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Darren lounged on his sofa, TV remote clasped in one hand, laptop on a nearby coffee table. Data on several metahumans was spread out over the flat. He flipped one stack of papers over, and names filled the air. Feral Nova, assorted Knightfalls, Hazard, Rage, Surkit, Lord Machina, and so on. When the miniature cyclone settled, one small stack of papers was on the table. The folder was headed 'Homicide'. Darren grinned, stood and turned towards a neatly folded costume. He held up the costume and slowly began to pull it on.


Darren sighed as he looked around. "I have no idea what I'm doing." He said aloud, shaking his head. "How do these superheroes track down villains to battle?" He asked, more out of desperation than any actual interest in the answer. He lowered himself from his perch upon a lamppost, landed neatly, and placed his fingers at his temples, the slightly garish horns on top of his skull tuning into the police radio frequency. Pretty soon, information came across about a jewellery store robbery. The alert had been sounded when two guards had been found dead. The method matched Homicide's M.O. Darren took of at a run, his sprint cut short when a speeding car slammed into his side. The driver didn't slow down, and Darren lay there in pain for a moment, before he slowly stood up, a small smirk on his face. "I'm fine. Really." He remarked, made sure his armoured suit hadn't been damaged, and set off at a run, limping slightly.

He found the jewellery store easily. The guards were dead, killed with a sword, it looked like. "Just my luck." Darren muttered, then entered, his eyes tracking the shadows with a slightly scared look on his face. "Homicide was definitely here...But she isn't now...So the question is: Where'd she go?" Darren sighed. "Well, looks like I don't have to worry about any psycho chicks today. I guess I'll go home." He turned towards the door, frowning slightly, a little disappointed.

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The young assassin handed the last bundle of jewels to one of her hired men as they sped off in their vehicle. They were to go deliver the jewels to the man who hired her and her team while she stayed behind to make sure they wouldn't be followed by anyone. Her Vernichtung Klingen still dripping with the blood of her victims as she stood silently in the ventilation shaft of the building, the bodies of the guards directly below her so she could see anyone who came in to check things out. She made sure that people knew it was her who killed those men, her mark placed on their chest.

Patiently she sat and waited as the doors suddenly opened, her eyes lit up with excitement as she saw a man dressed in some sort of costume with horns walk up to the corpse. A maleficent smirk curled on her lips, he also seemed already injured... what kind of hero would come looking for a fight already injured? She was slightly disappointed, the thrill of the fight is what she lived for, aside from the money.

“I guess I’ll go home” she heard his voice, seemed almost as if he was hoping to get into a battle with homicide. Guess she shouldn't disappoint.

She phased through the vent, landing silently on the ground in a crouching position as she looked at his back that was turned her. Taking in a sharp breath as she slowly pulled out her Beretta pistol and took aim at the heroe's head. "Looking for me?" she spoke as she shot out two bullets. She wanted to make sure he was the real the deal, and not just some fake wanna be hero who was going to be killed in a battle just seconds getting into it.

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Darren spun, and saw the muzzle flash twice. He looked around. "What?" Slowly, his vision faded out. "Oh." He remarked as he hit the ground, and lay there, motionless. One could forgive for thinking the battle was over. In reality, Darren's body was reacting to the injury. After a long time, the bullets wormed their way out of the holes they had left, and the wounds closed over. A moment later, Darren's eyes flicked open and he sat up, rubbing his head. "Wow. I have a headache you would not believe." He remarked jokingly. "Homicide, right?" He asked, before pounding his fist into his open palm. "They call me Active Adaptation." He grinned and ran at her, jumping and kicking at her stomach.

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Cassandra watched as the heroes body fell downward to the ground, the bullets were lodged in his skull, sunk into his brain, her lips curled as she slipped her pistol back into place. Standing up she began walking her way towards the exit, the blood of her newest victim stained the marble ground. It was pathetic. Anyone thought they could just put on some ridiculous costume and think they could be a hero.

But before she could make her way out of the room she heard the rustling sound behind her. She stopped, her eyes filled with confusion as she slowly turned around. She watched as his body slowly sat up from his own pool of blood, his skull stained with the result of her attack, and yet....

She was so caught off by him resurrecting from death the hero managed to kick the assassin right in the abdomen, her body flew back, crashing into some of the glass jewelry cases. Shaking her head a bit to clear her mind she looked back at him. "Interesting..." was all she spoke out to him as she pushed herself out from the shattered glass case. Glass scattered off her body and onto the ground as she didn't even bother to dust herself off. She was so fascinated by him. The amount of times she could kill him before he would actually die... the perfect practice dummy to perfect her techniques. She wanted him.

She began carefully walking horizontally to his left, cracks of glass heard with every step the killer took. Suddenly stopping her body jerked forward, her feet pushing her forward as she rushed up to the hero, beginning her rain of assault.

Before she reached him her body leaped into the air, her body horizontal to his own as attempted a 540 crescent kick in mid air towards his previously injured skull. As soon as her feet made impact with the ground she kept moving, never stopping as her body spun in a clockwise motion as she tried to land a spinning back fist towards his jaw with her left fist. Then as soon as she was done with that she performed a hook punch with her right hand, but this time a 'snikt' was heard as the gauntlets that were clung around her forearms became active. The blades of Vernichtung Klingen exposed as she threw out a right hook punch towards the right of his abdomen wall, aiming for his digestive organs.

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He grinned as his kick made impact, sending his opponent flying. The kick was not at all technical, and pain shot up his leg as the kick hit his target. He smirked though, and brought his fists up, oozing confidence that was quickly lost. Damn she's fast! The thought flew through his mind as her feet smashed into his skull, jerking his head to one side. He barely got his bearings in time for the next hit, her fist hitting his jaw with the sound and feeling that indicated it was broken. His nervous system went into overdrive, his face going numb as his body tried to fix the damage. The main problem was, damage was being inflicted faster than it could heal. The woman, Homicide, smashed another punch into his torso, and he felt blades sink into his flesh. "Knives? You have knives? No fair!" He yelled as he was dropped again, his hands flying over the wounds as he pulled back instinctively.

He charged at her and tried to grapple her around the waist, rugby training becoming an instinctive response. There was a wall behind her. Hopefully he'd hit her into it and do some damage. He felt his entire body burning as it reacted to the vicious assault.

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A tickle of sweat slowly slid down the temble of her forehead as she watched the hero stumble back away from her, grasping onto his freash wound that she casted upon him. Was he so new that he didn't know how to avoid attacks? Was he so confident in his healing abilities that he would risk fighting not just herself in general, but villians overall? she smiled inwardly, he really must have a death wish, and what better person to grant it than her?

He then began charging at her, full speed, his arms wrapping around her waist as he pushed the two of them forward. One thing she had to give him, he was strong. Her feet dragged along the ground as the two were just a half second away from hitting a wall. With a grin she grabbed tightly onto him, and instead of the painful collide into the cemented wall, they walked right through it, the assassins phasing abilities taking over as the two suddenly were outside, in the back ally. She then phased out of his grasp and skid to a stop, her back to him for a split second as she turned around to face him. The moon shining down on the two, a post light flickering with light every other few seconds.

Reaching behind her she pulled out a small silver pellet, without hesitation she threw it forcefully just about a foot away from him, the area began to become engulfed in a white smoke as she rushed forward, beginning to obscure their surroundings. But that didn't stop her to begin her next series of attacks.

Her feet pushed her forward again, running through the thicken smoke, her eyes focused on the target before her. Just inches away she leaped upward, the momentum of her running allowing her to be pushed forward as she brought up her right knee, attempting to land a flying knee attack to his chest. Upon landing on the ground she then dropped down to floor level, as she tried to knock him off balance by doing a leg sweep. Pushing herself back up she took a couple of steps back, making a small distance between them as the smoke continued to haze the vision of the two fighters.

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Darren braced for impact, but it did not come.When his arms folded in towards him, he opened his eyes, spotting the small silver orb arcing through the air. When it landed with a smooth clicking sound, Darren's eyes widened slightly as smoke spouted out, a brilliant white attempting to obscure his vision. His adaptive factor was easy to deal with it though, and his reflexes seemed to be getting better. As Homicide launched a flying kick, he stepped smoothly out of the way, avoiding what would have probably been a broken rib or two. He attempted to reply with a spinning kick of his own, but his other leg was knocked out from under him and he dropped to the floor, hitting it solidly. Although the impact knocked the breath out of his body, he didn't stop moving, his palms slapping the ground as he leaped up.

"Heh, not bad." He remarked. "This is kinda fun, ain't it? I can see why you people choose to fight." He charged, aiming a punch at her solar plexus, then a chop at where he guessed, from studying anatomy, the nerve cluster in her right deltoid should be. "They call me Active Adaptation." He remarked as he let loose a burst of savagery into his assault.

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It was a step short of impressive, the green hero was actually living up to his name, he was actively adapting to the battle on hand. It took his powers a few minutes and a few kicks to the head to finally catch up, but now his reflexes and agility seemed at least 60% better than when the battle first started. Maybe this fight would be more interesting than she thought.

Shifting her body weight she stepped out of the way of the first attack, he was still a bit slow, and his movements were just a slight sloppy. But then a sharp, stabbing pain shot down her right arm, going form the shoulder all the way down to her finger tips. His attack landed on her, and it seemed he had been studying up on his anatomy, that attack wasn't just by chance. She didn't make a sound as her arm throbbed with pain, instead she took a couple of steps back, trying to shake the pain off. It was only a minor attack, didn't break anything, just a little tingly and weakness in the arm, nothing that wouldn't go away in a minute or two.

Again he repeated his name, as if he thought he won the fight already. He was becoming cocky, yes his body adapted, but it can only adapt and heal so quickly. It was time for him to learn why people feared her. She couldn't kill him, that was obvious, she needed to make him bleed, his body can only reproduce blood and bodily tissue so quickly. She needed him to make him bleed to the point of him passing out. Her mind began to calculate her next attack, as she began running forward, making it seem as if she was going to do a head on attack.