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For almost two years Nightwolf had trained under two of the greatest heroes of all time. He now felt it was his time to move up in the world. After a practice mission with Sha and joining up with the disorganized yet effective Initiative Nightwolf felt he was ready to pursue heroic activities of his own. He moved through New York City quickly and stealthily under the shroud of darkness that covered the city. Nightwolf was ready to start earning the respect of some of the great heroes of the world. Nightwolf thought of his aspirations to one day be as powerful and important as heroes such as Jack the Ripper and Sha. Finally upon reaching his destination Nightwolf stopped his run across the rooftops. Nightwolf was on a building high above Times Square, he had a plan that was sure to get him some attention. Nightwolf dove off of the building and billowed his cape into it's gliderlike form. As he soared over the heads of New Yorkers people looked up saw him and were amazed. Nightwolf had finally gotten his moment to reveal himself to the world. As he had hoped villians around the city saw his stunt and started to look for the new masked vigilante of New York. Nightwolf didn't think of the heroes though, some of them may not have agreed with his stunt. Only time will tell if this costume hero will garner any attention