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"Greetings, sir and/or madame. Due to you're personal achievements, you have been invited to (my) home for an (admittedly late)  celebration in the name of all Hallows Eve. In this letter you will fine proper tickets to my abode in the Appalachian Mountains. I do hope you will join me for the love of such a enjoyable part of the year. Feel free to bring any guests you please. The more the merrier."

                       Lukas Micheals

The small time baron finishes the letter with his personal signature, his hands tired. His gray eyes turn towards to the clock. It was 11:05; the sky was dark outside his window. He raises his eyes at the flickering lightbulb barely keeping his old study alight. His eyes dart across the room as he thinks he sees darting shadows. "The... the deed is almost done..." Lukas says aloud, not expecting much answers. The soft sounds of wood scratching comes from a unknown source within the room. The baron sighs and shakes his head. He whispers a prayer to himself before walking to his door and opening it up. More light flows into the room, and a loud scuttering could be heard from behind him for a few seconds; he doesn't react to it. "Laura!" He shouts. A maid runs up the stairs. "Yes sir?" she says, dusting herself off. Lukas shakes his head. "Tell the others we have guests coming for All Hallows Eve. Get everything ready, please." he says before entering his bedroom and slamming the door behind him. As his hired help get everything ready, Lukas kneels before his bedside. "Forgive me...." he says. A small, disgusting laughing sound comes from the darkest corner of the room. Lukas rests his head on the bedside.

OOC Stuff

I'm not that good at OOCs or stories, sorry. Anyways, I thought it would of been entertaining to have a Halloween RPG. I assumed someone else would of already done so, but it didn't look like it. Yea, late late lateness, I know. Sorry. I wish I had any kinds of ideas at the more appropriate month. But anyways, Halloween is fun.

  •     Noncanon RPG. Very Noncanon.
  •     This RPG is more for jokes than scares. Don't know how to be terribly scary when it comes to this site.
  •     The letters are "technically" only to human members of society, however, the letters could be switched, stolen, or anything else. You're slightly expected to show up in costume, so people probably won't notice if you look like a half man/half lizard or anything else. This is noncanon, comedy is aplenty.
  •     If you want in, just say sooooo.
  •     This is going to be short-post, not long post. Decided that will help the RPG keep away from being too serious.
  •     If you want you're character to help influence the madness in a bit of castle spookiness, PM me.
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If you want scary on the Vine, have Kratesis come to the party as a favour, with the promise letting her "play with the guests."