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Just wanted to know if anyone here uses twitter RP. Always looking for new partners and friends for storylines!

My accounts are:

@Black_Pan1her (My first and best roleplay account :P)

@STRIPEsyArmor (Pat Dugan/STRIPE. I want to do more stuff on this one.)

@Arise_Etrigan (Newer account. Always Open for roleplay!)

@HeavenlyGarment (Stocking from Panty and Stocking.)

@FlawlessAim_CB (Variety account. It changes about once a month. For now, Hawkeye.)

And my three Original Characters:

@Trebleshooter_ (A 25 year old English man with the power to turn music and sound into physical energy.)

@DemonicBrim (Evil entity with the Shawl of Shadows and the powers of hell.)

@3EyedTuatura (Master assassin who runs a Sideshow of Death; has three eyes and decapitation blade.)

And if you already know of me and we've roleplayed before, I'll follow you! :)

-Roman/94/Caesar/The Panther

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This site has an RPG section, most users use that.

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@Mr_Hudson said:

This site has an RPG section, most users use that.

This was on the Off-Topic when I posted that I swear.

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I used to. I roleplayed Firefly and Calculator primarily, though I had Séance, Etrigan, Johnny Quick (Earth 3), Damian, Weather Wizard, and Ted Kord accounts too.

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I can't roleplay by only using 150 characters per post.... LOL I've seen it done and even followed a couple of rpers on there but... it's just... its... not for me.

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Roleplaying with less than 200 characters? What are you?

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I also cannot see how it is possible.
Well...possible, yes. But I couldn't see myself ever being able to.

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I don't think I could go from making 2-4 page posts to making 1-2 sentence post LOL