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" Dam and blast it, where's 13?" An elderly gentlemen sat in his high backed leather-bound chair, his frustration clear to see. His office oddly like a Victorian smoking parlour with its dull red paints and dark brown wooden furniture. This was the office of a person of power who could do what they wanted, the office was surrounded by 3 sides of bookshelves covered in rare and strange books from throughout the globe. Odd trinket'S sitting on the shelves between them. Objects that seem impossible or strange beyond comprehension. This was the office of the head of MI-X her majesties secret occult and supernatural defence agency which was affectionately called SOADA by the elderly man. Everyone one else stuck with MI-X mostly because it sounded cooler.


"Sir Godfrey ?, sorry i am late i was detained at my medical.The nurse required a sample" a rye smile crossed 13's lips as he approved of his own double entendre. Sir Godfrey sat up high in his chair and pointed at the vacant seat opposite his desk " 13, i hear your an outstanding agent and can look forward to long time working with one of the many agencies. But i have called you hear to day to offer you the change to get into the field now. I have a mission that we could use a man of your skills on. No more training,active service starting today?, are you interested young man." 13 considered his words carefully " Sir, i hoped to be stationed in 6 branch, i want to show those guys up in 6 that the gun toting megalomaniac approach they currently use can be bettered. I want to show that Craig fellow how spies should really work." Sir Godfrey smiled at the young agent " Your a driven man , that why we want you. I cant speak for 6 but i do know the bond project to which you referred is their bread and butter and it wont be changed by the likes of you or i. Here you have a chance to make your own name anyway rather than using that 70 year old label for top agent. What do you say will you join SOADA."

13 paused and contemplated the offer before him, a lifetime of wanting to be the next top agent at 6 crushing his mind as he tried to focus on the options in front of him. A sudden realisation came across the agents mind like a spark of electricity lighting his very own little thought bulb. " You said SOADA didn't you Sir Godfrey ? so this is MI-X ? i thought this division was science fiction." Godfrey chuckled to himself laughing off the comments of the young and naive agent " Your surprised that we actually exist?, i thought you where supposed to be the all knowing future star of the countries leading spy department. My boy you have much to learn and not much time so shall will take a tour? i will show you how little science has to do with our line of work."

With that the two strolled out of the room and into along white corridor.

5 years later

COUGH , spit. " Look i have already told you i was just looking for the bus station"

"SILENCE!, we know who you are agent and we know because you where stupid enough to tell at least a dozen women at the hotel your registered at, your incompetence doesn't end there either you liaised with one of our operatives and you told her you where here for the tooth of Cerberus (spinning it around in his fingers). Now how about you tell me your little plan and what your government wants with it"

It was at moments like this the thought crossed the young agents mind that womanising had its cost, painful costs in this case but he remained resolute that he did the right thing. "Which one was your agent?, i "talk" with alot of women. Was it the ridiculously sex pun named Swedish one? the waitress? the cleaning lady?." smiling at his captor antagonising him that much more. " I will ask again, but this time i will use my interpreter , i feel something of the nature of my question has been lost in translation." reaching for a long piece of knotted rope.

Shuffling a little in his bound chair the agent turned his head as much as he could, twisting his wrist to see just how much slack he had for movement he laid out his plan in his head."

Reaching his right hand over his left wrist he felt out looking to see if he still had his watch on. He could feel the imprint on his skin but the timepiece it self was gone. "Looking for this?", one of the guards smugly parading the device under his nose. "Yes actually, can you tell me what time it is in London right now please?. If i'am going to die shortly it would be nice to know what time it is at home." the guards looked at each other one nodded and the second began to speak "how do you see this?" , " Press the small button on the left hand side of the watch twice". Closing his eyes and rolling his head away from the guards suddenly a burst of fire like lit up the room burning all in its path, the guards scattering from the impact hurtling them like flaming skittles in to the nearest hard object.

Rolling with the blast 13 managed to use its force to slam into his captor. A complex and extremely lucky result in this case. The force of the collision shattering the chair across the man's chest causing his to cry out in pain as his ribs shattered beneath the blow with freed the agents arms. Reaching out for the captors belt he grabbed at the mans pistol and placed the barrel under his chin " Give me the tooth , NOW!"

COUGH, Spit of blood "BANG"

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Awesome. SOADA sounds cool.

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This is badass man. Loved reading it.

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