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Deep within the metallic interior of the Sentinel's moon base sat two lone souls. The room was covered in darkness, the only illumination source a mega screen with a 3D display. Multiple video feeds with digital dossiers popped onto the screen, Ethan manipulating them with his hands. "Are you sure these are the ones?" Ethan said to his ally and former rival Closure. "Positive, give or take a few names. But if you want to get shit done, these are the people who do it." Ethan contemplated Zeraz's words, shifting through the visuals. The world he returned too had not changed despite the efforts of many dedicated to serving justice. Gambler still remained seated in his throne at the top of the Assassin Empire and many new, more powerful foes had surfaced presenting a new threat to a world that was just barely hanging on like a loose nail.

"You, take this one," Ethan said, enlarging a picture of a pink eyed woman with a highlight in her blonde streaks to match. Two more pictures popped up, one a of a humanoid lion figure engaging a large group in fisticuffs and woman whose emerald aura was a signification of her Green Lantern status. "I'll handle the other two." After this statement Ethan made his way to the door, Closure remaining in his seat, his inquisitive nature making him question Ethan's directive. "Why do you get two?" Ethan smiled, turning his head slightly as he gripped the round knob of the door handle. "Simple. I'm faster." A snicker was his signature as he left the room, taking a shuttle to the transportation pads to the far east of the moon. The ride was short and subtle, the low hum of the repulsors that propelled the spacecraft forward all that was heard. In the recesses of space there was an eerie silence, one that Ethan had never quite become accustomed to in his time at the base. It was reaching just under a month now and this was still all new to him.

The transportation pad was really a highly advanced garage. It housed vehicles capable of ground sea and air travel, all space worthy. At least five million dollars alone was invested in the team's travel, minus the rapid transport system. Ethan marveled at the technology only for a moment. Seeing his blueprints all brought to life around him was visual he'd never thought possible upon his return. The millions generated by Starks Enterprises would have been what he used to act out such an endeavor but upon his downfall he was relinquished of his resources. His fist clenched and he bit down hard in an attempt to stifle the anger he experienced every time he was reminded of this. After pushing the thought from his mind he stepped into the SR-1, a one man vehicle capable of reaching a high velocity through the distortion of time and space. It sleek, futuristic design was a favorite of his and he preferred this vehicle to the much faster ones when making trips to Earth.

in the blink of an eye the moon base was light years away and he penetrated Earth's atmosphere. Using the built in computer tracking system of the SR-1 he tried to home in on his targets, a Fuchsia Nightingale and the Green Lantern, Samantha Heller.

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For a time, Bredry had sensed something coming. An enemy, a friend, a battle. No. Instead, it felt like a proposition was coming his way. It was an odd feeling, usually he was the one giving up deals, usually they were declined. Bredry was a very open person though, as long as it wasn't senseless violence, he would probably accept. And so he sat and meditated, continuously clearing and pushing his mind to new limits. For 4 months in Redemption Park.

He never stopped meditating though, nor got angry or upset at the time he had spent waiting for the proposition to come. He had felt instead happy, the words and wanderings of the beings around him. The few normal humans that decided to pass by had even gawked at him, whispering to themselves as they passed by. The abnormal humans, well, some had decided to try to wake him. Thinking that maybe he was dead or in a coma, but most had decided to just ignore him. Like it was a normal thing to see a half lion-half man meditating in the park for weeks on end.

Still, when bothered, he ignored. When requested, he rejected. And soon the time had finally arrived. The bird's music and the chatter of the squirrels continued on. Most likely someone of Light. But then the wonders of nature stopped. And instead of nature's calling, he heard technology. Advanced technology. Of course, first impressions aren't always the correct ones. Opening his eyes, Bredry first marveled at the thing in which he assumed to be some sort of way of travel. Then as a man exited, his eyes were filled with slight distrust. Just like the thing he traveled in, his own get-up was one much more advanced than most things on this planet. Bredry sighed, Let's hear his proposition first. The Soul Rebel thought with a raised eyebrow.

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The sound of the bell going off nearly shattered Trystan's ear drums as it awoke him from his deep slumber. He lifted his head from the incredibly tiny, fake wood desk and look up with dreary eye's to see a white board covered in essential notes that he had once again missed out on due to his new sleeping habits. As the rest of the students filled out of the high school classroom, Trystan slid out of his desk, grabbed his book bag which lay at his feet and slung it over his shoulder. He had managed to make it to the front of the row, hoping to avoid the stern voice of his teacher but today he wasn't that lucky. "Trystan, what has been going on lately? You've went from an incredibly talented, attentive and smart individual to a slouch that can't keep his eyelids from touching and their head off their desk every class. If there is anything going on and your afraid to talk about it to your parents you can always come to me, I'm sure I've went through something similar."

Trystan replied to his teacher, "Thanks Ms. Hardy, but it's nothing to be concerned about, don't worry about me." As he finished his sentence he headed towards the classroom door, hoping to avoid further questioning. He smirked as he left the classroom, laughing to himself about how his teacher thought she was going through something similar. But not only his teacher had never experienced anything like him, nobody ever had except for him. He was chosen by Merlin to be new breed of a knight of the round table and a first at that was certainly a rare quality to find in anybody. Trystan continued out the door and into the bustling hallway, chuckling to himself at the though of Ms. Hardy being super-powered like himself. Although, Trystan was really no different than any other human when was was not armoured up minus his exceptionally large size which had only grew since he gained his powers. However nobody noticed this massive "growth" in his school; Trystan always was a bit of an outcast.

Suddenly, he was thrown from his thoughts when he was grabbed from behind and pinned up against a locker on the hallway. A boy his age had him by the throat pinned up against the locker and spoke, "Think your all high and mighty now that you have a bit of size Jones? I can still wipe the floor with you no different than when you were a puny little wanker."

Trystan responded,"Put me down now Alex. I'm asking nicely."

"He is asking nicely! Wow, what a funny guy we have here everybody. Jones has also managed to grow a set of ----" Tom's speech was interrupted by Trystan's quick reaction. Even though he was not armoured up, his strength may not be superhuman but it was very close. Trystan had pushed Tom with two open palms, sending him flying across the hall and smashing into the lockers parallel to them, leaving a crater-like dent in them. Tom crumpled to the floor, dazed and extremely confused from the speed and the force of the impact. All the on-lookers had their jaw-dropping expressions on and Trystan just pushed through them heading out the doors to go home.

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She had the hall of fame day all planned out, down to the last detail. Mallory this afternoon was going to hit the forums and post her ever growing enthusiasm of the release of Boarderlands 2 with a bowl of candy corn at her side. But just as Haruko, adorned her thin frame glasses and a Japanese print of a Superfriends tee, carrying their typical morning meal of bagels and coffee, stepped into the front apartment door, Inspector Mickey Yashida arrived. He removed his hat as he gave a respective gentleman’s bow for both Haruko and Mallory. He spoke in a friendly demeanor, which at times took the sting out of the seriousness of the scene he was relaying. It seems that someone was seeking the attention of one Fuchsia Nightingale. Mickey produced from his camera phone, a low resolution photo of what Mal made out be something she saw before in her adventures, a sleek onyx black ship with a red stripe.


She felt a tiny pair of lips on her cheek. “Go.” Haruko said.

Fuchsia whistled in admiration as she stepped passed the Trek like “woosh” door. “Tre swanky.” She spoke out loud, as she sauntered into a conference room, taking a seat on a pleather swivel chair. A brigade of brilliant lights, that rivaled any carnival, coated the small room. A monitor on the wall was showcasing a certain bird of street justice, standing tall on a fire escape, posing like the late great Randy “Macho Man” Savage, before she jumped off and crashed a group of toughs. That little leap of faith got her a free stay at a clinic and a metal laced elbow.

You got a lot of fight in you.” A voiced chimed in to Mal, feeling a presence at her side.