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The skies were caked in a thick darkness; white lightening lit the skyline up revealing the Ninjan death ships.

There was no pandemonium; the citizens of the California town knew all too well who she was. Hundreds of spider-like drones took form behind her as she stood there. She stood with her cape flapping parallel with the Ninjan colors. There was a fear that the Earthlings gave off, fed Sha’s ego, she wanted every last one of them to cower before her, just like much of her own people did when Earth invaded them. Ziccarra levitated above Sha with her arms folded; giving off an arrogant smirk she asked Sha one more time. “Are you 100% sure that you want to do this, from here on out we will be battling people you once called “Brother, Sister, Husband”.

Sha closed her sapphire lit eyes and thought on it for a moment; Feral Nova, Sarah, Maya, Cassidy, Gambler, Acer, and countless others came to her mind, but didn’t leave a good enough impression on her to ever reconsider. Sha tilted her head back; gazing at the human population with a ruby red glare. As she looked upon them, she could see nothing but the death of little Ninjans whom would never make it to adult hood.

Turning around she kissed her “son” Kurrent on the cheek and then addressed the warriors that would be dying for her. “These people killed our innocent and destroyed our base home world; they treat their own women like subordinates, which isn’t even the worst part. The worst part here is that these, women accept it” Sha said, giving her female warriors a speech. “Here on Earth, it is a man’s world…I’m saying no longer!” Pushing her hands forward Sha commanded her Sigma army to attack; the huge spider-like droid she stood atop of began opening fire on many structures.

The Bulk of the Ninjan attacks were on the American West Coast and the Northern European coastline, for reasons Sha didn’t want revealed. Gigantic skyscraper sized ships moved through the atmosphere flattening the streets of Hollywood and San Francisco alike. Sha, Z and Kurrent stood a mist the chaos and screams not enjoying the destruction, but overseeing that it was done. The thick ash and horrid flames filled the skies all over both California and Poland reducing the major standing cities to rubbish.

“We’ve been in Earth’s airspace for at least two weeks now; you’d think they would’ve mounted some type of counter assault.” Ziccarra said, stepping down from the platform to take over the Californian assault. Kurrent and Sha stepped in another ship, one that was heading for Utopia. Maya was on the run, Kurrent was on the side of the Ninjans; The C.O.P was hooked up to a respirator since the departure of War Killer. The burden of saving Earth fell in the hands of the Trinity Foundation, The Wolf Pack, The OSC and a horde of independent heroes and villains that wanted life on Earth to continue.

The Ninjans were just the appetizer, the real threat had yet to be revealed; somewhere Final Arrow was lurking awaiting to release his own assault on the world. “If We Are Legend decides to rise from the dead, bury them further” she said, disappearing into the cockpit of the ship.

“We’ll have to take it by foot, once we get outside of Solace City; my son…we must take this city for the betterment of our people” She said, rubbing the stubble across Kurrents face. “You do everything to protect mother…baby” she said, embracing him in a hug.

Not long after the take-off, Sha could see they were entering Utopia air space from the western side of the empire. The heroes of Earth had all-types of technology to protect their cities from mass destruction; however a single Ninjan and The electric ace were bad enough.

Kurrent and Sha walked side by side, the Jewel of Utopia hit their eyes in wonder; however Sha was here specifically to destroy what she felt she created. Sha halted with a half a dozen troops with her, motioning for Kurrent to go forth. “Go forth my child, bring forth Glory to the Ninjan empire…burn that b!tch to the ground” Sha said, sending Kurrent in first.

His destruction meant nothing to her at all; he was a mere pawn on Queen’s table. However she didn’t come to be a bystander, she reflected her image over the city through the usage of her light. She wanted them to come, she wanted to fight, she wanted to murder.

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He sat looking into a mirror while two Ninjan warriors dressed him in the fine light armor suit. It was red in color and instead of the S worn by his mother it had a lightning bolt on it. He looked into the mirror noticing the scars on his body. The H scar on his face that he had received from Hayden Miles, his eye that was now ever glowing, a gift from Y-intercept. All of these battle that he had fought in were nothing but training for this. This battle that he was preparing for was the battle for Earth and he was ready to make his queen mother proud.

"I heard a nasty rumor today" he said to the women dressing him. Without giving them a chance to respond he continued to speak "I heard someone say that I am an Earthling, they said that the Queen was not my mother and that I am someone who should be fighting the Ninjan's not leading them" The warriors looked at each stunned. Kurrent continued to gaze at himself thinking and one finally on of the warriors broke silence, "Only a fool would say such a thing, you are and have always been Kurrent Liafador, The Lord of Lightning and Prince of Ninjeta" A smile crept upon his face and he said "Prince of Ninjeta, I like the sound of that" soon the smile went away and his face became like stone and he murmured viciously "for now". They acted like they didn't hear what he said but it was obvious that they did, the other that had not said anything spoke now to ease the tension in the room, "my prince, what happened to the rumor spreading fool". Kurrent began to take a step back as he was now fully dressed for battle. He started to walk out of the room and they closely followed. As they walked he began to say, "I relieved him of his tongue and he squealed like a child. For his lack of courage I relieved him of his life. I will not tolerate cowardice or treason"

Moment later he was received by his mother who warmed his cheek with a kiss. Her words of war sent chills down his spine. He was excited to fight it was all he thought about on the way to Solice City. He was filled excitement and knew their was no better honor for a Ninjan warrior than what was about to take place.

As the aircraft landed he heard the command to bring glory to the Ninjan Empire and that was something that could only be bought with blood. He rushed to the front line, as prince it was his right to be first into battle, and noticed a squad of Utopian soldiers forming up in front of him pointing their weapons. There were five of them first on the scene and other were clearly on the way. They all screaming his name, "Kurrent stand down, this isn't you, we can help you they said" His hand began to glow as a spark of electricity began to snake around both of his hands. His face was angry at what they were saying almost as if he were taking offense to them speaking to him at all. "HELP ME" he screamed as the sparks around his hand became brighter. He screamed again this time sounding more terrifying "HELP MEEEE" and broke out into an attack.

He flicked both hands up into the air above his head using his electrokenisis to make all the weapons the men carried violently slam back against them. In a burst he was in the air only about two feet off the ground flying towards the closest guard. With both hand still electrified he grabbed the neck of the first soldier and ferociously turned them in different directions causing his neck to separate from his spine. He used his right hand to remove his helmet in a swift aggressive motion and launched it forward guiding it with his EK. The helmet traveled at a high velocity and came to a halt when it crashed into the Utopian soldiers nose and forehead causing a splash of blood to squirt from his face. He was dead before he hit the ground.

With his left hand he held onto the soldier lifeless body who's necked he snapped and together the flew towards the three remaining guards who were now almost ready to fire at him. He tossed the body at he one furthest to the left and the momentum of it caused him to fall. The two others almost in unison drew their weapons up towards him, but it was two late. Kurrent was standing in between them with each of his hands around their necks. He squeezed softly and thousands of volts of electricity flowed from his hands to the unsuspecting necks until he felt them go limp. He tossed the body forward as if they were bothering him and walked to the man trying to move the lifeless body from on top of him.The last thing he saw was the Prince of Ninjeta's foot covered in electric sparks over his head and the last thing he heard over his yelp after the forth stomp was "long live Ninjeta"

He began to walk away from his carnage and noticed the Monroe Park transport to New Jerusalem. He began to swirl the fingers in his right hand around and a ball of high voltage electricity manifested above his hand. In a quick motion he thrusted his hand forward sending the ball at devastating speed crashing into the transport to New Jerusalem. The effects caused an explosion and set everything around it ablaze. He smiled from ear to ear knowing how proud his mother was of him, but what was even more satisfying was the destruction that he was causing and that this was only the beginning.

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Cassidy was sitting in the nursery, rocking Thomas to sleep when the alarm went off. He lay on her chest, warm and at peace and with the shrill sound emanating from her ever-present PDA. "Hush, hush." Her lips brushed against the crown of his head and she inhaled the unique scent of baby powder. "Mommy has to go to work now." She laid him back down in the crib adjacent to his sister's and exited the nursery, passing Kastiel on her way out. "Thank you." She whispered the words as he entered the nursery, taking vigil over the twins with Raith at his feet.

Pulling the PDA off her hip, Cass accessed her data systems. It was a Priority 1, the highest level emergency that could be set. Sliding out her ear piece she slipped it in, going into critical response mode. Tying her hair up on top of her head as she spoke, everything was said with a sense of urgency. "Aria, systems report ASAP."

>She and the Ninjans have launched attacks. The West Coast of the US is currently being decimated, as is Poland. There are mass casualties and critical damage. The starships are orbiting. By all appearances this is the launch of an attack on the entire planet.<

With that tidbit of information Cass took off running for the Arcadian, the exclusive data center and research and gear facility hidden beneath the Order of Saint Camisia cathedral, unknown to most. Taking a brief second to frantically pound on Jean's bedroom door regardless of what he may or may not be doing behind it, Cass yelled out for him as she ran. "JEAN. Arcadian, NOW."

Five minutes later and they were set up with all the information feeds. Holographic screens and projections danced before them as unmitigated displays of destruction wreaked havoc on the unsuspecting citizens. "It's going to be a global assault. Sha is going to stop at nothing. She's beyond convincing, she's beyond redemption. She has an entire damn army and I can't believe that she has anything in mind other than burning the world to ash. Aria, zoom in on Sector 2814 of screen C5."

>Are you trying to zoom in on ass's again?<

"Aria, dammit, we're in a state of emergency, just do it."

Cass turned her gaze sideways, her eyes meeting Jean's as they both caught site of what she'd zoomed in on. "That's Kurrent." There was a pressed air of urgency in the room, the nearly silent whirring of the super-computers in the background as the holographs illuminated the darkness. Standing up from her seat, Cass put in the earwig once more, broadcasting on the frequency of everybody who was currently associated with the OSC, everybody from long-time members Angelique and Cassidy to the newer recruits like the enigmatic Flucks. "This is Cassidy Lockheart-Starks, broadcasting on Alpha 1. We have imminent world-wide catastrophe, the epicenters of which are California and the US West Coast and Poland. This is a non-optional endeavor. I will repeat again, the Earth is under attack by the Ninjans, all agents of the Order are being called in."

Turning to Jean once again, she gripped his hand tightly. This was something that neither of them had ever seen. Grabbing the PDA, she queued up part of her databank, getting the broadest access codes for communication with SWORD.

"SWORD? I repeat, SWORD? This is Cassidy Lockheart-Starks requesting permission to be put through to your commander in chief under Protocol EA7. Earth is under attack, we need immediate assistance. Do you copy? I repeat, do you copy?" She waited tersely for a reply, knowing that they would have to pull out all of the big guns.

"This is war, Jean and not your run of the mill war. This is a full-scale invasion and an attempted decimation." Reflected on her pale skin were images of utmost horror and atrocity, citizens being struck down with ferocious brutality. "Time to mobilize."

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A true hero is one that when faced with adversity or unfavorable odds still fights, because they know when the heroes fall is when humanity falls. A true hero goes beyond his limit because he believes the cause is greater than the pain. The Red Raider is to be believed to be a true hero.

Charles sat in his ‘indestructible’ customized automobile, it was one that was built for speed, yet built like a tank. It was immense in size, but inside it seemed to only have room enough for two. Charles was making his route through the city as he patrolled Martial City for any mischievous behavior, what Mr. St Cloud did not know was the problem he was about to face was no ordinary crime lord or villain, no far from that.

Just then a voice is heard inside the car, the voice was that of a robot that Charles built to help with his mission of cleaning the world of the scum that walked it. “Sir, there seems to meta human behavior causing havoc in the city.” Charles began to speak as though he wasn’t even going to let the voice finish it’s sentence, “LOCATION NOW!!!” the tone in his voice showed not only his determination in his mission, but it also showed how serious he was on the matter. “1st and Jameson,” The high-speed tank accelerated as The Red Raider slammed his foot on the gas pedal. “Be ill advised sir these are not common or amateur meta humans, there is at least three and each seem to be of Sha/Ninjan level or even of blood.” The bot continued to explain. “If I don’t stand up, no one else will.” Somehow even the bot understood this.

As the machine almost soared through the streets at unbelievable speeds, Charles spoke once again, “Begin downloading any valuable information on Sha or any other Ninjan’s on record.” “Understood Sir,” the bot replied quickly “Make sure the information is downloaded to my wristband so usable in combat.” “Yes sir, but don’t you think your machine is the best odds.” “No, it is not trust me.” Charles had already planned on how to use the mobile efficiently and effectively, also without he would also be able to use his other abilities such as sneaking, marksmanship, and improve fighting. He made countless sharp turns to arrive to the location all the while, the information was being downloaded. As he came to his final turn the info met 100% and his eyes caught sight of the chaotic beings destroying the city and its people. The mobile was reaching such a high speed that Charles almost lost control of the wheel. The Ninjans caught sight of the tank. Two of them were in air and confused a bit at the site, the other though was on ground destroying cars and sending buildings crumbling down from the center of the street. As Charlie was just a few feet away, the robot announced, “Sir now would be a good time to evade,” by this time the alien had focused on the car.

In a matter of seconds the car was going to hit the being, when slam the car was stopped the Ninjan using it’s power had stopped the car, though struggling she picked it up. The cars wheels still turning at high speeds. “Foolish human,” said the Ninjan. Charles pressed a button and ejected from the seat as he soared through the air, he began to whisper, “1…….2……..” The woman had heard it, just enough to know quickly what was going on. She threw the vehicle into the sky, but it went off several feet above her. The explosion was destructive, but worth it. It slammed the woman into the ground, she laid flat on the ground as her comrades caught sight of her wobbling to get up and fall back down, and their eyes seemed to go a bright red. The Red Raider then began the chase as he ran away from the scene into an alley. The Ninjans struggled behind. He rushed up the fire escape onto the buildings. “I’ve got to keep moving, keep them on their toes. The power they show is surely not one to be tested. I have the element of knowledge, I am the one really in control.” The Red Raider spoke to himself.

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With fastidious focus Mercy ignited the Arcadian's advanced technological machinations with categorical execution. Free flowing fingers conducted a synchronized composition of theatrical administration as illuminated holographic schematics were effortless opened, placed, rotated, enlarged, and methodically monitored. A cultivation of media coverage continually played on the over-sized monitors freely floating throughout the Arcadian delivering up to date live coverage of the austere invasion that had recently been unleashed upon the World like a biblical plaque. Reports were coming in from all across the globe of genocidal destruction executed with advanced military like precision. The warrior culture of the Ninjan race was elegantly perfected, well advanced beyond the apex of human tactical comprehension rendering the military might of the United States obsolete. Yet the heroic men and women of the armed services forged into battle with inspiring defiance for honor, family, and country.

While the Order of Sancta Camisia fortified its defenses on the inside, New France implemented its latest tactical marvel in the form of a comprehensive satellite network casting an uninterrupted web of sectioned grids cascading across the countries atmosphere. Immediately the country under Morgaine de Bourbon's prime authenticated directive enabled the Odyssey Dawn protocols. Instantaneously transforming the region into a militaristic menagerie of futuristic aggregation. As one cohesive accumulation of authoritative government New France served as a beacon of inspiration to the rest of the World. Divulging any and all information pertaining to the Ninjan's. However the alien culture had tirelessly cloaked their weaknesses further complicating the cantankerous chaos.

The Ninjan invasion was simply the beginning despite its profound proficiency. Jean Luc couldnt help but to reply Arrow's descriptive manifesto of genetically copied meta-humans over and over again in his mind. The Paper Raven, Mercy, was right. This war was unlike anything either one of them had encountered despite their collected combat experience. Luckily through Oracle's operational systems the Order was able to maintain a firewalled line of communications imperative to their Shadow Initiative. With operatives secretly planted throughout Europe and parts of the United States the clandestine Illuminati style sect of assassins were prepared to instantly engage the tyrannical armada. Codenamed the Court of Owls, this section of the Order were little more then sacrificial point-men designed to apply pressure to the invading brigades utilizing free running gorilla subterfuge and if at all possible high level espionage.

"This is Amanda Hugginkiss reporting to you live from Action 5 News. Recently we were able to obtain these startling images thanks to the amazingly stoic fortitude of our camera crew. Just a warning to our viewers out there the following scenes are of a violently graphic nature. But we advise that you "DO NOT" send your children out of the room as we our currently in the mist of a historical event that could usher in the extinction of mankind."

Watching in dismal disbelief Jean and Mercy were prisoners of the moment as the Worlds Greatest Living Hero, Kurrent, was apparently working with the Ninjan, possibly even leading the frenzied foray. "Dis is problematic" voiced the Aristocratic Assassin. For in that instance the realization that the leadership advantage the Earth might have been able to bolster had now taken a crippling blow leaving an unimaginable burden on the last most recognizable hero force still complete in its unification despite having recently lost one of thei founding charters, the Last Outlaw Maya Lopez. Hopefully optimistic Jean Luc knew full well Trinity's current leadership position was in the hands of the poignant Mr. Mercury. Evoking an energetic atmosphere of possibilities.

Stylishly through a nearby control mainframe, Gambler activated a large walk in closet that emerged from the cast iron silver plated flooring. Pressurized air hissed as the cylinder shaped apparatus containing a plethora of state of the art combat body suits slowly opened. Each one interwoven with to a customized form fitting vibranium alloy. Peeling off his traditional black Balenciage point tailored dress shirt years of battle scars were immediately revealed along with his ceremonial Sancta Camisia tattoos on the underside of each forearm. Donning the Black Dawn battle suit in memory of the fallen Sovereign Son Jean Luc nostalgically wrapped the crimson shaded head band that once belonged to the for mentioned Section Eight leader around his elbow before finalizing the ensemble with his utlity belt courtesy of Miranda and her Science Branch division. Operating outside the Earth's atmosphere stationed in orbit around the Moon the enigmatic heroine had offered her services to the OsC contributing several futuristic birds of prey that rivaled the advanced Ninjan contingent.

The time to take the initiative had arrived catapulting the King if Kings into action. "I'm heading to Utopia to stop Kurrent's murderous rampage. I trust in dee skills and intuition of dee Order's ability to formulate your strategies accordingly. I can take a small task force with me dee rest of break off into heavily firepowered divisions. Right now we need to focus our concentration on California, Utopia, and the eastern most part of Europe but we must be diligent as to not over extend our lines. Its imperative we stop Utopia from falling. If it does dee Ninjan's with fortify it enabling it to serve as their primary encampment. And with the country boasting the highest level of Ninjan population we may already be to late. With any luck dee Trinity Foundation can hold dee tide back long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Dee Arcadian and Orcale communication lines shall remain open. I advice we stay in a constant state of updated check ins. Remember, Arrow has yet to play his hand which is why Mercy has installed a program that searches for abnormal signatures that could help pinpoint his location. I dont expect all of us to make it out of dis alive but goddamn it if we're going out we're going out on our shields."

Placing his index finger between his lips the Cajun summoned his recently acquired Direwolf. Together they vaulted over the side railing of his stealth fighter's cockpit initiating the rocket thrusters before plotting a direct course for Utopia. Blazing through the foundations labyrinth of underground caves the Nighthawk quickly shot out through a secret mountain side passage and into the air. Sha's brazen contempt for the human race had escalated beyond the point of no return and had to be put down. Gambler only hoped he'd have the tenacity to accomplish what needed to be done. With a quick flip of his finger the cunning Cheshire Cat minded assassin uncovered a slender red handled switch about the size of a broken pencil. Its function a mystery to all but the Cajun himself until it was activated and the inmates of the Ruin Kingdom were set free. Like a heat seeking missile their rage zoned in on the destructive Ninjan army. And even though some of the more disturbed individuals began assaulting anything that moved, the bulk of the societal dregs swarmed on the overpowering alien race. Like boots to ants wave after wave of psychopathic malcontents were annihilated, but it served a purpose as it bought time for evacuation of California's citizens. The chess match had begun with all sides positioning pieces of interest across the globe attempting to outmaneuver the devastation and if at all possible, safe the World.

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Arrow let a yawn escape his lips as he watched Sha attack, his head rolled to the side and he smiled at Renegade Lantern. “I suppose we should really do something! Something big….” He looked back at the screen and then back at orb that was showing him the “Invasion”, the orb gave off a blue light much like a television when surrounded in darkness. It was the only source of light within the room. Arrow sat in a stone link throne while Renegade lantern stood at his right and the son of the infamous Cajun stood at the left. Arrows pale skin seemed to glow against the orb as he smiled, “Flo be a dear and tell the Baron to jump on down to the OSC and say hello. He can take a hundred of the Lockhart clones with him.” With a bow Lebeau left leaving Renegade and Arrow to watch as the events unfolded in front of them.

“SO something big…I was think you could destroy Japan?” Arrow said without looking back in the direction of RL. Without a word the once great hero turned and walked out the room. “He used to be more fun before he died.” Arrow laughed to himself before returning back to his watching point. “Now where shall we make the next impact?” Arrow wondered with a wave of his hand the screen turned from Sha’s battle to a world map several areas where glowing with a red outline. “Eenie Meenie Miney Moe, kill humanity by the toe.” His eyes glazed with excitement at the possibility. With a click of his fingers Australia let up as did, China, Russia, Israel and the United Kingdom.

On Earth:

United Kingdom:

Everything happened so fast one moment the world was reacting to the threat of domination by the Ninjans, when all of a sudden Europe erupted into a war themselves, they had no time to prepare as the as several black portals opened up over numerous countries at once. The portal where five city blocks long and ten stories high, black lighting flickered round the edges of each one, but what poured out of them was thousands of troops all wearing the same uniform, dark black with a red ring on the arm, within the red ring sat a white background and a black arrow head, each solider wore nothing to hide their faces. They targeted the capitals of each country they attacked, the military continued to put up a fight as the onslaught continued.

“This is David Grant for BBC News” the camera man could barely hear the reporter over gun fire and the wind. “We are at war, the military are doing what they can to keep this contained to the countries capital but we have reports coming in from all over the world of the same nature. This is no longer a war of the countries but a world war.” Whips of gunfire came closer as the reporter stared at the camera fear was evident in his eyes. “We have remained at the border of London to report to you as the battle continues, please for your own sakes, remain indoors, “a purple playing card shot past the camera man and along the adam’s apple of the reporter, blood sprayed over the lens, the camera man staggered back losing his footing and falling over the camera span to the left showing the attacker in his full glory. He wore the uniform of Arrow but he was surrounded, several British Marines held their guns at shoulder level daring him to make a move. But he just smiled his trade mark smile before saying one thing “Mon Ami’s,” his head tilted to one side as if measuring up the situation “you don’t have what it takes.”

The gun fire last a few seconded before it finally stopped the camera man had caught it all and now it was his time to die, as he fell, his killer walked over and used the tip of his boot to point the camera up at himself, still smiling, he cleaned the blood away from his face “London is ours…” and then his foot broke the lens off, but the sound was still broadcasting to the nation. Screams and gunfire could be heard in every house hold in the United Kingdom but they were not alone in their horror as the same story was being told in Australia, China, Russia, Israel and Japan was under siege from one man. War had come to the human race and so far they had been found unprepared.


The emerald light gave a comforting glow over Tokyo for only moments before the destruction started. At first he just started killing randomly, playing with his prey as it ran trying to hide from his power. A heinous smirk crossed his face as he tore one man a part like he was a rag doll. The sound of tank fire broke the night sky as they began to fight back, but it was to no avail, each explosion against his emerald shield just made him laugh. He could end Tokyo quickly, without even straining himself. But he was more like Final Arrow then he cared to admit, he enjoyed the torture and the pain he caused it had always been inside him. Even before Arrow had begun his campaign to twist the once great hero, it was a darkness that he thought he had to fight, something that was meant to be kept at bay, Oh how wrong he had been!

He aimed one hand at the squadron of tanks that had taken up a stance on the western side of the city and a green wave the size of the tallest building began surging towards the tanks, sweeping up everything in its way. As it hit the tanks it stopped, in a perfect square the tanks submerged within it. He felt their lives leave their bodies and excitement took over, his eyes darkened as he began releasing waves in every direction and let the deaths of so many engulf him, his manic laughing was all that could be heard for miles around. Renegade Lantern had returned and he was happy to be alive.


The ancient crimson wooden doors that kept the temple shut splintered off their hinges and flew into the court yard. At the remains of the door stood the baron he wore a long green rifles man jacket that stopped just above his feet, underneath the forest green jacket he had once again dawn uniform of an SS officer, but in place of his old symbol sat the markings of Arrows army. He felt them all around him; he was impressed by the speed in which they had replied to the frontal assault, even the most well trained combatant would have missed the subtle tells to the Baron was something more. His powers had never been revealed, not to their full potential he had shown what he was capable of in small part throughout the years, but he had never yet shown his true strength.

The shift of feet brought his head to the left; a sword was bearing down on him from above and just before it could strike it was met with another blade. The Sovereign Son clones, where efficient in combat, they were an exact replica of the man himself. He watched as they flooded past him and the battle began. It was a most impressive battle, that even the lower level of the OSC could hold the battle for this long against superior combatants. If he could feel enjoyment he supposed this is what it would have been, to face an equal in combat, but he had a task to do before him and this was only slowing him down. The black leather of his gloves tightened as he extended his hand forward and the several crimson guards of the OSC fell dead before him. Each clone at the same time replaced their blades and looked for direction.

Sparrow was already moving towards the court yard, he opened his com link direct with Gambler “Master , we have come under attack, no matter what happens do not return, I will hold the temple as long as I can...it has been an honour.” Several OSC ninjas where following behind Gamblers personal guard. Gambler had supplied him with the suit he now wore, similar to the mechanised one that Gambler had dawned many years ago, this heightened all of Sparrows skills and constantly supplied gambler with information on any battle that Sparrow was under taking. Before the suit had been black but Sparrow had changed it to white, a single cherry blossom leaf sat on the right upper shoulder so that Surreal would always be with him.

The suit had no eye holes and covered his whole face, it was like a two way mirror and supplied Sparrow with information on who he was fighting against, on the back of the armour sat his two blades with a smaller one at his hip. As he entered the courtyard he felt anger rage within him at the sight of his wives brother being used in such away. But then he locked eyes on The Baron he simply smiled back at him.

“Shall we begin” the Baron said in a thick German accent.

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“PAIGE DAMNIT STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!!” Sean screamed, spinning out of the way of the persistent Ninjan fire. {It would appear as if the Ninjans are using Kurrent as their pawn} Jeeves responded relaying every known Ninjan attack to Sean’s screen. “They’re…everywhere” he whispered completely in reverence at the strategic locations of the attacks. “Sean, we’re taking heavy damage here, I’m not sure if our bunker will even hold…” Paige said, holding Sean’s little baby girl with the look of panic proliferating on her face. “Paige…tell SJ to put on the Sprint” Sean said, reluctantly. His son knew how to operate the prototype; as a matter of fact SJ knew how to work it better than Sean did. “No…” Paige said, with tears ruining her mascara. “Paige, listen if he doesn’t put the suit on you guys are dead!” He responded tersely.

“SJ…put on the Sprint….” Paige finally said; from his monitor Sean could see a bright light flash from behind Paige, then the video feed went dead. “DAMMNIT!!!!” he feared the worst, that is until Jeeves chimed in {I’m sorry sir, I accidentally changed the channel}. He had to keep his composure; these Ninjan women were some of the most elite strategist he’d ever come across. “Jeeves, contact anyone who currently has an Editman”. {Even your wife sir?} Jeeves asked, tapping into the U.S Military HRC files. “No, not her” he said, still thinking about his children. {Well then that leaves just you and Mac Johnson…} Jeeves said, {Sir, your wife’s suit just went online…}

“What give me visuals” his computer screen instantly went to that of Paige, in her Editman. “Paaige, would you like to explain to me what the hell you’re doing?” Sean asked in an almost curious manner. “I’m saving the world” She said, activating her Jeeves system. Her Jeeves was a female and made Sean’s Jeeves undoubtedly jealous. {Oh god, such a show off} Jeeves said, unimpressed.

[You still haven’t gotten an upgrade, shame.] Paige’s Jeeves responded, creating a sort of awkward silence between the two pilots. “Honey Keep in touch…” Sean said ending, the conversation.

He was doing his best to shake a Ninjan Predator; flying in and out up and down the buildings of Solace City, he couldn’t shake the vixen. “What do we know about these Ninjans…?” Sean said, spelling his name in the Solace City skyline. {They’re weak to water…incredibly strong and all female} Jeeves said. “Sounds like a yeast infection” he said, jokingly. Flying over the Solace City bay, he rerouted his thrusters so that they allowed for him to turn mid-flight.

Turning around he dispensed a thick smoke, to render the Ninjan blind; well that’s what he hoped it would’ve done, but the Ninjan seemed to have impeccable sight even through the smoke. {Oh yeah…they have impeccable sight} Jeeves responded, as the Ninjan cut through the smoke laying a powerful haymaker across the Vibranium clad helmet.

She quickly retracted her hand as if she were in pain. “Yeah trust me, getting that upgrade hurt me a lot more than it just hurt you” he said, flying his knee into the woman’s abdomen and then polish hammering her into the harbor. “Jeeves, let it be known…that I Editman…killed a Ninjan” He said, flying back into Solace City.

Before he could even push towards the city a huge explosion rocked the area beneath him. Hundreds of people perished trying to get to the safe haven city of New Jerusalem. “What the…” Sean said, looking for the culprit. “Kurrent…” He said, about to fly in pursuit, that is until he saw the person behind it all projected high into the heavens. “Is that…” He said, instantly tracking her heat signature, and charging forth. “If she dies…this ends” Sean said, charging his primary weapon. {If we die…WE END} Jeeves responded terrified.

Approaching bane of man’s existence, Sean fired his high powered repulsar cannon, trying to eliminate Sha. {Doesn’t she have Magnetism…} Jeeves asked curiously. “Sh!t Jeeves…”

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Hovering silently high in the Earth's harsh atmosphere, mighty Alceus found peace and solace in a quiet yet unbearable environment. All the while, his numerous god-like senses focused on whatever sound attracts his attention. "Final Arrow's going to launch a war on the world. But I wonder when? We've prepared but did we do it early enough?", he asked himself, forsaking his mental tranquility as he nervously considered the consequences of possibly not having prepared for such an event early enough. The unforgettable event known as Gears of War not only marked a new chapter in his life but the very nature of the Trinity Foundation as well. The Utopian team's former leader Maya Lopez was being charged with war-crimes for her actions against legendary Kurrent and having left her role as ruler of Utopia to fellow Trinity member Shinji, Maya was now fighting off relentless pursuers who's only desire is to force her to face the consequences of her unlawful actions. It was an unexpected and sorrowful turn of events.

However, Shinji's appointment as Emperor of Utopia has left The Champion with new responsibilities. Now a Trinity Squad leader, Utopian diplomat, and Olympus Liason, the valiant hero has been stacked with new important responsibilities. But of course, his main priority which stands above all else due to his powerful altruistic heroism is his role as a hero and savior even. "I hope everything turns out well for Utopia under Shinji's rule", Alceus murmured, his concern for the drastic alterations forced upon the country was something that he simply could not conceal. Gently shutting his eyelids as a fruitless attempt at peaceful relaxation was made, suddenly, in a heartbeat, the Son of Olympus' godly sense of hearing managed to detect a faint explosion countless meters below in Utopia. Quickly descending from the high atmosphere at quite the remarkable level of speed, The Champion's eyes widened with shock and surprise as the infrastructure nearby and surroundings of Monroe Park were all consumed by rampant flames that have all been lit ablaze. A superhuman energy-signature instantly luring the Olympian's energy-senses towards them, a speechless Alceus spotted what appeared to be a mind-controlled Kurrent.

One of the legendary heroes that have sacrificed themselves time and time again for the benefit of the world, Kurrent must honestly not be himself to commit such atrocious acts. "What the hell is going on?", he asked, his shocked icy blue eyes glancing around his environment, spotting the numerous bloodied lifeless body of Utopian police officers who no doubt died defending their country against Kurrent's prior assault. Extending his hands towards the flames, his open palms aimed at the rising flames that burned with a scorching hot temperature, The Champion utilizing his master-class energy manipulation, rapidly decreased the thermal energy that fueled the flames, completely extinguishing them as he soon turned his attention to the Excellence of Electrocution. Feeling a disturbance in the air, mighty Alceus' attention drifted away from Kurrent as he looked upwards and his eyes were witness to Sha projecting a colossal image of herself over the city, fortunately, an arriving Editman soon attacked her, allowing Alceus to return his attention to Kurrent. "I would usually try and reason with someone like you. But right now that would be pretty useless", The Champion said, addressing the legendary hero.

His eyes burning with an anger over the current battered state of the nation he has sworn to protect, the Son of Olympus' eyes soon began pulsating an intense golden energy. "You don't seem to be in your right mind. And even if I do respect you for everything you've done prior to this, I just can't let you continue with doing harm to this place. Your fight is with me", The Champion stated, boldly, no fear, only determination and confidence. The desire to protect the innocent and defend Utopia proving much greater than his respect and admiration for legendary Kurrent. Speedily dashing over to Kurrent's right side, powerful Alceus threw a lightning-fast right hook, one imbued with virtually peerless physical power that even great Hercules would cower before. Should his attack miss, the Son of Olympus proceeded by sliding several meters from the Excellence of Electrocution and shooting a colossal cosmic energy beam from his palm towards his opponent. And as he anticipated a counterattack from his opponent, heroic Alceus contacted Shinji through his Trinity comm, "I don't think I need to tell you that we have a situation here. Ninjans are invading Utopia. I'm dealing with Kurrent right now but we're going to need backup for this", he advised, refocusing his attention on his soon to be epic battle with the Excellence of Electrocution.

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Central Antarctica..........................

Electronically lit bars filled to red, reaching critical mass. Symphonic beeping noises sounded as the machines, and the people in the room witnessed from far below, the happenings on top of the world. However, their safety was assured. Nothing could reached them with mountains of ice floating above them, no one even knew that they were there. One un-important lab technician walked up to the woman, watching attentively in the swivel chair, tapping her on the shoulder. Immediately her attention was drawn to him, she turned and faced him. His face read of worry, and she knew that she was going to be drawn into her work once again.

The lab technician spoke. "Emon. We can't sustain the persona transition for much longer. If we keep the Oracle trapped inside Atticus for much longer, his body will not be able to contain the energy output. We have to send Avery back to 5250. now or we won't get another chance for at least two more years." The blonde lady, sat back in her chair, obviously questioning herself, rolling over what to do in her mind. Her fingers came up to meet her lips in a tent, and she sighed. "It appears as if I'm loosing my touch." "Send them both back" By both she meant Avery and the Oracle.

The lab technician left the room, and enacted the orders given to him by one Emon Atrem. The energy reading bars came back to green, and the beeping noises stopped. Also the worries of the lab rats settled, for the knew that now, there would be no chance for them having to face the wrath of the Oracle, or for that matter, Avery Spottswood's persona. They would try it again, soon, but for now, Atticus Blaire would be left to his actual powers, not those that seeped out because of their tampering.

She entered a room, darkly lit, cold and sterile. "We failed." A little noise, something to the like of a dogs growl echoed, and Emon left, closing the door behind her. She walked down the hall back to the monitoring room, and sat down, smiling.

What was left of Realgam City.........

With Maya gone, and Shinji now in charge, whom Atticus had his own quarrels with, things could not get any worse. Realgam City was the over run with chaos and destruction, having already been leveled by the invading drones, and Ninjan weaponry. But if the external turmoil could make half as much sense as the internal problems he was having, everything could be okay.

Since the arrival of the Ninjan invasion, Atticus had been in a state of flux. It had started the instant Maya named an old companion of hers. His name: Avery Spottswood. That much was known. But why it meant something to him, was not clear. What it meant was about as foggy as a harbor on a cloudy evening. But never the less, something important was brought with the name. Knowledge of his abilities. It was like, all of a sudden every possilbe atmoshperic anomoly was at his fingertips, and with a snap they could be done. Something inside him, told him how, or maybe gave him the knowledge from some cache that he didn't know he had.

Today, just as quickly as they came, the knowledge was gone. He tried to summon a rainstorm that would wash Realgam city clean, and not even a cloud moved with the wind. Atticus tried to summon, snow, lightning, wind...Something to assure himself that he wasn't completely useless in the fight to protect Utopia. But nothing would come, and he was in fact completely useless.

Central Antarctica

Emon Atrem entered the lab room, where enormous screen illustrated the world above them. She walked over to the screen input label Atticus Blaire: 101. There were ten men and women with the signature headsets on responding to data fed through them, and she spoke. "Engage... On my count." She paused for seven seconds and spoke again."Three. Two. One"

Realgam City.............

A streak of light contrasted the smoke painting the sky. It was Sha, using her abilities of light production to broadcast her image over Utopia. A bold and braisened tactic. One that worked. And it was in that moment that something else took over Atticus. Like before, but different. His body knelt, having been thrown by some unknown force. With his mouth agape, black ooze began trickle out, stripping his mahogany skin, with its black, sticky, inkiness. Smoke lifted from his lungs as if he'd inhaled a muffler. But there was no pain, it actually felt natural, unlike the weather that he's always found a struggle to handle. This was his home, his niche. The smoke took on a life of its own, enveloped him in it like a body suit. The darkness, dyed him completely.

Fiericely confident now, with the powers bestowed upon him, Atticus sprouted a pair of wings, and he flew toward the light.

Central Antarctica

"Ms. Atrem, the transition is complete" She smiled, her tanzanite blue eye glared with the might of a god. "Everything is going according to plan" She said, as she walked toward a room only she was allowed to enter. Inside was a broad, gigantic board, sectioned off into four parts, with scribbles scattered over every quarter. She added a tick mark to the middle board, and side stepped to the final section, crossing out a line of text.

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Though the Ninjans had only begun their assault on Earth, the young Emperor Shinji Tsukazaki knew that humanity had to take its stand here and now. And make it count.

Spiderlike Ninjan warships gathered around Utopian cities barricaded from its core by a tapestry of electrocosmic scramber fields, looming high above the city itself and stretching outside the cities bounds for over ten miles.

If the Ninjans managed to locate and destroy the opaline orb generators when they descended from their warships, the cities were open to destruction, like so many times before. It wouldn’t be an easy task cracking the alien Orion material encasing the generators. As the new emperor of the country, Shinji wasn’t letting that happen.

“Shinji-san!” Shinji’s father, Johto, yelled off in Japanese through the live feed of panoramic screens arrayed at before him. “Are these demons attacking Japan of Ninjan orchestration as well?” His father was the former Minister of Defense in Japan before the Nakamura family took Imperial control of the country and over the years nurtured a resourceful amount knowledge on the Ninjan Empire, including their bellicose tactics. But these creatures attacking were never associated with the matriarchal alien race.

Removing his black and white Haori kimono jacket, Shinji began gearing up in his ablative Naito armor while talking to his father via Tokyo. “ No, I have Kiko and Ejima on their way to remove you all from the country.” He snapped, frustrated with volley of strikes unfolding around him. “Don’t try anything brash, stay put until then. Echo, Jimi, Grandma-ma, mother…they need you. Alive.”

Shinji turned around stepping into his black and ivory ablative armor greeted with a cold stare from his father. “What is the meaning behind you taking rule of that country?” He said, his voice in a prominent and low timbre. A timbre Shinji was all too familiar with.

“Not the time. I’m in the middle of an alien war. Stay put--” The New Jerusalem briefing room door hissed open with Justin Cortez, walking in with Shinji's five-month-old son Alexander then leaning against the wall with a heavy sigh. His curly black hair was slightly mussed from sweat and exhaustion. “She has a….hologram of herself....over the…city… ” Shinji let his father know he had to leave with a quick glance then checked on his son and cousin.


“This is our last stand! Our last time!” the Special Marines Centurion Zamorra Kalor, stood before a humbled stock of Utopian soldiers fuming off the permeating smell of war and redemption. Her glowing orange eyes served as a symbol of unassailable tenacity.

She commanded a special company of Xechelluem mutated Utopian Marines. Each member harnessed their own unique superhuman ability Trained as a squad to exercise their sudden bestowment of power to make for superlative biological weapons. Emperor Shinji commissioned Zamorra herself as the figurehead of the operation. A Derekken’s Xecchellum mutate herself she lost all sanity as her mutation peeled the human flesh from her vessel to unveil pure thermal energy. She found sanctuary and her sanity again in a Xechellum rehabilitation center. Months later, with her fellow Marines, they returned to the Utopian society with purpose and direction. This was war was their purpose, what they were retrained for stacking onto their Marine education and procedures.

Zamorra's body sparked on fire like a burning vigil candle and she ascended off the marble surface. And without word she exploded out the Congress Building's basilica in a rapid fire for the sky leading her century of mutant soldiers to batttle. Meeting the female Ninjan invaders mid-air a light show of incinerating power. Nationwide centurions like Zamorra lead hundreds of superhuman marines to defend their country. With the declaration that their people would be an accessory no longer.


Pulling his ablative Naito helmet over his head, Shinji held Alexander one last time before he saw Justin shuttle out the country for safe haven. Shinji felt an overwhelming amount of emotion wash over him. Recently manifesting his telepathic ability, Alexander synced his emotions to others without any control over its intensity. No matter Shinji’s understanding of his son’s premature power, he felt his son’s “Take care of my boy” Shinji’s voice was low..stern and calming. He planted a kiss on his child’s jet black baby hair and passed him off to Justin with a soothing grin. Shooting him an informal goodbye salute. "Hurry..." He urged, watching Justin backpedal towards the door his calm son. Deemed a child only on the surface from his small stature and natural spasm of limbs, Shinji watched him leave knowing he would grow to be a better man than he ever was. Stepping out the briefing room to watch Justin and Alexander depart to the remaining shuttle bay for secret sanctuary.

Shinji's commline beeped in his ear to notify him of an incoming message. "Surkit in Jerusalem HQ. Is anybody here? Kurrent destroyed the transport. I'm stranded--Shinji..." Surkit glanced up inches before bumping into Shinji head first. "That's the main commline. I'll show you the emergency transport." Taking stride down the south direction of the corridor, Shinji warmed Surkit up to the Ninjans. "They're weak to water, so you can do good damage with a mix of it and your electricity. They're strong, but they can be killed like humans. You just have to pack a harder punch...or you can opt for decapitation." Shinji accessed the emergency transport and shot up to Solace City to join the battle against the invading Ninjans. He had his special task force on standby while he and Surkit gauged the situation.

"Trinity, Utopia is under invasion. Kill every Ninjan on site. We take no prisoners! We're dealing with an assault on both front. Final Arrow and the Ninjan Fleet. Suit up!" Shinji commanded, flying against the rush of wind with Surkit towards Solace City. His comm bleeped once again for an incoming message as Surkit and he entered the heart of Solace City, watching Amazonian Ninjans wreaking havoc to the cities structures. It was Alceus a message from Alceus" I don't think I need to tell you that we have a situation here. Ninjans are invading Utopia. I'm dealing with Kurrent right now but we're going to need backup for this." Another member of the Trinity he held in high regard and the utmost faith. He was the quintessential hero.

Dropping to the street, Surkit and Shinji caught sight of Sha. "Surkit and I are here, Alceus. Sha is in our sights..." He said, ending his communication and unsheathing his Atugawa Akira blade. "Keep your distance, Surkit. I'll move in for close combat while you take her from a distance. Do what you must, but we're taking her out." Hovering into the air with his blade unsheathed, he speed forward falling from the sight of the human eye. To Surkit there was the illusion of him disappearing, but to Sha she saw him striking at velocity below light speed.

He rose his sharp blade vertically above his head as he dropped roughly a foot away from her. Unleashing a furious combo of cuts and sword thrust at her fatal regions. Cuts at the throat, thrust at her larynx, pierces aimed at her heart, radial slashes to recover his distance. He engaged battle with Sha ready to die for humanity. Knowing their fight was only beginning.

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Ruin City, California

A fist slammed into the Fire Goddess’ face, causing her to stumble back for a second as her emerald eyes focused on a red haired Ninjan, her hands lunging a blade forward to cut through the heroes flesh. With a flick of her wrist she jerked her own blade out, The Honno Tachi, countering the attack and slamming her own blade into the abdomen of the Ninjan. Blood spilled along the ground as a spider like droid suddenly leaped upon the WALlies back.

“UMPH!” she fell forward on top of the bleeding Ninjan, the metallic spider reveling its fangs, dripping with a Ninjan venom. “AH! SPIDER!!!” She yelled out, her body burst into flames, catching not only the droid on fire but also the warrior beneath her. The droid jumped off of her and began scattering away while on fire, slamming into its self into another Ninjan before exploding from the intense heat of the heros’ flames. “I HATE spiders.” She blurted out before looking into the sky. Ninjan's flew through the skies, pushing the fight forward while plaguing the lands they flew over with darkness. "Its like fighting thousands of Sha's..." she whispered to herself before throwing both hands upward into the air, shooting her golden flames into the skies as hundreds of Ninjan’s flew through the air above her.

She could only hope that the members of We Are Legend were being more successful than her right now…

Flash back We Are Legend HQ, Los Angeles Forty-five minutes ago

Stephanie stood in front of the team that was just recently gathered just a month or two ago. While a couple of faces were familiar, the new generation of WAL was made up of new faces. Now the newly reformed group was about to go feet first into hell. All of them knew of the events that were taking place. The attack on Ruin City, the registration act that Utopia was trying to push upon the world… now this. She turned them, her green eyes looking upon her teammates… no not teammates… brothers and sisters in arm.

“What the human race is asking all of us to do… is suicide to most of them. Humans don’t have the powers and abilities that we do, they can’t defend themselves from powerful beings such as the Ninjan Race.” She paused for a moment. “We all come from different backgrounds. Some of us are simply human…. Or started out as a normal human and gained our powers and abilities… or be from an entirely different planet… dimension… hell some of us were created through science or magic. But we all have one thing in common. We all live on this planet, and we all are in this team for one reason. Because a part of us wants to protect those who are too weak to protect themselves.” She pointed at the folders before them. “Those are files of the Ninjan race. I’ve had countless encounters with them, so with my experience along with the intelligence we’ve gathered throughout the years, makes up everything you need to know about them. Powers, weakness, everything.” she turned to the screen behind her, showing the team massive skyscraper like ships that covered a layer of darkness over the California cities. “We NEED to protect our cities and take these ships down. The WAL military will be fighting on the ground, and evacuating civilians while we do our thing. I however… I’ll be pushing the fight over at Ruin City…” She then looked over at Izaiah her long time friend who’s been on We Are Legend just as long as she has. “Now I’m going to let Izaiah speak.” She stepped to the side and let her friend, allowing him to explain an idea he shared with Stephanie right before the meeting. It was a brilliant idea, but one that would be risky. Once he was done she stepped back up and looked over at everyone.

“I know most of us don’t know each other very well… and we haven’t been a team for very long, but its time for us to rise up from the ashes of old, and show them what being a Living Legend is all about! LETS LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS!”

End of flash back

As much as Stephanie wanted to believe that this wasn’t Sha’s doing… deep down she knew this day was coming. Sooner or later she would invade the planet. Was it because the villains of Earth were responsible for destroying her own planet? Or was just because she could? Steph didn’t know, for once she didn’t understand what Sha was doing… thinking… why attack the west coast of the United States? Was this personal against Stephanie? Attack the place she called home?

She snapped out of it as a Ninjan came down at her, her body still aflame as she spear tackled the hero into a crumbled building. Their bodies crashing right through it as if it was paper, bursting through the other end before slamming into a horde of spider droids, catching them on fire as well.

One thing about fire that Stephanie loved… it will feed off of anything in order to live.

She could hear the screeching of the droids as one by one they began to explode and the final cries of the Ninjan that attacked her, its body no longer recognizable. Breathing heavily Stephanie dug her feet into the ground, pushing herself forward. She had to reach Ziccarra, whatever it took.

Then something happened, a wave of inmates from the almost completely destroyed Ruin City came forth, their anger burned in their eyes for the Ninjan race as they began to attack relentlessly. Most of them no match for the super powered aliens, but their overwhelming numbers gave the distraction that Stephanie needed. She looked up and saw the spaceship that lingered in the sky, she knew how to get the Sha on steroids attention.

Bursting into flames she flew into the air, her signature golden flames painted the dark skies as she flew headfirst towards a Ninjan spaceship. Gritting her teeth she threw her arms before her as she intensified the heat of her flames until they turned into a blinding white color. Her body pierced through the Ninjan metal as she continued to fly right through it, her body catching Ninjan’s on fire, as well as parts of the inner ship before bursting through the other end, a stream of fire escaping behind her as she slowed down, her fire going down back to their yellow glow. Breathing heavily she slowly lowered herself to the ground, using that amount of white fire used a little more energy than she thought.

Standing her ground she then lifted her hands towards the spaceship and closed her eyes. She then began to manipulate the fire inside, making it more intense. Baring her teeth a stream of sweat began to line across her forehead before the ship suddenly burst into flames all around causing the massive vessel come crashing down into earth upon the already destroyed city.

“Now if I only had marshmallows.” She joked as she huffed for air, leaning against a still standing mailbox.

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As Surkit is jettisoned out of the transport tube he takes the opportunity to stockpile some kinetic energy, his outer field circling instinctively, then rushing into the center of his torso enveloping the energy. He stands viewing the rapidly decaying area, "So....water weak, and not completely invincible..." The bones in his neck pop in a row as he jerks his head from left to right, viewing the super-powered women as they burn buildings and chase civillians "I got it covered. You take the lead on Sha, I'll make sure you don't run into a gauntlet of PMS avengers...I'll draw us a line" He says before turning his brown skin into a hard, granite like form, eyes leaking blue plasma that sizzles as it hits the tar. He looks behind his shoulder to see Shinji nod and take off towards the most dangerous of the invaders, at a speed not possible to be percieved by the naked human eye. For all our sakes, I hope the files exaggerated about her

He turns his head to the follow through of a stiff left hook, the impact sending him sliding backwards, digging a trench into the concrete road, his stiff chin has a small crack that reaches up his cheek. The ninjan warrior is immediate, moving with intensity and acute ferocity towards the hero giving a war cry of unearthly origin and inhuman intent. The hero rolls over, unable to block the attack, and attempts what little he can to brace for the inevitable. Though it never seemed to come. Looking through the space of his closed forearms , he sees the ninjan fly backwards and dig a trench nearly identical to his "what the f#ck...?" Asking himself a question he would need to study an answer for. The best description that could come to mind was one magnet pushing another away...the words Diamagnetism vaguely crosses his mind.

Shaking off the thought, he takes his chance and rises. A broken off stop sign pole lay in the street, Quickly swept up and made into a makeshift energy rod. The hero bolts forward with a booming shock kick at his foe, the pole electrified in his hands held forward like a jousting lance.His Ninjan enemy rises as well while he runs at her. She doesn't move for some reason, simply standing her ground and bracing for the attack, a fleeting smile and a look of confidence swings across her face.

"Everything burns baby!" He shoves the pole forward at the ninjan, and keeps running with her in tow until they both slammed into a concrete wall and through to the inside of a vacant office building. He screams an andrenaline fueled cry of power, pulling back to look at the drained face of the ninjan, as she blew air bubbles of blood, her hand clawing at the air towards him. "Ba...Bashtert.." Her last words leave her mouth in a final heated breath. She went limp, and the life left her eyes, as they hang emptily in her scowling face.

He spits blood and falls on one knee The quickness of the fight making it hard to register it all in hindsight. But there was no time, Shinji can't win against Sha if the others form on him first.

He steps out of the building and surveys the area, Shinji had taken the fight to the queen, and it was a legend in the making. Surkit spots several other Ninjans watching, waiting for their time to strike. Taking note he decides to get their attention...in a drastic way only war could excuse.

3 minutes later

"Hey, you Ninjans hoes, look what I got!" He holds the corpse of the dead Ninjan in front of him on the pole "Are your friends about to get their a$$es kicked solja girl?" He shakes the pole and her head flops involuntarily up and down. The others are all infuriated, and fly at Surkit in a V pattern. It seeemd they had the utmost faith in their Queen to leave her alone in her combat. The black and blue madcap runs into the building and drops the pale body, hiding behind a desk as water comes out of a ceiling sprinkler under an exposed water line.

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Dear Noah,

Four years ago thee idea of being a hero never crossed your mind. It wasn't an aspiration or a throwaway thought, it was a concept that bore trouble for those who dressed extravagantly. For some time mommy dearest occupied your heart. Following her every whim until she became an overbearing nuisance. 1460 days ago there was a mysterious boat awaiting your arrival. No questions asked and the heir of conquerors fled his home nation. Only to discover the family he never knew had long died out. Stricken with grief, you took it upon yourself to reinvent daddy's company. A feat no one's ever commended your for. Nevertheless you found yourself still wanting and unable to accept this new setting.

Father left a notebook. Did he know of your eventual arrival? An explanation was never uncovered. Regardless you persevered. A motivation to bring an ending to your father's untimely demise. On that day you became we. Together we've pushed against the naysayers and itched our own path in a career meant for few. No matter the criticism we proved our worth even if some believe otherwise. And for some time we were able to handle the negativity but as of late your crackled under pressure. Your drive to survive has faltered. What exactly is the point to us if you don't even try?

I tell you this only because I'm the only goddamn person on this planet who gives a crap about your welfare. It's time you take a break for a while. Don't worry I won't do anything crazy. I'll be doing what you've failed to do in the last four years. Make an impact. I don't mean to be insulting but Noah, I do love you. Take this as an opportunity to rest. Too take the weight of the world off your shoulders and bask in the glory I shall carve for the Zeraz lineage.



New Beginnings

At first he was unsure of how to handle the situation at hand. This had become an actuality. Taking full control of a body once amassed with emotional distress. Closure had been a backseat driver for far too long. Being an adviser to the main personality became rather difficult but since the Crisis in Olympus, the assistance of the youthful vigilante had become a necessity to avoid damage to this sacred body.

Stretching out his versace underwear, Closure lets his balls breath while he contemplates his next move. Turning to the window the lightning lad catches a glimpses of darkening clouds. He views this outside oddity with an expression of utter confusion. Were the supposedly impenetrable borders of Utopia this easily compromised? Surely the defenses had been upgraded since the departure of the ever so lovely, Maya Lopez. Nonetheless, this evening would be interesting to say the least.

Snapping his fingers, thee incredibly sarcastic hero stands like a newly appointed king while his concubines dress him. Jogging in place he prepares himself for whatever this day shall bring forth. Trained by the very best the world had to offer, it was time he put his abilities to the test. In his youth he spent months under the tutelage of Gambler and Chaos Agent. Therefore there is no need to exude a scent of fear.

Ecosystem friendly light bulbs flicker erratically, hoes disperse like cockroaches, meanwhile Closure looks on dumbfounded. A barrage of bricks transition into vaporized particles before his yellow eyes. Stumbling backwards he has yet to even mutter a single catch phrase. A single Ninjan stands before his awe-inspiring body. Offended by the lack of villains, Closure cannot help but feel minuscule. How unbelievably rude? Too send just one alien into combat against criminal royalty.

"I find this incident as a mockery to my self-worth." Spitting in the face of his infiltrator, Closure shakes his head disappointingly. "Do you even know who I am?" He continues. Circling around the freshly deceased corpse of his number one bang buddy. "I am a warrior. I am a Sym---" The Ninjan pulls on his brown hair, lunging him into the open space of Utopia effortlessly. His body shreds across the gusting winds. His body slamming through countless glass windows, until he finally throttles onto the concrete which makes the city shriek.

His Greek Adonis structure aches but he'll eventually heal. Blood slithers around his finely chiseled arms. A dorkish chuckle escapes his Listerine cleansed tongue. Brushing off pieces of glass the Emperor's closet friend beckons for some limelight. Instantaneously, God grants his wish as he witness the Olympian Champion focused on the Excellence of Electrocution. That would be Kurrent. A man who took a chance on Noah years ago. Another individual who abandoned the young man when he needed help the most.

"Alceus, I believe it's about time we put aside our differences." He playfully blows a kiss to his estranged teammate. Searching for Kurrent, his mouth can already taste the flavor of an enemy's blood. "Long time...no see." Unsheathing his adamantium dagger, Closure patiently awaits a signal to assault Kurrent from two different directions. Together they must do the unexpected---defeat a man who's escaped the very clutches of death.

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Tokyo, Japan

  A common joke said that the city could not provide enough space for all of its population to be on the streets at the same time.

The joke was wrong.

One of the world’s most and tightest populated cities was in utter terror. Every single citizen, husband or wife, adult or child, cleaner or manager, Yakuza or cop, was on the run. They formed a raging scream of fear that ever pressed away from the present threat.

Horrible atrocities took place on the war torn asphalt of Tokyo’s capital. Screaming hordes ran through the city, all conscious thought blacked out by the atavistic reflex of flight, people trampled down by hundreds of feet till they were nothing more than a red gory pulp dragged on for dozens of by the same boots that had created it, children ripped away from their mothers and drowned in the nightmarish scenario of complete civil rage. Shop windows were crashed, street lanterns were bent, posters stood no chance to remain on their place. From time to time a wall changed its colour as an unfortunate fugitive was hopelessly pinned against the wall till he popped like a cherry to recolor his place of death in vibrant crimson. The sound of the fleeing, wounded and dying hovered over the horrible scenery and mixed with gunshots, rattling tank chains and other more disgusting sounds to create a terrible soundtrack to a hellish scenario. Dante himself could not have described it any better.

Still there was something that sounded louder than scream, explosion or cry for mercy. It was the laughter of a god.

One hour ago he had descended from the sky drawn in breathtaking green that followed every line of his impressive muscles. He was a beacon of devastation, nihilism given form, avatar of annihilation how he hung there with his fantastic emerald aura reaching out to wreck havoc, to crush man and building alike. His maniacal cackling told of how much he revelled in the wanton destruction while his eyes glowed with excitement. But worse than this, worse than the destruction, worse than all the death, worse than all the terror, was his identity. This god of green death had once been one of earth’s most important heroes. More times than anyone could count he had saved the world but now he had come back to torment it. To take it, conquer it and turn it into a hellish place. The name that once rung so gloriously in all ears and mouths, spoken with respect and admiration, had at once became an expression of dread:

Renegade Lantern…

But there was one defying anomaly against this god. This little anomaly fought its way through the fleeing masses using knees, fists and elbows, sometimes jumping up to run over shoulders and heads. This atheistic anomaly was a woman dressed in black leather with a silver wolf’s head on the revers. The surrounding fires lent a fiery glance to her pale sin and raven hair but paled to the fire that burned in her eyes. She was determined, unfaltering even, to bring the giant down. And the long item on her back would her help accomplish that. Her name was less known than the legends in the sky but in the right circles people shivered at the sheer mentioning of her name. She was Ruby Glassmann, more commonly known as Risky.

Finally she had reached her destination. The ocean of people had ended and made room for a beach of corpses, wrecked tanks and smashed concrete. Nimbly she climbed the destroyed the now empty hull of a former tank While the chaos still raged on around her she took a deep breath and reached behind her back to pull the long item. Amidst the ruins of Tokyo, between dying people and almost drowned in horrid screams, beneath a deity that did not even notice her the female merc pulled a rocket launcher. With trained accuracy she brought the red crosshair congruent with the glowing green signature. For one moment she enjoyed the harsh contrast of the Renegade Lantern and the digital red. This were the moments she lived for. Then she pulled the trigger.

Propelled by its own load the rocket ascended towards the former hero on a trail of white smoke. Time itself was suspended for a moment in this beautiful image. High in the sky the bringer of doom, down on earth a female David challenging the invincible goliath with a modern version of a stone and between them the rocket, modern stone and connection between vengeful heaven and tortured earth. The wonder lasted one eternal moment.

Then the rocket hit.

Renegade Lantern disappeared in an overwhelming fire cloud of red and black. Lady Luck only smiled. She still smiled as the monster in human form glided out of that cloud and fixed those fearsome green orbs that he had for eyes on her. His face distorted into an ugly expression of pure rage. Who was this worm? How could she even dare to challenge him? If she was a worm daring to challenge the gods, he would treat her as such.

A giant green fist came down and crashed whatever was left of the tank, only for the former Green Lantern to find out his target was not where she had been milliseconds before. Now she stood at the entrance to some empty street bearing this impious little merc smile ™ and waving at him. Rage further overtook him. And as she turned to run his bloodlust was as well awakened as his hunting lust. Screaming wildly he chased after her letting green fists rain down only to find she would not be where she was before. Quick short range teleports, perfectly timed, always brought her out of reach but still staying on the street. Cursing and screaming he followed her.

The Risk Taker on the other hand still smiled. Somehow this smile seemed to be etched into her face. And as she ran and smiled she spoke into her communicator:                        

“I got him, Whisper. He’s on my tail now. Now it’s your turn.”

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  Sitting at the table in the briefing room in the Los Angeles W.A.L. Headquarters, Izaiah listened to Feral Nova going through the present situation.  Slightly absentmindedly though, his thoughts raced back over the previous months.  Slightly less than a year ago, he was known to the public as 'The Wanderer', a Champion of Peace with great psionic and elemental powers.  Then, after failing to arrest Setekh, 'The Desert King' who had escaped from his ancient prison, agents of the Xantroan Empire had revoked the Wanderer's powers.  It turned out that his powers had been the only thing holding back the spread of an ancient disease he had been infected with during time travel, and he was forced to enter a state of suspended animation to survive, until a cure could be found.  Around two months ago, Lady Serqet of Heliopolis, another Xantroan who had been known to ancient Egyptians as the goddess of scorpions and healing, had cured him, and released him from the suspended animation.  She also felt that his depowerment had been unjust, and granted him other (if lesser) powers so he could continue fighting the good fight.  Abandoning his old 'The Wanderer' code name, he would be henceforth known as Izaiah.

  As he skimmed through one of the files on the Ninjans and their powers & weaknesses, Nova finished her speech.  Now I’m going to let Izaiah speak, the Fire Goddess said as she moved to the side.  The Son of Tomorrow stood up and walked over to where Nova had been speaking moments earlier.  Alright, sooo, he began, not being terribly accustomed to public speaking, partially due to having been mute for at least two years.  If you've watched the news, you might have noticed that there's been a mysterious floating city above the Atlantic for a bit over a year now, and its residents have refused any contact by the outside world.  While he spoke, the screen behind him displayed a helicopter photo of a group of islands floating in the air above the sea, each island hosting buildings and structures showing signs of extremely advanced science and technology, yet was remnicient of ancient Egyptian, Persian and Aztec architecture.   As it is, this city, which we could call 'Heliopolis', was built here on Earth many centuries in the past, and its residents became known to us as the Egyptian GodsIt's the colony of the Xantroan Empire, which I happen to be descended fromBefore this meeting started, I asked my father to request an audience with the city's regent, I was thinking we could ask them to help us in this invasionHowever, he looked around the table, I'm gonna need someone with teleportation powers to take us thereAnyone?  He was mildly uncomfortable with having to rely on someone else's teleportation powers, having always been able to teleport himself in the past.
I'll go, X-Factor, formerly known as Gearo, spoke.  I can teleport.
Alright, Izaiah replied.  Anyone else? No one?  He gave the others a chance to speak up and follow before they were to leave.  Donara, the Asgardian demigoddess, expressed an interest in following also.

  [Ring: Activate the Tocatl suit.]  On Izaiah's mental command, his high-technological Sigil Ring activated the nanites in his civilian clothes, causing them to restructure into a more battle-adjusted suit of light-weight body armor in black and red, with a crimson spider insignia on his chest and web-shooting devices on his wrists.    

  Alright, let's go then.  Having been given the coordinates earlier, X-Factor opened a portal to the Golden City of Heliopolis.  As the Son of Tomorrow stepped through followed immediately by his teammates, he felt the different outdoor atmosphere and the sun's warm light from above.  They were standing on a path of sandstone floor tiles, bordered by gardens of exotic trees and other forms of plant life on both sides, leading up to a magnificent palace of painted limestone, with numerous tall windows and a dome in stained glass.  As Izaiah looked around, he could see the other hovering islands nearby, and the clear blue sea beneath them.  Despite the beautiful surroundings however, certain painful memories about the place left a bad taste in his mouth.

  When the W.A.L. agents approached the main gates, two men in gold and white armors stood guard.  < State your business or be gone, > one of them ordered, speaking in a Xantronese dialect.  > We're here to have an audience with the regents, < the Son of Tomorrow replied, his omnilinguism allowing him to adapt immediately to the same dialect.  > Surely you were alerted that we would arrive, Azataron Atarxia must have notified you. <  Azataron Atarxia was, of course, Izaiah's father and a citizen of the Xantroan Empire, having been born on New Alarna in the Alpha Centauri system.  < No, I-- > the guard began, but paused as his eyes turned into a dark shade of red, indicating use of telepathy.  < You may pass, > the guard continued.  < Your request for an audience with Lord Osiris and Lady Isis has been granted. >
> Thanks, < Izaiah said as the gates opened seemingly by themselves, allowing the W.A.L. agents to proceed forth.  The entrance hallway was grand, with vines covering the ornately engraved walls, lit by wall-mounted lanterns radiating a cold, blue light and the stained glass-filtered sunlight from outside.  At the end of the hallway was the throne room, with banners in gold and purple flowing in the wind from the open terrace in the back.  On an elevated platform was the double throne, seated on it were Osiris, dressed in white and green, with a Pharaonic Nemes headdress; and Isis on his side, a beautiful woman dressed in white, blue and purple, with a golden headdress.  Near the throne were a number of individuals wearing winged, metallic armors each according to different color schemes and animal motifs.  Izaiah knew some of them:  the silver/indigo ibis, Thoth, the gold/silver falcon, Horus, the black/golden scorpion, Serqet, the platinum wolf, Ophois, and yet others he did not immediately recognize.
Izaiah walked forward, bowed slightly before the king and queen.  Lord Osiris, Lady Isis, I imagine you know why we're here, Izaiah addressed them, in Xantronese, though expecting the present ushabti (hovering robotic drones) to translate for X-Factor and Donara, if need be.
I have my suspicions, Osiris answered in a powerful baritone.  You need our help against the Ninjans, and the clones, that are tearing the Earth apart.
We do, Izaiah confirmed.  Are you able to help us?
It's not within our call to make, unfortunately, Isis explained, very matter-of-factly.  Openly undermining the Ninjans' assault on Earth can be considered an act of war against them, potentially endangering countless lives on our Empire's worldsNevertheless, we share your concerns, and are expecting an official announcement on the matter from the Capital shortly.
Very well, the Son of Tomorrow said while trying to hide his impatience.
Within less than 30 seconds, a spear-wielding man in black and gold, with a helmet resembling a jackal's head, emerged from a cloud of quickly dispersing black smoke.  Father, the Emperor's decree has been decided, Lord Anubis addressed the King of Heliopolis.  We are to protect mankind at all costs, but use lethal force against the Ninjans only if there is no other wayThe battleships, and the Lightbringers, will emerge from their portals in Earth's orbit in only a few minutes.
Izaiah quietly thanked God.
Then there is your answer, Osiris began as he stood up, activating an emerald and platinum suit of armor with metallic, feathery wings on the back.  Isis likewise armored up.  We will not let Earth fall today, she stated.  Everyone present, including Izaiah, X-Factor and Donara, walked out on the terrace, where several large aircrafts were waiting.  Osiris, Thoth and a number of other Xantroans walked onto the middle aircraft's platform.  We are leaving for California, Thoth motioned to the W.A.L. agents to follow, which they did at once.  I imagine that is were you are headed as well.
Yeah, that was the plan, Izaiah replied absentmindedly while an aquatic portal opened before the craft.  As the craft lifted off from the ground, and moved forward through the shortcut of time and space, Izaiah spoke into his Sigil Ring, attempting to broadcast on any frequence likely to be heard by the Earth's heroes, whether they be from W.A.L, C.o.P, Trinity or otherwise.  This is Izaiah of We Are Legend, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT attack the crafts and soldiers with the gold and purple banners, they are Xantroans, they're helping us against the Ninjans. Izaiah out.
His eyes then shifted to the ominously burning skyline of Los Angeles, glancing with contempt at the Ninjan ships.  Recalling the Ninjans' weakness to low temperatures as mentioned in the files supplied by W.A.L, Izaiah caused the mystical Blade of Hezion to emerge in a cold light from the palm of his hand.  So they have a weakness I can exploit...for all the good it'll do when I can only fight one at a time.

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Ninjeta, Thousands of years ago.

“The Eco found on planet Hilden isn’t a lost form of technology at all…it’s actually an organism” the high priest said, showing a sedated version of the microorganism. “What does it do?” King Derekken asked curiously. “These little beings house thousands and thousands of terabytes of technology and information”. “Ok how?” Derekken said. “The Eco just needs to be on a planet long enough and through its seven senses, it will naturally draw in information; if my data proves correct it can also be used as a weapon” the priest responded again. “Find a way to use it” Derekken said, with a smirk on his face.

Earth 18 years ago.

“Hi Ziccarra, My name is Stephanie, that’s Tekken, Larry, Nightmare Wing, Angel, Shawn, Cobalt and of course CAP. Nova said, shaking the Ninjans hand rambunctiously. “What’s that on your arm?” Larry asked touching it. “This? This is my ecosphere, I can find out what I need to know just by asking it; I think it’s “batteries” are down though.” Sha responded with a smile on her face.

The Ninjans continued to overrun the city,” it’s a shame Maya’s registration act was put down”. The Utopian Army as well as the Trinity Foundation fired upon anyone who had the Ninjan look. However where they fell at were the people whom lived in Utopia, which had dual citizenship. As the Ninjan’s continued their assault, multiple sleeper agents began to maneuver around the citizen hitting key targets such as the hall of class.

While she watched from off in the distance, she lay completely unprotected as Editman’s massive repulsar beam slammed into her. The blast left a gigantic crater where the Ninjan graced Utopia’s presence. As the smoke cleared Sha could be seen standing with her body facing Solace city, but her neck turned gazing at Editman. The beam of energy left multiple burn marks over her clothing and skin stinging sensation crawled over her flesh. Just as Sha could see the battle in Solace City continuing, those whom had the time to stop and see saw her charging up her energy to combat the titans of the Trinity.

Shinji moved in for the kill following Editman’s energy attack, he was quick, dropping a few feet away from her, he strike viciously at all area’s that would undoubtedly kill the Queen. These were just test, Sha knew this. She stepped back quickly using her manipulation of light, every one of his attacks hit; only they landed in a photo version of the Queen.

Sha smirked whilst folding her arms, she knew Shinji wanted her dead, and quite frankly the feeling was mutual .It would take only a matter of hours for her to destroy this world herself. DC had done it on Ninjeta by setting off a chain reaction of nuclear explosions. Sha could do it, by reversing the polarity of the north and south poles.

It often crossed her mind, if she could destroy humanity so easily why she bothered bringing the Ninjans to Earth in the first place. She enjoyed seeing humans running scared; she enjoyed watching her people die in her name. Sha pushed back, creating some distance between her and her attackers; she punched the ground hard sending a tidal wave of light energy towards Shinji.

Not complete in her assault the Ninjan Queen, pulled her hands up in a claw like manner, causing a ground shattering wave up darkness to shoot up like a geyser from underneath him. Turning her attention to Editman; the Ninjan Messiah transformed into a beam of light and shot herself directly Editman.

Before she got close enough to impact, she pulled herself away trying to use the sonic energy the speed created to disorient him. Opting to move around him, she aimed for his neck; attempting to snap it.


“Commander Z, there are people running around waving purple and gold banners” a Ninjan reported back, undoubtedly another space race. It was probable that they didn’t exist in her reality; seeing as HER ecosphere didn’t register them. The soldiers of Xantro and the Ninjan Warriors clashed in the middle of Ruin City; the focus had been completely shifted to that of the two alien races.

Z didn’t have time to act upon the Xantroians because she needed to find a way out of her ship that had just been blasted out of the sky. The ship hit the ground causing a massive upheaval of dust, debris and damage.

However on top of the warship the silhouette of the Ninjan Knight could be seen kneeling with psy blades extended in the north and south position. “Technology age huh…” she said, walking through the fire with hundreds of burns and scars on her body from the fall. “Let’s see what this planet has to offer” she said, tossing a small vile of the organism known as eco on the ground. These little bugs would generally suck the information from the bodies of the living.

Turning her attention to Feral Nova, Z wasted no time in firing a magnetic shockwave directly at the Feral warrior.

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The call had come in during while she was out for a run. Shiva had been trotting by her side, keeping pace with the agile young redhead as they traversed an unmarked path in the woods behind the Texas HQ, her home. Her fur had bristled and she'd stopped, immediately turning around and leading Olivia back to the house. That's when the news had come in. Risky's face said it all. The usually stoic woman was overtly distressed, her mouth pursed in concern as she relayed messages with several contacts. It had been less than an hour before the two women were wheels up, so to speak, for Tokyo. While most of the action was taking place on the West Coast of the US, trouble was being made in the empire of Japan.

The Omega level mutant threat Whisper now made her way through the streets of Tokyo, doing her best to traverse the fleeing mobs as she went in the opposite direction. It was about as successful as a fish doing its darnedest to swim upstream. Her identity was obscured by a hooded cloak, a scarf wrapped around the lower portions of her face. A pale-skinned red-head wearing a black kevlar-mesh suit did not exactly blend in on the busy streets of Tokyo.

She was shoved Unceremoniously against a wall. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN (translated from Japanese) rang in her ears as the blood of an innocent streamed across her. No sound escaped her mouth, no shock showed through her oddly teal eyes, the only visible part of her face. The transceiver in her ear allowed her to hear everything that was going on at Risky's end. The laughter of a near-god gone mad sent chills through her spine as she stopped moving and turned to look back at him. He was there in the sky, outlined in an eerie green light.

"Oh my god..." She said the words knowing that if there was a god, he wasn't going to save them. They were paltry words that meant nothing in a time of need. The scrabble between the incredible threat of Renegade Lantern and the wily Lady of Luck bought Whisper enough time to fight through the crowd and get into position. Sprinting up the steps of a high-rise building, she burst out onto it's roof, facing the backside of the unhinged former Green Lantern.

Without further ado, she stripped off the non-descriptive cloak, dropping it on the roof of the building only to be blown away in the wind. Her blood red hair whipped around her face as the 24 year old woman stood calm and sure of herself. She was in her element in times of crisis, in times that required killing and action. What that said about her, she didn't really want to know.

“I got him, Whisper. He’s on my tail now. Now it’s your turn.”

"Winter Wolf reporting for duty." It was the first time she had referred to herself as such in this timeline. In the desperate 2031 timeline, it's what she had been known as. Lord's Angel's daughter and enforcer, the world's greatest threat and in the end, it's undoing. Only recently had she picked the title back up. Nobody knew its meaning, not even Richard and she intended for it to stay that way, at least for the time being.

"Time to fly." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, a nanobot suit started forming around her, acting as intricate armor. In truth, she did not need it, her words and powers alone were enough to protect her. But it was always smart to give your enemy a false sense of confidence - it made them that much easier to tear down.

Taking a running start off the roof of the building, metal wings formed behind her as a bio-electron charged mace formed in her hands. The rebel with a cause allowed herself to freefall for three or four stories before pulling up. With an unmatched speed and precision, she made a beeline for the distracted Renegade Lantern. She hoped that he was like a cat chasing a mouse (Risky) and was focused solely on his prey. Her unbound hair flew out straight behind her as she maneuvered herself into position, raising the mace above her head and using the winged nanotech to propel her forward even faster. The shot was aimed for the base of Renegade Lantern's neck and she'd know within the next few seconds if it had made contact.

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“My lord, it seems that complete war has broken out across the globe. If our satellites weren’t destroyed we would have better imaging of what was transpiring; but it seems that our oppressors, these ‘Ninjans’, give us no room to sufficiently retrieve valuable information, quiet smart incidentally. ” Werner smoothly rubbed his head as to alleviate the growing anxiety of choosing how to handle this troublesome quandary. Vogan, his advisor is a great tactician, but not very soft on delivering information. “Do not laud them as if tactical geniuses just divulge to me important information!” shouted Werner. “Apologies my lord, to add to this it seems Kurrent, our lost hero, has been spotted in Utopia, playing for the other team, or so I’ve heard.” Werner’s anxiety elevated a whole new level at that moment. “From who?! Tell me now!” exclaimed the Master of Dread. “A very untrustworthy source, the TV.” Werner looked befuddled before replying: “We don’t have televisions though” Vogan smirked before replying: “That is besides the point, my lord, our missing leader, perhaps the greatest human leader we’ve ever had now does not play for the human side anymore.” Werner had the look of disgust in his face. Kurrent was many things, arrogant, headstrong, but turncoat was not one of them. To start hurting innocents is severely against his code. The Ninjans must have tricked him he thought. They are an advanced alien race; they must have intense methods of persuasion.

“My lord if you have a plan of attack in that large cranium of yours I suggest you enact it now. This is a total world siege; the enemy is at our doorstep as well. Our citizens, YOUR citizens are nearly on the brink of panic. We must gather the army and repel these otherworld demons.” Werner looked up and replied in pomposity: “Watch what you say, you do remember I am an ‘otherworld demon’ as well. No need to sound the war bell; the troops should already know what to do. Hand over military reigns to General Szekely. Unfortunately I will not be staying here to shepherd my people through this siege. There is a war on two fronts, and sadly I am one.” Werner locked eyes with Vogan and gave him a nod “Szekely will know how to combat this Ninjanl threat.” Vogan understood and left the room to deliver his message, but not before he replied “It is not Ninjans this time, sir”.

Contrary to his bodily actions, war always delighted Werner, like a sense of purpose. War is the universal language, it is a game played by all, a necessary game at times. Werner started briskly ambulating down the corridor and exiting to the dark stairs at the end. Nothing but different scenarios flooded Werner’s mind on how to bring Kurrent back and successfully defeat this powerful enemy. Ninjans are like nothing Werner had ever faced. They are as strong as otherworldly brutes but much smarter and disciplined. Werner has knowledge on many different species in the universe, but Ninjans are so vastly powerful than most other species. It has also reached his ears that another player is in the game, everything becomes even more interesting. This will take true cunning from the Master of Dread to survive and help defeat this foe. It is a process that must happen one step at a time. And the first would be locating Kurrent.

He reached a dimly lighted room where a platform lay in the middle. Werner stepped on the platform and struck his fingers on the keyboard pad next to him. In seconds the Master of Dread completely vanished.

On the other side of the platform Werner found himself in the S.I.B. headquarters. The members were all doing their business, some unaccounted for. He paced toward a large boomtube facing a clear wall and entered the designated coordinates: Solace City, the last known whereabouts of Kurrent. As Werner wiped a single trickle of sweat of his forehead he realized he’d have to play interim-leader once again. “S.I.B. listen up! I don’t have very much to say, I’m quite sure most of you have surmised that the Earth is being invaded, so I won’t sully your intelligence. The problem we immediately have is our leader Kurrent, who went missing, now seems to have been spotted on the otherside. He has seemingly betrayed us. But I do not think it is truly him. We must enter the warzone and retrieve our captain to have any chance of stopping this common foe. Friend or foe, he may hold answers we need. So suit up, lets infiltrate the city, take whats ours, and strike fear into the enemies hearts. If you’re with me all you need do is walk with me through the portal. You shall know glory if you do.” With that Werner flinched his eye and turned about facing the portal. He took one strenuous deep breath and exhaled his anxiety and fears, and approached lightly through the portal.

Solace City

Werner phased through the other side to find torn, gargantuan buildings all around. And just hovering above them were spider-like ships, with specs of Ninjan soldiers flying about. The sight was colossal, horrific, it was a true monument to trepid darkness, and it was beautiful. As a child of Darkness he would know such sites.

While he was gazing Werner felt a slight transfer of energy motion in the atmosphere, incredibly fast. It only took half a second for Werner to find out what it was.

Werner flew through the air a quarter mile into a building, breaking through walls on the inside on the way. He skidded seconds later into a stadium. His cheek burnt and jaw ached. He looked up to see a Ninjan warrior waiting in the entrance hole he came through. Standing there smirking she readied herself again as Werner slowly assembled himself to his feet. He spat on the ground and uttered: “Is that it?” The Ninjan warrioress bull rushed Werner again, but this time he was ready. As she flung her fist forward Werner quickly widened himself and stuck his right open palm forward, time slowed for a split second and the power of the Ninjan’s fist collided with Werner’s palm. A blow did not sound, the Ninjan tensed in confusion as Werner smirked and replied between time itself: “My turn…” Werner swung a chop with his slightly glowing left hand and powerfully struck the Ninjans neck. The blow thundered gruesomely as the Ninjans head was decapitated.

The Ninjans severed parts flung themselves to the side. There was no headless chicken, just a dead alien. Being an energy siphoner, Werner consumed the kinetic energy and redirected into his striking hand. Adding her energy to his. “Don’t think that’ll work again, don’t expect this lot to dramatize like that.”

Werner communicated through his comm and relayed: “I would not suggest attacking Ninjans head on. Stealth members, see if you can attempt to stow away on an enemy ship, divulge if the mainframe’s are hackable.”

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It felt like iot had been long years since Roku had to fight so hard to bring something so massive down. As the halls of the OsC began to be overrun he locked his eyes with Sparrow for a brief moment before he took out down the halls, the words of Gambler still ringing in his head. They needed to spread their defenses, and Gambler hauled ass to Utopia first. Roku stood in the middle of a hall way Clones of the Son were on either end of the halls holding blades as sharp as anything he had ever seen. The words of his "Lord" echoing in his mind "I dont expect all of us to make it out of dis alive but goddamn it if we're going out we're going out on our shields."

Taking in a deep breath the first of the clones bolted in a swift fluid motion towards Roku, his eyes closed until the very last moment. Grabbing both his weapons Guts and hist other sword, blocking his first attacker with Guts he slid it up the length of the attackers blade an took his head off immediately as the fight began. Soon the Clones had his moves pegged an were attacking at his weak points, but Roku continued Gambler still cemented in his mind. He needed to get to his Lord, but first he needed to help in clearing out the mansion.

"Owls, attack anything that is not us. Do not let the image of these clones fool you, we are at war." He screamed into his com link. A fist slammed into his stomach, and was swiftly followed by a strong kick to his chest sending him through the nearby wall. Plaster an drywall stuck to his crimson red suit, it hugged his skin an every muscle twinged in pain as both blows had almost knocked the wind out of him. Blood trickled down his cheek an a wide grin appeared "That all you wannabee's got? Well dont think I will be going out so easily." His face distorted slightly and then his mask changed its appearance, a mixture of his two masks. Roku an Kai were now both in simultaneous control over his body. Spinning the hilts of his swords in his hands, he grabbed both an pointed the butts of the swords towards the two groups of clones in front of him. Glowing bright blue he smiled as he channeled all the absorbed kinetic energy from every blow into the swords. His wide grin turned into a grimace as he unleashed a massive wave of energy from each sword with a loud bellowing War Cry echoing behind the blasts.

The wave of energy washed over the Clones, splattering a handful of the Clones into the wall an bursting through the walls destroying everything in its way. As the wave dissipated the surviving Clones began to stand, but Roku hadnt the time to take out each one one at a time. As he leaped over the rising bodies he dropped a curtain of grenades in the middle. Falling to the ground through the hole his wave had made the explosion rocked the building. As the earth shaking shockwave rocked the chandelier above him it came crashing down. Splinters of glass embedding in his face, he wiped them away, getting to his feet with one fluid flip he knew Sparrow was on a mission. He had to decide now who he was going to help Sparrow or get to a jet an follow Gambler. His mind raced for what felt like hours, finally he decided speaking into his mic"Sparrow....if your still here...I'm coming. We cant protect our Lord without you, and I think he is going to need all he can to take down Kurrent and that whore." His body trembled as he was increasing his muscle mass, letting Kai take control of their powers. He grew a whopping 6 inches taller as he transformed his body into a behemoth 7 feet tall. Following the way Sparrow had gone he smashed through wall after wall, Sparrow was a good man he was not going to leave him behind alone in this massacre.

As he made his way through wall after wall he watched as the guards an soldiers under the OsC were cut down. He knew he couldn't help those dying, but he could help those still alive an to do that he needed to take out who had the Clones at there beck an call. Finally locating Sparrow he came to a halting stop as he looked in awe at the man before Sparrow. He didn't look like much physically, but he was a man of power. Roku could tell the man had power, an the man made him nervous.....no one ever had made Rokuakai nervous.... without thinking he roared into the battle. Launching a wave of kinetic energy towards the Baron, he looked to Sparrow as if telling him "I hit em low you go high." A wide smile came to his face as he nodded to Sparrow. He ran at the mysterious Baron and slamming his fists into the ground in front of him launching another wave of energy in point blank range, hoping to disorient the Baron long enough for Sparrow to hit him hard.

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Delicately Angelique rose gracefully from the Acero designer bathtub while the chromatherpy lightning system accentuated her perfectly sculpted curves.A subtle lather of Neimen Marcus' Nest Milk bath lotion sensually glided off the long legged assassin as she diligently wrapped her towel around the chest allowing it to flow just past the hips. With an assortment of creams, lotions, and exfoliators, the LeBeau Legacy was prepared to start her post bath ritual when the sudden extirpation of the main OsC doors cast the Chateau into a state of emergency. Instinctively Little Sparrow and the clandestine Court of Owls rushed to meet the deadly intruders head on as Final Arrow's most notorious butcher, the Baron, emerged from the smoke and debris filled hall flanked by an entourage of genetically duplicated Sovereign Sons.

With precise execution the clones filed through the residence while flooding out expanding their chaotic devastation. Although highly skilled and tirelessly trained the Court of Owls were simply outmatched against the likes of Sov Son. Brother of the deadly Surreal Diablo, Sifu of the Worlds most elite martial artists, Jean Luc, Y for Intercept, and Angelique LeBeau herself. Even as clones their acrobatic prowess was unimaginably flawless. Perfectly duplicating the unorthodox style of the fallen Black Mamba. Surprisingly Angelique simply continued applying her skin remedies while the distinctive reverberations of combat shrouded the mansion in its strife.

As the assassin gingerly placed her left leg high atop the bathroom counter releasing not only the towel, but her modesty, Jacques, the LeBeau's loyal gentlemanly butler backed his way into the bathroom whilst fending off two of the Mamba dopplegangers using nothing more then his well kept antiquity Gustav fencing Rapier. His left hand meticulously secured to his hip utilizing perfect free flowing form as he displayed a dazzling symphony of swordsmenship. But still, despite the unexpected calamity now only inches away, the Paper Monkey remained focused on the application of lotion to her extended leg. Frantically Jacques besieged the madame as he fought for what he believed to be both their lives, "Mademoiselle, please, we must...." his pleas were suddenly drowned out by the unforgivable sound of betrayal as Angelique unmercifully drove a small leather handled dagger deep into the butlers spin. Letting out an obnoxious huff of impatience she turned her back on the injured servant as he scrambled to reach back and retrieve the agonizing weapon from his flesh. Meanwhile the deadly viper slid her black see through Victoria Secret panties up the sides of her ravishing hips letting go at the apex allowing for an enticing snap of the elastic band.

As Jacques fell to his knees the clones stepped back in unison giving way to a far greater threat. Shaking uncontrollably, not of fear, but sever muscle and spinal devastation, Jacques peered up to gaze upon the hulking mass that had become Florian Kincaid LeBeau. Who wasted no time in violently grasping the defenseless man behind the neck toying with him while effectively raising him above his head. Pausing, the sadistic son of Jean Luc looked to Angelique for approval. A look of indifference tossed his way was all he needed. Slamming the fragile body of the man who had helped guide three generations of LeBeaus through the hardships of life into his knee disturbingly contorting and wrenching his frame like a rag doll all but snapping him in half.

Left in a heap of his own piss and sh!t Jacques was left to slowly fade away in a body that would no longer respond to his thoughts despite its continuous twitching. "Mmmmm, you know I love it when you....violate dee weak like dat frère (brother)." her angelic voice a deceitful backdrop for a true sociopath. As Florian took one step through the door Angelique sternly fired her hand out grabbing Florian between the legs with reckless abandonment. Instantly the overpowering Juggernaut snatched the beautiful assassin by the hair pulling her head back before the two unleashed their incestual abomination locking lips and exploring one another's bodies desecrating the sanctity of the Order with an unholy union all but spitting in the face of the lord.

Just outside the door two clones stood watch as brother and sister violated not only eachother ,but the fabric of the human condition. Re-emerging shortly afterwards the disheveled siblings peered out into the widespread chaos as clones clashed with assassins. Little Sparrow and the newly arrived Roku had confronted the Baron, taking the center floor of the main hall locked in a toxic stand-off. Sparrow was tranquil, steadfast. Were as the Baron was confident displaying a dismissive attitude towards his formidable opponents. Wrapping her arms around the exaggerated waist line of Florian Angelique briefly rested her head against his pectoral muscles before whispering, "You know what do to." Nothing more then a slight head nod signified his understanding. Clearing a path leaving a wake of crippled assassins strung behind as he marched towards the secret entrance to the Arcadian, his father's underground fortification.

Finally donning her ceremonial L.A.S. cloak and Vatican Assassin wrist gauntlets the deceitful LeBeau glided with an alluring advancement towards the bedroom of Mercy,and her two adorable children. Only god knew what unspeakable horrors the French troglodyte would usher in if she were to happen upon the faces of pure innocence. Theatrically she wrapped twice on the door before smoothly pushing it open. "Children? Its your Godmother, come on out tis going to be okay. I'm here now." her eyes sharpening to an Eagle like stare as she perambulated the nursery.

Arrow had made his first move with calculated expertise, bringing a portion of the war straight to the Order's doorstep. Around the World a shattered sense of despair hung in the air like a thick cloud of pollution choking the life out of humanity. The Age of A;rrow had arrived, and nothing would ever be the same.

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Lady Loveless 
Everything was cold and dark...Lady Loveless could feel the outside world, all the heroes, battles, bloodshed. How many would die? She could feel all the emotions, they echoed to the core of her being. The place that she had become accustomed to, her own mind was now her prison. Her body was being manipulated by one of the three "sisters" living inside her...Willow. The blue skin temptress had stormed off to the Savage Land with her own agenda in mind; no world invasion or anything else was gonna get in her way.Lady Loveless was helpless, she could do nothing to stop Willow, she could only watch helplessly from the end as her world was turned upside down. 
She had everything she wanted, the temple in the savage land was found at last! Now to reignite the ancient sun-god that once terrorized this land and take his powers. Willow glared at the priestess that had stood before her only moments before. All that remained was a bloody confetti that had been scattered around the temple. All it took was one blast of Willow's kinetic energy ball and the woman was toast. Willow could have easily just used her wither ability to drain the life out of the woman but what fun would that be? She inched toward the idol placed in the center of the temple. The sun pierced through the room, it cast an eerie glow around the idol that made it seem as if it were a living, breathing thing. She took out the script she had collected from the priestess, and recited the ancient to serve sun-god loyally and without fault. 
The earth quaked as loose stones in the temple had begun to fall off the already crumbling walls. An ashen form of earth took on what had once been the idol. "I am freeeeeee!" The sun-god screeched in a rusty voice that had been dampened from centuries of entrapment.  
"Oh deary...too bad it won't last long." Willow smirked as she took out a second script, she muttered the words, turned the paper to ash in her hands and blew over the sun-god. He turned just as the bits of paper reached his skin. He quickly burned the papers with his fiery skin, but it was too late.  
She chuckled at his remark, and gestured to the bits of woman behind her..."No, no, no...your servant are what is left back their. I am just a woman on a mission, and legend has it that I could use your "sun-god" powers to bring a trapped soul life into another body. Now this should do." She turned, retrieved a woman villager she had bound and tied up. She grabbed the sun-god's forehead and the villager's soon the three had begun to glow. An intense burst of light poured out of the temple. When it diminished, only two forms remained...a shriveled, weak form of Lady Loveless laid in fetal position. The other was Willow, in her body, she still retained her blue skin but had a more native look. She gleamed at the woman that laid before her, "looks like your luck has run out, but I'll give you an inkling of a chance...nah!" She strutted out of the temple, before she made the entrance she summoned three energy balls in each hand. Dropped them as she made her way to the exit. They ignited and caused a chain reaction that brought the whole temple down.  
"Now to see what trouble I can stir up with all this fighting in the rest of the world going on..."
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The buildings were tight and high in this city. Looking out over the skyline and past all of the smog and smoke was miles and miles of ocean. Above it all sitting with his legs hanging off the edge of the tallest tower in Tokyo was the absent leader of the Wolf Pack. Below the acting leader code name Lady Luck, led the charge against a living legend. The man in green was more than just a friend to Hawk in the past. He was a mentor, a leader, and field commander. Ren had lead Hawk into some of the worst circumstances imaginable and some how he survived them all.

Now the man who was once his leader and the greatest of the heroes laughs at the destruction raining down around him. The wicked laugh rang over and over in Hawk's ears. Still Hawk watched. It had been a full year since he had made any sort of combative move. It had been a year of doubt, of self meditation, of mourning. He watched. Risky played the game well, she always was a good mouse, but Ren was more than just a cat.....he was a Lion.

Whisper: She had the best of her parents. Lord's Angel's thirst for death, Mani's patience. She was an arrow pulled taunt ready to explode through the body of her victim. Her father looked down as she flew through the city mace in hand. Never had anyone looked more like an angel.

Edging closer to the lip of the building Hawk looked to the sky and knew he had to finally let go of it all. The mourning was over and with a simple "goodbye my love" Hawk fell.

Falling to the ground amidst the glass and rubble of buildings that fell in the way of the green one Hawk pulled a single blade and without ever pulling out his wings he landed. The ground shook as his feet hit the ground and he could hear the radio chatter of Risky and Whisper, until Hawk pulled his ear piece out. "Angel...Angel come in." Risky called out time and time again.

Whisper was flying above and Hawk could see her mouthing the words "Alpha formation" but he took flight with a boom. It was the speed that surprised her. As Whisper turned a corner her father was in front of her. He caught her like a hawk taking out a sparrow. His hands wrapped around her throat as he quickly pulled her close and whispered in her ear "sssssshhhhh". Whisper's eyes grew large as she saw not the loving father or the kind leader, but the man who haunted her dreams. The man who raised the Winter Wolf. His eyes were those of Lord's Angel.

Ripping off the wings of Whisper, Hawk threw Whisper across the street and through a building. The glass shattered around her body as she flew through the building. Whisper's mace lay on the ground below the Angel of Death. A gift from her father. His hand wrapped around the handle and his white eyes quickly studied the building were Whisper's body lay. The mace thrown from Hawk's hand exploded through the building's base collapsing it one floor on top of another. The building fell in the middle of the city streets with a cloud of dust.

Walking away Hawk turned his back on his daughter and set his eyes on Risky.

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"Hey Listen!" Was Lady Loveless having a flash back to childhood video games?! Lady Loveless thought this as she woke up to the worst headache she had ever experienced. "Hey Loveless!?" The pink figment that dwelt inside Lady Loveless stood before her. "Hey we gotta get out of here!!!"  
"Pink what are you talking about?! Aren't we just inside my own mind." Lady Loveless was still confused by all this madness, she had triggered some type of defense mechanism in her mind that created three very different personalities. They each called themselves the three sisters, the youngest was Mz P!NK, middle was Inner Flame, and oldest was Willow. Pink was the only one that ever sided with Loveless, the other two wanted to take over her body or escape to their own vessel. The sisters all had very personalities and powers to match! "Loveless!!! Stop day dreaming this place is going to collapse!" 
Lady Loveless finally took in her surrounding, she was in some type of temple that was diminishing by the second. "Wait! Pink is this real? Wait, how do you have a body too if this is real?!" Loveless had just gotten over the rules and regulations of what she could do in her mental fantasy world, now she was hurdled back into reality.  
"No time, explain later! Lets move!" The pink haired girl fluttered off towards the exit. Her pink and turquoise wings flashed with each flap.As the temple gave way it was filled with sunlight that only amplified Pink's wings. The light had begun to almost burn LL's eyes as she briskly followed the pixie-like girl in front of her. The exit started to crumble, luckily both made it in the nick of time.  
"Alright the good news! You have your body back yay!!! You can see me!!! Yay!!! And no more Willow..." 
"And the bad news?..." Lady Loveless inspected Pink's face as she tried to gauge how bad it was really going to be.  
"Well umm...you see Willow did something that allow her to possess one of the local villagers and take their body." Lady Loveless's jaw dropped, how could this be?! Her worst, most devious personality was set loose on the world. "Positive is I am not sure if she retained all her powers in the transformation, and she still has the blue skin so hopefully not too hard to find right!?" Pink chuckled and put her arm awkwardly behind her head, she knew it didn't make things that much better. But wanted to believe that somehow it helped. 
Lady Loveless stepped forward ready to interrogate the fairy-girl, "anything else?"  
"Oh ya!!! Well umm...you see I am not sure how but somehow during all the craziness of the transfer from her soul to that girl I was brought out too! However...I am not actually here, just an astral form you are projecting. Now I know, I know your not using your powers so how can this be? Well I think you may or may not like this but some of your powers were hindered." 
"Hindered?" She cocked her head at Pink as if a puppy that had just been issued the complex command of sit. 
"Yeah...your original powers were amplified, so now you can create not just astral projections, but full on delusions of things...paired with your empathy powers and being able to read emotions I have a feeling this will come in handy. Also, I picked up a few other changes but I am not for sure." Lady Loveless scratched her head and started to wonder what other surprise powers she may have required from the transfer. "Anyway, no time for this now Loveless...time to test your new powers out! There are wars all over the Earth as you have no doubt picked up on. We need to help in anyway we can!!!" 
"Right! Lets go!" The two trounced through the wild terrain of the Savage Land to find a way out, and help where ever they can.

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X stood atop the main Xantroan battle ship as they neared Los Angeles, looking down at all the destruction the war was causing. Normal people would look upon the devastation in sadness for those hurt and anger towards those who caused it. Not X-Factor. He didn’t really care about the war or what it was doing to the people of Earth. Only two things caused him to get involved.

1. W.A.L. was involved. If he wanted to keep the protection the team afforded him, he would have to play along.

2. Obtaining the data of both Ninjan and Xantroan technology would prove invaluable for his plans.

Leave the warships to me. I’ll join the ground forces when I’m finished,” said the droid into his comm. link before jumping off the Xantroan ship. When he had fallen a far enough distance from the ship, X opened up his cloak and began to glide through the air towards the Ninjan fleet. The droid twisted and turned to avoid enemy and friendly fire until he neared the first warship.

X released his grip on the cloak as his fingers became large metal claws. With a thrust of his hands, the claws dug themselves into the metal plating of the warship, tearing through metal as the droid continued to fall. When he finally stopped sliding, X ripped away the metal plate in front of him, revealing the sparks of broken wires underneath. Wires sprouted from the robot’s wrists and connected with broken wires. The moment the connection was made, X went completely still as he entered the ships systems.

Inside the Ship's Computer

A young man walked along a light blue corridor, streams of binary code flying around him in random directions. He continued walking along until a massive wall of fire erupted in front of him, blocking his path. “Please,” said the young man as he raised a hand to the flames, invisible energy pulses firing into the firewall. The barricade remained for several seconds before evaporating into nothingness. The young man smirked as he continued along the path until he was inside a large open room with a glowing white orb in the center. The man grinned he approached the orb and sank his hands into the glowing surface. Electricity surged through his body as the orb fought against the sudden intrusion, but the man continued to grin evilly as he stood his ground.

Finally the electrical surges died and small display windows appeared in front of him. “Now what should I do with this ship,” he thought as he copied the data the ship had on Ninjan technology. “Activating the self-destruct sounds good, but WAL is against killing of any kind and I wouldn’t be able to escape the blast soon enough. Cutting off the ship’s air supply would also work, but that would take too long and that killing issue comes up again. Oh! I’ve got it.” The orb began to glow brightly as he sent the command. The man cackled loudly before disappearing in an instant.


The Ninjans worked feverously as their computer monitors began displaying an X upon the screen. “What’s happening?!” asked the captain of the ship to the nearest subordinate as she continued typing furiously on her keyboard. “I don’t know! Something’s taking over the ship’s systems and locking us out!” she yelled out before her monitor began spouting electricity.

On the outside of the warship, massive electric shocks the size of lightning bolts began to travel along its hull as smoke started to drift from every available opening. At that moment, X snapped out of his trance and grinned as he dislodged himself from the ship and began to take off into the air. He watched in satisfaction as the failing warship began falling from the sky until it fell into the harbor with a massive splash. “One ship down, and entire fleet to go,” he said with a laugh before taking off again towards the next ship.

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The air shuddered as with anticipation as the first group of meta humans made their move, of course the Wolf Pack would be the first to join the fray. Over the years their actions may have been mistaken, some would say with murderous intent, but if you were to speak to any of those people this day they may ask why did more heroes not act this way, to kill the danger before it became too great to contain. Little did the heroes know that over the last few years, Arrow had been building his forces within them, making them trust the snakes within their own camps just long enough for them to strike. They fed him information, they gave him every detail he would need in order to win this war and it all came from the mouths of the heroes, his clones would see that meta humans where never trusted again, even if they did manage to beat him every time they saw the faces of their saviors they would remember the horrors he had cast upon them this day and this was only the beginning so many things where yet to take place.

Renegade Lantern followed Risky, firing off shot after shot of emerald light. Each blast barley missing her, with each miss came a little laugh, “Is it time yet” RL spoke loud enough for Risky to hear. The whole of Tokyo began to glow with an unearthly purple radiance. before Renegade could let out another shot, a blast radiated from behind him. He felt the discharge in the air, each of his rings screamed at him about the new attacker, spinning round he threw up a shield all too late and the blast hit him, sending him flying off to the left and crashing into several over turned cars. The green light pulsed over and over as he began to get to his feet. A look of sheer disgust covered his face as he looked towards whisper “Child” he whispered to himself…”DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM”. The Ground erupted all around him sparks of Green energy began tearing up the street several buildings began falling down around them. The dark grey dust from the fallen buildings began to cover the street as Lord Angel made his presence felt.

Next to Risky a wolf whistle called out from one of the remaining buildings, closely followed by the sound of a RPG being fired. Tears rolled down one shots cheek as he screamed for her top get out the way, “God Risky move”. He threw down the weapon and dove out the window pulling out two semi-automatic black nine millimeters and aimed them towards his one-time friend, it had been him, Ronin and Risky the Zero Squad had never been so bad ass, as he landed he began firing towards where Risky was most likely to dodge the RPG, “Risky I can’t stop myself….” He slid under an exploding car and continued to fire. The purple haze finally exploded as a giant snake rose from the heart of Tokyo , it’s scales a mix of reds and greens, in the skies above several winged Dragons began to roar with fire.


The Baron looked to the left as a new member of the OSC elite attacked, Sparrow screamed at him not to attack directly, but it was too late. “Foolish” the Baron said as the attack waved over him with no effect, Sparrow waved his hand towards Roku stopping him from his suggestion of hitting high and low. The two of them had trained several times and knew how to flow as one. But he also had studied The Baron, from the little he had learned a frontal attack was pointless, over the years no one had so much as made him bleed let alone do any damage to the man. Worst of all was no one knew what he could do, that was perhaps his greatest power, all of his studies had led to nothing even when he was allowed into the LAS library and discovered the deal that had been made with a group of German meta’s called the Sixty Six. The group had single handily decided the fate of World War 2 and then vanished and before them stood the group’s leader, the man who ran the Vatican and had done for many years had never come onto the radar never like this…why the sudden change!

Sparrow looked towards the damage Roku had done and saw several of the Soverign Son clones dragging themselves towards the two. “You could have at least tried not to blow up half of the temple!!” Sparrow said over the communicator in his helmet. “This is a battle we cannot win, not at present.” Sparrow began looking around seeking for some way to escape or to give them the edge, then he smiled and allowed his voice to be heard “We will never surrender, we shall never give up.” The Baron rolled his eyes “Really” he said mockingly, Sparrows voice roared with a fury never heard from the silent assassin before “DO NOT DARE INTERUPT ME, YOU PETHETIC LITTLE MAN” , for the first time The Barons face showed anger “we will not surrender, not the OSC, not the world…your battle is futile, do you not see that, do you no….” before Sparrow could finish the sentence he felt his body explode with pain, he had never even seen the Baron move, but he was standing in front of him, looking down he saw the German’s arm had gone straight through his armour and body, he now felt nothing but he knew the Baron had taken hold of his spine.

The Barons smile turned sour as he saw Sparrows arms shot forward grabbing hold of the Barons inserted arm, closing his eyes he dug deep contacting the fire oni within his body. “Brother I need your strength.” Sparrows eyes began to glow red as his Brother took control, “Hello little German” the dark voice spoke, “Shall we play.” The Baron lifted his free hand and began a brutal assault that dropped Sparrow to his knees but still he held on “Quickly Roku while we have the advantage “ he had used the Barons own arrogance to trap him. The Baron Ignored the words and continued his assault on the ninja. Sparrow had trappedhim, preventing him from turning or moving, but allowing Roku free range against their enemy, even if it did mean Sparrow death, they would find his weakness. Little did they know of the events taking place within the halls of the OSC.

Arrow/ Rest of the World

Arrow let out an empty sigh as he watched the world be torn apart and the attack on the OSC, he waved his hand in the air as if he was bored of the screen. Sha’s attack had allowed him almost free range over the rest of the world, his tricks and twist where still yet to pull their web, but so far it was going according to plan and that bored him. By now Gambler or one of the many other annoying people in his life would have done something to push him. So it was time to do something a little more fun, something that involved him, after all what was the point of having a centre stage if you were not going to use it. But showing himself this early in the game may be fatal later on, he still had no idea where that pest of a daughter had gotten too. He let out a sigh, “This is boring” he said to himself, a voice from the shadows spoke to him, ”You could let me out to play” Arrow rolled his eyes and spun on his heels “Not yet, we have to keep you, you’re the finally. The ending that no one will see coming or want to see coming and everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves so, let’s not be too selfish just yet. There will be lots of people to kill later.” The voice let out a little laugh “But what will entertain us till then…” Arrow smiled at the darkness. “Oh I am sure we can think of something!”

Dark green sparks began to swirl round arrow like a tornado, they grew faster and faster tearing at his skin, slowly the his blood began to mix with the energy and then he closed his eyes, he began to enjoy the pain of the blood spell, his mind rolled in agony and he smiled. The power left him and shot away towards earth, it plummeted into the deepest depths of earth’s oceans and began to spread out across the world, several of the magic user would have felt such a release of power, but he wondered if they knew what it would achieve. Slowly the world began to change, as creatures long thought dead began to rise. A monstrous Kraken rose in New York, Giants and huge serpents began to tear themselves from the land, dusting off hillsides as they awoke all around the world, the roar of Dragons filled the skies as they once again where reborn and witches and goblins tore from the books they had been sealed in no longer monsters in fairy tales they were free again. Arrow was calling out to all the mythical beings that would answer his dark summons and so many did as the massacre of the world continued. The voice fell silent as it watched the play unfold and Arrow spoke “Well that was exciting” he said manically, a small trickle of dark blood left his nose, as all his other wounds began to heal, “But was it worth it?” the voice asked!

“It is always worth it….”

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"He could be problematic" he said humbled and in a gruff tone while picking himself up from the ground after being punched by the mighty hero. Had it not been for Kurrent electrically shielding himself right in the nick of time every rib in his body would have been broken. He knew a fist fight with the Olympian Champion was out of the question.

He grit his teeth in pain and saw an energy beam flying his way. Quickly he jumped and flicked his wrist using his EK to move a nearby car in the way of the blast. Instantly the car shot up in flames and the force behind Alceus' attack sent the now burning car into a Utopian building. He could see man join the Olympian hero but could not hear what he said from the screams of burning victims. He did notice him pull a dagger which immediately made him an enemy.

"You heroes and your morals" he said loudly so that the Champion could hear. "How about you send some more beam some more beams my way. I could use some help killing more of these humans" It was all he could do to throw the Champion off his game before he attacked. Like a lighting bolt he moved towards The Olympian Champion in what looked like was going to be a head on collision. Five steps before he reached him he jumped in the air charging his body up, but not at OC. He switched directions to Closure and delivered a combination of left, right, left bicycle kick towards his upper body. The whole while he was building a basketball sized electrical sphere in his hand that he sent flying towards Alceus before he hit the ground.

Using his advance agility he quickly kipped up back to his feet. He saw the devastation around him and knew what he had done was nowhere near enough to eliminate the heroes but it bought his time. He jumped in the air feeling Alceus hit again as he did so and landed in a crouched position on top of the armored vehicle the five deceased guards used. He began to speak into the Ninjan communicator.

"Alpha, Bravo, Sierra and Zulu squads form a perimeter around the city, anything or anyone that tries to come into the area shoot it down. Echo and Tango squads to my location"

From atop of the bus he noticed medics running to the wounded around near the area. He stood up and extended both arms with his thumb in the air and two fingers pointing forward. His gun shaped hand glowed blue as electricity began to fly from them as he picked of the medics one by one. Once the last hit the ground he noticed Tango squad made up of six Ninjan Warriors surrounding the two heroes. He moved his hands still shaped like guns towards his lips and blew as if he was cooling a barrel and said "excellent" waiting to see what the heroes would do.

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Having received Shinji's response, an occupied Alceus used his Trinity communicator for what would be the last time prior to the conclusion of his battle with the Excellence of Electrocution. "Alright. I won't be responding to anything else, I'll have my hands full with Kurrent", he informed, his disposition, dead-serious and focused as he quickly returned his attention to his legendary opponent. Barely, the celebrated hero known as Kurrent managed to erect a sort of electrically-based shield that managed to protect him from The Champion's thunderous right hook. Meanwhile, an uncommon ally emerged in the form of Closure. This was the man who nearly ended Alceus' life during the Crisis In Olympus war, the man who harbors a deep hatred for Alceus' lover, Helena. However, despite their less than amicable relationship, there was a degree of professionalism to being Trinity Foundation teammates, especially during duties as important as protecting Utopia from invading Ninjans and a seemingly mind-controlled Kurrent. Even Closure realized that and suggested that the two put aside their petty differences in order to protect their beloved Utopia from a common enemy.

"I can't say I expected you to show up to help but I'm glad you did. Like you said, until this all ends, our differences don't exist", The Champion declared with a confident but brief smile as he nodded towards his teammate, Closure. While agreeing to fight alongside his untrustworthy ally, Alceus is no fool, quite the opposite in fact, he would never abandon his anticipation for betrayal from Closure, he expected it, although he hoped that it would not take place. Refocusing his attention back to Kurrent, mighty Alceus' glowing eyes observed Kurrent's methods of evasion. The Excellence of Electrocution cleverly used his collapsing environment to his advantage, a tactical, methodical strategy, one that Alceus noted. Taunting Alceus by criticizing the Son of Olympus' altruistic heroism, Kurrent's attempts at provoking The Champion into making rash and emotional decisions were a tad too early to be made now, not when Alceus' mind is fresh and while anger does indeed ignite his heart, his mind remains cool and composed. "The real Kurrent would never say that. But you, you're not him. You're just a puppet that's too weak to fight off an external influence. Can't you see that you've been sent on a suicide mission?", Alceus stated, hoping to coerce Kurrent into questioning his Ninjan superiors. "Whoever sent you, they don't give a damn about you. You can die here right now and they won't even shed a tear for you. Open your eyes damn it!", Alceus said boldly, almost demanding it.

However, no amount of words would halt a battle so intense and endlessly driven. In a matter of seconds, the Excellence of Electrocution sped towards Alceus, perhaps even charging straight towards him. Anticipating two outcomes, The Champion would either brace himself for the impact or dodge if Kurrent's intentions truly were to collide with the heroic Olympian or perhaps the legendary hero is executing a tactic similar to one that Alceus employs against his own opponents. "Watch his moves Closure", The Champion advised, mere moments afterwards, Kurrent leaped over Alceus, unleashing a flurry of flawless strikes, all aimed at physically decimating Closure, an ally that valiant Alceus had advised to remain aware of their opponent's maneuvers. Quickly, reverting his attention from Closure to Kurrent, mighty Alceus' pulsating, glowing eyes spotted a sphere of immense electrical energy that violently shot him on the chest. Sliding several feet backwards, The Champion shrugged off whatever temporary pain was induced by the attack. Soon Kurrent began executing nearby medics as he stood on one of the armored vehicles driven by Utopian police officers. Unfortunately, before Alceus could prevent any further murder, his energy-senses alerted him of the arrival of six Ninjan warriors, obviously summoned by Kurrent to aid him in the battle.

With his patience at an end, The Champion temporarily formed a protective barrier around his teammate Closure to shield him from whatever would follow the arrival of the unknown Ninjan combatants. The outward flailing aura of violent golden energy radiated more wildly around Alceus, flinging rocks, portions of the land and debris into the air. "Enough!", the Son of Olympus shouted, a bright powerful burst of immense spherical energy generated from his perfectly chiseled body as he spread his arms out wide. Instantly defeating the surrounding Ninjans with the immensely powerful attack, a fearsome crater was left beneath it's wake. The Ninjans, either unconscious or in a comatose state were disposed of. Opposed to killing nonsensically, The Champion opted not to use a lethal amount of energy against them. Dispelling the barrier that he had placed around Closure, Alceus refocused his attention on Kurrent, "Attack with me", Alceus requested, briefly turning to Closure, voicing his desire for effective and efficient teamwork. Speedily charging towards Kurrent, mighty Alceus pulled his right fist back, apparently hoping to throw an earth-shattering uppercut, however, once the distance between Kurrent and he was reduced to mere inches, The Champion rapidly maneuvered to his opponent's left side, thrusting his left palm towards Kurrent's midsection, discharging an immensely powerful blast of cosmic energy followed by a lightning-fast forward roundhouse kick, stronger than his initial right hook during the commencement of the battle. With the kick aiming to shatter Kurrent's jaw, Alceus hoped that Closure would rise to the occasion if he truly wanted to help.

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{I’m reading a direct hit sir} Jeeves said, displaying the Ninjan Queen’s heat signature in response to his attack, on Sean’s screens. “I betcha the mofo that killed Mr.Freeze is hating life right now” Sean said, making a slight joke. {Shinji is has arrived} Jeeves reported, Sean turned around to see his teammate and the leader of the Utopian nation. “Give me five!” Sean said, putting his hand up but the focused leader went directly after Sha. {Are you trying to scratch your ass sir?} Jeeves asked, as Sean watched Shinji unleash a violent array of strikes with his blade. “Yeah, remind me to bring that up at the next board meeting” Sean said, continuing to watch. {Perhaps, if the TWO of you over-power her you’ll kill her} Jeeves chimed in.

Mesmerized at how their battle was being depicted in the heavens of Utopia, Sean gained more respect for Shinji then he ever thought he would have. The man just took over as the leader of the nation, and he was already fighting to the death to defend his people. {No one has gone to defend Poland…it’s being leveled} Jeeves reported. {Japan, California, Utopia all hit} Jeeves said, again. “The Ninjans attacked in all hot areas… “We can evacuate what’s left of the population to colder areas” His mindset was still on protecting the welfare of the people, he would always protect the welfare of the people. {The coldest place, that’s close by is Russia…and I’m not sure that’s a good idea} Jeeves said, showing the persistent T.I presence in Russia.

“They’re all talk anyways” He said, turning to help Shinji; however this time Sha was on the attack. She returned the same bloodlust look that Shinji gave to her. “You know, I’m starting to feel like this isn’t my fight” he told Jeeves. {Sir…WATCH OUT!} Jeeves screamed panicked. The sonic wind Sha sent towards him sent his suit spiraling out of control.

Suddenly, he couldn’t move his helmet; it was like his whole suit was stuck in some sort of vice grip. He looked up into the sky and saw that the Ninjan Queen had grabbed him by his neck. The suit was immobile there was nothing he could do; he extended his hands downwards towards Shinji and opened his amber tinted eye slits. {Sir, everything has shut-} Jeeves never finished, he was muted by the sound of Sha snapping the neck of the Iron Soldier.

His lifeless body fell from nearly three hundred feet in the air and crashed down upon the floor. “Sean what happened all of your suits vital energies just dropped…Sean!?” Paige screamed, not aware of what had just happened. {I’m sorry Ma’am…} Jeeves responded, activating the suit’s safety protocol. Paige could be heard crying in the backgrounds, all the while Jeeves tried to ful-fill Sean’s last wish.

Overriding the protocol, the independent program took control over the Editman. Rising to his feet, Jeeves would aid Shinji in taking down the b!tch who killed his best friend. {I’m sorry for this sir, but I can’t have you stinking up the Corinthian leather} He said, jettisoning Sean’s dead body from the suit.Turning around, he fired his howling finger rockets, to distract Sha, while Shinji went on the offensive.

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He had seen it. From his eternal post in the cosmos, the universal Witness had foreseen great tragedy. Someone of his station could easily halt the event before it began, saving many lives. But he did not. It was his duty to reality to watch, not to intervene. He was its scribe, its archivist. And this tragedy would indeed be one that would shake the very foundations of the Earth. Allowing it to go unrecorded would be a tragedy in and of itself. When he descended upon the Earth, it was still tranquil. People went about their lives, the sky was blue. Normality. Slowly, he descended. And as he did, his blue form split into a set of five identical Witnesses. Looking to each other, they gave a silent nod, and went about their ways. One to the nation known to him as Utopia. Another to Japan. A third to China, and a final one to the U.S. west coast. The true Witness stood in the stratosphere, his ever-gazing white orbs glaring down upon the Earth as each of the other Witnesses relayed what they saw to him. He pitied the Earthlings, for what was about to fall upon them would be truly horrific.

All at once, the attack fell upon the Earth like a black cloud. Ninjan royal crests hovered above the people below, born onto the fronts of flags. Their leader was an elegant woman, the one called Sha. Her presence was commanding, enough so that the Witness that stood behind her shoulder felt a sickening sense of awe. Looking on, his eyes recorded the sights of cities being burned. And for once, the enigmatic being felt a sense of remembrance. He saw the sight of old men rising up with their old tools to terminate their oppressors in a world that had gone so terribly wrong. Then, a flash of light, and a wasteland. A few moments of sadness passed over him as he stared on.

Then, his eyesight swiched to another of the Witnesses. This time in Japan. He watched as a man engaged a woman. She was clearly outmatched in sheer power.. but she fought on. Fought to try and protect. To save. It was admirable.

Each Witness took his spot and subsequently folded his arms behind his back, staring. Watching. Observing. Witnessing. This would be a most harrowing time for Earth, and one that would leave it and its inhabitants scarred for all of eternity.

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The endsong has begun and the final confrontation began. Heroes and nations world wide struggled to maintain their grounds, the group of aliens known as the Ninjan. She used her magic to weave the same spell implicated around the Nakamura empire, which she called the "Onion effect" it was her job as the Nakamura's ambassador, promoting the strong efficient alliance with New France after the disastrous rule of Dark Child. Providing successful mystical protection to the allied nations. As her concentration ceased, she wiped the sweat that trailed from her forehead, the exhaustion and amount of energy she putted into the magic. Recently the shieldings were lowered by some unknown force, weakened but still in tact, she came to New France on the behalf of Morgaine, the now standing ruler, who matched the city with her amazed beauty. As she began to telepathically scan the area around her, she was suddenly touched by psychic backlashes that struck her to the ground, the mental connection she shared with her sisters back in Japan told her of the current dangers that struck the grand empire. She then felt the alien energy touching her magic wards, the same thing must of affected Japan and the countries under it's rule. Using one of New France's teleporting beamers, she instructed it to take her back to her country, pressing on few colorful buttons, in mere seconds the light emitting from the chamber swallowed her and took her to her destination.

The electric densely populated city was the first to be struck by the unknown force, Sayomi was surprised to see how one man took her nation by storm. The magical defenses were shattered, most likely weakened as New France's were, no doubt he had help in doing so. Had she not taken care of them in the first place this issue would of been dealt with and the attack would of put numerous amounts of efforts in trying to breach them, allowing Sayomi to effectively place a counter strike. The sounding alarm from all places screamed, combined with the fears and shrieks coming from the residences. Using her telepathy, she sent a massive alert system to prepare her a magical portal for her to reach the palace and address the empress and the council on how to handle the invasion as well as to know how they were if they hadn't address them, as well as mark an already established exit point for the people. Just then she caught the psychic impressions of familiars around her in a different part of the city, her team the Wolf Pack had already engaged to protect her country with their lives, but now it was her turn to do so as well. Death was surrounding her like a thick mist and there was little she could do to heal them, but she had to keep fighting on. Using her magic to assign the basic strategy of combat, offensive and defensive. Employing various shielding spells of all sizes around civilians as well as directing them to an exit point telepathically, she then saw a portal formed in front of her, running through the bright dimensional rift she then ended up in the imperial palace.

"Nozomi! Yumiko!" Sayomi yelled out, worrying for the safety of her sisters, she then heard their voice in another room. "Sayomi! Thank the gods your all right!" Yumiko said as she ran to give her sister a hug, "What are you guys doing?! Tokyo is under attack by some being, and the Wolf Pack are alone combating the threat!" she said in despair, "Sit, I'll explain everything." a relaxed voice spoke, Nozomi, the empress of Japan used her magic to display an illusion that would relay their plans. "Somehow this atrocity manage to breach our shields, since it was weakened just as New Frances were, he took the initiative to strike us along with other countries. The Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi are already out helping and evacuating citizens to the kekkai check point. A ritual is already in the process and almost ready to execute." she finished, her words struck her with such surprise, she was going to create an alternate dimension to devour all the people under the Nakamura rule and submerge the current city with an exact duplicate, while the real Japan would be restored of it's damages and the false one stood in it's place in the real world. "Nozomi! No one has that kind of power to call upon such spell! Even if we combined yours, Yumiko, and mines all together, we still wouldn't summon enough energy to bring it forth!" she knew the price if Nozomi was to do such thing, it would kill her, the magic required to create a small alternate universe was something non of them possess. "You forget I am the current physical embodiment of Amaterasu her powers flows through me, I can channel enough magic to hold the spell, while your little girls and boys can help me link the spell." she of course was correct, her being the empress granted her the power of the Shinto sun goddess, allowing her to out class all witches who stood near her, her powers were almost limitless. "My empress, it's set. Now we need you to hold the energy stable." a priestess said as she entered the room, "Good, after this is done, instruct the council to help the Pack end this threat." she said hastily.

As the members entered the sacred room, large in size, underneath the palace itself, the room was inscribed with various sigils and runes signifying the ritual, added with the palace own standing on a fey lines, a magic reservoir, the imperial family and other's were going to tap into the power and used them. "Were going to need an anchor to bridge ourselves, and I know the perfect candidate." Sayomi said with a bright gleeful smile, "Maidens bring in the Charmed Ones and summon Risky.", "Yes princess." one said, as a group focused and place their hands on a stone table with an ore ball in the middle. The ball began to light up and soon the requested coven appeared as well as the beautiful Lady Luck. Sayomi could see the confusion in Risky's face but relayed a telepathic message to calm her, "I'll explain later, we need you Risky, your ability to manipulate the fortune side of probability is something were going to tap and chain, to fortify our chances of our rituals success." just as she said that everyone locked hands around the large magic circle and Risky stood in the middle. Using her powers Nozomi sent a paper talisman that she levitated and shot it towards Risky, sticking on her left nicely shaped breast.

The circle began pooling on one another's power as they tapped into the magic reservoir and into Risky's own gift. Using her ability of probability, the witches bridge their power into the mutant, sparks flew across the room and a series of words spilled from Nozomi's mouth and she was processing the ritual to the road of success. The bodies of the group felt as if they've been in a roller coaster their bodies felt light and the sudden urge to vomit came but none of them did so, together all of them affected the Nakamura empire, replacing the real land with a false one that stood identical, but the merging lands traded construction, meaning all the damages the Nakamura empire sustained was to be replace with the false one and vice versa. The city was now empty minus the distraction provided by Wolf Pack who were still present. Nozomi's body fell to the floor in exhaustion due to the spell and told the others to help the Wolf Pack, insisting them to going forth, joining them when she regained her strength. "What just happened?" Angela said as she still felt the side effects of the spell, nausea, "We switched everyone and the empire to the pocket dimension were in now, every damage it took was replace by the created empire, so the one where going to is the false land that remains in the real world, with the damages there." her methods of explanation was quite confusing but she didn't care only to help her team and take down Renegade Lantern.

A portal was created by one of Nozomi's maiden that sent them to the false Tokyo. "Risky you should feel a weird tingling sensation, your now as one.... we created a magical replica to help the Wolf Pack when you were helping us. She's gone since your both in immediate presence." Sayomi explained, seeing the burst of the dying emerald flames, she saw the out of control monster.... human demolishing the place. The skies were bombarded with different pollutions and actual dragons that flew around the island. The group splits into teams while the enchantress and Risky rejoined the Pack, "DARN IT!" she shouted aloud, knowing that in another part of the world the eternal beast was reawakened, the Kraken. "So many things are happening all at once and there's only one psychic echo being resonated.... Arrow!" she said to herself, "Jean, if you hear this I need you to respond." she said as telepathically contacted the Legendary figures thousands of miles away. While her physical body began diverting the dragon's flames that shot towards her back towards which she did but instead shifted their internal structure and turned it into lightning, the bolts pierced through the dragon's body and it soared to the ground only to mark a non lasting impression.

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SABRE Command Center, Undisclosed location---

"This is a damn invasion!" Daniel Ross yelled at several governmental leaders over a screen."Mr. Ross, we don't have the time or effort to deal with such things.." one of the shadowy figures said. "This invasion is world wide you damn idiots! If they win, you are all going to be thrown under the bus!" the shadow figures, silent, shut off connection with SABRE. Daniel slammed his fist on the computer. An agent entered the room a bit nervously. "Sir-...they are moving to Martial City...."the agent said. Ross looked up at her. "That city will NOT be taken agent. Give orders to send as many available units to the city as possible. We have to hold the line there." "Yes sir!" the agent ran off. Ross put his hand on his brow... he was too old for these kind of things. He sighed and got up. He walked out and into the armory. He began preparing his personal equipment. He's not gonna let this city fall without being there himself.

Martial City, two hours earlier---

Several hundreds of helicopters landed in the city center, dropping weapons, technology, troops, vehicles, as well as doing a mass evacuation of the city. Ross stepped off one of the helicopters. The city was in madness. Agents swarming around, moving citizens out of the city crowds at a time. He marched through the masses to the home base of the heroic team he had set up here not too long ago. The program was a complete success. They had torn the criminals in this city a new one. The super-powered ones barely showed up anymore, and several of the gangs in the area had been practically exterminated. This was a choice he had made, and he was the better for it. He wasn't going to let one of his few good choices go down the drain because of some idiotic communists from space. This was his land, and he'd hold it until he died. He stepped towards the radio one of the agents had set up for him. He tapped the mic just a bit before speaking. "Under-Dogs, this is Daniel Ross. If the name seems unfamiliar, I'm the commander of SABRE and the one who formed your team in the first place. This is a message.... a call of action. There are invaders charging towards the American coast, I've already sent any available information on them to you all. They want this world as their own. We need help to keep that inglorious dream away from them. I'm not asking you to be soldiers. I'm asking you to be the heroes of this city. This is the last time I'll hold any power here, I've decided. If we can hold Martial, you will be placed in charge of it. SABRE will discontinue all actions here... if we can hold. That is why we need you. Bring everything you can, and everyone you can. This is war, and this is our ground. Ross out." 
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His Atugawa Akira blade cut her with every slice he executed. It was too perfect for him to believe. After performing a radial slash at her abdomen, he recovered his distance as Sha’s mutilated form lost its saturation and vanished as a grayscale illumination. Suddenly, cracking tarmac trembled the ground beneath Shinji’s ablative soles. Her distraction tactic was simple, but effective. Naturally parrying with a back leap he rotated 180 degrees as Sha's barreling wave of white energy upturned the street’s tar surface. Shinji psionically erected one dimensional cosmic shields to deflect the waves large chunks of surface debris being launched at his body. As he broke the laws of gravity to gain leverage on Sha's destructive light wave, an ear popping explosion erupted beneath his feet. The Ninjan Matriarch's dark and explosive pillar pushed him towards the sidewalk and he slammed into a parked black phantom Volvo S80. Tempered glass sprinkled down his ablative armor and fragments lodged themselves into it's crevices. Shinji knew he was better hand-to-hand fighter than Sha, but the scale of her durability and strength outweighed his own.

While flexing his shoulders to grate the fragments of glass into dust, an brunette Ninjan adorned in gold, black and purple Ninjan robes was incoming fast towards his location. Shinji's azure eyes scanned the perimeter for Sha and sighted her in an aerial battle with Editman. Surkit was out of sight and Shinji quickly pressed his ear to open the Trinity com-frequency before the Ninjan Warrior dished her assault. "Surkit, tell me how your holding up" Shinji uttered waiting on an OK response from his teammate, he lunged into an evasive roll as the Ninjan tanked the Volvo through a glass-paneled skyscraper.

Taking his Ko Gasumi stance, the blade was raised horizontally to his forehead. "Come at me" He huffed, finally feeling the adrenaline of the battle. The Ninjan Warrior rose from her destruction and hovered off the ground to attempt another power spear. He bent down his knees, decreasing the accuracy of her attack. She understood the rigidness of his stance...his unflinching gaze and screamed a sweet contralto war cry. Sweet to Shinji at least. Her eyes glowed crimson red as she drew close and Shinji burst forward, with a boost of cosmic energy propelling him into the air. She she shot her eye burning beam of energy, while he horizontally cut his blade through the air. He rolled across Sha's upturned tarmac and rose on bended knee. Blade extended. The Ninjan Warrior's eye beam exploded against the ground followed with her body violently tumbling across the razed street.

His first blood in the War. He preferred it be Sha's, the women leading her race to it's fall from grace. The strength and power she was claimed with a duplicitous nature. For a women with so much power, Shinji wondered how she never seemed to truly stand her own ground. Manipulating Kurrent leading her beautiful race into a pointless crusade on Earth. There was King Derreken and then came Sha. The second weakest Ninjan Shinji ever encountered. However petty and meagar humans were perceived to her, her attitude never seemed any different from humans. This wasn't her planet's battle, it was her own.

A body crashed to Shinji's left and his eyes registered it as Editman. He glanced up at Sha, with a telling glare in her eyes. Rushing to Editman he was paralyzed as Sean's body was disrespectfully ejected from his Power Suit. Perplexed and cemented in utter shock, he watched Sean's Power Suit fire a volley of rockets at Sha.

He unsheathed his second Akira Atugawa Wakizashi blade from it's gold dragon embellished scabbard. Transitioning to the legendary Miyamoto Musashi's Niten Ichi-ryu style of swordsmanship he burst into the air dead set on cutting Sha out the sky. A green aura traced his body and as pulled his Wakizashi and Katana back to decapitate two hard emerald light clones stretched from his body and a took a life of their own. One clone lowered to her legs and sliced his uneven blades at both her Achilles tendons with surgical precision. Shinji sliced his Wakizashi vertically upward from her solar plexus to her chin, hoping to bleed her out. Immediately after their vicious Samurai attacks, they parried back with sequenced gusts of cosmic energy that would disperse the four in different directions. Shinji blades were screaming for Sha's blood.

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In the inequitable destruction, decimation and genocide of France, there had been one remaining beacon of hope. A small island carved off from the coastline through unnatural means of the most disgusting sort. A rocky haven set aside and untouched from everything else, it contained the cathedral that had once been the home to the Order of Sancta Camisia, preserving it in a stroke of fate. Upon the reconstruction of the country, the island had remained untouched, lost in a veil of fog and deemed off-limits to all but the Order.

With the revitalization of the Order in the light of the Ruin Kingdom debacle and the entrapment of one Cassidy Lockhart-Starks, the island had been populated once again, flourishing with the activity of the ancient sect of assassins. In addition to the illustrious Arcadian Cave housed beneath its foundation, the ancient secret tunnels were stabilized and re-tooled and a hangar bay was added. The tech and warfare savvy mind of Cass also built in an emergency protocol, one that would be used only in a time of the greatest utmost emergency. That time was now.

The Ronin Assassin ran through the tunnels underneath the cathedral, making her way towards Aegis, her specially modified warplane, with every intent of piloting it to the West Coast and dropping a payload straight on Sha's head and taking out as many Ninjan starships as she could. The underground walls of the tunnels shook as she ran, alerting her towards the distress upstairs.

>Ms. Lockhart-Starks, we have a problem<

"Aria, the entire world is under attack from an alien invasion while the closest thing we've ever seen to the devil leads armies of ourselves into battle. I'd say 'we have a problem' is an understatement." The words were said with grim morbidity as Cass reached the threshold door to the hangar bay. Holding her palm up to the pad, she lifted her lid for the simultaneous retinal scan and repeated a seemingly random pattern of words, letters and numbers.

>The snark is appreciated, as always. I was, however, referring to a different problem. SEER (Specialized Electromagnetic Energy Reader) has given off reports that Angelique and Florian have stepped foot within the nursery. She's looking for the children. Little Sparrow and Rokuakai are taking heavy damages. Life signs of Sovereign Son have been detected in multiple places, simultaneously. Unknown energy signature, but facial recognizing says The Baron. Power limits unknown. Threat level extraordinary. Status report indicates that loss of life is a high probability.<

"Stop, Aria. Just give me a minute." Cassidy pounded her fist against the wall next to the keypad, the door to the bay standing before her. She could either go back and attempt to stem the loss of battle, or they could cut their losses and run, but at the sacrifice of the place that had made her who she was. It was a weighing of options and one that she didn't take lightly. "Aria, initiate Protocol X."

>Are you sure, Cass?< This was momentous in it being the first time that the AI program had addressed her by anything informal.

"No, of course I'm not sure. But this is what needs to be done." Her heart was thumping in her chest as she pulled out the voice transponder that would connect her to both Little Sparrow and Rokuakai. "Sparrow, Roku, there's no time. I'm initiating a last resort protocol in thirty seconds. After that, you will have one minute and thirty seconds to clear the premises. Be advised, from this point forward, Angelique and Florian are to be treated as hostiles." She paused for a moment and allowed emotion to creep into her voice for the first time. "If we don't make it, pray we take out our enemies with us. It would be a noble death. It was a pleasure working with you, gentleman."

She strode into the hangar as if she was queen of the world, all the while communicating with Aria. "Initiate Protocol X Procedures. User: Cassidy Lockhart-Starks. Passcode: Kilo 11-74-2 Alpha 1-24-90 Tango 4-233-4 Sierra 2-344-5 Golf 32-22-49 Mike. Override code to T-minus 90 seconds: Charlie Hotel 9-3934-657." Climbing into the cockpit of the cutting edge technological marvel that was Aegis, she performed a quick flight check before switching momentarily to autopilot.

>T minus one minute<

Switching her comm to a frequency that she and Angelique had established before, Cassidy spoke with grim determination. "You sorry, worthless, b!tch. You come into my home and come after my children and side with Final Arrow. There's a reckoning to be had, Ang and it's coming for you, courtesy of me and it's long overdue. If you make it out of this alive, which I half hope you do, if only so I can kill you, meet me at our old spot. I'll be there waiting for you." It was an allusion to Italy and more specifically, the Hellfire Club HQ, where, during Cassidy's pregnancy, unbeknownst to Gambler, Angelique had coordinated a series of masterfully manipulative attacks on her.

>T minus 20 seconds<

The hangar bay opened up, revealing the sleek and majestic craft piloted by the ever-evolving enigmatic redhead by the name of Cassidy Lockhart-Starks. Gliding out onto the night air, Cass took one last look down at the island that housed her birthplace, for all intents and purposes. It was with the Order she had learned to excel. It had been her first real test as an assassin. It was also where she discovered that treachery and deceit could run through even those you loved. She had left the Order at the age of seventeen as a damaged little girl and had come back at the age of 25 as a physically damaged, but emotionally sound young woman.

Shockwaves shook the entire island and something reminiscent of a sonic boom shot through the air, heard throughout the entirety of New France. The payload that had been set up in the very foundation of the island itself for just such a purpose as this had gone off. The aircraft shook ever so slightly before straightening itself out and a single tear rolled down Cassidy's face as she forced herself to watch her home sink into the depths of the ocean.

Gritting her teeth she enabled her comm and contacted Gambler to appraise him of the situation. "Your daughter and son have gone rogue and joined Final Arrow. The status of Rokuakai and Little Sparrow is currently unknown. I'm headed for someplace else right now. The Court of Owls' position is tenuous, I don't know how many have survived. The Order of Sancta Camisia no longer has a home." The night sky was lit up behind her with the fires of the sinking island, debris hanging in the air, somewhat reminiscent of fireworks.

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“Do you want to die?” she screamed with her face turning red; the helpless Pakistani prisoner shook his head swiftly. “Then get the f@ck down!” Maya screamed, erecting an invisible wall over the U.S embassy building. “Poor Shinji” she said, watching the coverage of the Ninjan assault on Utopia on television. “She’s gone too far…” Maya said, balling her fist up in anger. “Are you going to kill us?” A frightened woman asked. She had mucus coming from her nose, her hair was a mess and she appeared to be shaking. Maya could do nothing but let out a sigh, “No, I’m not here to kill you, I’m here to protect you…”

She thought her stress levels had climaxed at the beginning of this week, boy was she wrong. The Ninjans swooped in and destroyed the cities quickly; being only one person she couldn’t do it alone. Hundreds if not thousands perished in the initial attack; only a year had passed since Maya herself was in charge of the Ninjans. “Damnit…” she said, slowly being brought to tears, “This was my world to protect, I failed…” She felt a tug at her leg, which snapped her out of her guilt. A young child bearing what appeared to be a kato mask, held her hand out. “What’s this?” she said, taking the mask.

Looking down at the little girl, she had to do a double take, the little girl she thought she saw; was actually a small boy. Instantly her mind flashes subliminal images of her one and only Alex. Dropping to her knee’s she became overrun with the thought of being a bad mother. “Look!” someone pointed as a huge gunship came bursting through the clouds. “Sit here” she said, handing the boy a chair. As the Gunship began to unleash it’s horde of Ninjans, Maya flew up to combat them, alone.

“I should’ve read that how to survive a Ninjan invasion manual Sicily made” Maya joked, as she flew right through the first wave. Maya learned never to doubt an opponent, in area that she knew she was better than someone in, she stayed humble about it; that left her expectations intact while fighting.

Three of them came, same time; she credited the Ninjan gods for not giving them all the same power as any of the Ziccarra’s. Encasing herself in a blue shield, Maya pushed it out knocking the whole first wave of Ninjans away from her position. She could feel her shield slowly wearing off, her powers were weakening. “I…got one shot at this…” as she fell from the sky, Maya pushed her right hand forward and fired a nuclear level photon energy wave at the Ninjan Gunship.

The impact was massive; a gigantic explosion ripped a hole in the sky, filling it with a green glow. Maya free fell to the ground, watching as the clouds pass. The destroyed town actually had a certain beauty to it from that high up; huge chunks from the Ninjan gunship sped pass her heading down towards the ground. The bolero of fire that burned in her heart, told her to protect those she loved and even those who hated her. The bolero of fire, told her that no matter how many times she did wrong, that she could rectify it with her good heart.

The Bolero of Fire told her to live, and watch the Earth evolves; the Bolero of Fire was Andferne. “MAYA NO!” he screamed in her mind with his commanding voice. “YOU STILL HAVE TO FIGHT, TO YOUR LAST BREATH, YOUR’RE GIVING UP EVERYTHING MAYA, FIGHT…MAYA FIGHT….FIGHT!” Andferne screamed.

As the ground quickly approached, Maya pushed her hands behind her, just as she was about to hit the ground. In a curve like motion she went skyward and gained her powers back. As she landed she saw a merc, whom looked as if he wanted to shoot her. “You tell Gambler, that I kill people” she said, with her hands on her hips. “I’ll kill for my survival…I’ll even kill for yours” turning around, she headed back to the embassy.

Handing the mask to the little boy, she thought about heading to Utopia, but something dawned to her. Sha and the Ninjan’s were not at full strength, she knew this because she was there leader. Arrow had his hands in this too; killing him would end everything. “Hopefully it’s like bettlejuice…Arrow, Arrow, Arrow!” she screamed, hoping the Nocturne of shadows would respond.

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“Distance is everything in this fight sir,” Charles’s bot explained, “From the information gathered we see the Ninjans are trained for close combat, their strength is immense, also their sight is remarkable said to be able to see very long distances.” Charles ran at his own top speed, he could not let them sneak up on him. As he jumped over one tall building onto a shorter one, he pulled out his gun and emptied a full clip on the Ninjan. The Ninjan’s speed did not decrease, not even a stumble. Charles rolled onto the roof of the shorter building, he continued running. “Damn…..I need a weakness any.” “I’m working on it sir.” Charles had no time to wait on the bot, he flipped open his wristband, he searched the very thing the bot did. “Sir, it says they take as much damage to electricity as humans do.” Charles continued searching then he found it, “Why cause damage when I can put it down.” “What do you mean sir?”

Charles continued typing. “What’s the quickest route to the safe haven?” The bot responded quickly, “A sewer hatch three blocks to the east.” The Red Raider planted his foot firmly and changed direction so precise the Ninjans lost sight for a second. As he came to a building over the sewer hatch he threw two small explosives and a smoke pellet to escape. The explosion went off causing a ring in the aliens’ ears and the smoke allowed The Masked Crusader to end the chase.

30 Minutes Later

St. Cloud is seen unmasked and taking apart a weapon. “Red what do you plan on doing?” It was the first time the bot had addressed him by something other than sir. Charlie allowed it. “You remember the villain I put in the maximum prison awhile back.” “Dr. Frost?” “Yes, well in mid fight I got ahold of his weapon and have had it ever since, The Ninjan species are vulnerable to cold, so much even to cause death. I have to give it to the Doc, the weapon is extraordinary, it takes the air around and takes it mixing with a substance to cause the ultimate Ninjan killing weapon.” Charlie had already put the gun back, “You are something sir.” Charles smirked before he grabbed another accessory, the bot noticing asked, “And those sir?” the bot looked at the puny round devices. “Hey, who said it wasn’t good to have a Ninjan on your side.” Charles chuckled as he rushed off thinking about how he would gently place the control chip on to the Ninjan invaders.

“Sir, I’ve already matched the heat signatures and the invaders seem to be in the exact place you left them. From, body movement I think they’re still searching for you sir.” The bot said. Charles before exiting the sewer hatch typed on his wristband. Initiating STEALTH MODE, Charles became invisible, exiting the underground to the demolished city or the ruins of what was left. The Red Raider using his skill of sneaking up on people came within distance of one Ninjan. As Charlie looked around he saw the other Ninjan several feet away. He grabbed the freeze ray and shot it right on the head of the Ninjan warrior. The ice took shape around his head, before he could even scream to his partner. The Ninjan was scared for his life the once mighty warrior was now but only a victim. Before, he could even think about crushing the ice or escaping, Charles froze the rest of his body. Within seconds, the Ninjan was a statue in ice, the only movement shot was his eyes looking left to right trying to find his assailant. Deactivating STEALTH MODE. Charles appeared in front on the Ninjan. He shouted loud enough for the other invader to hear, “YOU ARE DONE HURTING MY CITY AND IT’S PEOPLE!” The only Ninjan left was infuriated, how dare this human act so superior to their race he thought. As his eyes glowed red, he charged the hero. Charles once again began to run. The alien’s speed was too superior as Charles jumped off another roof the Ninjan grabbed his arm. “You will regret the moment you decided to stand up against the Mighty Ninjan Empire human, no, you will never regret this moment I will end your life before you could.” The Ninjan tossed Charles straight into the air, as The Red Raider was vulnerable; he capitalized by using speed and kicking Charles straight down to the rooftop below. Charlie laid still a slight twitch was seen coming from his fingers. The alien mounted the downed hero, and began the ground and pound. Charles was face bloody, “Any last words…..” A slight laughter was heard, the Ninjan move closer after being signaled to by Charles. “Gotcha,” Just then the Ninjan felt something placed on neck. He sat up, his face showing a glazed look. “Get off of me.” Charles commanded, and the invader listened, “Nice Ninjan.”

The Red Raider looked into the sky and saw more figures these with purple and gold banners. “Friends of yours?”, Charles joked knowing the Ninjan would not reply. The bot responded instead, “No sir the hero Izaiah of WAL said these were the Xantroans, they are here to help against the Ninjans, joining them will be agents of SABRE the agency that formed the Under-Dogs” “Oh great,” Charles replied. “Sir, with the low number of invaders may I recommend helping others around the world.” “Yes, where to?” Charles asked. The bot responded with no moment to spare, "UK sir they are being overrun by the events also there are rumors of demons, witches, and dragons, possible contamination by hallucinogen.” The hero hopped on the back of the Ninjan, “Sir, be advised to take more gadgets there will be many.” Charles smirked as the Ninjan took off.

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The Order of Sancta Camisa has never felt a more conniving and fierce personality than thee redheaded mystery.  Her savvy ebony katana alone has slayed countless souls since its inception.  Dazzling, calculating and volatile, Clarice is a no-nonsense puppeteer.  Not too long ago even Jean Luc LeBeau promised her success and domination.  However, all she's received is child's play and bullying tactics from the Order's most notorious hens.  Fictitious tears and smiles have become counter intuitive.  And with an oncoming war not too far there is no need to gamble her life.  Decisions are to be made. 


"Aren't you the handsome fellow!"  From cheek to cheek it looks as if this smile was stitched onto her face.  Was the temptress truly out of her own comfort zone?  How quaint.  Despite becoming a fish out of water; Clara Mass' impeccable attitude insists on acting joyful.  Without a doubt does she utilize her natural talents.  Unbuttoning her blouse and letting down her crimson colored locks. 
At first glance Shinji Tsukazaki's features speak of ignorant bliss but that is sadly not the case.  He is a formidable combatant and cannot be deceived at least from women not sharing his ever so expensive mattress. Although fashionably tardy, Clarice would prefer to remain on his good side lest she place him into the fabled Dragon Sleeper finisher.   
Beautiful and composed the matron to thee Zeraz Legacy politely bows before Japanese royalty.  Eyeing his decorative set of weapons, Clarice Michelle snickers at his sense of prevailing taste.  Entrenched in dramatics as these two are it's commendable that a man can still find time to remain organized.  
"Well. Well.  You've had quite the transformation, Director Zeraz.  Or do you prefer Clarice?" 
"Director Zeraz is fine.  And the restoration of my soul has indeed made me a better woman, Mr. Tsukazaki, thank you." 
"Heh. Do you know why you're here?" 
"I understand there's an opportunity in the Trinity Foundation.  I'm presuming some kind of advising or psychiatric role." 
"No.  You are, however, manipulative, skilled at deception, and unethical." 
"I'm assuming the empress position will remain vacant as well, so what do you want from me?" 
"Frankly a monstrous woman such as yourself should already know the answer." 
"Hm.  Jean is becoming unbearable.  I'm willing to defect and feed you vital information.  In return I want sanctuary in Utopia."  
"Alright but I do hope you take our family ties and business relationship under great consideration as you mobilize whatever plan comes to mind." 
"And if I don't play by your rules and do as I see fit?" 
"I'll make sure your family learns of the Mikepool incident, exploit your actions to the world, and ruin your slow ascension into a position of power.  Are we clear?" 
Everything is numb.  Did he really issue a threat?  Has he finally become a man?
"I promise I won't disappoint because I see great things for you and I."  


Carefully observing his aggravated movements, Clarice descends onto the field.  Rokuakai jolts forward at the mysterious Baron and launches a wave of kinetic energy.  Practical but effective.  Walking quietly she makes sure to not draw any attention to herself, at least not yet.  As the invasion went into full effect, her thoughts drift for some seconds.  Closure is bleeding she can feel his wounds slowly healing as tensions rise in the midst of burning corpses.  Her head shakes disappointingly, she can feel the nuances of his body, each muscle moving to a new rhythm.  
As she strides through chaos the redheaded mystery implants a telepathic link into her acquaintance's split conscience.  Her heels muddle through debris, dust momentarily clouds her 20/20 vision.  Skin on the floor.  The wall beside her has become a blood covered canvas.  Katana extended.  Violet eyes study the silent surroundings.  Trepidation throughout these prestigious halls.  Sighing in relief the Zeraz matron signals the mental mixture of Roku and Kai.   
"We must dispose of our enemies quickly.  Our King requires--"  Oxygen thins as a blade thrusts steadily aimed horizontally at her lower back.  Her body reacts three seconds ahead of time.  Ducking underneath the sharp weapon, Clarice strikes the clone's thigh resulting in gushing blood.  The color crimson cascades around elegant tiles.  She however savors the taste of inhumane blood. 
"--Our assistance."  She said, licking her finger tips clean.  Suddenly the island rumbles like a famished lioness.  Linking her mind once more with her temporary allies the illusive fury screams out a banshee shriek.  "Give me a location quick!"  Touching the delicate strings of reality, she prepares her curvaceous frame for immediate teleportion.  
A deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low truths ~ Marina Tsvetaeva
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Savage Land Earlier 
"Hey Loveless wait up!" Pink had trailed behind Lady Loveless for the past mile of forest they have had to navigate through. "Whats wrong?!" 
Lady Loveless stopped, turned ever slowly to her pink-bubbly ally and looked her dead in the eye. "Everything is different." 
"Well yeah so..." Pink innocently looked at Lady Loveless and cocked her head as she said this. 
"I know it is a exciting adventure!..But I was getting onto the swing of things, then you the other two personas, personalities, whatever manifested and everything just went off track." She looked to her friend that seemed to deflate by Loveless's words. 
"Oh, well I am only showing myself now because....I thought we were friends and I was helping." Her astral form's eyes had started to fill with shiny tears that glistened as they gracefully tumbled down her face. 
"No! Pink! I am truthfully glad YOU ARE HERE! The other two, are just a pain and destructive, and now one of them is running loose doing God knows what! I am happy to not be alone, to have my body, and whatever powers this new transformation has left me...even if for whatever reason this change has caused some of my hair to go white." Loveless cracked a smile as she blew the tuff of white hair out of her face. "Now lets keep---" She interrupted mid sentence by a force so powerful it took her breath away. 

Launched half a mile back, a stampede of veggies loving dinosaurs had knocked her through several trees. "Wow, what a hit!" She rubbed her head and checked her body for any bleeding, wounds, or at this point scratches of any kind.  
"Loveless are you okay?!"  
"More than okay! I guess I have a higher stamina now!" Her words were drowned out by the thunderous roar of a T-Rex. "Wow okay, ummm not used to fighting something so big but lets see what I can do!" The T-Rex charged as it locked eyes two, it hurdled towards them and the remainder of the fleeting stampede. Loveless cringed as a triceratops ran full speed at her, she crossed her arms and blocked. Instead of getting launched like last time, she stood her ground and pushed back. "Alright so maybe this Rex won't be so hard to handle! Pink fly around him and distract him I've got a plan!" Pink nodded and zigged and zagged around the monstrous beast's head. Loveless knocked over a tree in one punch. Raised it above her head and started to wind up. She inched closer and closer to the T-Rex, picked up momentum with each step and each spin. Finally close enough she let go, the tree landed a direct hit. Knocked back the T-Rex was engulfed in a cloud of smoke and debris. "YES we did it!!!"  
Then the ground started to shake, the Rex wasn't down...but now he was mad and hungrier than ever! "Okay plan B, RUN!!!!" The two flew away from the scene as quickly as possible, the Rex seemed to gain some new found burst of speed as he sprinted toward them jaw first. Loveless had started to run so fast she had not noticed but her feet were no longer on the ground. 
"Loveless! You are flying!!!" Pink eagerly shouted as the two rose higher and higher. Freaked, Loveless started to lose her balance and fell closer and closer to the predator below. "No!!! Focus, just focus on what you want! To fly higher, be the win Loveless, fly smooth and steady!" She listened to Pink the two flew higher and higher until the T-Rex was out of sight and out of mind, the jungle smaller and smaller with each cloud they passed. "Now lets go fast!!!" Pink zoomed on ahead, passed the entrance of the Savage Land.  
Finally out of the Dinosaur Utopia they smiled at each other, Loveless apologized to Pink and the two practiced a bit of her new powers before they ventured to LA to help, and where ever else they would be needed. 
LA Present 
Lady Loveless was still shaky with her powers, but luckily had plenty of Ninjan spacecraft to practice on on the way in. "We need to do something! She started to focus on what she wanted...and that was to help. Yeah with flight and strength at her disposal now she could for sure pack a punch. But Lady Loveless would much rather be more defensive and help those in true need, the people of Earth that were suffering for this mindless destruction. "Pink, I sense hurt people over in that abandoned building, will you scope the area out and tell me how many enemies and people hurt there are?" 
"Gotcha girly!" The pink wonder flew into the skies,her pink locks flowed in the wind as she took off. The air was caked with the smell of general LA pollution, but worse the stench of ash, death, and decay was all around. Loveless clenched her fist and held her head high as she tried to keep it together. How could something like this happen? Where were the protectors of Earth?..or were they all around and this had begun to be too much to handle? 
"Help! Please someone!" Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the glimpse of a man that had been trapped under a fallen piece of rubble.  
"Don't worry!" She flew over to him, and gently eased the large slab of concrete off of him. 
"Oh, thank you! You are an angel." She looked at the man, his right leg crushed, his bones protruded. He still smiled though, even when he coughed up blood with his gentle words. 
"I need to get you help! Have you seen any medics, or rescue crew...something?!" She turned to the dead bodies behind her, flipped cars, buildings on fire...it was too much for her to process. 
"Thank for saving me but it is no use...I am going to die." She couldn't bare it this man she couldn't save, what was the point if she shouldn't save just one man. 
"NO!!!" She knelt down beside him and picked him up so his head met her. "YOU WILL NOT DIE!!!" He smiled, and started to close his eyes. "NO, NOOOOO!!!!" Her hands started to radiate with something inside her, she didn't want him to die, she would do anything. The man started to glow, a glow that was familiar to the glow of the sun-god temple that Lady Loveless had acquired her new powers in. Her glows glowed and she entered a trance-like state. "Live! By the power of the sun! Live!" She picked the man off the ground and they hovered in midair. "Light will save you my child! You must and will live." She voice echoed as if someone else had spoken through her. 
The man's limbs started to mend themselves and his bones slipped back into place. He smiled as he thanked her. She lifted them both back onto to the ground, and her eyes faded back to her natural color. "Loveless that was amazing! You healed him!!! Holy cow! You can heal too!!!" Pink hovered above the two, as Loveless tried to piece together what happened.  
"I just wanted him to be okay and he was healed!" She smiled at the man, told him to seek shelter. She received a fully detailed report from Pink, survivors were scattered in the surround buildings. Loveless healed all of them if they needed it, and took out any enemy that stood in her way. That was until she spotted one that was in command of a bunch of  invaders. They had a crowd of people at gun point, they had interrogated the leader of the survivors and had tried to coerce the location of the rest of them. 
"Very well you human worm! Have it your...way!" The alien gave his signal. "FIRE!" The alien robots unloaded all their ammo on the hostages. 
Lady Loveless choked back the tears as she stepped forward. "What have you done you monster! Leave my planet now!!!!" The invaders eyed Lady Loveless and her pink companion and locked all there lasers on them...
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Somewhere Close to the Utopian Border:

Slicing through the seemingly never ending cumulus cloudscape that had webbed itself around the Earth's atmosphere courtesy of Final Arrows violation of the mystical arts, having called forth the legendary abnormalities once relegated to the harmless pages of children's bedtime fables, Jean Luc's perfectly portioned aerial masterpiece raced towards Utopia only to be halted as the mute voice of the lethiferous leader of the OsC's elite guard broke a twenty year vow to remain silent."Master , we have come under attack, no matter what happens do not return, I will hold the temple as long as I can...it has been an honour.” His somber tone indicative of the World wide apocalyptic embrace. A brief moment of equivocation wrapped itself around the Cajun like a plagued infected blanket causing an elicit oscillation of his conscious. Every fiber in his being pulling, pleading, for the Aristocratic Assassin to return home. However with so much at stake Gambler knew he could not afford to risk everything in a vein attempt at rescuing the besieged Cathedral. His faith in the blue blooded assassins currently engaging the overwhelming legion of nefarious genetic amalgamations would have to sustain his will to press on.

Sensing his inner conflict the overtly mischievous magnetic of men, the devilishly delicious Duchess, slid her arm around the back of his shoulders in a rare moment of genuine compassion. Her all white elbow high glove lightly spritzed with the intoxicating fragrance of Issey Miyake's, L'eau Pour Homme. But her attention was quickly drawn back as an unexplained surge of dark mysticism flooded out into the very essence of reality. A flash flood look of disbelieve swallowed her elegant features as she was accosted by the tragic transgressions recently unleashed nearby. Intuitively tapping into the prestidigitation (magic) realm of occultism she intensely focused on the point of origin. With her delicate fingers pressed against her temples immersed in total concentration Duchess and the Devil's Favorite Demon met at the intersection of the unconscious mind for but a brief second. Just long enough for the OsC's resident sorceress to trace Arrow's subconscious back to his psychical shell. An audacious expression of arrogance preceded her confident proclamation, "He's close Jean. Through myextrasensory psychic perception I was able to highlight his location. He's come out of his shadow realm but I dare not guess to as how long. We can catch him, end this here and now. I'll drown him in a pool of his own self-absorbed indignation leaving him blind, def, and dumb for all to see, here is Arrow, foul who thought he could topple the World." Her venomous outburst serving as an exhilarating shot of exaggerated emotional fortitude

Suddenly radio silence had been broken. Immediately Jean knew its point of origin as only the most sophisticated communication devices were still serviceable after martial law had been implemented on a global scale. T.V. and Radio stations had gone dead hours ago reverting the World back to a time when information was not so easily obtainable.

"Jean?" bzzzt "Jean come in..." bzzzzt Your daughter and son have gone rogue and joined Final Arrow. The status of Rokuakai and Little Sparrow is currently unknown. I'm headed for someplace else right now. The Court of Owls' position is tenuous, I don't know how many have survived. The Order of Sancta Camisia no longer has a home." as startling as it began the transmission faded away leaving both occupants of the stealth fighter's cockpit speechless. "JEAN LOOK OUT!!!!" Claire's warning coming just as a cloud of pure darkness had seemingly engulfed them. Thunderous rhythmic flapping soon accompanied the unexplained darkness before it mysterious lifted. Then, without warning, the legendary creature that had literally scorched the Earth before its time had faded centuries ago appeared. Gracefully the massive jade shaded dragon overtook the plane maneuvering out in front with unbelievable speed and agility. Even within the air sealed cockpit the OsC members could hear the fear inspiring inhalation of the dragon's deadly Molotov secretion before it dis-enthralled a maelstrom of continuous flames swallowing the jet in a never ending sea of flame. "Hang on chere!" thundered the assassin as the plane's outer haul was immediately chard compromising the integrity of its architectural frame.

Grabbing Jean firmly by the arm Duchess frantically tried to reach back to secure the King of King's lone Direwolf. But with no time to react she had to make the hard choice casting a quick evacuation spell. Her powers somewhat diminished do to the close proximity of Arrow who was lurking nearby. Instantaneously Jean Luc and Claire emerged on the mountain landscape below just in time to witness the aeronautical achievement explode creating a massive free falling ball of twisted metal and debris. "Jean..." Duchess tried to speak but having forced her abilities through the shroud of the devil himself she would need time to recover. Time they did not have. "Well, look at this. And here I thought you didnt want to come out and play" Waving his hand the Dark Lord effortlessly suspended the Living Legend in air, "I'll get to you in a moment, but first....." he walked towards Claire with his hands folded behind his back "I simply must know who this amusing all be it troublesome individual is" his hands caressing the surface of her chin. "Tell me child, do you believe in the Devil?" he said with a smile and a pause. "Because I believe in you"

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Alone in the dark

Water drops from above in adrenal slow-motion, each second stretched, every footstep of the four vixens reverberating off of the concrete floor. Surkit sits crouched in the leg space of the desk, his breathing shallow and quick. For some reason there was a negating effect between him and the ninjans, he couldn't absorb any energy from them but they couldn't resist his attacks. The womens' heels click closer in unison, then stop. The one with a badge on her chest looks down at the pooled water slowing running in all directions. She turns to look at he others with a confident smirk and says, "This one thinks us fools haha..."She turns to look around " Come out, man! We will not be outwitted by a human. If you underestimated us so foolishly, than you've already damned yourself!"

Shyit...! He sighs deeply knowing that it was a long shot to assume they'd walk into an obvious weakness."Surkit, tell me how your holding up" His leader says into his ear, The battery looks around his area, the incandescent wires from the lighting frayed above him, sparking an open current above the water next to the raining sprinkler system. A makeshift plan is drawn by the ex-marine. "I'll get back to you" He says pressing his ear in.

Two black hands rise from a desk in the corner near the newly exploded entrance the warriors had walked through. Surkit slowly steps out and begins to walk towards the group of women, each now visible, and holding otherworldly blades marked with the dried blood of the Utopian people. "Nah... I didn't underestimate you...I just had a feeling you'd overestimate yourselves-!" He grabs the frayed wire with his risen right hand and begins to overflow with energy, his muscles expanding in a forced augmentation, his left fist clenched as the four begin to run at him with blades risen. At the last possible second he lifts his hand like a gunslinger, firing a direct pulse at the center brunette, her Katana like weapon acting as a channel for the energy to travel on. She stopped dead in her tracks, convulsing. The others don't yield in their assault, though they should have. All three had stepped through the murky puddles running from above Surkit, kicking the water all over one another.

The pointed fingers of the gigawatt juggernaut spread one at a time, each finger releasing a divided current at the women, which is reproduced through out the water and looped through them all. The screams are like the sound of thin tires skidding across a metal road, until smoke billows out of their ear canals, their brains cooked in their skull like meatloaf in a crockpot.

He lets go of the wires, and lets out a smoky breath of discharge. "Ninjan b!tches: zero Surkit: five" He says stepping over their corpses to the lead woman with the fiery red hair . To ensure the finality of their defeat he took no chances; War is a game of strategy and the winner only does so by accounting for every possibility. "I was damned long before today." He bends down slowly and picks up one of the blades. breathing steady unstrained breaths, he grips with both hands and hacks away at the necks of each of them. Even with the newly absorbed energy their tough hides made it a difficult chore; he ends up having to chop several times as though they were stumps of wood. Heads roll and necks spew until all were mutilated.


Stepping out of the hole he looks up to see Editman stiffly launching attacks like an armed flight drone. Shinji Launches at Sha with some type of constructs that mimicked himself, each sending a calculated symphony of physical attempts at the powerful war hound. Bishop pushes in his mask while watching the fight from the ground "Mercury!I made it out, I'm right behind you, don't give her an inch! " He begins hopping from one building to the next in a zig-zag formation until reaching the roof of the building he had been in previously.

*He forcefully stomps the roof exploding energy out of his right foot and shooting like harnessed lightning, the force so heavy the roof top collapses under him. As he flies forward he sends blasts of plasma out of his stony fists in a jackhammer like attack. When he approaches he attempts to grab the vixen by her waist and shove her closer to the Solace City pier

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He felt someone tugging at him, trying to find him, turning as if looking into nothing but seeing everything Arrow smiled, “it seems we have guest” he did nothing to hide himself now allowing her to dig deeper into his trail, he knew it would only be a matter of time before Jean sought him out, he wondered if the little witch thought she had the power to stop him, if she was even aware of what he truly was. It was only recently that he himself had discovered his true birth parents and what that meant for him. He took a large step forward removing himself from the shadow realm. The day light stung at his eyes, it had been several days since he had walked in the sunlight, he felt it’s warmth on his skin and remembered a time when even this much exposure would have crippled him. It had taken several hundred years to build up his tolerance to the sun’s rays. He looked towards the sky knowing he had stood long enough for whoever the woman was to get his readings, but that worked two ways, so he sent them a little welcome. A great jade fire dragon roared past Arrow at a blinding speed, it’s scales flashed like emeralds in the mid-day light. he missed those days, when the dragons ruled the skies, times before planes and jets, he knew most humans would think that the Dragons could easily be killed by their fighter planes and missiles but Dragons also embodied magic, making them much harder to kill then you would think and their speed, was nothing short of breath taking.

Arrow watched in wonderment as the Dragon laid waste to what he had assumed to be rather advanced technology, the bright orange fire ball plummeted towards the sea but he felt the spell in the air as the mysterious woman and Gambler made their escape. Arrow could tell it was a woman from her magical scent, not everyone could tell, it was a trait taught in the mid-16 century and one that had proved rather useful at times. He followed the spell and appeared at the same time as they did, the mountain top terrain looked out over the sea around them, the light catching the water and casting great shadows below the pale blue surface, the fire ball hit the water and sizzled for a breath moment before vanishing below the depths. "Well, look at this. And here I thought you didn’t want to come out and play", The Cajuns body tensed, but not out of fear, he was reading for a fight, one that Arrow had no interest in starting, with a wave of his hand Arrow suspended the master of distraction in the air, "I'll get to you in a moment, but first.....", he turned his gaze to the woman who had tracked him, "I simply must know who this amusing all be it troublesome individual is" he let his hand run over her chin and sucked in her scent, "Tell me child, do you believe in the Devil?" leaning closer he whispered into her ear, with a tender smile "Because I believe in you". Turning his attention back to the now hovering King of Kings he smiled, “Jean you always do surround yourself with the most interesting of people.” He took a pause as he walked away from the woman, now know he could sense her movements.

“It’s always been something that I have admired about you. Now I am going to let you down, let’s not do anything stupid shall we.” There was a glint in his eye as he spoke, the large shadow of the jade dragon moved over them for a moment before taking off higher into the sky, a gentle reminder that it was not too far away. With a wave of his hand again, Jean fell to the ground, but in a brilliant display of aerial agility and grace he flipped before hitting the ground and shifted to the left allowing his legs to take the impact without hurting himself. “I’m very busy, King Of Kings, you know destroying the world and all.” A mind link opened for a moment as RL contacted him, the link was only between the two of them and was not only protected by Arrows magic but also the rings of Renegade, “She has arrived” was all that was said before the link broke again. Arrow’s eyes narrowed and he looked towards Gambler “As I said very busy, could you give me a moment.” Arrows body began to shake violently as it began to tear in two, and another Arrow was formed wearing the same black pinned stripped suit as the other. It smiled and then vanished and Arrow looked upon Gambler again. “What is it you have sought me out this time for, I am already aware of the fate of the OSC so it can’t be to save it, after all you are the ones that have fated it to be the new Atlantis. Would you like me to save the wolf? Such a shame to let something like that pass away.”

His smile never left his face as he spoke, “or have you come to speak about the fate of the world, I’ve only been at this for a few hours but judging from the soul count, I have already cleared off ten per cent of the world’s population. Not including Tokyo…but that’s another story now isn’t it.” He gave the Cajun a wink as if they both knew something that the other was not sharing, Arrow was getting feeds from every single one of his agents from around the world. His agents within the various “Teams” had already reported so much, but he was enjoying Lord Angels handing of the Wolf Pack in Japan, he had captured Hawk over a year and a half ago and replaced him with Lord Angel, filling the devious winged wonder with all the information he needed to pass as his counterpart and Hawk had supplied Arrow with all the DNA to create the perfect Hawkman army that had yet to come into play. “So what is it you wish of me, old friend?… I tell you what since we are soooo close, I won’t even kill the amusing woman, you know for old time sake.”


Arrow arrived just in time to see the Dragon Crash to the ground, the lighting coursing over it crimson body, it’s scales almost ruby like with the lighting dancing over it. He looked over at Nozomi with a smile and bowed. “Stop” he voice was gentle yet commanding, Renegade Lantern ,One Shot and Lord Angel all came to a stop at the command, the dragons above found a place to rest, while he stood before the group of heroes and the leader of Nakamura empire, “I wondered how long it would take you to show my dear.” He said it as if it was inevitable, “Did you wondered how I managed it, to get past New Frances and your defences? Perhaps you thought I weakened the shields or something much less subtle?” He was speaking to her as if she was his equal something that Arrow did not do too often, “I did enjoy your little trick never saw that one coming, so where did you place the empire, I’m just not sure where it’s gone.” He lifted a finger to the air, “But it’s not on earth anymore…distant planet perhaps? Another dimension?” he actually seemed amused by the fact that he had no idea where the entire Nakamura empire had vanished too, “Some amount of power you must have used for that one….still I am trailing and not really saying anything! How did I get past those menacing defences? You know deep down, it’s banging around in there all the power of Amaterasu you must know.” He had felt it the moment he laid eyes on her, just as much as she had felt his scent of power over the world.

“Let start with New France shall we, that’s the simple one, see It was myself that saved the land during the little battle with Darkchild and his friends, my magic in fact which bore into the very ground of France, which upon New France was built, I would love to say it was all part of my grand scheme but sometimes things just work out that way. So once the shields and magic was built to stop people getting in, no one really ever thought to ask about what was already there, I mean the earth and rocks, who really cares about what we build upon!!! Of course it was only a mere fraction of my power left within the bed rock, but just enough for me to enter and leave without ever having to worry also gave me away to cast spells within the “Utopia”” Arrow said using his fingers as quotations. “But Japan and China, now they were more of a way to get your attention. To broker some type of agreement, I basically used the same principle of France with Tokyo, I was here several thousand years ago, the first place I learnt blood magic actually, always had some type of bound with the place…” He was now looking only at her and no one, else. “So let’s play a game, a guessing game at that, you must know that this is only an echo of me, nothing more, so you can’t strike at me directly, not now anyway….” His eyebrow lifted, “Now I’ll start, you are bridging the gap between this world and where ever you sent the empire…I mean that only makes sense…But what would happen if I say, placed a dimensional rift over each of the fake empire territories? How would that effect the return of your real ones?”

Arrows smile dropped, if he could sense her power she may be able to sense his true nature, so it was time to explain, “See I do not want to fight you, I wish to return magic to the world and with chaos (me)” he pointed at himself” there must always be some level of Order" He pointed at her". I know how this must sound, but look at what humanity has done, they tore the magic from us, Dragons hunted, creatures killed until they no longer existed and all because of humanities fear. When this war is done and there is but a few of them left, they can be educated in the ways of the mythical and the world could be reborn in peace and tranquility. This is all I wish for a reset that will allow the world to flourish, no pollution to destroy what stands before them, only a population of understanding and in order to do that I will leave your Empire untouched. I realize my action seem drastic, but would you have taken an audience with me under any other circumstance? So I offer you a chance to save your empire from any harm, you simply have to stand aside and allow me to continue my war and in the end when you return, you will hold humanity within your boundaries and allow them to grow within their surroundings and be as Atlantis once was a haven of Knowledge. You know of my power and what I can do, please do not make us battle for it will not end well for either of us“ Arrow was actually pleading with her, he was given her away to save some of humanity and her people, for if they did battle the losses would be great on both sides.

Shadow Realm:

Mr Sinister stood in front of the ever growing army, one of the numerous clones by his side, “What numbers do we have now.” The clone looked down at a hand held screen and typed in a few commands, “ One billion and four hundred, with the new blood gathered from the numerous fighting at the moment we will have new powers available soon as well, it seems as if everything is going to plan.” Sinister smiled, he knew it was only a matter of time before Arrow killed him, but at the same time due to his rebirth he would never be able to act against him, that is why they all served without question, he controlled them all and he was everywhere. Renegade Lantern was there when Arrow had split himself into thousands of clones, five of which were exact mimics of the man himself, you never knew if you were talking to him or a fake , it was almost impossible to make a move without his knowledge, for the time of Arrow was upon the world and for once Sinister had no idea what the truly meant, until he saw the army before him he time of Arrow was death.

The army was still growing and awaiting his word to attack more of the worlds capitals, too slowly kill humanity for the enjoyment. But he had given orders not to damage the earth beyond repair. For it was the most precious thing to him and must be protected at all costs.

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Oblivious to the automated countdown Florian had circumvented his father's elaborate security system granting him access to the fabled Arcadian. He took a moment to survey the vast couplings of ingenuity and irreplaceable antiquities. Several of the LeBeau Legacy's older uniforms decorated a small area of the cave, housed in see through glass containers  each one baring its own epitaph honoring the symbolic threads in a manner reserved for the fallen. Notorious other trophies and memorabilia were helped tell the history of the World's greatest assassin. From the family portrait of Jean Luc Sr, and Esther's father, Marques Cotillard, the original founders of the Les Assassins Silencuix, to the only known picture of Gambler's mother, the cave was a nostalgic reminder of yesteryear.

Dismissing the sentimentality the hulking traitor took up a seat at the main computer terminal, but all his attempts to bypass the radical firewalls were in vain. Even if the Vatican Assassin had managed to breakdown the protocols Cassidy's quick thinking and cunning tactical convergence had seen the files safely downloaded off shore in a secure HFC hard-drive. As he continued to fumble his way across the holographic keyboard projection  the sudden piercing of his flesh looked like an explosion of red wine. Looking down, Florian gazed upon three metalic claws protruding through his chest. Snikt the claws quickly withdrew from Florian carcass giving him the opportunity to stare into the eyes of his little brother, Kazarian  LeBeau otherwise known as the Last Arashikage.

"Your time on this Earth ends now Florian. Its time someone put you down."
his voice gruff and raspy. Not at all refined or accent enriched like the other members of his family. Kazarian was a loner, all but abandoned to various temples where he was indoctrinated with centuries worth of martial arts knowledge in an attempt to gain his father's acceptance. But over the years a soulful tranquility had transformed Kazarian into a man of his own making, an achievement he held most dear, and one that his brother and sister resented him for. "Make  peace with whatever god you pray to you sonnovabitch. Angelique aint here to safe your sorry ass this time." His taunting colloquy ignited the herculean monster into action as he roared out in pure rage before barreling across the cave with unbelievable speed catching the otherwise acrobatic Arashikage by surprise. Driving his shoulder deep into his brother's abdomen while simultaneously scooping his legs up behind the knees raising him skywards before violently pill-driving him into the unforgiving rocky cave flooring imprinting a small crater like shape surrounding Kaz' stunned body. A steady stream of blood was already draining from the mouth of the Arashikage as his internal organs had been severely damaged.

Yet the unyielding martial artist somehow fought through the shock and pain. Throwing his legs up and around Flo's massive neck locking his left leg behind his right knee cutting off the assassins air supply with a Brazilian triangle choke. But the jaded juggernaut was simply to overpowering, once again scooping Kazarian up before disturbingly hammering him into the ground. The impact causing the wounded warrior to throw up copious amounts of blood staining Florian's Vatican mask with a crimson shield of sputum. As Florian nonchalantly took a break from the action  he removed the soiled mask letting it fall to the floor disrespectfully. But he soon returned his focus to his injured brother who, for reasons yet to be reveled, had a self assured expression of accomplishment. Angered by this, Florian lashed out, "And what the f@ck are you so proud of yourself for? You cant beat me, you cant even stand up. Its pathetic to think we share dee same bloodline."

Mustering up what little reserved energy he had stored, Kaz gargled out, "Computer...m.......mute..off....." suddenly the cave speakers sprang to life 8,7,6,5 "You..... se...e Flo, I wasnt trying to beat you.....I.....I...was trying to distract...you" 2, 1

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" screamed Florian, but it was to late. In an instantaneous flash the OsC island erupted in a crescendo concussive combustion eradicating everything, and one, still remaining on the Isle.  

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Sha watched as his body poetically plunged towards the ground, landing in a parked vehicle. The look of pure inexorable hatred that came across Shinji’s face caused a sadistic sneer to grace the face of the Ninjan Queen. “Death comes in three’s” she said, implying that this was only the beginning of a long list of deaths. In retrospect, she and Arrow were indeed losing; the heroes of the world answered the plea for help in a manner that took the Ninjan Queen completely off guard. Left and right, whole fleets of her Ninjan armada were being vanquished by those on the verge of extinction. What the heroes failed to see was, as long as Sha and Arrow both continued to fight; the world was always in peril.

She was too focused on Shinji, to see that the Editman had risen; ejecting the former pilot and decorated war veteran. The suit fired a bunch of howling finger rockets; towards the Ninjan queen. Sha braced herself for the impact, and was pushed back by the blast. The mediocre attack proved to be far more vital to both Shinji and Editman as this gave Shinji a direct path to the Ninjan Queen. Sha swiftly used her light control to evade the strikes of the clone, however the position in which she returned, left her in place for Shinji’s strike.

His blade cut her silk like skin from her abdomen to her bosom, before she moved out the way. Even though she remained in the air, the pain that course through her body had her ready to end the fight. “I should…destroy this planet…” she said, in spite and clearly angered. Her father came and Shinji was the one who killed him; she wouldn’t fall to the same person as her foolish father.

Sha landed back on the ground with her hands on her chest, slowly glancing at her own blood. Just the very sight of it made her angry, not because she was bleeding, but because of the person who did it. Her rage got the best of her; one with a demeanor such as hers rarely lost her temper; however the hatred she had accumulated for him had built over the years. “You. Think your’ great because you’re the emperor of something I created, you and Maya are no different…no more hand-outs”

Another member of the Trinity tried to lunge at her, attempting to grab her waste; the Ninjan Queen after imaged using her light powers again, retaliating quickly, she pushed her hands forward; her fingers began to light up. Sha fired five light blasts from her fingers towards Surkit’s back attempting to make him her second victim.

She was more than able to tend to anyone of these people one-on one; she even had a chance at 3-1, however with the severity of her injury taking on them all would be near suicide. “Friends huh?” she said, looking at Shinji unimpressed.

Running at full speed, the Ninjan queen created a light image right in front of Shinji; the light incarnation; created a sickle like weapon with its hands attempting to draw the blood that Shinji drew from Sha.

While Shinji was being distracted by her light incarnation; Sha used her sonic energy to begin spinning quickly in the air. Her self-made vortex began to create razor like winds; that is until she mixed it with her magnetic pull. Unleashing the huge magnetic cyclone upon Utopia was her exit strategy. By the time they finished with the vortex, she and Kurrent would be long gone.

Washington D.C

She had no choice but to give the battle between herself and Shinji to him, despite the Trinity Foundation running interference he managed to best her. Though she was the Queen, she was a Ninjan first and her pride as a warrior was hurting. California was damn near flattened; Poland was a 100% Ninjan victory; Arrow experienced some trouble in Japan, so they agreed to meet here.

This was that line in the sand, humanity would have to fight the purest form of evolution possible this time togather.

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Arriving right in time to watch as the fable dragon fell to the ground with lightning dancing and bouncing about around it's scale. A smile was sent towards Sayomi to congratulate her on the kill, but her face expression changed when the mastermind known as Final Arrow revealed his presence. The heat of war was still burning, his devious smile and his polite manners brought forth a command that cease all actions his slaves were bringing upon the Nakamura empire, “I wondered how long it would take you to show my dear.” he said as he knew the encounter was going to happen sooner or later, as if it was written in stones, "Could say the same for you." she said as she remained steady, gesturing the group around her to stop. “Did you wondered how I managed it, to get past New Frances and your defenses? Perhaps you thought I weakened the shields or something much less subtle?” his voice was strong and non aggressive, giving her respect, something that came little for him to do so. "It caught us all by surprise, but do please consider yourself the first to bring forth a challenge for me." she said responding, her voice ever so remain calmed even when the terrain around them was in complete wild fire and broken land scrapes, with blood and bodies being piled around. “I did enjoy your little trick never saw that one coming, so where did you place the empire, I’m just not sure where it’s gone. But it’s not on earth anymore…distant planet perhaps? Another dimension?” he was prickling his way for answers, but she kept her mouth shut and allow him to speak, drawing more mysteries.

“Some amount of power you must have used for that one….still I am trailing and not really saying anything! How did I get past those menacing defenses? You know deep down, it’s banging around in there all the power of Amaterasu you must know.” even though she could his essence everywhere the answer to his question still remained a distance to her, she didn't know. By the time he explained his connections to the land and to the other countries primarily to New France, it made complete sense, his words processed through her tough mind, the first blood he spilled when he learned the dangerous art marked his imprint in Japan. Like a true hermit he was, hiding away in the shadows of his own shell, only coming out to play when it suited him, only for him to soon be crushed by Nozomi. Japan along with New France had his spiritual energy in them, but the man that stood before her was a shadow of his power, an astral projection. She respected his presence and didn't bother to rid his presence, which he said she couldn't but in truth she could, with but a simple astral wave spell. "If you were to place a dimensional rift over false Japan you would be destabilizing your own magic, every country you've left a residue upon would be shattered, regardless magic has tied you down, affect one and you affect all, domino effect. But please do so if you wish, but know if you do so your physical foothold in plane will be disrupted. Tricky am I correct? It seems your own passage after all was your down fall." she knew the way his marking spells worked and she knew how to counter it, but she had to let him continue on, explaining himself, he was feeding her information.

“See I do not want to fight you, I wish to return magic to the world and with chaos” he pointed at himself” There must always be some level of Order" he said directing towards her, he offered her a chance of survival for her empire, but with a gravely cost, many deaths of others. Every second that pass she could his magic trying to leech off of her's, her wards prevented so from happening, keeping her safe while the others felt themselves weakening. "What you are asking is going against the balance of nature, your tipping the scale to one side instead of maintaining them in perfect unison. People are inherited to their own actions and voice, there is no perfect utopia, one cannot exist without the other, you strip people of their free will, what you have left is nothing, no defiance, no laughter, no songs to be heard, but only the stone cold silence. You think this ideal world would turn out glorious, just like Atlantis it will fall. As much power as you have, there are still limits to what you can do, Arrow, break them and the consequences are set. Nothing comes without a price. You are not god." she knew he was pleading with her but she had to break it, even if it was harsh she couldn't allow him to achieve his desire goal and she was to stop him from doing so, it was her duty as empress but also as the representation of the mystical world. "You attack my people out of spite and now you wish to compromise with me? You should of approached this in a different direction, your a bad dealer Arrow, play your cards right, the people are mines to protect and their blood is in my hands now. I'll make sure you get your retribution and the vengeance they seek." There were many spells at her disposals just readying to be launch and brought into life, her tenuous studies of witchcraft was perfection though of course there was more to learn. New doors of opportunity and windows to be open for new knowledge to flow though right in, for her to feel them coursing through her brain, filing in every empty slot in her mind. "Come Arrow, bring your physical presence and stop hiding under a false projection, show me what you have to offer, you and me, only us, no interference. Call your boys, lead them somewhere else and I'll do the same" Nozomi was actually going to bring forth the Shadow Predator in pure form and finalize her plot to over through his regime against the world. Projecting a telepathic message to Sayomi she instructed her to tell her team to leave Japan and battle the on going impeding threat, while she deal with Arrow alone. She was sparing and saving them for what's to come, they stood no chance in the coup to over throw Arrow, but by stalling him long enough, her sisters and their friends would bring an end to this madness.

Armed with her duo blades, legendary weapons in both China and Japan's history, which relaxed itself behind her back ready to be put into action and her sacred bejeweled necklace that lit off a soft blue fluorescent light that would respond if Arrow arrived, a detector. She waited and prepared, computing every spell and knowledge in her mind, as well as praying to the Shinto gods for the blessings she would need. "Come out come out where ever you are, my little humming bird, sing me a song.".

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The Hellfire Club, New France

The world was burning. Every television channel across the globe would be displaying the same videos: the Ninjans destruction of Earth. Countless numbers of soldiers and weapons were in the hands of Sha and Ziccarra, and they were all following their orders to obliterate everything. Greater in number were the amount of lives ended by the aliens' violent assault. No one was same from the savage tirade, and things were only getting worse. The world was facing another holocaust, one worse than could have ever possibly been imagined. Not any one race was in danger, but humanity itself.

Claire Swanepoel sat quietly, tapping her white gloved index finger against her temple. The room was silent, except for the TV that shared the same news over and over. The screen flashed videos of Utopia, being completely devastated by the once renowned Kurrent. The usual mischievousness was absent from her captivating powder blue eyes. Her eyes held nothing but astonishment at the sight of the murderous assault. As someone with less than a clean conscious herself, it was still inconceivable to her that anyone could create such a tragic event. But as the blonde goddess sat preparing for the mission ahead, she knew the Ninjans' rampage was only the beginning. A threat far more critical lurked in the shadows, calculating whatever his next move would be in his universal game of chess. Claire knew little about the madman, but from she'd learned, it struck her that this whole war would be viewed by him as a form of entertainment. It was hardly her place to convict someone of causing some trouble for some fun, but the genocide of the entire human race was utterly insane. And that's where she came in. While the whole world was focused on the Ninjan attack, Claire would be assisting Jean in the defeat of the Devil himself, Final Arrow.

"He's coming out Duchess, he's attacked dee OSC and numerous countries. You ready chere?" Came the infamous assassins charming voice via the telepathic link that had been established between them. She let out a deep sigh before giving a response, preparing herself for the danger ahead. As one of the greatest sorceresses on Earth, even Claire feared the mystic tyrant. Although she'd sooner die than allow it to show. "I'll be waiting for you to pick me up, mon ami." Gliding out of the room in all white leather pants and bandeau, stilettos, and opera length gloves, the Enchantress looked stunningly elegant for someone preparing to fight in a war. The sound of her heels echoed throughout the desolate New France HFC mansion, the only other sound was that of the living rooms cackling fire that warmed her recently obtained direwolf. With a wave of her hand the fire was put out, and the warmth replaced with a blanket that telekinetically drifted over the sleeping canine. With the massive entrance doors shutting behind her the illustrious beauty stood patiently on the mansion's front driveway where the advanced jet, driven by the Cajun himself, would be descending momentarily on the grass to pick her up.

Somewhere Over Spain

"He's close Jean. Through my extrasensory psychic perception I was able to highlight his location. He's come out of his shadow realm but I dare not guess to as how long. We can catch him, end this here and now. I'll drown him in a pool of his own self-absorbed indignation leaving him blind, def, and dumb for all to see, here is Arrow, foul who thought he could topple the world." Her mind was working harder than ever before, the strength of her telepathy had never been tested like this. The Devil's mind was nothing like anything she had ever encountered. Just locating it was near impossible, and she doubted that without his conscious choice of leaving the shadow realm it would have even happened. But once touching it, it was as if her own mind had been set on fire and dipped in acid simultaneously. But she didn't have time to think about her searing mind, or the brief albeit dramatic message left by Mercy. Because just as the radio connection faded, the plane was swallowed by the flames of a massive emerald dragon. She could barely remember screaming a warning to Gambler before her hand clutched his arm, her last sight inside the plane being Jean's noble direwolf seated in the back, and teleported the two out of the flaming aircraft.

The aristocratic duo watched the jet turned firework crash into the sea below the mountainside they now stood on. It's fiery streak through the sky held an odd beauty to it, despite the destruction. "Well, look at this. And here I thought you didn’t want to come out and play." Her attention ripped from the plane by a voice that felt as if it could freeze over her veins. Looking towards the deranged warlock, it was difficult not to flinch at his unnaturally pale skin and hollowed eyes. His hand waved effortlessly and Jean was instantly suspended next to her, ready for a fight but seemingly helpless against Arrow's power. "I'll get to you in a moment, but first..." His gaze met her's, the look of sinister pleasure in his eyes giving her a sense of fuel to stand her ground. "I simply must know who this amusing all be it troublesome individual is." His cold bony hand ran under her chin as he breathed in heavily, taking in her scent with it. "Tell me child, do you believe in the Devil?" Leaning closer he whispered into her ear, his smile audible in his voice. "Because I believe in you." Turning his attention back to the hovering King of Kings he smiled. “Jean you always do surround yourself with the most interesting of people.” He took a pause as he walked away from her. His attention was entirely devoted to Jean, divulging into a monologue of his recent achievements, and she knew now was the time to put an end to his mystic chaos. Reaching into herself and grasping every possible source of power she could find, Enchantress prepared for a magic assault unlike any she had before. Her voice broke in between the legends' conversation with clarity and confidence, her sensual undertones always present. "You asked the wrong question, Arrow. I cannot refuse to believe what I see right in front of me. However, I do not fear the Devil."

Her attack came out like a gunshot. All the stored up mystic energy exploded out of her at Arrow along with the full force of her telepathy. She found it met with unanticipated defense, and struggled to keep attacking. It was as if her powers had turned into a physical muscle, a muscle that was now being tested beyond its limits. However similar to a muscle, the more energy she put into the attack, the stronger she could feel it becoming. Adrenaline rushed through her and fueled the assail, pushing harder and harder against his defenses. And similar to any wall, she could begin to feel her power pushing against softer sides in his mystic armor. She pushed further, flirting with the threat of exhaustion, but reminded herself to keep the thought of preserving Earth in mind.

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More so than ever before she could feel the weight of the 9mm pistols in her hands. Although they were new she already knew every detail. Every single imprint of the H&K embossing, the rough texture of the non-slip hilt, the slightly yielding of the trigger tolerance, the hidden power of the clever mechanism that could accelerate a simple lead bullet to mach speeds. Sweet promises of power that paled before the magical near-omnipotence of Arrow and her own team mate Charmix.

But of all those characteristics that those familiar grown devices of death had there was this one that seemed to be the one that was decisive right now. They felt heavy like never before. For the first time she was aware of the presence of her weapons. They were not an extension of her own body anymore, instead they were a foreign body that was of no use in this battle of the embodied gods. They… She was useless.

A perverse tranquillity lay over the place. People on the run still screamed, fires still burned, the city was still demolished and although Risky knew perfectly well that she was the lucky charm that kept this place safe together with the impossible magical might of The Mistress of Magic, avatar of Amaterasu herself, the illusion was still perfect. The tragedy of ,albeit phantasmagorical, corpses built a depressing union with the melancholy   of the powerful bodies of the mystical dragons that had been plucked out of their rightful places in the sky climaxed with the eerie violet glow of the frozen massive serpent being in the centre of Tokyo.

All, One Shot, Charmix, Whisper, Lord’s Angel and her were reduced to nothing but extras for the main scene of the two masters of this world.

One the one side the embodiment of evil, maliciousness incarnate, with skin as white as snow and eyes as red as blood that shone under the shadow of a top hat’s brim, clad into an elegant, classic black suit that almost betrayed the threat posed by this oldest and ultimate enemy of life itself.

On the other side was the last hope of Tokyo, the seductively beautiful Asian woman in the classic white kimono adorned with red cherry leaves. Her obsidian hair showed subtle, fascinating light reflexes of the fire as it blew in the wind of destruction. Her hazel almond-shaped eyes stared at her opponent in lethal dedication. In her delicate hands she held two ancient blades ready to confront this highest of all demons in an epic one on one fight. In this moment the female merc realized she had never before been as proud of her Japanese companion as in this single moment.

And Lady Luck herself? She still stood there like a pillar of salt hating herself for that inactivity. In the presence of Final Arrow himself she was not more than a deer in the spotlight, paralyzed by the sheer power around her. A look around her told her that her former brother in arms One Shot and even the legendary Renegade Lantern fared no better.

One Shot… The shock had been great to see the Master Marksman again. She had thought him dead, perished in the chaos of what had been called the Doomsday Chronicles years ago. Perhaps buried in an anonymous grave by the same cruel government that had first made him into a killing machine and then got rid of him. But he had proven her otherwise. A rocket had been his re-entrance into the world. A rocket that had annihilated a house in another colourful explosion, bitter tears that had sadly rolled out of his perceptive eyes, whispered words of excuse that Lady Luck’s adrenaline enhanced senses had been able to pick up nevertheless and a hail of bullets that had nearly gotten her. Rabbit-like she had dodged the barrage wildly jumping around while the deadly projectiles buzzed around her. One or two had touched her skin and ripped her suit but none had succeeded to do more than a superficial graze. With shocking clarity The Risk Taker became aware that if the Perfect Sniper had not fought the murderous influence not even her luck could have saved her like it had done. Without his unwillingness and her luck everyone else would have been dead by now.

She would not kill him. After all these years, even after he had shot a rocket at her, he was still her team mate, closer to her than her family ever was. Together they had lived through countless adventures, lethal encounters, deadly traps, and had always lived to tell the tale. A band had been forged between them stronger than blood, stronger than anything in this world or any other. War companions. Soldiers Of Fate. Both of them would die one day but neither of them would kill the other. His words were only another testament for that.

Angry, tearing, her deep blue eyes turned towards Renegade Lantern. His emerald eyes were empty, soulless, speaking of the puppet status he had in the hands of The Master Of Hell. It was a desecration of everything good and holy to see the Paragon Of Willpower to be decimated to a mere pawn of the same villain he had fought for most of his life. And yet he was the monster who had given in, who had attacked the peaceful city of Tokyo and only Charmix’ clever intervention had saved even more citizens from dying. She felt the spell lie on her breast. It was a warm, somewhat tickling feeling. Not unpleasant.

But she also knew being the talisman was not enough. They were heavily outgunned with the threat of Lord’s Angel on the horizon who cowered on a building nearby ready to dive down and deal death in cold blood. His own daughter lay buried under some rubble where he had thrown her. Risky could never hope to take him on. She could not, even if she wanted. The same connection that bound her to One Shot made her one with Hawk. There had been times when she and the Winged Wonder had been one, working in unison to perfectly carry out kills and maneuvers. Other memories how they sat at the table and drank together, mourned lost comrades like Ronin, fused in and formed a jagged mosaic. He was more than a friend, more than a father, more than a lover. To see him looking at her like prey drove only the more water to her eyes. Seldom before had he earned his nickname Death From Above more.

The pistols had finally become too heavy. The weight of the world had concentrated in them till she could not hold them anymore and let earth slip through her fingers. To Lady Luck it was a thunder drowning all sounds around her when the 9mms clackingly hit the asphalt of Japan’s capital but to the outworld it was not even mentionable. The thunder echoed in her head, reverberating ever and louder till it destroyed the first barrier. Her eyes were fixed on the green glowing figure of Renegade Lantern but her mind was busy with other things. She was finally done with being useless.

The second barrier broke. She could feel IT inside, how it thrashed and screamed. The rage grew. Rage at Renegade Lantern for giving himself up. Rage at herself for being so powerless.

The third barrier broke. Pieces of debris began to tremble around her. A red aura, mirroring that of her counterpart, appeared around her. Now it was too late.

The last barrier broke. Encased by this strange red energy Risky propelled herself at the former hero screaming like a madwoman. It was time to fight at equal levels. The green shield around him broke, splintered into a million glowing fragments falling to the ground, dying and dissolving on the black concrete. The pure force of the assault slammed both into a nearby skyscraper. And while the last shard of Renegade Lantern’s force shield slowly faded away on the ground there was only one thing certain:

WAR had returned…

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The mockingbird in flight stopped abruptly. Something began to formulate inside of him, a compulsion to cease his hunger to engage Sha. He could already see flashes of green, and white lighting up the pale sky. This was best for him, staying away from the already intense fray. His song was be sung elsewhere, where he it could be heard. Maya had called him a lawyer, but he was not. It was true that he was in an internship that turned horribly awry, but never the less, he'd learned a few things. How to prepare statements, depositions, and defense. Being a lawyer was like being a neutral in the world of heroes and villains, always playing both sides of the coin against the middle to serve your purpose. The purpose was always to win. Some say at any costs, Atticus however believed that there were boundaries that shouldn't be broken. In regular times, this was a virtue, but now all bets were out the window and he knew what had to be done

The dark matter that painted him black, began to manifest in front of him in twine thick threads. They wove in and out of each other reaping darker and darker shades as the patchwork thickened and grew. The core solidified, and expanded to a degree that sized his own stature. It was inexplicable, completely irrational, to believe that he instantaneously knew how to use these new midnight abilities, but it was true. Some vault had unlocked inside of him, giving him the treasure of knowledge. This stretch, teleportation by way of spacial umbrakinesis; it even sounded absurd to him, but as he stepped into the void, his confidence was set in stone.

UN Headquarters: Turtle Bay, Manhattan- DISEC Committee

The cacophony hushed to a dead silence, as eyes fell upon the darkest spot in the room. The newest addition, not voted on, and certainly not welcomed there, the Mockingbird stood ready to sing his song of justice. The First Committee, the most important was the Disarmament and International Security Committee, the very people responsible for the hunt of Maya Lopez. His plans were simple, tell them to desist all manhunts for her, or he would make sure that no aid would be given to them from the Trinity Foundation. Not that there was any clout behind him, although with thier actions against the heroes, Atticus was quite sure he could secure such a deal.

"Right now, there are aliens attacking our world. There are dead souls, risen from their eternal slumber to wreak havoc. And yet, for the past two weeks the UN has made it a priority to capture and put to trial Maya Lopez." The representatives burst out in anger, appalled at the audacity of some unknown making himself important. Atticus looked around the room, scanning each face, trying to pick out ones that looked the most vulnerable, however they all seemed iron maidenly. So he continued. "I say to you, your priorities are unfocused. Every country in the world should be laser focused on one thing and one thing alone. Expunging the Ninjan threat. And for the most it is happening. But look at Poland, and California. Look at the world around you... No military on Earth has the might of one of those Ninjan ships, and so it is left up to me, and my friends, and even my enemies to save you all." There was quiet again, as they sat in their chairs, hoping it would all end soon. The doors began to tremble with the battering rams being forced against them, but Atticus wasn't done. Creating another dark portal the guards on the other side of the room vanished to a place unknown. It was callus of him to do so, but there was no safe place anymore, except maybe the sweet desolation of space. "That is how it always ends up. Governments restrict us out of fear, something unexpected arises and the very ones made pariah are called upon for savior. As part of the Trinity Foundation, I can attest to the many battles fought that you couldn't have won. So here is my proposition for you all. Stop perusing Maya, so some real work can be done."

There were no smiles left in their hearts. The United Nations shivered in the cold concerto of his words. Atticus had shown them all how utterly useless they had all become. In their mad scramble to secure a place for normal people by introducing international legislation to restrict people like him, they left behind a vital vein of function. Kennedy said "There is nothing to fear but fear itself" however, he had never met a Ninjan. How scary they were indeed, but still, an organization comprised of every nation in the world except for Utopia, and a few others, and they all sat here in hiding, deliberating, and delegating blame. The hypocrisy of it all, how much capitol they were willing to expend to secure safety, and yet their foreign aid programs lagered like salmon in a shallow stream. "Oh, and one more thing..." a black mesh void appeared beside The Keeper, it evaporated leaving behind a mass of metal junk. "These are drones that somehow were able to get through Utopian defenses...All of you know that we have the most advanced shield systems in the world and yet, Realgam City was eaten and destroyed...I expect some of you in the room, have explaining to do after all of this, this war is over. And for the record...Maya did say that any intrusion on Utopian land was going to be considered an act of war, and seeing as how we are not bound by Geneva Convention law, there is absolutely not grounds for your hunt for her in the first place...But there are questions that need to be answered...I expect some.."

Faces paled into ashy white. Atticus knew that some of them had to know where these drones had come from, and this was the perfect way to draw their focus away from their constant stake outs, and surprise attacks. "All in favor of expunging the war crimes warrant for Maya say I" Hands raised slowly, but unanimously. The Keeper was finished here, disappearing into a mist of black. DISEC member looked at each other, amazed that they had all been worked over by a twenty year old.

He was beginning to figure out what he was keeping: which was the world from totally abandoning the idea of heroes being needed. For now that was enough to feed his soul. The ignition of this was began, and he hated to admit it, but would end with Maya. But he would be there to help her, if he didn't die first. And when the fire finally extinguished, when the water finally reseeded, when blood stopped being shed...There would be little left...But the meek would still have something to inherit.

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As Stephanie paused a moment to take a breath she looked down at her blood stained blade. How many times has she fought for this planet? Sacrificed her health? Put her life and watched her friends lives on the line? Seen those she called family and friends die at the hands of evil? Even her daughter has had the taste of being a ‘hero’.

Her emerald eyes looked up at two Ninjan’s rushing towards her, blades in hand. Stretching out her shoulder her blade glowed with heat before setting on fire from the tip of the blade and stopping to the hilt. With a grin Stephanie twirled her blade in a teasing motion, but suddenly froze in place as one of the NInjan’s threw her hand out towards the hero.

“Magnetisms… sh!t…” she whispered as she struggled to move.

The two women were about to attack like two cats on a mouse, only to freeze in place along with everyone else, the ground trembled for a moment as a voice came through her communicator.

This is Izaiah of We Are Legend, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT attack the crafts and soldiers with the gold and purple banners, they are Xantroans, they're helping us against the Ninjans. Izaiah out.

“YEAH!!! THAT’S MY WANDO!” Stephanie yelled out in excitement as Xantroans spaceships suddenly appeared and soldiers holding gold and purple banners were seen. This was the leverage they were going to need to win this fight. With this distraction the Ninjan’s let go of the hold they had on Stephanie and took off into the fight against the Xantroans.

“Hey… HEY!” She threw her arms up in the air, trying to get the attention of the Ninjans. “We were about to fight! Oh come on!” she kicked at the dirt. “Whatever, I’ll just go blow up another one of your spaceship thingies.” She turned around only to get hit by a shockwave. Kneeling to the ground she dropped her blade for a second before landing on the ground face first, a surge of energy coursed through her body as she struggled to breath for a few seconds.

Looking up she saw her… “Sha on steroids.” Pushing herself up from the ground she grasped her blade, not surprised at all seeing the Ninjan Knight. “Rough day? Oh wait… was that YOUR big giant spaceship I ACCIDENTLY blew up?” She chuckled as she began walking towards the young Ninjan, she knew she was frustrated, angry, and probably wanted to kill Nova on the spot.

She wanted to blast her back with a fireball but knew better, she didn’t want Ziccarra to unleash another huge energy attack like the one she did in Ruin City. “I was hoping it was you I fought, I owe you from our last little fight.” Her body flashed like a white flair for a few seconds as she used that energy to launch herself in the air above the fight as she got her blade ready, wielding it above her head as she grasped it tightly with both hands. Descending back to the ground her body whistled through the air as she freefell directly above Z. Before her feet touched the ground she brought her blade forcefully downward towards the Ninjan Knights right shoulder, her impact on the ground caused the dry cracked Earth to rumble as a small crater was formed from the force of impact.

WALlies’ Her communicator went off. ‘There is sightings of serpents and other mythical creatures all over New York City, we need to take them out.’ General Bartholomew’s voice blared through her ears.

“We’re all a LITTLE busy right now General!”

‘I got it.’ A young female voice came from the communicator. ‘I’m in New York as we speak, I’ll take care of them… all of them.’

“Wait a second who-?”

‘Hotaru over and out.’

Stephanie’s heart stopped for a moment… her daughter was now brought into the fight.

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In the brief time the gotten to know each other, Meili and Mal became thick as thieves, despite the glaring night and day differences. Sayomi, a radiant angel faced charmer from imperial blood, a pure honor to be around, and there is Mallory, down to earth, lacking certain aspects of adulthood. Sitting down, unwinding after a late lunch, discussing the new formed Nakamura reign in Japan, along with the Fuchsia Nightingale’s position in it, over some white tea, well not Mal, her tattooed knuckles wrapped gently around her Jolt can .It was all such an honor what Lady Nakamura asking and of course Mal and Fuchsia, would accept, but she had to get some things off her chest. Sayomi, rested her cup back down, meeting Mal’s gaze with a smile.

“I don’t want to seem ungrateful to your kindness; I’m in, but not just because I love you.”

“I’m in for Okinawa.”

“I’m in it for the people.”

Japan, Now.

Knee deep in it. The crisis alarm blaring, drowning out at times the tick tack, tick tack, tick tack of the Nakamura soldiers boot’s as they scrambled into their battle stations. A blanket of red warning light fading in and out of the air hanger, fighter jets racing out at full speed to meet the attackers head on, the headlines:

Ninjan’s are attacking!

Fuchsia Nightingale, being brought up to speed on what little they could do, Again knee deep in it. To be blunt they were caught with their panties down. No times to prepare, to exploit weaknesses, magic barriers are holding, doing their job, but Nightingale didn’t trust magic so much. She zipped her front zipper and lowered her goggles. Frantic Japanese speech rang in her earpiece, poor woman, she sounded like she was having a panic attack, and she was going over how this was more global then we first thought, mainly in the Eurasia area. Then she added a laundry list of the metahumans involved, Gambler, Editman, Lady Loveless,

Ziccarra Liafador.

The who, the why was irrelevant, We had a job to do. Rounding the corner to meet the Flock, they were spread thin, but she managed to keep two around to assist her, in their counter assault: Puma, an Afro-American shape shifter, for lack of a better term a “werecat”, placing her long blonde hair in a ponytail, to get it out of face, And Microman, a younger Japanese lad, with the power to alter his size to ten inches. Huddled outside a Nakamura 7ASQ jet, filling up with a cluster of soldiers, outfitted with plastic rifles, the fresh inexperienced team looked nervous. Nightingale had little to say, but she said with confidence.

“Let’s be safe. But let’s get it done.” Nod

Chaos over the skies of Japan, as Metahumans clashed with loyal forces, Final Arrow did a number on us. Fuchsia Nightingale thought to herself, noting the ground zero disaster zone, buildings crumbled to dust, the soil scarred green with some kind of energy


The wing was taken out by a flash of Ninjan speed, the pilot trying his best to land this bird into a park, everyone inside braced for what was to come.


Moments passed by slow, the crew of the 7ASQ, aside from bumps, bruises and discomfort, where fine, laying in silence, waiting for the moment, Fuchsia, using her X-ray vision, to get an outside view, as the Ninjan attacker looked over the crash site, patience …… patience…sweat leaking into eyes…. Patience, he turned his back.


The door to the 7ASQ burst open, Mircoman shrinking down, Puma in cat form and Fuchsia Nightingale managed to file out before the Ninja quick reaction time, cocooned the troops with his magnetism powers, locking them shut in the wreckage, taking them out of the equation. But not quick enough to stop the Flock’s onslaught, Microman caught him off guard, using the principle of lavage to get him off his feet as Puma dropped down from above, claws at the throat. Good, we got him down; Nightingale loaded her gun, ready to add to the mix, the flock geared up for attack wave number two, but the element of surprise was gone, the Ninjan blasted Puma away, the smell of burnt fur was pungent, Microman tried his best, but was swatted away like a fly.


Fuchsia Nightingale, pulse erratic, tried using X-ray vision to get a Biological assessment to find something to use, but it didn’t make a difference, the Ninjan blitz through the couple of rounds Nightingale got off before, in one swoop, knocked the gun dirt broken and clean Nightingale’s clock with a violet psy strike, comparable to a 8 pound hammer to the dome.

With a deep thud, Fuchsia got a mouthful of gravel. She tried to struggle back to a vertical base. No go. Her retina’s overloaded with color and she “whited out’ with blindness, a common thing, and temporary, didn’t matter she felt herself fading.


Out cold.

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The young pyro ninja was crouched over the edge of a skyscraper, her dark green eyes looking at the chaos going on in New York City. She had been roaming around the United States for the past few months. Washington State, Nevada, Florida, Mississippi, Michigan, and now New York, looking somewhere to call home, none of them ever filling the void she felt.

But right now it wasn’t time for that, right now creatures of old were attacking the Big Apple. They literally appeared out of thin air. One moment she was gazing out at the calm city, next thing she knew dragons were flying across the skies, serpents swimming the ocean, mummies coming to live out of the museums, Harpies flying lower than the dragons attack people on the ground, Trolls and Cyclops tossing cars to the side, and those were just the one’s that were in Hotaru’s view. She knew Ninjan's were attacking Earth right now, but this... this wasnt them and after hearing the call from General Bartholomew, no one was going to be saving the city anytime soon.

Slowly standing she bit her thumb, causing it to drip with blood as she began to do a series of hand seals, taking it upon herself to try and defend the massive city on her own. Its what she had been trained to do since she was young, fight, survive, and save the world. “Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” she yelled out as a massive cloud of smoke not only covered the building she was ontop of, but the two buildings besides her. When the smoke cleared about a hundred-fifty Hotaru clones were seen standing all around the true princess of pyro. “You guys know the drill, protect the people and clean up the city.” She didn’t bother to turn to them as they all suddenly began leaped off the building, some of them landing on top of the Harpies others making their way to the ground and beginning their assault.

Before she too began her decent, her eyes caught onto a massive dark brown dragon with glowing ruby eyes flying towards her, taking a deep breath and roaring at her, wild golden fames came rushing towards the teenager. With a sly grin she preformed another series of hand seals as she then brought her right index and thumb to the mouth. “Katon: Gôkakyû no Jutsu!” A giant ball of red and orange flames escaped from her mouth, colliding with that of the dragons, cancelling each other out.

The dragon continued to fly towards her while Hotaru began running towards the mythical creature herself, pushing herself forward off the edge of the building as she leaped off, shooting fire from her feet as it propelled her to the dragon, latching herself onto its rough, scaly neck and began climbing to the top of its head. The angry beast began shaking its head furiously, trying to fling the young hero off of it, but the flaming ninja didn’t loose grip. She straddle herself at the base of its skull where the neck started, and pulled out her lightsaber that Obi Wan Kenobi! Gave her when he was training her as his padawan. Activating it, a purple light shot up from the hilt of the saber, a whoosh coming from it before slicing the head clean off the dragon.

The body began to freefall down right into Central Park, it slamming hard into the ground, causing a wave of dirt to shoot upward like a wave and skidding along the ground, knocking down tree’s as Hotaru began running down its body, and slid down its tail before stumbling a bit forward on her own feet. Breathing heavily she turned back at the dragon and then back at the city, watching her own personal cavalry troops fighting the good fight and slowly taking back New York.

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"What the?!." Willow had made her escape from Lady Loveless' body and the Savage Land finally. She made her way to Japan to do some business with a mob boss she had networked with. As his headquarters seemed to be engulfed in flames in front of her, she could safely assume their deal was off. She dodged a few stray bullets, a laser beam here and there but things were getting out of hand. "Really Japan? You can handle a giant fire-breathing lizard but not a few gnats?" She smirked as she sensed one of the ninjan foot soldiers, they tried to sneak up on her. Her trap sprung, within an instant the fly was snared in her trap. Vaporized- all that remained was a few ashes that flickered as they fell to the ground. 
Willow turned the corner to the next street over. A team of three had tried their best to take down one of the ninjans. After their surprise attack it had caught on and taken each of them down one by one. "Interesting..."she stroked her chin as she observed the take down. The girl that seemed to lead the group was Nightingale, Songbird, Phoenix one of those super heroes that had a bird name she couldn't remember. She thought this hero was stronger though, her brown hair with the white streak reminded her of her nemesis Lady Loveless. She clenched her fist at the reminder of her creator, but was brought back to reality by the other two that laid at the ninjan's feet. She believed they were Microguy? and Puma? Alright no, she knew she had gone batty by this point. Her intel kicked in, it was Fuchsia Nightingale, Puma, and Microman all members of the same team. She felt bad for the three and for her second thought she had half a heart. She wondered if she should intervene or not. The  Microman was squashed and his cat friend laid next to him. They both no don't looked like they had done some damage to the ninjan with their sneak attack Nightingale was the last one standing, she had put up a valiant fight but Willow had a sense that she had started to run out of gas. Secretly Willow wanted the girl to live, to find what exactly was going on in Japan and possibly recruit her team. Decision made though, the girl was knocked out, her body fell with loud thud. Her body had lost, her mind was blank, she had blacked out.  
"Nice one...well done." She rounded the corner completely, clapped loudly as she did so. Never took her eyes off the ninjan invader, or broke a sweat. Even when the invader lunged at her with such striking force she had to side stop. "Oh nice! Are we gonna have a practice round, okay I'll play." The ninjan looked up at Willow and took another jab, then another. The first missed, the second landed a hit directly on her ribs. "Well not to bad...now my turn to play." She gave a devilish grin, and did a back hand spring that connected on the alien's chin. In the second right after Willow landed, and within the time the alien was still air born she took out her pistols. Took two skin shots to the back of the aliens head as neared the end of its fall. Thud. Not like the sound the girl that was blacked out, the alien was still alive. It rolled over and flipped back up into a fighter stance. "Okay, you kid gloves off, you're done."