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Having swords, Guns, and bows and arrows on your powers pagee is too much.Is it better to only have one

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depends on your character and listings...

personally i only RPG with people that only use the nine options for powers, if they use more then they're not abiding by the site rules and i don't welcome them into any battles or RPG's created...

if they want to have "swords, Guns, and bows and arrows" on their powers page, then thats their decision, but it only leaves five more options


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I dont EVEN have nin option I got 7.I can only use 7 actually

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i only use one...

anything else is overkill i think lol


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I think that weapons should be under a category called weapons.  Not really powers.

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Use the correct forum in the future.

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Buckshot saves the day!!!!  ;P

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Not if you based yourself as a weapon master and don't have any power

you have to complement somehow

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It is not fair at all.........not all weapons/powers are created equal.....people with less powerful skills should be allowed to have more because powers like flying, shooting lightening from your hands or controlling fire/ice is a lot more powerful than being a good archer or acrobat or escape artist.

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I always thought I had to much stuff in my arsenal O_O what you guys think?

Powers/ Abilities

Given by the toxin:

Super Strength, above human strength.Agility, above gymnast.Enhance sight, gives him great accuracy, Resistance, can take great amount of punishment to the body, also hardly ever suffer fatigue Shape shifter, he can control he’s exterior looks changing he’s body.Regeneration, able to replace a limb.

Given by the Evaristo curse:

Teleportation, can instantly disappear and reappear in another location Healing Aura, a visible glowing aura that heals he’s body from all wounds Ghost form: he can turn to a shadow for limited time.Night vision: he is able to see in the dark.

45% cursed/  other abilities.

Mind destruction: he’s eyes change to bright yellow one pick at them and he could make he’s opponent crazy seen monster and images of destruction.

A thousand bandits: the ability to create image imitations of himself, they perform attacks but are not real only distraction.

Organic Crystal:  Crystals emerges from bandit's body. he can produce it even to cover his body or create weapons or crystal clones. Also he is able to travel through them like if he was part of them. he has full manipulation over them even from distance.

Jump teleport: bandit’s teleportation ability increased now he can go to places far away unlike he’s common 3 miles now he can pass continents.. Even if it takes time to charge.

Dark energy eruption: the curse has now almost consume half of Bandit now he suffers different personality issues he’s dark side can erupt out of no where emitting blast of energy from the ground.


New arsenal:

Exploding boomerangs
Cryogen bombs
Electron shuriken
poison Needles
Dark energy Dagger: Bandit’s dagger  emits undead energy it infects flesh killing the area affecting the human healing ability.
Explosive cans: now he uses explosive cans instead of he’s common plastic explosives
Knock out gas pellets: they knock out :P

Added Items:

two  futuristic laser guns given to him by Ruin Cross
Special design Antidote, after fighting Homicide he created a revolutionary antidote that would help humanity but yet he only uses it for himself.