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Antarctica was a cold and desolate place that no man could bare to trek or stand for more then a day.It was uncharted territory for most of the world and it was rumored to be the resting place of the Ice Dragons,his mortal enemies and most hated rivals with the exception of a few.Like Nighthunter,Rayne,and Darkchild.Akira Overdrive was there on official HFC espionage business with a crew of the finest mercenaries hunting down the last heroes of the vine,they were there for about  two weeks now and had no clue after countless searches and so forth.

Akira took in a deep breathe then looked at his men still searching  with heat seeking binoculars  and rifles steady.Within minutes the answer was coming from above,one of the men screamed as he witnessed the Colassal Beast known as Darkchikd fly through the air at top speeds preparing to crash land.AO quickly planted his feet into the ground and awaited the man to land,he had his men create a circle after spreading out in a one mile radius.Akira's hands began to glow with below 0 energy.

"Prepare yourselves."

The Ghost spoke in a calm tone and watched as Darkchild stomped into the ground,causing nearby glaciers to shake and the foundation to crack just a little.At that point the men closed in around Akira and DC,forming a circle and aiming there guns,like they actually had a chance.In a flash AK-47knew it.The Time had come.It was to the death.

As they circled about,snarling,guns aimed straight,keenly watched for the advantage.The scene came to Akira with a sense of familiarity .He seemed to remember it all-the white snow,and earth,and setting sun with auras above,and the thrill of battle.Over the whiteness of and silence brooded a ghostly calm.There was not the faintest whisper of air-nothing move,not a flake quivered,the visible breaths of the soldiers rising slowly and lingering in the frosty air.They had made short work of other HFC targets,these men were ill-tamed killers;and they were now drawn up in an expectant circle.They,too,were silent,their eyes only gleaming and their breathes drifting slowly upward.To Akira it was nothing new or strange,this scene of old time.It was as though it had always been,the wonted way of things.

Get ready.

Akira Overdrive crouched down and circled his hands in a zen like motion,the ice energy surrounding his palms and he brought them upwards right before crashing them together to create a shockwave of the sub-zero energy in a circular radius,killing all his men and hopefully DC.After he made the first attack he sped off and lifted into the air by using his momentum to pick up.He used the hud in his glasses to peer through the frozen tundra and vapor he had just created looking for Darkchild.

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Darkchild knew from the radar within the Base that Akira was in the area so being his own ill tempered and stubborn self he took off. Bursting through the miles of snow and flying finally finding the man that to his record book he has beat once Yet fool he has kicked your ass twice "Shut up I do know that."

He lands on the icy tundra only to be surrounded by humans. He looks around with a large smile "OH you brought friends arnt you a nice one today. Bringing me gifts." Darkchilds hands glow as he prepares to take out the guards in a swath of blood and guts. Suddenly he feels it before it hits, the temperature plummets and then he turns around to find a wave of energy slam down on top of him. He immediately puts his forcefield up and the snow and energy slams down on him and the humans around him, the guards freeze almost instantly and Darkchild whines to himself "Awwww man i wanted to have a little bit of fun."

The snow sits ontop of Darkchild for a brief moment then the ground begins to shake as a loud scream can be heard

Darkchilds body steams and the snow melts off of him falling in big clumps and the ground around him melting also, his feet touching the grass below him "I hope you do realize that sh!t is cold. You could have been a bit more sportinly and let me take your men out myself. You just killed my joy a$$hole."

Darkchilds arms burst into flames and a large smile stretches from ear to ear "Lets begin shall we." he claps his hands together and a burst of flames shoot forward at Akira melting the ground as it passes over it.

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The wave was immense brought his men down but had very little effect on Darkchild.Akira just smiled and awaited in the air looking for the Beast.He began to charge up another Ice Blast and his palms drew in more cold from the surroundings,causing everything that DC had melted to freeze over once again,he smirked as he realized DC had survived and was talking trash already,but Akira couldn't quite make out what he was saying;the sound of his energy drawing in ice particles and the flame shooting towards him drowned it out.

Spiral of embers came shooting towards Akira but he thrust his fist forward and the orange flames turned into vapor and sizzled into a thick mist,soon the battle field was calm and quiet again,waiting for another move.Akira made it first as he tuned into the "vibe" Darkchild gave off,he ran forward at super speeds and a contrail of snow blew behind him;spinning around quickly he launched his left foot for a roundhouse and kept his pivot foot down to throw another after making a 360 degree turn.

I am heat!

More energy fizzled from Akira's hand as he pointed them to the ground and shot.The blast blew Akira backwards and he floated gracefully atop the ice plateau and landed waititng to see how DC would handle the mach speed assault  when his reaction time was nowhere near mach speed.

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All Darkchild saw before the kick landed was the shimmer of Akiras foot right before it slammed into his face. He moved a few feet then the second roundhouse kick came seconds after the first. The second slammed down on the top of his head and made him "bounce" off the snow and continue to bounce flying backwards. He came to a halt as he righted himself mid bounce and skidded to a stop, the ice melted beneath his hands that lie on the ground his anger rising.

"Hmmm forgot how hard you hit. Better not let that happen again shall we." Darkchild stood up and with his left arm pulled a large blob of darkness from his  right arm that was engulfed in darkness. He bounces it from hand to hand and then stretches it out forming a long javalin. He races towards and then slams it into the ground down in front of him and pole vaults off it sending him airborne. As he is airborne he pulls another blob from his arm and forming it into a sled like device and as he slams into the ground he skids and a large smile comes to his face "Cant beat em join em." he says as he slides towards Akira he aims his arms backwards firing off a long stream of fire firing him forward at amazing speeds. As he grew closer he puts a large force field around his body then fires off spikes from his shield.

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Blazing kicks at top speed would kill a regular man,or even a super enhanced man,but Darkchild survived after the power blows sent him flying and shattered at least a few bones.Soon DC stood back up and righted his footing and made a comment.

"Hmmm forgot how hard you hit. Better not let that happen again shall we.

Akira just laughed and kept his on witty comment to himself waiting for the next move,it was like a game of chess and right now Akira just took the second pawn,the game was just getting ready to start.Darkchild quickly unleashed his power onto his right hand then formed a javelin like weapon to propel himself into the air trying and failing miserably to match his speed,Akira rolled to the side as DClanded and launched another flame shot which was dodged.


The attack was adverted but it just seemed to be a distraction,spikes of dark energy came flying towards him and shooting faster then most bullets three struck his body and impaled his thigh,another chipped off most of shoulder before it regrew back,he stumbled and iced up his body for a better defense.His translucent like skin glowed under the now set sun and he slammed his fist into the ground after stumbling back up.A huge ice dome surrounded Akira and stood between the two.


Ice began to shake and rumble,this battle was going to kill both of them or one of them.The dome began to implode as if Akira was drawing the energy back in and he waited for DC to get a little closer.

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Hes attacks worked and done their damage. The damage may have been healed quickly but Akira knew what kinda of pain Darkchild could inflict. Darkchild planted his foot on the sled underneath his foot and it flipped in the air and he grabs it, turning it into a shield and holding it at his side. He walks towards Akira with the intent of doing a killing blow when Akira's body began to glow and he screamed Are you ready?! You havnent seen anything!

Darkchild leaps back then teleports farther back looking Akira up and down. Going through the information he knows about Akira Where did this power come from, implosion hasnt ever been one of his MO's. Darkchild knows one thing, that Akira is a man of thought this attack he has planned will do alot more than destroy both of them. If Darkchild survives the blast he will have something else up his sleeve.

Darkchild slams the shield down in front of him and crouches down behind it and puts up his forcefield. Spikes sprout from his body embedding into the ice below his feet bracing himself for the blast.

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The Ghost could see the Dragon of Steel spin around in the air in attempt to land and guard himself from what he thought Akira was planning.All the battles this man had,Akira studied.He viewed the battle of deep sea proportions with the close relative Gannon Nereid and he calculated the amount of power DC had and could have at this point.It was impressive and this man was no idiot,that was for sure.Perhaps that would be the downfall of a villain turn hero;thinking,or at least over-thinking.

Ice began to crack more and more and the glaciers began to close in and the clumps of ice in the below zero water drew closer to where Akira was.It was as if the Ice Assassin had been drawing in all he could to send it back.It began to pulsate with the auras and glow with freezing mist,no matter how strong Darkchild's shield was it wouldn't be nearly enough to block the amount of force this attack would produce.Thats why Akira would take this step by step.

Phase 1!seek and destroy!

It still stood,the dome,and from the ground of ice shot out formations of dragons that spiraled in the air as if they were mythical beats of asgardian proportions.The  spun around each other and reached the apex in the sky before falling from the sky  straight for DC.It began to break away  and form into ice chunks as it came closer  to the ground.Akira still stood from the dome,drawing all moisture from the air and surroundings.