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The Super Ninja known as Akira stalked the ruins of the old prison that lay in the middle of the ocean.It was said to be used by Castro in the revolution to torture the enemies and make them pay for treason or such actions as attempts on his life,if you listened close enough you could even hear the screams of men and the rattling of chains made by ghost who still haunt the vine covered cells.The chaste moon glowed with a deep silver and sparkles bounced of the water that surrounded the island prison and its ruins,small waves crashed against the sharp rocks that lay below the watchtower,looking over the entire island.Akira simply hid in the shadows off an empty place covered in vines and concrete,old watch lights hung around in a circle as if he was in a courtyard used for executions,all he could do was wait for the man known as Psysis to arrive so the two could dual under the moon.

AO had waited long enough to kill the new hero and here was his chance.He quickly went over his gear and made sure his weapons were prepped and ready for battering an enemy with extreme force.The adamantium mixed with vibranium hugged the body of Akira as he flexed rotating his shoulders and muscles.In detail one could see how in shape the Phantom Phenom was,every part of his body was cut and ripped,yet he was lean and nimble.His suit higlighted every detail and the weapons he kept on him made him look more dangerous then ever.

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Above,in a position as cold and motionless as a stone gargoyle Akira waited for Psysis holding steady on one of the lights that surrounded the prison courtyard.The arrival of the hero meant nothing to him,but time to kill and fight,it was all he wanted and he was sure that he could show the Mind Bender respect and what legends are capable of,he watched as thunder clouds rolled in covering the moon and making the deep navy blue turn an almost gray color.Lightning touched down several times accompanied with crackles of thunder that shook the skies and made the ocean rise higher and crash harder,rain drops got torrential and pelted the vibranium armor of Akira Overdrive instantly storing the vibrations into the suit and redirecting it towards Akira's body for storage and use later in the battle.

He watched as Psysis spoke,couldn't quite make out what he was saying over the rain and decidedly jumped from the light with a 360 degree flip and landing in a another crouching position,using his left arm as a pivot and his right leg out to keep im steady.AO slowly stood up and straightened his back out with a quick flex of muscles.Looking at Psysis without saying a word he brought his arms up and let the tonfa sticks pop out from his forearm holsters,then catching them as they slid down into his palm,tightly clutching them and spinning them around cutting through the rain and peering at his rival through the orange-yellow HUD visor of his helmet.A shift of motion was made as Akira got into his stance making his left foot go forward and his right behind him,crossing his sticks,though it didn't last long,Akira rushed in for his opponent dodging all raindrops and moving at paces so swift that the naked eye couldn't record the speed.As he reached Psysis,he spun around carrying massive amounts of momentum;attempting to drive his elbow into the neck of Psysis,then quickly faling back into a handstand,then dropping to the ground with a series of spin kicks,followed by a kip-up to bring the fight back to an eye level.

As he drew back from his attack he looked,observing each and every move that the Mind Bender could and would possibly make.He calculated three steps ahead and holstered his tonfa's back into the forearm sockets,then brought up his 8 inch titanium blades that popped out from his forearms.More aepons that Akira used to deal lethal blows.

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Psysis waited for a few moments, no answer from the silent assassin. Shaking his head, he knew that the silence was an act of defiance that would quickly escalate into physical confrontation, something the psionic mutant didnt want to resort to. Taking in a deep breath, his body suddenly lightened up as purple sparks began to appear, jumping around and across his body. Remembering that he heard that the assassin heavily relied on speed and agility, Psysis decided that he would need to drop as much weight as he could, taking off his coat and weapons along with the extra cartridges and throwing them off to the side, revealing a light-weight kevlar combat suit with a large x over his chest. Feeling the sudden change as the weight had been lifted from his body, he was relieved and he quickly decided to concentrate on the surrounding area as he could not find a fix on Akira's position with his telepathy. he suddenly noticed the assassin as he flipped through the air and landed a few meters infront of Psysis.

"I just want to let you know, i really wanted to come here to talk and if you attack me, you have left me no choice than to settle this in a way that both of us will not like!"

There seemed to be no reaction from Akira as he stood up and straightened his stance, the two stood still for seconds that felt like minutes to Psysis as he studied Akira. Interrupting the scene, akira raised his elbows allowing dual combat sticks fly out his arms, surprising Psysis as he allowed his right leg slide backwards and his left knee bend. Forming a defensive combat stance, he waited as Akira charged through the rain and moved around to ram his elbow towards Psysis' neck. Psysis' eyes barely kept up with Akira's pace, finally concentrating on the assassin's movements, he quickly raised his left hand up to push the attacking elbow vertically to strike the air above his head. He quickly kicked himself backwards into the air, preforming flips as the spinning kicks nearly made contact with his legs. He didnt notice the sudden kik-up which made perfect contact with Psysis' chin, the pain distracted his focus as his backside smacked against he ancient walls of the prison. The damage of the impact with the wall was quickly absorbed into Psysis' psionic field, allowing him to push himself forward towards Akira as he shifted his weight to the left, allowing his right leg to swing around into a round-house kick towards Akira's ribs followed by a left-hook as he shifted his weight over to his right side.