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@zaniel: By the gods this was annoying. He'd had to repeat himself again, but thankfully, he wouldn't be interrupted.

"My name is Azad Akbari. I'm a prince from my homeland and I arrived here by accident. Let me go."

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Zaniel sighed...He shook his head in anger , He wanted to throw him out of a window himself "How did you get here?" He clicked his knuckles.

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@zaniel: "My dagger." he replied bluntly. "For some reason it transported me here and now it has been stolen from me. I demand to have it back."

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Zaniel patted Heron on the shoulder "Lets leave and Gas the room" They walked out attempting to bluff the man into thinking they were going to kill him.

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@zaniel: "What!?" Azad shouted.
"I have answered your stupid questions over and over and now you decide to just kill me!?"

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@zaniel: During the previous two hours, Kafziel had been quietly researching and studying the strange Persian weapon. He had been poring over a script of ancient Persian weapons and discovered it's power. Kafziel ran to the medical bay, he needed to deliver the news to Heron and Zaniel before they killed this man.

"Brother! I have discovered the rare power behind this weapon! It has the power to control the flow of time! Look!"

Kafziel flicked a switch on the hilt on the dagger. After he did this, Time seemed to visibly slow and then come to a stop. Kafziel flicked it again and time proceeded to continue normally.

"Pretty impressive, huh? Looks like we have some more questions for our little prisoner" He winked at Zaniel

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Zaniel smiled "Brother, as usual your studying has turned out of worth, talk to this prisoner"

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@zaniel: @whitesgplayer: Azad was still demanding to get out. He too felt time being slowed down.


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@zaniel: Kafziel raised his eyes skywards. "Ugh. If I must. He's caused me enough trouble today"

@azad: "Hush, you impudent little inferior. I have some questions for you, and if you value your life, you will answer them. I know you were given this weapon as a prize, but why did you get it?"

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@whitesgplayer: "Its either you, or I end up killing him before we find out how he got the damn thing, good luck getting him too talk...he seems interesting, albeit annoying"

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@whitesgplayer: Azad looked at the man in spite. He hated this new world.
"We were at the brink of war, and the enemy had that dagger. The Sultan gave me the honor of taking it. And as such, it is mine. So give it back."

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@azad: @whitesgplayer: @zaniel: Drakiel scowled. He didn't dare walk in and announce his intentions. He could always cast a lie detector spell, although he'd need to be in the same room as the prisoner. Zaniel and Kafziel were his superiors, and he had no intention of interrupting their interrogation. Impatiently, he paced back and forth in front of the door.

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@drakiel: Zaniel walked out as he felt the presence of his alliance member, He peeked out "Hello?"

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@zaniel: @drakiel: @azad: @whitesgplayer:

Angel snuck into the interrogation room, he was looking for the batteries, he tough they'd be in the interrogation room, thats where anyone would keep them....... Right.

"Hey, whoa interrogating huh, hey prisoner man I like you're jacket cape thing, I just came in for the, here they are...... nope thats a power bar, uuh, you know what video games will rot my brains I'll go read a book, yeah..... with pictures and very few words. Unless you want me to rough this guy up?"

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@amazingangel: "Dude...Heron threw him out of a window, drowned him in pigs blood, broke his ribs, beat the shit outa him, He aint speaking" he sighed.

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@zaniel: "I think you underestimated me."

@azad: "You see this." Angel put his Gun of Gabriel on a table, "This can shoot anything, literally anything, missiles, razor blades, I even shot a mattress one time, long story, one thing I never tried though is an earwig, a carnivores animal that can burrow through a mans brain, cause intense pain and severe damage, another thing I never tried is hydrochloric acid either." An earwig made entirely out of light crawls out of his gun, then many did, they crawl up of the assassins arm making there way to his ears, acid spills out of his gun, burning through the table, while also bearing the edge of the table and the assassin's groin.

"I'd talk fast, Two Face was good with the ladies but I have no faith in Two Di**."

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@amazingangel: ( Lol dude the whole team is gona torture him soon XD )

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@zaniel: (Well I'm being tortured by a disembodied hand in DTD so gimme a HAND HERE!)

(please and thank you:)

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This is def different

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@amazingangel: Missles? Razor blades? Hydrochloric acid? What where those things? Either way, Azad didn't believe that such a weapon, especially one as bizare looking as that could cause any damage.

"That weapon you carry...what is it called?"

((@zaniel this is so not fair. 5 vs 1. ;___; ))

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This is def different

This has turned into a weird torture scene.

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@zaniel said:

@cortex_iphan said:

This is def different

This has turned into a weird torture scene.

((That's an understatement.))

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@azad: Actually...This aint that bad TBH. You only got thrown out of a window. And your not talking, you blame yourself :P

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Guys, I am going to be joining with my character but I am going to write the intro later.Because I have to go out.See ya later.

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@amazingangel: @azad:

"You underestimate how irritating this prisoner is. We've done things to him that I wouldn't do to a dog and he still isn't saying a word. Want to have some fun with him for a while?" Kafziel grinned.

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@kafziel: @azad:@amazingangel:

Zaniel sighed "Guys, Let's stop, we are not the bad guys.." He walked over to Azad "Cut the crap, let's have a nice talk, no torture...No hiding secrets, now..tell us more, in detail about the dagger, and where, or when you come from?"

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@zaniel: Although Kafziel would never admit it, his brother was right. He lost control of himself. He sighed. "Very well, brother, speak to him. We need to find out more about this dagger."

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@kafziel: "You know I would normally allow it...but, We may have eyes on us" He pointed towards the sky "Zeus" He chuckled.

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@zaniel: At least this one wasn't as insane as the others. Azad might as well be frank with him,

"The dagger was created by the gods, which I am not knowledgeable on. It allows me to manipulate time to the way I see fit." Azad then glanced downwards, this was going to be embarrassing to say. "Yet I abused it's power one day, and a portal of some sort took me to this place." He then looked back at Zaniel.
"And to answer where I came from, I do not know what you people would call it now, but those things such as missiles and razor blades do not exist in my time."

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@azad: His story sounded much like his, He leaned in as he spoke "I understand, I have also abused my powers and been punished in a different way but non-the less my own fault, Your time? ...Your clothing and mannerism, coupled with the gauntlets marking say you come from Ancient persia?...Well then, if you did not time-travel, you would be older than me, and Kafziel at that" He chuckled "I am afraid you are stuck here for a while, you teleported to the wrong location...this base, it has an enchantment , a time paradox in-place , it locks any devices that can stop time in the spot...it can still manipulate time, but in this location time travel is not possible unless the enchantment is lifted..however, Once you leave the building you are free to travel once more....Did I mention, we are all Angels" Contrary to what it may seem, after the torture.

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@zaniel: "I cannot just use the dagger at will...not anymore." Azad began to feel even more embarrassment, as he had to explain why.

"As it turned out, when I arrived here, that the Dagger has a limit as to the length of time I can go back. And to make things worse, is that because of my recklessness, the more times that I use it, the more likely it will be that I cannot go home."

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@azad: "Well it seems you are stuck here then, hmm, You are for all purposes, in Greece. Understand?"

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@zaniel: Azad nodded.
"Now that I've told you everything, can I have my weapons back?"

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@azad: "Not yet, You will have to prove you are not here as a spy, people recently have attacked me, And your dagger, it can slow time?...Why would be give you that back?"".....Not yet" He pondered what to do "I cannot trust you....yet"

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@zaniel: Like a moody child, Azad slumped into his bed not looking at anyone.

"Fine." he replied.

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@azad: @zaniel: Kafziel giggled. "Like taking candy from a baby, isn't it brother?"

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@zaniel: "I sensed your unease with this prisoner. I could cast a truth spell on him, which will cause him intense physical, mental, and spiritual pain if he tries to lie to us."

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@drakiel: "That will not be needed just yet, We have the situation under control, thank you for the offer however" He smiled.

@kafziel: "Indeed it is"

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@azad: "In this case, We will continue tomorrow. Once you have healed, sorry for the hassle..." He looked at Heron as they walked out. leaving his Brother and Angel with the man.

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@kafziel: @zaniel: @azad:

Angel was hanging back in the corner of the room he dematerialised all the horrors he was threatening him with, "Whatever I wasn't gonna hurt him anyway.", Angel moved into the centre of the room and turned to Kafziel, "Anyway we haven't met yet. Call me Angel." Angel reached his hand out for a handshake."

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@amazingangel: Kafziel shook angel's hand. "Kafziel, angel of culture. How do you know Zaniel?"

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@kafziel: "That's kind of a long story, there's murder, betrayal, the whole Soap Opera but I got a question for you...................... What the hell is an Angel of Culture?"

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@amazingangel: "Something I won out of a cereal box. Guys fell for it hook line and sinker. Zaniel even thinks that I'm his brother!"

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@whitesgplayer: [Hook line and sinker, ehh? I'm not liking that at all. you've been fishing in my waters recently?!]

BTW, where did you all go?! Let's start this team up again!


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Yeah les do it.

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(From post 64)


"I see, Well..Hope you had fun with that, I have to see you play again you know!" The elevator doors opened. The duo walked through into the Facilities. He clicked a button and the Magical room opened up. The enchantment on it meant it was not the same to anybody. It would give you exactly what you need. It was a magic room, if two people stood in it at the same time, they would have to agree be-hand who would take charge. Zaniel had already decided in his mind Alex was in-charge, so did not even have to inform her.....He awaited to see what was inside.


The magic facility was darker then she expected. In fact, there was no source of light to see at all. Yet she could still somehow see, and assumed Z could as well. In the center of the room, a shadowy form rose up from the floor. Darkness flowed and bubbled over its twisted form like water flowing in reverse. The lower ends of its arms terminate in wicked claws.

Alex raised her hand defensively, palm pointed at the dark entity. "Vera forma reveletur!"She recited in a commanding tone. Slowly the darkness melted away to reveal....Alex herself. "Wha...."

"Articulate as always." Her double sneered. "Isn't it obvious? Don't you remember Return of the Jedi? Same thing. I am your inner darkness. The part of you that is all wrapped up with the demon hand. In a way though, I am also your future. Because we both know it wins one day. We both know its our destiny to be the right hand of doom. This is one of those face your fears kinda situations. Unless you lose. In which case we jump start the end of all things." She grinned a horrible grin then. "Fun, right?" This part of her mind had obviously been corrupted beyond redemption. "Oh what to do? Play it safe? Walk away now? Or bet a fiddle of gold against your soul?"

Alex was terrified. But she didn't back away. Evil spirits mocked, and taunted, and lied. But there were rules. Reasons. Compensations. "If I win this battle of wills?" She asked at last. There had to be two sides to this. "Do I get free of this curse?"

"Oh honey. Tsk tsk tsk. The demon hand is with us till death do us part. But....if you win...you would gain more control over it. Us. More power to tap into. But, there's more. Your pet angel is connected to you. Therefore, his fate is connected. If you lose, we will bury him in the deepest levels of the pit. So?"

Alex looked up at Zaniel in confusion and fear as the mockery of her screeched out the lyrics of 'Fingerprints of God.'