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Island overview

Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea esoterically shrouded by mystical properties which help to conceal its location as well as fortify its defenses, the Island of Agiad'coda, home of the illustrious female warriors known as the Arashikage, sits in solitary isolation. A collection of religious temples using the pediment, portico, and Corinthian columns, inspired by the majestically beautiful architecture of early Greece, the island is a blend of mountains and white sandy beaches bleeding into a peninsular mainland jutting out into the sea. Dense forests help sustain a superhuman catalog of fabled species which live in harmony alongside the Arashikage. It is impossible to date the island's mysterious history as it has been relatively untouched by the outside World. The sea, air, and land, playing host to a number of profoundly dangerous creatures, and much like the legendary Bermuda Triangle, many an adventurer have simply vanished without a trace in their misguided attempts to substantiate historical legend. Agiad'coda is also home to an unexplainable mineral deposit of magically endowed metal which they refer to as the Odyssey Metal. Both guarded and worshiped by the Arashikage, they forge weapons of peerless authentication to further enhance their already cabalistic way of life. The aura emitted by the metal has caused mutations in portions of the island's population turning some into "demons spirits" who continually clash with the clandestine Arashikage. In-spite of its dangerous embellishments the culture of the Arashikage utilize the island's treacherous cultivation of perils in order to strengthen their tireless combat training. Manifesting a library of martial arts techniques rooted in the traditional foundation of Pankration implementing ancient wrestling fundamentals with innovative striking and submission fighting, which are naturally imbedded in each members muscle memory making their moves intuitively automatic. Predisposed from birth with an ability known as photographic reflexes, this extraordinary extra sensory perception is tirelessly cultivated into a form of combat precognition acting as an early warning system allowing the Arashikage to map out their opponents moves before they are physically expressed. And even though femme fatales place a premium on hand to hand combat and the furthering development of their superhuman physiology, the place equal value on their mental acumen enjoying the studies of great philosophers, mathematics, science, art, and literature. For generations the Arashikage have transformed themselves into autodidact polymaths who's versatility in such a large range of expertise borders on the supernatural.

Outlining Region

Beauty Incarnate

The outcropping of other various island, though considerably smaller, help form a beautifully gardened outline around Agiad'coda. Its Mediterranean climate offering a blanket of subtropic pressure cells producing summer climates that are dominated by high pressure with dry sinking air capping a surface marine layer of varying humidity and making rainfall impossible or unlikely except for the occasional thunderstorm. While during winter the polar jet stream and associated periodic storms reach into the lower latitudes of the Mediterranean zones, bringing rain, with snow at higher elevations. As a result, areas with this climate receive almost all of their precipitation during their winter season, and may go anywhere from 4 to 6 months during the summer without having any significant precipitation. There is an unknown layer of mysticism that not only cloaks the island from detection, but also aids in its defenses. Almost as if it were a living organism operating in a symbiotic relationship with the mysterious island.

With creatures best described in folklore the island of Agiad'coda hosts a versatile well of death tailored made for specific regions and climates. From bull like creatures who walk upright dwelling in the vast underground cave systems, to the angel winged, claw footed, malign predators who perch above the sandy coves in wait of unsuspecting prey. Every inch of the island is a pitfall of camouflaged danger which have been navigated by the Arashikage for centuries honing their esoterically designed combat machinations. Any human unfortunate enough to cross paths with the island's buffet of fabled creatures stands little chance of survival. Only the magically forged weapons of the Arashikage are capable of offering death to the plethora of evil that stalks the various reaches of their home.

The Arashikage Codex is a book made up of a number of scrolls with hand-written content stacked and bound with a fixed edge folded concertina-style. Unable to confirm or even speculate as to the carbon date of the books first chapters, Graphology and other scientific minds have been able to confidently provide substantial evidence as to the books entire workings belonging to the hand of just one scribe. Which before the revelation of Meta, Super, and Mutant sapiens, or Homo-Superior, would have been considered impossible as scientific studies to replicate the feat concluded it would have taken an unachievable number of non-stop uninterrupted lifetimes to complete simply the calligraphy established within the manuscript minus the illustrations and embellishments. Its later chapters however extend well into the 20th century abruptly ending with a torn page adding even more speculation to its underground legend. Washing ashore in California it is one of the World's greatest historical finds. Offering insight into the clandestine group of female Coda clerics devoted to a stringent dogma of war, who's formation pre-dating the birth of Christ. Living in secret amassing great wealth and religious power. Endowed with somewhat mystical abilities, the Arashikage carefully perfected members were methodically trained from infancy in some of the deadliest and earliest known forms of hand to hand combat and swordsmanship. Even creating their own refined versions Pankcration. Unwavering dedication allows for complete immersion during war absent the fear of death. The personification of puissance within the order is reigned over by the Krypteia, Arashikage leaders who's skillful ranking amongst the apex of elite combatants is measured by engaged political arenas of a treacherous nature.

Established Areas

Fabled Arsenal

Metal Works:One of only two males allowed to live side by side with the Arashikage, the Forger holds a miniscule level of prestige. His mystical workshop with anvil and twenty bellows are slaves to his mental bidding. Crafting the magnificent equipment of the Arashikage elite. Almost any finely-wrought metalwork imbued with powers that appears in Arashikage myth is said to have been forged by this unknown creature. Designing the Last Arashikage's sword, lasso,shield, breast plate, and fabled wrist gauntlets.

The Cotta

The Cotta: A architectural marvel, the Cotta is the grand palace of the Arashikage heirachy. The building is circular with a portico of large granite Corinthian columns under a pediment. A rectangular vestibule links the porch to the rotunda, which is under a coffered concrete dome, with a central opening to the sky. Fine external marble decorate much of its two columns on the East and is complimented by a bronze ceiling portico. The pediment is decorated with a hand crafted sculptures of gilded bronze representing an eagle within a wreath; added ribbons extended from the wreath into the corners of the pediment complete the artistic decoration. Hidden chambers engineered within the rotunda form a sophisticated honeycomb structure contain silver stars, rosettes, and other extravagant ornaments. This evenly spaced layout is all but impossible to achieve and it is symbolic meaning, either numerical, geometric, or lunar, is a testament to the Arashikage's innovation. Circles and squares form the unifying theme of the interior design with a checkerboard floor pattern which contrasts with the concentric circles of square coffers in the dome. Each zone of the interior, from floor to ceiling, is subdivided according to a different scheme. As a result, the interior decorative zones do not line up. The overall effect is immediate viewer orientation according to the major axis of the building, even though the cylindrical space topped by a hemispherical dome is inherently ambiguous.

Tactical Defense:

Arashikage Elite

Methodically selected members of the Arashikage elite are tasked with defending the outer walls of the island. Though Agiad'coda enjoys a metaphysical shield from the invasion of common man, and is partially safeguarded purely based off its elusive location, extremely treacherous indigenous wildlife, and the dangerous mythical manifestations of fabled lore, the Arashikage take no chances in the safeguarding of their legendary home. (more coming soon)

Inauguration Ring: The ring is a sand covered area in which various contests of strength, endurance, speed, and combat, are witnessed. Donning traditional Chiton's, the Arashikage are pitted against one another in a plethora of physical competitions.

Philosophical Believes (incomplete)

The Arashikage Hierarchy (incomplete)

Religion (incomplete)

Other Locations (incomplete)


  • No Godmodding
  • Minor buildings and characters are disposable. But no major catastrophes or genocide without prior conformation.
  • Please sell the Arashikage npc, island magic, and creatures
  • Open to all but a minor explanation of how you came about the island is appreciated.
  • Any questions PM Gambler, Quintus, or the Last Arashikage

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Vacation area spotted!

Looks good, G.

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I'ma run dramatically all over your beaches.

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Stole Your Sword, B!@tc# ! ;)

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I'll be vacationing here from time to time.

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Stole Your Sword, B!@tc# ! ;)

And I stole your life ;P

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Island of ladies?


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Feet finally crashing down on the sandy beach of the island, a cool breeze running through her face for just a second. Time for another crazy adventure, a little searching in the rather well known Knightfall museum had shown a map long lost to time showing a route onto a mysterious and unknown island. Deciding to have nothing else to do, the Golden haired huntress finally had her gear fully, stocked, a short "Woooaaah" emerging as she turned to see the shocking and awe inspiring site of the Island. This would be an interesting time

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@kamikaze_: Her revealed shoulder illustrated the muscle defining tension of her arm drawing back on the bow string. A sandy haired outsider lined up in her sights. While a moment of hesitation raced through her consciousness causing the Last Arashikage to lower her weapon before suddenly re-sighting her target and firing just off center plunging the poison tip arrow into an adjacent tree."You do not belong here." she warned with a venomous hiss.

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@the_last_arashikage said:

Everyone's gone Star Wars :O

Not really. It's mostly just Psy and me on alts going back and forth. Though you're welcomed to join us!

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@tank_ said:

@the_last_arashikage said:

Everyone's gone Star Wars :O

Not really. It's mostly just Psy and me on alts going back and forth. Though you're welcomed to join us!


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Who told you how to make locations like that?

Gamby taught me, Gamby taught you well.

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@ziccarra_liafador: Sha! ^_^

@the_last_arashikage: I'll take that as a yes then. However I will leave it up to you as to when. Allowing you your freedom to change the game at any moment theme to continue. xD

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Freed from Ziccarra, and temporarily on leave from assisting Ellie, Isabella arrived at the island which was talked about in her family for years. There was no true documents of this place, just a bunch of strategically placed drawings in books her mother used to read to her.

This was where her mother came from, she sought answers as to what this meant for her, and to find out why she left in the first place.

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@tank_: That dude is straight G. I would have loved to see him in one of the live action films

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@the_last_arashikage: Agreed, Cade Bane was a great character. Loved every episode with him in it.

Cade Bane > Fett entire legacy

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@tank_: Fett is an icon. Just one of those unexplainable things. Probably my fav Star Wars character behind Vader.

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@the_last_arashikage: Boba should of stayed dead in that Sarlac pit. lol

@scarlett_x: An island full of beautiful women. A Jedi could get used to this. lol

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@tank_: He shouldnt have ended up in there in the first place :P I think the writers felt that Empire ended with such a dark tone they needed to cheese it up in Jedi. The first 40 minutes is nothing but the Muppets meet Star Wars.

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@the_last_arashikage: You underestimate the Luck power of Han Solo. xP


Nah, I just sort of view Boba Fett as the Wolverine of the Star Wars franchise. He's been 'sold out' some much it's somewhat painful to watch.

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@tank_: eye twitches o_O never compare the Fett to Wolverine

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-__- sometimes unjustly banning someone alleviates the pain too :P

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Fett > Modern Wolverine

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@tank_: That trailer is epic.

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@the_last_arashikage: There's three of them. All are badass works of art. Here is all 3 of them back to back.

If you haven't seen the first one it's fight is epic.

Loading Video...

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@tank_: Is that a Cad ripoff?

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@tank_: Yeah.

Who was the chick? She was whoopin all sorts of ass in the second clip

Who was the Sith that got betrayed in the first?

Preach it! lol

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@tank_: That video was the sh!t.

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@the_last_arashikage: If they would just develop that a bit more and turn it into a movie. They would rake in TONS of cash.

When Disney took over the rights to SW, I was hoping to hear an announcement that they would do movies set during the Old Republic era. Was sort of disappointed that they were picking up where the movies left off. Though that is an understandable area to go with, as the big names can be used as hype.

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@tank_: Whatever they do I dont care as long as its good :P

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Nice work, please tell me the statue on the main pic is of your own character lol

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@cassuis_slay_knightfall: Why? It may just be a marble representation of the entire Arashikage Clan. Or maybe is a goddess we pray to :P