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The Random Stop Diner a couple of miles out from Innsbrook

He wait at a booth in the diner only order a glass of water for himself and check the time one more time.His watch and the clock in the diner said midnight and the rest of team should be coming in really soon.The town that he was investigating along with some others that join in had more crimes during October than any month of the year .In his mind there were any number of explanation for this cults, a crazy person, or something that he was missing altogether but that's why he got a team together for this, to find out the truth about this small harbor town.

He look outside and it was cloud during this October night almost that it was going to rain and the fall season is here along with the cold that it brings with it.The time frame of this situation would be a month to get it done before there window closes down but before he could act the rest of the party needs to get here.

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Inspired by "Shadow Over Innsmouth"?

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Kale walked into the diner as he did so he felt his hip to make sure his gun was their he was nervous this was one of his first cases as a private detective and .It sure was a big one nothing he could not handle detective eric kale took a seat at an empty booth and ordered a coffee black 2 creams 1 sugar and some pancakes with a side of eggs some food should calm his nerves he ate a lot although you could not tell he was in good shape as kale waited for his order he pulled out a notebook and a pen and went over the details of the case .

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What brought the modern knight to the scene of the cold, pale town is of curiosity. Offered opportunity of discovering disappearances; to also uncovering maybe even more sinister outcome; he entered the local diner to learn more the current circumstance. He would meet his new companions soon enough. He stood in the middle of the diner examining the area while scouting for the prompter of this search team.

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Mistro walked towards the diner,the light wind blowing his cloak around a bit.
Too cold. Mistro thought as he pulled his cloak around himself.
He trotted through the front doors and his hair stood up as the diner's warmth wrapped around him.
Much better.
Mistro saw the place was very near empty,so he sat down at an empty booth,a waitress came and was very surprised to see a four foot tall mouse.
After staring at Mistro for a moment she spoke "Um w-what would you like?" she asked as if she didn't expect an answer.
"I would like a glass of chocolate milk"
The waitress was stunned that the mouse spoke,she stumbled back a bit and hurried away to retrieve his drink.

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Leon walked out of the shadows and took a seat with the cyborg as he waited for everyone else. "Looks like we meet again." he says from behind his mask as he looks around the bar

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The Cyborg look at his friend that appear out of no where."Take a seat Leon and get some thing for your self while others come to the meeting."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon takes a seat in front of him and Hypnotizes the waitress into giving him 6 free pitchers of beer. He pours a glass and offers some to Sawyer. "Want some?"

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Sawyer shook his head "I'm good but thanks."

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon shrugged before removing his mask showing dead looking blackish blue eyes with shadows under them. He might as well make some small talk and catch up with his friend before the others showed up. "So what's going on exactly? Nobody informed me of the situation

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"A small town that needs to be investigating and I bringing a group together for it, I will explain more when everyone get's here." He look at the Leon and checking the time with his watch.

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@shadowswordmaster: Leon downed the pitcher of beer. "Alright, well imma take a nap. Wake me up when they arrive" he said putting on his mask and putting his feet on the table and his hands behind his head, went into a sleep like state

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@shadowswordmaster: @ragman1138:

Peering to his left, he advanced towards who he speculated were his colleagues. Considering his lofty appearance along with the gleaming suit; he assured himself his partners had been sitting together waiting for him. Standing before the table with the gentleman one resting, the other possibly awaiting his team, "Are you the one who proposed a search team?"

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Django had arrived for hours and awaited his teammates indifferent. He was called to aid Sawyer on some sort of quest, which he did not knew. At least the payment was high, that's what he chose to believe.

He observed silently as the members arrived, one by one. Draughting from his third glass of beer. Cleaning his mouth with his right sleeve, Django raised from his seat, paid tye waitress and waded towards the team. His black sunglasses covered a somewhat amuzed look. The top of his head hidden by his hat. He stood upright, siding the cyborg with a serious countenance and awaited to be noted.

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@pro_nelson: @django_leirhardt:

While waiting for the rest of the team to arrive at this dinner for this mission. He notice a one of the people that will be joining in on this quest and ask about the team gathering.

"Yes I'm and we are waiting for one more , so take and hope it doesn't rain this night ."

While Sawyer was talking to the newest member of the team , he notices the bounty hunter that he hired to be part of this team waiting for him and the others to arrive .

"I guess we are waiting for one more than ."

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@ownagepants: @mastermouse: @ragman1138: @pro_nelson: @django_leirhardt:

Sawyer look outside and saw that there maybe a storm coming by the clouds getting darker and the winds picking up.He got up and got out a folder that was stuff with papers and photo dealing with the town and the crimes that were in Innsbrook.

"Okay I'm going to make this sort so everyone gathering a round and listen to what I have to say."

He laid out the folder and it's contents to show reports and photos from previous people who were on this case.

"Okay this is what we have a town that has a lot of missing people and murder that seems to increase during October and the bodies that were found had cut marks that seem to be in shapes or symbols that we don't know what is but is something that we can look into when we are there. "

Sawyer look at the reports that were record and interviews from the people in the town.

"We might be dealing with a cult or a group of crazy people bent on killing people or worse to people.I want everyone to know that we must find out the truth behind these crimes before more people suffer the same fate as others who tried to find out about this small harbor town."

He check the time one more time .

"Before we leave do you have any questions about this case ?"

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@shadowswordmaster:Mistro stood looking at the photos of the cut up people.
I dont like humans but even I think thats despicable. Mistro thought to himself as he reviewed the pictures.
"How do we plan on going about the investigation? Are we interviewing locals? Try to catch them in the act? Whats the plan?"

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He look down at the mouse and scanned it with cybernetic eye making sure it was the mouse the joined in.

"The plan it all of the above but watch out for the locals the previous people who investigated this town said that the locals seem to be tick off and really anger when ask about the crimes so the locals may have a connection to crimes ."

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@shadowswordmaster: [You know Im four-foot tall right?]
"Perhaps its a sort of town-wide killing a sort of,purge maybe." Mistro said,since he could come up with no other explanation.

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Django moved closer as the cyborg adviced. Upright, supporting his shoulder on a wooden column, paying attention to the photos and to the strange teammates he was amongst.

Facing the pictures and the reports once again, he extended his wrist, attempting to grab some photos for a closer study.

"May I?" He spoke while staring at Sawyer.

Withouth awaiting for an answer, he took the images near his eyes, covered by his dark sunglasses.

"These marks, they might be spread around the city. I would reccomend initializing our search from this. Yet, this town seems to be ridiculously huge, I also would advice forming teams. Although, it's all up to you, I'm here as a hired man, ready to follow orders." He grinned sarcastically "Just don't get me killed."

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@mastermouse: (I know )

"That would be the case but there is also the case of the missing people which is strange and need to be look into further."He said to the four foot tall mouse.


"That is something I was planing on doing since there is six of us in group so we need two teams of three to cover more ground and there are two places that we need to look into ,the old mansion where people have gone missing and a farm where a lot of the bodies should up at and don't worry about getting killed I have some guns and ammo in the truck of my car just in case."

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@shadowswordmaster:[Oh okay.]
"Perhaps the missing people are the ones that threaten to rat the others out,however Im not a detective,Im just guessing."
Maybe I could create a sort of map of this place.
Mistro typed a few things into his G.D.S,tapped a few different things moved his fingers in a motion which suggested he was enlarging something and then he was done.
Every smartphone in that town is now working to make me a map. Mistro thought contently to himself.

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@django_leirhardt: @shadowswordmaster: @mastermouse: Leon listened as they conversed wail he was in his own little world. "People vanishing near a Mansion.." he thought to himself. "Not to mention that the bodies seem to turn up at an old farm....well....If it IS a cult...they would most likely hide people in a mansion as a torture place or a holding cell of sorts and transport them somehow to the farm for there sadistic rituals...but there has to be some method of transportation somehow...underground tunnels possibly....Maybe a gateway they opened...ether way...i need to get to that mansion. That's the source it seems..." Leon then spoke up so everybody could hear. His voice was rather dark and devoid of most emotion. "I'll go to the mansion if that's cool with you guys." He said as he drank another beer. "Something about that place catches my attention."

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"Nice to hear that, mister. So, what are we waiting? I would love to explore the farm, I feel like I may be needed there since it seems to be filled with corpses. Which means crazy psychos to kill." Django said while nodding, one hand placed on the border of his hat.

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@pro_nelson: @ragman1138: @django_leirhardt: @shadowswordmaster: Kale looked up at the guy who seemed to also be on the same job as him he looked around at the others who were gathered a ragtag bunch of people if had ever seen one including a mouse for some reason" look guys he said to the entire group i know you seem very capable but it is better you leave this to the professionals "he said as he lit a cigarette" and besides i work alone now if you excuse me " kale said as he made his way to the exit heading for the town to investigate.

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@pro_nelson: @mastermouse: @django_leirhardt: @ragman1138: @ownagepants:

Sawyer saw one of the people leaving by himself to investigated the town.

"Hey Kale you better watch your self and if you need help just look for us in town."

He look back at the rest of group and figure out something else and saw the group the was here for this task, it is a mix batch but is one that he enjoy to see.

"Okay here is what we will do Mistro,Leon,and myself will check the mansion while Django and Nelson will check the farm and one more thing guys we need to find the truth and find any of the missing people that might be alive and if there any more question we will start this off."

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@mastermouse: @shadowswordmaster: Leon stood up and cracked his neck before tightening his black fingerless gloves which had studs on the knuckles and his Gothic boots which were adorned with Belt straps and studs. "Fine by me" he said. "I just hope none of the hostages jump out at me...i have a nasty habit of hitting things that jump out at me."

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Django slowly raised the tip of his hat, enough for his sunglasses to appear once again.

"Let's get to it."

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@pro_nelson: @django_leirhardt: @mastermouse: @ragman1138:

We check is watch to see the time of day it was passed midnight and the clock was ticking.He clean up the mess of papers that he made and put them neatly into the folder.

"Okay Django you take nelson with to the farm and the rest of you come with to my car to go to the mansion."

He open the door to the diner and head towards the black four door sedan that he is using for this mission .He open the drivers door and went into the car putting his seat belt and waited for the rest for is team to head towards the mansion .The map he had of the town was rough but it should work for now at least.

Then on the window of the sedan he saw small rain drops hitting the window.He enjoy the sound rain , it sounds soothing but for the other team it might be a problem.

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@django_leirhardt: @ragman1138: @mastermouse: @shadowswordmaster: Detective Kale arrived at the farm one of the locals had pointed him here after the rest had given him a bad attitude but money was very persuasive the wood's surrounding the farm had a haunting feel to them and he got this strange feeling that he was being watched .Rain started to pour down on him "bollocks"he said to himself as he made his way to the farm "hello anyone hear i am a detective here to ask some questions" .It was clearly abandoned but it did not hurt to check kale looked around as he swore he had just heard a sound but then he continued on thinking that this place was just making him paranoid "guess i had better start with the barn "and kale made his way to the barn getting closer and closer.

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@mastermouse: @mastermouse: @ownagepants: @shadowswordmaster: Leon got into the passenger seat and also put that window down. He loved the feel of the rain, it helped him thing. "Sounds good to me. So sawyer what do you think that we'll all run into?" Leon said as he watched the rain falling. "And if necessary do i have 5th freedom?" (the right to kill) He light up a Smoke and looked back at sawyer. "You dont mind if i smoke do you?"

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@ragman1138 @shadowswordmaster [Sorry I took so long]
Mistro climbed into the back seat and rolled his window up,he hated the rain,it would get him wet and he would stay wet because of his soaked fur.He looked down at his G.D.S and scanned the town.
Doesn't seem very big,thats good.Mistro thought.
"So I guess were ready to leave?" Mistro asked wanting to get started.

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Nelson, conducted to partner with an individual with little to no knowledge of. Yet optimistic he would share his set of expertise for this remote task. Starting for the door he signaled for his partner to follow, "Lets, go man we wouldn't wanna waste time now would we?"

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@ragman1138: @mastermouse:

Sawyer at Leon and then at Mistro before starting the car and driving off to Innsbrook to find the truth behind town.When he drove into the town he saw the locals give both strange looks like happy smiles which is both strange and scary for some people but the way they are smiling seems unnatural like a mask the town wears to protect themselves .He made sure that he followed the laws of the road to try not to get pulled over by the local law enforcement .Though his cybernetic eye he slowly watch everything that could be out of place he makes a 3d map in his cybernetic mind to get round the town easier and faster.When he saw the mansion that were there to check was old and the architecture was in the 19th style .He stop the car right in front of the old house .He turn off the car and unbuckle the seat belt and notice the rain had stop sometime with the drive to here and a fog seems to roll in.

"Okay everyone we are here let's get started."


When he open the barn doors the stretch of death filled the barn and there seems to a chomping noise coming from the back and what emerge from the shadows looks like a seven foot man with snitches across his face and body , eating what looks like different body parts.The man turned and look at the detective with what looks like leg in his hand and bite marks in it. The big man slowly stop what he was doing and charged straight at Kale.

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@yadbrek: (I can see that and who are you ? )

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@shadowswordmaster: (Well then we must rp together sometime, Ive heard alot about you brotha and nothing but good stuff)

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