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"A gathering of angels can enlighten the whole world"

Since Zaniels arrival on earth, he had come to realize he could not survive on his own, not without powers. He had also met a few people, Angels in particular who he had formed single alliances with, Team-ups so to speak. After the attack on his love Zoe, Zaniel came to realize he had to pull resources if he wanted to defend against threats that were even more serious in the future, Ones that involved demonic creatures, Gods or worse. Thus...

Angel Alliance was born.

The Symbol, The symbol of infinity, showing the unity between the group that would last forever.

A Team of Angels, any faith, any belief, any culture - The only thing that you needed to join was being that you were an Angel, Nothing else - Good or Evil. The base would be on his island, that was built by himself and Heron. The Island Heron however is NOT on the team as he had no need to fight nor did he care, he would stay and govern the island.

The reason you could be evil or good is beacuse it works as sanctuary, neutral terms. No involvement with politics on the outside world, or even the Heavens. It was complete solitude. Perfect for a team hideout, that is why Zaniel had chosen this location. The members however are allowed to be involved in anything else, this was simply an alliance between the members.

The teams purpose is to be mutual defense for each-other, and help whenever one of them is in need by special request that Zaniel would show them another-time, he would use an Angels promise on them, bonding them forever meaning that they would sense if one of them is in extreme peril and they requested assistance, not a minor fight - Or if they did not call for help.

The other purpose of the group is to at the moment, to stay neutral in events that transpired involving other super-powered groups or teams...but if they needed they would engage them, with no mercy..Angels had not fought besides Gods without doing their fair share of killing.

The group would try not to get involved directly in conflicts, such as the Registration act that is happening in the USA, but...As Zaniel now is personally affected beacuse of the Zoe situation this may change his mind, also - The individual members are allowed to join whatever side of the Registration act they like, just the Group as a whole would not decide until they come to a joint agreement.

Simple rules are as followed

  • If somebody requested help, The members must attempt to aid them.
  • Everybody is equal, No Angel never-mind of status in their culture is above another.
  • MUST agree to a Angels Promise to gain bond.

The headquarters

This used to be the security force headquarters, but Zaniel had taken it over for use. It has amazing facilities, best money can buy.

Reception - This is where you go to seek to join or any other business. Simply talk to the receptionist.

Underground - This is where the training facilities where, underground and enchanted with a spell so the members could go 100% at each-other, but it would not give them permanent damage, simply an illusion making them think they were injuring each-other. They could fight the illusion but would all agree to participate in training.

Floor 1 - Sleeping quarters. A separate for each Angel. They could decorate and add whatever they wanted, The armory is also on this floor.

Floor 2 - Exercise and recreational facilities, Pool, Gym etc... And a flying arena for flight practice.

Floor 3 - Medical facilities and Magical facilities if any Angel posses magic. The enchantment on it meant it was not the same to anybody. It would give you exactly what you need. If two peopel stood in at the same time, it would take on both of the realities at once. The room had no size limit.

Floor 4 - Meeting room, This is where all meetings would be held for the members of the group.

The staff in the facility will be-able to do any favors the members ask, they just need to click the buzzers in every-room and service will come.


The whole base is guarded by Zaniels personal best. An elite squad of 100 men, it also has enchantments on it meaning that if anybody attempts an attack, All the members will be alerted instantly through the Angels promise link.

Another Enchantment is in place, once in the reception you cannot go further unless invited, this is to stop intrusions. If you attempt to go further you will be swiftly teleported out of the whole island back to main-land Greece, this was not just an enchantment. It was actually part of the very essence of the building. Impossible to bypass. ( Unless you ask first and wana do an event...)

Zaniels personal Gaurd

The Team

Archangels of the Group


The "Leader" of the group, he is in-charge of giving missions, sometimes participating but mostly leading, as he does not have powers right now that are reliable.


Zaniels friend on earth, he had an original alliance with this angel, and now wanted him to join as a member of the team beacuse of their companionship.

Alliance members

Kafziel (WhiteSGPlayer) -

Zaniels Brother, He lives in the Heavens but has reluctantly agreed to join the Group.


A bloodline from a Royal family of Atlantis and heir to the throne of Idyll. A great leader, warrior, tactician, and loyal companion to be alongside in battle and else where, has been called an Angel in some places - allowing him as a full member. He also holds a place of residence in the island.

drakiel (Sideslash)

Drakiel is a fallen angel whom covers himself to hide his scarred, shamed, visage. Although he was once an angel of great beauty, he was scarred and cast out of heaven for his overwhelming pride, although was deemed not evil enough to be damned to the eternal pit.

Honorary non-Angel Members

These members are not Angels, but have helped Zaniel or been good friends meaning that they can request help from them, or can participate in certain missions.

Lady_Magicka (Wildvine) - Zaniel and her have been in countless missions, one of the best friends he has on earth, possibly anywhere.

Tranquil - He was no monk and refused to stay on the side lines whilst the dezidens of earth faced countless adversities. With his newfound power the Tranquil decided it was time to make a difference.

Currently on probation, going on a mission with Zaniel.

Pro_Nelson - Currently on probation, Posses a magic some-what like the Avatars.


Angel Alliance Missions so far -

Angel Alliance: Road to Redemption - Zaniel + AmazingAngel

Angel Alliance: Door to Damnation - Zaniel + AmazingAngel

Angel Alliance: The Ring of Gyges - Zaniel + Kafziel


( If you want to join and you are an Angel PM me or post here, if a non Angel do the same, Depending on who you are, and how you approach Zaniel may let you become an honorary member if you help him , feel free to post here OoC even if not involved )

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@amazingangel @reefermadness ( and Kaf, I cannot reply to you for some reason so PMed )

Zaniel exhaled anxiously then walked into the room that the three Angels sat in, he pulled open his chair and sat-down, Looking at each angel, From left to right.

AmazingAngel - His personal friend who he had been in an alliance with already, very good friends. He wanted to further strengthen their companionship.

Reef - He had been nominated by Heron, Heron said this Angel would be a very good man to Alliance with. He hoped Reef would agree, Reef also had residence on the Island.

Then...he gulped and looked to the last man on the table

Kafziel - His brother, Older brother. Angel of Culture. He had reluctantly agreed to pay the group a visit and join the alliance. Zaniel spoke...

"You know why I have called you all, We have all - apart from Reef shared an Alliance at one-point or another, It would be wise if we all agreed to make an alliance - an Angels Alliance...All you need to do is agree"

He gave out his hand, waiting to see who would shake it first.

"One thing quickly...at the moment, even though none are present this group will allow Evil Angles to join, We cannot expect to defeat the evil in life if we hide from it, we must understand it to be able to defeat it, by working with Evil on a personal level..This is an Alliance and all assistance is encouraged. BUT - If you wish, all of you mutually, we will not let any Evil angels join...You are the leaders of this team as-much as me"

He smiled at them all.

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"It is one thing to shun evil, brother, but another thing to act against it. After all, aren't you attempting to hide from the evil in your life? Your attempts to hide from evil are the reason that I'm here: To turn you back onto the right path, and help you to regain your former Angelic state." Kafziel weighed up the decision in his mind. "I will help you, brother, if you will lead yourself back into the right." Kafziel grabbed his brothers hand and shook it, although it was a short and abrupt shake.

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@kafziel: A smile came across Zaniels face, even after his brother had said those words..true words he had agreed. He never admitted it, but he loved his brother, so much...the last member of his family that still spoke to him, He shook his brothers hand and nodded before speaking "Thank you , Really brother...I was wishing you would agree, I missed you" A light came from both hands as the Angels bond was made.

"Do you still go around weaponless?"

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@zaniel: "As I always do, brother. I prefer to leave the fighting to the heartless. After your exploits in China, I thought you would have taken a leaf out of my book. Fight with the mouth, not the sword"

Kafziel grinned at his little brother. As much as their actions collided, he was always prepared to protect his brother.

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@kafziel: Zaniel remember that event in China and laughed "Always the pacifist I see, But..As you know, sometimes fighting is the only way things can go - You have access to our armory, the usual assort of Spartan weapons inside, only a fool denies the sword is sometimes the only way of communication" He sighed a little more relaxed "China was funny, thanks for that intervention, now...Is mother still refusing to acknowledge I exist?" He asked a little upset.

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Alex appeared in the reception area silently. Some magic slingers appeared with flashes of light and thunder claps. Acting like magicians. It wasn't against any rules, but it was generally frowned upon by the Sisterhood. Not that she had been a part of the Sisterhood in ages, but the teachings had stuck with her throughout the years. She was a little nervous. She didn't have much experience with angels beyond Zaniel. But he wouldn't invite her as an honorary member if he didn't think she could handle herself. The lens of Democles revealed a trapdoor enchantment over the reception area. She would have to wait to be invited in further.

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@zaniel: Kafziel took a deep breath. He was dreading this.

"Zaniel, she is not your mother anymore. You are a mortal now, albeit a powerful one." Kafziel paused "But to answer your question, she has moved on from the silent grief that loomed over her at the time, but there is still a part of her that looks inwards, and reflects."

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@kafziel: "She told me that.....The day I..left, so to say..One-day she will accept me, I promise you that" He nodded and sighed, "Thank you for not giving up on me, You know - I got one of my powers back for a while a few days ago, Zeus must be watching over-me, He must liked what he is watching" He grinned.

@lady_magicka: The receptionist looked at Alex, she threw her head in the direction of the stairs "Up there, you will find it on the first turning, Zaniel is expecting you" She looked down back to the computer screen.

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Alex thanked the receptionist who ignored her, then headed up the stairs. She turned in to the first room she came to, unsure what she would find.

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@zaniel: "I certainly wouldn't put it in those words. Perhaps he's been drinking again" Kafziel winked. Winding up Zaniel was one of the perks of being his brother.

Soon after he said those words, a chill ran down his spine. He could sense someone magical arriving. Someone powerful. He tensed, expecting trouble to arrive.

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During Zaniels conversation with his brother he sensed Alex, He could sense the powerful magic that she was emitting, he smiled..they had been through so much, he was lucky she turned up, he looked at her "Hey! How are you Alex? Come, sit and we can talk!" He hit the table joyfully.

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@kafziel: Turning back to his brother as Alex walked him, Sensing the magic, he had known she was here, he could tell it was her though. His brother could not, He spoke reassuringly "She is fine my brother, a friendly..."

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@zaniel:Kafziel relaxed. Zaniel knew her, that was positive. He leant back in his chair, and started listening intently.

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@zaniel (Can't call out the other guy. Shrug)

Alex stepped into the room, carefully. Zaniel cheerfully called her over, but she was slow. The other angel was wary of her for some reason. His aura was screaming it. And his unease made her uneasy by empathy. And to this, the demon hand was in a foul mood. Even for it. Alex took a deep breath, and smiled. "Hey Z!" She said happily. She wanted to hug him, but resisted the urge. If she hugged him, the Daemon Manu would punish her later. But it was okay, he understood her limits better then anyone. "Been a while. Still haven't got the hang of email I guess." She chuckled, and offered a wave to the other angel. "I would shake your hand, but my hand doesn't like the god squad." She shrugged apologetically.

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@lady_magicka: ( He got post-count , so its fine )

"Hah, Emails are tricky things...just hired a receptionist for that!" He chuckled and welcomed her as she sat down with a smile "We sort of have that connection already...Madame...so yeah, you are exempt" He laughed. "Now...you are not an Angel but..You can join as an honorary member - as we are so close and you have helped me so much and vice versa, I would be a fool to deny you a seat in this Alliance, count yourself in Alex!" He gave a cheerful smile "How is your hand...? It must hate being in a room with 4 angels..." He looked at her hand.

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@zaniel: Hesitate to sit down next to the unfamiliar faces that he does not know of (considering this is his first visit to the surface world), Reef awaits the presence of Zaniel, to whom Heron told Reef great things about. Soon enough, a wise angel came into the meeting room and by the looks of it, Reef had already known that this was the Zaniel, Heron was talking so much about. As Zaniel spoke out to whom that wanted to join the Angel's Alliance, Reef with a very respectful tone replies,

" I have come to a conclusion and agree that if I'm going to be living here, I'm going to want to protect and serve my home from any threat nearby. However, I cannot keep promises as I am very vulnerable right now and don't wish to carry that kind of burden again at this time."

Vulnerable, meaning weak...weak inside...enough weakness that it causes internal damage to his heart, reminiscing about the day his city went up into ruins after returning back from an underseas mission. He also promised to protect all living creatures and his people and vowed to be the great leader to maintain balance within Idyll - the city of Atlantis which is of Reef's birthplace. He then goes on jokingly saying,

"However, I am here for any protection and assistance needed. Any how...Got a key to my apartment though?!"

Trying to brush off what he's been mourning about since the day "it" happened, knowing that he ventured to this island finding peace and forgiveness.

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"We got a magical facility too..no way!"

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@reefermadness: Zaniel listened intently and spoke, a little sad "My friend, we have three rules and the promise is one of them. I am sorry, This is not a normal promise, This is a seal, a bond. It will connected as like no other force in the universe. It is a precaution, If you are ever in trouble it will alert us, its more of an Angels Bond - than a promise" He gave out his hand. "Do not fret, It is not a burden, it will be a relief"

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"We got a magical facility too..no way!"

"Indeed, you never know what powers somebody may posses"

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@zaniel: "Well then, I...I promise...to be of assistance to any ally of the Angels Alliance to further protect all humanity on the Island."

Reef, being somewhat hesitate to speak the word as it brought him great misery when he failed to keep it the first time. However, having such a uniqure trust in Zaniel's friend, Heron he agrees to protect and serve as a full-fledged member of the Angels Alliance.

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@zaniel said:
@reefermadness said:

"We got a magical facility too..no way!"

"Indeed, you never know what powers somebody may posses"

[Reef is still trying to develop his full potential with his magical abilities, as it is a newly found power of his]

[Purple eyes in Atlantean mythology is a sign of magic sorcery and manipulation powers]

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@reefermadness: He shook his new ally's hand. A white glow emitted into the air and subsided, he suddenly felt a connection with the man like never before, "Thank you, You are now part of the Alliance, fully." He smiled at the man "So tell me more about yourself, Heron seems to speak highly of you" He laid back in his seat.

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(Good luck with this!)

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@zaniel: In an undaunted voice, Reef also comments, "All I'm saying is that I ain't talking to, nor am I assisting any psychotic tyrant or anyone of that department, whatsoever. Other than that I'm in."

Thinking about the people who were the ones that caused the destruction of his birthplace.

He then shakes Zaniel hand and give off a little smurk of happiness as they meet eye to eye.

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@ellie_knightfall: ( Thanks!! )

@reefermadness: "You may be forced too if they pose a threat, life is not always easy my friend...but we are many, you will not be alone, ever" He clicked his fingers and guards came over and gave everybody a selection of drinks, anything that they desired "I am glad you are in, I am awaiting to see how you fare in our first fight session very soon, as soon as all members have agreed to join" He looked at AmazingAngel.

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@zaniel: @reefermadness: @lady_magicka: @lady_magicka: Angel stayed sat in his chair, he was never one to work along others for that long, as long a he had a dominant role he was happy but he never took orders that well, he was kind of a rebel, he decided to bide his time to make his presence felt, he sunk into his chair and started playing Angry Birds on his phone. The room was full with new faces and drowning in conversation, conversation that he wasn't in.

"BORING!" Everyone looked around at him, intrigued by his loud proclamation, "Okay if we're doing this we need one thing, one thing!", The crowd of heroes hung on his every word, gazing at his chiseled face as it spoke. "A theme song. If no one minds I already made some calls".

A man suddenly walks through the door to the house he was shirtless, with a guitar, long black frizzy hair and a top hat, he kinda looked like Slash, no yeah it was Slash, "Hey there I got a call from the Amusing Angel, he said ask blondie for the check.".

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@amazingangel: Zaniel laughed , he laughed like an idiot but stood up, touched the guitarist on the shoulder and he vanished. He had taken away his permission to be in the Area. He sat back down and looked at his good friend.

"So bud, I take it your in?" He laughed and gave a hand for a shake.

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@zaniel @reefermadness @amazingangel

"Imagine wearing a form fitting glove made of moving teeth." She replied. Though with a small smile. The Daemon Manu was doing the human equivalent of chewing its nails. Except on her hand and wrist. It would be a lie to say she had adjusted to it. She also knew Zamiel knew she was uncomfortable talking about her curse.

She offered a wave to the new comers.

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@lady_magicka: "I see, It makes me sad thinking that you have to live with that, day after day. But I admire that you do, Really - That is one of the most admirable things I have ever witnessed" He had just got rid of a guitarist as he said that to her, "Have you met AmazingAngel? He is a swell guy, first person I saw when I crashed here"

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@zaniel: "eeeehhhhhh, Let me check my schedule." He swipes through his phone nonchalantly, " We are getting a theme song.", "Yeah I guess, I got nothing in between pee wee hockey and rugrats. I'm in.

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@amazingangel: "As expected bud!" He shook the Angels hand, the standard white light appeared connecting them, and him to the rest of the group. "Ok...in that case..."

@lady_magicka:@reefermadness: @kafziel:

"We have everybody who said they were going to attend. So this means...I will let everybody get to know each-other for a bit, then we will continue." He took a drink and laid back in his seat, everybody was now in the Alliance.

( So Angel and the rest, talk amonst yourselves...really we are waiting till Kaf can post again for the limit, then if you all agree we will have a practice fight )

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@zaniel: High speed training with Impero was the final step in Milo's tutelage. Though fully accepted into the folds of the Keijijo the clan the ex- mercenary yearned for the world he knew and loved. He was no monk and refused to stay on the side lines whilst the dezidens of earth faced countless adversities. With his newfound power the Tranquil decided it was time to make a difference. Dressed in a finely tailored Givenchy striped charcoal suit, complimented by a platinum automatic chronograph Breitling wristwatch. A glowing smile was received by the receptionist as the fashionista entered the imposing sanctuary. "I'm looking for," before Milo could finish his sentence the receptionist spout a name. "Zaniel? Sorry, you just look like the hero type." A weak smile with a nod and Milo was told to take a seat as he unassumingly awaited the leader of this establishment's arrival.

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Zaniel was talking to his members, but then was told by the speakers that he was need at the front, somebody was wanting to speak with him. He nodded to his friends and went downstairs to talk to the new arrival. Seeing that he was sitting down, he went over to the man and sat next to him, not letting him in yet, he was not sure if he was safe - so kept to the safety of the enchantments in case it went south.

"Hello, My Name is Zaniel - What business do you wish to talk about?"

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@zaniel: "Milo Archer," he stated, shaking Zaniel's hand briefly before continuing his narrative. "I like what I see. I think this would be a good foundation for a marathon against evil. I get the idea thats what your going for. If so, could you use an extra running mate?"

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@tranquil: Zaniel listened to the man, then shook his hand. He nodded "We are an Alliance. An Alliance of Angels, some of us are not Angels however - Are you an Angel at all?" He looked at the man, he thought not. "Also, we let Evil into this team to understand it, so don't be shocked if in the future you see anybody that you may have thought evil, we count this place as sanctuary"

@whitesgplayer ( Kafziel to others reading ) Zaniel turned his head as he saw his brother come down the stairs. Wondering what he wanted.

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(As we agreed, Heron will be interrogating me)

Azad was restrained,yet this was partly his fault. When Azad abused the powers of the dagger, the ripple caused him to appear on this strange island. He was dumbfounded, yet this quickly turned to surprise as he saw Heron. Without being given a chance to explain as to why he was here, he was swiftly detained and put in the basement. He could not see anything, and his hearing was also impaired.

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@azad: ( I am interacting as my NPC Heron, not Zaniel )

Heron looked at this man, he had randomly appeared in his house, using his powers he had detained the man and tied him up in the basement. He could not have people just entering the Island, his house without a good reason. The man had ear-muffs on so he could not hear, and was blindfolded and chained, it would be impossible to escape.

He took the blind-folds off the man, and the ear-muffs and spoke, in his jokey voice.

"Ehh! Soo tell me, Youuu aree?" He flicked his finger and blood sprayed out of his fingers into the mans face. As he was the Angel of Blood, he could do this.

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@zaniel: Kafziel followed his brother down the stairs. He needed to make a solid appraisal of this new gentleman. He was not going to let his brother return to consort with the wrong kind of people.

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His senses briefly were overloaded. He suddenly felt sprinkles of blood dripping onto his face, Azad screamed in surprise. There was a deranged looking man. He'd better answer him quickly.

"My name..." he began to panic "is..is..Azad...."

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@whitesgplayer: Zaniel looked at his brother and spoke "No need to worry yourself brother, I can handle myself, you know this" He turned back to the stranger looking to possibly join.


In the basement with Heron


Luckily this room was airtight and soundproof, as it was used as a fighting arena none of the screamed could be heard. "Hello Azad, how did you come to this place?" He looked him up and down "I sense...you are a man out of time..You carry a magical presence, a dagger, it is not from this time"

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@zaniel: "When you were a part of us, I would not have doubted you. But now, you are among very powerful people. Be careful not to let your former achievements go to your head."

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@whitesgplayer: "I understand, If you have indeed been watching me, you will know I have changed - for the better"

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@zaniel: "You were nearly killed by Zora. As much as you might have changed, you still have to make a lot of progress in order to regain your powers"

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@whitesgplayer: "We would be lucky if that ever happens, no Angel so far has ever been redempt, well..none in our life-times, But I have been steadily gaining some, when with Zoe for example, I saved her from an attack and re-gained flight for a short while"

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@zaniel: "Redeemed, you oaf, redeemed. Literacy was never your strong point. But you are still balancing on a knife-edge. If I don't ensure your piety you will never see anything more than the glimmer of power you have regained."

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@whitesgplayer: "You speak about my pronunciation, You remember how Heron speaks right? He always used to piss you off" He laughed heavily "And you still carry around the complex, Complex of superiority - Well.. At-least I know you are not a fake!" He punched his brother softly on the shoulder.

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@zaniel: "Yes, but Heron can't tell one end of a sword from the other. You, however, are better than that."

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@whitesgplayer: Zaniel nodded and laughed "Well my brother, I need to talk to this man who is waiting, we will talk another-time." He turned away as he chuckled at the Heron joke.

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@zaniel: "Shocked? Trust me thats the last thing I'll be," he stated, folding back the sleeves of his dinner jacket to the elbow. "And the Angel thing? Your joking right? I just wanna do some good man. I ain't got no wings or nothing." Milo snickered with a playful grin then asked, "so am I your guy or what?"