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Everyone reacts differently to different situations, some better than others, but even some of most hardened of criminals will react positively to rain, some get depressed, some find joy when water falls from the sky to give plants, animals, and humans refreshment. This is a short RPG (A post is more than enough) to let others know what your character is doing during the rain. (It is somehow raining world wide. Different parts of the world may/or may not be raining heavier)

The heavy rain pelted down Sean's head, shoulders and back, drenching him completely wet. Hundreds of rain droplets aggressively ran down the hockey mask he equipped a few moments ago, it was purely symbolic and psychological to why he wore his mask amidst the rainstorm, it meant to him that all the blood he shed wearing the exact same headgear would be washed away from the waters that fell from the heavens. Two squirrels came out from the shelter of their little homes to drink from the small puddle that had formed near the curb where Sean was sitting down, the two squirrels put a smile on Sean's face beneath his tattered mask as he looked above the sky that down poured refreshing rain. 'If today was a meme.' he thought to himself 'this would definitely be a success kid.'

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Stomping on a child in a burning hospital, the feeling as the rain washed down the fire. Nature became his tears, her cry of joy washed away his sins. Both hands open as he shouted to the sky, a motion that went along with the crescendo of the half-alive. Songs of mothers holding dead children, of sisters holding their dead sibling, of daughters mourning over dead fathers. The mood is serene as his hearing is silent, faces makes him feel warm under his under garments. A strong feeling that undermines the aura of gloom, they did die yet their deaths are necessary for the human race. In his hand is a musical note, a baby formula along with a drug that induces impotency. A blessing from the heavens that will be dissolved in wells and water sources. Listening to the wind, as the guns show up, two men...

soon to be dead

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It's been a long night, a very long night, Angel had been working late, foiled another bank robbery, survived an assassination attempt, sent some demons back to hell and some aliens back to space. He was tired and just wanted to get home, he decided to walk, he wanted to do this the simple way, the human way.......... and then it started raining.

It's not sweeping gestures, its the little things, thats how Angel saw it, he heard that from an old friend, the road ahead isn't always paved with gold an silver, it's usually paved with black tar but sometimes just at the right moment in time, maybe even just for a second it shines and just for that one moment it makes everything better.

"Do du do du, du t'do t'do do do" He looked around for anyone around, watching him, there was no one. "I'am singing in the rain, just singing in the rain." He pulled out his staff and spun around it like a cane, "What a glorious feeling I'am happy again" He jumped up and swung around a lamppost, singing loudly. "I'm laughing at the clouds, So dark up above, With the sun in my heart and I'm ready for love," He jumps down onto the pavement and splashes into a big puddle, "I walk down the lane, with a happy refrain, Singing, just singing in the Rain" He walks up to the door to his apartment and hums quietly while he fumbles with his keys, unlocks his door and walks in.

"Doo-dloo-doo-doo, Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo-doo".

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@amazingangel: ( I feel like Zaniel should find him singing xD )

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@pyrogram: (As long as he isn't in Angels apartment, Angel likes his boundaries.)

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@amazingangel: ( Zaniel followed him home and knocks on his door >_> )

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August Hudson
Richard Hudson

Winter tech hotel- London.

The roof of August's private room at the skyscraper hotel was glass as crystal clear as the hope diamond. This room was not necessarily for over night stays or bringing home dates. It had wooded floors, was covered in hidden panels for weapons to be kept, and was wide enough to spar with an opponent every now and then. This time around his opponent was none other than his "first son". Richard was quick and extremely agile, which was a nice contrast to August's slower more precise style. The modern MMA versus classic Aikido. The pouring rain only made the feud more epic and enduring. Sure it wasn't the typical way to spend some father son time, but in the Hudson family it was ideal.

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Marcus sat in the cockpit of his ship, feet propped up on the control panel. The ship was currently hovering in a dark stormcloud several miles above the ground. He'd gotten used to seeing thick black clouds gathered around his ship when it sat idle. It was just a side effect of the engines. Anytime he sat still for too long clouds and static discharges would start to form around the vessel. But this... this was different. This time, the clouds had been natural.

His vessel seemed to have a drastic effect on the natural weather formations. It wasn't just raining, it was pouring. Massive waves of rain sleeted off the viewscreen of the cockpit, and thunder and lightning crackled and roared every few seconds. Marcus could only imagine how much worse it was for the people beneath him at ground level. He yawned and stretched in his seat. Rain always had a way of making him sleepy. Out of all the things out there... rain could always calm him down. It didn't matter how hard it was raining, or how loud the thunder, or how bright the flashes of lightning. Something about it was... soothing.

Marcus reached up and pulled his hat down over his eyes, humming a little tune to himself as he slowly drifted off.

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The rain hammered down, as if speaking to the sobriety of the occasion. Felix was inside, although he was soaking wet. His hair was platinum blond, at complete opposite to the colour of the man's next to him. The pair of them wore colossal swords, and they drank in unison. As the glasses touched the bar, Felix spoke. "Didn't expect to see you here, mate."

The other man smirked. "Funny. It's exactly where I thought I would find you." They shared a smile. "I should kill you, you know. Umbra has willed it." They sipped their drinks again.

"You could try." He snapped. "You'd probably die. Shall we take this outside and see?" The dark haired man smiled. Their hands strayed towards their weapons, their eyes narrowing as they stared at each other. The tension in the air was palpable, then, abruptly, the moment passed as the two laughed, draining the rest of their drinks, and they stood. For a moment, tension rose again, but they grasped hands firmly. "May our blades meet again..." Felix began with a grin.

"But may we first break our backs with mountains of gold." His friend finished. They exited the bar at the same time, trying to shield themselves from the pouring rain. Felix knew this was a momentary respite, that tomorrow, the man he had just shared a drink with would be once again, trying to kill him. He welcomed it.

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A couple drove their car past the fields, it was a heavy rain and they were on a trip to the woods. His mother and father await them, as there is a surprise party for the girl. They saw a man alone in the fields, cold and alone. He looks stern and he held his thumb up, she felt a bit of guilt. Her man felt a bit of generosity.

After a short session of chat, the man was inside. Sitting in the backseat, he did not ask. He replied. A story from a longer time, how he hid under the bed of a little girl. One with a fear of the dark. She had red hair. The man's significant other had red hair. Continuing on about how he took away her little sister.

The driver slowed down a few notches, the other passenger in the front started to hyperventilate. She remembers. The hand that clawed out her father's eyes; the teeth that tore out her mother's throat; the stench of the one that pulled her sister into the darkness, under the bed.

The back seat is empty.

Their car flipped over.

They never came.

The end.