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What makes a man lucky? What chances a mans destiny or simply put his fate? Is it down to his morals or down to his actions or more simply down to his thoughts or goals? Any of these could be said to be a deciding contributor and factor in the shaping of ones life, shaping of ones destiny. However what is destiny? Does it necessarily happen without a chance to stop or is it casually a way of making people believe that they should take is whatever dealt to them by the great expansive universe? What if a man was smarter than this, a man who realized that his own luck was made through careful calculations and studying with the occasional bit of ill'chanced luck that was sometimes bestowed upon him.

Sometimes your true self has to be hidden away, locked into the very depth of your soul in-order to find your true destiny or purpose. Or more simply than that. To find revenge. This ideology or believe that you can hide your true self away to perform feats as evil, or simply things that go against your moral consciousnesses was something Stark was hoping to fulfill. Donning a rather evil-looking Mark Five suit he was going to attempt to kill the people who had done him wrongs, in this suit however without being recognized this was not the Stark that people had known. This was a Stark that simply wanted to juggle his fortunes in his favor, No harm in that...Is there?

However, their was the inevitable and most unpleasing members of the world who would detest such an idea, calling it "bad" or simply with the most uncanny term of things "evil" or even more ludicrous "unethical". These notions Stark had simply dismissed in his new Persona, until his missions had been accomplished nothing and nobody would stand in his way, his new-found allies would be kept close to his chest so to speak, but also closely watched to avert any...mistrust in his alliances with members of the Knightfall family.

Heads...Will..roll...Stark is ALWAYS...In control.

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Veeeeery nice. ;)

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This good man.

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Great stuff.

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@nerx: so the enfocers are the knights of the round table then.

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