management was in his hands, even though he possessed neither a reactor-core or anything that needed one. The wind picked up minute deposits of thin sediment and made them tumble through the ruins. Warsman watched them dance in the moonlight, each moonbeam reflecting off of the smoother rocks and crashing against the rougher ones.

He had heard Guyver's approach for hours now, as although he tried slinking his way through the ruins like a snake, he had failed miserably as the ancient stones would not allow unfamiliar visitors to pass through them without alerting their more favored guests.

"Ah, so you've returned I see."

Warsman was above Guyver, his presence concealed by the nighttime fog. The ruins seemed to chuckle with groans and creaks as rocks fell and animals scurried away.

"A friendly chat you wish? I admire those who have a sophistication of battle rather than blunt force,"

Warsman leaped from the pillar, the book remaining in his seat and the moonlight reflecting off his metallic body. Landing in front of Guyver, the Russian took a seat on a pile of rocks.

"I however, possess both, as you are aware, Tenjin."

A wolf began to bay atop a hill, its cry echoing throughout the cavernous ruins.

"Do not think that even if you go by a new name and appearance that I will not recognize you. I am no fool, Mr. Guyver."

Warsman began to smile his cruel grin, his eyes reflecting the moonlight and gleaming an eerie crimson red.

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"Ah, so you've returned I see." said the mighty russian.

"A friendly chat you wish? I admire those who have a sophistication of battle rather than blunt force,"

X smirked slightly at this metal man's comment. While drawing his long hair from his face. Warsman leaped from his posted creating a thunderous bang, sending debris everywhere.

"I however, possess both, as you are aware, Tenjin."

"Do not think that even if you go by a new name and appearance that I will not recognize you. I am no fool, Mr. Guyver."

Katsuro looked up to stare deep into the cyborg's crimson eyes and began to laugh maniacly. His laugh echoed the hollow caverns of the fortess. He came to a abrupt stop before saying his next words.

You are mistaken my friend, Tenjin died and he will never come back.I my friend am a whole new man, more powerful than ever before. The lightning Tyrant has fallen to give rise to the Guyver and nothing is going to stand in my way, not you or the gods themselves. So sorry to disappoint but your old nemesis is gone.....forever!

X uncrossed his arms, then spread his feet into a leaning stance. He pointed to the mighty russian and called out to him.

Prepare yourself,comrade

X screamed out at the top of his lungs Bioboost!!!!!!

A explosion of pressure erupted forming a sphere imprinted crater beneath him. From the growths on the back of his neck, hundreds of vein like tentacles engulfed Katsuro. They grew and grew,forming his black armor, it hardened instantly. His feet planted deep into the earth as he landed from the transformation. The sensors atop his head on the sides of his high crest, tracked back and forth scanning the area. His mussle on his mask unleashed a small puff of smoke. They black eyes brightened to a tint of green before he extended his elbow swords.

Now show me yours...

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Standing, Warsman's eyes glinted with a hint of bloodlust.

"If you mean a transformation, you will be sorely disappointed. I have no need for such a trivial matter as transformations; they take up too much time and effort for something that will surely be unneeded in the long run of things."

Spreading his feet in some form of fighting stance, the Russian grinned a smile that showed off his years of violence and hatred towards others in just one instant of showing off his jagged teeth.

"Tell me, Guyver. Is all of your body coated in that abomination?"

Warsman vanished, leaving nothing in his wake, not even the false image of light that once was left. He disappeared out of all five senses, like he just seemed to vanish. Somewhere, an animal screamed at the moon.

All was quiet, the fog settling along the worn battlements and columns as a blanket does settle along the face of a bed. Then, the fog burst into disarray as Warsman reappeared, faster than the senses could percieve, with a punch that could shatter even the stoutest of metal alloys, aimed straight at Guyver's forehead.

Continuing with the moment of surprise, Warsman threw a very similar punch at Guyver's chest, his fist breaking the water molecules in the air into vapor. Vanishing again, Warsman settled to the top of Guyver's armored cranium, crouching low as to allow room for both his hands and feet to relax on Guyver's skull.

"Too slow in this suit, aren't we?"

Warsman teleported again, throwing a punishing elbow at Guyver's stomach, one that could've broken a mountainous stone into a pile of rubble.

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"Tell me, Guyver. Is all of your body coated in that abomination?" asked the hellish cyborg.

Katsuro smirked at this question.Why don't you come see for your self!!!!!

Guyver prepared himself for he already knew this was going to be one hell of a ride. His sensors tracked the slightest movements of Warsman, the sensors give him a 360 degree look at the enviorment. With blindly spead Warsman bombarded at X with a strong fist but Guyver stalemated Warsman's punch with one of his own. When they're fists collided it created a thunderous boom sending a immense shockwave to they're sides. It tore deep into the earth like a bulldozer, pushing the dirt and sand up to make two small hills at their sides. Warsman proceded with another punch towards X's chest but Guyver spread his hand apart,stretching his fingers as wide as he could. The metal fist slammed into Guyver's open hand and the impact shook the ground slightly, making the access debris bounce into the air before landing again.

"Too slow in this suit, aren't we?" as warsman planted on X's head. X attempted a backflip to leave Warsman vulnerable to a moonsault kick to the russian's face. Warsman teleported infront of X before the blow was struck,as he landed he planted his feet into the soil before receiving a sharp elbow to the stomache. The force pushed guyver back a few meters, making his feet grind against the ground,tearing into it like a plow. Semi-hunched over X said

That was good cyborg, you suprise me every time we meet. To answer your question earlier, yes this covers my WHOLE body and it is not metal,comrade. To tell you the truth i have no idea what it is made of but it is extremely tough comparable even to your body.

With that said X stood erect and shifted his body to the side. With a lightning fast burst he charged at Warsman and leaped slightly to throw a devastating punch but before contact he would faint and attempt a leg sweep. Immediatially after he found use his his massive fist to slam into the cyborg's mid-section.

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"That was good cyborg, you suprise me every time we meet. To answer your question earlier, yes this covers my WHOLE body and it is not metal, comrade. To tell you the truth i have no idea what it is made of but it is extremely tough comparable even to your body." Guyver said.

Warsman began to smile and then laugh, shaking the ruins with his chuckling. Guyver's fist came at the Russian with amazing power, forcing the cyborg to actually strain with one hand outstretched. The dirt built up into miniscule hills around Warsman's feet. He placed his remaining hand on the enormous piece of armored flesh, leaping into the air to evade the annoying leg-sweep.

Finding that it would be interesting to take a blow from this behemoth, Warsman let go of Guyver's fist and landed some meters away, taking the full impact of the monster's blow to his stomach, which he had tensed profusely in the seconds he had to prepare, giving him a literal iron stomach. The fist collided with him with impressive force, enough to push Warsman back several meters, but hardly enough to move him otherwise.

Grunting with effort to ignore the pain, Warsman breathed nonchalantly and took a more relaxed position.

"You hit hard Guyver. Harder than anyone I've met before,"

Warsman started to walk toward his opponent, a cruel smile on his face.

"Yet, I wonder if there are any weak points on your armor."

He suddenly vanished as a cloud of fog suddenly rolled in, a byproduct of the nearby lake. Fists came from nowhere, as did knees and kicks, each one enough to shatter a human's bone structure into dust.

He reappeared above Guyver, standing on a pillar.

"You are slow."

Warsman extended his claws and aimed for the behemoth's eyes with ferocious power and speed.

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"Yet, I wonder if there are any weak points on your armor."

Warsman suddenly charged at X with great force sending several high-powered punches, kicks and knees at Guyver. X accepted Warsman's challange and pushed himself into the inhuman blitz. His scanners sensing the moves but Warsman did have a slight speed advantage and X could not block and parry them all. A few landed hard into his chest and one punch actually hit Guyver square in the chin sending his left knee to the ground. Warsman managed to buckle X, this was a first for him in the Guyver form. the impact of the punches left him a little drowsy but soon recovered and lifted himself to his feet.

"You are slow." said the cyborg.

Warsman was standing on a broken pillar, and soon launched himself towards X with his claws extended. Guyver loved the fact that Warsman was so aggressive but X had alot more up his sleeve than just claws. He crossed his arms and went back into a leaning fashion and took flight into the air. Warsman flew under him, and now it was time to turn it up a notch.

i maybe slower than you comrade but i have flight on my side. Not to mention the array of weapons i have in store for you next!!!!

With a lift of his hand, he launched three pressure balls at the cyborg. Absorb this!!!The blasts charged forward, they were made by compressing air...no energy involved.

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Warsman smirked.

"I don't have to."

The Russian put up his force-shield and the orbs attempted to drill into his body, but their inertia was sapped by friction each time they moved and soon they disappeared into nonexistence.

Putting his shield down, Warsman looked at Guyver, who was situated comfortably in the sky. Smirking, he teleported, leaving no trace of his being behind.

Reappearing in front of the behemoth, Warsman threw a knee at Guyver's stomach, attempting to distract him with a cold stare. Disappearing again, the Russian threw a volley at the behemoth's face and chest with frightening speed, his unbreakable claws extended to their full length.

He vanished again, taking a pillar in his hands during a passing cloud of fog, and reappearing above Guyver, aiming to bring the heavy piece of stone down on his opponent's head.

"I may not be able to fly, but I'm fast enough to stay airbounre long enough to beat you!"

Warsman teleported a final time after throwing a mindnumbingly-strong punch at Guyver's stomach. He reappeared on the top of another pillar, his arm transformed into the plasma-cannon he was known for besides the claws and aggressive behavior. Aiming it at Guyver, he instead teleported behind him and released a bolt point-blank at the behemoth's body.

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"I don't have to."

The russian used a manuever that X did not know he had. A force field thought Guyver? This was going to be a bumby ride,from here on in. Warsman suddenly vanished and reappeared infront of X, staring him dead in the eyes,Warsman smashed into Guyver with a powerful knee. Its impact crashed hard into X's sternum,and Guyver falsly grunted, making Warsman get overconfident for a quick second before the attempted clawing. X suddenly used is Vibration Globe to send forth a destructive screech to Warsman's senses and giving Guyver enough time to dodge the onslaught.

"I may not be able to fly, but I'm fast enough to stay airbounre long enough to beat you!"

Warsman appeared again above him and smashed the pillar against X's upper body sending him barreling towards earth. He recovered in the nick of time, landing in a crouching position creating a crater in the earth, sending multiple tremors forth with a cloud of dust. X grew furious at this act and slowly rose to his feet, the debris left over from the pillar slide off his body. Like rain it poured down,bouncing off the ground below his 7'0 height. Guyver clenched his fists tightly, squeezing tight with enough force to crush a telephone pole in two.

Again Warsman stood atop of a pillar and transformed his arm to the infamous plasma cannon. X's sensors guided him to the mighty russian right before Warsman teleported behind him. The bolt would of toppled a house and would of sent Guyver in a world of hurt, but he had other plans. He protected himself with his gravity orb and created a force field around his body. The impact of the field dug deep into the earth and the blast fragemented around it, sending streams of plasma ripping into the catacombs. The pillars toppled and created a mist of rumble and debris.

You aren't the only one with a force field. X said in a low tone of voice before turning around and lauching himself back a few meters, seperating them for an instant before the clash of titans resummed.

X then rushed forward, tearing into the sand and dirt. His massive feet dug deep into the world's flesh and created a small crater with every step. All the while gazing deep into Warsman's crimson eyes with his bright green optics. He focused his sensors attention directly at the red dictator. He launched out his High Frequency Swords from his elbows and forearms. All four blades swepted backwards, two on each arm, the first one slightly smaller than the rear. He shook with such speed, the blades stood still to the eyes. He bombarded the russian with several slashes from all directions, even a mere scratch would tear into the cyborg's body. With the sensors focused he could almost tell were the russian would appear. After the onslaught of blades Guyver launched several pressure balls towards the mighty metal warrior.

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"What manner of devilry allows you to conjure a shield similar to mine?" Warsman set foot on top of another pillar. "No matter."

Warsman watched without interest as the behemoth grew blades from his flesh, launching himself at the Russian recklessly.


Warsman had his shield up as the blades knocked against his defenses, bouncing off harmlessly as Guyver pushed harder to breach it. After the behemoth was done with his little show, the Red Dictator teleported from all three orbs Guyver threw at him, the trio impacting into an opposing wall, sending it crumbling down with frightful ease.

The Russian was now fully attentive to his opponent, his eyes flaring red as he teleported an instant later point-blank in Guyver's face, his fist drawn back for maximum impact, something he had never done before, and aimed straight at Guyver's face. His eyes resembled those of a creature from the darker tiers of Hell in that they maintained the presence of something made of horror and sheer evil in them.

Across his face was his infamous smile, now a toothy grin displaying cruel, jagged teeth. Time seemed to slow down, the arc of Warsman's punch slowly closing as his maximum power was to be unleashed upon Guyver's sensors by attacking the source: his brain.

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After the Guyver's volley, X and Warsman locked eyes once more.The dark red eyes of the machine stared deep into guyver's. The wind had set in, it blew so hard that the gravel beneath them had set sail through the air. The black night still showed the bright stars. Even with the ancient remnants of the fortess now almost destroyed, the battleground became almost flat. The great plane of war had been torn to pieces, craters, the grass and dirt had been ripped into piles and streaks. The two titans stood tall, they're bodies as dark as the night itself. The only thing illuminating them was the stars.

But now it was Warsman's turn, without hesitation he vanished infront of X and with a punch so devastating a thunderclap was sounded. It sent X into the air, floating if you will for brief seconds. Guyver regained control and recover by vaulting into a three point stance. His hand drove itself deep into the crust of the planet, while his feet did the same. He had thought he could stand to his feet before the next attack came. But again another massive punch was thrown, it smashed into X's left sensor, causing it to crack and the impact sent Guyver across the feild about 10 feet or so, his body smashed into the ground. X knew now that Warsman was playing any games so this ment Guyver had to pull out all the stops. Guyver stood to his feet, and flexed his armored chest. He began to speak,

That punch really fking hurt, you know that? Looks like you are holding back much anymore so this means im going go all out as well comrade!!! This suit is your average armor my friend, as we speak my sensor has already begun to heal,my organs and tissue have been replaced and aguemented,i am more powerful than any one man alive, I am a walking engine of destruction!!! Gaze in fear and pray for forgivness cus' you really pissed be off now!!!

With that said he turned his body to the community across the plane. They houses seemed to glow in the moonlight, everyone was asleep. Nothing was happening, only sure bliss, the trees bordered the sanctuary. So peaceful was this place. But X had other plans, he gripped the left side of his chest armor and ripped it open. It was like a latch of string pink flesh and where the chest would be and bright casing of energy seemed to be lodged inside. As soon as the chest piece was opened a suction of energy occured and as time seemed to slow down a large blast was set forth, tearing into the earth because of its power was so grand! it ripped the surrounding trees from they're roots and anything that was inside its might was evaporated. X twisted his body starting ar on end of the cultasac to the other. It was totally destroyed, nothing was left alive or standing, it was all destroyed to nothing but a 5 foot deep hole in the ground.

X then shut the portal of oblivion and stared back at Warsman, and gestured him to come at him again. This time X wouldn't hold back.

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"You really like to talk, don't you?!"

Warsman paid little attention to the blast Guyver had caused and wasted little, if any, time in getting the advantage. As soon as Guyver finished his attack on the cul de sac, Warsman sent a barrage of furious punches at the behemoth's abdominal muscles, attempting to crack his armor somehow through a violent ritual. Teleporting to evade any counterattack, Warsman reappeared behind the behemoth and attempted to do the same to his spine.

Teleporting a second time, Warsman reappeared to Guyver's right and fired his plasma cannon again, the bolt coming at the behemoth with white-hot insanity and fury, burning the ground beneath it into a scarred trench.

Warsman, in case of a counterattack, teleported again and grabbed at Guyver's throat, attempting to force him back into the wall behind him and absorb what energy he could.

"Fool! I don't have to absorb energy-based attacks! I can absorb anything through physical contact, including the energy that maintains your armor!"

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"You really like to talk, don't you?!"

With all his might he sent a flurry of punches at guyver, but X stalemated many with punches of his own, one landed directly into guyver's sternum but X had flex his muscles inside to help absorb the blow. Warsman launched a bolt of plasma directly at X, he formed a pressureball and launched it into the white hot stream and sent it fragmenting and scattering around the plane. The pressure ball would of hit Warsman but he teleported in time to dodge its massive blow and created a crater of large magnitude, creating a tremor.

But what X did not expect was Warsman wrapping his mighty hand around Guyver's neck and slamming him into the wall behind him. Warsman was strong,strong enough to hold X in place to say this sentence.

"Fool! I don't have to absorb energy-based attacks! I can absorb anything through physical contact, including the energy that maintains your armor!"

X was surpised at the cyborg's tenacity, but X couldn't help but laugh. Guyver began to speak once more.

"You my friend are indeed a brillant mind! But you have indeed under estimated my power, nothing maintains my armor! I bring the energy for my blasts and armor from another dimension via my armor! I am nothing like your average superhero or villian, i am a whole new breed!!!

X gripped Warsman's wrist tight while Warsman attempted to siphon his energy. Warsman had gotten some energy already left over from the mega-smasher but not quite as much as the cyborg could of been looking for. While X was gripping the mighty machines wrist he slowly reached at Warsman face, and attempted to lift up the machine via its head and crush its cranium. If X was successful in the grab He wouldn't crush him but put great amounts a pressure amplifing his grip with his gravity powers. X then would toss Warsman back and unleash another volley of sword strikes at the mighty cyborg.

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Warsman was confused by the behemoth's statement, but merely for an instant. Right as Guyver gripped his wrist, he locked his hand with the approaching hand, using his strength to stalemate with the behemoth, which he was sure to be amazing to the abomination.

"Then your armor is a meager shell! Nothing more than a shell that I will crack!"

Warsman teleported away as Guyver attempted to slice at him with his lethal blades, reappearing with a plasma-bolt coming out of his arm-cannon and straight at Guyver, giving the behemoth little time to recover.

"You are a mortal, no matter how hard you try not to be one! You're just a man in a shell!"

Warsman extended his claws and chased after his white-hot attack, which caused minor pain in the Russian. He would come after the bolt with claws that he would rip with at Guyver's weakened armor, made soft by the intense heat. He teleported several times to keep his presence a guessing game to Guyver's sensors, as after-images and heat signatures were left wherever he made ground.

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The sheer strength of Warsman was pheonominal, it rivaled Guyver's. He was impressed greatly with the cyborg but his rival must fall.

"Then your armor is a meager shell! Nothing more than a shell that I will crack!"

X smiled under his mask, even not seen he knew that Warsman could tell his espression. He prepared himself for the upcoming attack as the mighty cyborg dodged his frequency swords lethal slashes. As he was still hunched over from the attack, he could barely create a "X" with his arms to block the onslaught of claws coming at him.

"You are a mortal, no matter how hard you try not to be one! You're just a man in a shell!"

The russians blades tore into the guyvers arms but the wounds would only trinkle with blood. He was impressed with the Warsman's claws and couldn't wait to rip into the Machines hulking body with his swords. Warsman was bold to teleport constintly trying to avoid X's sensors. With some avail the sensors could only tell where he has at after the next teleport. Warsman was little to fast for X to keep up, but X got angry with boredom and started to chase after the cyborg, smashing through the ground with his fist and stomps. His blades sliced through the stone remnants of the fortess. Guyver barely missed every time but he could do this all day. Guyver grew bored fast though and decided to draw warsman out in the open by shooting head beams at warsman, its heat would surely draw him out. But when it finaaly does he would launch a destruction soundwave from the Vibration Globe to pin Warsman for a quick second before unleashing a powerful kick to Warsman face.

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Warsman was struck by the heat beams in the foot. He stumbled for an instant, but put up his shield to block the soundwave, which sent him flying into the air from the force of the attack. Keeping his shield up and wrapping himself in a fetal position for extra defense, Warsman watched as Guyver's kick nearly punctured his shield, but nevertheless remained harmless to the Russian.

Breaking the shield, Warsman emerged with his arms and legs outstretched. He landed on a pillar-top, which crumbled as he tensed his muscles and unleashed his top speed at Guyver, which, coupled with a punch drawn back for maximum impact, would decimate anything around his target into a fine powder.

If that didn't work, he would flip backwards and use the obvious trauma caused by such an attack to charge his plasma-cannon to maximum power and blast Guyver to whatever afterlife waited for him. However, it took exactly five seconds to charge that much, allowing room for a counterattack.

The moon shone through the black clouds, dancing with the shadows of what remained of the ruins and cul de sac. A wolf howled as the fight became ever fiercer.

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Guyver was unpleased by the attack, he nearly hit the mighty machine. No matter, he thought, he knew that the sheild wasn't breakable and he would use this knowledge to his advantage. Guyver wasn't ready for the next attack by the russian. X watched in horror as the hulking monster flew onto him with a immensly powerful punch. The fist of his foe crashed into the guyver's right shoulder. The impact hit guyver so hard that it cause a small quake in the earth causing the the ground to split and crack.

Guyver had braced himself work the attack tensing his body, his feet dug deep into the dirt and his shoulder was shattered, the armor itself was damaged with several cracks. That was the hardest he has ever been hit before, and the upcoming blast from Warsman was going to be a life or death situation and Guyver had to act fast. The only thing to do was to use the Mega-Smasher but Warsman might try to absorb its energy. Guyver cared not, He mentaly opened both chest pieces and they began to charge. Warsman's blast was sent barreling towards X but as it came half way to X the Mega-Smasher was sent to greet the upcoming plasma blast and followed by a multiple heat beams from his head to try to detour Warsman from absorbing the Mega-Smasher. The blast flew towards Warsman's body.

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"Just like that, my puppet."

Warsman smirked, watching his attack being ripped to shreads by the Mega Smasher. Reaching out his hands, the Smasher collided with his flesh and began to sink into his body when the heat beams came in contact with his forehead, knocking his head back violently and causing him to lose concentration on the Mega Smasher, but only for an instant. As the attack in his hands swelled and threatened to explode, the Russian brought it back to a calmer state as he concentrated on abosrbing it once more.

It sank into his hands segment by segment, in picturesque order and with near flawless execution. His hands were intensely scarred and maimed, but he reached them up to his face, smiling madly and with columns of steam escaping the openings through his teeth. He balled his burned hands into fists and back again, reaching a finger to scrape at his teeth.

"Delicious." He said.

With speed greater than what he had achieved ever before, Warsman launched a single punch at Guyver's face with a surge of power and speed from the absorbed attack backing his blow. He would then attempt to crack open the behemoth's chest-armor with a kick amplified by the same force.