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The wind blew a soft breeze, the coconuts on the palm tree's began to strike one another. The sea was calm and gentle and today it seem's as if mother nature was having a peaceful day, yet that was not always the case as she is often unpredictable, at any moment those calm soft movements of water could turn into tidal waves of pure rage. The soft breezes at any moment could shift into strong storms, Acer always felt the mood of mother nature mimiced the type of weather across the world, if the weather was calm like it is now then that would mean she is in a happy mood but if it turns to a storm then mother nature is in a rage. 

Acer sat there, in the middle of the ocean not to far away from the desert island in which he come to for a time of peace. Acer was meditating, focusing his mind on the soft breezes and the sound of the soothing waves, just recently Acer had gained psionic powers and in just a short amount of time he had become quite powerful in the use of his new powers, yet he still needed to meditate everyday in a peaceful enviroment to focus on his telepathy. Levitating just meteres from the water with the bright sun shining down, reflecting so magnificently of the shimmering water. 

The fish were swimming freely just below were Acer was and the dolphins were jumping in and out of the water, even such vicious predators as sharks were having a peaceful day, Acer loved sharks becasue he saw them as elegant beautiful creatures were as others see them as just killers. Acer was wearing only a pair of tropical shorts becasue this part of the world was incredibly hot and he needed for his body to be cool so he could focus. All of a sudden a jolt of pain came over Acer, his mind began to burn and he had no clue why, gripping his head Acer began to scream out in pain as the waters turned violent , whirlpools began to form on the waters as violent waves began to strike at various islands that were located around this part of the world.

His body was now burning just as much as his mind, could this be it could the sickness that had turned him into a vile killer be back, it couldnt be could it. That sickness that had nearly cost it him all looked like it had retuned, Acer was losing it as he went higher and higher to the skies. Acer began to destroy the island and kill all the sea life, he had no control over what he was doing and if no one came to stop him then who knows the destruction he will cause.

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Pisces felt the violent torrents sweep across the sea’s gentle bed and could feel the pain that it was experiencing. She knew from the moment the sea’s waves began to shift something was adrift and was determined to find out. She swam from the murky depths of the sea to the pinnacle of the now disastrous sea. She noticed a man of great beauty, adrift in the sky slowly losing grasp on his powers. He was causing anguish to the gods of the sea and this sorrow could almost lead to a great flood baring itself against the world’s surface. She hastily arose from the sea to the sky and calmly spoke to the human stating: “I’ve come to help you control the destruction you’ve caused, please stop this massacre you have caused…god only knows how much obliteration the sea will take before it anchors itself against your world’s surface destroying everything in its path”. It seemed as though he did not heed her words, and she resulted to dramatic measures. A violent vortex dispatched itself from in the middle of the sea bed sucking in everything in it’s path, her body then dispersed into the water and awaited a lock on him to strike him with pure energy.

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The storm was on a constant build, Acer was the eye of that storm, he was its main source of power. The waves started off as only small lackluster waves but the more pain that came across the troubled hero the more angrier he got and so becasue of that rage he would lash out and casue the waves to rise an become higher and the higher a wave grew the more destructive force and natural power behind it. One by one the palm tree's on the sand beds began to rise from the ground and become swept away with the ever flow of destructive water. The islands were not just for palm tree's but they also inhabited various tropical wildlife and they to were hit by concussive hits of water that, either killed them with the force of the strikes or carried them into the waters to drown. The sea life were still calm, going about there life as normal becasue they were use to storms like this, still even they could not avoid the wrath of Acer as there bodies rose from the ocean depths and just from insicnt alone they were ripped to peaces from there inside, blood turning the clear blue waters a crimson red.

The world was becoming darker, seeming to mimic the mood that Acer was in, the clouds were now black as to the snow white they were before, the sun was hiding from view, located behind the clouds as Acer opened his eyes and looked at what he was doing and he seemed to like casing this type of obliteration to the deep blue and the islands around it. Looking around from the void, Acer saw a woman rise from the waters and into the air, such inredible beauty and power flowing from her veins. The woman looked like she was born and created from the waters itself, if she had a fin she would resemble a mermaid to perfection, it wasnt just the fact she had rose from the waters, it was that log flowing ebony hair and that enchanted body that only the gods could carve.

The woman tried to reason with Acer, he could not hear her, the words were falling on deaf ears. If anything her getting in his way made him even more rageful, water began to shoot up around Acer as even the tiny grains of sand rose creating a wall of sand but then Acer felt a strange force, pulling him into a vortex, Acer became trapped being thrown around the violent waters cutting into his body, gashes were formed all around his body as the crimson liquid flowed a river from his open wounds. Acer looked to be in agony but then he began to manically laugh as his body just stopped in the middle of the vortex.  A psionic shield formed aroud the Ace as he rose high in the air and sent down a blast of telekinetic energy, destroying the vortex. Loking around Acer, using his telepathy located the girl and teleported right behind her and sent a series of concussive blasts to the mid point of her back.

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Pisces lurked beneath the waters in high hopes that the raging vortex would seize him from the turmoil he was causing to the sea. Momentarily everything came to a halt and the sea was peaceful again. The waves flowed with great gentleness that the soothing quakes caused her to feel nothing but serene. She assumed that he was taken into the depths of the murky waters, but the thought quickly eased from her mind as Acer rapidly teleported behind her and sent a series of concussive blast to the mid-point of her back.


The horror inched its way across her beautiful face and she floated to the bottom of the seabed flushed and paralyzed, the pain severely crippled her and left her with words unspoken. Was this the end for her, she questioned…of course not! Her eyes glowed a brilliant white and her whole body began to disperse and reform again, fully healed. This feeling of sudden anger arose across her mind and she made herself determined to not reason with him this time stating: “For the day you bare you fist, is the day you shall perish”!


She rapidly paced herself to the top of the ocean and hovered over the sea with rage and wrath in her heart calling upon the god of the sea, “Poseidon”. “I call forth your name, father of the sea…give me the strength to purge the very evil from this sea and rebuke it to a torturing hell”! The sea was faint for a moment and then the waves started to rise to that of great lengths that could have possibly reached the moon, with hopes of rifling his body against the great force of the sea. She targeted Acer from above and sent down high voltages of electricity with great force with the hopes of burning his flesh to a shrivel.

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Acer had not just seen but he had felt first hand the kind of power this enchantress of the sea's was wielding. To create a vortex of that power in an already turmoil sea was quite impresive, the waters always were a dangerous place, weather it be for the silent predators that lurk beneath the murky blue, or the rageful storm that is brewing on the horizon. Thats the thing with the most beautiful of things they are usually always hiding that dark secret, a truth that everyone is trying to find out but once they uncover that secret, they wish they never went in search of that secret. The sea vixen seemed to have control over the raging sea and to create an attack that is more menacing, then the storm that surrouds it is quite the feat of power. If it hadnt been for his psionic powers then Acer would surely have been ripped apart by that vortex. Acer for some strange reason felt like she had more to give and the more the fight would rage the more powerful her attacks will become.

Acer's attack had hit its mark, as the blasts of telikinetic energy hit Pisces to the center of her back, this attack was aiming to parylize her but therewas a good chance she might die because the force of his attacks was so great. The attack had caused a good deal of damage as the woman to the bootom of the sea bed, it seemed like she had been severly crippled and would not be able to continue the fight, turning his body away from the fallen girl, Acer began to swim away leaving her to suffer untill death, just hen a strange feeling came over the psionic ace. Turning around to see that the woman's eyes were glowing an ivory white of the most intense colouring, her body all of a sudden bcame one with the sea, as she began to reform herself back to full health, like nothing had happened, becoming angry Acer knew this fight would take much longer than expected. The woman's words were filled with anger and a sense of justice for the sea's to take him out.

Acer looked to see that she was now floating just above the water, calling upon the god of the sea's poseidon to help her, Acerjust chuckled but the smirk on his face suddenly drew to a halt as the calm waters created waves of such force there was no way any ordinary man could survive. Focusing his telekinetic energies, Acer managed to stay still and not be swept away by the wave. Then as is from out of the heavens themselves a series of eletrical bolts made there way to Acer, thinking quickly to the situation, Acer drew in a series of palm tree's to slow down and stop the voltages but to no avail, the blots got through but luckily the palm tree's threw them of balance, all except one which hit Acer on his right shoulder blade. Acer's body torqued as he went hurtling to the botom of the sea.

His eyes began to fad, as his world turned black, just then a voice entered hismind, a menacing voice that had controlled him once before, "OH how weak you are, remember as long as you die then so do i, i wont let it happen, rise my bitch and kill her" his eyes jolted open as Acer looked up to the woman, his wound closing and healing itself. Rising above the water, his arms stretched out wide, Acer began to attack her mind, sending a blast o psionic energy directed at her brain, that would cause her to become naseus, follwing up Acer began to rip the metal from the earth and shape it into sharp spike, hundreds of these spikes were directedtowards her.