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Location: A large meadow surrounded by a forest

Weather: Sunny

Time: Mid day

The sun beamed from the heavens sending a ray of pure blissful light down upon the earth lighting up the world with its amazing and intense smile the type of smile that could blind a god with its beauty. A soft summer’s breeze swept across the green meadow causing each blade of grass to sway and dance as one with the wind the wind entering the forest as the leaves of the trees ruffled shaking like natural chimes that was heard by the scurrying squirrels and the chirping birds.

The trees seemed to talk to one another as the wind swept past telling stories only nature could understand and was meant to understand whispering a story that could not be understood by human ears but one that was beautiful never the less. It was a beautiful day a magnificent day and it was a perfect day for a battle.

On the edge of the forest laid a young man 18 years of age a top a branch of a tree his body hard to see due to him being hidden by the bushes and the luscious colours of the forest. Rising up he sat on the branch legs swinging like two pendulums he was wearing a full ninja outfit completely covered head to toe only his eyes wear showing his suit all black. On his back were two katanas and there were various pouches around his waist concealing other weapons and scrolls.

The mans name was Acer or as some called him the Ace of execution due to his amazing combat skills he arrived at this location waiting to fight a powerful opponent.

Come on where the hell is this guy

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By a stream of cool waters, A young woman was knelt down with her long fingers dancing with the leaves that fell from the trees. Her body cast in shadows, Her eyes lowered, and her hair hidding the fairness of her face, which the wind came by to kiss so sweetly as it played with her long locks of fire.

She whispered A song to the trees, which was answered back, in another song, like a lovers song between wind and tree, leave and breeze, branch and storm.

She felt the heat of the suns faint touch on her dark pants, which she only wore when she felt a good fight was abroad. Black as night, tight as skin, flexable as water, flowing with life, love, and passion. not just passion for love and hate, but of lust, and blood.

Taking her fingers from the cool stream, She, with the grace of dust in the winds, stood up, running her long fingers though her hair, taming the wild curls with the water that clung to her fingers like lovers in the night. Taking the ribbon from which she kept wraped around her fingers, she tied her hair back, then tucked it under the cloak which she wore. Rasing the hood so low over her face, And keeping it around her black shirt, which had slits down the top of her arms, and over her breasts abit, then along her ribs, It was imposable to tell if she was man, or woman, Only human.Turning from the reflection that danced like a sinful dream in the waters face, She headed out into the near blinding light of the warm sun, and her hot kiss upon her blacken hooded cloak. The only thing on her face that could be seen, was the eery glow of emerald green of her eyes.

Stoping right in the middle of the meadow, she glanced her head right at him, sure she couldnt see him, not his body, but she could taste his energy, the life that flowed though his body.

with a gloved finger, She rased her hand to him, then flexed her fingers, calling him to play.

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The ace of execution laid in wait lurking like a predator in the forest his position had now changed from one of sitting down relaxed not having a care in the world like a river that was calm and flowed peacefully like the wind that danced across the mans body causing his garment to flow and sway to the beat of the gust like the gentle flow of the summers river. His position had changed the ace of execution was now standing on the branch crouching down knees bent his body tucked in each of his arms balanced on each knee making it so he would not lose balance supplying chakra to his feet making him become one with the branch sticking to it like a monkey and one would think he was a monkey.

Although his position had changed from one of relaxation to more of a battle stance he was still calm like a river his mind was like a haven that danced and singed the tune of nature it was a tranquillity he was pure of mind calm and calculated all the time taking in were he was and were everything was his mind devoloping plans each passing second how he could use the enviroment to his advantage like a great strategist he needed to see who his opponenet was and what they could do before he made any rash decisions about plans.

Sure he was a calm river but even a calm river is full of rage and anger one must not be fooled by what there eyes tell them as sometimes your eyes lie to you it is best to trust your heart and mind before you trust your eyes let your soul guide you let that be your shining light your gaurdian angel. A river may be calm but it can still destroy a mountain working over time it never gives up it keeps at it having a willpower that only nature could provide and in time that river can beat that mountain and thats how Acer thought no matter how tough the situation at first no matter how hard things got or if a task looked imposible to beat he would keep fighting on never giving up because no task is impossible no enemy undefeatable with enough hard work and spirit any obstacle can be over come.

Acer looked out of the corner of his eye turning his body slightly staying in the same body position he noticed a figure next to a stream but couldnt see there face or if it were man or woman due to the leaves blocking his view hugging his body but he could make out the movements of what may be his opponenet it was kneeling down next to a stream this place was like a garden of eden the closest thing a human would come to paradise.

The figure got up and began to move its hands through hair raising a hood over its head and began to walk to the centre of the meadow Acer moved his position again and looked to see what he was up against but couldnt see if it were man or woman all he could see were to green eyes that seemed wild and untamed like the leaves of the forest that moved in there own way. The strange figure looked up and looked into Acers eyes how could he be seen the trees were covering his body what was this person and what powers did they posess. The figure raised its hand and signaled for him to come showing this was the ace of executions opponent.

Guess theres no point hiding Acer said with a smile on his face his voice calm and steady like the calmness of the meadow that the mysterious figure stood upon.

Acer jumped in the air and out of the forest his arms stretched outward his body in the same position it had been in when he left the trees like a eagle he soured in the air letting the wind take him becoming one with it but just as quickly he came back down to earth like a graceful bird and landing skipping across the beutiful green grass like a gazelle stopping infront of his opponent. Acer smiled like the sun keeping his eyes on his opponent his gaze fixed like the heavens gaze was fixed on earth. He didnt show fear in his eyes but his eyes showed a burning passion for a fight his dark blue eyes was all his enemy could see.

Lets do this

Acer took a respectful bow he knew the first step to victory was to respect and honour your opponent with that done the ace of execution clapped his hands together and bent down touching the ground the green meadow all of a sudden turned to ice making it slippery and hard to keep balance but this was all part of his plan he channeled chakra to his feet this made it like he was wearing spikes that gripped the ice he could move freely and how he wanted without the ice causing problems.

Acer ran around his opponent circling like a lion that was hunting a deer he stopped again infront of the enemy and ran at full force his metal legs made him move faster and swifter than any human he continued his run and got with in attacking distance he bent down and grabbed his right wrist with his left hand and sent a elbow strike at his opponents stomach coming up he sent the same elbow move to the left cheek quickly switching he sent the same combo only this time using his left elbow. He backflipped away and observed any damage he may have caused.

Im the ace of execution Acer and you would be

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Ice, he had to use ice. I bloody hate the cold...

Lya thought as she felt the ice crack around her feet, Her smile was unseen as she thought of so many ways to ingor this ice, She could melt it, But water wasnt her style to much, but she could use it against him, the sound of movement in the water was easy for her pointed ears to hear, She could walk along the ice, or 'skate' around him, Like the young girls that dance on ice, Ice skaters, so graceful, poetic. Yet none of them could take a hit. lya smirked at the thought as he started to run around her. She kept the hood down, but it was seethough just enough she could watch him, but he couldnt even tell the color of her skin.

She was only slightly awere he had bowed to her before his ice run. She had honored him just as he did her. with a small bow of the waist and a nod of her head. The light in her eyes was brighter as he stoped before her and came at her with an elbow attack.

Frist his right elbow to her gut, Missed, She had twisted her body to the side so his arm came just before her stomach, then he brought it up, He was fast, This was good. She wouldnt want to waist her time, nor his.

She was limber, Moving just hairs of an inch from his arm as it came to her cheek. She could feel his energy..it made her almost blood thirsty. She twisted again as he came in with the other elbow, But she wasnt fast enough to miss his next atack at her cheek, or was she? She might of just wanted contack with him.

his elbow slid across her cheek, Cold as the ice his arm was. there was no fleash under his robes. Her face was pushed back, to the right, She felt the loving pain that almost tore her jaw.

with the hit, the hood moved slightly,so all he saw, was her chin, smooth, and her bottom lip, there was no mark where he had hit her, infact it didnt even touch her. Only her sheild. An energy sheild that wraped around her body like water, warm and flowing with energy, with life.

Her bottom lip rose in a smirk, still he couldnt tell if she was a girl or a guy.

"Metal arms, Energy flowing though your body like a raging river, charka, the mix of your body energy and your spirit energy..ninja."

Her voice was low, deep, barely a whisper, But there was a deep amuzment within her words.

It was going to take her longer to claim his energy cus of his metal arms and posably his legs aswell, they where heavy on the ice.

"my turn."

SHe took one step to the left, She slid like a skater, her body was bent, low, like a hunter. her eyes deep within his, locked. She moved back, and around him this time. moving her feet from side to side, Then she spun, towards him, but didnt touch him as she moved away. four times did she do this, her arms out, strong, soild, undifing of gender.Then she came in again, her eblow aimed for his cheek, and her knee for his gut.but her foot was pointed differnt, as if to trip him should her knee miss.

only the cloak danced in the air. Only the hood shook but never showing more than a splinter of her cheek, not even her slim neck was seen.

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The alchemic ace could feel a strong energy radiate from his mysterious and soulful opponent it was the type of energy that made the skin tingle on a persons body with warmth like a strong fire that was wild and filled with passion but also full of rage and anger and thats how he fealt around this person he felt soothed by the energy yet at the same time was fearful of the damage that the energy could cause. Acer to had an amazing energy and what she was feeling at the moment what she was seeing was only a small fraction of his power deep with in him laid a dormant black wolf that had eyes as black as charcol a rage as fierce as the fury of god and a power that could bring the world to its knees.

Acer was now on the ground his opponent could not be seen by his eyes but the energy giving off could be felt he got a strange warm feeling in the deepness of his soul that this battle would be one to remember a supernova filled his heart with a passion for battle that he had never felt before win or lose it didnt matter all he wanted was a great match from his opponent and he would return the favour by coming back from every attack threw at him stronger than ever.

Acer gave his respectful bow and like a true warrior she returned his bow showing honour and cuortisy that made Acer respect his opponent even more his heart couldnt help but smile he got goosebumps on his skin as his hairs stood on end just the sheer thought of the battle made his heart skip a beat. The floor was now ice it was like they were in a fairy tale. The ice was a major advantage for Acer his opponent had no way of getting across the ice freely he had gained the upper hand. She seemed to be lost like there was something on her mind.

The ace of execution didnt stop to think what was on her mind as he launched his attack his first elbow strike was sent with great force at her gut his metalic arms would made the strike all the more devestating his body keeping motion as he sent the fierce strike but she managed to twist her body like a tornado and avoided the attack that would have knocked the wind out of her. Although he missed his body and arm kept in motion like the wind that blew across the battlefield he came up as he did his left leg left the ground as his right foot went onto its balls the momentum from the last attack sent would carry onto this one and make it all the more dangerous.

Like his last elbow strike this to missed but only just he was a hair away from connecting but in battle you have to be perfect each attack has to be spot on. His next elbow strike now that he had missed the last two was sent with much more force and this time he connected his opponent could not move fast enough connecting hitting his opponents chin and knocking the person back but he could feel he had not hit at all he could feel the shield that was wrapped around her body he could feel its energy vibrate through his arms of metal he could feel it against his face as he had leaned in for attack.

He had managed to move the hood slightly but not enough to tell if it were man or woman that laid behind the darkness all he could see was a chin and lips that rose up smirking at Acer and the ace of execution couldnt help but smile back he was having a great time. The figure spoke the voice masked like her face he stilll couldnt tell if it was a man or a woman "Metal arms, Energy flowing though your body like a raging river, charka, the mix of your body energy and your spirit energy..ninja."

Damn this is fun your energy is amazing and the way you moved to dodge my attacks was like some form of animal and that shield that hugs your body like it is one with you like it is part o the clothes you wear is powerful this is going to be a challenge but i like a challenge and i will break that shield then your body

She spoke again saying it was her turn Acer knew she was ready to launch her attack knowing his best option was to stay fixed in this one place and let her come to him making her travel across he slippery ice he took up a taijutsu defensive battle stance turning to his side he faced her keeping his eyes locked on like a owl watching the field mouse his legs were parted slightly his left foot pointed towards her his right pointing away from himself his left arm was raied infront of his face as his finger tips pointed to the heavens his right arm positioned behind his back his fist clenched as he readied for what was about to come.

Acer looked on as the person moved freely to the left showing no signs of slipping on the ice body bent down like a speed skater her gaze met his his like an intesity in both combatants eyes as sparks of energy left his eyes her emerald green eyes meeting his saphire eyes like a large green field was meeting clear blue waters. the person skated across the surface of th ice moving like a graceful swan showing amzing skill making Acer think of another battle plan as the ice had failed. Spinning round him 4 times not once did the person launch an attack all the time Acer kept his sight on only twisting his body when he needed to.

She came at him again only this time she delivered an attack her elbow came at his face like a bat out of hell it went for his cheek but showing his amazing hand to hand skills the ace of execution moved his arm parrying the elbow strike sweeping the air as it moved his metalic arm graced the persons non metalic arm. but while his arm was occupied her knee strike connected in the centre of his gut knocking his breath away as hid body arched forward from the impact he coughed several times getting his breath back. Allt he time he couldnt see the face of the figure. Then he noticed her other leg attempting to trip him it seemed to work he began to fall to the ground but arching his back slightly his arms touched the ice as he performed several backflips and landed on his feet svereal feet from his advesary.

Acer withdrew one of his katanas an began to supply chakra to it making its attacks more powerful and deadly using this would hopefully make it strong enough to penetrate her shield the energy was blue and was radiating from the blade. Acer ran to his opponet again and slid across the ice as he he did he crouched down and span going behind the person he slashed at the tendon in her leg just above her ankle if this attack worked right slashing that tendon would shatter all the nerves in her left leg making it compltely useless. Keeping motion he span back arounf her getting back up he was now facing her as he began to send several slashed of the blade at the abdomen.

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A grin of amusement crossed her unseen lips as she heard his hands touch the ice. He was good. Very good. This should be fun. The young girl cared not for winning, She didn’t think she could beat him, But, like he said, she moved like an animal, and all animals love a good hunt.

She stated in motion, heading away from him, towards the woods, as she heard him draw metal. Then the charge of the energy was as fresh, as inviting as dripping blood to a vampire. Ridding her thoughts, her minds will was bending.

No...Do not lose your focus just yet Lya...wait...lets play abit more before we feast...

Her hunger for his energy was seen vividly though her emerald gaze. So much she had in store for him, only to feel the hunger so strong now...was very anoying.

Spinning around on the ice, she stopped and watched him, the blue was so bright and rich. Clear yet so thick...Energy...The light danced over the ice, in ribbons of passion, rage and lust, love and hate. Everything she craved was seen dancing the day away on the clear ice top.

Leaning down, she wondered should she take away his icy toy...seeing that he new it was useless...no.not yet. It was fun to skate. Like a faster pasted fight. Forget your horses and your cars. Your boats and your space ships. Man to man...woman, Sword of energy, against a living staff of light as green as the world should be. The fighters sliding across the ice like hockey... Shaking her head of the thought, she picked up a bow staff. As her fingers ran over the smooth wood, as if touching a loved item, it started to glow, the same glow that brought color to her eyes, just enough to see the eyes, and the bridge of the nose. Nothing more.

She spun the staff around. Surely a stick and a katana was way out matched, but with energy added to this mix, an energy like the one that flowed over her body like the loving hands of lust driven mate that couldn’t be broken easily should make it about right.

And now to prove it.

He came at her. Low like a creature of death, Fast like the flash of a storms light, dancing over the ice. Heading right to her.


With a smirk, and a glow of the eyes, She moved to him, Her staff was pointed outwards as she skated to him, Then she saw his move, Well, part of it, the lower part of her body. Legs, maybe the hips. She wasn’t sure. She could leap, but that left her too open, to dodge? No. She would block, but at this speed they where reaching, when he came to her, she would run right into him.

He moved the katana towards her left knee. It would hurt like hell if it hit.

Taking the staff, She challenging the energy to sharpen she used the staff to block his attack. They should collide but she pushed away from him with the staff. Making her goes to the side, but he was still going and spun around behind her.

She turned to fast him just as he brought on a raging attack. Taking the staff from the middle, it was like she had to swords that where joined right where her fingers where. Spinning a block, then another. But she couldn’t block it all. She saw his opening, to her side, just at her ribs. As she stood up abit more, she used the shield around her to take the energy from the sword as it touched her skin.

And it worked, she took a part of his energy into her, and it moved though her body into the staff, but the force of the impact sent her skidding back.

Moving her feet, she was able to turn the skid into an attack of her own. But this time she moved away from him. Drawing the staff up, like a bow, she used an energy ribbon as a string, and his energy she stole from his katana made an arrow.

The energy arrow was one of her greatest attacks, for it would slice though aiming to his living energy, sure it could be dodged, but the force of the air that it gathers as it moves though the distance to get from her to him, would make about a 28 yards of strong gusts with rocks, dust, and other things found on the floors of the meadows fly like razors to him.

At the same time she used her own energy, and the energy from the living woods around her to melt the ice, just as she let go of the Glowing arrow that was aimed right for his energy, if he moved, it would move, and so would everything else, even the water that was now two inches high at their feet.

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The alchemic ace had withdrew one of his two katanas the metal shimmered and shined in the company of the sunlight reflecting its beams like a mirror in all directions the way the many rays of light moved was like a wild tornado there paths were never the same but there job was like a military unit who seperated into two teams they went in different directions but they still operated as one. The light had bounced into the forest lighting it up slightly. The forest was dark even in the day the sunlight that the sun provided found it hard to penetrate the defenses that the forest canopy served and like the canopy Acers opponent had a defense a shield that was hard to penetrate but nothing is perfect even the sun needs rest and that shiel would be broken.

The blade had been suplied with chakra the energy enhancing the blade making its sharpness and attack power much greater doing this would make the blade stand a better chance of getting through the enemies defenses and if it did a cut from the blade would cause much deeper wounds and the energy would vibrate through the enemies body making it like they had been hit all over. Acer held the blade in a reverse manner it was on its sidepointing to the right of him his hands gripped the blade his knuckles pointed in he direction of the hooded assailant.

The person was spinning around on the ice like a professional ice skater so swift so graceful and so elegant like a angel who swept away the clouds and decended from the heavens. Acers opponent stopped and looked as he supplied the chakra the rich blue energy was like a ocean so calm yet so powerful it flowed from his body and into the blade the 3 had a connection they were one the energy wrapped around the blade the two like lovers holding each other in there arms not wanting to let go bonding becoming the same and like two lovers who would die fo each other the blade and the chakra became one.

As Acer finished supplying the chakra all the time he never kept his eyes off his opponent he was like a hawk he always noticed that his opponent had sometihng on there minds. As the ace of execution readied his attack his opponent picked up a bow staff a weapon that was easy to use but hard to master the weapon was great for attack and defense and it was highly durable even though it was made of wood this was interesting sword meeting staff he always felt a great power from his opponent but now he would see if they had the skill to wield a weapon and match the ace of execution in the combat department. The staff was giving of a emerald green the colour similar to the eyes of its wielder the two energies giving off was intense the colours matching the eyes of the two combatants.

The staff began to twirl around like a whirlpool appearing as if to knock away the wind itself the energy danced around like fairies it was dazzling to look at the alchemic ace looked in awe and wonder but never showed it his expression as serious his mind never off the battle right leg slightly behind his left the right heel raised knees bent readying his attack chakra supplied to the feet for that extra boost.

Acer then set off like a rocket heading for his opponent and she to came at him the two were about to meet her staff pointed outwards at him he knew his move he had planned it out in his mind but the hard part was the execution of the plan but he had full faith in his abillities did his opponent share the same faith. Going down Acer sent a slash of his sword to her knee turning his body and arms as he sent his blade to its location but it was blocked by an impressive display of skill by his opponent using the staff to block his sword metal met wood the two grinded as the energies of blue and green mixed together like water and seaweed. Acer was pushed away as his opponent went to the side.

He was pushed away but the spin he started from the last attack was still going and now the push had giving him more momentum spinning right around her as his own body spinned like a bottle top. He appeared infront of her and launched a devestating katana combo the blade like a orchestra playing a beutiful melody rised and falled his attack was like a perfect sympthony so passionate so amazing so awe inspiring. His opponent held the staff in the middle spinning it blocking many of his strikes he couldnt see it as his eyes were closed but he could feel it the energies meeting the vibration that ran through the blade and into his body was like the suns touch on his skin at this moment all he could hear was Mozarts requiem and he attacked and moved to the sound of the music. His attacks began to connect but the shield was hard to penetrate and when it got through to the skin its energy had been taking away.

The force of the attack even with the energy drained still managed to knock Acers opponent away but she skidded then using the energy that was taking from the blade she began to weave the enrgy like a string into the staff like a perfect sewist weaving a masterpiece of clothery like the sisters of fate from greek weaving the threads of time. A arrow was created. Its energy was amazing and Acer knew hit by this would be deadly knowing his timing had to be perfect he sheathed his katana and waited this would be hard to dodge.

The ice began the two began to melt turning into water and this was a good thing for him as he had planned for her to do this. The energy arrow was released and came at him at high speeds cutting the air itself creating a tunnel of energy its speed and power was great as it lifted parts of the air itself making it a deadly move this was only one attack but one that could have dire consequences Acer had to react fast. Acer preformed a hand seal.

Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(multi shadow clone jutsu)

All of a sudden 200 perfect clones of Acer appeard each one sharing a portion of his energy all perfect and they all worked like a perfect fighting unit they all ran at the arrow only to be cut down by it tearing through each one like scissors through paper all dissapearing as the arrow hit them but them getting in the way managed to take the pace and a little of the energy away from the arrow. Once it beat all the clones it came for the real Acer who tried to jump over it but mistimed his move the arrow penetrating his stomach going right through as he fell to the ground holding his wound that was now bleeding the blood dripped down and onto his ninja costume. Acer was on his knees in pain clenching his fists and gritting his teeth not wanting to scream. Acer took off his hood and top showing his body and face to his opponent his thick black her absorbed the sunlight he looked all human but underneath the skin that was placed over his arms were metal. His arms were wrapped in bandages and over them arm weights.

A strange black chakra was released from his body its energy was far greater than his own blue chakra it was intense and fierce the jet black energy went to the wound and closed it up healing him the chakra was suplliee by the beast locked up inside Acer it was the black wolf. Acer stood up and walked to the trees and walked up it using chakra to grip the tree like a spider he faced the groud he was like a branch

You really shouldnt have melted that ice you played right into my hands

Acer had the power of alchemy and one of its powers was to break a substance down to its basic elements and rebuild it into something new and this is what he would do in his next move. His attack would be to cause an alchemic reaction turning the water into oil then with a snap of his fingers he would release a flame from his hands and send it at the oil setting it and his opponent on fire. Acer set in motion his plan.

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Her hidden Emerald eyes widened at the sight of 200 copies of the man she fought. Her fists balled as she waited with faint hopes as the arrow grew in size and power. The wind rippled like the face of water once the rain starts. So fast, picking up the dust, which was still away from the main attack. One by one, Lillyana watched as the clones of the fighter, faded into the same dust.

Tilting her head, she came to think, each of them was a copy of the master, so each of them had a living heart, living energy that grew and moved within their copied bodies. Meaning more energy for her, and the more energy, the more power. A wicked grin crossed her lips, though still hidden by the hood that danced at her chin from the wind that was pulled from her, the very air she breathed, was put into that attack, lucky enough, she new how to hold her breath for a long time.

Her eyes watched as the number of clones faded into the dust, yet it was her mind that was else where, till it was only him, so slow did it happen.

The arrow touched his robes; His eyes of bright ocean blue widened and sparkled in shock. Slowly she could see, and feel the pain as it washed though his body, from his eyes. The sent of blood soaked the air sending her demonic thoughts into over drive. Closing her eyes, She tilted her head back, then moved it slowly to each side as a soft growl passed her sweet lips. Oh how she craved the taste of blood, the feel of it on her lips.

Then something snapped her back... Energy. Not living, but a dark deadly energy. It was enough to make her take a step back as she opened her confused eyes to the wounded man before her. But this time he was bare, from the waist up, his chest glistening with sweat, as white bandages wrapped around his arms, Like a Mummy long sense dead. His hair, as dark as hell itself, dancing in the soft breeze of the aftermath, drinking in the sun’s warm kiss, like a starved infant taking in mothers milk.

His face, young and pain stained, She blinked a few times as she watched his face and his emotions that danced over his cheeks, and his lips. Then a calming almost twisted look came over his face as the black energy danced over his body like ribbons of death, hugging him like a jealous lover. She watched, as the wound, which dripped in blood, closed, and the blood soaked back into his body.

Something had come over him, as though a beast, one of death and blood, was unlocked from the man’s soul, a demon from hell. He walked, like a stalker of the night, hunting, biding his time, watching his pray, and waiting for the right time to kill. No fear, no pain, nothing but the hunt, the thrill of the hunt that claimed his heart, as he thirst for her blood, her soul, her life.

No more was this a fight for fun, as before, but now a fight to survive, to live… A twisted smile of her own, crossed over her face, The first and only law of the jungle, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, there is no in between, any that break the law, dies by the law.

Her eyes watched him as He headed, so skilled in his bodies frame, as though he was born and breed within the woods, within the jungles, within deaths play house, up the tree, like a spider then he stopped, waiting for the right time to take the fly…but this little fly, had a plan up her sleeve.

She moved her hands over the soaked lands, graceful, and calm, looked more like a child at play, lost within a dream, than a fighter, a huntress herself. She took one step, and that spot she left, was glowing as where her finger tips, the only part of her hand that could be seen from the gloves, Her eyes, though the hood started to shin as though there wasn’t a hood at all.

Ribbons of green, mists of energy flowed from the ground as the water was soaking into the dirt, for she was taking the plants energy, making them need more water, more sun.

“Shouldn’t have melted the ice eh?”

She asked with a faint voice, not caring if he heard her words or not, As ribbons, mists, clouds of green light, moved from the trees, even his.

They rotated about her body, creating a sphere around her frame. Her body could still be seen as she tore away her hood. Letting her wild curls of fire red hair spill over her face and shoulders, down her back and chest. Then the wind caught it, making it thrust back as her eyes flashed with power.

The ribbon, of black silk flew from her raging hair, into the sky right towards him, as so, did her energy though the ground, into the tree, reaching like a hungry beast, craving his energy. When and if it found him, it wouldn’t even been noticed as it started to feast from his energy, his charka.

She new this man wasn’t one to play children’s games any longer, So she couldn’t forsake not one moment leaving herself vulnerable to his attacks, her life was at stake.

The sun kissed her hair, warmed her cheeks, brought light to her darkness, casted out all doubt, all fear, all she new was the hunt, all she new, was her energy, her power. It wasn’t just a tool she used to get what she needed or wanted. Her power was her, she was her power, She was her energy, and the energy was herself. One couldn’t life without the other. Such a simple thing, that most humans and mutants seem to forget, Her powers where weapons, and so was she… They where one, all of her power… she yielded to the warmth, to the blazing rage that stirred within her heart, flushing out her fear of herself, She could take it all, use it all against him, Every drop of energy that grew within every living creature, every plant, every germ that swam within the waters of the rivers, the lakes, even the rain, was at her control. She felt it now like she never felt before, it use to scare her, how much she could have, how much she could destroy, but now that the energy was flowing though her, with her, around her, how could se deine her lust for it any longer?

With the power, the Energy that flew as free as a dove, started to lash out in waves of pure heat that set the grass that was dieing, to ash, the leaves that where dry, blew way as if autumn had touched early this year. The lashes, the waves of energy shot out towards him, seeking for his blood, for his energy to build within itself.

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That last attack how could one person generate that much power with just one attack how could a single energy arrow drive that much fear in the heart of the alchemic ace and it wasnt just the way it moved ilke a falcon through the summers air seeming to move by a will of its own spinning like a vortex as it moved generating enough force to move the earth itself but it was how it was woven how it was created from energy not of the trees or the sky or even the earth but by the living energy of the combatants the power of the hooded stranger was great. If it wasnt for the wolf that remained like a volcano calm and steady bracing itself waiting for the right moment for it to explode if it wasnt for that beast that arrow would surley have ended Acers life it was a pain he had not felt in a long time like the energy was eating away at his insides.

That dark energy seemed to shock the person it was dark so dark a power greater than one could imagine it was a power that all the other great beasts themselves feared the 10 tailed wolf or as legend would call it the Ookami the most powerful being in a world that Acer is trying to get back to and when he arrived he released it and it bonded with him turning his pure soul into one of darkness and hatred it gave him amazing powers and abillities and for along time he managed to control it but now it seems its closer to getting out than ever and may god help those around when it is set free.

Acer had a plan and he hoped it would work not for his sake but for the sake of his opponent they had no idea what would happen if this battle continued they had no idea waht happens when the beast even takes control just a little. Climbing the tree like a squirrel Acer ascends upwards knowing his next attack will damage his opponent so badly there is no way they could come back and its not just the bodily harm but the mental harm an attack like this can cause and there the greatest attacks of all taking out the body one can recover from that but taking out the mind no one truly recovers from that type of damage no matter how much they want to because that pain will always lurk in the back of ones mind like a shadow that keeps on growing untill it takes over you consuming your very essense turning you manipulating you into something you thought you would never become. It can take years to destroy a man but the right attack on the mind a man can be destroyed in mear seconds and he wouldnt know it untill its to late.

Acer was now in position to launch his attack but he stopped for a few moments to watch what his opponent was doing. The hands brushed across the surface like a stone skimming the water gentle like a autumn breeze like a person without a care in the world the movements were simple yet mezmerising to the eyes of Acer like he was trapped in a dream like state then the stranger moved and as foot left water and hit it again moving from one position to the next the echo of water that had been left sending shimmers through the ground was glowing as where the hand of the breeze that not just a few moments ago was stroking the water and that same glow came over the strangers eyes like they had become stars twinkling in the midnight sky.

The water began to soak up into the ground as a mist of green energy the same energy that radiated from his opponent seemed to manipulate the earth itself as every last drip of water became one with the ground like a sun that drained the raindrops of mother nature all the water was gone and Acers plan of attack was washed away just like the water he needed to complete his attack doing something like this showed great power and understanding of how the earth and its elements work. Acer walked down from the tree as his opponent spoke “Shouldn’t have melted the ice eh?” Acer couldnt help but smile he even left out a soft laugh to quiet for normal ears to hear but his opponent was different even his laugh gave of energy and he had figured out she could feel it feel him and any suprise attacks he had planned were wasted.

Well i never liked getting my feet wet anyways

The green energy was moving from the trees like a fog of energy that was enchanting yet powerful it moved like a storm that was calm and pure but every storm has its eye and in the eye of the storm lies a hell deep with in the heaven because no matter how beutiful something is there is always a side that can destroy even a young lion club that has a roar taht wouldnt even disturb a bug will soon turn into a king they say a butterfly flap so small can generate a hurricane around the world so you shouldnt underestimate anything no matter how small it may seem to you.

The enrgy then like a tornado surrounded the person like the heat that hugged both of there bodies then the hood was set free like a dove as Acer finally saw his opponent a woman of intense and natural beuty as her her red hail like a flame blew in the wind it was almost a shame that he would have to beat her. he ribbon that held her hair in place came at Acer as his came across his cheek like the touch of a woman a lover carresing his face. The energy that came from her from the trees and from the earth began to feast like a cayote on his chakra but his chakra was so great he didnt care infact he didnt notice. The sun shined more than ever heating his body like a mother hugging and warming her child with her own body heat the sweat from his chest glistened as waves of heat could be seen.

Her energy began to began to lash out like that of the strikes of a hundred swords that turned the grass to ash killing it this was a deadly energy the dry leaves blew and broke in the wind dieing in the sun. Then that same energy came for him and he knew he couldnt dodge this and he took the full force of the blast it slashed at his skin causing some deep cuts as the force of the blast swept him of his feet and sent him straight through a tree breaking it as he was knocked into the forest landing on his back. Struggling to breath he slowly got up to his feet. Knowing he had to increas his strength to fight on but knowing relying on the wolf would be bad Acer opened the first two chakra gates the first the gate of openeing releases the brains total strain on the muscles giving Acer five times normal strength and the second gate the gate of rest releases the brains limit on body stamina making Acer fight just like the battle had just started.

So may i ask the name of the beutiful lady before i beat you

With those words Acer jumped on the branch of a tree and he took of the weights that were wrapped around his arms and legs and dropped them to the ground and they hit with a large thud that could be felt and heard for miles as it created a crater now with his weights off his strength and speed would increase to amazing limits.

Acer jumped from the tree and before anything could be relalised he appeared infront of the girl sending a spinning backhand to her face with amazing spped and power he then followed this up by sending a standing roundhouse kick with the sole of his foot to the bridge of her nose coming back down as he span he sent a spin kick to her legs then came back up again and sent a right hook to her cheek. Acer not finiished wanted to end the match he quickly appeared back in the forest using amazing speed where he performed some hand seals.

Ryūsa Bakuryū(Sand Tsunami)

Then a tsunami of sand appeared from the very earth itself getting bigger and bigger as it went for the girl Acer controling it sending strikes of sand at her this move would bury her in so much sand there was no escape and she couldnt out run it she would be buried and sufficate under the force and pressure of the sand but he didnt want to underestimate her so once she was buried he would perform Sabaku Taisō(Desert Imperial Funeral) so once she is buried he would slam his fists on the ground sending a shock wave through the sand compressing it and crushing her so much it would liquify her.

You will die with honour

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He said she would die with honor, but she wasn’t going to die at all. Not yet at least, for now she was feral.
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In the course of the battle Acer had learned that his opponent was a powerful manipulator of energies and not just normal energies but of life energies as the battle went on he had noticed the very life of every blade of grass being sapped away all the life from the trees slowly fading away into the darkness and she also stole his energy but his was so great that he barley noticed not that he didnt feel nothing he did but for now it was barley a problem but as time dragged on the more of his energy she would take and the weaker he would become and the stronger she would get and thats why he needed to end the match quickly.

Before Acer cast his weights to one side his wish to see his opponent and and to hear her name was granted her name certainly fit her wild natural looks almost animalistic in nature it also merged perfectly with her powers and the way she fought in battle her name was as beutiful as her long flowing flame like hair and as enchanting as her natural beuty she was like nature beuty at its best almost captivating but Acer had a warrior heart and as long as he did his mind was on winning this fight and thats what he planned to do removing the weiths and heading to the girl in a blinding display of speed.

As he came to her the cloak that once placed itself upon the girl whisped past Acer but at the speed of which he was moving he only caught a glimpse of it for a split second then in another split second he stood infront of the girl pushing off with his left leg and balancing with his right using the momentum the backhand of his fist met the skin of his opponents cheek but she moved with the strike absorbing the hit this was a great defensive move absorbing the impact when there where no other ways of defending yourself. Yet the force of the impact knocked her back sending her spinning then she came back and Acer caught the shimmering of the metal from the dagger that was coming to his side quickly Acer using a downward sweeping parry to the knock her hand away but he couldnt avoid being struck with the blade as his right thigh was cut his pants became torn as a deep gash appeared on his leg as the blood began to flow from the wound.

All the while she was draining his energy but foe now he didnt care he sent one of his pattented round house kicks to her but it was her who had the quicker reactions he could only look on as she backflipped away avoiding what would have been a jaw breaking blow and as he came round the still in motion girl sent a kick for Acer the blow hitting his chin causing his head to jar back as his bottom row of teeth met his top row forcing him to lose a few teeth and cause blood to exit his mouth dropping on the floor he quickly cleared his mouth and try and regain some composure but before he could his eyes became filled with dirt and he started to wipe his eyes clearing the sand away before heading back to the forest. When he got there he grabbed her cloak and wiped his face from the blood and dirt before ripping up the cloak and wrapping his leg wound up.

Acer knew this next attack was a devestating one it was a killing move and one that is almost impossible to survive he could see the dome of energy that surrounded her body it was a shield that was near impenatrable it was now time to see how well it faired with the sand tsunami. The sand began to rise from the earth as it traveled the bigger it became before crashing down upon the girl yet the dome didnt seemed phased all the time he felt his energy being taking away. Then he noticed the girl drop to one knee he could sense it wasnt the sand causing this much pain but the dark energy she had stole from him. The dome of energy began to move he could see the pain in her face as she let out a scream before her eyes became a deep black as black as the deadliest of nights and he could sense she was becomig darker more powerful her energy like his became dark was this the effects that his own energy had on others.

The ground began to tremble and shake like an earthquake was about to occur or a giant was trying to escape from a prison deep with in the crusts of the earth then another scream was heard like a screeching harpie the force of her voice shook the trees wildly as branches moved like they were in a violent storm Acer digged his feet in the ground to stop himself fom being taking back this was a haunting sight to behold she had grown in power and that was not good for Acer. Then from the earth itself Acer caught site of many needle sized spikes heading for him there were millions all heading for the forest the sky and him he put up a shield of sand but the spkies were travveling so fast his arms and legs became filled with these needeles causing treakles of blood to exit the small wounds a few he could take but this many was devestating as he fell to his knees. He got back up taking the spkies from his body he looked around to see the forest riddled with spikes and the girl strong as ever still with her dome up yet she could not be seen the sand covered her from view.

Acer could sense her becoming stronger as the battle went on while he was becoming weaker he knew he couldnt break her defense or match her raw power she could even keep up with him in hand to hand he knew he was beat she had won on this day she was the better fighter the better warrior he could sense a darkness with in her like him but he also sensed a warm presence and he knew she could be more friend than foe.

I cant win your to good for me well done hope to see you around gorgeus.

Acer let out a soft smile before openning up another gate and heading off into the forest hoping to one day meet the wild and enchanting beuty known as Lillya Wildchild.