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Three Years ago

It was a dry night the wind blew , down the dark streets of Gotham , Bruce sat at his desk deep in thought , Wondering about the new turn of events in the case, his short black hair dripping with sweat from the mask, His cape hung over the chairs as he brushed his chin with his index finger.

Something moved behind him, Moving on instinct he turned ready for anything, A man dressed in purple body armour stood across from him, The man was cocky leaning on his metal staff, Bruce reached round and pulled a bat A rang , But Bruce slipped up he should have attacked but his curiosity got the better of him, “Who are you and how did you get in this cave” He was no longer wearing the Bruce Wayne face , It had turned darker more menacing, There was no fear in those eyes , Only rage and pain.

The man moved flying at Batman with grace, It was a fast and expert battle each man not giving any ground, they danced around the giant coin Abe Lincoln watched from his place on the coin as each blow was blocked by another, They war ragged between the two men , Gagging for breath they stood under the Belly of a robot T-Rex, It green scales each made out of a light metal.

Sweat ran down each mans face, rolling of there noses to the floor, , One drip fell into Batman’s dark eyes forcing him to blink, The man in purple took this chance it was only a moment but that’s all he needed, flipping off his staff he landed at the T-Rex’s foot,, A smooth hand touched metallic a charge ran up the mans body into the might beast, with in seconds it exploded falling onto the Bat.

Moving into the wreckage the man pushed to find him, a think black blood poured from the Bruces mouth, Batman was gone, all that lay before him was Bruce Wayne cause in the end we start with what we had are names The man in Purple spoke “Ma name is Gambler, I came ere to finish you and to tell you , "You aint got what it takes ".

All of a sudden a large noise came from the cave “GAMBLER ! Arrows Rage filled him, The leader of the NAO saw his teacher lying under the wreckage, Arrow had trained under every master and Batman was one of them, He had battled along side him shoulder to shoulder , bleed with him He lay broken at the hands of this this monster, The rage furled him , For the first time he understood what Batman fought for, Why he pushed himself so hard, The explosion of Darkness filled the cave, the great coin fell, As did Gambler as he shot across the room, falling in a crumpled heap on the floor. “NAO , JUSTICE LEAGE “ he screamed over the Com links

Reaching Bruces side “BATMAN IS DOWN, I REPAT BATMAN IS DONE , CAVE SEND HELP”, Trying to speak Bruce looked at Arrow “Look after her , Look after Gotham ….”

The Present

A Dark Shadow sat on the wall of Arkyum the crazy tower cast a dark and sinister shadow on the city of Gotham, The mans raven black jacket hung from his slim body , the pale skin flashed in the moon light as he looked up at the window, “Gambler” He whispered to himself, Dropping to his feet the shadows followed, A com link opened “Arrow what the hell are you doing at Arkyum “ Shaking his head , Bruce had been less of a pain as the bat, Now he was in control of the Nao , who where looking after Gotham with the bat boys, It was never ending, “Nothing Bruce “ he sighed , “Well get your ass down to 3rd on west, We have a double homicide” and with that the dark figure was gone into the night. .

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Spectrum hovered above the burning block of apartments. He hovered nothing more. He was being sent to fires now. Ever since Bruce got his back broken things had gone down hill. Nearly all his freedom was being taken from him by the lengendary BATMAN who now lay in bed with his back broken. He no longer had the choice of who he saved or what crimes he fought, the com link took care of that, his jobs were slipping slowly out of the way, he was now babysitting a fire operation where the firemen where doing all the work. He had offered to put out the flames,

"MY GOD ARE YOU MAD!!!" Shouted the Fireman into his face "The whole building could collapse" Spectrum took that as a no. He was now waiting for them to finish the rescue, as he was not deemed fit to do that either. The fire man began to spray the buildind with hoses,

"Oh for gods sake" Spectrum mumbled out loud. He rose higher into the air above the building and closed his eyes. He could sense the heat and light an noise all around him in him, flowing through him. He focused on the heat first, it felt like trying to suck the end of a drink through a bloked straw as the energy flowed into his body. The fire was gone now and Spectrum flew into the night sky, the firemens ugky curse being shuoted at him from below.

"God i wish things would change" He said hopelessly to the starlit sky.

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It was a dark night in Gotham. Nobody sat in a crouching postion on top of a building. His coat flaping in the breeze. Gotham had a different feel than any other city he had ever been to. It was darker, more dangerous. It seemed like around every corner some criminal act was happening and you could on choose to stop the great of two evils.

Suddenly Nobody heard the call about the homicide on 3rd West. That was clear across the city but he was still willing to make the trip if needed. He put his hand to his com-link and said, "Arrow, its Nobody. Do you have the situation handled or do you need some backup?"

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Arkham Asylum


The dinning hall of Arkham looked like a who's who of Batman foes. Suddenly the place erupted into cheers as Gambler was led into the mess hall, still shackled from head to toe he shuffled across the floor with his trademark grin.


They all knew, they all heard the story's of how Gambler took out the Bat.

I heard it took thee entire Gotham League to bring him in. said Killer Croc

No you idiots, he let them take him in cause he was bored. said Penguin

Well I heard..................

WELL YOU MORONS SHUT THE $#@! UP! screamed the Joker. I was the one who softened him up, all he did was swoop in and steal my thunder.

Gambler took his tray and headed for a table, "Right here big boy." said the seductive Poison Ivy as she slid her tray over, "Dont worry, I wont bit, hard."

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Nobody was still waiting for Arrow's answer when he heard a gunshot and a scream from a close ally. Not taking the time to wait he moved in. Running across the roof of the building he was on and jumping to the next one. He then crossed this building and looked down to see a gang of thugs picking on a defenseless woman.

One of the gang members said, "Ah shut up, now that the bat is gone nobody can hear you scream." At that exact moment Nobody has jumped down and punched of the men. "Who the hell is there?!" Demanded the man.

Nobody grined and said, "I'm Nobody."

One man swung a crowbar in Nobody's direction but missed by several inches only to be blown back sevearl feet by a blast of Nobody's energy. One of the men tried to run out of the ally but slamed face first into a invisible wall blocking their only exit.

"Nobody is taking me back to jail, man!" One should which was replied by , "Thats right." The man quickly pulled out a gun and started pointing it in every direction trying to find Nobody. Nobody quickly moved in putting a hard energy around his fist punched the man in the face breaking his jaw and knocking him down.

He then put his finger to is com-link and said "I need a pick up and medical care at my location."

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Photon sat down beside Gambler, who has been flirting with Poison Ivy. He looked like a normal guy, in his late teens. Who knew such a villaneous character was nothing but a teenager underneath all the lights?

"I see you feel quite at home." - he addressed Gambler scornfully. he hated being normal, and while he still had some strength and acrobatics left, it was mere nothings compared to what he had been. He had a picture of Arrow inside his cell, onto which he looked upon every night, praying to whoever it was that he would someday get the chance for a one on one with him. Photon held a deep grudge against the hero, who used to be evil, and to prove to others that he turned to the good side, had fought Photon tooth to tooth and nail to nail. Nobody else in the NAO could have managed to bring Photon in, even Arrow had a hard time recuperating after the fight, but he had won and Photon was left to rot in a Asylum for the insane.

"Tell me, am I really that insane just because I think the Sun is my parent?"


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"Excuse us Ivy, man talk you know how it is."

Ivy got up and nodded to Photon before taking her tray and leaving. Gambler looked around and spoke with his hand just above his mouth so neither the guards nor thee inmates could see his lips moving.

"I heard the Joker talking about something last night in his sleep, something about Harley and getting out of here. We need to find out what he has going down and get in on it."

Gambler hated the Joker, they had clashed several times since Gambler had been locked up. Mostly the Joker was jealous of what Gambler did to Batman but there was something else, something that had to do with Harley.

"So, you down kid or what?"
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"Don't call me kid. And yeah... but before we do this. Arrow's mine." - Photon vengefully whispered, his eyes half closed, narrow as a snake's.

He got up first and started walking over to the Joker, since him and Gambler had a strong dislike, he thought he should do the talking.

"Knock knock..."


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Spectrum flew over the ark city. Dogs howled, people shouting it was all so depressing. The streets of Gotham were lined with litter and grime. Spectrum sighed as he walked down the ally ways and out onto the docks. Even the sea seemed somewhat sullen, dark and murky its waters filled with unumberable hazards. Spectrum hoisted himself onto the railings and sat letting the cold sea winds lap over his face. There was an unexpected gust from behind him and a figure appeared from nowhere,

"Why so glum, bright eyes?" The figure said. Spectrum turned to face the man his red and yellow costume immeadately identafiable. Spectrum laughed as the Flash made a mock sad face to him.

"I dont know anymore Wally" He sighed "What brings you here"

"What, to Gotham?" He laughed "I love the place Spec's thought you knew that". A smile crept onto Spectrums face as they both began to laugh. "Droppong in to say hello to Bat's, you know a meet and greet," He chuckled.

"I dont know how you stand him" Spectum said looking agitated "Hes so un reaonable so, so... oh i dont know" Spectrums put his head down looking at the waves beneath.

"It's all right," Flash said putting an arm on Spectrums shoulder, "He's an aquired taste, dont let him get to you, hes a good man."

"Yeah an aquired taste is right" Spectrum muttered. Spectrum had trained under Batman for a shorttime before joining the NAO. They had not gotten along. Spectrums powered far surpassed that of his comprahension and Batman was trying to show him how to weild them one hundred percent. Spectrum had mastered harnessing nearly all types of energy under him but there was only one thing he failed to acheive. Kinetic energy was the hardest for him trying to stop movement trying to steal a persoms energy. Spectrum had bad experences in the past, he ha reservations about using his powers to that extent. Batman wouldnt stand for it and Spectrum soon left. Spectrum went vigilante for a while after that untill he met Wally. Spectrum had only ever heard of the Flash at the time they had met but the two soon became close friends. Wally eventually took Spectrum under his wing and began to teach him about "stealing speed" or in Spectrums case kinetic energy. Although the mental blocks were still in place he had come a fair way under Wally and considered him a close friend and teacher.

Spectrum looked at Waly once againn,

"It was around now" He whispered. Wally nodded in response. Tears weld up in Spectrums eyes as he sat in silence.

"He'd be proud, of you of everything youv acheived" Wally added quitely.

Spectrum did not respond but comtinued sat in silence.

"Well iv got to go" Wally said "you know universe to save" He chuckled hitting Spectrum gently on the arm.

"Thanks" Spectrum uttered with a thin smile. The red bolt of lightning shot out across Gotham untill it was out of sight.

A small rock hurtled through the air at Spectrum. Lifting a hand it stopped dead in its tracks and and fell to thr ground. Spectrum looked up at the newly rising sun, its golden light shimmering over the water and remembered what Wally had taught him,

"If you can do it to a rock you can do it to a person."

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"Johnny! Let's go, already! We've taken enough time aas it is!" Fred, a heavyset man wearing all black clothes and stocking cap, said from outside the jewelry store. He and Johnny were robbing Sparkle's Jewelry on West Avenue. "Alright! I'm comin'!" Johnny, the thinner and smaller of the two, ran out with a bag full of Jewels and a diamond tiara on his head.

Fred stared at him as he ran over to the other side of the car. "Did you have to wear the tiara?"

"Just shut up and get in!" They both jumped into the car and sped off. Fred drove down West Ave like a maniac, moving in and out of lanes and racing through stop lights. Jimmy threw jewels up in the air, still wearing the tiara. "Will you stop that!? Get those things back in the bag!" Then he noticed that the tiara was still on his head. "And get that thing off your head!" He yelled, snatching the tiara from Jimmy's head. "Jeez, sorry Freddy. I'm just so stoked!"

Jimmy lay his head back against the car's seat and looked out the window. The moon was just above the rooftops. Then, Jimmy saw something run across the moon. "What-?"

Fred looked in the rearview mirror, like he always did every minute or two, and saw something swing behind the car and up onto the building to the right of the car. "-The Hell?"

Then, something slammed onto the top of the car. Claws ripped into the top of the car, ripping it off like a can opener. Fred and Jimmy were pulled from the car and thrown into the air. A wire was wrapped around them, and they were yanked toward the nearby street lights. They were tied to the set of lights and were hanging above speeding trafic before they even knew what was happening.

"What did you do, moron!?" Freddy yelled. "I didn't do nothing!" Jimmy yelled. They looked around and saw something up on a building to the right. Two figures stood against the moon. One's cape was flowing in the wind, the other-his fur.

"That'll teach 'em." Cryo-Wolf smiled, his fangs gleaming in the moonlight. He and Robin slammed their fists together and took off into the night. They had caught the two robber on 4th and west, and traveled down West toward 3rd and West. Robin noticed police lights and said,"Cryo, look! Let's check it out!"

Cryo nodded and the two of them crouched down on a rooftop corner over looking the crime scene. "My God..." Cryo said.

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"Thanks for the help Nobody, sire" a nervous GCPD offcer said to Nobody. He was scared cause he wasn't even sure if he was talking to someone. A squad of officers had shown up to take out the gang members Nobody had taken out earlier.

"Its my job, and its just Nobody. I don't need none of that sir stuff." Nobody said. He then patted the Officer on the back and jumped on his disk he made of energy to lift him to the top of a building. He then started walking alone the side of the buildings watching the streets. For Gotham this had actually been a quiet night.

The most Nobody could see right now was a couple of litter bugs in his area. Nothing big but he knew if he waited, something was bond to happen.

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Jean-Rene MacAskill, also known as the hero Paragon, stared out one of the windows of Wayne Manor, watching the rain come down from the midnight sky. Bruce was a good friend of his, and he was one of the first, other than Arrow, on the scene after Gambler brought him down. With Batman hospitalized, Arrow volunteered the NAO to help control the rise in crime. For one city, there was enough crime to require a good sized team, too. Bruce also asked JR to look after the manor in his absence. Of course Alfred could do it alone, but he knew Alfred would enjoy the company. When Bruce was released, he let Paragon stay, seeing as it was such a large house anyways.

"God, this city is depressing." he sighed, still looking out the window. "How can you stand to live here, Helena?"

The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli, walked up behind him. "Gotham's no paradise, but it's home." She smiled. "JR, I'm never going to get used to how you can do that."

"Do what?"

"Know when anyone's behind you. It's creepy, and I was really careful this time about making any noise."

He turned and smiled at her. "I wouldn't even have needed my sense that time. I saw your reflection in the window." They stared into each other's eyes. They had been flirting back and forth for some time now, waiting for someone to make the first move. JR began to lean in when his action was suddenly interrupted by Alfred's voice over the intercom.

"Master MacAskill, the police are on the phone, they would like to let Paragon know about a bank robbery at the downtown WorldBank."

"Thank you, Alfred. Let them know that both Huntress and myself will be down there right away." He looked back at Helena, slightly annoyed. "It never ends here, does it?" he asked.

"Never." She smiled back. "Now let's go suit up, Paragon."

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HIs shadow cast over the bodies, Gordon gave a small shiver and looked over his arm, The old comish had growen use to Arrow in a small way, Rubbing his glass with a cloth his blue eyes looked up at thr tall dark figure in front of him and craved for Batman to be back.

"I hate when you do that Arrow, No warning , you " Arrow walked past him to the sence, he knew who it was straight away, "Grundy " The brut frocve that had taken these people down was so intreging, Blood covered the walls , an arm lay at his feet, Why had grundy come out the sewers , his home.

"Arrow , It's grundy go hunt him down" Arrow spoke into the link "I KNLOW" His teeth where grit tight "Well why are you still standing there", The rage almost over took him , Bruce loved being in control but hated not being on the street.

Under the City Sewers near Arkyum

A figure was hoping in the mud, sining a song with a wicked laugh "Mr J , Mr J Mr J , IIIII AM HERE" as the song finshed she span round with her leg out , like a youg gril at chritmas, her whit face was almost just a smile, Small bombs filled the tunnel, each ticking down.

Soon Arkyum would be below Gotham and Harley and Mr jay would be back in each others arms, But she also had another man in mind as well, a cheeky grin ran across his face

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Zipping along the shoulder of the 405 South, Sling Shot allowed himself some calm before the oncoming storm. Cruising at 150 mph felt like gliding on air,it was always easy to 'speedtrap' when a number of zooming cars, minivans,and his favorite inertia source, semi-trucks were close by to siphon a couple of miles per hour from,with all that mass and so many to choose from, a couple miles an hour translated into a blistering sprint for him,even though he felt like he was lightly jogging.

As the landscape blurred by in the drizzly nightfall, Slingshot was impressed with the performance of his new supergarb. When he initially designed it he thought it looked like the love child of Adidas and Ferrari. He streamlined it so his backgammon patterned blade holster seemed seamless and less cumbersome across hi chest. All of his other cache pockets were almost invisible; even his collabsible bow and quiver were nestled ergonomically into the contours of his back, and allowed for unhindered running.The only thing he maintained from his old 'streetskin'was the cobalt color scheme with crimson highlights in the piping and ribbing.He felt like a Ferrari with this new outfit, but this was only one of the benefits to having the Wayne Foundation fund your 'non-profit efforts'.

He took a right on the westbound exit 187 toward his destination, possibly the most dangerous part of this dangerous city, the Hill. In recent years the Hill cluttered with it's impoverished projects and growing population had boasted some of the most organized and terrifying gangs since the heyday of the Black Mask. Sling Shot recieved intel that there was a big arms deal going down in the Watson district between the Hill Top Syndicate and an unidentified vendor. The cargo had been identified as exotic and very expensive.He knew that he wasn't the only one with this info and that ambitious crews like the Crazy 8's from Conker Ave and the Red Caps from little Vietnam would be tempted to make a play.

Just four blocks away from the target destination, he decelerated in a backalley shunting the excess inertia to the night breeze causing it to whip into a short but violent gale, which startled some nearby crows roosting on a telephone line.

He methodically took notice of the objects in motion within the proximity of his extrasensory field. Everything within a 100 yard radius felt typical, although he felt a group of three people approaching and he was hoping to stay anonymous as long as possible. He decided surveiling from the roof tops was his best bet.

Speedtrapping 30 percent of the bass thunping Rabbit's velocity zooming past just out front of the apartment was plenty of juice to assist his leap up the five stories to the rooftop of the Villa de Mariposa apartment building.

"Man the view is great from up here, I can see all the way to Arkham."he unintentionally whispered to himself.

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"Whose there?" - Joker turned around, his smile growing wider.


"Joe who?" - his smile went to a small frown, but Photon kept going.

"Joe Mama." - Photon sat down beside the Joker. Joker looked him in the eye with a somewhat mad and lost expression.

"Mwahahahahahahahahaha! OH Photon.... You're so pathetic without your armor, huh sunshine?" - Joker suddenly burst out loud laughing. Everyone in the room cautiously looekd over their shoulders.

"Listen, I know you are planning to break out, so..." - Photon was a bit at a loss for words, he didn't know how to charm madmen into giving out their plans.

"Breaking out? Nah, sunshine, I like it here. It's my home away from home you know. But hey, I lived here the longest, so I know every nook and cranny. I'll tell you how to get out, but you..." he turned around to face Gambler, "Have to promise me that you leave the old Batsy alive for me... Deal?" - Joker stretched out his hand towards Gambler, palm turned away.


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Gambler slowly extended his hand out to meet the Joker's, he was planning on grabbing his wrist and making him spill his secret escape plan, but the Joker also had a game in mind. The Joker glanced at Killer Croc and suddenly the massive man killer swung on a guard, upon seeing this the place irrupted as inmates charged the nearest guard or doctor they saw.

While Gambler had turned to see what was going on the Joker grabbed his arm.

"You think I would let you get away with making a fool out of ME!!!" the Joker pulled a metal shank he had crafted from the bars under his bed, he thrust the blade deep into Gambler's side.


Gambler fell backwards onto the floor holding his side as the blood rushed out. The Joker looked down on his wounded enemy and licked the blood from the shank, "Mmmmmmmmm, spicy Cajun, just like mommy used to make." he said as his grin strectched from ear to ear.

"Its a shame to really, cause as we speak my little song bird is hard at work making sure I never return to Arkum again." The Joker knelt down beside Gambler, "To bad you wont be around to see it."


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"That's Arrow." Cryo said, pointing at Arrow from the rooftop. "Ya think we should see what's going on?" Robin asked.

"Sounds good." The two of them jumped down to the ground, walking over to Arrow. "Who did this?" Cryo asked Arrow.

"Can we help?" Robin asked.

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Boom, the explosion could be hread around Gotham, walls where shaking, slowly Arkham began to sink into the ground , Breaking into an under ground cave below the sewer, Joker had planed it all, Harley was there in the cave with get away verichles , Waiting for the convicts to eascape.

Dust filled the cave and harley little out a little cough as she ran trying to clear the dust "MR J, MR J" , Knowing the NAo would be on them any moment and Arrow her hold body began to shake when she tought of him, "MR J" she screamed even louder as she thought of the prospect of him trying up, she just hoped that grundy could slow him down, The Joker may be mad but he was briliant

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Just as the Joker was about to finish off Gambler the ground gave way and Arkham sunk below Gotham. The inmates all started to flee into the sewer, Harley broke the jaw of one as he tried to climb into thee escape vehicle.

Gambler had been thrown clear of the Joker, covered in debris and dust he slowly got to his feet. It truly was amazing, the Joker had finally destroyed the symbol of imprisonment that was Arkham Asylum, Gotham would never be the same. Gambler started to make his way through the labyrinth of tunnels beneath Gotham, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

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The explosion rang across the city, as Nobody sat crouched upon the building. He looked in the direction of the explosion and say Arkham coming crumbling down. "Oh my god..." He said in a voice that was almost fearful. How is the NAO suppost to protect the city if every villian is on the lose and no place to contain them.

Without a moment to spare he jumped on a disk and started heading towards the wrekage. He put his hand towards his com-link and said, "Guys, its Nobody! Did you all see what I just saw?"

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Spectrum was dep in his own thoughts when he heard the massive boom. Turning around he saw the massive cloud of dust and smoke rise above Gotham, like a menacing omen. Then the realisation of what had happened struck him, that was Arkham.

Spectrum leaped from the railings and into the air. Flying like a bullet he was soon above the prison, or what was left of it. Flying straight down Spectrum was amazed, the entire structure was gone, all that remained was rubble and ash.

"But how?" He found himself asking. He hovered above the remains for several more minutes unsure of what to do next. It was not untill he saw a jet of ice shoot from a man hole on Church ST Sth that he came to his senses and dove into action.

"It was a prison break" He stammered still unable to beleive it.

The secne he arrived at was cold. Freezing cold.

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As soon as the explosion happened, Photon ran on his own, forgetting the other's including Gambler. He ran and ran, not stopping for anything, like a marathon runner, until he finally managed to seek out a dark alley. After taking a few deep breaths, he realized that the alley began illuminating itself with bright yellow light coming from Photon himself. He was glad to see the crystals coming back, his body was no longer human, but made out of pure light.

"Death is coming."


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The Huntress and Paragon were just getting ready to head down to the heist at the WorldBank, when the explosion ripped through the city, and even shook the foundation of Wayne Manor.

"What the hell was that?" Huntress yelled, and ran to a nearby window.

Paragon had beat her there by teleporting. "Sugar, you are not going to believe this, but I'm pretty sure that came from Arkham... Or at least, where Arkham was." he said with a look of disbelief. Smoke filled the skyline of Gotham, as the sound of ambulances and fire trucks filled the air. Huntress was too shocked to speak. Any villain anyone had put away was now either free or dead. She hoped it would be the latter.

Nobody's voice suddenly came through Paragon's communicator. "Guys, its Nobody! Did you all see what I just saw?"

"No, but I'm guessing you just saw the end of 24, or Arkham just exploded." he joked, though deep down he knew this was serious. "I've got your coordinants. The Huntress and I will be with you...." FLASH!

"...Now." Paragon and Huntress stoop on a rooftop, looking towards the wreckage that was Arkham Asylum.

"Here's another reason I like the rain here," Huntress said. "It makes it easier to see you, Nobody." She was right, there was an outline of him, where the rain hit him.

"What do we know about this so far?" Asked Paragon. "Are there any survivors, if so, who escaped in the chaos, who's dead. We need to get this information so we know what we're up against, now."

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The ground had shaken as the white fist met Arrows face, Sending the man flying into the wall, he fell crumpled on the floor, puhing himself up he looked at the white monster in front of him "God damn it grundy", The call had gone out about Arkham two mins ago, But Arrow could not let Grundy lose, His magic did not work on him and well he was out powered.

"What the hell are you doing Arrow finish him now,ALL NAO TO ARKHAM " Arrow swore under his breathe at bruces words, Fine He drew the sword, spinning on his left leg he brought it around and down , the black blade met the white flesh and Grundy feel with a scream, Both legs missing, "ARROW TO NAO, IM ON THE MOVE, GAMBLER IS MINE, I REPEAT GAMBLER IS MINE"

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Nobody created a shild over his head to stop the rain from falling on him. He was just looking at what used to be Arkham in disbelief. "This is bad. This is worse then bad, this is terrible." He looked over at Huntess who was looking very hot in the this rain and her tight outfit, "Have I told you lately that I hate Gotham?"

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Huntress laughed. "Let's not start this again. Besides, we have more important things to do."

Bruce's voice came through both men's com-links "ALL NAO TO ARKHAM!"

"Looks like we better get over there." Paragon said to the two. "Meet you over there Nobody. M'lady, need a lift?"

"It's faster than how I usually travel." she said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around his. With a flash, the two disappeared, leaving Nobody alone on the rooftop.

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Arrow appeared over the hole, "GOD DAMN IT" the rain was bouncing hard of his head, His rage was almost unstopable, "What did you do to grundy arrow" Bruce did not sound happy , But Arrow no longer gave a damn "Piss off bruce", He said it so the whole NAO could hear, Ripping the com link from his head he threw it into the hole and headed over to his men.

"Okay Nobody get down that hole, Keep in contact with us , Paragon hit the streets with huntress, Make sure no one get to go on a killing spree, ".

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Cryo and Robin heard the Com-Link, so they raced to Arkham Asylum. They got there and stared at the ruins of the Asylum.

"What the hell happened here?" Cryo asked.

He saw some other NAO and ran over to them. "What the hell is this?"

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"Oh great, I get to go into the hole." He shook his head and jumped down in there. It was dark and the was debree everywhere. "Man, I can't believe they did this. What are we going to do with them when we catch them?"

Nobody kept walking down the hole until he found the sewer entrence. He put his hand to his Com-Link, "Arrow, I found something. Looks like it leads to the sewer and is probably the way they all went out of here. I am going to go check it out." He then stepped into the tunnel, it was much darker in here but he could hear anything up ahead. He contiuned walking trying to avoid stepping in the sewer water.

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Almost as punctuation, Sling Shot's short whisper of admiration was followed with a thunderous clap.But their was no light in the sky except for the flash that spat up from Arkham.

"This can't be happening."he mumbled as Arkham slowly buckled on itself melting like an icecube in heat.

Not a moment later he heard the sky light up with gun pops. Things had just gotten a little more complicated. Pulling out his NAO communicator, which he had on vibrate, he replayed the last message recently deposited in the comm delay.It was Nobody,sounding distressed. He was en route to ground zero.

"If I back him up I'll miss the deal.Plus the loonies are escaping the bin, I bet a bunch of them are heading my way right now. I gotta stay put. See if I can spin this thing in my favor.I know the troops are gathering all over the Hill....Man...Well, let the games begin." He depressed the broadcast function on the comm."Status bulletin. NAO this is Sling I'm on the Hill. About to initiate operation King of the Hill, keep this line open for possible backup requests. Sling out."

With that he tucked his comm away, broke into a sprint and dove over the edge of the roof stealing velocity from the increased traffic on the mainstreet bisecting just east of there. He sailed like a hawk over the Hill until he descended on an old storefront roof just kitty corner to the Watson district projects. He noticed two choppers in the horizon running a crisscross pattern with search lights and thought"Yep.Complicated."

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Spectrum pressed his fingers to his com link,

"Got you Arrow," Spectrum said

"Iv idenitfyed Mr. Freeze coming out of the manhole on Church Street South," He began,

"And Ethan Crane, Scarecrow aswell"

The skelitel man was clambering out of the manhole slipping several times on the ice Mr. Freeze had used to break it open.

Spectrum bolted down to the scene. The street was covered in ice as was the adjacent shop, Spectrum was able to make out the name, Hugo's Diamonds. Definately Mr.Freeze. He needed the diamonds as a power source for his powersuit. Spectrum advanced carefully.

A Figure jumped from the roof of the shop on to him,

"Tell me your deepest darkest fears" The rasping voiced sounded in his ears. A cloud of corn coloured gas surrounded his head as he threw the figure off his back. Spectrum was panting, he road was shaking what was, what was happening?

The figure stood infront of Spectrum who was now on his knees unable to keep his balence. The thin limbs of the gaint scarecrow strode before him. Spectrum was petrified. Shaking where he was.

An ice cold voice came from behind him.

"Crane I have aided you in your escape now it time for you to uphold you end of our propasition2 Spectrum turned to face the voice.

The black silouette stood clear against the snow white all around the figure, two massive red eyes protruding staring deep into Spectrums soul.

"I don want to....please....i can .... YOU DONT UNDERSTAND...." Spectrum was babbling like a fool infromt of the two villains.

The menaceing scarecrow grunted and began to walked away with the devilish figure of the Ice man walking behind him.

Spectrum lay cold on the ice shivering afraid for his life.

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His comm rumbled on his hip."Your not wearing the ear piece Sling." Bruce barked."Yeah, I have a juggling act to focus on I'll check in periodically."He replied. He knew the Bat was a control freak and wouldn't take this idea.

"I understand." Bruce replied. Slightly surprising Sling Shot.

"Just routinely check the frequency.Things are hot so I suggest 3 minute intervals."

"Yeah." Sling replied.

"What is Operation King of the Hill?"

"Were about to find out. Sling out."

Sling heard Bruce's concern in the silence before repocketing his comm.Sling prayed"Lord, be with us."

A glossy black Humvy approached the mouth of the Watson projects followed by two Lincoln town cars."Right on schedule." Sling whispered.

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Paragon and Huntress took to the rooftops again, leaping from building to building. Huntress stopped. "JR," she said, "This is useless, two of us are never going to stop whatever villains decide to come to the surface by ourselves. I've got an idea." She grabbed his hand and spoke into his wrist communicator. "Commissioner Gordon, this is Huntress, I need a perimeter set up in a one mile radius around Arkham. Block any sewers, stop all trains. We need to cut off these maniacs before they can get too far." She looked up into Paragon's glasses and smiled. "There, that will make our lives so much easier."

Damn. I should have thought of that. Probably was too busy thinking about her fine...Stop! You're doing it again. Focus now. He looked back at her and smiled. "Good call. Now, can we continue?"

"Of course! Wait, can you hear that?" The sound of someone running down an alleyway could be heard below them. They looked over the edge of the building to see who it could be.

"Riddler..." mumbled Paragon.
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While they were catching all of the Batman's previous rogues, Photon was sitting high up on a rooftop looking over all of the commotion, his eyes full of yellow madness. His powers were slowly returning, but something was not right with him. He felt that his body had been changing, losing itself in it's own abuse of power, breaking down piece by piece, ever so slowly, torturing the villain.

"Maybe for my sins. Maybe for my madness. Maybe God just doesn't like me." - Photon felt that Death was right behind him, it's long coat wavering on the wind.

"I'm dying right?" - Photon asked, without turning around.

"Yes, you are." - it's voice had been familiar, the voice of his mother. Death as trying to make it easy on him.

"Will... Will I go to heaven?" - Photon daringly asked.

"For all that you have done? You have killed, cause enormous disasters to fall upon the human race. You murdered heroes in cold blood that wanted nothing but peace, for your war. You are a madman the likes of which there are few. You sided with the sinners who spread their evil upon the world, chocking it with their chaos. You have destroyed an entire world with the object that gave them life - the sun. The only place for you is the deepest depths of hell, where someday Magneto will join you in eternal torture." - death's voice now changed. It was mystic and scary, seemingly a million souls were speaking to Photon.

"Can I win? Can I beat you?" - Photon hopelessly asked Death, as he watched the light beginning to dim.

"No. Nobody can and nobody will." - the voice of death turned to it's gravest tone yet.

"Then I will be the first." - on that note, Photon flew out towards all of the heroes that were in commotion.


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Arrow flet death run her sweet hands over him, she had been here tonight not to kill , not yet to warn, Looking out over Gotham he saw it the flick of yellow light, His teeth grited Looking at the Hole then to Photon, Duty comes first , Dropping into the Hole he just thought that Photons time would come.

Picking up his com link "Nobody, Find somewhere light and find it now" Arrow spread his hands his long jacket began to sway as if it was in a high wind, His face turning grey, the shaodws exploded from him, seeking down each jap each hole, in every direction , it moved like waves smashing of walls, Moving with a miond of it's own looking for them any of them, Opening a Link to his men "ARGGH IF YOU UH UH FIND ANY OF ARGH AND CAPTURE HUH THEM SEND THEM TO BLACK ARGGHHH GATE, NIGHTWING MY GOD WILL DEAL WITH THEM THERE".

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This is Amanda Huginkiss coming to you live just outside what used to be Arkham Asylum. Just under an hour ago Gotham was rocked by an explosion emanating from under the once notorious psychiatric hospital, most famous for its housing of the city's worst criminals such as the Joker and many others. It is unclear at this time as to how many perished in the blaze and how many escaped into the night. Commissioner Gorden issued a statement asking residents to remain calm and stay indoors tonight. He also says that the NAO is on the scene and is currently tracking down any and all inmates who survived the explosion.

Still, the question on everybody's mind is, where is the man who crippled Batman. This has been a Live Action News Special Report. Amanda Huginkiss saying good night and good luck Gotham.

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Gambler had watched Scarcrow and Mr.Freeze dispatch Spectrum. He slowly walked over to the fallen hero and knelt down beside him.

"Well look at what we have hear, you don't look so good boy." Gambler looked around to make sure they were alone.

"I'm going to let you live hero but I want you to deliver a message for me. Tell Arrow he cant protect the old man any longer. He'll know what it means."

Gambler flipped up his collar and disappeared into the dark Gotham night.

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Paragon flashed into the alley, just in front of the Riddler.

"Well, well. Who's this? Paragon, right? I've got a riddle for you, sir..."

"I don't have time for this." grumbled Paragon. With that, she landed a punch that sent the man sprawling across the wet pavement.

The Riddler spat out blood. "You didn't let me finish." he sneered. "Now, Riddle me this. Did you really think I was dumb enough to come alone?"

Suddenly, Paragon was being strangled from behind. "Won't you join us for our tea party?" asked the Mad Hatter.

"Only if I can bring a guest." The Mad Hatter was suddenly sent flying by a kick from Huntress.

"This evens the odds a bit." Huntress said. Suddenly Mad Hatter pulled out a mind control ray, and fired it at Paragon.

"Not anymore, Alice." he laughed. A blank look came over Paragon. "Get her!" Yelled the Riddler. Paragon lunged forward to attack her, but she side-stepped the assault, and knocked him unconscious. She picked up the limp body, and ran off into the night.

"Sorry love." she said, as she grabbed the communicator off his wrist. "Bruce, I'm in need of a ride back to the mansion and something to fix a mind control device that was used on Paragon."

"Batmobile is on the way."

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Magneto had been held in a telepathic prison innside his actual walll prison for to long he could not remember reliving all the pain he had caused others. it was meant to teach Erik it only angred him further. He had been capture in a battle against the NAO out numbered and injuried they where able to over power him.

Suddenly everything went away he opened his eyes for the first time in a long time. He was laying on a bed with IV's and other medical devices hooked up to him. He thought for a moment then remembered where he was.

Arkyum, he had been captured and taken here long ago. He started to stand up pulling out the IVs and removing several other items. He looked around the room it appeared there was a problem with the power. Then he saw what he was looking for his equipment. He walked over and graped his stuff quickly getting dressed and placing on his helmet. It would be along time before he let someone else in his mind.

He opened his door and was a bit surprised at what he saw. Destruction and chaos two of the things he liked most it was time to leave.

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"Nobody, Find somewhere light and find it now." said Arrow over his com-link. Oh crap this can't be good, quickly jumping on disk he shot for the exit of the sewer shooting if off with a blast of energy and emerging in the street quickly he jumped undernearth a street lamp. I hope this is enough light. "Arrow, what the heck was that order for?" Nobody asked over the com-link.

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Paragon slowly came to, not sure where he was.

"Good. You're up." said Bruce. Helena hugged Paragon tightly, and then slapped him.

"That's for trying to attack me."

Paragon rubbed his cheek. "Could have swore knocking me out was..." he mumbled under his breath. Looking around, he saw that he was in the Batcave, on a medical table.

"That's enough you two. JR, come with me." Bruce ordered. Jean-Rene followed Bruce, in his wheelchair over to a shelf on the wall. "JR, with as many rouges on the loose right now, and me in my current state, you can bet that they will all want revenge on the ones who put them in there. I know most of them will be after Batman, especially Joker. In my condition, I'm in no place to defend myself properly, however, if they think that Batman is back on the streets, they would focus more on finding him, and not finding out who he is. I want you to wear the Bat suit and make sure that Gotham knows that Batman is still out there."

JR looked confused. "Let me get this straight. You want me to be Batman, so that the serial killers go after me, to save you? Bruce, you might as well put a mob hit on me too then. Or wait... I'm sure Batman has several."

"That's not what I mean JR. You are one of my closest friends and I wouldn't have asked you if I thought you weren't be able to handle it. But there's just one thing about you I need you to fix before you can be Batman. You need to be darker."

"What, you want me to start tanning?"

"No, stupid." said Helena as she walked up to them. "You can be a bit of a dork sometimes with your comments. Leave those for the young heroes, like Robin, or Cryo-Wolf."

"She's right. Now, suit up, Batman." said Bruce as he tossed Paragon the keys to the Batmobile. "You'll need those now too, since Batman can't teleport everywhere."

Paragon smiled as he and Huntress stepped into the car, and fired up the engine. Look out Gotham, the Dark Knight is back on the streets. he thought as the Batmobile peeled out of the Batcave, leaving two long tire strips, and the smell of burnt rubber.

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Magneto had walked for some time now and travel a good distance keeping to the shadows he found an abadoned warehouse. This would be the place he would regroup and figure out why his powers where not working. He went to the top floor of the ware house there was an office with a bed in it. For some reason he was very tired could have had something to do with the walk and being out so long. Magneto saw some food that he quickly graped and started to eat his hunger over powering how tired he was. After eating he quickly dozed off on the bed.

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The purple demon had come and gone. It was torture Spectrum lay helpless writhing on the ground babbling about things long gone in the past in his life.

A black shadow moved around Spectrum,


Spectrum felt a sharp jab as the shadow bit down hard on his neck his vision began to blur in and out of focus, the black shadow had him in its grip it was too late for him. He fainted as the drugs surged through his veins.

Batgirl lifted Spectrum from the ground and into her arms. The needle she had used to inject him with the antidote to the Scarecrows fear-a-mons lay on the ground, a small punctue mark left on his neck. From her belt she withdrew a taser and stuck it hard into Spectrums thigh, shocking him, she knew, would privide him with the energy he needed to recover. With Spectrum in her arms they took off into the night

Batgirl laid him down onto the bed. She looked down at him. She touched his cheek with her hand and kissed him softly. His stuble tickled her pale smooth skin. With that she stood and was gone to fight cime on the streets of Gotham.

Spectrum awoke to feel a warm light shineing on his face. He let the reasuring energy flood into him recharging him. Then it all came flooding back to him. He bolted up right in the bed. How had he goten here? Where where Scarecrow and Freeze. Spectrum pulled the blankets away from him and began to climb out of the bed. He knew all to clearly where he was.

"Fear-a-mons. Scarecrows trade mark fear inducing gas," Bruce stated as he wheeled over beside the bed.

"Could you not have stopped it?"

"I wasnt expectin.."

"Well you should have been" Bruce stated feircly as he turned his back to him. "get out of bed. Youv got work to do"

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Gambler stood outside the Gotham precent, his powers were slowly coming back and it was time to send a message. Gambler took one last drag off his cigarette before tossing it aside.

The female officer at the front desk never knew what hit her.

May I help y................. The blast from Gambler's card sent her bloody body sailing through the wall, one by one Gambler cut through the GPD making his way to the commissioners office.

The power had been knocked out and the sprinkler system had kicked on trying to extinguish the fires left in Gambler's wake, the back up generators provided some light but nowhere near full capacity.

"COMMISSIONER GORDON!" yelled out Gambler.

The commissioner rolled out from behind a desk and racked one round into his shotgun before firring on Gambler. The shot sailed wide and before he could load another Gambler had disarmed him.

"Well well commish, that wasn't very hospitable of you now was it."

Gambler had broken both of the commissioner's knees before taking him to the rooftop. He tied the man up to the Bat signal and spoke, "Ya think this will get somebody's attention? So do I." He then slit the commissioner's throat as he turned on the signal and waited.

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Everything had been routine.The vendor her bodyguards and Lucky and some Hilltop troops met at the top floor in the community center. Their was little banter mainly because the air was electric with tension the Arkham explosion was the first domino to drop. Gotham was ready to explode.And the Hill would help it happen.

Slingshot sensed the agitation before he heard the shots.He speedtrapped as much velocity from the shots and shunted it into the running bystanders, but his focus was frazzled and couldn't prevent two of the seven individuals targeted from being shot."Crap!"he thought.He knew this house of cards was ready to collapse. The vendor was crowded around by all four bodyguards and the troops were strapping up with Lucky trying to set his almost business partner at ease. Sling Shot was wishing the broom closet

he was occupying had air conditioning.Just then his outfit's cooling agent activated.

Floyd Lawton burst in desert eagles drawn,"Nobody move nobody gets hurt." The scene was almost comical, Floyd Lawton also called Deadshot was pointing two guns at a room full of people who had guns of their own pointed back at him. He was still wearing his asylum orange jumper.Talk about a dramatic cue to leave the broom closet.

Slingshot slowly opened the broom closet and nonchalantly stepped out"Nobody move nobody gets hurt." He smirked "Drop your guns."

Deadshot not to be out done fired at Lucky which triggered everyone scrambling and firing at him and Slingshot. To Slingshot it all happened in slow motion, speed trapping the velocity of the bullets and even the evasive movements of the gunslingers. The bullets crawled through the air, and Sling Shot wasted no time tagging every solarplexus in the room.His targets all lay folded like deck chairs gaspimg for air.Sling grabbed the case the vendor brought and the duffel bag that Lucky and the Hill Top Syndicate brought and sailing off the waning speed he robbed off the shells he snatched up Deadshot by his collar and dragged him to the window.

"I know all of your identities. The Hill is mine. If you continue in these activities you are mine as well." with that he threw Deadshot out the window and jumped out after him breifcase and duffel in hand.

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The Bat Signal light up the rainy night sky, but something didn't look right about it.

"NAO, this is Batman. Can anyone respond to the Bat signal and find out what Gordon needs, I'm still 5 minutes out."

Huntress looked at Paragon from the passenger seat. "You're calling yourself Batman now? Shouldn't you at least tell your team what you and Bruce worked out?"

"Can't. The tell people that know right now, the safer Bruce will be. Besides, someone could intercept the signal, then this would be completely useless."

"I guess you're right." she sighed, and waited for a response from anyone who could respond to the signal.

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Magneto had sleeped a very long time when he awoke he quickly discovered some of his powers had returned to him. Not as strong as he had once been but it was coming back.


The laugh echo thru out the old warehouse Mags was back and it was time for a little action. He went to the roof and noticed one of the things he had always hated most that damm bat signal.

"Time to make sure people know i'm back."

Magneto flew high into the air it was alittle more difficult then normal and he was unable to creat his sheild but no matter he need action and he needed blood for what had been done to him.

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The ruins of Arkham shifted as Doppel pushed his way out of the rubble. He had almost died in there. His aura could deflect magic but couldn't protect him falling rocks the size of watermelons.

He'd kill Joker for not telling him when the escape was planned but first he needed a disguise.

He looked around for suitable people to doppelgang. He needed someone who wasn't wanted by the police but someone with adequate powers.

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After landing in the parking lot Deadshot wasn't to talkative, so we sparred a little bit until he decided to explain why he showed up gun's blazing. He wanted the technology the vendor had to recreate his 'business suit'.

That sounded like his M.O. so I released him from his burden of conciousness and called the G.C.P.D to pickup sleeping beauty. But I recieved a distress call on my comm. An SOS saying the Gambler tore through the Commisioner's precinct. I left Lawton gift wrapped. The Hill will take care of him if the cops don't.

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The darkness covered the bat signal, slowly hiding the famous symbol from the sky , His jacket fell at Gamblers feet as he licked his lips, running to fingers slolw over his mouth he smiled.

He began to decend a cape of darkness followed, He walked over to gambler and tilted his head, the crinson blood of gordon coverd the floor, turing to look at Gambler he whispred "run"