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The world had not seen or heard from Andy in the last couple of years. Lexi and he had practically fallen off the face of the earth, and no word was heard from them. Unknown to anyone they had been living in far off Greece for some time, and it was here that Andy discovered a powerful new secret. One that would once again change the fate of this hero, and the ones around him. Upon coming back to America, with a little push from his long time friend Nighthunter, Andy was contacted by the U.S.A. Government. They wanted to take steps in training new heroes, and needed someone they could trust, but more importantly they needed someone who the superhero community could trust. With how poorly the superhero registration act was handled they were afraid things might spark another civil war. They had to tread the water carefully here.

Once the negotiations where done and Andy had agreed to the terms set he was charged with his first training session. There was a young hero who was looking to test his resolve and ready for battle. From what he had read on the file provided the young man was able to control darkforce to some degree, and that area was where he needed help. That type of power was not tapped into lightly and when kept unchecked dark things could happen, things that could go very wrong, very fast. The other thing the file showed was that he could teleport, it semed like this one would be a hard person to keep tabs on. Andy would have to keep his eyes open and his ears peeled.

Dawning his new look Andy walked out of the empty military base, a place that had been specifically set up for the two to let loose with no worries of collateral damage, or innocent lives being hurt. Customary to Andy's look he still held the red, white, and blue theme. A massive white star was emblemed on his chest as well as many others raining down his arms and legs. The red and blue colors of America covered most of his body as a crimson red flowing cape flapped behind him, but yet there was one major difference now with Andy since his return. He was without any obvious weapons. Years ago he had passed his star spangled shield on to the next generation, into the hands of a hero known as Kadaj. A student who he had helped teach at the Vine Prodigy school long ago. He also no longer held the adamantium sword of his close ally and friend Nighthunter, a man known for many talents. There was also no sign of his visor that once adorned on his head, all were questions that had no answers. All questions that would soon be answered. Now however resting atop of his head laid a large helm of old, one similar to those worn by anceint warriors of Greece centruys ago. It was unclear where or why he wore it, but none could doubt the firce gaze that laid underneath. The stare and confidence of a warrior tested, of a hero who lead with emotion, and fought with passion.

Clenching his fists Andy slowly walked out to the middle of the desserted base. The young hero known as Nightfall should be arriving soon, and just as if it had dawned on him Andy chuckled out loud. The irony he thought that his fight with this young one would happen at night fall. The sun was setting and the sky was filled with a mixture of brilliant colors, reds, yellows, and oranges all cascading throughout the sky as the dark grey clouds moved in, promising of rain. In a matter of moments the sun would set behind the massive moutains that painted the back drop of the area. Soon the security lights of the base would flicker on and it would be time to not just test this new hero. But to also test the extent of Andy's knowledge. How much could his new powers take, and how far could he push this one, and this Darkforce...

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The bright city lights of New York City were glowing through the blinds of a empty apparment that was five stories up from the streets below. The sun had dropped for several hours now, yet the city hasn't seemed to slow down at all. In the apparment was a chair illuminated by the lights coming through the partially closed blinds. Sitting in the chair was a man wearing a tight purple shirt with a symbol of colors swirling purple and greens. The man had short spiked black hair and had tatoos around his eyes almost giving him a demonic look. In the man's right hand was a card with the location of a unknown desert base that he was supposed to be at in about ten more seconds. In a instant, the man's body shined bright with a purple aura, and almost in that same moment disappeared leaving just the chair sitting in the chair with the card laying on top of it.

Many miles away in that same moment that same flash of purple energy reappeared on top of an abondoned military base. As it faded the figure of this man was standing on top of the building, his back to the sunset, making a perfect sihouette of his body surround by bright oranges and purples. Looking down at the center of the base, Knightfall could see a Star-Spangled Man waiting for his arrival. With another quick flash of purple, Knightfall vanished once again only two reappear a couple feet right infront of the man who would train him. The Star-Spangled Man stood several inches above Knightfall, but that didn't intimiated him. Even with his short carry as a superhero, Knightfall had already taken special training from the X-Men, as well as gone toe to toe with the Sorcerer Supreme himself.

Clentching his fist, the noise of Knightfall's gloves tightening could be heard in the dead silence of the base as the two "Capes" starred each other down. Knightfall had been told this was a legend among the superhero community and one of the Earth's Powerhouse, yet Knightfall had never seen this person before.

"Are you really supposed to be the one training me?" Knightfall asked not sure what else to say to the American-Clad Hero.

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There was no surprise shown on Andy's face when the young hero appeared out of no where in front of him, just the glimmering of light appearing a breath before he physically manifested. The expression on his face never changed as he looked the hero up and down gathering a measure of him and then ushering out just one single word from his lips. "Impressive entrance". Unknown to anyone else but Andy however, he had first heard Nightfall when he popped into existence on top of the building behind them. Andy's newly acquired powers were keen indeed as his superhuman hearing had even picked up the almost none audible sounds of him touching down on the roof. Andy was sure now that he could even hear a pin drop.

"So I hear you can control the Darkforce, that is a hard power to master and control. Are you up for it? because it won't be easy. The road of a hero never is. You have to stand up for the ideals and beliefs that villains try to destroy. We as heroes of the world have to be that shining beacon to give hope to the people. We have to be able to defend the weak, to stop whatever darkness and evil that might threaten the innocent. Being a hero is more than just beating up the bad guys, its about saving lives. In this business we can't afford to lose not even one slip for it can cost the lives of hundreds, you sure you are up for this"? With his little speech given Andy paused to see his reaction, this young one had to know that there was more to being a hero than just having cool powers. That this was about saving lives, not taking them. Any fool can kill a man, but it takes a real man to save a life. The old heroic saying still held true to this day, and that was with great power comes great responsibility.

The cold night wind blew through the base at that moment. Andy's cape catching part of it, sending his cap flapping about, ruslting in the wind as the folds rippled like a disturbed pond of water. Dust and dirt from the ground kicked about high into the air, only to settle moments later as the wind died away. "So let us see how far we can push that darkforce of yours" he waited and there was another long pause. "Its time!" were the last words Andy said as he bursted into action his legs shifting into a left forward stance, with his knees bent to give him the spring in his step that he needed to keep moving and to stay on his toes. With fists clenched tightly he threw a left hook out wide, the wind whistling as he cut through it. The sweeping punch came crashing in towards the young heroes exposed chin, the speed was unmatched as his muscles tightened for impact. It was time to test out and see if this hero had a glass jaw or not. Andy knew though that he now possessed superhuman strength and held back a large portion of his strength in his blows until he was fully capable of testing this ones durability.

Without hesitation Andy set into a fierce combination of blows. Following that first strike he came on with a devistating uppercut his arm arched upward to once again try and test the heroes chin. In that same instant Andy took a quick step in with blinding speed to close the distance, both of the first blows had purposely been aimed at his face to get Nightfall to concentrate his defenses up high, which was all Andy was waiting for to deliever his final flurry from this combination. Andy's leg snapped up feircly and thrusted out with his hips, the heel of his foot speeding fast and hard for the center of Nightfall's chest. There was enough force behind that blow to not only knock a solid metal down, but to also send it racing across a room. That blow would knock the wind out of almost anyone, let alone crack and bruise a few ribs to most.

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"Its time!", the Star-Spangled hero said and with that he had jumped into action before Knightfall realized what was happening. With blinding speed, the hero slammed a left hook into Knightfall's jaw. The force of the hit knocked him back a few inches and split his bottom lip open. Still off guard from the first blow, Knightfall was suddenly struck with a uppercut, sending him off his feet into the air. Blood was now running down Knightfall's chin as he flew lifelessly upwards away from Andy. As Knightfall's body remained in the air, Andy sent a powerful kick his way headed for his chest. The kick raced in but as it got close to Knightfall, it flew through a purple light and struck nothing but air.

In that same moment that purple flash reappeared behind Andy, and Knightfall's left arm  attempted to grabbed Andy's right shoulder as he came into view. In the same motion as reappear, Knightfall extended his right hand around to Andy's chest  to pressed his hand glowing with Darkforce energy against the star, so that he could release a blast of energy at Point-Blank Range.
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Andy watched as his  hook slammed into Nightfall's jaw, the knuckles crashing against his lip and splitting it wide open, blood dripping down from his mouth as the uppercut came shooting up. Once again his fist smacked into the face of the young hero, the impact from the blow lifting him well off of the ground and soaring into the air, where one might think him helpless and defenseless against the next oncoming blow. His foot reached high into the air to strike at the heroes chest but only found air as Knightfall vanished moments before the kick would of landed and sent him flying across the compound. With a nod of approval from Andy he went to turn around, it was a well known strategy that teleporters liked to vanish and then reappear behind their opponents. It was trick that an old friend of his named Ronin used often. A trick that Andy had witnessed up close and personal before.

What Andy was next expecting though was the sheer amount of energy that was radiating from Knightfall. He had tapped into a massive amount of the Darkforce and placed his hand square on his chest. Right in the middle where his hand fit nicely inside of the large white star. A purpleish dark energy started to form and within a heartbeat the strong blast erupted forth from the young heroes hand at point blank range. The energy surged through Andy's body making his muscle convulse and spasm as it sent him hurtling backwards end or end. His body went crashing into a large stack of crates far behind them, a large crashing sound emmited from the area as the boxes were destroyed from impact. All of them came crashing down upon him as dust kicked about the area, creating a smoke screen of sorts.

Easily tossing aside a few of the crates Andy quickly rose back to his feet, he stretched his neck moving it from side to side to shurg off the soreness he felt in it from that single blow. The kid packed a punch there was no doubting that now. As the dust rustled about the air Andy set upon is next attack, he would blitx the young man, to see how he reacted under pressure, and how quick his reflexes were. Taking to the air just a few feet Andy's arm extended, his fist clenching once more as the other rested firmly against his hip. Using the dust for a smoke screen to help hide his approaching attack and blasted off. Soaring through the air like a lightning bolt towards Nightfall.

There was less than a heartbeat of time between when Andy became visible from the smoke to when he was going to hammer into the young hero, squaring him up to smack him right in the chest with blitzing punch. The image of Andy was very different now, his cloak still fluttered behind him in the wind but it was now littered with holes, looking almost as if he had stepped into a fire. The front of his costume as well was ragged and torn, the star barely noticable on his chest from the massive hole left from the darkforce energy. Worse over though was the purple, bruised looking handprint that displayed on his chest, the area that had taken the brunt of the attack.

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As Knightfall's energy collected in the palm of his right hand, he could feel the energy release before his very eyes. Even a little shocking to Knightfall himself, Andy was sent flying backwards and smashing into some crates knocking up debris and dust blowing in every direction. A dust cloud formed around the crash site, and Andy vanished from Knightfall's view. "Was that it? That was too easy." Knightfall thought to himself as he sat there catching his breath for a moment. Rubbing his right fist against his chin, Knightfall rubbed the blood off leaving a brownish red smear on his green glove.

In a instant there was a sudden burst from the cloud of dust, and a red and blue blur charged forward towards Knightfall. The force of the blur's speed had parted the dust cloud in half like Moses split the Red Sea. Before Knightfall had a chance to react he felt a sudden pressure in his chest, like someone jumpped on him. But this pressure got much stronger quickly and there was a cracking noise, as Knightfall's feet were force off the ground. As he began to propel backwards through the air, a steam of dark red blood flew from Knightfall's mouth. Knightfall's eyes quickly glanced to the right to see Andy's Helm shining under the lights of the abandom base.

Almost instantly Knightfall's body folded up and he was sent flying backwards like a rocket with no way to stop himself. Quickly thinking as fast as he could, Knightfall's body once again flashed a violet light and then vanished from view. Reappearing to Andy's left side, Knightfall came flying in the same postion and at the same force from Andy's punch. Quickly twisting his body in the air, Knightfall charged his right fist with Darkforce energy and brought it around to connect with Andy's head.

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The sound of cracking ribs echoed through Andy's ears as his fist smashed into the chest of Nightfall lifting him up and off of the ground. The young hero was now sent flying backwards in the air end over end. Blood was spewing out of his mouth from his busted lip, erupting down from his broken and battered body. Droplets of blood splattered across the ground as Nightfall still went hurtling backwards with no way to stop. Then with a burst of brilliant purple light the young hero vanished from Andy's sight. "Damn he teleported again" thought Andy as he waited for an unexpected attack from behind. Placing his feet in a position so that he could counter attack easily. Much to his surprise though Nighfall did not reappear behind Andy once more. This time the young hero materialized to the left of Andy and was now using the same momentum that was thrust upon him to send him flying backwards. That same speed and power was redirected with the simple teleport to use against Andy. Nightfall's body cork screwed in mid air as his fist once again charged with that devilish energy. His fist balled up and crashed aginst the side of Andy's face, toppling the star spangled hero over and on to the ground once more. A bright flash of darkforce energy bursted upon impact which added insult to injury.

Andy's helmet came speeding off of his head, crashing far away onto the ground. The silver helmet spinning about in a circle until it came to a stop. However Andy was not just a warrior born, he was a warrior trained. As his body went crashing down onto the ground he braced his hands down in front of him to help break the fall. All while his leg sweeped out with the speed and power of a leaping tiger going for its pray. The in step of his foot was aimed directly under Nightfall's right knee. Andy was trying to bring trainee down to the ground to give him enough time to mount an assualt of his own.

There was no typical kip-up from Andy like of old. His knees did not pull in, he did not rock onto his back and thrust up with his hip to regain his feet. Instead the hero simply lifted off of the ground...flying! His brow was furrowed with an almost scowl on his face as he peered down at the young hero from up in the sky. Small bolts of lightnging flickered in Andy's eyes as if giving a warning to the coming storm. Then all around him bolts flashed out, streaking about the area and blasting around. Streaks of lightning leaped out from every inch of Andy, many of them crashing upon the ground as others raced for the light poles of the compound. Sounds of the bulbs shattering all around them could be heard as the place fell dark. Only the light from the electricity illuminating the area.

Still perring down at the young Nightfall Andy raised his chin up a little as he looked down to him again. "Let us see what this Darkforce of yours can do. There is no more holding back, let it loose. Let it take over and see where it really is that your heart lays. Tonight we find out what you truly are made of. Are you the Hero to save the world? or another villain? a tyrant to plague humanity". His eyes still flickered with electricity as Andy embraced his full power, the power of Zeus.

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Knightfall's white knuckled fist charged with otherworldly energies slammed into Andy's Helmet with the force of the momentum he had gained from Andy's last hit. The impact split Knightfall's knuckle open and a reddish color started to cover his glove. "Damn that hurt, but I got him!" Knightfall thought to himself as he watched Andy's helmet fly of his head and raddle around on the ground away from them. His attention on other things, Knightfall didn't notice Andy's leg sweep around and strike his leg. His legs knocked out from under him, Knightfall slammed his back on the hard concrete. Rollying over to his knees, Knightfall coughed and some blood dripped out of his mouth making a small dark red puddle on the ground. Muscles tightening, Knightfall pushed off the ground and back up to his feet.

Feeling his glove filling with the glove, Knightfall pulled them both off and threw them on the ground next to them. Caught in the slight breeze, the gloves blew away across the ground. Knightfall's side was aching where he had broken at least one rib, but he wasn't about to give up now. Blood was trickling down his finger from his knuckles and was dropping on the ground.  Knightfall's bottom lip was still split and had started to swell up, but it had stopped bleeding now, but a red smear was on his chin where the blood had been. His tight purple shirt had dirt and dust on the back of it where he had fallen on the ground, but underneith the shirt was a red mark from where he had been punch in the chest which was now starting to turn a yellowish purple color.

Knightfall look up at Andy, who was now floating up in midair, suspended by some unknown force. His uniform was now torn from the hits he had recieved and he too had a bruise form in his chest where Knightfall had blasted him with his Darkforce Energy. Even has damaged as his appearance looked though, Andy appeared more ready then ever to keep on fighting as he floated there his red tattered cape flapping in the breeze. Suddenly a bolt of energy  flashed near Any, followed by several others. Eventually Andy's body was engulfed with lightning filling the now dark and cloudy sky. The bolts started lashing out at the base around Knightfall, a couple of them getting really close to him, but non actually hitting him.

"Let us see what this Darkforce of yours can do. There is no more holding back, let it loose. Let it take over and see where it really is that your heart lays. Tonight we find out what you truly are made of. Are you the Hero to save the world? or another villain? a tyrant to plague humanity" Andy said as his body charged with electricity and his brightened eyes gazed down as Knightfall. "Incredible..." Knightfall thought to himself as he starred up in amazment, realizing now why this was a legendary hero. Without saying a word, Knightfall nodded and as his hands charged with a swirling black and purple energy. Throwing his hand upward with the palms exposed, this energy was released at Andy. As the blast of Dark energy flew upwards, it almost seemed like the lights of the Military based dimmed a little, making the whole base darker than ever.

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Shadows danced about the area as if they were trying to hide from the sparking lightning. Bolts of electricity coursed around Andy's body as he still floated there in the air. The dark red cape was flapping about from the small gush of wind that was being blown through the area as bolts of white hot energy shot around. His tattered uniform clearly visible in the dark as the lightning bounced around. Revealing the bruise on his chest from where the darkforce had first hit him. Even most of the red mask that was underneath the helmet was shredded, revealing his dark hair. His eyes flickered alive and seemed to ooze out energy as he watched Knightfall get back to hist feet. The stain of blood was still visible on the chin of Knightfall from the earlier blows.

The dark purpleish energy started to form around Knightfall's hands. The energy of the darkfoce was building up power as Knightfall seemed to suck out the light around them. The lightning dancing about the area seemed to dim a little as the energy of his darkforce sucked in the light, almost as if it ws feeding upon it. Once the power was gathered Knightfall thrusted his hands upward into the sky in the direction of where Andy was. The gathered darkforce energy leaped from his hands, firing off and streaming straight for Andy. The blast of dark purplish light erupted upon contact with Andy. Spewing about like some dark and terrible plague. A low throttling growl could be heard from Andy as he beared his teeth. The pain coarcing through his body as if it was being ripped from the inside out. His skin was turning a grayish color as the purple energy engulfed his body. All of it seemed to torment Andy for minutes but in all actuality had played out in only a few seconds.

More of the star spangled uniform was torn, his flowing red cape was all but gone now. Tattered and shredded from the massive blast that he had just taken on. Blood was now trickling down from his nose. Andy's skin was redened from the dark power burning away at him. His eyes no longer held that flash of lightning, the bolts no longer shot forth from and around his body. His body now felt dark and cold to him. As if part of his life force was drain, sucked from him in that blast. Andy felt as if part of his superhuman strength might of been sapped out from that attack. He started to think, what all was the Darkforce capable of?

Shaking the thought from his mind he decided there was only one way to find out. That was to push this young hero to his limits and beyond. To make him tap into that power and use it with raw force, in order to do that he had to feel that his life might be threatened. Lightning started to flicker about Andy once more. All of it seemed to be driving down his arm, focusing in his hands as he peered down towards Knightfall. As the old saying went, it was time to fight fire with fire.

In what seemed to be just a heartbeat a lightning bolt struck forth from Andy's hand and rained down upon Knightfall. The crackling sound of the blueish white hot energy could be heard from a mile away. The static from the blast causing even Andy's hair to stand up, the hair from his arms that were no exposed stood in attention as well. The bolt of Zues was unleashed upon the wielder of the darkforce. Andy intended to show Knightfall why the dark shadows hide from the illuminating light.

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Dark swirlying purple energy poured from Knightfall's hands as he fired his blast toward his opponent surrounded by flashing lightning. As the blast made contact with Andy, light seemed to be fading around the two opponents. Even the lightning of a god didn't seem to resist the power of the Darkforce as they two seemed to disappear as if sucked into the Darkforce itself. Andy's uniform began to shred from the force of the blast, and he growned as his skin began to burn on contact with it. But as quickly as the darkness came, it left and the light began to return to the battlefield, illuminating the two heroes.

Out of the dakrness appeared Andy, still floating in the air. The blue flashes of light had stopped, and his uniform was more shredded now then ever before. Andy's cape no longer flapped in the breeze as it had been blasted away, and Knightfall could actually see part of Andy's face peering through his slightly torn mask. His eyes no longer sparkled with the raw power of Zues that it once did, yet the fact he was still up was a threatening sight.

As Andy levitated up in the sky, the darkness began to glow with the bright blue energy once more. This time more focus, the energy danced around Andy's hands. With almost no sign at all, Andy unleased a bolt down towards Knightfall. Quickly Knightfall covered his face with his hands as his body flashed that purpish energy once more. At almost the exact moment the lightning bolt stuck down as Knightfall's body vanished from thin air, leaving nothing but an empty battlefield.

What appearedto be several minutes was only a split second, as a purple light flashed over one of the warehouses of the military base. Out of the flash of light came Knightfall flying at an incredible speed. His body and face appeared a pale white color as his body was flowing with a blue bolt going up and down his body. Knightfall was screaming at the top of his lungs which echoed across the desert, but the only ones that could hear were the two fighters. Knightfall's body slammed hard into the ground, and then bounced up from the force. In midair, his body flipped over and and bounced off the ground again. Slamming back down on the ground again, Knightfall's body slide for a couple of feet before coming to a stop right infront of an old banged up hummer.

For a moment, Knightfall's body remained motionless as his torn shirt danced in the soft wind. Suddenly his body jolted as he coughed, and once more he started breathing again. Hands shaking, they pressed themselves against the cold hard ground and pushed him back up to his feet slowly. With his left arm, Knightfall braced himself against the hummer as his legs shooked a little as well. Knightfall's shirt was now hanging by only his left arm sleeve as the right shoulder of his shirt had been complete burned away by Andy's attack. On his right shoulder there was a red burn mark where the lightning had stuck him. Knightfall's purple eyes gazed up at Andy as he thought of his next plan of action. Knightfall suddenly grinned, revealing his blood stained teeth as a clever plan developed in his head.

Once again there was a flash of the dark purplish energy around Knightfall, and then he was gone. Only to reappear in midair, right infront of Andy. His hand cocked back and charged with with a mixture of black and purples as he thrust it forward. A much smaller blast of Darkforce energy fired forward at Andy and Knightfall's body began to rapidly fall back down towards the ground. As he did he looked up to see his plan go into action. As the small blast came forward at Andy, several feet above him another flash of Darkforce energy appeared. Out of the energy fell the old hummer, heading on a crash course towards the once Star-Spangled hero.

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Amongst the flashes of light brought from the bolts of electricity Knightfall had vanished once again. There was a massive scorch mark on the ground where he had stood only seconds before. Andy was unsure what exactly had happened to him, then the not so distant sounds of a thud assured him he was still around. His superhuman hearing had picked up the sounds of Knightfall crashing on top of a near by bunker. His body most likely warcked in pain from the blasts of lightning that engulfed the area. Turning in the air he moved to get a good look at his opponet. Knightfall's shirt was now tattered and ruined, just barely handing on to his body by a shred.

Andy's eyes sparkled with power as he watched this young hero continue the fight. Dark purple energy began to frame the outline of his person once again. In a blink of an eye Knighfall had vanished once again. Within that same heartbeat he had reappeared just an arms length away from the tattered star spangled hero. The darkforce power charged through the dark heroes body, focusing in his hands as he thrusted them outwards. The blast was smaller, more focused than the last one and as it crashed into his body Andy felt each and every muscle contract and convulse. The pain was vibrating throughout his body causing his muscle's to sparm uncontrollably. As Andy's body froze in that dark matter Knightfall fell back towards the ground. Dust kicked up off of the ground as his feet crashed onto the desert floor. His eyes looked up and locked on to not just Andy, but above him as he awaited the secondary attack.

Knightfall's plan was unique and unexpected to say the least. Andy had no idea about the purple outlining forming above him. With that same heartbeat an old hummer appeared above him. Now several tons of steel was crashing down towards Andy, his body still not recovered from the convulsions so he had no way to respond, to escape. The large hummer smashed into Andy's body and the two went hurtling down to the ground, crashing in a gigantic sound of chaos. The two fell high from up in the sky and upon impact the hummer compacted atop of Andy. It's tires popped off and flung out in four different dirrections as Knightfall could hear the sounds of the windshields shattered.

Smoke and dust now engulfed the entire area, cutting all vision from the crash site. As the smoke screen rustled about there was no sound. Then just as the smoke started to settle and the dust began to creep down to the ground again a sound was made. There was a low grunt which was quickly followed by a spectactical site. Andy was regaining his feet, first up on one knee as he held the crumbled hummer over his head. Then as he stepped up and gained his composure he ripped away at the vehicle. His arms flexes to reveal the well tuned muscles as the hummer ws torn apart into to seperate peices. Each now being held in one of his arms as he stared over at Knightfall. Blood was now running down his lip as his chest heaved for air. One of his eyes appeared to be completely black and swallon shut. His cloths were shredded, just a small potion now covering his lower half. Muscles twitched as he gripped the two pieces of the hummer firmly. His eyes flickered alive once more as lightning flared through them.

Rearing back with his right arm Andy heaved forward, throwing the huge chunk of metal towards Knightfall. Just moments after he once again pulled back now with his left arm and took aim. Throwing the second peice of the torn hummer towards Knightfall. The chunks of metal were heading straight for a collaisan coarse, their target... Knightfall.

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Knightfall landed on the ground as he watched the rusted old hummer slammed right on top of the unsuspecting hero. The two objects when hurtling towards the ground and the crash caused an echo across the empty desert night. The tires rolled off in all directions and dust blew all around, covering up what had happened. Knightfall sat there panting, trying to regain his strength incase somehow Andy was able to continued to fight after the brutal attack. His body was still aching from the previous attacks, and he would need to see a doctor soon before his cracked rib caused some serious damage to his insides.

As the dust began to settle, Andy appeared in the middle of it holding the hummer above his head. His eye was now black and swollen giving him a Hunchback of Notre Dame appearance. Using both arms, Andy ripped the Hummer down the middle like it was tissue paper and held the two peices of scrap metal in each hand. With a single movment of his arm, Andy sent the first peice flying through the air right at Knightfall.  Quickly Knightfall sprinted forward at the peice of metal and pushed off the ground. Doing a corkscrew in the air, Knightfall's body twisted in midair, the first peice of the hummer flying under him. As the peice flew under him, Knightfall looked down and could feel the wind on his face from the force of it missing him by less than an inch.

While Knightfall was still in the air, he was unaware of the second peice that was still headed in his direction. The peice was thrown a little low, but it slammed into Knightfall's left shoulder which was now facing down towards the ground in his mid-spin. The sharp metal ripped through his shirt and slashed his arm all the way down to his forearm, before it hit the ground and rolled off. Knightfall's body was jerk from the hummer and sent spinning out of control until it slammed hard onto the ground.

Body aching, Knightfall got up to his knees and looked at his arm. His left sleeve was now torn as well and all that was left of his shirt was a few pieces that were hanging around the waistline, giving it a tarzan like feel. His pants were dirty and torn around the knees, and his kneecaps were skinned a little bit from sliding on the ground. Knightfall's chest was now exposed, revealing a purple and yellow bruise where his rib had cracked. Dark red blood was rolling down his left arm were it had been shredded and dripped off onto the ground. His left arm was also hanging out of place from his shoulder joint, where it had been hit by the hummer.

Gritting his teeth, Knightfall pressed his right hand against his left shoulder. And with one loud snap he shoved his shoulder back into place. Knightfall pushed himself off the ground and back to his feet slowly, as he prepared himself once more to take on his opponent who seemed to have no limit. Knightfall tightend his fist and brought them to his sides. As he did dark purplish black energy began to swirl around him, slowly growning bigger and bigger. Withing seconds Knightfall's body was consumed by the darkness completely and all that could be seen was the Darkforce energy growing bigger and bigger.

The energy swirling around madly began to compact and take a shape slowly. As the energy began to form, it could easily be seen that it was forming a giant hand of Darkforce energy. The hand toward over the building and the entire base, looking as if it could reach up and grab the clouds right out of the sky. "YOU WILL FEAR ME!!!!" Knightfall's voice echoed from inside the energy. His voice had become much deeper and almost sounded as if someone else was with him saying exactly what he was saying. Slowly the hand trying to reach down to grasp the entire Military Base to consume the whole thing in darkness and fear.

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Andy's body had taken more damage than he thought possible from this new comer. His body was being torn from the inside out by this darkforce. His skin felt scorched at one moment and then frozen at another, as if this energy had given him a bad frostbite that was threatening his body. His cape was littered with holes, practically gone. The star spangled costume was ripped to shreds by this same energy. It now appeared as if he was just wearing red tattered spandex. His face would never show the pain he felt though, no matter the physical torment he would keep his resolve, his determination.

The agile and elusive Knightfall had jumped and skipped over the first chunk of metal, but only to be smashed with the second. The pile of metal had sent him crashing down to the ground and apparantly dislocated his shoulder. Blood was plasterd across his face and Andy knew that this one was pushing his limit. It would not be much longer and the damage threashold that the human body would cave in. Though his spirit might not give up his body surely would. All Andy had to do now was out last the young dark hero. Both of them had taken exstensive injuries throughout thier impressive display of prowess. Each of them seemed to be able to tap into an unlimited source of power and use it to their own will.

The dark purple energy began to engult Knightfall, parading around his body as it built in power. The tempature around him almosted seemed to drop drastically as he summoned more and more of the darkforce. In a matter of a few heartbeats his entire body was engulfed with the dark matter. It was spreading out farther and father as he focused his thoughts. The power was being focused and seemed to take the shape of a grisly hand of doom. As Knightfall screamed out "YOU WILL FEAR ME" the purple wraith like hand strethed for the heavens.

There was something wrong however. Andy's ears could pick it up with he inhumanly hearing he possesed. There was more to his words than just what he said. Someone else, something else was there, feeding off of the darkness that crepted into his soul at that time. A force was trying to rear its ugle head and take control, trying to free itself through this ones power. Just as Andy opened his mouth to call out for him to stop, that something was not right the horried images forced into his mind. Blood was gushing from wounds, screams were echoing throughout Andy's head as his most dire nightmares came to life. In his mind he saw it all, he felt it all happening as if it was there, tangible. Lexi screamed out in pain again as the dark wraith lashed out at her. The gush of blood splattering across Andy's face as he was trapped there, helpless, motionless. His eyes widend with fright as he saw his wife fall to the ground. Her limp body crashing lifeless. The sinister dark wrath just peered up from its black cowl and cackled aloud. His laughter bone shattering, and filled with death.

Back outside of Andy's mind his body just stood there as if he had seen a ghost. His mind had so completely taken him over that he was inaware of anything going on around him. He was trapped inside of his head, watching as his wife bled there.  A crimson red pool of blood laid underneath her. With every fiber of Andy's body he tried to scream out, he tried to reach for his wife with all of his godly might. Every ounch of strength was being focused to try and reach her. His wife, his Lexi needed him, Andy had to break this compulsion, he had to fight back, fight through the fear that engulfed his heart now.

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As the hand of darkness covered the base, a sinister grinned covered Knightfall's face. He was starting to lose himself to the power of the Darkforce, and who knows if he could stop himself this time. His eyes were filled was a dark purple light, and his  teeth were still stained from his own blood and his grinned widened from ear to ear. Blood was still trickling down his left are which was just hanging their lifeless from being forced back into it socket. His right arm was outstretch, focing his dark energy all around them, but more directly at Andy who appeared helpless to defend himself against it.

Knightfall could see the visions Andy was having as his lifeless body stood in the cold darkness. Andy was seeing a redhead woman taken out before her time by a darkness. Her blood sprayed on to Andy's face, but she was out of his reach. Even with all his god-like strength he was helpless to save her, and it was tearing him up inside. "Maybe I should end this while he is distracted. NO! Let his mind fill with thoughts, teach him a less. Show him he is below me!" Knightfall's mind argued with himself as he thought of his last plan of action.

More darkness oozed from Knightfall's body and filled the area, blackening everything around them. Knightfall then reached into his vision of fear he had created appearing next to Lexi's dead body. Running his hand softly against her cold dead cheek, he looked up at Andy. Once more in a sadistic voice that sounded as if two were there he said, "Look at her. Even with all your god-like strength you can't even save the one who is closest to you, oh what was that wh#$%'s name....Lexi, thats it." His words slide from his mouth, as if he was tasting them on their way out.

Outside of this vision of fear the two heroes remain completely still. The star-spangled hero stood there with a look on his face like he had just seen a ghost as he gazed out into nothingness. Then there was Knightfall. His body was beaten and ragged, yet he was standing there with a smirk across his face. His eyes were still glowing a dark purple color and his arm was outstretched in Andy's direction. Purplish black energy danced around these two heroes cutting them off from the rest of the world as the fate of their battle could be decided of something as simple as being afraid of the dark.

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The darkforce wrath leaned down towards the fallen body of Lexi, his evil and vile voice teasing at the fear frozen hero. All Andy wanted to do was to fight back, to fight the darkness with all his heart, but the cold held firmly clenching his heart and holding him still. The body of the legendary hero was taxed now not only physically but mentally as well. Knightfall did not know but he had just played on Andy's greatest fear. The only thing in this world that could break him, that was to take his love away. Lexi had been his heart and soul for so long. Those years ago when he thought he lost her at the hands of Sinister broke him then, just like it was doing now.

His body began to wain as his vision grew blurry. He tried to shake his head, making the thoughts go away. His tightened body began to relax, the fight within him was faiding. With one final outburst he tried to scream out to Lexi in his mind, the only thing escaping his lips was a soft whisper of her name as the lights turned off. His eyes fluttered shut as he crashed down upon the ground with a thunderous thud. His breathing was steady but weak, the mind and body both were pushed to even the limits of a god. Andy's body and mind might be able to take any sort of torment and punishment. But his heart, his love was where he would brake. With the blood stained vision of his wife still frsh in his mind the hero fell unconscious. He was beaten by a young hero who he was sent there to teach and evaluate. This night he was humbled like never before. Even though he held the power of a god, he still had the fears of a man. Those fears are what brought down a legend.

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The darkness was consuming the two heroes, both trapped in a dream. Not a dream but a nightmare, created by the Darkforce. Andy watched as his true love was ripped from his heart by a young hero consumed by his own power. His twisted smile mocking the very fabric of Andy's being as Knightfall gently stroked the cheek of his love. Unable to resist the power and fear consuming him, Andy's body gave in and collapsed to the ground.  Andy's body laid there motionless, his star's and stripes were barley noticable on his thrashed uniform.

Knightfall still smirking lowered his arm back down to his side, and as he did the dark purplish energy surrounding them faded away. The lights of the base could be seen once again as well as some stars poking through the clouds above them. "Pathetic..." Knightfall said as he walked slowly towards Andy. His feet he barely raised off the ground and the skidded across it as he moving slowly closed the distance between them. Knightfall's glowing eyes glarred down at Andy as he stood right next him. Extending his right hand it began to charge with the purplish black energy once more. "Wh-what am I doing? Squashing a bug that is below you. No! Thats what who I am!" Knightfall's thoughts raced about what to do.

Knightfall's hands clentched the sides of his heads and he screamed. Darkness poured out of his body like he was releasing some sort of demon within him. Dropping to his knees next to Andy, Knightfall's eyes slowly opened. The darkforce energy had left them, leaving his just his normal purple eyes. His arms dropped to his side as looked down at his teacher. "I'm sorry...I let myself lose control again." Knightfall spoke to Andy, not sure if he could hear him or not. The pain settling in on his body, Knightfall's body fell to the side with a thud so that he was looking at Andy's leg. Slowly his vision became weary and then everything became black.