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Afghanistan 2012

The whistle of the incoming shell sounded above followed quickly by a thud and massive detonation. Sirens began wailing; it could not be distinguished from the wails of the men who had been injured from the ongoing artillery attack. Orders were screamed to attempt their defensive of their base but even the strongest willed knew their fortress would soon crumble. But than in the distance a swooshing could be heard; the blades of a helicopter chopped through the smoke-filled air. Americans, Canadian, Brits, Aussies, French, and German a like were stood together as brothers but the beating they were taking would soon render them nothing but corpses. The Taliban had directed a massive attack which had caught the allies completely off-guard - it was though an attack of this magnitude was impossible. The Taliban has obtained tanks, artillery, aircraft...it was a complete shock. But the men and women fighting for freedom below knew the chopper that neared them was no normal chopper. It carried precious cargo, cargo that would save their lives.

Inside the chopper he stood, nothing but a mere, average man. He was not clad in camouflage like the many around and below him, he just wore normal clothes. This was their saviour. An officer approached the man and spoke, "You sure you want to do this?"

The man responded, "I'm more than sure I want to. I've caused enough trouble and damage to the world for my lack of control of what is inside of me and I vowed to never use it again under one condition."

"What was that condition?" the officer said. "That I could help our country, our world in some possible way. I never thought he day would come that a monster would be turned into a hero but some times to beat something you need to try unconventional things" the man responded.

Another soldier shouted out, "It's soon drop time, get in that capsule!" The man responded by walking to the other side of the plane where a cylindrical looking capsule was stood up; big enough to hold him and nothing else; he climbed in, and the door swooshed closed. The officer reappeared and saluted and then below the capsule the bottom of the helicopter opened and the capsule plummeted towards the ground.

It impacted strategically at the enemy front; the impact throwing some Taliban back and leaving all of them completely startled as they gazed towards the impact crater. The battlefield was silent for the first time, it was eerie but was quickly broken. A vicious roar sounded from inside the crater and then the monster lept out landing on his two powerful feet. The looks on the Taliban's faces were of fear and surprise and they instantly began firing upon the beast with their ak-47's. The bullets were harmless as they bounced off the emerald giants skin like nothing more than spit wads. Than a Taliban fired an RPG but it did not even get to detonate; the green monster had caught it in his hand and threw it back causing it to explode and kill several. He let out another roar and charged forward at a jeep, smashing into it like NFL linebacker causing it to flip over.

Then a soviet era tank appeared in front of Ajax, limbering along through the sand. It fired a shot which was easily dodged as it soared over Ajax's shoulder. With pure rage in his emerald eyes he started a sprint towards the tank. It fired another shot, hitting him directly in the chest but it had not even slowed his pace let along stopped him. As he neared the tank he jump straight up and came down with his two massive fists and came down upon the tank. His fists crushed through the metal with no effort and did not stop until they pounded against the ground. He grabbed one half and picked it up like a child picking up a baseball and tossed it right through an enemy bunker. The other half he threw like a frisbee, sending it right through an enemy artillery piece.

But then it happened; a flash of light and he was gone. It was like had never existed in the first place. Nothing remained, no mark or sign whatever...he was just gone. Ajax had helped greatly but he definitely was not supposed to disappear... after all, it wouldn't be that hard to find a massive green rage monster.

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A cord of marrow and bone tightens around a young soldiers neck, Sya can feal it. That gag reflex of the crushing gag, that fealing of despair that oozed of the lesser beings. He had tried to pick pocket the snake and the snake did not approve. This man would have begged, would have offered her the world but she was depriving the right to breath. This was because he begged and could not offer her the world. He would scream but he had no air to exhale and could not enhale. Police would come to save him, if only criminals did not make home in the slums where law is not found. So cold reptilian eyes looked past blond hair at the dying and watched. They showed no emotion, no joy or pain, rage or sorrow it was just natural. Life or death was the game and the hunter never lost.

The body finaly caved in she could smell the stages of death begining to take effect. Kneeling down Sya looked into those dead eyes, and kissed him deeply. And in that singular movement the body was bound and restrained soul to never depart. He who stole from her, would feal the anguish of an autopsy and watch it happen. Loved ones would say their last good byes and he would be incapable of saying words. The sound of dirt falling on mahogany would be heard as he fealt like he was being burried alive. And then for aternity he would lye awake hearing the world move on but never doing so. Did the Viper have a reason for this, was it for a scheme, a spell, plessure? The justification for this act had no explaining and might never receive one.

Rounding the corner was another man, Cornelius Chambers Sya learned. And how did she know this? It was most likely a spell, and yet the answer itself was never to be given. Why would it Cornelius was a nobody just a baggy clothes wearing teen attempting to be gangster for his dead best friend. Truth he was actually a good kid, but prey is just that good bad past future heald no importance. Tonight though Cornelius was not so good as he went for a gun light reflected off the metal one could see a snakes eye reflecting above the barrel. Soft lips mouth something before the grieving friend fires, a bullet colides with air with such force the gun explodes like a clutched hand gernade. Fingers are severed, flesh torn and blood splattered and a scream fills the night skies. But nobody comes here, nobody comes here, nobody is ever saved here. With motions that did not seem human she kneels down to her second victem and says a sermun of hell. The man's body convulses at a speed the rub of flesh on concreate creates the slipery sick wound of road rash. And then limbs snap contorted and disfigured. And another phrase is whispered where in an hour what is plessant is pain and what is pain is torture. If he was fortunate somebody would just end his life, but rarely is a man in these streets fortunate.

As the Viper walks away a flash of light encompasses her and pulls her from this world. Sya showed know sign of concern or worry, a spell cast obviously and so calm is the snake that waits for the ride to conclude. The flashing lights come to a close and a snake finds herself in a new forest. It seems untouched by technology and a small green creature is spotted hobbling by. Hand raised the being is pulled to her bones crack with no sign of cause but the twitch of a femanine finger. "Apex isss a name of a food chain king and thatsss I. You will tell me what I want to know. Or this Sssauron on your mind will be sssmall in comparissson." She knew not of this place or if the words she spoke were true but the sick thing hovering in the air would think it true.

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He sat alone in total darkness, legs crossed like a monk, and the black tattoo-like thing on skin became slightly agitated, moving like a blade of grass in a soft wind. He knew they were coming for him; they were always coming for him. They were close and despite their complete silence and attempted use of the darkness, he was darkness, he was fear and he knew they were coming.

The tattoo began to spread out across his skin almost like that of tar; totally void of light. His eye's even became absorbed by the liquid-like darkness. His body was coated, and than a loud BANG sounded and men filed in through the wall they had just blown a whole through. That was their first mistake; just mere men with weapons to kill other men. He was no man, far from a man. Their flashlights lit up the room searching corner to corner in the small, square room but there was nothing there...where was he?

Then there was a scream, followed by a crack and a thud. The man at the rear lay in a heap on the floor, neck broken. Panic began to fill the men in the room and fear crept over them. Their target could feel the fear radiating from them; it was nearly intoxicating. Their flashlight shot up towards the ceiling nearly instantaneously scanning for their target but the moment of hesitation caused by their had given him enough time to jump and stick to another wall with his incredible agility and speed.

Another scream, crack and thud...this time two men lay in a pile on the floor. He was now on another wall in the complete darkness and let our a harsh, stomach turning scream. He was toying with them like prey and they were exactly that. They believed they were the hunters but they were so very mistaken.

He decided he had enough time having "fun" with his prey and lept out in front of them, standing directly in front of the lights projected from the mounted flashlights on their HK416 assault rifles. The light seemed to almost disappear as hit his tar-like skin; it did not even reflect off but was like it was being absorbed by the darkness. He grinned sadistically showing his enormous, razor sharp teeth; teeth even a great white shark would be very envious of. Then as soon as he lunged to make his final attack he was gone. The two men stood in the room together terrified. They had no idea where their target had gone; they thought he was still in the room but he was much, much further away.