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Vietnam, Elusive has been hiding here ever since he was found out being Vertigo legend. Ever since he escaped Hell, he no longer possessed kinetic powers except the kinetic bolt blast. it seemed his kinetic source turned into raw thermal energy in which he could manipulate Thermal energies, he was faster, stronger and more powerful than he ever was. Was this enough to beat his long-time rival Akira? Maybe, as long he could put everything he had into the battle. If he lost he would become a member of the Ultimates and serve Akira in battle, but if he won, he'd become what he used to be. He once was a watcher among watchers, he once was an inhuman. He wanted t only watch, he had been apart of too many conflicts and now he hoped this would be his last. "Show Yourself Akira!"
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The shadows covered the silhoutte of Akira well,it was only until Elusive Storm had called him out that he had revealed himself from the thick jungle trees.Akira had made friends with Elusive Storm,and like so mnay other friends made an enemy in search of power and glory.His loyalty would always be in question,but that was okay to him.

Akira came out of the shadows,his gray headband blew in the wind,something that was rare in the humid jungles of Vietnam.

Im ready,when you are

He drew his two katanas with ease and grace,the only reason he wanted Elusive Storm ti join is because he knew of the his abilites.Akira prepared for battle in a counter-evasive stance,waiting for ES to strike at him.

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Elusive saw the two katanas and started to chuckle, he thought he should have brought a larger blade as he looked to the side of his belt at the large knife he had always trusted. He took out the foot long knife and gripped it in his weaker left hand.

"I should have brought more knives but i think this'll do." his right hand charged with kinetic energy, like in the past, his Kinetic bolt blast won him many battles and he wished to end this one quickly.

He quickly raised his kinetically charged right hand and unleashed the massive Kinetic bolt. This kinetic bolt looked different than the one in the past, this time a cyclone circled around the purple beam of lightning, something far more powerful than he had imagined. The bolt ripped through the jungle and headed straight for Akira, while Elusive dropped to one knee to get a better view.

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The blast hit Akira's chest dead on,something that had to be done for the greater good.His Vibranium suit absorbed most of the attack,fueling his power further.Smoke rose from Akira's chest as he stood up,a path had been cleared by the kinetic attack of Elusive Storm.

I love how you do that brother,youve even gotten stronger.But so have i

Electricty jumped from Akira's body as he prepared for his own attack,he launched a disc that resembled Elusive's blast,it opened in the air and Akira leapt threw it.He had just hopped dimensions to gain the upper hand,Akira appeared above ES.He struck with his two katanas that were surrounded with electricity.A side slash followed by a upper slash.Akira got a haymaker ready for ES's face with the hiltof his blade,just incase his brother had blocked his previous hit.

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Elusive knew that to live he would have to block the attacks made by the twin swords, he quickly moved his knife from left to right blocking the sword attacks barely, butwas hit my Akira's punch. Elusive staggered to the ground.

"What a punch! But you dont know that much more has changed in me!"

A red halo surrounded Eluisve, raw thermal energy exploded from Elusive's body, it disintegrated everything around him, the jungle, the animals and hopefully Akira, but he knew the Ultimates leader would be too powerful to get killed from this attack.

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Your so brash with your attacks,why must i fight a brother to gain one?At the ate your going im oing to lose a friend and a member

Akira chuckled as he hopped out of one of his portals right next to Elusive,slashing at his legs and then doing a back flip,he put the world in bullet time making him faster then his opponent,realesing a Electric hail of bullets at Elusive.


As he landed on his feet,he watched the bullets fly in bullet time,they were faster then a reguler bullet of course.

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"Arrrgh, damnit!"

The slash made by Akira forced Elusive to land on his knees, and he didnt have time to react the volley of bullets heading to him. Thankfully he'd survive but would experience extreme pain as not all the bullets would be stopped by Elusive's armor.

Blood ran down Elusives arms and legs, he tried to stand up but failed. He took out a grenade and carged it with Thermal energy. He had never tried this before and he hoped this would not be the end of him.

He tossed the grenade NEAR Akira, as a warning and when it hit the ground, a massive explosion occurred sending Elusive Flying back and into a tree. Elusive layed unconscious with a letter in his hand.

within the letter a note read:

Akira, if you are reading this right now that means you have defeated me and i will gladly join you as a brother in arms. It seems most of my strength and will is trying to catch up with my actions and until then i wont be able to defeat you as the saying of "Younger beats the older" is true. Congrats on your victory

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The blast had severe conclusions,Akira had been blown at least 30 feet away.His arm was almost torn off,something that his healing factor couldnt handle.He would have to go home and get a brand new metal arm,it didnt bother him though.

Akira stored the energy that his suit absorbed to give him stamina for the long journey home.He made his way to Elusive Storm and read it,he tossed it aside and his faced stayed grim,but he smiled inside.

We'll have to celebrate later homie

He threw ES over his shoulder,with one arm and continued threw the dense jungle cutting down the thick leaves with his katana.