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 Trauma watched as the sun rised.  It was beautiful and it shined across fields. Trauma walked back inside of the Fraternity's fortress. He went straight to his room. He needed some cloth's for the day. trauma picked out his black leather suit. This suit would allow trauma to be very agile. Trauma puts on the suit and walks over to his bed. He sits on it and pulls from under the bed his leather boots. Trauma strapped up his leather boots and stood up. He walked out of his room to the armory. But, before leaveing his room he picks up a comb and combs his hair down. Trauma soon approaches the armory door.

"now what will i use today."

Trauma looks at the thic silver door to the armory. He looks to a keybad and puts in a code.  A green light appears and the door opens. Inside is several weapons and armor. Trauma walks to a golden box with the name cerberus on it. He opens the box with a key. Inside reveals trauma's gun cerberus. Trauma picks up the gun and picks up the pack of bullets beside the gun. He then loads the gun with several explosive rounds. Each bullet was made from solid gold and each bullet was highly explosive. Trauma puts the gun in his holster . He then walks over to two glass cases. Both held one of trauma's swords. Trauma walks over to one and opens it. He pulls out the souba. This sword was a double bladed sowrd. The two blades were made of a strong metal and could cut through strong material very fast. Trauma puts the sword on his back with a strap around it.  He walks out of the armory closeing the door behind him. The vampire makes his way out of the door of the fortress.

Once trauma was outside he walked among the fields. Thats when trauma saw something it looked like a human. Trauma walked up to the being using caution. Thats when the boy approached him. His name was Silverstone and he had hoped to become apart of the fraternity. But, in order too he had to have someone train him. Trauma looked to the boy and smirked.

"lets begin!"

Trauma raises his hand in the air and a black mass appears above the two of them. It was making a dome of darkness above them. Trauma watched as it began to close off the light. But, right when the dome was about to close at the top trauma kept it open. This would allow light in the dome. Trauma looked towards the boy

"show me what you got."

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Silverstone's quest was almost done trying to find the Fraternity's fortress to become a member of evil. He was fully packed with five hundred arrows and a longshot red bow. Also gadgets and explosives strapped to him. He was wearing a crimson red suit with a eye mask. He used his nature skills to find his way and ran as fast as he could through the forest  hopping on trees and his arrows jangling in his back. He then came to a stop of the forest and tripped over a fallen tree branch and rolled down the hill with minimum and almost no damage at all at the bottom of the hill he stood up and brushed himself off andturned around and saw a huge gate with the engraved words Fratenity on a gold plated figure.

"At last my Quest is complete"

He walked to the castle and pushed the gate doors slowly knowing there might be security....The doors don't budge then he tried running into it and it jiggles but dosn't break. So he took another 7 steps back he ran up to the gate and jumped over it spinning his body spirally his suit 4 inches above the gate and he rolls to the floor and stands up bow and arrow equipped for the security. He ran to the front doors but half way there he dosn't even notice the red sensors and the sirens go off. He starts to panic and dosn't want to get caught to be killed like this.

"Oh crap!"

He looked up and saw a open window and he shot his hook cord up there and climbed the wall and jumped into the window and equipped his hook and cord back into the holder and gently closed the window so he is not noticed. He sighs then turns around and sees a man with white hair and a cool black robe walking his way. Silverstone quickly put up his hands for surrender not wanting to fight.

"Please Please! I'm not an intruder I have come a long way to join the Fraternity!"

It turns out the man isn't angry and he thinks Silverstone needs to be test to see if he is material. The man put up his hands and a large dark black mass appears. The lights started to flicker and dim Silverstone equipped his bow and arrow and aimed a explosive red arrow and shot it rapid to the man's stomach then he ran to the man attempting to uppercut him then kick him to the wall by that time the arrow would explode making him fall through the tall fortres and fall like a dead bird.

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His arms extended, opening his mouth only to let a yawn escape from his lips. The blinds in his room had been rudely opened up by god knows who.  "Merry #(%ing pranksters. Goddam them all" his lips muttered as he slowly walked to the blinds and pulled the curtains shut before sitting back on his bed. Cracking his neck, he looked down beside his bed to see an Ebony case with a skull neatly en carved on it.  Exactly what he wanted. Drifter had chosen to keep his personal weapons with him rather than in the armoury, Reaching for the case while still sitting on his bed, He pulled it up and opened it, There it was in all it's glory. A smaller version of a gattling gun, loaded with posion dipped bullets.

"Beautiful" He whispered to himself as he took the gun out, and set it on his bed. Without seconds to spare, Drifter threw on a pair of tattered jeans and a skin tight red muscle shirt, then he put on his brown trench coat and his favorite purple mask. The trench coat splattered with gore and carnage from one of his last "outings".

Walking out of his room, Gun in hand, he walked down the hall. Looking at the walls and the paintings that hung upon them. And as Drifter made his way headed outside, Two other warriors were already there, The first a crimson clad archer, arrow and bow in his hand, the other was fellow team-mate Trauma. His black flowing robe and pale white long hair flowing.

Drifter immediatly rushed to help his follow comrad but the Vampire had already sealed both himself and the Archer in a dome of darkness. A dome of shadows, sealing it except for but a crack that allowed their to be light.

Now, what Drifter did not realize was that Silverstone as he called himself, Was not an enemy of the Fraternity. No, Rather, He wanted to join but he needed to hone his skills. Something Drifter and Trauma were going to help him with.

"Open up the dam dark dome thing!" Shouted Drifter as he cocked his gun.

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Trauma watched as his student drew his bow and arrow. Silverstone launched an arrow right towards trauma stomach. The arrow goes straight through his stomach. Trauma falls to his knees. Then Silverstone uppercuts trauma in the face breaking his jaw. Trauma yelps and stays on his knees and waits. Thats when trauma was kicked in the face hard and flew back. With the arrow still in trauma it starts to beep. It was loaded with explosives. Trauma pulls the arrow out and throws it but, it explodes in the air sending trauma back slamming the ground. Blood was everywhere and trauma was on his back. Thats when he started to laugh.


The vampire raises up to his feet. The hole in his chest starts to disapear as trauma heals. Trauma the pops his jaw making it so he could talk. Blood still came out the vampires mouth.

"impressive hahaha but, lets see how you like my attacks.

Trauma pulls out his sword and teleports behind silverstone he then sends a series of slashes towards silverstone. He then teleports in the air pulling out his gun. He shoots several explosive bullets towards his student. He lands on the ground. Trauma smirks as he squints his eyes and makes duplicates. All of the dupes circle around silverstone. All at once they flick their wrists causeing multiple majic cards appear in each of their hands. They then throw them towards silverstones legs. These cards could cut through anything made in this world. They were traveling at a amazeing speed. As traumas attacks are headed towards the student. Trauma hears someone outside. It was Drifter.

"what in the world."

Trauma opens apart of the dome and pulls drifter in quickly.

"hey drift ready to train this boy till he pukes or dies hahaha."

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"Im guessing your no ordinary human haha!"

Silverstone heard a yell from the end of the dome of another member trying to get inside the dome for harder training. Silverstone looked back at the other man and forward again and Trauma was gone...He had teleported being Silverstone's back sword equipped. He sends 7 slashes to his back and he tries to use his hook cable and swing to the wall but 1 slash on the back leg and butt. Coming down from the ceiling Trauma starts to make clones of himself and they surrounded SS like a pack of wolves. They flicked there risk making purple aurora cards appear.

"This can't be good"

They threw the cards at SS' legs but using his super agility he hops up legs spread in different directions making the cards go under his legs and chops the clones in half. 1 Card did slice his leg. Now with a slash on the back, butt and now 2 on his leg. While Trauma was distracted by drifter he equipped a cable arrow and aimed it at Trauma making it pin Trauma to the wall if it was a hit. He would run to Trauma and swing his fist twice to his stomach and a and a chop to the neck making him pass out for some time. Hoping it worked he took his eyes off of Trauma.

"Now that your asleep lets see what your friend got!"

SS turns around and uses his super sight to see the man coming in and he equips a regular red arrow and closed one eye as he aimed it perfectly at the man's chest attempting to finish him...and if he dies he dies....