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A short man of Asian descent dressed in a ceremonial gi makes his way to the highly skilled assassin named Jaden Speaker.  Once he arrives he finds Jaden in a building referred to as the Mobb Mansion.  He reaches out to hand the chosen warrior an ancient scroll depicting an invitation to the world’s most secretive underground full contact tournament called "The Kumite."

Miles away another courier dressed in the same ceremonial gi of black and gold covered in ancient Japanese markings, makes his way to the mysterious John W. Castle.  He delivers an ancient scroll which tells of the historic yet secretive tournament called "The Kumite."

Your battle will take place in a guarded palace in Thailand, may you fight well...............

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Jaden Speaker was outside the back of the Mobb Deep mansion where he had built his own training area its looks mimiced that of a old training dojo it had various equipment around the room that would help build the young assassins physical aspects and hand to hand combat helping him build upon his already impressive skills in the area of close quarters combat. Jaden knew that he was not the best he learned that from training with such combatants as Kurrent and Morte Rapida. Jaden had built this place for himself to use to get away from life and clear his mind by building his body to a weapon more dangerous than any sword could ever be.

Jaden was practicing the art of Tai chi chuan which is a Wudangquan or an internal chinese martial art which helps increase the lifespan and longevity of those who practice this art. Jaden was moving slowly when training flowing like a river allowing him to feel and become one with the movements. The art of Tai Chi is a soft one with pplied internal power. This style helped relax Jaden as it was a form of movement meditation it helped clear him mind while still devoloping his fighting skills. Jaden's training was cut short when he noticed a man of asian decent old and handed Jaden a scroll.

Jaden took the scroll and opened it reading that he was one of the many competitiors chosen to fight in a top secret hand to hand tournament which was called the Kumite and he knew he would to be going up against the best hand to hand fighters in the world. The scroll told Jaden that he was to fight in a gaurded palace in tailand. Jaden left the mansion leaving a note to the others telling them he was leaving on buisness not saying what buisness. He got into one of the Mobb jets and flew to tailand watching videoes of martial arts even when he couldnt train physically he could mentally.

Jaden arrived at the destination chosen and looked around the large palace was immaculate and was a beutiful place for him to fight he looked around for a second noticing guards dressed in ancient armour all holding halbreads but not wasting anytime he headed to a changing room where he got into a ninja gi outfit  covering his entire body except his eyes and thats all his opponent needed to see. Jaden exited the training room and was led by a man to a room where the fight would take place it was lit only by tourches located around the room decorated by pictures and Jaden sat down and began to meditate waiting for his opponnent.