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Reisho Monastery

Indulged in a replenishing session of spiritual meditation, the enigmatic Impero sits on the hard wooden floor of his personalized quarters in serene silence. Spiritually augmented by the metaphysical properties of an uncommon dark green smoke birthed by the dimly lit candles scattered across the ceremonially decorated hall, Ishin's vitalizing meditative session is quietly halted by the respectful interruption of the loyal Elder Zaraki. Departing from an enlightening plane of spiritual significance, the Impero's consciousness steadily returns to the physical plane of existence, certain that Zaraki stands before him with invaluable information regarding the targeted mythical weapons and artifacts he so dearly desires. "Ishin-san", the ancient Keijijo Guru began, "I have gathered the information you required for this... quest", he revealed, somewhat concerned about the mysterious Grandmaster's power-hungry tendencies. "All of the information?", Ishin asked, somewhat skeptical, reasonably so given the historical difficulty in uncovering the poorly documented location of the items in discussion. "Yes. The Sharanga bow of Vishnu. The Magatama jewel. The Asi sword. And your main target, the Kusanagi sword".

With a calm nod of approval, Ishin reaches for the iconic Impero Mask, "Where are they?", he asks, putting his legendary alabaster mask on. "The Kusanagi sword is said to be hidden somewhere in Japanese mountain ranges. It is in a large abandoned but lavish imperial palace. The Magatama jewel is there as well. The bow and Asi sword however, are somewhere in India", he explained prior to presenting an ancient scroll before the prodigious Impero. "This map contains information on other items that you may want to consider", Zaraki paused, "Be cautious Ishin-san. Surely you are not the only one who seeks these items of power. There are potentially others who seek them as well. Realistically, you would be fortunate to return with even one of your desired artifacts", Zaraki concluded prior to departing. Having gathered his personalized Keijijo weapons, the masked Grandmaster, equipped with a knowledge-imbued scroll departs. Seizing brief control over the ambient metaphysical energies surrounding Reisho's location, Ishin telepathically reaches the Amazonian fighting genius, Asteria. "Asteria-san, I need your help. Meet with me at the entrance of the Reisho Monastery. You may like what I have to offer".

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Somewhere in the world Asteria stands upon the granite sides of a mountain. Jagged rocks and a long fall her only companions. Above her great black clouds boil. The rain falls in torrents And lightning falls in iridescent sheets. Jagged columns of brilliant light flashing through the sky, waves of thunder that vibrated the very ground.

Asteria floated nine inches above the ground. Her eyes had become orbs. Orbs of electrical power. This was her meditation. It was no meditation upon an empty mind, no contemplation of inner peace. No. It was the philosophy of lightning. Raw power, unleashed in torrential hordes.

The message from Impero surprised her. She landed, not ungracefully. "I'll be right there." Speaking to the wind itself.

And perhaps fifteen minutes later.. she is there.

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The Wata-dai entrepreneurs Daisuke and Yoshihito Watanabe cared little for the aesthetic of there aircraft; but there young relative Shinji adopted the flair for style his mother banked off of at her Shinjuku district luxury boutique, Akairyuko (Red Vogue). As a teenager, Shinji had a long phase of dressing in strictly all black BOY London and Givenchy articles of clothing with gold jewelry. Yoshihito designed the Miyamoto model cruiser with a heavy influential reference to his grandson's minimal, but ostentatiously modern style.

From his window seat, Shinji watched the continuous pan of snow-topped keyaki trees strobing under the sleek black and gold glossed cruiser ship. His mind affixed on obtaining the Imperial Kusanagi sword. Every once in a while his grandmother and Sensei Chisato spoke of the ancient regalia when she mused on her younger years as the Last Imperial Shaman before World War II. From her accounts of the Kusanagi, she dubbed the weapon Zekkyoken, roughly translated the 'Screaming Sword'. Chisato simply detailed, "The sword can cut the water, the earth, the air, fire and the void." Shinji had to have possession of a weapon surrounded in so much folklore, mysticism and aristocracy.

"Shinji-san, we're coming up on the landmark." Kiko Osugi reported while piloting the advanced spaceship, holding an overly professional etiquette Shinji made note to speak to her about.

The adventurer, leaned back in his Swedish cushioned seat and laced up his Filson winter boots. "Eijima, wear'd you put my jacket?" He couldn't bare the winter weather basically naked in his current undershirt and henley attire.

His bestfriend pointed at the cache under Shinji's seat as he equipped his standard Wata-dai Mantis pistol. For a nice effect he grabbed the incendiary and cryogenic pistol chambers. He loaded a 51 degree cut quartz conduit to his dual pistols and holstered.

"Wishful thinking?" Shinji tilted his chin at Eijima, while his azure eyes traveled onto the guns holstered on his rib cage. "We might run into some animals, but no human can just stumble upon this location."

Eijima shrugged on his warm winter jacket, "Hypervigilance maybe."

"The Emperor took very careful steps to remove the sword from society. We only know where it is because of my Nana Grace. I don't want you in Samurai mode the entire time we're out there. I see notice you already are."

Eijima grabbed at his Mantis pistols, practicing his quick draw to refute Shinji's Samurai statement, topping the icing of his disregard with a smirk.

"We're arriving. "The JAXA pilot called over her shoulder.

Shinji grabbed his travel bag and whispered to Eijima with a sly smirk, "I swear this Kiko lady's the A,I. my cousin's working on."

The Miyamoto cruiser hovered over there landmark. For the quick thrill, Shinji and Eijima made a 40 foot descent from the cruiser and signaled for Kiko to return to his waiting point when they landed.

Pacing together for the artifact, Shinji smacked his palm on Eijima's back with hard force. "Alright, Eji, let's get that sword."

"Meikawa." Eijima grunted, annoyed with the hardness of Shinji's "friendly pat".

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Having received the required confirmation from the boisterous Asteria, Ishin waits in patient silence. Standing in the outskirts of the legendary Reisho Monastery, the enigmatic Grandmaster is relentlessly pelted by barrages of snow in a cruelly cold environment. Appropriately unfazed by the difficult conditions of his ethnic home, the ambitious Impero calmly seats himself before the ominous entrance to the fabled Keijijo's monastery. Opportunistically seizing the situation to briefly harmonize with the zones of metaphysical concentration in the undisclosed mountain range, Ishin dramatically revitalizes his monstrous chi reserves, imbuing within his chakra-points the purest of metaphysical energies.

After several minutes of unconventional meditation, Ishin catches sight of his Amazonian ally, Asteria. Calmly returning to his feet, he bows respectfully before a former pupil. "Asteria-san", he greeted, "I'm glad you could make it". Presenting before the ancient Court of Arcani powerhouse with his informative scroll, Ishin explained, "This scroll contains information about the locations of a variety of powerful mythological weapons and items. I aim to find a specific set, but my main target is the Kusanagi sword. Discovered by the Shinto god, Susanoo when slaying an eight-headed serpent, it was said to have eventually reached the hands of Japanese royalty", he paused, "Fabricated nonsense of course. The royal family is in possession of replicas. The actual Kusanagi sword rests somewhere else, its location on this scroll".

Cautioned by those aware of this ambitious quest, Ishin opted to enlist the aid of a powerful ally, and few surpassed the sheer might that Asteria possessed. "I'll need your help to find these items. The possible defenses and those we may encounter on the journey could prove too much for even someone of my power", he admitted, "Of course, in exchange for your help, I'll help you find an item of your choice from the scroll. You're free to choose at any time but we must move quickly", he insisted.