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Everything is normal. Normal day, normal life. Then, Suddenly, there is a loud boom and A Giant pulse of Eerie Green Light flys through the Sky.

This is where you come in. That green pulse will turn you into an animal, but it only affects those with Superpowers or anyone who is a Superhero. Here's the Tricky part: The Animal has to Be based on you Powers and Personality! For example: Captain America would be a Bald Eagle, and Spider-man would be...well...a Spider.

Standard RPG Rules Apply:


Rules for this RPG:

1. Survive at all costs. Humans don't know that you've changed and think you're just mangy animals. You must master your animal form and figure out how to use your powers in animal form(yes, you still have powers) Those of you who turn into Lethal animals, it will be even harder for you to survive, especially when Humans scream when they see you and run for cover. Also, any weakness that the animal you turned into has, you have that eakness as well. For Example: A Shark has to have water to breathe and A Snake has no arms.

2. We have to find a way to turn ourselves back. We can't stay in animal form forever!

3. Stay away from Dr. Primal. Avoid him at all costs. He's the Mad Scientist who turned you all into animals. He has this Hypno-chip that he inserts into Animals to control them. His plan is to turn all Superheroes into animals and use their powers to overthrow mankind.

Any Questions, PM Either Dr. Primal or Cryo-Wolf. Use The OoC: thread to determine which animal you'd be, ask questions, and talk about the RPG. Dr. Primal will have a list of All The Animals in his Super-Life. Have fun, Enjoy, and Take your time with your posts. Make them count and make them good. Please don't post until Dr. Primal posts.

Get Ready to Go Wild.
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"Energy Levels at Maximum!" Dr. Vicktor Primal yelled as he raised the power levels. Lightning streaked across the sky above his Laboratory in The Harsh Mountains of Canada. There was no one else in the Laboratory but he still couldn't help yelling. It was in his nature.

"Now....Now those idiots at Harvard will see, see the Genius of My Plans! Yesss....It will be delightful. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Dr. Primal had invented a machine to turn people into animal, and vice versa, by augmenting their DNA with that of another species. Harvard Geneticists had turned it down because it was against The Harvard Genetics Compact, plus it was plain barbaric.

Primal inserted his metallic claw into the port and turned it 90 Degrees clockwise. Data fed through the circuitry that lined his body and into the lenses over his eyes. "Yess. HeHeHeHeHe! Almost ready! Just need to adjust a few things. HAHAHAHAHA!" Primal had turned himself into a Cyborg to optimize his abilities with machinery. He had greatly enhanced his machine to affect a wider scale, namely the world. He typed in a command to target all those with Superpowers and Superheroes.

Primal planned to Turn every Super into an Animal, then control them using his Hypno-Chip. He would cpature the animals, one by one, then force them into servitude. With an Army of Super-powered Animals, He would finally overthrow Pathetic Mankind and rule, wiping out Humans and letting Animals and Machines Dominate!

Lightning hit the conductor, giving his machine the final boost of energy it need. "Time to Go Wild...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Primal hit a button on his control panel and his Machine, which looked like a huge radio antenna, surged with green electricity. There was a BOOM and pulses of Green Energy enclosed the Globe, turning all superheroes into Animals.

After about five minutes, He turned the machine off and said,"That should be enough time. Here I come my animal assailants! HAHAHA!"

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Kordel swore, loudly. It sounded out of place in the elegant room, with its modern decor and art gallery theme. He leapt from the floor onto one of the low couches that he used when entertaining visitors. He was an animal, hah!, some of his kin had been saying that for years, how they would laugh. He jumped back down to the floor when he found he could not stay still.

A thought hit him. What if this was no freak chance of fate. What if a hunter had done this in order to hunt his kin. Worried now he looked around the apartment, he needed a way out. They could be comming for him right now.

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Cryo-Wolf plopped down on his couch with a big bowl of popcorn, ready to watch the Horror Movie marathon on T.V.

Then, His ears picked up a loud boom. His head swirled around. He jumped over the couch and looked out the window towars the source of the Boom. Green lights in waves were flying through the sky.

"Weird..." Cryo said, looking closer at them. Then he clutched his chest and fell to the floor. "What's.....Happening!?" His fingers shrunk and moved closer together. His ears seeme to be getting bigger, along with everything else around the house!

He opened his eyes and looked around. Everything was normal, just bigger. He tried to get up but couldn't. Everytime he tried to stand up on his two legs he fell to the floor. "Fine. I'll walk on all fours."

Cryo even found this a bit troubling. He would lean to the side two much and fall over. Cryo looked down and saw his paws. They were actual dog paws and not werewolf paws! "Wha-!?" He ran to his room, sliding on the floor as he went. He managed to get the door open to his room and ran over to his mirror.

"Oh My God....." There wasn't a werewolf looking back at Cryo in the mirror, but an actual wolf! "How did this happen!?" Then he realized it. The waves. Whatever they were, they must've made him a wolf.

"And I'm not even a full-grown wolf!? I had to be a puppy!?" Yup. Cryo had changed from a teenager to a puppy. He shook his head left his room. He shuffled into his Living room and jumped up onto his couch again.

"Cryo-Wolf not found in home." Gaia said. "Initiating search for missing Cryo-Wolf." In Gaia's mind, Cryo had just disappeared, his life signature fading into a puppy.

"No! Gaia! I'm right here!" Cryo yelled, leaning over the sofa. All that was heard was high pitched barks. "Cryo-Wolf still not found. Searching....."

Cryo jumped from the sofa and ran to one of the chairs by his kitchen table. He climbed up it and jumped onto the Table. He put pressure on a certain part of the table and caused it to turn over into a control pad. He put his paw down on a button that said ABORT on it and Gaia stopped searching. "Search ended."

Cryo let out a sigh and sat on his table, head hung low.

OoC: Pretty much what I look like:

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Dr. Bruce Banner was walking down a city trying to blend in when there was a blinding green light that flashed. "AHHH....what the?" He looked down at his hands and saw that he was a little monkey. "What in the world is going on?"

Somebody saw the monkey and screamed "Ahhh a monkey!" and Bruce started running away. People through the city were pointing at him and others tried to catch him. That is when the stress built up and he turned into a savage green Gorilla. This new form but be like when he turns into the Hulk. Going savage the Green Gorilla smashed through buildings and the with a single leap jumped out of the city. After a while he calmed back down and changed back.

"This is incredible. I am turned into a monkey somehow and the Hulk is a Gorilla. Does this have to do with a new mutation for the gamma radiation?" Bruce thought to himself.

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Incredible Hulk says:

"Dr. Bruce Banner was walking down a city trying to blend in when there was a blinding green light that flashed. "AHHH....what the?" He looked down at his hands and saw that he was a little monkey. "What in the world is going on?" Somebody saw the monkey and screamed "Ahhh a monkey!" and Bruce started running away. People through the city were pointing at him and others tried to catch him. That is when the stress built up and he turned into a savage green Gorilla. This new form but be like when he turns into the Hulk. Going savage the Green Gorilla smashed through buildings and the with a single leap jumped out of the city. After a while he calmed back down and changed back. "This is incredible. I am turned into a monkey somehow and the Hulk is a Gorilla. Does this have to do with a new mutation for the gamma radiation?" Bruce thought to himself."

OoC: Next time, please check with the OoC first. I'll add you to the list of animals but check nest time.

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Darkchild was woken out of a very good dream by the sound of an earth shattering explosion.

" Dammit i thought i told Jordan to turn the bass off....WHAT THE!!""

DC falls to the floor on his hands and knees.

"Th-this isnt jordans doing....what is happening"

Darkchilds body begins to fold in and crack and churn


DC finally blacks out because of the pain.

An hour later he awakes.

"OW!!! What the hell was that"

Gotta go see how horrible i look i have plans today.

DC walks into the bathroom and turns the light on.

Looking into the mirror he sees a very scaly reflection.

"AH! IM GONNA KILL... Wait i can work with this, i look like an overgrown Chameleon but i can work with it"

DC turns to his coat and throws it on.

"Gotta go find Cyro he will know what to do with this. Even if he doesn't i can take out my anger on him"

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Cryo-Wolf jumped off of his table and shuffled throughout his house trying to figure out what to do. "Ok. I'm an actual wolf. No werewolf this time, an actual wolf."

His nose began getting itchy. He had to sneeze really bad. ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! When he sneezed, his Super-Sonic Howl came out with it. It sent him flying through the air and slamming him against the wall. "Owww." He said, shaking himself off. He looked at his house. It looked like a mini-tornado hit it.

"Wait a sec. That was my Super-sonic howl! Which must mean I still have my powers!" Cryo ran to the sink, climbing up the counter to get to it. It managed to flick the water on just enough. He lay his paw on the side of the sink and concentrated. Soon, the water began freezing itself.

Then Simba came walking in. He noticed Cryo and said,"GRRR! INTRUDER!!" Simba leapt from the floor to the countertop after Cryo.

"AHH!" Cryo ran along the counter, trying to get away from Simba. Cryo jumped off and Simab followed him, running into the living room. Cryo skidded around and managed to put a paw up. "Stop!"

Simba skidded to a halt in front of Cryo. Now that Cryo could look, he was about the same height as Simba. "I'm Scott."

Simba growled,"Liar!"

"No!" Cryo yelled,"It's true! Ok, umm......oh! I got it! When you were little, you had an 'intense' relationship with a big black stuffed bone you called....Lola."

Simba had a look of fear on his face. "Ok, maybe you are Scott. But if you tell anyone about Lola, you're gonna get it."

Cryo laughed,"Ok. But you have to teach me everything about this wolf form. I have no idea about it."

"Wow," Simba said,"A werewolf that can't even understand a Wolf. I need to remember this one!"

"You tell anyone and Pictures of you and Lola go mainstream, pal! I'm talkin' internet, blogs, myspace, the whole enchilada! We got a deal?"

Simba and Cryo shook on it. "Now, the first thing you need to know is how to get food." Simba said as thy walked out of Scott's house.

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The lift hissed open and Kordel padded inside. A Vampires senses were good, but this animal's were incredible. He could detect many things that he never thought possible. In the lobby the security guard looked up to see a small furry animal come out of the opening doors of the lift. He almost called out but a look from the animal trod on his voice. It body landuage was clearly saying,

Dont, or it will be worse for you.

It had the same look to it as the man of the seventeenth floor. A casual danger that seemed to threaten to break loose at any time. The animal, which he would later identify as a mongoose, left through the main doors and headed out into the night.
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Boken teleported into a local bar and before he could finish saying grey goose he transformed into a bat. he looked around.

"what you never saw a rich guy before?"

random idiot number one: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a bat. kill it kill it.

"F#@$ got to fly."

Boken tried to snap his finger but he finally rilized why they were screaming.

"What the fuck happened to my good looks. better ask someone smart. thank good i go wings."

boken started to flap his wings, but the light was so bright that he needed to find shelter fast.

"hey this is cryo's place. i'll just hang here till he gets back." boken landed then started to sleep.
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Post Deleted.

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Akwa was walking down a path when strange lights flashed and he heard a strange noise. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the ground and was a lot smaller then he was before. His skin was muddy brown and was scaly.

'Oh crap! I'm some sort of lung-fish! I bet that Cryo's behind this! He's always liked animals."

With those words, the lungfish managed to ooze it's way to the front door of Cryo's house. Akwa couldn't get in! The doorknob was too high up! In frustration he headbutted the dorr and knocked it off it's hinges.

"Well at least I still have my powers' he thought as he slowly oozed past the doorstep of Cryo's house.

"Where's that damn were-wolf! I'll teach him to turn me into an animal!'
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He senses Cryos position, and without thinking he is standing next to Cryo or what use to be him

" Um boy why dont you go find my friend Cryo, short kinda skinny definatly could miss him in a crowd"

As he looks at the wolf he sees what looks like a glare in its eyes, one he has seen before many times.

"CRYO?! HAHAHAHAHA your a dog hahaha. Guess the world hates you, so do you have any notion on what happen to us."

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The floor began to freeze and got to a temperature that would freeze anything it touched, unless Cryo so wished. He let Simba walk in and walk to the other side of Akwa unscathed.

"Boken. Darkchild. Let's go fishing." Cryo stalked up to Akwa, whom he could see was getting colder by the minute. He bared his fangs. "Simba's taught me how to use my animal form, which gives me the edge. I'd leave if I were you. There's three of us, and we're all bigger than you, and have powers that can crush you."

He got ready to pounce, he wouldn't let some fish make this day any worse.
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For the first time in seven centuries Kordel stalked the night without the urge to feed on human blood. It had been replaced by a new compulsion, the hunt. Rats scurried through the gutterns invitingly and it was not long before Kordel had made his first kill. The blood tasted salty and the flesh was sweet. How magnificent the life of a primitive animal was. What need was there for art when the very acts of living were so bounteous.

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Megaguirus was sleeping in the water when a green pulse shrank her to the size of the common dragonfly of course she didn't know what to do so she Quickly flew away from Osaka and headed for the U.S flying as high as she could which made her hard to see but she had to stop short and she landed on Honolulu Hawii "not good" thought the now parrot sized insect.
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In the most indiscrete way, Cryo let out his breath slowly, and coldly. It froze Akwa where he stood.

"Now that that's taken Care of, We should get going. We need to learn as much about our animal forms as we can, and find the source of these strange mishappenings. We'll learn more out in the Wild. Boken, DC. Let's Go."

Simba followed Cryo out the door and into the Night. Cryo walked by a store window with a T.V. behind it. He stopped at sat, watching the News Cast on the Television.

"And now, to our Top Story this evening." The News Anchor said,"Where have All the Heroes gone, and where are all the Villians? Superpowered men and women from around the globe went missing today and no information is known about their whereabouts. After today, it is clear that we need a hero. This is Trisha Takinawa, signing off."

Cryo shook his head,"All around the globe. We need to stop this madness."

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Megaguirus was dodging a scared woman's fly swatter "I hate being puny" thought Megaguirus as she flew out the door and flew onto an Airplane that was going to California and Hid in the Luggage compartments "They won't find me here" thought megaguirus as she waited for the plane trip to be over.

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" I need you to tell me one thing..... how were you part of this. I sensed your pressence all over the area when the ripple happened tell me NOW"

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Akwa crawled towards them.

"Wait for me! Why the hell did you attack me! I'm on your side!"

Akwa flopped down in exhaustion.

"Phew, walking's hard when you don't have any legs."

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The plane landed in Los Angeles "A big city I wish I was normal sized then I could crush it" thought megaguirus as she flew throughout the city and she lands in a train that is going to DC "I can hide somewhere" thought Megaguirus as she went in a bathroom to hide and waited untill someone came in and looked at megaguirus and used a can of bug spray and megaguirus fell to the ground pretending to be dead "If I can trick him into thinking I'm dead then he'll ignore me" thought Megaguirus as she was thrown into a trash can.

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Cryo looked over to DC. "I was in no part of this. Do you actually think I would purposely turn myself into a wolf? Something else is behind. More accurately, someone."

Cryo heard Akwa voice and growled he spun around and swiped at the Fish. "We have no need for the likes of you here! Leave now or I will be dining on Sushi tonight. Don't try me, I'll do it."

You could see the anger in Cryo-Wolf's eyes and his teeth gleamed in the moonlight.


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boken teleported inbetween the two of them.

"Cryo cool down. it should be easy for someone with ice powers. now akwa if you want to see night fall i would sugest that you shut the F&%* up."

boken tried to pic up a tiny pair of sunglasses, but of course since he has no hands this is very hard.

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Cryo-Wolf saw Boken teleport in. "Don't tell me to cool down, Bat-boy. I want this fish out of our way before we crush him."

Cryo saw Boken's predicament. "First lesson about your animal forms," Cryo said to DC and Boken, walking down the street, the occasional street light illuminating them,"use what you can. If you don't have arms, use your talons or mouth. If you can't walk, then your most likely able to fly.

Cryo walked by a closed Toy shop. He got an idea. He breathed on the door to the shop, freezing it. then he carefully used his claws to cut a hole in it. He jumped inside and searched around for something.

He emerged a few minutes later with a pair of tiny shades in his mouth. He threw them to Boken, hoping he would catch them in his claws. "They're sunglasses for Teddy Bears. Might help."

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"least i can walk out with out worrying about me getting injured ny the light."

boken folded his wings and began to walk.

stabdibg here ain't gonna change us back any quicker.
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Spectrum scrambled up to Cryo.


He was angry he was also six inches long and his legs were tired.

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Cryo backed away from the lizard, sniffing him to see who he was. "Spectrum? You're a lizard? Let's walk, guys. We need to discuss the matter at hand."

As the four of them walked, Cryo thought about what they all were. "We all seem to be totally different animals, just like our powers," Cryo said, an idea coming to his mind,"And normal humans weren't affected by it!" Cryo said, remembering the News Broadcast.

He turned to the rest of the group. A chameleon, a bat, a lizard, and a wolf. "Those pulses of Green Light only targeted Superheroes! And each animal is like our powers! Boken, you're all about darkness, so is a bat. DC, you have millions of different powers, just like a chameleon has different colors. Spectrum," Cryo said, looking at his metallic skin and thinking of his powers,"You had metallic skin and so does your animal form! Reptiles are cold-blooded, and bathe in the heat most of the time, explaining your fire and ice manipulation!"

"Whoever did this wanted us in this state for a reason."

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Post Deleted.

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hey i was and always gonna be a villan. i ain't no hero cryo, but i'll help you guys if thats what it takes to make me tommy d again.

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"christ i feel bad for asking but could i, sort of, ride on top of one of you" Spectrum pleaded "Its just my legs are really short and im recked it took me ages to get here"

hw pulled what he thought looked like puppy dog eyes

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Cryo laughed. "I'm the only one here who can pull off Puppy Dog eyes. C'mon. You can ride on my back." Cryo knelt down and waited for Spectrum to jump on.

"The best thing to do now is survive, and make our way in the direction that those green lights came from."

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let me take care bout the surviving part. so whichh way do we go next cryo.

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The train stopped and then Megaguirus flew around looking for anyone that might now what's going on "I should find someone who can tell me what's going on" thought megaguirus as she flew at top speed then a downdraft caused her to near evreyone else "Ouch stupid wind" said Megaguirus as she got up then she looked up at evreyone "Damnit I hate being tiny" said Megaguirus.

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"thanks" Spec's blushed. He nestled his body into the soft fur.

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Cryo heard a buzzing and sniffed around, seeing the dragonfly. "You too, huh? What were your powers that made you a dragonfly. Size manipulation? Super-sonic flight?"

Cryo began walking, Spectrum clinging to the fur on his back.

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"I was always a dragonfly it just made me smaller" said Megaguirus "Now my sonic booms can't even break a window" said megaguirus "I got sprayed with raid, hit with a flyswatter, and stepped on by Godzilla who I am normally about the same size as but now I'm microscopic to him" said Megaguirus "And I'm smaller than my F*ing Drones" said the downsized queen of the Meganula.

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"so you already have being an animal down like cryo over here. my question now is what the hell are we gonna do about it. i say we fight, what about you?"

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"Oh, so you're that Dragonfly thing that always fights Godzilla. I thought your voice sounded familiar. Join the club. We've got jackets."

Cryo began walking again and saw Fire Trucks whizzing by them. "Something's wrong."

Cryo ran around a corner and saw a building on fire. It was a huge ten story apartment. He overheard a Firefighter say that there were still a few people inside.

Cryo turned around to everyone else. "Ok, We may be animals. But We're animals with Superpowers. Whatever we do, make it look natural. animal's don't usually have superpowers." Cryo then thought about his statement,"Scratch that and just make it look like normal animals saving people from a fire. Let's Go!"

Cryo began running toward the burning building.

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"Fight duh and I still can screw up electronics by rapidly flapping my wings though the radius of effect went from 10 miles to 10 yards" said megaguirus "We should try to find out who made us like this" said Megaguirus "And I used to be the Gigantic Prehistoric Dragon fly terror of Japan Megaguirus but now I only can scare arthophobics" said Megaguirus "Well I can use stealth as I am by far the smallest here so I can enter places most of you can't" suggested Megaguirus.

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Spec's clung onto the wolf below,

"i got your back okay"

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" if you guys don't mind it's day light and i think i'll take a nap in that tree over there."

boken flew to the tree, turned upside down and began to sleep.

OOC: ok guys g2g.

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Cryo laughed at the pun. "Good. Look's like the others are letting us do all the work."

He sprinted up to a firefighter and heard 7th floor. "Great."

The firefighter heard the tiny bark and looked down to see The little dog. "Hey, Boy. Run along, now. This isn't a place for you. You could get hurt!"

Cryo rolled his eyes and ran for the building jumping through the flames that engulfed the doorway. He began blowing on the flames with ice to reduce them in size, then looked for the stairs.

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Megaguirus flew next to Cyro "I thought I should stick with you" said Megaguirus "scuse me fireman" said Megaguirus "And Lizard boy Don't eat me and Why wasn't Godzilla affected he never gets affected By anything he stayed normal size and nearly killed me with his damned bulk" said Megaguirus "Well let's be ready for anything and watch out for the exterminators they have evrey way known to man to get rid of us" said Megaguirus.
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Cryo looked over at Megaguirus. "You really think there's gonna be exterminators in a burning building!?"

Cryo quickly looked around and found the stairs. "Bingo!" He ran for them, then up them. He was just about to the second floor when they collapsed under him. His claws dug into the landing at the top and clung for dear life. "Hold on, Spectrum!"

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Megaguirus grabbed Cyro with her pincers and used all her strength to try and pick him up "Come on strength don't fail me now" Said megaguirus when she had a brilliant Idea "Ok let's see if I still can use Godzilla's beam" said megaguirus as she fired the blue version of godzilla's beam which was more force than heat to begin pushing her and cyro on the floor not hitting cyro but the first floor "come on" said megaguirus in despretation.
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Cryo was pushed up onto the second floor. "Mahalo Plenty!" He began running up the stairs again.

He was on the fourth floor when he noticed a girl cowering in a corner away from flames. Cryo ran and jumped over the flames. At first she moved away from Cryo, but petted him after he licked her hand, showing her he wasn't going to harm her. He bbit her sleeve and led her over to a window on the building's side, away from the firefighters.

Making sure he couldn't be seen, he put his paw on the window and made an ice-slide from the window-sill to the ground. Cryo looked up at the girl as if too say,'Go On.'

"Thanks, doggy!" She said as she flew down the slide. She ran for the firefighters, coughing and saying that a dog rescued her and that he's still inside.

Cryo sprang from the window over to the stairs. Only three floors to go.

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Megaguirus followed Cyro "Cyro maybe I can put the flames out by flapping my wings fast enough to cause a gust of wind that will snuff the fire out" suggested Megaguirus.

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Cryo stopped and turned to Megaguirus. "Or it will make them bigger. Give it a try, but leave some for the Firefighters. They should take the credit."

He moeved up to the Seventh floor, where there was a young couple holding each other away from the flames. TRhey were both coughing heavily. Cryo knew they couldn't take much more of the smoke so he ran towards them.

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Megaguirus blew the smoke away with her wings and the flames on the seventh floor were reduced to mere embers "I think that should do for now" said megaguirus to Cyro "Now you should save the couple I'm too small to carry them" said megaguirus.
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Cryo ran up to them and began barking to get their attention. They looked at him andthe man said,"How'd you get in here?"

Cryo simply barked and grabbed onto the man's sleeve, pulling on it. "This is no time to play, mutt! We're gonna die if the Firefighter's don't get here soon!"

Cryo let go and became frustrated. He ran over to the door and barked, motioning his head for them to follow.

"I think he wants us to follow him." The woman said. She got up and pulled the man out with her. Cryo led them to the stairs and saw that most of it was rubble.

"How do we get down now?" The man said. Cryo's mind began racing. How can I get them down?

Then he got an idea. He ran over to a window, leaving the couple by the stairs. He began barking so the Firefighters could get his attention.

"Look! There's a dog up there! We need to help him down somehow!" They brought over a trampoline-like thing to catch jumpers. Cryo then ran back to the couple.

"We thought you'd left us." The Woman said. Cryo barked and grabbed her sleeve. He led her over to the window where the firefighters were prepared to catch them. Cryo barked again and jumped, landing in the net/trampoline thing. The couple followed and were rescued.

Cryo walked away to Where Boken hung in the tree. He coughed fro smoke and looked back at Spectrum. "You okay?"