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@pyrogram: lol you should have gone with Rainbow Archer. No defending that guy.

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@pyrogram said:

See, you just proven you previous statement wrong :P

Of course, I'm the only one who could.

@closure: Thats debatable :P

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@closure: Let the hate flow through you!

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@quintus_knightfall: The setting sun painted a canvas of reds, purples and pinks over the cliffs of the fabled island. Born to one of the premiere members of the Guard, the one that they called Little Bird had taken up the mentorship of the prodigious Knightfall heir. The first of the next generation of the powerhouse family, the daughter born of the union of Quintus Knightfall and Ziccarra Liafador was a bright star in martial arts.

Able to nearly perfectly replicate all of the basic moves that she had begun teaching the young girl, she was quickly moving past the novice stage. The two women moved together in near-perfect synchronicity, phasing through a series of regular moves that were replicated with precision, grace and flourish.

Breaking, they stepped apart and bowed before sitting on the cliffside, overlooking the beach.

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@petite_oiseau: Quintus showed no visible signs of pride in his daughter's natural combat abilities as it was something he apathetically expected. Sitting in the shade chewing on one of the islands many psychedelic roots, the resurrected Knightfall's altered state of consciousness was busy displaying a series of vivid images pertaining to his daughter's potential future and the mentor who would obsessively help procure that future.

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@quintus_knightfall: The singular drive of the girl's father was both commendable and worrisome. Having been the object of such focused adoration and expectations was daunting. Some rose to the occasion, some broke under it. Pax thrived under the pressure and expectations and the more time she spent with her, the more apparent it was that the Knightfall heir would, as well.

Muscles sore from the days strenuous training, both of the girls were more than ready for a short break before the evening rituals. Nodding her head over towards Quintus, Pax gave his daughter the signal and leaned back against the cliff grass as she began stalking her father from behind, practicing silent techniques in doing so.

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@petite_oiseau: While her father stretched out at the base of the canopy tree seemingly oblivious to the World, the little Knightfall felt confident she had succeeded in her impromptu stealth based mission. Her tiny blade swiftly flashing towards her father's neck pausing just inches away from becoming a fatal strike allowing her a sense of prideful accomplishment. "I got you." she confidently proclaimed. Only to feel the sharp sting of disappointment as Quintus, root still gingerly hanging from the corner of his mouth, squinted one eye opened while simultaneously tapping the inside of her thigh with a hidden dagger. Had the exchange not been a fabricated exercise, the little heiress would have had her Fermoral vein severed. "Pathetic." sighed Quintus.

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@quintus_knightfall: Pax monitored carefully, believing but for one moment that her father would allow her this one small victory. Alas, it was not to be. Disappointment coursed through the young woman as she gracefully stood. Standing at the petite (by Arashikage standards) height of 5'4", she seemed to glide over. Standing before the martial arts legend that was Quintus, she opened her palm and wagged her fingers, indicating for him to come forward. "Shall we show her how it's done?"

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@petite_oiseau: In a series of motions that fluently drifted into a single action, Quintus executed a no handed kip-up. Simultaneously using the empty hand to throw the dagger at the Arashikage beauty's face, contorting his body with a subtle shift allowing it to partial spin around throwing a reverse heal kick towards the left side of her midsection targeting her kidney. Regardless of whether or not the instantaneous strikes were successful, the martial arts mamba had taught his daughter a valuable lesson. There is no such thing as honor in combat.

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@quintus_knightfall: (love the no handed kip-up)

He was everything that they said he'd be and more. There was a fluid grace behind his solid muscle and if she hadn't been in the middle of engaging combat, she would have spent longer simply looking at the way that he moved, the shimmer of muscle beneath skin. Avoiding the knife was as simple as child's play, what came next not so much.

A small 'hmmmph' left as the wind was knocked from her. She could already feel the bruise forming on her ribcage. Taking the injury in stride, Pax retaliated. Slipping beneath the opening his kick had left in his stance, she aimed an elbow at the center of his sternum before slipping beneath his reach. Straightening her hand, she aimed a strike at the exposed elbow joint.

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@petite_oiseau: (loved that move since I was kid. Any variation of the kip-up is beast mode)

@armistice: If by making the most you mean cultivating the next generation of perfected evil, then yes :D

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(did you retcon the events of the mini-RP? I referenced them in my last team post as a reason I was absent)

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@armistice: (no, i just havent referenced it. probably wont until I absolutely need to.)

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[ A lot of this stuff clicks with the new Eagle. Would it be possible to tie her and the Arashikage together somehow? ]

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[ A lot of this stuff clicks with the new Eagle. Would it be possible to tie her and the Arashikage together somehow? ]

Not with that av, no :P (of course, I'd be honored)

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@mr_lebeau: Hahaha, this AV is epic. Best stuff you-know-who has ever drawn!

Epic! I'd like to tie her into their history somehow, maybe their founding considering her age. Other points of possible connection are the photographic reflexes, precognition, and the Book.

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@eagle_of_the_east: My dear you have carte blanche to tie her in anyway you feel inspired to :)

but you artistic taste is horrendous.

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@mr_lebeau: Thankies :-) I'ma come up with more details and PM them too you.

Ohhhhh yeah? Check out the new Amaranth!

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@eagle_of_the_east: I actually like alot of Liefield stuff, just not that particular Zealot one :P

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@mr_lebeau: Really? It was one of the better Zealot AV's I could find. A lot of her stuff is really old and I don't usually go for old art. Plus I like the short haired look.

Believe it or not I think he's one of my favorite Zealot artists. I mean, she doesn't have any feet when he draws her but aside from that its pretty solid.

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I actually like alot of Liefield stuff


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@eagle_of_the_east: I'm surprised you didn't go with Nemesis, to be honest (I would've). But I can see the hair thing.

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@mr_lebeau: All bad ass images! But none as good AV's :-p

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@arquitenens: I'm using Nemesis as well. Gamora, Zealot, She Hulk, Lyra, Nemesis, Mystique and maybe a few more. Probably Wonder Woman too. I'ma do different galleries for different eras and some of the art will have to be for her supercharged mode. She might even have different looks based on what equipment she decides to use.

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@mr_lebeau: There's a speech bubble I'm trying to cut out :-P

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@mr_lebeau: I do like her. There was a period where she was almost Shiho, but then I found out about Cass Cain, who actually fit the Japanese bill.

@eagle_of_the_east: You got it all planned out. Btw, if you need images edited, there's a thread for that, or something.

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@arquitenens: Some of it. Still deciding where all the pieces go.

Indeedy there is, though I can just troll Gambler with Liefeld AV's until he photoshops anything I want ;-P

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@ellie_knightfall: Nice! Diana has some really good art. I like her n52 stuff a lot.

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@eagle_of_the_east: Cliff Chiang is one of those artists whose style PERFECTLY meshes with the story and characters.

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Shirzad climbed up the rock strewn beach. Her bare feet left deep footprints in the white sand; her weight crushed seashells under her green limbs. Born with her father's build she cast a long shadow in the fading golden sunlight. Black dreadlocks fall around her athletically muscled shoulders and the crystalline golden orbs that make up her eyes stare across the horizon.

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@petite_oiseau: Struck twice with a series of amazingly fluid shots that visibly disrupted the Knightfall's stance and surpassed his guard, Quintus temporarily lose the sensation in his arm. His elbow suffering the results of the Arashikage warrior's pinpoint martial arts attack stunning a cluster of nerves in the blink of an eye. Just one of many subtle reminders of the clandestine flock's unbelievable combat genius. Several of the higher ranking affiliates having written their own series of martial movements.

Excusing himself from the less then triumphant spar, the Resurrected Renaissance took a seat next to his daughter. Though he didnt say it, she knew. She had heard stories of her father's defiant revolt during the mutant human civil war and now, with the legislation being championed by a prolific hero and the Presidency in the hands of the suspiciously war happy Premonition, once again the United States seemed destine for another Registration regime.

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@mercy_: Contained within her motion were a hundred readable muscle machinations indicating intent, reaction, strategy, and purpose. All of which were as readable as a literary work of art. "Good." he suddenly stated lowering his guard. Her natural instinct to take a defense posture and wait for his initial attack in hopes of countering had told him a great deal about her intrinsic intuition. "You're ready to begin." The gentle touch of Mortimer placing his hand on the small of her back following the Knightfall's statement. "Right this way Miss." escorting her down below the Museum to the Underground before a black sheath fell over her vision.

Unknown amount of time later:

"Ah good, you're awake." Quintus' smiling face there to great her as she awoke. But something was different, the salt in the air, the cool yet warm island breeze, they were obviously no longer in New York, but then where? "I could give you the tools that were given to me but I'd rather have you gather your own collection. This is the island of the Arashikage and to be trained by them is an invaluable honor. For them combat is not an exercise but a religion. With their help you'll not only learn their ancient and cultivated martial artistry, but with the foundation they construct for you you'll be able to manifest your own uniquely exclusive technique."

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@quintus_knightfall: Mussed black hair fell in front of her eyes as she braced herself on an elbow and peered up at him. "Drugging and kidnapping...you really are making a name for yourself, Knightfall." She couldn't help but tease as the inevitable curiosity began to overwhelm her. "And aren't you just a treasure trove of usefulness."

Sliding from beneath the sheets, the refreshing island breeze graced her nearly-bare body. Awaiting on the dresser was a set of clothes perfectly tailored to her body. Supple brown leather pants that conformed perfectly to her legs and hit her just below the hipbones and a matching leather cropped tank top with an ancient symbol etched on the back. The edge of a tattoo between her shoulder blades peeked out the bottom edge of the shirt as she secured her hair atop her head and turned gracefully. Leaning against the edge of the spartanly crafted dresser, she faced the mysterious man who had brought her here.

It seems the more she learned about him, the less that she knew. "I want...I need everything that they can give me. I'm ready to begin."

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( I have concluded this thread is pure insanity)

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Deep below the Earth in what at one time had been the home of the Weaver's Guild sitting in a large circle of Arashikage contorted in a fundamental Padmasana pose (lotus position), the Knightfall Polymath, Mercy, and his young daughter, the Last Arashikage, were engaged in an esoteric exercise of visualization. The female warrior clan, barely clothed for maximum flexibility, had uncharacteristically allowed Quintus the rare opportunity of submitting a protegee not of his own blood into their ranks. As such they dedicated their full attention and skill sets to the task of forming the renegade reporter's martial arts foundation.

The flames of oil dipped torches flickered off the cave wall, dancing across the endless sea of artistically illustrated markings of the Forgotten Ones and their memorizing dichotomy depicting the mutual exclusive practice of Bloodbending. Tossing a wooden sword in Mercy's direction a somewhat disfigured Arashikage motioned for her to step forward and enter the center of the human circle. As she started to stand Quintus grabbed her arm and whispered without making eye contact, "Do not look to her sword for counters, look to her muscles."releasing his grip.

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Her eyes were wide with anticipation and fear as the touch of Quintus and the sound of his wisdom fell upon eager ears. She had been thrown headfirst into a culture of unsurpassed warriors, a culture that had been seemingly ripped from another time and place, that upheld ancient statutes and ancient techniques.

A cold wind blew through the cave, flickering the flames to near the point of being extinguished before calming as she stepped forward and entered the circle. None were allowed entrance other than the combatants, up until the point that one ceded the win to the other. Breaking the circle would result in punishment.

Mercy held the sword and with Quintus' advice fresh in her mind, she carefully watched the stance and movements of her opponent. The Arashikage came forward at her with an overswing and Mercy brought her own sword up to block. Before she knew what was happening, her opponent's free hand shot forward and struck her between the ribs, causing her to bend forward as a reaction.

There were taunts from the spectators as Mercy was nearly driven to her knees. A new determination was bloomed in her as she took a step back. Re-focusing not on her sword, but on the strong muscles of her arms and the posture of her torso. Mercy was able to pre-judge the course of the next attack and duck under. Swinging her own sword, she managed to land a hit on her opponents abdomen before quickly backing away.

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@quintus_knightfall: @mercy_:

A snow white corpse of a virgin makes its way to the shores of Arashikage Island, a message to remind them that trouble knows where they live. Her back is engraved with the shell of a clam to form a letter.

"You will see me coming, you can run and you can hide. You will outnumber me, you will outgun me, and you will outsmart me. I will be there..."

The shell is buried deep in her left buttock as his hand writing is deep enough to read. With this man there is a woman that was protected from him, he wants her whole. He wants her to be complete.