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Quintus' folded hands, propped up by placing his elbows on his knees, suspended his chin atop the knuckles allowing his unwavering gaze to remain stationary. His daughter unconsciously mirroring the seated pose with perfect predilection. Suddenly however the low rumbling voices of the circle unexpectedly broke up the sparring contest as something outside had caused a commotion. Two Arashikage guards at the entrance of the cave alongside a small collection of elders were huddled around something, but it wasn't something, rather someone.

"You will see me coming, you can run and you can hide. You will outnumber me, you will outgun me, and you will outsmart me. I will be there..."

Though he didnt say it Quintus knew. And as he subtly looked over towards Mercy he could tell, she knew as well. He, was coming.


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The entire demeanor of the Arashikage changed as soon as word traveled to the gathering of what the sea had spat up on the isle. Mystically enchanted and mysteriously protected, it would have taken a being of great power and means to enact what had been thrust upon them, even Mercy knew that much.

Her eyes met Quintus' and a shiver reverberated down her spine as fear flashed for a moment, only to be replaced with steely determination. It was a grisly sight unlike any she had bore witness to previously and this one felt personal. There had been no attack or plays against the island until she had come to rest there.

This was somebody she and Quintus knew...somebody who wanted to know them. Throwing the wooden sword to the floor she left the cave and swiftly jogged up to the high peak of the island to clear her head and focus.

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Explodes everything.

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@amaranth_strix said:

Explodes everything.

That made me laugh a little too much XD It's cos I done it too your base! :P

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@mercy_: @quintus_knightfall:

On the exact opposite direction of where the corpse had made contact with the beach there is a figure that swam all across several transcontinental borders just to arrive on the island, his methods are slow and low. He had been tracking them for months after the massacre at Ithaca , he still holds curiosity at his prey. One is an anonymous blog reporter who used the handle 'Mercy Sheridan' while the other is a more elusive gentleman who is described as something out of an Ian Fleming novel. During his travel in the oceans he had his fill with underwater dwellers from wet civilizations. After he read the words flowers burst out from the woman's orifices, creating a funeral arrangement for both the recipient had their friend. Flowers which bear no toxins, but only lasting fragrance. Small glimpses of information gathered from passing seagulls (as he had 'marked' them) revealed a large patch of green, Copybat will go to the forest and taking the route with the least civilization instead.

His diving apparatus is left as he saw the coral reefs, leaving it to float and eventually wound up as evidence as he navigated through the underwater fauna. Traversing in peace as he had no intentions of harming the biodiversity yet, the trail is left and it would be soon that the tanks would be spotted by one of their sentries on patrol duty. At the beach he did not waste time as he ran for the marshes that lead to the forests, now wet and dirty he acclimates himself to the surrounding environment. Not in haste as he began to pick up shrubs and leaves, tasting them to learn more about the island as he encounters interesting creatures which did not show on the human world. Some of these had been extinct for at least millennials ago, some existing during the Cambrian era. He even saw a dinosaur roaming wildly as it chased what seems to be a hippopotamus with a singular horn that resembled a narwhals.

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I'll let Q get the next post.

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@nerx: @mercy_: In obvious distress the warrior in training had retreated to the overlooking hill top in an attempt to grasp and gather her own sorted feelings. Arriving shortly afterwards the Martial Arts Matrix tentatively placed his hand on her shoulder from behind. Showing signs of concern that at one time would have been foreign to his overall emotional versatility. "I know it doesnt make sense, and I know deep down you're worried. But you cant run from this, you have to accept it and then deal with it head on." bringing her into his chest with hugging embrace. "But you wont have to do it alone, I promise."

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@quintus_knightfall: *FZZT!*

Bug's green feet landed softly on a grassy hill as he flashed into existence, his hands on his hips as he takes in a deep breath. "Ahhh..What a view.." The view stretched as far as the ocean, the hill looming over what looked like some older and forgotten architecture. "Now this seems like a place where I can find some adventure.." He spoke to himself while looking up at the sky, as if somebody were to be looking at him.

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@quintus_knightfall: His embrace was warm, reassuring and comforting. It was at direct odds with the adrenaline that was coursing through her body. His arms felt...safe, like home and it was a feeling she could get lost in if she allowed herself the pleasure.

"I don't know how you all do it. Foiling plots, playing politics...attracting psychos. I release one story and nobody even knows my face and somehow we've managed to attract this things attention...does it ever end?"

Not once in her life had Mercy quit anything and she had no intention of beginning to do so now. Pulling away from his welcoming embrace, she she braced a hand against his chest for a moment before acting on impulse and pulling him down for a quick kiss in the heat of the moment. Swirling emotions, swirling adrenaline, potentially terrible choices. Pulling away quickly she wiped her thumb across the bottom of her lip and apologized. "Sorry." Nervously running her fingers through her hair she took a step back.

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(will respond after the game. you're c@ck blocking me son wtf :P j/k)

@mercy_: A kiss even ;) I'll respond after the game.

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@mercy_: @mercy_:

In the company of trees he had found refuge in the calm arrangement of flowers, a breeding ground for several extremely dangerous carnivores. It is supposed to be mating season judging by the scent of pheromones, yet the entire area is empty. The sounds he heard are merely rampant footsteps of escape, the flight instinct had taken over as animals tend to have a better sense of danger compared to that of humans. Cloaking his presence from those with the mind for reason or logic is easy, but beings which rely on instinct have a better chance of seeing his hunger. Mice in the presence of a panthera.

Argentinosaurus, Sauroposeidon, Spinosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Liopleurodon, Shantungosaurus, Utahraptor and Moschops bones are littered all over the place as be began to explore. Dragging another fantastic creature by its tail as six legs desperately try to struggle. But being an omnivore that he is the flora too became part of his full course, trees chewed down like stalks of broccoli. Inside the little body is a very hungry appetite, one that surpasses its own physical restraints. But he covered his tracks with a trail of fire, to make sure that the damage was done with 'gadgets' instead of hunger.

However he extinguished his own flames as his goal is to simply retrieve an individual, not bring an entire civilization down. No, he used an 'aid' to scoop away the inferno into a bite sized object before devouring it. Returning the thing into a small spot alight within a secluded area, sending a smoke signal that can be seen from high places in the island. Sending them a message that says "here I am", setting up camp from whatever material was available at the time. Leaves, shrubs and a couple of dry branches set up as basic shapes.

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@mercy_: The alluring physical attraction was only heightened by the unexpected kiss, but there was still a sliver of apprehension. Emotions of elevated fear, intrigue, and suspense, all gelled together as the renegade reporter and martial arts polymath touched lips before regaining a sense of priority. The sounds of ankle strapped scandals racing across the partially sanded hill were greeted by the Knightfall's authoritative gaze from over his shoulder. "There is smoke just over there, beyond the ridge." an Arashikage trainee said while pointing. "He wants us to know where he is." Quintus responded. "Tis your call chere" a momentary lapse in his usually composed English resonating his French background. "We could simply leave, but eventually, he would track you down again. And if we stay, if we confront him we'll be doing it alone. I'll not sacrifice a single Arashikage to that creature's depravity...."

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@nerx: @quintus_knightfall:

His accent fell like music on her ears as a thrum of excitement mixed with adrenaline coursed through her veins. The scent of smoke and burning wood wafted on the darkening evening air, alerting the citizens of the island to the whereabouts of the creature who had deemed himself worthy enough to invade. The one who had formed a sickened fascination with Mercy. The one who crept into her nightmares.

"I never really learned the concept of running from a fight, to the complete and utter chagrin of those who wished that I would have." She looked around, taking note of the position of the smoke as a trail was cut through the woods. One of the Arashikage came up beside them and offered an array of weapons before bowing and backing away.

There were hushed murmurs that passed through the lauded warriors who had begun bestowing their techniques upon the eager to learn reporter. They regarded Quintus with a ferocious loyalty and an unprecedented amount of respect. Enough to heed his wishes that these legendary warriors stand down from a fight, too precious a commodity and talent to be wasted.

Hefting the weight of a pair of kukris that were inscribed with some sort of etching, Mercy twirled them in the air, getting a good feel for them. "Shall we?"

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Totes idolizing her right now.

@mercy_: Also, toldja.

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@mercy_: You you YOU!!!! You.

You and Gambler (Q) are getting together! Mhm.

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@jaegerjaquez: Awwwwwww <3

Haha well...it would seem that way :)

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@mercy_: @quintus_knightfall

After beefing up to knock down the beasts he powers down to readjust to upcoming threats, gauging and measuring as he instead takes on the strengths of the beasts devoured to substitute his own. His suit tightens in a laminate of carbon materials, overlaying his flesh in a sheath of synthetic bulk. It gives the image of some sort of technology instead of supernatural phenomena. On his fingertips there are small one-inch cutters that protrude to give justification on the massive tears on the tree bark. Long skin-suit under his trench coat, his mask seemed to be bonded to his face to such an extent that taking it off will definitely remove his identity along with his face. Across his chest is the perverted symbol of the Gothic city knight. It was time for him to create more heroes to follow.

He adjusts his strength by one punch. Such a punch that knocked down a row of trees by its sheer force, he didn't even touch the wood. Merely punching the air at a random direction in a light jab, the assimilated strengths of the beasts had seeped into his muscles. He came her for a reason, to capture a certain Mercy Sheridan and bring her to face a certain person.

The smoke then changes its previous smell into that of the scent of burning children...

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@nerx: @mercy_:

Sheering winds raced past their faces as they accelerated with acrobatic speed. Arms and legs fully extended making sure the poly-nylon fabric of their Arashikage human squirrel suits stretched from waist to wrist and ankle to ankle. Mercy receiving an unveiled look at the simple technique that spawned the Knightfall's trademark dare-devilish method of infiltration. Down the face of the cliff they soared before gliding along the bending blades of grace and ultimately though the trees with unrealistic precision. Bringing his knees up into his midsection and arms across his chest, the Knightfall Polymath quickly burst out of lightweight fabric posturing himself in a flying X shape before hitting the ground rolling. Now stationed in a single knee crouch he surveyed the small encampment littered with bones and severed flesh, and suddenly the vaunted outlaw couldn't help but think they had just entered the lair of death himself.

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@quintus_knightfall: That's partially your fault. You left me all alone. I had to go into hiding, no one to help me.

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@quintus_knightfall: You...You never offered to help. You disappeared without a trace. Next thing I know I'm trapped in some facility while you're flying the sky fighting some demon.

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@arquitenens: Nope. I offered and you told me that Kratesis was coming to save you and that I was not needed lol

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@quintus_knightfall: That's a Goddamned lie! You left me way before that! To go fight for a damned statue! Worst employer ever.

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What an ASSHOLE!

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@quintus_knightfall: Seriously? That's what I get!? I get captured and choked and stuff, and all I get is "lol he lied"? I'm gonna kill that bastard!

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@arquitenens: I asked didnt I? I'm playing the role of the concerned guy here hahahaha

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