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"How about...Give me a chicken sandwich. Something light. Ohh and a simple sparkly water. Normal is for sissies" He nudged Angel "Think I can make out with that women over there?"

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Angel clicks by Zaniel's head while he's staring at the woman filling up her coke, "Woah, woah, business before pleasure dude, keep it in your Spartan Shorts." Angel starts walking over to the coke tap machine, "Now let's sit down and figure out where to go from here."

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Zaniel shook his head and looked back at Angel. "Sorry, Habit." He cleared his throat "Do you have that bounty sheet then? Or something.."

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"Yeah, we'll discuss it while we're eating, do you thing you can get us a table." Angel hands him the bounty sheet and he walks over to the table, Angel nudges the woman at the coke machine, "It's sad really." He hangs his head, "What is it" she says, "The doctor said he doesn't have much longer, he's got more STD's than James Bond." Angel walks to the table and the woman follows him.

"I'm so sorry, your friend wanted you to know that we're here for you.", Angel holds his hands together and his voice almost cracking. "Thank you, this means a lot to him.", she leaves nodding her head.

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Zaniel was holding in the tears as he listened to the conversation. He was gagging to just burst out laughing and scream like an idiot, Angel sat back down. Zaniel gulped "I am containing myself. I am ready to laugh everybody out of this cafe" He gulped again and bit his lip and started to cry with tears.

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Angel turns his head back to Zaniel, he opens his sandwich paper and stabs a straw into his cup, "Think of this as your own personal chastity belt, every time you think about taking a chick to pound town, I'll co** block you with the he has STDs line, remember why you're here and we have work to do."

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"Nobody in existence has co**blocked me. Not even Zeus." He chuckled to himself "So, I have been reading this - Where the hell is this place?" He pointed at a location he could not pronounce on the bounty. He then took a bite to eat.

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"There's a reason you don't understand, because the place doesn't exist," He flattens the piece of paper on the table and pulls out a pen, "It's an anagram 'tripojvead', if we take apart the world apart we get IT, JP, RO, EA and uuuh VD, it's a list of possible locations where he could be holding up, Italy, Japan, Romania, Ethiopia and the Void," Angel rests his arms on the table and leans forward, "So where do you wanna start."

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Zaniel looked at Angel "I knew that" He looked around "I lie" He smiled "I have been to Italy..I have old buddies there. TO ITALY!" He banged the table.

People around cafe stared at them funnily.

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"Calm down Thor." Angel wiped his mouth and stood to his feet, walking to the door and carrying his coke with him, "I would have liked to stay here longer but whatever, Italy here we come." He flags a taxi and it pulls up. "You ready?"

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@amazingangel: (Postin on Zan for a bit to get posts up )

"Did you just call me THOR?" Zaniel shook his head "Don't ever call me that again" He looked at Angel "I hate Thor" He shoved passed Angel and got into the Cab.

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Milan, Italy, four days later. (time jump)

Angel and Zaniel walk into a crowded casino in the heart of a five star Italian resort, dressed impecably in suits, ties and long coats, the lights and noises drown the two in a sea of distraction, they have to either shout or whisper in each others ears to communicate "So who's this contact you've been raving about, is it eye patch, bow tie, hair plug, hot girl or hook man, that's weird seems like a pirate convention.".

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Zaniel and Angel walked into the crowded casino, Zaniel was wearing a black suit with a red tie, looking pretty smart. He also had a black long-coat on, He looked around, he could not understand Italian - He had always wanted too. But...Never got the chance, or he was just lazy.

"So who's this contact you've been raving about, is it eye patch, bow tie, hair plug, hot girl or hook man, that's weird seems like a pirate convention.".

Zaniel scratched his nose as he looked around then back at his friend. He thought for few seconds before talking, "Yeh, Well.." He rubbed his hands together "Well, yeah - She is a girl. Well..She is an Angel, an Ex-Angel" He could barely hear himself speak , so many Italians speaking on phones in a rush, Like an old movie "We are..were best friends. Back in Heaven. She was with me when I first learnt to fly actually." He smiled as he remembered the old times "I...I think she had feelings for me. But I never gave them back..You'know, Me - I was crazy for Goddesses and just having a good time" He chuckled "I could never be with her, I feel bad about it now. She must have really loved me, but that is not who I was at the time" He looked down before folding his arms "She was banished. I really do not want to go into why man, sorry" He pointed in a direction, "Let's go see if I can find her here then" He patted Angel on she shoulder and started walking before stopping and turning around "Let me talk to her first" He pushed past the crowd....

( Just giving Angel a chance to catch up before I find her )

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"Alright, I'll wait." Angel stood looking at Zaniel slip through crowd, searching for this mysterious paramour from his past, must be the first time someone went looking for their ex without an alimony check or a gun in his hands, someone bumps into him slowly but he still feels the need to.


She seems calm yet unsettled by her presence at the casino, Angel decides to avoid any long conversation so he didn't lose Zaniel in the crowd, when he notices a strange tattoo on the mystery woman's back, A pair of wings?

"Hey nice ink," She turns around, "Thanks." They exchange smiles as she walks backwards, "I'm Ryan" "Zora", Angel turns around quickly after they lose eye contract, he pulls out the walkie talkie him and Zaniel use as a communication tool, "Yo Z, the bird is in the.... uh.... Casino."

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Zaniel turned around as he felt dread in his stomach with his friends words "Don't let her get close to you, She..She has a way of seducing people since we last me. She is dangerous. Part of the reason she was banished" He put the device in his pocket and pushed past the people trying to get to Zora and Angel before she escapes. Pushing past a big man who gave him a look of anger he said quickly "Sorry, Excuse me" As he pushed through. He could see Zora. He looked up as she took a flight of marble stairs into the slots room. Damn, Zaniel walked past Angel and brushed him on the shoulder, gesturing him to follow "Come" He nodded to his friend.

Zaniel pushed through the crows and finally came to an end, He started walking up-towards the slots room that Zora had just been in. He started to feel nervous, Last time...10 years ago they had met. She tried to kill him. But...She had a reason. He put the thought out of his mind and carried on up the stairs , slower than he needed but he was just dreading the meet. He looked back waiting for his friend to catch up.

"Dude, Let me handle this for now - I don't want you getting hurt...Your choice though, You can handle yourself" He looked back, He could see the room she was in. Ohh boy, this was going to be messy. Especially if she still has powers somehow.

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Angel was slightly taken aback by Zaniel's level headiness about the situation, he wasn't used to him acting as seriously as he was acting now, something was off but damned if Angel was going to listen to him, he may have learned a lot but at heart he was still the same brash nineteen year old who try to fight two knife wielding muggers with a stick.

"I can handle myself just fine Z, anyway if sh** goes down in there you need me." They proceed to slowly tread into the room that the mysterious ex Angel occupied, they were cautious but motivated, Zaniel wanted his power back and Angel wanted to help his friend.

Empty not a soul in the room with no doors and a few windows that don't open, they were right to be cautious something had happened in this room, something neither one knew about, that others knew about them.

*SMASH PEW PEW PEW BROOAAHH PEW PEW, "GET DOWN!" Angel and Zaniel hid behind one of the slot machines as special trained mercenaries rappelling down the side of the towering casino opened fire at them through the now broken windows. "I'M KEEPING A TEMPORARY SHIELD UP SO WE DON'T GET MINCED BY THE HEAVY FIRE, I NEED TIME TO RECHARGE MY ABILITIES THOUGH, SO ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF WOULD BE OF GREAT HELP!"

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Zaniel nodded as Angel said he was going to help, Not sure if it was a good idea. But he was glad that he had his back. The duo walked into the room slowly as zaniel looks around, nobody. He stood up properly and walked around..He could not sense her. She was not here. He scratched his head confused as he heard a massive sound. He dived behind a slats machine as Angel put up a shield. He looked at his friend and thought what to do.

He felt stupid for letting Angel come along. Zaniel was hundreds of years old..Angel was a mere teenager. This was not a good idea. He had no idea what he was dealing with, Zaniel was powerless however...He needed Angel. He hoped he would not come to regret this alliance.

What a day to not bring along his sword, the one-time he needed it. He took out his cursed knife.

This knife was cursed with Bad-luck. If it cut you , you would have bad-luck for the reminder of the fight or sometimes even day. It was made out of a special Adamantium like alloy from the Heavens.

Zaniel twiddled the knife in his fingers deciding what to do, as the bullets hit his friends shield.

"I have an idea"

Zaniel made a fist as white sparks began to come out of his knuckles, The attackers jumped into the building, Zaniel looked up and counted Twelve. This would be easy..Or not.

He punched into the air and the sparks flew in-the ceiling, About 6 gunmen looked up , that was a distraction. Zaniel looked up , hoped over the slots machine and dived into one of the attackers, stabbing him in the throat another attack began to shoot at him - The gun luckily mis-fired. He spun around again throwing the knife into the attackers throat as three attackers all pointed guns towards Zaniel, before they fired Zaniel clapped his hands together causing a giant explosion of white light. He could not use this as an attack, he was attack people with Luck, But it made a hell of a distraction.

The attacks all covered their eyes and fired randomly into the air as the light engulfed the area blinding everything. Zaniel skidded across the floor taking out one of the attackers feet, Then both tumbled to the floor , Punching at Zaniel , Zaniel tapped the punch out of the way and headbutted the man before taking his gun and shooting him. He hid behind the cover as the other attackers still stood firing at him and Angel. Leaving 9 attackers.

But....Where was Zora?

Zaniel suddenly felt a warm feeling at his feet, he looked down to see -- He was smashed outside of the window...By Zora.

Zaniel felt the falling sensation as he looked up and saw Zora flying at him, She was nose-diving at him , she smashed into his stomach with her head and grabbed him by the collar.

"YOU LEFT ME TO DIE!" She punched him in the face repeatedly.. She...Still had powers. Zaniel could not fight her....

( So...You do your bit in the Casino then I will continue that ^^ )

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Angel stayed in the same spot as Zaniel moved across the room a force of death and destruction, Angel had underestimated him, as had the attackers. Nine soldiers left, Zaniel seemed otherwise engaged it was up to Angel to repel the rest, CRACK* A quick uppercut to the chin of the assassin closest to Angel incapacitating him for the time being Angel shapes his staff into blade form and slices his gun in half, bullets and powder spill onto the floor.

Angel was now fully charged, seething with white light, he aimed his guns at two of the remaining firing two single shots into the chest they were armoured the impact would knock them out but not kill them, He didn't want any blood on his hands. He moved faster than the naked eye behind the fourth attacker, KRACK* he snaps his elbow and delivers a swift kick to the back of the knee, he throws his gun away and moves on to the next attacker.

KLABOOM* Angel fires an exploding projectile taking care of two more assassins, he spins knocking the eighth assassin out with a staff swipe the the legs followed by a punt to the head. "Good work dude, A little Murdery for my taste but good.".

Angel seemed worried Zaniel wasn't responding and he'd forgotten the last Assassin, VVWING* A tomahawk flew right past Angel's face, barber shop close, slicing the five O'clock shadow Angel had grown from the constant travel and lack of sleep. Angel slowly turns around, it was the last assassin, the one who was slightly different, for one thing he was using a tomahawk not exactly standard issue, his armour was different too, his arms were slightly exposed, that wasn't a good sign and his helmet, it was also different from the others, it was more jagged but in some parts smoother, it reminded Angel of the face of a snarling tiger.

"You shouldn't be meddling here boy, this is not the place for fun and games." He spoke with a deep and gravely voice in a serious tone.

"Yeah well I lost my Disneyland annual pass, so this'll have to do." The assassin seemed annoyed by Angel's carefree demeanour. The Assassin takes off his helmet revealing two artificial eyes and an metal forehead, he draws what looks like a short katana with a modified handle, he begins circling Angel, like a ceremonial duel.

"Not much for talking huh." The Assassin's artificial eyes begin to glow bright red ready to unleash an incredible blast. "Uh, Oh"

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Zaniel fell through the air at tremendous speed, This was one high casino. He felt every-blow to his face, every blow connect with speed and power. Zora was taking out years of frustration - On his face.

She grabbed onto his collar and used his thighs as a support to hold onto him, "YOU LEFT ME! YOU LEFT ME TO DIE!" She made a fist then stopped. She levitated in mid-air so they stopped failing. Zaniel could barely open his right eye, He looked at her with them and coughed some blood. "Zora...Please..." He coughed "You know I could do nothing" He sighed as blood trickled down his bruised face.. "I never knew that you --" She punched him in the mouth and he coughed blood.

"I don't care" She threw him into the ground. Zaniel flew through the air and smashed onto a car. A piece of metal impaled his leg but missed his femoral artery. Lucky. He laid down on the car..Semi-conscious. "Shit" He said to himself as he faded into darkness. She flew away into the distance.

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@pyrogram: (Thanks bud)

BLLLAAAAAUUUGGHH* Angel dodged out of the way of the assassin's eye blast as it sliced a slot machine in half, he lunged at Angel with his blade in his hand, his speed was good for a man his size, he sliced at Angel's chest he slightly missed but the back fist he threw less than a second later didn't, Angel's nose was bleeding and broken under his face guard, blood dripping into his mouth, it threw him against the wall, he was able to heal it as the brute rushed toward him.

BANG* Angel fired a bullet straight into the iron forehead of the assassin, PING* Then it bounced off, he didn't want to inflict any damage but this guy was much tougher than the run of the mill goons he was used to fighting, the assassin swings his sword an Angel, an overhead shot, he wanted to split his head in half like a watermelon, Angel wasn't about to let him, he threw up his staff blocking the modified katana, the assassin seemed amazed that Angel's staff wasn't sliced in half, both men pushed trying to force the other back, Angel was not as strong as his opponent it was lucky he had a stronger base, maybe he had Zaniel to thank for that, "Zaniel!", Angel realised his friend was nowhere to be found, CCCCRRAAASSHH HONK HOOONK* "ZANIEL!", "Who are you calling for boy, I thought you wanted a fair fight. or are you just a coward.", Angel noticed the position his gun had in his belt, directly facing the assassin, "Sorry dude, bros before hoes. BLINDING LIGHT." The heavenly flair knocked into the robotic assassin's stomach and the light blinded even his robotic eyes, Angel used this to push the assassin back and staff smack him in the face, Angel began to run straight for the broken window, he knew something was wrong and he had a responsibility to his friend, the assassin grabbed his arm and Angel punched him in the face as hard as he could, his friend needed him. "Boy there is a heavy price on your head, you will be hunted for the rest of your life, you should pray Destier is not the one who hunts you, I know I do.", Angel crouching on the window sill, considers what the assassin says, "If you ever harm anyone but me, you should pray I never need to hunt you."

He leaps out of the window to the aid of his fallen friend.

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Zaniel slowly woke up, He was still bleeding from the nose. Mouth, ears and a little from his eye. His leg had been punctured but nothing too serious..He saw Angel. He choked a word "Du..dude." The world went black.

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@pyrogram:.......It's not working.......Wake Up...... Wake Up........Wa.

Transylvania, Romania. One week later.

Angel walked off of a bus, alone he looked around the town ripped out of a fairy tale, the cobblestone streets glistened with the rain pouring down, he was carrying a suitcase, he packed light he wanted to get out of Italy as soon as possible, he was dressed in long coat, carrying crosses, stakes and holy water on on the interior.

"Come on hurry it up!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

"You shouldn't have stolen all those toiletries from the hotel, we don't need them."

"I have all the faith in the world in you dude but just incase, I'm keeping this stuff and setting up an Eba account."

"Ebay! Man you really don't know this place, now let's get to an inn so you can check your damn bandages."

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@amazingangel: ( Am I doing this right? >_> )

"Ok ok.." Zaniel limped along. Damn thing. Zora really did a number on him. Broken rips, Broken nose, Busted leg. Cut leg...But still the best looking guy in this duo. He laughed to himself. "What are we here for again?"

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@pyrogram: (YOU MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT! BEST LOOKING! BEEESSSTT LOOOOOKING! my guy looks like a young cross between henry cavil and christian bale! Other than that you're fine.)

"Haven't you seen any Vampire movies, Transylvania is where we need to be in, I've got an expert on the occult I'm meeting, he should be able to give us the deets." They walked into the bar of the inn and Angel spied the specific booth they needed to sit at to make the appointment.

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@amazingangel: ( Looks at reason I got banned from Heaven /thread )

"Dude, I hate vampires.." He scoffed. Last time he met a vampire it ended up with him nearly sleeping with a Lycan called Kallik. Then being attacked by Omega. Not a good day - Not worth that damn kiss.

"Let's do this, get the info and dust a vampire"

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@pyrogram: (Okay, Okay, Let's agree it's a matter of opinion.)

Angel sits at the table, A young man sits at the table,in the opposite seat them. "Excuse me, I'm waiting for someone."

The young man leans forward, "Hey dude, it's me."

Angel seems astounded. "Petey, WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING HERE, Wheres Douglas."

"He can't make hit, he's like seventy years old dude."

"Yeah but you're sixteen and all you do is sweep the floors, you're his shop assistant, what the hell do you know."

"I know that round here they deny it but Eldruid is the oldest vampire still here, there was an older vampire but he went back to where he came from."

"Satanus, F***s sake."

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Zaniel watched with amusement as he coughed, his ribs still hurt a little. He spoke "Where the F are the vampires? I wana get this info then leave dude...This is boring.." He looked away and laid back in his seat.

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Angel seemed astounded by Petey's revelation and by Zaniel's boredom. He turns to him trying to express the gravity of the situation.

"Buddy don't you know what this means, this just went from one hundred to one hundred million, if Satanus wants to stand in the way of you getting your wings back. The Lord of darkness, I helped defeat him once before but this time he's a wounded animal and he's the one with the drop on me."

"HA HA HA" Angel and Zaniel both turn to Petey, the room has dimmed to a haunting blue, petey's voice is deep and distorted and his appearance was grotesque.

"You flatter me boy, I wish I could speak so highly of you and your alcoholic c***head of a partner, you burned down my home boy and I wish to set things right, you have a price to pay, a pound of flesh and I intend to deliver even if I have to rip it out and drag it to the BURNING FIRES OF HELL MYSELF!"

"You sick son of a b****, what have you done to Petey." A sick my crosses his face and then BBBBLLLLOOOUUGGGHH* He explodes, blood, guts and organs flying everywhere, drenching the whole room, dripping from the ceiling smeared over then doors and covering the two heroes. "Aw f***"

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Zaniel watched the events intrigued. He was slightly offended when he was called an alcoholic...He rarely drunk these days...well compare how much he used too. Zaniel listened as Angel talked about somebody named petey...he had no idea who that was, Zaniel put his hand next to his sword just-in case it went south. But suddenly --

*Boom!* Zaniel covered his face as the blood and cuts covered him..he sighed..and simply looked at Angel.."Dude..What the fuc*" He took his sword out, and used it to scrape a kidney of his shoe. He shivered a little as it was so nasty.

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8 Hours later, Eldriud's castle.

"What we're doing here is looking for clues," They walk through his ancient castle, some of it had been renovated and some left the same, they were searching for clues, clues on where to go next and who Eldruid was in bed with, this is what would lead them to wherever they need to go next.

"Whatever we find here, I suggest a short break from all this, at least while Satanus is on our tail, we need to lay low....real low. Any ideas." Angel finds a filing cabinet in one of the back rooms, he puts the flashlight in his mouth while he thumbs through the files. "MMMPPPH," He spits it out. "I FOUND SOMETHING!"

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After the explosion, Zaniel and his bud had gotten cleaned up, they were now searching for clues. Hopefully this effort would go better. They walked along.

"Good idea, I have a place that I think you will like, but now..lets try and find clues, spread out" The Angels began to search, Soon after Angel had found something. Zaniel turned his head and looked at his partner "Ok, This time.." He took out his sword "Let's be prepared"

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"I like where your heads at but I don't think you'll need a sword right now." Angel pulls a file out of the cabinet and waves it at Zaniel "Just a file.", "It seems our buddy Eldruid like to keep the last notes if his conquests, maybe covering his track or maybe its a fetish of hid who knows.".

Angel continues thumbing through files until one catches his eye, he releases it from the cabinet and opens it up, dust exploding into his face making his cough, gag and sneeze at the same time. "ah just give me a minute, my nose is gonna be blocked all day now.".

"Whoa dude listen to this last entry from Turner Boothe sixteen sixty four, 'I know that I will not leave this castle alive, nor will I live to see the birth of my son or slay the dreaded vampire lord, I have been studying these foul creatures for too long, I have drawn myself too far into one of their nests to not be devoured like a proverbial fly in a spiders web as I write my final letter, I know none will ever read it, another soul has been claimed in this ancient feud.' What the actual F*** is going on."

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@amazingangel: "Dude, I have nearly been killed by Zora and left for dead, fought assassin people, Got kidney and guts all over me and we are hunting a Vampire Demon, If I want to take out my damn sword, I can" He hit his sword on the ground. He laughed "Blocked nose, yeah"

He listened, not sure what it meant that his friend was reading, He patted his friend on the shoulder "Dude, Aliens....no wait wrong thing, We are wayyy to out of our depth here, I don't feel like dying again...we need back-up...You do know I own an island...right?" He raised an eyebrow. "I should have mentioned that one"

( Plan is too go to island, get troops as in NPC's and continue mission? )

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@zaniel: Angel pulls this face:

and exhales, "Let's go." he takes the ancient piece of paper and they make their way to the door.

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@amazingangel: ( I legit died laughing, No joke, nearly died, So - The plan now....Should we say End of Part 1 here...and then go to island then start part 2 once they they talked it over? )