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(( I've never been good at setting up a battle RPG but here we go :D. I hope you dont mind the lack of setting and stuff. I never work well when I have criteria to follow. But I will say that this will be somewhere near the ocean. Maybe Ireland. The bluffs there are amazing))

The waves crashed against the cliffs in a thunderous roar. The water sprayed upwards bathing a cloaked figure in its icy spray. Blood dripped from her hands as she stood with her sword still in her hand watching the water beneath her. She shifted slightly and raised her sword in front of her and licked the blood from the blade. She grinned maliciously and laughed as she tasted the hero's blood she had just slaughtered. "Hmmmm, I have missed the taste of this." She gave the blade a final flick of her tongue and then wiped the blade clean on the grass beneath her. She cleaned the blade lovingly, her eyes lit with the adrenaline from her previous battle. She lifted her blade once more and eyed it in the sunlight that gleamed around her. There was not a trace of blood left on it so she resheathed it and bathed in the wash of the ocean below her.

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"Adam, I need you here now!" The distress call came from someone Vertigo had not suspected ever facing a situation in which she would need help. Rachel Winters was not only his partner and hero, but his girlfriend who they both had been sharing a close relationship for years. As Adam arrived to where the call came from, he could see a dark figure standing at the edge of the cliff while the lifeless body of Rachel was lying nearby. Panic started to grip the young hero as he darted towards the love of his life, fearing the worst had happened. Upon reaching the body, he found himself standing a pool of blood which came from a wound in rachel's backside, Adam's world was about to fall apart. "nnnn... nnnnnn.....NOOOO!" Fueled with rage and depression, he quickly turned towards the figure. "What have you done?"

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She sensed the man before he arrived upon the cliffs. She smiled a dark smile as he discovered the body of the hero she had just slaughtered. She could feel his rage emenating from him, it fueled her lust for blood as well as her Villainous heart. A small part of her weeped for the man, but it was not strong enough to overcome what she had become. She turned as he addressed her and gave him her most seductively sinister smile, "What have I done? Oh you poor hero isnt it quite obvious? I grew bored and went on a hunt. Your dear little heroine there tried to stop me. So I showed her what it feels like to get inbetween someone bent on destruction. She was weak and wasnt worth the fight, but the taste of her blood did make it worth it. What will you do now? Will you attack me and avenge her death in hopes that you will destroy the person who has done this? Or will you fall at her side and weep for your lost love?"

Kiara couldnt help but smile at the young man. In centuries past she would have left the scene, but as of late that had changed. She had grown cold towards the world, not deeming them worthy of her presence. Many had wondered where the kind Kiara had gone, and who this person was that had taken her place. But her hero's heart had grown weak and powerless against her Villainous side, the corruption of evil had been to strong for her to fight. And in the end it only left this heartless creature in its place.

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For a brief moment Adam was mesmerized from the woman's stare, he then looked down at the body of the woman who was taken from him considering the two choices the villain had revealed to him. Looking back at the woman, he gave a slight yet depressed smile and took a step towards her showing that he was willing to act, nothing would stop him from his vengeance. "This is for you Rachel" Having done whispered these words he darted towards the woman with unbelievable speed and agility while drawing out three small knives. As he grew closer to the villain, he leaped into the air and shot the small knives from his hand towards his target with seemingly effective accuracy, hoping that they would make contact.

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This is for you Rachel

She had stood watching the man with interest. Something told her he would not back down from this fight, and the very thought sent chills of pleasure down her spine. She stood still while he mourned his love and then laughed when his body shifted ever so slightly. She watched him dart forward and gave him a malicious smile as he drew closer. Before he hit the air and threw his knives she was up as well. His throwing knives sliced the air as they flew past her, only one catching the hem of her cloak. She drew her sword in that same instant and sent it hurdling at the man. She did not need to hope it would meet its target, she knew that it may not this time, but she also had other abilities hidden up her sleeves.
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Adam's eyes widened as the large blade that was sent into the sky approached him at atonishing speeds, causing him to quickly devise a defensive plan. As the blade reached within feet of his torso, he quickly flipped his body to gain a few feet of altitude and allow him to land on the surface of the blade. Running down the surface and hilt of the blade, he jumped towards the ground landin a few meters away from the demented woman. He didnt decide to move towards her while she was unarmed and him trying to buy time to generate some energy to unleash a blast of tremendous power, an attack that he has mastered. "Tell me your name, so that i will engrave it on your headstone"

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The man had underestimated her power. She laughed at him coldly as he landed on the ground and spoke to her. Tell me your name, so that i will engrave it on your headstone. She shook her head and watched her blade flip in the air and come hurdling at the hero once more. At the same moment she raised her hands and the wind around them began to blow forcefully. The winds collected around her and circled at her feet, lifting her in the air and whipping her hair about her face, "Which name would you like Hero? Lillith, the goddess of the wind? Or my true name? Kiara, the daughter of hell? Either way I think it will be I who will mark your headstone." As she finished speaking a pair of ebony wings appeared at her back. They beat at the wind and unleashed a spray of fire into the cyclone below her, making it blaze with all the power of hell. She grinned again and flew upwards watching as both blade and firey syclone hurdled towards the man.

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As the woman who proclaimed herself as both the Godess of the Wind and the Daughter of Hell displayed some of her demonic energy in the form of a twister made of fire and brimstone, Adam could hear the sound of a sharp cut through the winds growing louder, he could only guess that it was the blade he had evaded not too long ago. He wasnt ready to unleash the blast that could end this fight, forcing him to choose between the lesser of the two deadly fates to face. Turning around, he raced towards the speeding blade and quickly dived underneath the tip of the sharp instrument of death causing the blade to impact with the ground. Quickly standing up and turning to face the cyclone, he could easily feel the heat which came from the elemental force's source. He had to made a radical decision forcing him tom unleash the power which rested within him, a physical and telepathic concussive blast known as "The Vertigo Blast". The energy ripped out from his outstretched arm and cut through the center of the inferno, hoping to cause the rage and flame-filled force to disipate but failed leaving Adam vulnerable. The cyclone thew Adam's boy against a nearby rock breaking a few ribs, forcing him to lay on the ground in pain for brief moments.

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The blast that put out her hellfire sent her reeling backwards and into the ground. Her body skidded to a stop 300 ft away from the hero. She laid there stunned for a moment and then picked herself up slowly. Small cuts seeps with blood as she walked back towards the hero. She smiled down at him and licked a spot of blood from her lips, "Finally you draw blood. Perhaps now I can show you more of my power. Or perhaps I can bind you to that boulder your lounging against and show you what it is ment when i say daughter of hell. That could be interesting enough." She thought for a moment and walked around him and pulled her sword from the ground. She swirled it a bit and resheated it. "Ropes of blood could work for this. Will you fight them?" She shifted slightly and swirled her hands in the air, the blood that was still seeping from her wounds formed a ball in her hand and began to glow with an eerie purple light. IT swirled for a moment and then formed long ropes that snaked towards the hero on the ground.

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Adam felt paralized, the fear of these ropes engulfing his entire body started to become reality as they wrapped around his legs and arms ensuring his paralysis. He tried to turn his head towards where Rachel's body had been laying throughout the duration of this fight, his eyes started to water and a small tear managed to escape one his eyes to roll down his cheek only to evaporate half-way down by what seemed to be an electric shock. Adam shook in pain as more shocks of energetic electricity coarsed through his body then cutting through the blood ropes in the form of small bolts of blue lighting jumping all over the surface of the ropes and Adam's body. His eyes glowed blue with raw energy as he slowly raised his feet to stand face to face with his opponent. "I will never give up". Suddenly Adam's car started to lift into the air surrounded by flashes of blue lightning and the halo of magnetic energy. The vehicle twisted and turned in deformed shapes until it finally exploded. Something powerful had awakened within Adam Vertigo, he had become a new force.

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She smiled as the man stood. She was amazed that he had not given up like so many before him. But she had other thingsto use against this man. His lovely girlfriend still laid feet away and there was still a power Kiara had that she hadnt explored for him. She grinned at the man and watched the lightening that erupted from his skin. "Your getting better at this hero." She lifted her body into teh air and flew the short distance to his lover, and landed beside her. She stooped down next to her and held a hand over the wound that she had opened on her, "You really should ask about what your getting yourself into, hero." She mummbled ancient words and watched the wound close up. Then she turned the woamn in her arms and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. The womans chest filled with air and her eyes fluttered open. Kiara caressed her cheek and smiled at the man not far off, "I have many powers dear boy. I can take life with a kiss, and I can give it back as well. Do you really trust your lovers life in my hands while you try to kill me?" The woman in Kiara's arms turned her head and looked at the man, Adam?

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Adam was shocked, he didnt even attempt to stop what this dark figure of villainy had performed, all he did was look away and try not to pay attention to Kiara's words. Adam? Just like a magnet, his attention drew straight to Rachel and the two locked their eyes on each other, he didnt respond in words, only actions as he took a few steps back. Its alright Adam, please stop this fight with her and we can be together again. His eyes still widened since hearing her voice again for the first time, he hated the thought of submitting to the will of the sinisterly Kiara but seeing Rachel alive made his will weak, wanted to end this fight now and move on. Looking to Kiara, he shook his head "I dont want to fight anymore", approaching towards Rachel, the energy surging through his body amplified revealing a possibility that we would attack.

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She watched the shared look pass between the two lovers. She laughed and ran a hand over the womans face, turning her attention back towards her, "How sickeningly sweet. But do you think I will fall for this? I can sense your edge, I can tell that you are no more ready to give up. But thats where I get my ideas from dear. Would you like to witness your lovers death at my hands? Would you like to watch her writhe in pain at my hands? Watch the light fade from her eyes as she whispers he love for you on her dying lips?" The thought sent chills down her spine and a sinister smile crossed her lips. She stood slowly and pulled the woman with her, holding her close to her body, she ran her tongue along the womans face and tasted teh salty tears that had formed there. A Malicious light formed in her eyes and she pulled a blade from a hidden sheath and held it close to her neck, "The choice is yours Hero, do you want your lover dead or alive?"

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He watched as the woman displayed her dirty tricks with Rachel right infront of him, shaking his head he knew his decision would haunt him forever as a hero, a lover and living being. "She was dead before i had arrived." He darted towards Kiara ripping through the ground with electro-magnetic fury and finally unleashing an EMP Blast that had consumed the entire area in devastation and concussive force that had no match. This was the only way, this was how he wanted rachel to be set free once again. The blast not only consumed the life of Rachel, it tore throughout and area of a square mile killing every living thing within that area, hopefully killing Kiara.