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Echo In the Darkness.

A dark cloud like mist has been set apon the town. It feeds on fear, hate and pain, when it finds a prey, it makes them mentaly mad till it kills them, feeding off every dark emotion and feeling. It Grows and hunts, always lerking around. It can not be destoryed but by love or deep true friendship, You must not onlly fight your way though the streets of sin, but stay clear of the darkness which is almost everywhere. but you must also find love, friendship and trust, for only after there is a great amount of that, can the city be saved, you can not leave, for the goverment locked up the city. and left everyone else to rot and die. What will you do now?

Do Not Post Less I Say You Can.
Powers yes, but dont over do it, You can fall prey to the darkness.
And the normal RP rules aply, If you do not know them, you have no bussiness Rping here anyway!


Peeking around the coner, A Single Green eye gazed apon the dark cloud that huvered over the bodies of some hopless humans. A light flashed from the left to the right of her eye as she sliped back before she could be 'seen'. She had know idea how that thing could see her. But she new it could. It was growing all too fast. There she was, on the edge of the city, From there she could see the large gates that couldnt be destoryed. Or climbed over..They where traped, Her and the other poor souls. locked in with this...thing of death.

Shaking her head, She gazed up at the setting sun's last lights of the day. Night was falling, She had to find cover Soon...but frist, She had to bargan for some food..This city was Called Hell by the men that are now dead and rotting in some darkened alley. As were so many she use to know.

Lya blinked her eyes abit as if coming back to her sences. It was quite...too slient, the darkness was done feeding off the bodies..and was on the hunt again. leaning back against the wall, SHe peeked over only to find darkness, nothing but darkness. Crying out in fear, the young girl fell back wards as the shadow loomed closer.

rolling over to the side, Lillyana Jumped up and ran the other way, and the darkness was fallowing her with anewed speed.
"fuc-" She muttered as she hoped onto the wall of a building and started to climb. It fallowed her, but stoped short way to the top where she was now running hard and fast. Beads of sweet danced in the light as they rolled down her cheeks and forehead. The warmth of the dieing sun beams ran their weak fingers over her face, and along her fire red hair. Stopping, She looked to the sunset. To her knowelge, It was the only thing that made the 'darkness' weak..That is why the suns set is met with fear, Will she live to see it rise again?

The wind swept by her body, taking her hair for a soft ride that cooled her skin. and sent chills down her back. The sun was gone. And the darkness was roaming. "I'll Stay here for the night then..." no food, again, for the third night in a row..Half starved, tired and shooken. The young woman droped from her shaky knees onto the harsh rocks of the roof top. With her head hung, and her arms reaching out on the ground, she made her soundless way to the egde where she droped down completly. Her lips wher dry and had blood at the coners. Her eyes closed partly as she pushed herself onto her side, thus her hair, like a red flag, danced over the egde, though she didnt relize. She was to weak to care at the moment, She was at a great place, She thought, If the shadow came for her, all she had to do was roll over the egde and die before it could feast on her living thoughts and darkening emotions....

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She woke up, sweating heavily. It isn't even nightfall yet, why was I asleep? She looked out the window. It looked sort of like low lying fog, but it was dark, and she felt that it had a sort of consciousness to it. That doesn't make sense. She pulled back the covers and got out of bed. It will remain a mystery why I was asleep for this time. She went to her dresser. She looked at her vase of roses on it. The roses were black. Hmmm... They were white about 5 hours ago... There must be something strange happening aroun... A scream was heard in the distance. She slipped a shirt and pants on and stepped outside.

Erika looked as the sun was almost hidden away. Few light rays pierced the cloud. This isn't normal... Suddenly, a man came running around a house about fifty feet away. He looked fine to her until she saw his eyes. His eyes looked as though they had been to Hell itself. They were bright yellow, with a wicked shine to them. He locked eyes with her. Erika could feel darkness trying to pierce into the depths of her heart. I'm going back inside, this is crazy! She reached for the doorknob and tried to turn it. It wouldn't budge. Is this some sort of prank? She got the notion that it wasn't a prank at what happened next.

The man had stopped running. He put each of his hands on the sides of his head and started shaking. He fell too his knees as a deathly sound escaped his lips. It sounded as though he was speaking from pure darkness. I wonder what is happening to this ma... She noticed that his eyes had started to change. His eyes started to become clouded with black that had tiny red specks in it. He stopped shaking, and swayed back and forth in place. Then, a small part of the large dark cloud broke off and went into his head. He looked straight up, his eyes were completely black with red dots now. His skin started to move. His bones started protruding out of his body, until they were mostly exposed. He opened what was left of lips and laughed one last laugh. Unhuman in appearance, he collapsed to the ground.

Oh my, what in the world has happened to that poor soul? It looks like that cloud is linked with some kind of deep darkness. I have got to escape. She turned around and started to run.

The sun was nearly gone, and that made her feel very insecure. She scanned the area. No one in sight. She continued running on and then came to a stop. A body of a man lay on the ground, deep fingernail slashes in his forehead and chest. This place is really insane! She stepped over the poor soul and continued on. Erika made it to the gate. "Let me out!" No answer was heard. She tried again. "Let me out of this horrid place!" Again, no answer.

A small voice appeared in her head. You shall not escape evil, for it is in you, and we will find you. She sank to her knees. Get out of my head! The voice replied, As you wish. It was gone. She saw motion a top a rooftop a few houses away. Erika stood up and made her way in that direction. "Hello, is anyone there?"

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James stood in an alley of the seemingly lifeless city, fury flowed through his veins in the stead of his blood, he was no longer an ordinary man, he was a vessel of hatred, he had come to this city to purge it of its sin and instead had now found it already being cleansed...however, the thing that angered him most was that not even he was safe from this scourge known s The Shadows, instead he was also targeted by it, but he was a good man, why was this happening to him and why had the Lord of Hell forsaken him now...he had dutifully served his master for many years, why should he not be rewarded.

In an instant he punched the wall with his fist with such a force that would have shattered his knuckles if not for the fact that his powers had not completely disappeared. The longer he was away from the flames the weaker he became, already he had lost all of his powers except for some minor shapeshifting abilities and the ability to expel Hellfire as well as some healing, for he was destined to never die...only to suffer, that is why he was so much more afraid of being caught by the Shadows, they would feed upon him for eternity.

The mix of hatred, fear and pain...a fatal combination, too bad the devil's bounty hunter had no idea that these traits were the very reason the foul cloud could always sense him, why it desired him, he was its perfect target, unlike him this thing was not slaying the sinful it was going after the cowards, the killers and the dying, it was sin, personified in the form of a shadowed cloud. Yet this was not yet understood by James, he did not realize his purpose for being here was not to destroy the people but the shadow...

As he stood, in the alley...lost in thought, he was unaware of the shadowy tendrils grasping for his back, they were out to grab him and draw him into their endless depths. Yet as he sensed the being's presence he swiftly turned, his instinct telling him something was wrong and in horror he turned to face the beast...he felt vulnerable in his human form...he began dashing down the alley, fleeing for his life...he continued running when suddenly a door was opened from the side of the alley, hands grabbed him and pulled him in...and all went black.

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Her eyes half open, The stars being the now only light in the city, Lya took a small yet deep breath, it shook but was normal for her as of late.  Her slightly pointed ears strained against the night, hunting without sight for life. much like the darkness, but her hunt, was to help, not hurt, Then a voice, so small and clear reached to her ears from below. Carefully, and slowly, She glanced over the side of the roof and saw a woman. She had no sence at all! calling out at night!

"SHUT UP!!" The girl hissed down to the woman but it was too late, the shadow of the darkness was looming towards the woman. "damnit!" Lya fliped over the side of the tall roof and landed with her feet on the ground, Letting the nerves rest back where they where, SHe reached for the girls arm and told her to run. "come on!!" Lya started to run away from the cloud that was haunting their steps. "are you crazy!? talking outloud at night? do you want to die?!" Lya cryed out at the woman who she still had ahold of her arm.

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As Erika came closer to the person on the roof, she heard the person tell her to shut up. I wonder why, it is ... The black, seemingly alive cloud was just a few yards away from her. It looked as though the cloud had faint, demonic like faces floating around in it. Oh, no.

The figure cursed, then jumped down off the roof to reveal that the figure was a she. Besides that it was kind of hard for Erika to make out, due to the darkness. Erika felt the cloud touch her back, just as the figure grabbed her arm and was off. Wow! Talk about perfect timing.

They ran for a long time and then made it to an area that was supposedly safe. Erika stopped, heart pounding. She reached out her hand to the stranger who had just saved her. "Hi, I'm Erika, or you can call me by what some call me, Mantoid." The figure shook Erika's hand and told her that her name was Lillya, or Lya for short. She was also puzzled by the name Mantoid, and didn't like it.

Erika and Lya got into a conversation about what had happened in the last hours. It was pretty crazy, what was going on. "So, you say, this "cloud" feeds off your negative emotions, and can make you insane and/or kill you?" Lya nodded. This thing had better got a weakness.

A leaf blew in the slight breeze and flew toward Erika. It came in loops, and was slightly weighted down. It hit Erika on the arm. Something wet just hit my arm. She picked it off and could barely make it out that it was human blood. It was in shapes that looked like a cross. Interesting. She showed it to Lya as best as she could. "Well, what do you think?" Lya thought about it.

"This place is just plain creepy, do you think that we should try to escape?" said Erika. She stared into the blackness, waiting, and hoping that the cloud would not find them.

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SHe didnt like the girls other name, mantiod, that was just plane weird, So Erika it was.

"no..It dont just feed off negative energyies..but all emotion..the stronger ones, the darker ones it loves the most, fear, hate, hurt, saddness and sorrow..It will find a way into your brain, though any hole or pour within your body, if given a long enough time, I could seep though your very skin..It will feed off your emotions that way, till you have nothing left, then it will feast on your body. suck you dry..the part that makes the cloud dark, isnt the emotions, or fear, its the blood, what makes it strong, is the fear, the hoplessness of it all..and there is no way out, The mitlary has locked this town up, anyone tryng to get over the wall, is shot down from a far..ive seen kids get shot as though they where nothing..We are between a rock, and a hard place..There is nothing we can do..it does weaken, and back off with stronger lighter emotion..love, happyness, joy, friendship..i think its cus the soul has a power, stronger than any other emotion, it makes love, and when two souls combined it makes it even stronger, and if we can find enough people to love eachother, we may destory it..but this is a city of hate, sin and blood.."

Lya explaned to Erika as she lit a few candles and handed Erika some glow sticks. "dont use these less you really need to, When your traped, Its good to crack them and make light, it will confuse and set the cloud back abit, but only for a few seconds.. hopefully enough for you to either get away, or slit your own thoat. its better than that thing feading on you.."

Her voice was grave and low as she leaned back against the wall, From how her pants moved, Erika could see two small bumps under her pants near her shoes, where she ketp her blades, and another larger bulge where she kept one gun, She also had one at her back and a larger one that was straped to her side. like a cop. Her Thick hair was matted around her face, and her wild green eyes looked dog tired. But she didnt close her eyes as she looked to her.

"you dont have any food do you? on you? If you do, save it...if not...."

She looked to the door way with a heavy sigh.

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Erika took in what Lya had told her about the cloud. This sounds utterly devastating. Why would the government do such a horrid thing? She shrugged, "Well, I guess we are in this together, and maybe or friendship will make us stronger."

Erika grabbed the glowsticks. Cool, a chance to confuse the cloud. "I won't use them unless I really need to." she told Lya. She ran her finger over the glowsticks. They were slick, and the liquid could be faintly heard, moving around inside. Better put these away. Erika put them in her front pocket.

She looked at Lya's pants. Shapes of weapons gave her the idea that Lya meant business. I don't have any weapons. I do have powers though. She looked at her hand as it became water. The cloud spoke something in her mind, "I will find you now, my dear." Erika quickly turned it back to flesh. Great, powers draw the cloud closer.

Erika heard Lya ask her if she had any food. "Well, I actually have, in my purse, two sandwiches, some trail mix, and some chips." Erika offered Lya a sandwich even though Lya told her to keep what she had. "You got to eat you know."

She thought about what Lya had told her about how friendship made the cloud weaker against them. I wonder if we can find any more people before they fall prey to the cloud. Erika fingered the hair out of her eyes. She tied it back in a pony tail, so it wouldn't get in the way. At least I don't have to look my best.

Then, she heard a slight "swoosh" sound through the air. What is that, it can't be good. "Get down Lya!" They both ducked, and multiple darts hit the boards inches from their heads. "We've got to go, this is too crazy!"

They stood up, and ran toward another building. How can we survive the night? They sat down in front of the side of a small building. "Seems safe enough," said Erika. I am kind of worn out already, but how long until I can get some sleep, hopefully within hours.

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Lya looked at the sandwhich then grabed it and ate half of it, even though she was more than straved, she new better, must save some for later. Then The darts ran though the room. Lya started To laugh as she drew her gun, her being under the ground, THen she placed one hand on Erika's head and started to fire back aganst the night sky outside the window at who ever fired at her. Still laughing, as though she found the war like state of the town fun and humorous. Then She rolled over the girl, grabing her hand and ran off again. Still laughing, She slamed her back against the wall of a smaller building, Looking up, she could see the moons light dance softly though the greyish black clouds.

"Shit...not cool. its going to rain tomorrow...meaning know sun..meaning..no weakness for the shadow of f*cking death..come on..before we fall victom of the hunry folk of the street.."

Lya turned and climbed along the wall heading to the roof, THen she stoped and looked back at the woman, "The roof is saver, the cloud cant climb to well, nor can the dieing, starving fools that still call the streets home."

She sounded insane, And she really might of been, But after what she has seen, There was no fault for it. She looked down the street to see some shadows moving, but didnt care much about them, just some street 'rats' like her. Shaking her tired head, to keep the dizzyness back, Lya climbed up onto the roof.

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As Erika watched Lya go crazy with her handgun, she was stunned for the moment. I wonder what just came over her? Lya shot and Erika couldn't tell if Lya was hitting anyone. This might attract the cloud, so this could be bad shooting like this. Lya stopped shooting, and looked at the sky. She was angry that it was going to rain in the morning, so there would be no sunlight to weaken the cloud.

Lya told Erika to climb on top of the roof of a nearby house. "Uh, why do you want us to?" Lya told her it was the safest place, so Erika agreed. First Lya climbed up, then Erika started to. Lya makes it look so easy, well, here it goes. She pulled hard and had almost made it when her pants got snagged by the gutter of the roof. Great. Lya saw that she had almost made it and gave Erika a small pull. Erika made it on the roof, but with a large slash in her pants. At least it didn't cut me, hey, now I'm trendy.

They laid up there on the rooftop. Erika felt like starting a conversation. "So, um, why do you think that the government has done this to us?" Erika was going on about it when a drop of water hit her cheek and rolled down to her neck. "Oh, great, rain. I love the rain, but not when I have a killer cloud that gets weakened by sunlight after me!" Lya rolled her eyes. I guess she probably doesn't like the rain, which makes it a whole lot worse for her.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to take a quick nap. We could take turns, that would be the safest." Erika took off her shirt and used it as a pillow. Lya looked surprised.

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"The government did this to keep the cloud contaned..locking us up was nothing to them, to them, we dont count..just think, if someone had the maddness, and got out, a new darkness could be made by that, then we'd have two, then more..then the world would be nothing but a dark cloud of death.."

She grunted as the rain startted. Lya didnt hate the rain, but when it ment know sun, she'd hate just about anything, Digging her hand into her pocket, She got out some more amno then loaded the hand gun as the girl took off her shirt. Lya raised an eyebrow then shook her head with a half smile half smirk on her face. this girls got balls. She'll need it. Lya was tired as a dog, but didnt mind taking the frist watch. it was better to sleep with someone watching over anyway. So she closed her eyes only abit, and let her ears take over, listening for anything, she had great ears, but it was hard to hear a cloud. so she left her eyes open aswell,

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After a short time, Erika woke up. Lya was still sitting there, watching. "Thank you so much, I feel much better." Erika grabbed her soaked shirt and held it in front of her. Well, I could dry Lya and my clothes out, but they would just get wet again, and the cloud would be more aware of our presence. Erika put the wet shirt back on. "Nothing like soaked clothes right?" she joked. "Well, you can take a rest if you want to now Lya."

Erika looked up to the sky. Well, it has gotten a little brighter since I dozed off. She looked to see if there were any breaks that could allow some light to shine through the clouds. None. It is all just one big cloud. She thought of what had happened. Well, I think it has gotten better than it was in this city.

Just then a severed head of a man flew over Erika's head. Blood dripped down onto her long hair. That is severely weird! Oops, not trying to make a joke. The head landed with a thump. Erika slowly peered over the side of the roof. There stood a man, with a long blade in his hand. Erika crept back by Lya. She nudged Lya, but Lya was out. Okay, stay still, maybe he won't... She heard him say in a loud voice. "Hey? Where's my trophy?" Erika froze, she saw the knife emerge from the edge of the roof. This could get bloody if I don't do something.

His head emerged, he looked into the darkness, but didn't seem to see anything due to his fogged up goggles. He climbed back down. I hope he is gone. Erika waited there for a while, and heard a twig snap on the ground behind her. Suddenly, a large hand grabbed her hair and she was yanked down to the ground. The sharp edge of the roof peeled off a layer of skin, and her shirt was torn half off.

She hit the ground with a large thump. Ow, I can't feel my... The man laughed, and took his knife and plunged it into her chest. Blood started spurting out. Got to... transform.

Erika's skin started to lose color. She turned into a small pool of water and sent a razor sharp water pulse at the man's throat. He came down, dead. Sorry, hate to kill you... Due to her using her powers, the cloud had known her presence. She hastily climbed back up to the roof and woke up Lya. "The cloud is near."

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Xyricus floated gently along in the dark, the skeletal apparation was attracted to the dark mist, it thrived in darkness, it served it, It came to it when it was beckoned, drawn by the power, it's emotions were dimmed in the shadow, the already depraved being only fell further.  It was the silent assassin for the Dark, it sought out those that the dark could not defeat, and brought to them their deaths.   It's normally ebony black fingers were caked and smeared with the blood of dozens.   The Skull like head of the Golem surveyed the darkness, It could see in it, it could not see color inside but it could see, and it could kill.          

The thing stopped floating and quietly landed and it's bone shaped feet plodded silently on the ground, it was searching for prey, dellicious screams and delightful organs spilling free of the body.   the twelve foot tall creature was incredibly skinny, being made of bones of metal.   It was looking for someone called, Erika, she would be his victim.  And Her heart and brain would make another trophy.  He plodded around the city, his walk being twice as fast as something of his size normally would, covering 80 feet in six seconds with a normal walk.   But stealth was of the essence, so he only moved at a rate of 20 feet every six seconds.  

He approached a building, and he waited for someone to come out, nothing, he moved on to the next.  He would flush out this person, with the determination only a Golem has,  He then floated up and continued the search flying, which had no effect on his speed, but allowed a better view.   However in darkness his vision was limited to two hundred and forty feet   Outside of that was just normal darkness, this stopped him from flying too high as beyond that space he could not see. 

 He was continuing to track down Erika.  He would not be stopped by any means short of physical damage nearing destruction.   The relentless construct kept on looking until it found a house that seemed to have activity inside, it then waited for someone to come out.  It stood absolutely still  out of view of a window.

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Erika was still on the roof with Lya. The roof had shingles, but it was missing some. Underneath was a large, thin sheet of metal. It was rusty in the spots that she was looking at. She glanced back toward Lya.  I hope I haven't doomed us both. She gazed out, and saw a glimpse of something. Strange. She looked more intently at the general area.

Aside from the raving, screaming, death, and oh yeah, running for your life, it was a pretty nice place. She smiled. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a oatmeal bar. Glad I have this. She chewed on the hard bar for a while, then got used to the hardness. She finished it off, and looked around her. Looks clear to me...

The same thing had caught her eye again, but only at half the distance. That was humanoid, but it looked too big and thin to be human.

Then, a person came running out in the open, yelling at the top of their lungs. Uh oh. He was approaching the area that that thing had hidden behind. The person came up alongside of it, and passed it. I guess it was my imag...

A creature, at a height of over 10 feet, sprung out and raced toward the screaming person. Erika almost cried out to the person. No, it doesn't know I'm here, and that is how I want it to be. The person didn't even have the slightest idea that they were being followed.

The creature easily caught up to the person and plunged its hand right through the person's chest. Bones could be heard snapping. The yelling from the person had instantly stopped. The creature grabbed the dead body and threw it on the ground. Then, the creature scurried off stealthily, and hid behind a building.

Something tells me that this is not good.

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Lya opened her eyes when Erika shook her awake, The cloud is near. how could she know this? It didnt matter, as she sat up and cracked her back and neck, She saw the man runing though the street, Then a thing from the sky flashed in her eyes.

"Not good.."

She whispered just behind erika's ear before she placed a hand on her shoulder, "get on my back.." She said as she turned towards some other buildings, She was fed abit, and rested. Her energy was up abit. As the girl onto her back, Lya leaped down and landed hard on the ground, but not making any sound. Then she ran, faster than before, in the other way than where the man was running, taking a sniff of the air, She could smell meds close by, a psyco ward. great. She ran towards hte wall and started to climb with the girl still on her back, She used abit of her energy powers to hold onto the wall,  and she climbed up like spider man. Then into an open window.She quickly drew the shades before she glanced around the room, There was a dead body in the bed, but nothing else in the room but a set of drowers and a night stand. standerd room for the fools that got locked up in here.

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As Erika was carried up into the room, she felt like she wasn't in this alone. This Lya is sure strong.

She was set down, and looked around the room. There was a dead body in the bed, but besides that, not really much. She surveyed the area. Hmmm... Nice wood finish, antique looking furniture, the whole works. She looked over to Lya, who was pretty tired from what she had just done. She noticed that there was something dripping on the floor, right by the bed.

She walked over to the dead body. Blood, this must have been pretty fresh... She looked at the woman. She had a look of horror on her face, but wasn't harmed there. Erika's eyes made their way down to her chest. There, she had a gaping wound that went right through her ribcage.

Erika froze. She suddenly felt great fear, because she realized that the creature she had saw not too long ago had done this. Very recently also. She turned around to warn Lya, but Lya wasn't there. Where could she be, in the next room maybe?

She turned her head back. A foul breath came to her nose, and she winced, turning slowly for fear of finding. There it was, the creature, only fifteen feet away. It defiantly wasn't human. Oh no, this looks like it could be the end.

Erika fell back, and stared at the tall beast. It was very intimidating, and had its claws covered in the blood of that person.

She focused, raised her hand, and formed a water sphere. She hurled it at the creature's face at high speed.

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Jaden had been driving for 12 hours his eyes were getting heavy and drowzy and his mind was not working at full capacity he was beginning to feel light headed and was starting to fall a sleep the forest at the side of the road was dark and eerie like something out of mans worse nightmare the trees seemed alive and looked dead there branches waving in the strong winds like long bony arms moving in the shadows.

It was getting darker by the minute it was becoming pitch black the type of darkness where you close your eyes real tight trying to escape the already dark world it was creepy round here he wouldnt have come this way if he wasnt told by a man not just two hours ago that this was a shortcut to where he needs to go. His windows became frosty due to the cold sending chills up his spine there were no road signs no other cars on the world and it seemed to go on forever as a mysterious fog began to appear.

The fog was becoming thicker and thicker by the minute and it made seeing near impossible his vision was going not just because of the fog but because of how long his mind had been fixed to one task and for so long he needed to find a place to stop he needed rest and if from out of the darkness a side road appeared and Jaden could just make out a town having no other choice he drove down the road and 15 minutes got to the town.

Jaden got out of the car and looked around noticing the fog was to thick for him to turn back and it may stay like that for a while his phone was dead when he tried to make a call he began searching for a hotel or a place to stay but couldnt find anywhere the place was dead a ghost town it didnt seem anyone lived here the buildings were dark and run down a chill of fear ran through his entire body then Jaden thought he saw someone he knew heading down an alley so he decided to follow not knowing he was heading into eternal darkness.