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The only time of the year where masks were acceptable and treats were given to those who pestered for them, but to witches Halloween marked a different event. This mystifying event was the only time of the year where the veil between the living and the dead was as thin as it can get. Those who specialized in necromancy: the disruption and divine by the use of the dead, were especially blissful due to the ease it was to use their gifts. But as a whole the mystical energies were intensified, this marked occasion was not to be looked over as many witches with plans of their own used this event for their own deeds. One thing all should remembered was that raising the dead with magic was useless and pointless, it couldn't be done. For many reasons: one being it went against the rules of magic, the balance of nature would be disrupted bringing forth unwanted consequences, another would be the sheer amount of mystical energy required, one that was very rare within an individual to possess. Of course if a witch possessed the latter death was still a chance and so were the consequences. There was no way out of it, every spell had a loophole and nature ties one to another, this is the balance that is told in every story of magical traditions; to do something one must give up and pay the price for something to be done.

Just one day before the mystical storm, the wondrous Eastern Enchantress by the name of Madame Blossom/Fan Song-Keijijo hid from the mystic community for reason yet unknown, but in this seclusion she sends an SOS to twelve witches who would respond to her call and meet at a destined location given by her. Once met, the treacherous witch would then feed them lies and hopes even those with ambitious passion behind them. As all eleven witches gathered around a pentacle formed carving, the large ground work was lifted with the illumination created by the standing torches on each point. While inside the pentagram, one witch along with Fan stood face to face, "Breathe in their energy, feed from it." she instructed, as the eleven witches outside the circle began to form a sort of mystical web, connecting all witches inside and outside the circle minus Fan. This was the immense form of channeling, one that linked them all as one, brilliant yet dangerous. Normally this form of channeling was a permanent pool of power used by covens who cemented years of training and loyalty and thus the effect of this magic would be passed down to later generations, one that is powerful in cast and power.

"Kill them." the chilling voice of Dominique commanded, just like a soldier Fan listened and acted on command; just as she drew her blade towards the close-eyed witches before and around her, all whom fancy the new power traveling inside them, she hesitated.

Three Weeks Ago

"You want me to kill witches?! My kind, the very community I sought to protect!" Fan slammed her hand down on the table beside her, shouting in outrage for immoral act asked by Dominique. "What difference does it make? You remember France don't you? Somme Hills; the wolves you so indulgently murdered with your own hands and soul. You condemned them into your ancestors mystical purgatory. Now your channeling on their very souls as a source for your new power and without me you would not have it! You would be just as I found you, a powerless witch who simply refused to use magic because the spirits punished her and one still mourning for the loss of her husband." he paused to catch his breathe as his voice changed from high and serious to a more compassionate tone. "Fan, listen. What I'm doing is giving you the knowledge and chance to correct everything you've ever done and atones for the sins you've caused in your name and your family's. Your ancestor, Himiko, created a supernatural realm a purgatory for any supernatural creature who's ever died to remain trap and punished instead of seeing their errors and finally move on. What you can do is rare, given with your extreme knowledge, you can do it." ending his pleas as he approached her closer.

"I thought you said the first celestial witches of China created the other side?" staring deeply into his eyes, the witch tries to see through his soul, trying to detect any lies he has fabricated, "She created the proto-type, Himiko was the endgame perfectionist." he replied. "Even so, I'm not killing witches! You said killing the wolves would give me the power to break the gates into the mystic purgatory, now your adding more into the equation! I'm sorry Dominique I can't go through with this. I'll find another way." turning her back on the mysterious man she walks halfway out the door before he once again tries to reason with her, "If only it were that simple. You have magic Fan, but there is a limit to what you can do. Even with this new power you know its harder to control than traditional magic. Without me it would of killed you by now. You know the truth. There is no other way, its either go through with the ritual requirements or none at all. Your purpose would of been for nothing. Think about Ishin, Fan, he could be suffering, he could be lost. But if you break the seal you can have him back. In the end we both get back what we've lost."

"NO! You're insane. I've done enough killing!" Running out the door as fast as she can, unexpectedly, Fan trips to the floor. Looking back to see what had caused her to fall, she sees the dead body of her husband before her. "Fan.... Fan... help me...." his voice trembled with weakness as he begs her to save him. Unable to speak properly her mouth shakes uncontrollably, barely enabling herself to respond back to him, crawling to his side the sad stricken witch affirmed him she would save him, "Ishin? ISHIN! Hang on honey, please. I can save you, I can do it. Stay with me." her breathe shorten as a combination of both excitement and fear grew inside her. Placing both palms of his heart the witch closed her eyes to channel all the energies of the dead souls she stolen and began to warp the fabric of reality around her. Strong gust of winds and the crackles of earth beneath her shook violently, it was if mother nature was working alongside her. Lightning and thunder roared through the skies and this perverted form of magic worked its way into reality, once the struck of lightning and sound of thunder had ceased the witch opened her eyes to see that there was no Ishin before her, nothing but her. This was the mental trickery cast by Dominique; but, unknown to Fan herself at the moment. Bawling like a child in need of comfort Fan rose to her feet informing Dominique who had stood behind her that she would do as he ask, that the life of her husband was too precious for death to claim, now and forever.


Lost in thought and urged by the guidance of Dominique, Fan stabbed the witch where life pumped through her, the heart. The center-point for all substance and magic that gave birth to a witch. Her screams of agony, pain and unexpected betrayal alerted the other witches around, but they could do so little as they all succumb to the poison of death. One by one they all fell; a domino effect, the center witch was the start and she would be their end. This volatile death marked the area with land of power and now it was Fan's job to now siphon it away, cleansing their blood and tainted energy and taking it into herself. Just like the wolves Fan would now channel the souls of the twelve dead witches.

"Two-thirds of the ritual is complete. Now we need the final sacrifice and the two figures of life and death." no emotion was expelled from the murderous witch only a stone-lost visage, the witch mindlessly obeyed Dominique's command. This was her last anchor towards sanity and the witch had now lost it. Lifting her fingers to her temple, the witch sent a massive telepathic broadcast to Noah. "Meet me in New Orleans. Its time to pay your debt." she said telepathically, looking back to Dominique, his smile assured her progression and that was all she needed.

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Joker began to pace back and forth in the basement his knives stained red with blood the young female psychic he had been cutting up was in chains her eyes were red from all the tears she had cried "ok so let me get this straight . This dark queen is planning on tearing the veil between the living and the dead to bring back her lost hubby and in doing so could permanently undo the veil causing all the dead to rise . " Joker began to have some very fun ideas the dead cant die again which means i will have a large supply of souls that i could torture as much as i want without killing them " Joker jumped in the air with glee "ohhhhh what fun and who better to be at center stage of this shebang to make sure it goes off smoothly then everybody's favorite psychopath .Joker turned back to the young girl now i need to know where to find this black queen the psychic tried to speak but her voice was hoarse" aww poor thing having trouble speaking probably from all the screaming don't worry little one joker knows how to make you hit the high notes " joker started to rub his hand against her cheek the girls look of terror pleased joker . "And when we are all done uncle joker will make you feel all better. Joker then let out a wicked laugh as thunder crashed outside the building.

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Few notions were as amusing as that of objective reality. After all, people generally saw what they wished to see, and it was perception that defined reality, not some unbiased set of standards. Never had the Demon of Silence observed a more perfect example of this principle than now. The witch that danced like a puppet on his strings should have been far more difficult, if not impossible, for him to manipulate. An iron will, combined with a sharp intellect and extensive knowledge of the arcane principles of the universe should have allowed her to see through his deception with staggering ease, yet the lure of once again holding her lost love in her arms had overridden caution and rationality, and now she was delivering the fate of all witches into the ethereal, clawed hands of one of her most dire foes.

“Dominique” smiled and nodded as Fan looked to him, stepping forward and laying a hand on her shoulder with feigned affection. “Flawlessly done, my dear,” he encouraged her, in a deep, silky voice that almost seemed to echo. “Now all we must do is await the arrival of the others. Then we shall finish the ritual, and you will be reunited with your beloved Ishin.” His face grew serious as his strange eyes looked into hers. “Are you prepared to do what must be done? We both know that it will be…difficult.”

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October 30th- 24 Hours till Midnight on All Hallows Eve.

It’s cold, dark, misty standing alone always alone for days now the dreams have been the same but not completely something always changes the future is never set in stone but something about these recurring dreams has him worried. Standing in the centre of a seemingly never ending place he waits uneasily for something to happen the other dreams have shown horrible events a coven of witches been murdered, a pack of werewolves being decimated and now the third night he finally can see it all....

Walking through the city streets he passes though the crowds as if he were a ghost, there’s a celebration pumpkins, children in costumes, fireworks it’s almost overstimulating but he recognises it, Halloween the one night a year when humans dress up like the creatures that they believe only exist in myths and legends. Walking past a few of the store he sees the stereotypical deception of a green cackling hag laughing on her broomstick with her cat he can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it his mother was a witch if she had saw that she’s have ripped it off the wall and his father Apollo well he would be much less merciful, the fun and excitement of the Halloween event wears of quickly though. The air around them changes, something is surging through his entire being he can sense it he began to run concentrating on the centre of power surge. As he got closer he could almost tastes the unnatural qualities in the air.

Arriving in a panicked sweat he’s too late, it has been it has been unleashed the veil has been broken he screams not in pain but in fear. Waking up in a cold sweat and still screaming he stumbles out of his bed confused and dazed falling to his knees he vomit’s blood across his floor. It didn’t matter, he was determined that this couldn't happen he must stop this from happening, alone he wasn’t powerful enough but now he had other more to help him. Running out into the war room of the tower he used the intercom to send his message to the sleeping Titans.

“Attention all Titan members...” his voice was shaky and the fear could be heard in each word “report to the tower’s war room immediately some serious s**t is about to happen tomorrow and if we don’t stop it then bad things are going to be flooding into the world. Get up here IMMEDIATELY” he said the urgency clear in his voice, leaning over the ground vomiting more blood across the floor, down his chest and across the control panels he hoped his teammates would listen. Halloween was tomorrow the point where the veil between the worlds was thinnest and every witch on earth’s powers were heightened it wouldn't take much and there was never better time to do it but the consequences of such a ritual would bend every law of nature the world would be thrown into complete chaos for everyone human or supernatural.

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Alex sat quietly in his room. His pulse had slowed so much that if you had not looked closely you would have thought him dead. Dust had begun to settle on his head. The lights were off, the windows were closed, and the blinds were drawn. Someone had knocked on the door a few hours ago, but when they did not receive an answer they had left. It had taken all of his self control not to rip their lungs from their chest. The beast was stronger than it had ever been tonight. Luna had told him that he was meant as a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds. Tonight the gap between them felt weaker, and the beast knew it. The beast wanted to hunt.

In his mind he saw a beacon of power appear far off. It was like someone had ripped open a doorway to the spirit world and raw power was spilling through. A ripple of energy passed through his room. The beast inside screamed. It burned his soul. Alex threw himself to the wooden floor, his claws and fangs growing larger and ripping into it as he snarled violently. He knew this power. He had felt it once before.

The woman; the one who had murdered the pack right before his eyes. This tasted the same way that did, but also different. It wasn't lycans this time, but it didn't matter. He could see the source clearly in his mind. He could track her. A voice came on over the intercomm, but he couldn't hear it through the pounding blood in his ears. A dark red droplet fell from his nose to the scarred wooden floor. All he could taste, smell, see, was blood. With every muscle tensed, he stood up straight and made his way to the door. He would have his vengeance. He would find her. The light of the hallway flashed into his room. His fallen communicator reflected it keenly from its position on the floor, then the door closed and all was dark.

Two Hours Later

With the lines of mystic force as contorted as they were, he didn't trust teleportation to get him all the way to the source of the power. The island did manage to get him to the mainland, though. From there, everything was in walking distance. For him, anyway. He and the beast were of the same mind. His body transformed to its white-furred lupine form. In minutes there were miles were between him and the spot that he had landed at; he maneuvered over sand and stone and tree with ease. His fur stood on end. He burst through the treeline. There it was. An old building, stone and mortar and decay, but that's where the power came from. That's where she was. His fangs gleamed in the moonlight and his tongue lolled out of his mouth.

He broke into a dead sprint. grass fell away to gravel and then the decrepit door splintered and fell as he crashed through it. He howled his challenge into the darkness.

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Sometimes she feels as though the world does not fear her existence. She considers herself a god among human as well as mutant, and yet here she sits as untouched as married kin. "Leave me be." A whiplash of telepathic power sways her company in the opposite direction, her lack of interest in day to day living increasingly apparent.

She looks to the dancing fires with her glimmering violet eyes, wondering if her alternate selves ever experienced some sort of success. "Flames of purity tell me the truth." Miss Michelle paused, shifting her mood into a state nearing astonishment. Beneath burnt stench the newly minted redhead could see a woman she once encountered.

"Fan Song." Her initial interest quickly diminishes upon seeing the eastern beauty. It's not disdain or discomfort, the lack of interest stems from a failed mission some time ago. Once again returning into a depressing form of apathy, the wicked witch of the west instantaneously notices the appearance of one particular fellow. In the musk she can see a broad figure, dressed as dapper as ever, the man named known as supreme. "Noah." She muttered, her heart rate heightening after seeing her former flame. "What's going on?" Clarice questioned, truly concerned as to his well being, unsure of what this tapestry of reality meant.

New Orleans

He walks these lively streets as proud as any true nobleman. However, in order to conceal his presence from the likes of tyranny the yellow eyed chancellor wore clothing like a stylish commoner. Veiled with the use of navy blue chinos, a fitting tank top, a pair of laced Vans, and an aura of unbridled exuberance. "Blossom?" Chancellor Addams nonchalantly calls out, utilizing his unorthodox telepathy to scour the surrounding perimeter, fully aware of the possibility of an ambush. "Are you here?" Noah keeps his eyes peeled for the unthinkable, the New York elite calmly keeps his composure whilst configuring escape plans within his complicatedly structured mind.

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Dawned on Cessendra’s wrists were a pair of retractable concealed blades. It had been the latest design of hers using a mixture of string and dinosaur bone. It worked in a fool proof simple fashion and the blades being marrow were not detectable by machines. It was an ideal stealth weapon. Tonight she was testing it out, her small lithe frame stalking her prey. Over and over she traversed the trees foot falls silent as a leaf hitting grass. Gradually she traveled along the branches until nearing the target. Keen senses detecting their every move. Raptors three of them, they were just below her, perfect.

The two blades housed in the wrist gauntlets retracted from their hiding position, and from there she jumped. The height was about a hundred meters off the ground only the targets broke the fall. With flawless execution the blades entered the throats of the desired targets. They were dead on impact. Third velociraptor of the pack instantly turned to race towards her. Predatory intent being yelled at her in a monstrous roar. It lunges and the young killer finds herself pinned down. The jaw opens ready to snap on Cessendra’s skull until she retaliates. A knife swiftly jabbed into the temporal lobe. Having successfully completed the hunt she began the process of skinning and harvesting. What resources were worth while were collected, to be made use of later she’d figured. The praetorial being.

Born of a world long ago Cess didn’t have much technology on her, so when the call to the tower came she knew instantly who it was and took off. Dean seamed to be in a state of panic, which only made the dragon speaker move faster. Finally after but a few minutes she’d entered the meeting room. The presence of the spell casters blood made her skin feel as if it were burning. Draconic magic feeling a infernal desire to be released. That was when she’d figured out something in the magical realm was wrong. She’d let the young spell caster speak, as he had the best odds of detailing what was going on. Then later when Ferro took off in a run using animal enhanced senses to track his prey Fang would follow. Using brilliantly executed sstealth she hoped to get the drop on whoever this oppressor was if the lupine creature did not.

Reisho Monastery

Alianette had been there in the shadows listening to the conversation between Lady Rose and her father Ishin. The moment had incited a rich quantity of anger. This man who she adored and looked up to, who she idolized had shown only again arrogance. Ishin didn’t just magically return to the world of the living, he didn’t reincarnate himself like a messiah. She saved him, she pummeled life back into his veins, she reversed death. The metaphysical reworking of the universal laws was her doing. But not so much as a “thanks to a dear individual.” Now of course she knew it also could be a moment of intimidation being put in play, even still though she loathed that moment. There was no appreciation of the gift she’d given. Worse still though was that this lover of Ishin’s was going to perform a ritual that might even work. In doing so though it would incite more problems then rewards. Gathering her gear and traveling by rocket like flame yoso the Master of Yin Yang sought to find and stop Blossom before it was to late.


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Joker walked around the streets of new Orleans he headed to the casino called the magic hat if you were a magician looking to gamble or find out information on what's going down in new Orleans he flashed the man at the door his fake id well technically it was a real id just was not the right age .Dressed in civilian attire he approached the bartender swiftly flashing him a green card the bartender responded by motioning towards the back joker made his way to the back entrance of the casino where the bartender handed him an envelope joker put it under his jacket using this he could find the witch. Out of the the envelope he pulled a map of the town on it were green circles they represented magic activity the bigger the circles the stronger the magic activity he began marking off the places known for having high magic activity he had a couple extra circles he would have to visit each one by one he might even get to kill some people along the way but first he would need to get his runes turned on.

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The moon shined bright in Gothic city upon the darkly dreaming teenage crime fighter. He walked for alongside a pretty dirty blonde from school as his date who is not too beautiful but still, it was nice to feel normal once in a while. Especially on this date that is only 24 hours away from the day that is widely feared in Gothic due to the increase in human sacrifices and child disappearances. There were 15 nights in the year which he could take for himself, that's without counting the nights Hunter spends with Malcolm in fundraisers or dinner parties to keep appearances so they can continue with their eccentric crime fighting lives.

They entered the movie theater where they were greeted by a fellow teenager with acne that seemed as if it was a volcano, two tickets for surreptitious 2, the sequel to the first horror movie about a boy's soul who leaves into a dream world and his parents try to save him somehow, the first one was quiet dull but she wanted to watch it so he was willing to go through it again in the sequel, once in a while he jumped or threw in a small shout to appear scared but not too scared. Horror movies didn't have much of an effect on him, that's probably why he didn't find them entertaining. They were just mirror images of what true evil was, true evil that he fought against every day.

Fortunately for him they had to leave the theater early thanks to the message that he received from the Dean, he made up some lame ass excuse and ran out the emergency exit not that the date was going well anyways. They had nothing in common and he knew that but the at least it was a normal awkward date without explosions or psycho clowns. Flying he took his clothes out without having to change due to already having the costume underneath, a habit which he picked up from Dark Vengeance.

It only took him three minutes to get to the Titan's HQ, there he normally walked in looking for anyone in the way and made his way to the war room where he saw blood on the floor and Dean leaning in the floor. He kindly put his hand on his shoulder and asked in a preoccupied tone "Are you okay?" Knowing that the obvious answer was no, no one that is okay vomits blood all over the floor.

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Weeks prior to this day, Contessa had visited the renowned yet secretive mountains of Reisho in hopes of finding Fan Song, the Eastern Enchantress. Stricken by visions of a catastrophic future, the fortune telling witch was haunted day and night of this event. The spiritual realm was in a great upheaval, this very event to come would shift the balance of nature affecting those world-wide and in a different plane of existence. Even though the eastern witch had denied the spiritual side of nature due to her misuse of the craft, they were sure to keep their eyes on her. As servants of nature, witches were given the gifts to use magic to stabilize and eliminate anything that pose a threat to the balance, of course some witches chose to use their gifts for their own purpose, free reign it was but it would all add up. Any sort of dabbling with demonic forces and those with death proved to be a fatal mistake for any witch, death was their price in pitting with the cycle of creation. Contessa knew the rules and opted to play by them, given that Ishin had no recollection of his former wife Fan Song during his newly formed resurrection, the one known as Madame Blossom remained still at large.

Gathering witches to her side to deal with two pivotal conflict: one with the diabolical Marcus and another with Blossom. Many witches in New Orleans, primarily the French Quarters were put into fear, this was the birth for Contessa's insurrection. "The veils between living and dead are thin as of today's grand occasion. With it, our access to magic is severely heightened. We can use this as a grand opening to disrupt Marcus's control." Contessa informed her fellow witches, "But what of Blossom, Rose. You informed us along with the spirits that she'll tear this world apart at its heart. We can't fight two battles." one witch spoke out. Rose as Contessa was known by in the witch community, knew the witch's words were right but still held onto conviction on killing two birds with one stone. "That is why I am going to suggest a tactic: divide and conquer. Sure its been played out but it also has been successful. One group will tackle on Marcus's ground and the other fight from afar. While I myself will deal with Blossom. Given her high expertise and fluency in the arts, I won't risk any lives in dealing with her. Marcus as of right now is our main threat, but were going to clear that away with the majority of us fighting him." she looked into the eyes of the witches around, knowing that it was risky move, but she held a firm belief that they would succeed. "We are finally at our strongest tonight. Whatever is causing the mystical fields in New Orleans to weakened us will no longer be a problem as of tonight we will liberate New Orleans once and for all. Witches will no longer hide from the craft instead we will finally embrace it with our own free will!".


The shop was large in size and the fainted echoes of Blossom lingered around, lost. What was once her was gone, always gone. Blossom's life was a tragedy, after the lose of her magic and husband, she abandoned the work place for a pursuit in power, which she eventually found. It was Rose job to pick up the pieces left behind and bring an end to Blossom's rampage. Already she had killed the supernatural wolves and now witches, her own kind. Clearing her mind of the constant distractions, Contessa laid forth her tarots card all faced down. This ingenious divination tool was an aid to clearly perceiving the future. As she ran her hands all over the cards, strange vibration and pulsating energies began to react, this meant that the card with enough 'heat' would be the first draw. First came to reveal The Lovers, then came the Hanged Man, next was the Hierophant, soon followed by the Devil, the World, Wheel of Fortune, Judgement, the Tower and finally Death.

The cards themselves played a story of their own in the mind of the witch. As she delved into her psychic trance, she began to piece the clues all together. The Lovers, represented both Ishin and Fan, while the Hanged Man came to represent the sacrifice of Fan and the consequences of her actions while Ishin was surrender of his memory of her. The mysterious card of them all become the interpretation of the Hierophant, one that leads in truth or lies, it showed a mysterious shadow lingering over the Eastern Enchantress, perhaps one swaying her actions or one leeched on to her. Then came the lust and obsession entwined with anger and ignorance. This clearly portrayed Fan's lust for power and her denial to accept fate's hand over Ishin's soul; of course that no longer seemed to be case as the latter is back within the plane of the living, though still unknown to the grief-stricken witch. Knowing others would be involved in this mystical storm, there is a since of success on both ends or a feeling of temporary satisfaction that leads into a greater danger. The Wheel of Fortune itself changes fate, the turning point in this event, as the Judgement will perform a decision to restart and release a new chaos onto Earth. The Tower represents the downfall of one witch that will ignite a new fire coinciding with the Judgement. And when this is all over, Death will claim its victim and no one is safe from its grasp. It will mark an end to a cycle and bring in a conclusion of loss.

With her interpretation on the event the witch folds her cards back into a stack and prepared to armed herself with myriad of weapons. With Marcus's iron grip on the witches, it would be only a matter of time now before he makes a formal introduction with Contessa given that she just used magic. Feeling the angers and quells of a beast from a far distant, the crimson witch hopes to detain him in a sense of requesting his talents. Knowing that his arrival is due to the Mistress of Magic's mystical disturbance. "Ferro...." she quietly comments.

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Six hundred years Nama has been alive, and almost the entirety of his life he has had no one else but his mother as company. Now an entire team is with him and by his side, and he too is expected to be by there sides if the need arises. The needs of these people are a mystery for him, in his years all he has to worry about was his mothers random tantrums and Orttodrog and his random incursions. Now he was in a city with little water and all kinds of noises. He sat pondering everything that has happened to him in the past few weeks.

Playing with a glass of water he levitates the water from the glass as he stares out the window into the moonlight. Three weeks ago his mother gave him an order "You finally get your wish Glik, you have bombarded me with the wishes of the world outside of Avalon and now I allow it. Your brother has begun his massacre of the Kingdom of Eld, and we cannot allow that to continue. Find a woman known as Blair, she is a odd child but she commands a team that has a lost son of Eld within it. Not even they know of their lineage, so keep all of them alive and safe from your brother." With joy he ran from his mother and dressed in the war suit of the people of Avalon, but shortly after he slipped on the last of the garments his mother came in. She is holding a single suit, it shines a bright red and blue coloration. With a swift move of her wrist the armor of Avalon shatters, she smiles and holds it up Nama. "Centuries ago now, your father made this for you thinking he would be able to see you grow older. It was made by Merlin himself, and once you touch it will bond directly to you." Nama hesitated as she spoke to touch it, for so long he hated his father but what mother told him now and what she said the day before still echo in his ears. "He truly loved us didnt he?" His mother smiled and nodded "Yes, so you must keep your fathers bloodline going, so that future generations may have the chance at his power. Maybe even you my son may be able to harness Excaliber's power."

AS his recent memories flood his mind the call to arms was almost ignored, but he snapped out of his own world to hear the last few bits of the message. Quickly he grabbed his Trident and made his way towards the War Room.

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The mystical storm would soon engulf New Orleans and much of Louisiana just as Hurricane Katrina had done so in the past. The strange perversion to magic in this particular city seemed to have little to no effect on Blossom. This inference was only to those who practice magic of the Old Religion, but for Blossom it was much more different. She was here for one thing: to connect the triangle of power and bring back her dearly departed husband, Ishin. To do this, she would destroy the mystical purgatory her ancestor had created, bringing those of supernatural origin and those who were embed into it's practice. Those long dead would return to the living world, in good condition but in the same age, shape, and appearance they had before just prior to their death. This increase of power was a collective pool of condemned souls who were never allowed to see the light. While the witches in New Orleans were in submission, Blossom reigned free as a true queen, untouched and unstained.


"Noah." she said as she emerged from the shadows of the alleys. The Prince of Thunder and soon to be king. He played a vital role within this ritual him and another, one whom is closely affiliated with, Clara Mass. "I need your help." she said, "I need your help in lifting the veil to the other side. Where the dead resides." before she could give him any reason to respond she continued herself. "I know of your death the minute I found you on the psychic plane, Noah. But I also know there is another that correlates with this ritual. Clara Mass.". She could sense the confusion brewing within the man before her, but she needed his help and she would achieve it at any possible way. "We can bring back all those who have died, all our family, every one of them. I can shift the balance to give you anything you've always wanted, whether they be dreams or desires. I can give it to you. Please Noah, I need you to get Clara here...".


The psychic echoes within her mind bounced back and forth as the psychic parasite had place new commands and suggestion within her mind. This intagible darkness clawed and grip her into his possession, she was his domain and no one knew. Through the use of secondary information, a psychotic clone figure had approached the talking parties with agendas of his own. He seemed to sway with her side but there was much more to him than meets the eye. "I need you to kill twelve human beings." she whispered in his ears, as she carefully made sure Noah would not here and protest to her decision. "But be carefully, there are those plotting against us.... I can feel one on his way. His smell and spiritual essence is those of the moon servants but he is filled with grief and rage... Lead him else....."

"We're almost done. One the preparation are met we can begin the ritual. I promise, you'll see him again." Dominic said, his voice full of false emotions and tones and nothing towards the witch he was manipulating, instead it would all benefit him soon enough. His mental voice was of secrecy and between the three no one would believe her if she told them.

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@madame_blossom: Joker did not know was a bit surprised by the voice in his head mostly because this one was different then the one's he usually heard "so then the witch knows that i have come to her aid and better yet she has given me a task and such a fun one at that". He thought to himself telling joker to kill was like telling a boy with a lollipop to lick it he was gonna do it anyway whether someone told him too or not and just as requested joker went into the night to complete his mission his first victims were a man and women the man was trying to do something nasty to the women in an alleyway not allowing her to scream for help. It was much to loud for anyone to notice what was happening in the alley and far to noisy for the man to notice joker sneak up on him and slit his throat blood sprayed from the man's now open neck the girl looked up happy someone had come to her rescue although a bit disturbed by the event's. Could you imagine the look of terror on her face as joker brought his blade down upon her chest stabbing deep into the heart blood gushing out well then that's two down and joker left the alley to continue his carnage his next target was a family of four sleeping comfortably in their bed's little did they expect joker to sneak in the window and slash their throats before any of them even had a chance to scream 6 down"

.He said to himself as he laughed manically at his actions he left the house as it was when he found it completely silent not a single person stirring ."Well then half done lets finish this off shall we a drunken slob holding a bottle of whiskey walked past him singing his drunken songs in a language joker did not understand as he passed by joker slashed his throat before he even realized what happened the drunken man was dead .Sweat glistened off joker's face so he grabbed the dead man's whiskey and took a swig nothing like a refreshing beverage after a long night of killing but joker still had work to be done HM five more i guess time to get creative with it .The next house joker entered through the chimney "hohoho joker Clause is here to deliver some presents " joker said giggling at his own joke he crept up the stairs to the bedroom when he saw a young boy also creeping into the bathroom trying not to wake his parent's so what else should he have done then follow him .He silently crept up behind him as he moved into the bathroom inches behind him as he covered his breath the boy entered the bathroom and closed the door he took care of his business then washed his hands and opened the door he walked to his bedroom and laid down in his bed but as he closed his eye's then opened him again .Who else would he see then joker staring at him smiling the boy screamed and ran past joker yelling for his mom and dad he ran into their room only to find their throat's had been slit and their was joker standing in the doorway. "Do not worry boy i have done the same to your brother and sister and you'll be joining them soon enough" he said laughing as he ran to the screaming boy with his knives and fulfilled his last kill joker laughed as he left the house well that is done in no time at all too.

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"You've got to be kidding me?" Noah looked to Miss Song perplexing deadlocked on her aptness to demand the introductory of Clarice Michelle, a woman whose only achievement in life included killing him not once but twice. His glimmering yellow eyes began to dull as sour memories of his formerly betrothed reluctantly returned.

"I understand you helped me, but this is asking for far too much." He shamefully shook his head side to side, repulsed by the idea of crossing paths with that violet eyed wench. The prince would do anything, anything to assist Madame Blossom but conjuring the Devil in Prada went against all the progression he had made in recent times.

"Please, there has to be something else I can do. Anything else?" Noah nervously stroked his smooth sandy blond hair, unwilling to partake in the reemergence of the reality bending witch. But before he could mutter yet another negative saying the steady winds gracefully passing by began to swirl in an unnatural manner. And right before his special eyes the prince of power saw the unimaginable construction of a being he once banished from his livid life.

"Dammit." He murmured as he witnessed the over dramatic entrance of his curvaceous ex-fiance. Her knack for reentering his life at the most viable moments never ending.

"Please, hold the applause my love. There's no need to freight." Like always the tongue twisting mistress played the part of over bearing diva dressed in royal blue. Although stylistically alluring, it was her inner workings that the Venezuelan native truly detested. Nevertheless their past interactions would have to be thrown aside, if only momentarily, to finally pay Miss Song back for her previously selfless assistance.

"Oh. Hello, Miss Song. Long time. No see." Her upbeat tone indicated a previous interaction with the foreign beauty, an instance the American born dignitary had no clue of. "As for you Noah...I'm always watching." Clarice playfully winked before pushing her seemingly dyed hair behind strapless shoulders. "Now onto business. How can I possibly help....boo?" She sarcastically questioned, very much sure this request would involve her virtually untapped power set.


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@closure: His past history with the Mistress of Chaos played of no interest to Fan. She simply removed any objections he had, ignoring every plea of avoidance and conflict with his former love interest. Every words and alternate routes to finding a new way to invoke Clarice presence was suggested and pondered by the Son of Thunder, Fan did not care. For whatever the reason he had, all she wanted was to tear the veil down and bring her husband back into her arms. No signs of empathy only apathy was exerted from the witch's visage. But as she spoke a mask was summoned and a false impression was given. Clarice entrance was a sudden surprise, it seemed she kept a careful eye on Noah. The meeting between the two femme-fatales was far from pleasant, given their history with one another. The physical and verbal abuse Fan suffered years ago by Clarice was far from locked in the closets of her mind. The witch remembered every inch and detail of her captivity, all with the hopes to finally confront the man that stood in her way, Ishin.

Just as she expected, Clarice went for a full on approach, she wanted to know of her importance and the plan that the witch had long brewed. "Why what else, Clarice? We're going to raise the dead." she said with a devious grin. Her long raven locks flocked behind her as a strong current blew her way, once that was summoned with a strong feeling of might and power; enough to knock down a deep rooted tree. "You feel that? Power. I have it now. Enough to do what others dream of. And I can use this power to give you-us, anything we want... I can give you the immortality you seek Clarice." as she slithered closer to the redhead vixen, the witch touches her female companions shoulder and began to explain and inform her of their glorious future that laid ahead of them. "I can free you from death. I can free you from the grasp of the one you called Shinigami, Clairce.... I can make you untouchable." the witch ended with an air of mystery, as with magic her offer required a paid transaction, something those associated with her should very well know: their allegiance to her and her questionable acts.

"The reason why you two are so essential is that you both already presented a connection to the two forces of creation. Noah." she said as she faced his way before she did the same to Clarice, but not without first explaining his role. "Your recent encounter with death provides you a connection with the realms of the deceased, faint as it is. But with my help I use your link to death." she then faced her way towards Clarice, providing the same explanation in part. "Clarice your link with Shinigami and the powers you have, gives you a connection towards the divine realm. Life. You are the polar opposite to Noah, it is the reason as to why your 'magics' can evade its limits when encountering him." as she reached forward to hold their hands, locking their palms with hers; the witch explained the vital of how this ritual would now operate. "Each three massacres will mark the earth with power. I can use that power to tap into the 'Triangle of Creation' otherwise known as the Expression Triangle. With it I can then use your respective link to both life and death and finally use magic, my magic to bridge the gaps and finally tear down the veil. Those who died can come back. From there I'll get you, Clarice, your immortality, and you, Closure, what ever it is you desire."

"All you have to do is agree, Clarice...." and if the assassin chose not too, the witch would then have to resort to other means of .... persuasion. One that accompanied the soft rhythms of force.

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@madame_blossom: "All I have to do is agree...?" In a few short moments the undeniable love she had for Noah faded as if it were a spec of dust. In its' place a spark of intrigue warmed her frigid heart, resulting in extended arms reaching out for unbridled unity. "I hope you're not lying to me." All of this felt sudden. A serendipitous act she couldn't believe, but in her heart of hearts she knew this offering was truth. With a slight smirk and glimmering eyes the brash beauty awaited this unexpected blessing. However, her male counterpart didn't withhold the same bravado.

"Don't touch me." He was fickle, pushing her hand away from his, a childish act for someone supposedly named a dignitary. "Just don't." His actions although immature held purpose; fear. He was to frightened to feel her warmth, relive those moments they shared together, and immerse himself in a toxic love. Those same feelings were conflicted when his fingers intertwined with Fan. Her telepathic projections reminded him of the help she gave him. Hours upon hours of reconstructing his shattered psyche. With that in mind the prince would nod in agreement though he did ask for something in return.

"I want to forget about her." His words were sharp and unexpected. An action that caused internal strife for a certain someone. "I want to forget every bad thing that's happened in my life, especially her." He could have asked for anything. Something more viable. Instead the prince tightly grasped her quivering hand, inhaling and exhaling after tossing hefty anxiety off his chest. And although she wouldn't respond, although she wouldn't express her opinion, the volatile mistress cried inside. Her skin even crawled as fond memories trailed along dwindling happiness.

"Do it now."

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Titans Tower, Luna Island

He was in the same place as before different though somehow, shapes blur’s corrupted, warped, disgusting fading in and out as if between the worlds themselves. Worse so much worse than the last, magic altered, nature destroyed, the balance lost, death! Instantly his vision altered the clairvoyant had found himself in a crowd it was close to Halloween night, a voice shouted over the crowds she rallied them to her side the Witches of New Orleans were going to war. From the air he saw it The Triangle the veil being brought down the dead returning to this world. His vision ended his sight returned and he was brought back into reality when his team-mates had arrived into the War Room.

Getting up off the floor he saw their eyes travel across his body and realised he was still covered in his own blood “I’m fine really” he responded quickly “but we haven’t got much time I’ve saw something...something terrible from my visions” turning around he faced the central computer and brought up a image of the city of New Orleans and pointed to the French Quarter of the city “In a few hours tomorrow actually a witch is going to bring down the Veil that separates the living world from the other side and here...” He said pointing again “another witch has already assembled a large portion of the French Quarter witches though I have no idea what for but if it was in my vision it means that the two events are connected somehow”. Turning towards his assembled team-mates he spoke frantically panic and anger etched in every word “If the first witch succeeds in bringing down the veil it was will disrupt the balance and cause chaos not just in the supernatural world but for the humans as, well the dead will walk again!!”

He pushed past his team-mates “Be ready to leave in five minute I don’t care what you’re doing where you have to be.” He spoke as he rushed to his quarters. Once there he haphazardly washed the blood off his face and body and suited up, opening his chest he rattled through every weapon and mystical item or ingredient until he found his bow and arrow strapping them to his back he dove into the chest for more item; his grimoire and the items he’d need to get to New Orleans, looking at clock it had just past midnight it was now Halloween the veil between the worlds would be continuously getting weaker throughout the day there wasn’t much time left. Returning back towards the War Room he appeared in front of his assembled team-mates “Follow me it’s time to go!” he said.

Bring them outside the tower the young witch set to work by drawing a pentagram in the ground. Standing in the centre he motioned for the other’s to join him inside the pentagram. Once inside the outer circle burst into flames rising 2-3 feet from the ground itself. His voice altered at he began his incantation it seem to vibrate and echo across the open air to regular humans or those unfamiliar with witchcraft it was completely incoherent sounding more like the ramblings of an insane person than anything worthwhile. However regardless of this the spell was successful the flames that circled them rose up and charged forward engulfing each one until Dean himself was smothered by the flames. The fires eventually died down and the Titans were gone all that remained was the now engraved pentagram on the ground.

New Orleans French Quarter Halloween,

The Titans appeared in the back alley of the city away from prying eyes. Dean spared no time he had transported himself in such a manner many times before so the sickness and nausea didn’t bother him his team-mates especially the humans would on the other hand feel off for a hour or so. He started to walk but realised he vision had only showed the witches faces and with no personal items of theirs he was unable to perform a powerful tracking spell to pinpoint their locations still it didn't matter they were in the city’s French quarter where the witches had assembled in his vision, she was easy to find it was simply a waiting game for her to strike the other witch however that would require much hard work he’d have to ask his father for help in locating her which meant astral travel he hoped his team-mates would have a quicker solution.

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@ownagepants: @closure: @clara_mass: As expected each of the two polar opposites agreed, one with bliss, the other with pain. As Noah's demand were a little more sympathetic, he couldn't allow his life to be kept in distraught after what Clara had done. Now he was forced to comply and work with the vile witch, left with no other alternatives to rid himself of the grim memories, Noah requested a transaction for his allegiance, but it was more of a demand. He demanded to have Clara entire existence removed, not physically but every heart-breaking and sadistic memories he had of her. He wanted her completely gone from his head and that was what she would now do, reprogram his mind just as she did when she found him on the astral plane. "Are you sure?" she questioned, but she then nodded knowing once his choice was met he meant them.

Now within the colds depth of the bayou, inside an old abandon home, the witch had laid off several candles across the room, bringing in the only light that could be shone. "It'll be quick and painless, I promise." as he sat in a chair, Fan sprinkled a good amount of salt around him and the perimeter, forming a salt circle. Once done she stood behind him, the witch then placed her fingers on his temple and would now delve herself into a trance. This ritual was an integrated blend of her own mystical and mental prowess, normally she would do so in a quick second with little to no ease at all with her own telepathic abilities. But this ritual itself fortified any residual 'ghosts', the memories that still present itself within his mind, like psionic echoes. These were the cause of some resurfacing memories even after a telepath had mind-wiped their targets, telepaths across the world are unaware of this, even the so-called omega-level. A self made term to describe a telepath of high calibers. This special technique was to help rid and erase as oppose to deleting which in truth only suppresses the memories, tricking itself to actually thinking it would be erased.

A soft continuance hum could be heard from her close lips as her eyes shut to focus on her task. Centering herself, the witch channeled on the elements of the candle's flame, fire, a primal energy known to burn and destroy. It was a corresponding ingredient in this ritual as the Eastern Enchantress would now "burn away his thoughts", his own conscious fighting to grip the slipping memories While inside his mind, the witch walked into his psyche with free reign and control. Memories inside the minds of a person were presented as pictures, a symbol. Even if he had no resistance from his own, his mind did. The unconscious part that still harbored any sentimental feelings for the red head protected the safe. With but no ease at all, Fan destroyed them with her own psionic wave of energy. Now before her laid out a film of memories that moved, each frame depicting every single interaction and thoughts about the assassin. From their past love making sessions to the normal conversations and to the final remembrance of her part in his death, Fan saw them all. Forming a psychic blade as she curled her fists, the small size daggers then erupted into blazing psionic flames. Striking the memories down Fan saw it all crumbling before her eyes. Like pictures they burned, quickly yet beautifully, all the somber and amorous memories were turning into ashes. As she channeled the flames into her spell, they rose higher than before, their intensity grew into considerable height. This was a normal occurrence in magic when channeling the elements of fire. "Burning away what doesn't work...." her astral form had said.

"Clara give me the bowl of water." as the red headed former flame stepped inside to present the soothing liquid with much reluctance, the Mistress of Magic removed her hands away for a brief second from his temple and bathed them in the water, once done she placed her fingers back on his temple. "Water to heal, water to sooth, water to drown and wash all your pain away. It is done..." the dramatic flames then died down to their normal heights and the spell was a success.

Moving to find the final sacrificial area of power. As her new ally Ownage had presented the final twelve kill the witch embarked to channel its energy, the power of dead human souls now gave her the strength as well as he final completion for the triangle of death. "We can now begin." the seductive yet vile voice of Dominic returned, he then instructed them to return to the Bayou, the center point for the triangle. "Joker... attack anyone who dares enter near the bayou. I want no distraction!" her request and her voice was as compelling as a queen commanding her subject, it hard strength and ferocity in it. "Noah, Clara. Let's begin."

The trinity of power stood at equal distance from each other no further than a couple of feet away, as the grounds beneath them was engraved and crafted with wood and soil, the shape of a pentagram formed. Standing torches stood on all point and the three formed a triangle formation inside, as the witch begun her spell, the flaming torches lift in power, the flames like the candle grew taller. The winds were called upon as well, their whistling noises and cold touches blew her hair and the feathers of nature around, and so was the other two remaining elements, though their physical representation was through the blood in the three and the pentagram beneath their feet. An unnatural storm had taken place in New Orleans, no weather forecast had predicted this monstrous atmospheric phenomena. Reciting her spell in her ancestor's native language, Japanese, the witch tore down the mystical veil between the living and the dead. All those inside the circle was open to death and its walkers. Channeling both Noah's and Clara's life-force in the process, the power to do so was weakening them, "NO! More." she demanded, the present aptitude of strength and power wasn't enough to break the veil completely. She needed her husband back, he wasn't meant to die, not yet at least. Instead, to prevent further complication and death of the three, Fan used her power to call his spirit to her.

"Ishin..... Ishin...." she called out, her were eyes shut along with the others to deepened their concentration, awaiting Ishin's eventual return.