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Agiad’coda Renewal

In the time that had passed since Charlemagne LeBeau, Defiler of the Arashikage, had departed from the island, things had changed remarkably. The lush island that had been turned into a desolate location was finally beginning to come back into its own under the supervision of Mercy Sheridan, the Sanguine.

In the wake of LeBeau, she had begun scouring the globe for any remaining Arashikage, sending out the word that this place was once again safe for them. As of now, only seven others had returned. None of them knew if there were any others out there.

The physical rebuilding had taken time, but the emotions of what had happened here would never be erased. Blood would always soak these grounds and the memory of those who had fallen would always be remembered, remembered and honored.

The tropical island that was now hidden from prying human eyes better than ever was slowly regaining its former glory. The Cotta had been restored and was once again Mercy's official place of residence, as it had been while it was in ruins during her tenure as LeBeau's Hand of Death, a job that had been cut short with the arrival of Isadora Knightfall.

Bit by bit, the flora and fauna were returning. Creatures that had once called the Island home that had fled in the midst of its distress were returning. Manner of creatures that had been lost to time, or never been indexed by prying human eyes.

The City

Not only had the Cotta been rebuilt, but so had every other major building in the City. Everything had been returned, through tireless labor and slight mysticism, to its original form. Many had been improved upon through a myriad of means.

The central city was only a mile away from the South Shore of the island and was heavily defended. It was where Mercy resided in the center of the city and it was where Ellie had been offered refuge and respite as soon as she was able.

All architecture was in the style of Ancient Greek, paying homage to the mysterious origin of the Arashikage. Everything had modern day conveniences and technology that was highly advanced in a new and innovative mixture of the old and new.

All food is either grown on the island or imported from elsewhere. It is incredibly rare that the island does any sort of importing or exporting due to the secretive nature of its people and history.

Memorial of the Fallen

When Charlemagne LeBeau made landfall on the Island, he tore through it in a way that was utterly unprecedented. The Arashikage were an esoteric apex clan of warriors who stretched back to the age of Gods. They were little known to the world in modern days, but once upon a time, they had been a fighting force that was equal to none.

To this day it was still unknown as to just how he was able to penetrate the island and with such ease eradicate those who had called it home their entire lives. More history gone in those short hours than many could ever remember.

The Memorial of the Fallen pays tribute to all of those who paid the ultimate price. There were two ways for an Arashikage to achieve status in the Memorial. They either fell in battle or they fell in childbirth. Neither one of these deaths had taken one of their number in an era, prompting the erection of an entirely new memorial.

To date, Quintus Knightfall has been the only person, man or woman, in history to be honored in an Arashikage Memorial who was not born and raised on the island.

Temple Arashikage

The Temple is two-fold, as the Arashikage are not a particularly religious folk. Rare mention and history tells a legend of a clan of warriors hand-picked by either Artemis or Athena. According to lost texts and possible mentions in the Arashikage Codex, they were the best female fighters in the world.

They were then trained to the peak of perfection and used as an elite fighting force to be used when the Goddess needed leverage or the upperhand, whether in squabbles with other members of Olympus or against a united foe.

There is no current mention of these legends and there has been no reference or word, but it was a belief and a trust ingrained into the very fabric of the Arashikage lifestyle and as such, they worship the Greek Gods when they deem themselves in the need to pray for anything.

It should be noted that no prayer nor any cry for help has ever been answered.

Arashikage Arsenal

The second purpose is a training grounds. After entering through the front columns and crossing the white marble floors of the darkly lit temple, you arrive upon open grounds with tiered seating around them, not dissimilar to a Colosseum. It is in this area that any Trial by Combat, Death by Combat or formal sparring would take place.

Below the Temple is the fabled Arashikage Arsenal. All manner of peerless weapons were forged on the island (or retrieved from elsewhere) and stored there. It is said that mythological artifacts are included in the arsenal, but none have ever been able to speak of it.

It is impossible to date the island's mysterious history as it has been relatively untouched by the outside World. The sea, air, and land, playing host to a number of profoundly dangerous creatures, and much like the legendary Bermuda Triangle, many an adventurer have simply vanished without a trace in their misguided attempts to substantiate historical legend. Agiad'coda is also home to an unexplainable mineral deposit of magically endowed metal which they refer to as the Odyssey Metal. Both guarded and worshiped by the Arashikage, they forge weapons of peerless authentication to further enhance their already cabalistic way of life. The aura emitted by the metal has caused mutations in portions of the island's population turning some into "demons spirits" who continually clash with the clandestine Arashikage.

Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes is placed firmly in the center of the city. A grandiose Great Hall that beckons back to Nordic days of old, it is the site of all formal meetings that are not suited to the War Room. In addition to that, it is the central dining hall and gathering place of the Arashikage.

It, just like the rest of the island, is an innovative and mysterious blend of Ancient Greek symbology and methodology paired with advanced technology and something that could only be described as mysticism.

Outlying Region

The entirety of the island took up approximately 200 square miles. A more than ample amount of space, the Arashikage made good use of their own modernized portion, as well as the outlying area.

With a jungle climate, days were long and hot. Due to the mysterious nature and location of the island, temperature stayed moderately warm to nearly boiling all year round, varying only slightly.

The regions ranged from lushly thickened forests to sparse mountaintops to crystal clear, nearly endless lakes. Anything the mind could imagine, could most likely be found on the Island.

That went for the creatures who roamed as well. There were a multitude of large cats and other jungle creatures, as well as mythological animals that had never been seen in the modern world. There were legends and rumors that had spread from Arashikage to Arashikage concerning just what there was that shared the island with them.

No animal on the island has ever attacked an Arashikage. There is a natural copacetic relationship between them. The same can not be said for anybody else who was foolish enough to go in search, or even happen upon, any of these creatures.

Island Defenses

Agiad’coda Island IS its own defense. Hidden from any and all forms of SONAR or surveillance, there is only one way to find yourself on the island. You have to be lead there, or given exact directions. There is no possible way to just happen upon the island and no way to search it out without prior knowledge of it.

In times of old, when the Arashikage were plentiful, in addition to the Island’s natural defenses, there was somebody posted at the Lookout at all times. As of now, there is only somebody posted there in times of dire need. Fortunately, no times such as that have arisen yet.


  • No Godmodding (this one should be simple enough, but what comes next should clarify)

  • Due to the nature of the islands defenses, it should be VERY HARD (nigh impossible) for your character to find it. To find it, you either need to be lead there directly by somebody, or be given explicit directions by somebody who has already been there

  • If you ARE going to visit the island, you need to sell. Anybody on this island is almost assuredly Arashikage trained. NPC’s on this island are non-killable. As of now, there are only seven Arashikage present, as well as Mercy Sheridan (occasionally) or any other who are taking up residence here

  • This place is not meant to be overly exclusive. So if you have a good reason for being here, then by all means, come ahead (maybe you ran into an Arashikage in the outside world, proved your worth and were given directions - but remember, they are not plentiful)

  • If you have any questions, PM Mercy.

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[I am, as ever, awed by your prowess].

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(This looks awesome)

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Let's be friends.

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(Took me a while to read, but I don't regret it. Simply awe-inspiring. Congrats.)

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Awesome job. Time to rebuild the Arashikage

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The high class stealth jet specially manufactured by Ellie arrived in style and class. The weather had changed from a cold and unforgiving torrential downpour to a soft summer rain in the tropical climates.

The journey from the medical facility where Ellie had been to Agiad'coda had been blessedly quick. Carefully carried in the arms of the illustrious Mr. Cambridge, the triad descended the jet onto the beaten dirt ground atop the hill that overlooked the south shore of the island. They were a fifteen minute walk from the city.

Ellie carefully surveyed her brother's expressions and body language as he took note of the island for the first time since his death. She was thankfully that he never had to behold it in its destructed form under the hands of LeBeau.

Tugging gently on the arm of Cambridge, she gave him a solemn look that communicated wordlessly the fact that Quintus may need his space.

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Annnd now I gotta add this bloody potential A-bomb to my list of "Things to look out for when Quintus goes apesh!t evil, or otherwise equally bad sh!t"

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@ellie_knightfall: Lightly dripping with silk textured cloth of Japanese mirrorization, and with loosely jade tinted fabric dancing off her waist, the Lethal LeBeau poetically tip toed along the shoreline. An enjoyable look of contentment effortlessly illustrated through her subtle motions while recently tattooed feet submerged themselves in Agiad'coda water.

Without any sign of elevated concern or even a glancing acknowledgement of her aunt's presence, she spoke. "I see you've recovered. Faster then I would have predicated but never the less, expected." momentarily pausing in her tracks still dismissively looking down at the water. "Who's the giant ape in the knock-off Cardigan?" she mocked. "Doesnt look like your type, my dear aunt." Finally spinning about for a legitimate face to face, contorting her lanky arms behind her back. "Dont tell me this is your protector? Tsk Tsk Oh my, how the mighty have fallen."

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@isadora_lebeau: Sharp blue-purple eyes keenly took in the sight of her constantly confident niece. It was clear to feel the tensing of Cambridge's muscles as he held the prodigious technopath in his arms. Frail in stature, mighty in talent and fortitude.

The appearance of her niece, whom she had last seen when she had been party to putting her in a comatose state, was unexpected to say the least. Ellie played her cards close to her chest, as always, as Cambridge turned, allowing her to face Isadora, eyes peering straight at her back as she idly played with the water.

"Why are you here?" She refused to play into Isadora's clear taunts, not here, not now, not under current circumstances.

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<---Not going ebils

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@ellie_knightfall: "Why am I here?"Gently placing her fingers along her chest feigning confusion with theatrical exaggeration. Elongated eyelashes devilishly fluttering from beneath the crown of her facial mask. "I would have thought the answer were obvious. I am Arashikage, this is my home."she smirked.

Slipping her feet over top of one another on her way towards the tension filled duo, Angelique began to unmask. "You can tell Grape Ape that his presence is no longer required. There is no sport in braking a woman who is already broken."offering her hand in good faith willing to aid her aunt around the island. "Come on." wiggling her fingers.

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@nikki_sixx: Quintus doesnt train people but depending on what your characters goals and philosophies are Isa might.

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@isadora_lebeau: (she's still paralyzed, you'd have to carry her....I don't think either of them are willing for that to happen :P)

An ice cold look of complete and utter disdain crossed the features of Isadora's aunt as she looked down her nose at the young woman. "Oh, we're all WELL acquainted with how at home you made yourself here...regardless of what had happened to the place." The corner of Ellie's lip curled the slightest bit in an effected manner of complete and utter derision.

The feeling of her small frame being pummeled beneath the fists of the Superior Sapien and then LeBeau himself played with perfect recollection in her memory as she fought back a physical wince in reaction. "If you think I'm broken you still haven't learned a damn thing, Isadora."

Cambridge continued to hold Ellie steadily in her arms, preparing to engage Isadora and call for Quintus should the need arise. He had yet to rebut the blatant insults at the hands of the petulant Isadora, much to his credit. "What plan are you concocting this time, dear niece?" She had burned any trust that Ellie would have given her once upon a time, leaving the Knightfall heiress to wonder what had happened to the woman who had faltered in her part with the Terrible Trio months ago.

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cries myself to sleep

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@quintus_knightfall: (Nikki is a cyborg created by a insane scientist. She wants to become stronger, her only abilities now are some super strength enhanced by her cybernetic body and the ability to jack into electronics. I want her to learn how to fight and maybe become something else. Also this is DC)

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@quintus_knightfall: lol i figured im kind of easy to spot huh? So what is Isa's MO, I havnt even seen her before I dont think at least.

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Oh! Nice work here. Fun read.

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@quintus_knightfall: I'm not sure how comfortable Ellie'd be with that lmfao. Feel free to take her in your next post if you want

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@ellie_knightfall: "No plots, no traps, just a chat Aunty. Nothing more." moving in attempting to manipulate Ellie's arm around her neck and shoulders. Only to be blockaded by the man mountain charged with the technoweaver's unmitigated protection. "Mr. Belvedere if you do not step aside I promise you, it will get messy." her head subtly swaying like a viper's rattle. Ellie's frail hand delicately disarming his agitation. Momentarily releasing him of his obligation.

Exhibiting a level of strength uncommon for most Knightfalls, Isadora maneuvered Ellie onto her back and carried her down the beach. "I've come to warn you. Charlemagne has been set free and is now under the employment of the French assassin, Jean Luc. And Ellie, Andres knows....."

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The warm winds of the tropical climate were at complete and utter odds with the starkly cold emotional tension in the air. Ellie's hands stiffened as they grasped Isadora's shoulders, her nails digging slightly in with a reactionary manner at the unforeseen revelation.

Unused to being taken by surprise, Ellie remained silent for several moments before speaking. "Tell me everything, now, please." It was still quite possible, even probable, that Isa was using disinformation or twisting of facts to send the Knightfalls into a tizzy, but it wasn't a risk that Ellie was willing to take. They all knew that Andres would do whatever it took to achieve his own overarching goals.

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@mercy_A sleek black jet landed smoothly atop the island's waters before pulling up along the docks of what appeared to be an Ancient Greek paradise. Stunning architecture that held an uncanny resemblance to that of the civilization that once dominated the Mediterranean flowed ethereally with the breathtaking flora and fauna the city resided within; lush greens and vibrant colors bringing an idyllic appearance to the entire island. From within the jet (whose modern design remained inconspicuous due to the island's surplus of advanced technology, which flowed with a natural beauty alongside the Grecian architecture) stepped a statuesque woman who began making her way through the newly reconstructed city with a dignified grace. Her alluring figure was clad in a traditional white toga, tailored to hug her curves and flow just short enough to reveal a promiscuous amount her of her lengthy lower limbs. The simple attire was paired with nothing but an elegant gold wreath atop her glamorous locks of blonde hair and a pair of Greek sandals that tied up a portion of her calves. Altogether the look was remarkably simplistic in comparison to the glamorous tone she managed to breathe into it with her enchanting mannerisms. Heading to the center of the city where she knew the woman she was seeking would be awaiting her, the mesmerizing blonde stopped her search at the entrance to an opulent temple where a head of brunette locks rested atop the figure of a woman whose back was turned to her.

"Je dois admettre, que je suis impressionné (I have to admit, I'm impressed)," Valerie said to her longtime friend in her native tongue, a playful tone matching the smirk creeping at the corner of her mouth.

(Respond when you finish with Isa, or they can be taking place at different times.)

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Oh but that one posts -___-

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