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Akira stood atop the city roof and inhaled the thick smoke and polluted air.It was a haven for killers,rapist,and thieves.A perfect place for the hunt and a place to release your anger on those punks who deserved a good beating.

It was soon dark,and the sun gave the sky a orange and pink hue,Akira looked over the roof and spotted a group of thugs who didn't even have the decency to wait until the sun went down,they were already attempting to rob a poor blue collar man,the Ghost lept off the apartment complex and flew through the fire escape as if it wasn't there he landed and the thugs met him with knives and guns,AO smiled.

"Who the hell is you?"

The remark set off the quickest moment of thier lives,a series of neck-breaking kicks was all it took and the thugs lay dead in an almost perfect circle.The yellow and black jumpsuit of AK-47 seemed to sway in the wind,it was picture perfect.Until the sound of and gun clicked and it was aimed at him,the Movement Analyzer could tell him everything that was going to happen,but he made no movement,this person wasn't a thug,they were obviously highly trained,the way he held the gun was similar to the way a Marine held a rifle.

"Can I help you?"

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The cold tip of the pistol pushed its way pass Akira's thick black hair,it made the warrior feel uncomfortable even though he was more battle experienced most war veterans,the gun to the head seemed so disrespectful in so many ways and Akira clenched his fist and tightened his body,then turned to the man and smiled.He really didn't want trouble with anyone that didn't seem to be evil,but Akira figured he would seem soft he made no threat or gesture to let the Marine know who he was and what he was capable of.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t paint the walls with your blood?”

A chuckle slipped out of AO's mouth.

"Well...for one,I'm not to sure you can."

Akira quickly spun around,weaving and ducking his head,making sure he wasn't hit by any rapid fire,and threw a palm straight for the unknown soldier's abdomen,a One Inch punch to be exact.The devastating attack would either rupture a few internal organs or break several bones.The super blow was followed by a swift roundhouse to the dome,ten Akira flipped backwards and scaled the fire escape he had just came down from,guerrilla tactics mixed with Bruce Lee moves was a dangerous combination.

"Feel free to try."

He gave a quick smile and then continued to the roof.

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The palm crush landed to its opponent but not before it met with the pistol Matrix held,in a quick thinking move he managed to slow it down,but it kept its fatality.Akira wasted no time to move the battle to a bigger playing field,he hopped up the fire escape like Spider-Man but with more power and agility,the roof was great for a fight with guns,yet Akira had none for he left his Flat-Space technology at home.

Matriix followed suit and made his way up to the roof with just as much speed then dove behind an air vent,soon he clutched his guns and began to fire with amazing accuracy at Akira who caught a bullet in his hand threw it back,but sadly he couldn't do the same for the next two clips that came his way,most cut through his skin and jumpsuit.One even managed to graze his face,but then he rushed in not waisting any time to get shot again.

Akira lifted up into the air with a powerful kick that crushed in the air vent,bringing up rubble.He made a quick transition and flipped over the same vent he kicked to get a better look at Matriix,then spoke nonchalantly holding a bullet wound.

"I meant to ask...whats your name?"

The Super Ninja asked and ripped the arm from his jacket to wrap the hole in his arm,then stood straight and looked at the Master Marine with his head tilted,trying to figure out his next move by analyzing the surface they were on and the vibrations that were made.