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It was a normal day people going about there day to day life’s , Arrow was killing some Hero’s and the Hero’s where trying not to die , as he lifted a dark lance , To slam into the heart of the beaten and bloody hero , He vanished .

Felling sand beneath his feet and then a roar of a crowd , He was in an arena and not just him, Hero’s and Villains of the vine “WTF” , All of a sudden a silver warrior came out of the gate and approached them , Arrow waited he did not have to wait long as DC cuts the warrior down then a voice erupted round the arena a voice of power.


Arrow smiled tag teams could be interesting he already tried to teleport away but something was blocking his powers , with a smile he looked at the rest “IM in “ and started to walk towards the gate the warrior had come from .

OCC : You will be working in teams who ever wants to join post in the OCC and we will put your name into a random hat and pick your team that way, It will be fun as we have no idea who we can get so be ready.

Normal rules applies the mighty voice can stop a match if someone is god moding or doing one line posts , A battle can not be interfered in unless it is by the voice.

Also this does not have to be just a battle thread , We could be looking for ways to escape or , trying to find out who the voice is build your stories and just have fun.


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After Spectrum's trip to the future he returned warped. The future would never be the same for him now. He was walking out of an ally when he vanished.

He stood in arena with many heros and villains around him.

He smiled. He had gone mad.

He sees a framiliar face. Walking over he punches the figure hard in the back,

"Hello Arrow"

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"What do you mean they escaped?" Gambler was choking the life out of his second in command. "I do not petty fooooo Suddenly he vanished. He was suddenly surrounded by a circular wall and millions of screaming people.

"Where am I, what is the meaning of this outrage?"

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Arrow looked at spectrum "Touch me again and I will kill you " , He walked into what he persumed was te wating room, He began to wonder who his team mate would be , He began to wonder who he would like at his side frist he thought of Gambler the disturction would be amasing , Then of DC the bodies count would br high and it would be bloody,

Then it hit him random selection what if he was teamed with a Hero or worse a Noob he would kill them he thought , Looking round they had placed weapons out allowing people to pick before the battles , Soon the teams would be split and transported to there team quaters for the rest of the battle, Licking his lips , He knew the outcome would mean death .

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Welcome combatants , You will now be transported to your team rooms and you will meet your team mate , you are free to walk the grounds and eat sleep when you want , When itis time for battle you will be transported in the Arena.

Also ther is no escape you will fight you will not have a choice , Good bye for now .

Before anyone could speak they where transported away the teams names appeared on a massive screen above the arena , The crowd cheeredas they read the team rota.

Team 1 Walking stone - Specturm

Team 2 Arrow - DC

Team 3 Cryo-wolf _ Lord Gambler

Team 4 Malcolm - Nano

Tema 5 Sage of the dark - Sylux

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Malcolm smiled grimly. So this was it was it. He was going to die in some arena for the ammusement of a crowd of people. Not his idea of a good time.

'Ah well' he thought 'I'll make em pay for thier entertainment at least.'

The door into the team room appeared black in the harsh sunlight of the arena. Malcolm walked through the portal without hesitation. He would not show the crowd fear.
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Sylux was waiting in his team room "I can wait a while" thought Sylux "Now to see what's on" thought Sylux as he turned on his in suit holonet (works like TV and internet) "At least I can do something while I wait" thought sylux as he sat and watched from the internal suit systems.
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Gambler was shown his room. His teammate had yet to arrive and it seemed as good of time as any to explore. The Arena was only half of the massive structure, some rooms where off limits but others where fully available.

Gambler passed by a room and stopped and turned back. It was filled with beautiful woman, all draped in silks and soaked in perfume.

Welcome Lord Gambler. Why don't you come in Several women wrapped there arms around him and persuaded him in. The door slammed shut behind him.

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Spectrum walked into his room


He was of yet waiting for his teeam mate to arrive. WalkingSotne, he had met her before but not in any great detail. He was nervous about fighting alongside a near stranger but he thought hed come to that hurdle when the time came."

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A loud noise filled the arena , it was a deafing scream it was then followed by THE VOICE.

THE FIRST BATTLE WILL STAR SOON . the noise died away.

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Wow I get to team with my comrade in Evil


DC High Fives Arrow

So arrow, any hints as to who and what this VOICE is

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"Already well it can't be me my partner's not here" said sylux as he threw a dart at a bullseye from 500 meters hitting the center perfectly "Perfect" thought sylux.

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Spectrum walked past Arrow and DC, he stopped and asked,

"hey have either of you seen WalkingStone"

He didnt know where she was and the VOICE said the battles were starting soon.

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DC seeing a potential threat in Spectrums soul charged his fist up, then let the anger subside

"Nah i havnt but i know her she wouldnt miss anything like this"

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Gambler emerged from the room of beautiful lady's. His energy was drained but he didn't care. "I'll be back my sweets." he said as he blew them a kiss. The voice had said the battles were about to begin, but Gambler's partner was nowhere to be found.

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So mr dark and gloomy looks like your partner aint any where to be seen

just means the fight will much sweeter without a complication of another person in our fight

I know you woud rather it that way correct

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Spectrum noted DC's rage he now knew how deadly this compititoin would be he left the too tlking and went to his room, unsure of how to feel.

#18 Posted by Darkchild (40624 posts) - - Show Bio

DC looks over his sholer to see Spectrum leaving the field

looking at Arrow

"Looks like he is in a different mood than usual"

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Malcolm strode into the armoury, if the games were about to begin he was going in prepared. He slid a dirk into his boot and strapped a revolver to his thigh. He glanced about and picked up a winchester action rifle.

"Havent seen one of these in years." he commented.

In one corner was a sword rack. Malcolm grabbed up a gladius.

"Better safe than sorry." he said and walked out.

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Gambler had made his way to the armory as well. He laughed under his breath as he saw Malcolm loading up. "I admire your courage Malcolm, but if we meet those weapons will do you no good."

Gambler rose his hands in the air, suddenly swords and spears and shields began to hover around him.


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"I get the picture Gambler. No need to rub my face in it. Lets just say that If I die I want to die standing, with a gun in my hand. I would have thought that you of all people would understand that. But you'd better watch your back, fancy powers will do you no good if you dont know your about to get shot." Malcolm said unemotionally.

He knew that he lacked the abilities of the others but then that always mde life that little bit more fun.

"See you in the arena," he said and left, whispering under his breath "I just hope you dont see me.
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This arena thing was a just a maze of hallways and rooms. Then Cryo-Wolf found it. A sign that said: Armory ->. "Perfect."

Cryo skidded and almost missed the door. "What's up people?" He said, casually walking in and making it seem like he hadn't almost fell over.

"Howdy, Pardner." Cryo said to Gambler, in his worst cowboy accent. Cryo grabbed an gaunlet shield and some shoulder armor. He picked up a double-sided spear(has the spear part on both ends) and swirled it around. "Nice. I can kick some serious tail with this."

He leaned on the spear and said,"So, who's our next victim?"

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Sylux passed the Armory and checked "Not quite the most advanced of aresenals" said Sylux looking at how many of the weapons were quite outdated by mosts standards "Spears, Swords, Revolvers, Some RPGs (rocket propelled grenade not role playing game), Flails, Morning Stars, Maces, Pikes, Lances, Tridents, Flamethrowers, and more" said Sylux as he noted all the weapons in his Suit's internal computers.

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Spectrum saw Malcolm walking out of the armoury he nodded to him and whispered i need to talk to you get to my room after im done here.

Spectrum walked into the armoury and got what he needed and headed back to his room hoping Malcolm waould be there.

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Malcolm heard what spectrum had said and quickly went to his room, taking position behind the door he waited for him.

Spectrum had only possesed the room for a few minutes and already it bore the marks of a madman. Malcolm checked his safeties.

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Spectrum walked inot the room and closed the door

"your clever Mal i like that i take it youv checked your saftys" Spectrum smirked "i brought you here to plan. No one around here seems to be quesoining the fact that we were taken. Half these guys are mad, hell i am but ill only fight under my conditoins i aint some lap dog thats gonna jump up high for a scooby snack, i like to know you feel the same way."

Spectrum waited for a response.

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Sylux turned on a holoprojecter for his holonet so he could watch something while waiting "Let's see what's on now" said Sylux as he flipped the channels of all human and alien broadcasts.

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"I have no issue with risking my life. Ive fought in almost every major war since the 1860's. But thiers no way Im gonna fight and die for someones amusement. If you make a move I'll be right behind you amigo."

Malcolm drew his revolver and pointed it at spectrums head.

"All of us walking around armed like this, could lead to trouble. I kill you now, I wont have to face you in the arena." Malcolm let the silence stretch out before continuing.

"But then I'd be as bad as the people who made this place." he lowered the gun "Plus it would scupper any escape attempt that I tried to make."

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As he said this the first combatant where telported into the Arena, THe arena slowly begang to change in to a dense jungle, With all the dangers that a jungle had swamps , quick sand.


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Sylux looked for his opponents "Come on cowards bring it" said Sylux as he looked for his foes then he turned into lockjaw form.
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Specrtum stood and laughed at Mal.

He hit the ground rolled around him and grabbe his throat.

"i could torch your head off right now too you know. But i wont" He let go "Probarly gentle men you and me Mal, leave the fighting in the arena"

Spectrum put his hand out to shake Mal's.

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Malcolm took it. Then laughed.

"Look at us, were probably going to die in a few minutes and were here making pacts. Your insanity is rubbing off on me."

Malcolm reached into his pocket and withdrew a cigar case. He flipped it open and offered one to Spectrum.

"For good luck. If you die you can save it for a special day in hell."

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Sylux's lockjaw form floated 2 feet off the ground and looked like 3 blades orbiting an energy sphere at a 90 degree angle "Now where are they" said sylux as he searcched the terrain for his enemy checking his radar and sonar.

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Gambler nodded to Cryo and then made his way to the seats in the Arena. He was not do up for battle yet so he found the cutiest girl in the stands and took a seat next to her. "Look, my friend and I are about to die, whatya say you get a friend and send us off in style."

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All of a sudden arrow appeared next to Gambler "Hey bit@$ " he throws him a beer and sits down "Cant wait to see this noob go down" , Putting his feet on the head of the guy in front of him "Move and i cut your head off and then slee with your wife" .

Looking over he waved to a couple of hot young ladies who walked over and sat on his lap"This is the life , death and women who could want more"

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Spectrums room dissapeared beneath him,

"what the..." He splutered "oh joy, i love tinker toys"

Spectrum unsheathed his sword and charged it to magma temperature.

"right time to play the sitting duck"

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Sylux layed trip wire energy bombs in front of spectrum and layed a third one then they all flew too spectrum and if all three hit they would have leathal results "Time to fry Bone head" said Sylux as he changed into his normal form.

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Gambler cracked open the beer. With out moving his head or giving any indication that he was talking to Arrow he said, "So, what plan have you come up with to escape?" Gambler knew Arrow was always analyzing, always looking for a way out. "I fight for no one's amusement, and if this voice thinks I fear it, its in for a rude $#@^ing awaking."

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Sage appeared out of the darkness behind them, walking out with his trademark baggy coat. His arms were crossed, hidden in the sleeves. His face hidden away in the huge hoodie.

"Enjoying the sinful pleasures of high life, I see." - Sage spoke with a tone of an older man who was shaming a younger teenager.

"On the contrary, this "noob" won't die so soon. The "noob" is with me." - Sage spoke, while walking up to Arrow and grabbing an unopened beer and drinking the entire bottle in one swig.


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Spectrum held his positoin and flung ice shards at the bombs, sword still in hand he waited.

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sylux unleashed a barrage of ten missiles at spectrum "Taste firey death" said spectrum as the missiles went flying at spectrum and then Sylux double jumped (he has small foot jets that allow a second jump) to higher ground.

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Spectrum leaped high in the air freezing each missile, everyone falling to the forest below. Spectrum landed in the forest. He was the forest. He lowered his body temperature using his ice abilitys to the level of the trees so they couldnt use heat seekers or heat signitures to trace him.

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Beth smiled as she stepped up next to her partner, her guns in hand and a smirk in her eyes. "Sorry I'm late, boys, I was fixing my hair." With a wink at Spectrum, she nodded to their opponents. "Do we toss a coin or are you kiddies man enough to let a lady go first?"

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Spectrum relaxed,

"finally" he muttered "but nice hair none the less, ladies first"

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Sylux unleahsed his magmaul on the forest to flush them out (The magmaul uses super heated magma orbs) "You can run but you can't hide" said Sylux as more superheated magma was launched at the forest creating a inferno.

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"How fast can you run?" Beth quipped as her forcefield sprang up around her and she took aim at Sylux. "Coz that magma's gonna hurt."

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Arrow smiled "The high life is good, Also how can you drink an unopened bottle, Neat trick" Arrow smiled and took another beer from his six pack and sat with the lovly ladies on his lap. "MAKE SURE THE NOOB DOES NOT KILL YOU " arrow winked as he watched the man walk towards the arena.

He turned to Gambler "This day just gets better and better "
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Spectrum blazed forth in a massive up roar of crackling flames using every ounce of the magma to his advantage the bombs he had frozen in the forest soon melted and exploded adding to his powers he was using the forest as feul and soon the robots high ground was encircled in flames.

With that the firey beast lunged forth at the robot hotter then the sun.

Stone was not hurt as Spectrum had complete control over the flames.

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"A puny pistol please I can take one of spire's jab's (spire is that rock guy in my gallary) and that has the force of a cruise missile" said Sylux as he charged a judicator blast (it gets times 10 power when fully charged but charging of course takes time and the judicator shoots plasma at -273 cels).
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Spectrum was all around Stone aswell as the robot

"its all good i got your back you waatch out for the other magic guy"