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Setting: Los Angeles, CA, 7:35 pm, warm Summer night, not a cloud in sight.... 

It had happened 62 days 4 hours 6 minutes and 53 seconds ago...the moment he lost a great measure of his power, the moment that would change his whole superhero career forever, the moment he realized that he would need much more than a couple of shiny swords to defend the people of his city.  For a reason unknown to him, Obi Wan Kenobi, the defender of the great city of Los Angeles and the champion of The Force, had lost every trace of the mutant powers he had been born with.  Intangibility, invisibility, flight, and anti-matter production: powers which he once wielded and had used to fight crime, no longer at his disposal; no longer in his repertoire.  After the unfortunate loss of the powers he had grown up using, Obi had thought, Hey, Ima Jedi goddamnit! I don't need my mutant powers! but he would soon learn otherwise....  

On his first mission since the loss, Obi ventured to downtown Los Angeles to defend his city against a well known villain who the media had dubbed "The Priest."  A musclebound mutant who dressed up in a catholic priest outfit and could create light constructs.  Easy Win, thought the always-confident Jedi.  As he arrived downtown, Obi attacked The Priest and gained the upperhand, piercing the villains skin and hurting him with repeated jabs of the lightsaber.  Various news cameras looked on as the Jedi did what he did best: bring justice to the city and beat down on the villains who dared threaten it.  But the tides began to turn as the Priest seemed to grow impervious to Obi's blows.  The more Obi attacked, the stronger the Priest seemed to be getting.  The Priest had finally had enough and in one powerful yank the pulled the lightsaber out of Obi's hand and sent him flying.  Obi began to panic, he was used to his mutant powers.  In the past he would just attack the villain with an anti-matter blast and reduce him to nothing more than a pile of blood and guts, but he was no longer able to do that.  Obi panicked and attacked The Priest endlessly with slashes of his lightsaber and telekinetic blasts, but to no avail.  The Priests fought back and fought hard.  He was finally able to get to a close distance and once he got his hands on the young jedi, he began to let his full power be shown.  The villain landed blow upon devastating blow on the body of the jedi and beat him until he became unconscious.  Obi's teammates from WAL eventually intervened and were able to apprehend the villain, but the damage had been done.  Kenobi had been humiliated on national television, his once flawless reputation as a badass hero, now wiped away.  

Obi awoke in a hospital bed, his parents looking down to him asking him how he felt.  He was engulfed by a sense of worthlessness, he felt that he no longer could do what he had done for so many years.  He felt like nothing..he felt powerless.  He knew that the only way he could redeem himself in the eyes of the millions of residents of Los Angeles was if somehow he could use the power he had, strengthen it and hone it.  Obi had always known that the Force was an almost endless source of power but he had never learned to fully rely on it because of his mutant powers.  Now, he had no choice.  He would have to perfect his mastery of the Force at all costs.  As the days passed and he recovered from his injuries, the young jedi began to train and hone his Force powers.  He made his telekinesis stronger, his pain threshold farther, and he almost perfected his breath control.  However, he knew he would need more, he knew this wasn't even close to being enough, so, he seeked out the aid of the Force itself.  He meditated in it and prayed to God for something that would help him regain his strength.  

The answer came to him one night as he sat alone on the roof of his house.  He heard someone land behind him and a tall dark man appeared.  He called himself Jedi Master Paibok Slim.  According to him, he had been beckoned by the Force to this strange world to help the young Jedi.  Skeptical at first, Obi Wan Kenobi learned to trust Master Slim and confide in him.  Slim taught him things that the young Jedi previously thought were impossible to do with the Force and helped him fine-tune his manipulation of it.  After endless days and nights spent training and practicing, Master Paibok Slim finally deemed his student's training complete.  

Two months passed, two months without Obi Wan Kenobi coverage on the local news.  It seemed that the ones who had once called him hero had all but forgotten him.  Other heroes had began to pop up in the thriving city and defended it with relative ease.  However, no one was prepared for what was to come, it was something only Obi Wan Kenobi, the last of the Jedi could handle.

20 minutes ago

It had been two days since the young jedi had returned home after his training with Master Paibok Slim, and he was very eager to test out his newfound power in The Force.  Finally the moment came.  As he flipped through the channels on the television looking for something to watch he stopped when he stumbled upon the local evening news.  Big black letters read "Attack: LA Under Siege." and in the screen he could see something attacking, leveling entire buildings and knocking down every small time superhero that dared get too close to it.  As the cameras obtained a close up of the attacker, Obi froze up and let the remote drop to the floor.  It was none other than one of his best friends and most trusted allies, Acer.  Kenobi knew what Acer was capable of and he knew that there was no way in hell that any of the small-time heroes who had been defending the city in his stead could defeat this man.  Obi was filled with a sickening dread, but a the same time was filled with a newfound excitement and confidence.  I can do this, Obi said to himself as he made his way outside and hopped onto his new state-of-the-art swoop bike.  

As he arrived at the scene, he sensed the fear and shock of the people gathered there.  Obi  made his way toward the raging Acer but a group of policemen got in his way.  They stared him down with a confused look for a few seconds.  He had fallen out of favor with them but they knew that at a time like this they were desperate for a hero like none other.  As they stepped out of the way, Kenobi stepped forward slowly and looked at the opponent he was being pitted against.  Acer seemed to be lost in a frenzy of anger and destruction and as Obi made eye contact with him he realized one thing: this was not Acer, this was something far more dangerous.
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24 Hours Earlier
Acer sat up straight in the hospital bed, he had not slept for a very long time not since he had become the horseman known as famine and even now with that dark entity purged from his body he could still not close his eyes and drift off into a dream land. No matter how hard he tried or the methods he used there was something keeping him awake something that even though to Acer was stopping him from gaining the one thing he so greatly desired but infact what was keeping him awake was Acer himself, the good pure entity with in was stopping Acer from falling a sleep and giving in to the dark urges that could take over his mind and body if he were to sleep. Acer was always the darkest and troubled member of Mobb Deep and thats why he made the perfect candidate for being a horseman, it was many things that drove him to seek power. Now famine was gone but it had unlocked the actual darkness that resided in his heart the darkness that was there long before famine came into play.

As he sat there with the constant dripping of adrenalline going through the other patients bodies and with the noise of buzzing and cleaning from the hospital machines and staff, Acer could feel it inside of him taking over but he ignored it his mind so set on sleep. His eyes were slowly turning red and were much darker than they usually were and the same could be said for his hair and skin colour both of which had become darker. The staff at the hospital just ignored him only making sudden quick glances but all were afraid of what he was and what he may do. Acer kept on fighting for his mind to shut down and get some sleep and finally it happened as his good side caved into the desire to sleep.  Acer drifted off as the world became black and it was filled with silence. Acer began to dream and everything was filled with a dark energy that was coursing inside a void and a voice rained out from the darkness YOUR MINE.

2 Hours Ago
Acer having been awake for so long had to sleep much longer than what was required and what was normal, this had giving the darkness inside of him more time and a better chance to take over the young heroes body, his body, mind and general look had shifted to one of darkness, everything about him was darker but still his good side was fighting the bad and it hand managed to fend the darkness away from taking over his body fully making his look dark yet still signs of Acer were showing but not much and it seemed the good was destined to fail against the bad. Acer woke up and when he did he was taking over and a voice told him to show his power and destroy the city outside. The machines and wires in which he was connected to started to pulsate with electricity as a dark energy filled them and then they exploded releasing Acer who got up from his bed and began to walk down the long hospital corridors.

Many people tried to stop him and tried to tell him that it was not safe for him to be up and that he still needed rest but quickly they were dealt with, he did not kill them his good side prevented that but each person who stood in his way was knocked out and the more he did this the less people attempted to stop him. Anything that did not draw life Acer cut down and destroyed. Leaving the hospital in near ruins he went outside and began to rampage his way across the city destroying anything in his path, the police didnt dare step in his way and they left it to a group of young heroes to deal with the dark Acer. His rampage lasted for what seemed like an eternity and he had left the city destroyed and the heroes had fallen one by one. Nothing could stop him all attempts were futile and with the heroes of LA down it seemed as though there would be no hope.

News repoters and choppers were recording the entire incident as rubble lay everywhere and cars were engulfed in flames in what looked like a post apocalyptic world. Police stood there trying there best to save people trapped in buildings and to get them to saftey and then the police seemed to be distracted by someone and Acer could sense a prence he had not felt in a long time as the police parted like the red sea there he stood the hero of LA and the last of the jedi, one of Acer's best friends but also on of his most feared rivals. The two stood staring at each other a gaze that only was giving when a battle was about to take place. The dark side told Acer that this was another person attempting to stop him from gaining what he wanted and with that Acer smirled a dark and sinister grin as he bowed his head not saying a word his feet positioning changed as did his weight distibution as he put one foot infront of the other he took off charging at Obi with an impressive display of speed his hand wrapped in a dark blue ki energy he sent a punch for the young jedi's nose hoping to break it and knock him out.

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The tension was high as Obi stared into the eyes of the monster he had once called friend.  He knew that it was too late to back out now, too late to try to "talk things out."  If he wanted to stop this rampaging bull from destroying everything he held dear, Kenobi would have to fight.  This is why he had spent two months training arduously under the watchful eye of Master Paibok Slim.  Obi was not about to let his training go to waste.  He would come hard and come fast, he would fight until there was not a drop of blood left in his whole body, and most importantly he would protect his city and everything he loved.  Kenobi continued to stare at Acer intensely, waiting for him to make the first move.  As Acer moved his feet, reminiscent of a hand to hand combatant of his caliber and skill, Obi braced himself, knowing that an attack was coming.  

With great great speed, the assailant ran at the young jedi.  His fist was covered by a dark blue light as he rammed it into Kenobi's face.  The already potent impact was further accentuated by the ki energy that Acer wielded and formed around his hand.  The fist hit Obi's nose and sent the young Jedi flying backwards, blood spurting out of his nose and unto the cracked pavement.  After feeling the pain all over his face, Kenobi opened his eyes, but all he could see was red.   The blood flowing from his nose had splattered all over his face and flooded his eyes as the Jedi struggled to fight back the pain.  Under him was the cracked asphalt that had been the result of his body's hard fall.  The young Jedi slowly and gingerly got to his knees and with his back turned to his opponent, clutched his nose, which was now terribly bent out of shape and oozing with thick crimson blood.  Closing his eyes, the young Jedi tightened the hold on his nose and said to himself, 

"Pain is but what we make of it...Ignore it, and it will cease to exist.  There is no pain.  Obi squeezed his nose tightly.  There is...no....PAIN!"

A loud cracking sound was heard as Obi forced his nose back into place and opened his eyes.   The bleeding was slowly beginning to diminish as the pain began to flee from the young Jedi's being.  His back still turned to Acer, and his shirt still damp with blood, Obi Wan Kenobi rose to his feet and slowly pulled the hilt of his green lightsaber out of its holster.  His expression was a mix of anger andhappiness;  anger that stemmed from the fact that someone was messing with his hood, and happiness that was the result of the realization that Acer was the perfect opponent to test his new powers and skills on.  Slowly and carefully, the young Jedi moved his right thumb over the deployment button on his lightsaber's hilt and let the solid bright green beam of light be released.  The spectators looked on in awe as a smirk formed on the Jedi's face.  This was a hero who a couple months ago had been humiliated before their very eyes by a second rate villain.  But they knew...they knew that something was different..something was very different about Obi Wan Kenobi, the last of the Jedi Knights.  

In the blink of an eye, Kenobi turned around and with his newfound power of Force Speed, ran past Acer until he was 22 yards behind him. At this distance, he grabbed his green lightsaber and hurled it at the back of Acer's head, using his TK to ensure that it stayed on course. Once he had thrown his lightsaber,  he changed directions and ran towards his opponent at a very high speed, while pulling out the hilt of his blue lightsaber.  As he approached a distance at which he could strike with, Obi deployed his blue lightsaber and with his right hand, thrust it powerfully towards Acer's midsection.  This was the new improved, Obi Wan Kenobi, and he was intent on proving it. 
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That one brief stare down which lasted only mere seconds to the world around the two combatants had lasted an age to the post demonic Acer, in that one stare with his devil eyes he showed his intentions and showed his rival that he was there to take him out and kill him. In just one moment he had shown his friend what was truly lying deep with in his own soul, he had shown him that there was a devil inside his body and if it wasnt for the little bit of good left in Acer fighting it then the devil would truly show its wings but at the moment he was only showing Obi his post transformation neither human or devil yet at the same time it was both of those things. This would be a fight to the death and Acer knew it and one way he was happy and another he was sad and these emotions hit so many different levels it was hard to keep up with them.

Acer had taking off in great speed when delivering his first attack, he had hoped that by showing his speed and go at the young jedi with full speed and showing he wouldnt hold back he would suprise Obi and gain the advantage with his opening attack. This plan worked as Acer managed to land a perfectly placed punch on the jedi's nose and with the added power of ki energy that wrapped itself around his fist he was able to send Obi flying back. Acer backflipped away after executing his attack to avoid any of the blood released from Obi's nose from hitting him, the crimson liquid hitting the cracked pavement. Acer could see the jedi was in pain as his face looked more like it was made only of blood as the crimson had got in his eyes. Acer would usually have taking a defensive stance in order to combat any attack that may come his way but he was so confident in his new found power that he could win this fight without using a defense. Acer looked on as Obi slowly got to his knee's, with his back facing Acer and the cracked floor from the attack showing Obi raised his hands to his face, Acer could see he was clutching his nose. 

Then after Obi had spoke about pain a large cracking sound could be heard as his nose was put back into place, it sounded excructiating to the ear but Acer actually enjoyed the sound of broken bones and what he enjoyed more was putting someone in pain. Obi then began to raise to his feet and drew one of his lightsaber's. Even with having his back turned Acer could feel the energy in Obi, it was a rare talent that he had unlocked as a horsemen it helped him to know when an enemy would attack or lie by the shifting of there energy levels. He could even guess a persons emotions and Obi had a mixture of anger and happiness but why Acer did not know but he could hazzard a guess as to why. Acer watched Obi carefully and looked on as his thumb moved its way over the lightsaber puuting and in one swift move Obi unleashed the green energy of a weapon known through out the universe, it was as much apart of a jedi than the force was and Acer knew this. Acer smirked as he would have a chance to combat on of the greatest weapons ever wielded by one of the greatest heroes ever.

Then in one move Acer was left shocked as one second Obi was standing there and the next he was ruuning right past Acer in an amazing display of speed. Acer was baffled as to how Obi after being dealt such a devesating blow was able to move at such incredible speeds. Acer had always known Obi to be strong and a reat fighter bu he had no idea that he could move at such speeds and have such a high energy level. Acer knew then that he would have to use a defensive and that he would be forced to enter the fight of his life against a friend, a enemy and a rival. Acer had his back to Obi who was now over 20 yards away. Turning around he noticed the lightsaber heading straight for his face, quickly he shifted his head to one side avoiding a killer blow but his reactions werent great enough as the lightsaber grazed his cheek, any other weapon the wound would have been small but the lightaber was different as its energy caused a deep cut to open on his face. The crimson blood began to exit the wound and flow down Acer's cheek like a waterfall dripping down onto his clothers. Then before he could do anything about the wound Obi had changed directions and was now heading for Acer deploying a blue lightsaber he thrusted it for Acer's midsection in what would be another killing blow. The lightsaber looked like it was about to hit Acer but was stopped by a thin ki energy shield, it was to small to see at first but when the lightsaber hit it the energy rippled like a pebble hiting the water.

Acer jumped back to give himself some space between himself and Obi in order to deal with his wound, Acer then wrapped his hand again in ki energy but this time it was green instead of blue. Raising his hand to his cheek he began to use his ki energy to heal his wound as the green energy mixed with the wound and sealed it shut. Acer looked towards obi with rage in his eyes and a smirk on his face. Acer stretched out his arm to the side of him as a long arm formed of energy and made its way to an antique shop and brought back Acer a ancient japanse katana. Unsheating the blade Acer observed this prime weapon it was old but still in prime condition. Acer took a battojutsu stance and took of at Obi while he did he wrapped the blade in energy in order to deal extra damage and combat the lightsaber. Acer got with in striking distance and brought his blade down upon Obi slashing for his midesection then he sheathed the blade and drove it at Obi's stomach hoping this would send the jedi back if hit Acer unsheathed the blade one more time and thrusted at Obi's stomach. Acer then took a traditional kendo defensive stance.