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"Mother, there's something i must ask you. I know you never talk about the project or the reason behind it , but i have to know. Its been 7 years since i left the program and i have served you and the country to the best of my ability, but why was it me that was chosen?. What happened to my brothers and sisters who like me worked so hard just to please you?. You must understand i cant get past this, these question are a part of my being i need answers, please mother tell me something."

The colour fades from he royal her face and the look of love drops away with it revealing a steely cold stare " Your siblings are dead Edward. They where to dangerous to be left alive. Now no more of this you know it upsets me." For a second the prince of power considers pressing the issue his heart heavy with the news he had received but his thirst for the knowledge of why, still sturdy and unquenchable. As he began to form a reply the glare of his mothers eyes burned through his soul " I... I'am sorry mother" her face lightened up as Edwards began to slump under the burden of the unanswered question he seemed doomed to forever live with. Making his excuse's the champion walked away from his mother and left for his London apartment. Returning to his former home the floor was covered with letters,leaflets and the usual mix of bills fan/hate mail and one what appeared to be faded envelope, the hand writing eerily similar to his own

"Dear Edward,

You have been deceived, See attached photos.

#1 "

Clawing at the documents the champion freed a small stack of photos the pictures crisp like they where only taken yesterday only that wasn't possible. Lionel,Connor,Cyrus,Mammon,Ambrose,Tom,Victoria, Morrigan, Zamora and Sebastian. The champions mind raced with a thousand questions placing the photos in his safe the champion burst out of his apartment and zipped through the streets of London back to Buckingham. He would not be denied his truth and no guard in this country would dare step between him and his mother now. Charging straight to his mothers room Edward burst through the door and placed the letter in front of his mother " Why mother, why did you lie to me?. I know they are alive and i know you know it. Now tell me the god dammed truth for once or you can kiss goodbye to your son and heir because i will be done with you. " Edward head movement behind him turning quickly the champion gestured his had sending a telekinetic barrier between himself and the scrambling security forces. turning back to his mother " Well?" Reaching down into her bag his mother calmly produced her reading glasses placing them on here face with care. Given the note the once over she picked up her glasses container and placed her glasses back into the bag. TWACK Edward suddenly felt dizzy. Reaching for the back of his neck he felt a small steely object, a dart of some kind maybe " Son i didn't tell you because you didn't need to know. Now go to sleep in the morning you wont remember any of this."

"Guards! get the doctors here now, its happened again we have a leak at MI6 and we will need Edward to be reconditioned." his mothers words unheard just blips of fading sound to the champion as his mind began to flicker and fade from consciousness slipping further and deeper in the subconscious and his memories that he held so dearly.

His eyes reopening bathed in a bright daylight, Windsor castle standing tall in the foreground " Come on Eddy its lunch time, his brothers rushing by as the prince of power slowly got to his feet and started to follow"

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Connor walked from his kitchen into the living room. Sun was just beginning to break. He held a breakfast tray in one hand, and a lit cigarette in the other. He sat in front of the television and placed the tray on his lap. For some reason, he was feeling rather nostalgic today, but he pushed those thoughts aside as he delved into his breakfast, devouring the two rashers of bacon, the liberal helping of beans, the two sausages, and the slices of toast that accompanied it, which he washed down with a glass of orange juice. After finishing the well-cooked breakfast, he cleaned his almost immaculate face with the napkin, before taking his tray out and dumping it into a sink. He looked up at the skyline of London, knowing that he should go to work. He strolled from the kitchen and darted up the stairs, pulling off the white tank top he wore at night. He stared at the hole in the wall, which he had burned last night, having woken up from a nightmare. After a moment of thought, he decided to delegate it to his housekeeper. He quickly changed into his work suit, placing his Wildfire costume folded neatly into a large bag.

He began to leave his house, but stopped, outstretched an arm and let out a short, sharp, shrill whistle. A thin metal staff leaped from the side of the room and flew to his hand. He wrapped his hand around it and exited the house, jogging down the steps at the front of his house, tossing the bag holding his costume and the staff into the boot of the black Mercedes that waited on the driveway like a crouched panther, ready to spring. He slammed the boot shut, smoothed his suit down and circled around the car, getting into the driver's door, tossing the briefcase he held onto the passenger's seat. He sat there in silence for a moment, and then started the engine, driving through the streets of London, towards his workplace. A man running across the road directly in front of his car reminded him of someone, but he couldn't quite remember who. The man made him feel angry, and he had little idea as to why. After a short while, he reached the company building and parked the car, switched off the engine and sat there, breathing slowly.


Connor darted across the grassy grounds of Windsor Castle. He was fairly tall, and fast. One of the fastest out of his siblings. A running joke was that he had super speed as well as pyrokinesis. He only laughed when this was said, but never disputed it. He passed Edward, who was lying upon the ground for some reason. "Eddy. Lunchtime. Come on, get up, get up, let's go slowcoach." He joked, running off..

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"Ready Viktor?" Cyrus said as he and his partner crouched behind a silver van. "Yes comrade, the bastards won't even see the us shoot the bullets through their evil skulls." Viktor's heavy accent made this statement sound even more vicious. Footsteps were heard on the other side of the van, then all was silent. Viktor nodded and Cyrus nodded back then they dispersed from the sides of the van. Cyrus arrived to an alley way and Viktor was behind a cement road block. They were headed for a medium sized warehouse at the end of the street. There were two heavily armed guards near the door.

The two detectives locked eyes, then nodded. They pulled their handguns out and equipped the silencers. Viktor held up three fingers and Cyrus nodded. Cyrus silently started counting. 1......2.......3! Cyrus swiftly jumped from the alley and shot a bullet at the guard on the left. At the same time Viktor arose from behind the cement block and shot at the guard on the right. They both moved quickly to the bodies near the door and began stripping the bodies of the vests and assault rifles. "We're lucky we got them that quick." Viktor said as he reloaded the riffle. "Now for the real challenge." Cyrus said as he faced the door. Viktor smirked. " Stay aware comrade." Saying this Viktor Kicked in the door.


Cyrus sat under a tree reading The Count of Monte Crisco and from the corner of his eye he noticed his siblings running towards the castle in joy and chatter. Sighing, Cyrus closed his book and began walking towards the castle. Some kids ran at abnormal speeds and others flew. Lots of the kids had made friends and had groups, also having rivals, but Cyrus just kept to himself, and thought about what power Mother had gifted him with.

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Victoria sat ironicaly just outside of the room where the queen and her brother argued. She stood no more then a few feet away to be exact from the two, but of course she could not enterfear. It was the queens orders to never come inbetween the matters of the other siblings and her. For whatever reason they were now broken apart and scattered the reason never told to the faithful knight. Being as loyal as she was though she never questioned the orders that she was given. It pained her not to be able to keep touch with any of them she did her best to drop subtle hints to the past when she could. Things like a gift on holidays or birthdays though nothing would tell where they came from never telling of herself just being a big sister. She even had a few moments where she went out of her way to aid them almost puting herself at risk of exposure.

If it was up to her Victoria would have cut down anyone so much as touching her brother orders though told her otherwise. And so the violet haired woman looked through the window locking eyes with Edward for but a moment. The visage of her likely distorted anyways. Lioness then settled to just turn and head down the stairs. Heading for the city in hopes of finding some way to let out on her anger. Ever sense it became so centered around Edward her life had been void of so much of the light before. This place was a well masked prison and only more so sense then. No more family, no more friends, nothing to look after or teach she was just a tool to be exploited.

Years Ago

Victoria stood by the entrance fencing with one of her siblings. Their blades emiting sparks everytime they met. Both were fitting in as much practice as they waited on the others to get inside. Victoria knew her life was being sucked from her neerly every hour. And she was being conditioned so that opposing it was not something she could do. The moments spent here with the others was the bulk of what she lived for.

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Zamora sat in an abandoned warehouse. At least, that was what everyone believed. She'd built an underground lair under it, the most expensive TV's, extremely high tech computers, sound controls. She definitely had stolen the best she could find. Zamora looked at a monitor it showed a young man getting yelled at by the queen, but Zamora knew exactly who and what was happening.

"Eddy getting yelled at by mother, well I'll be dammed. Never thought I would see that."

A few months ago, Zamora had set up a surveillance camera to spy on the queen. She wanted to slit the woman's throat, but she wasn't stupid.

14 Years Ago...

Zamora started to go to the lunch room, until she saw her mother, walking with a strange man in her office. She couldn't hear what she was saying, but it looked interesting.

Zamora flew into the air, and under the window, as she listened in.

Mother snickered "Edward is quite extraordinary isn't he, but he might-."

She stopped talking mid-sentence, then the strange man called out "Is everything alright ma'am."

Zamora started to fly off, but her mother caught her and threw her into the room.

She yelled at Zamora "How dare you listen to my conversation! Into your room, now!"

Zamora started to leave, and tried to reason with mother "I apologize, but can I at least have lunch."

Mother walked towards here "No you ungrateful child, now go! Before I disown you!"

Zamora started to cry, it didn't seem like much in the present day, but since she was only 9, it hurt, very very badly.

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"It appears that you have something I want, or more importantly something that we want. Give it to me now & I promise you I won't release, how can I say it? My Hyde side on you." Mammon was stood above a grey haired man, no older than seventy but definitely past fifty-five, who was knelt down with arms crossed in what appeared to be a long abandoned antiquity shop, cobwebs filled the corners & draped downwards like white curtains. They were not alone in this room though, two large, bald men, nearly identical stood on each side of the only door & smirked slightly at their flamboyant employer who spoke aloud with the grace of a king at war time. This threat was met with a response from the prisoner "If I gave it to you that would be torture enough, if you are worthy you'd of had it by now.". Mammon was visually displeased, he gave a retort to his victim with a showing of his razor blade techniques, he sliced through the outer layers of the man's skin as he writhed in pain & screamed in agony. This went on for a full minute. The elderly gentleman could barely support himself as he slouched onto the creaky wooden floorboards which in turn emulated the noises heard but a moment ago. "Are you feeling chatty yet? Because I fear that you'll end up getting blood on my lovely new shoes, they're from Italy picked them up yesterday." Whispered Mammon into the ear of the purple-faced torture victim. Dangerously the elderly man took advantage of the range between them as he spat into the moustache of his abuser, this was followed by his reply "There is nothing and I mean nothing you can do to me that will make me give you the item.". Undisturbed by the mixture of blood & spit sinking in towards his skin Mammon turned to his henchmen who reached into a nearby trunk to pull out a carpet, rolled & tied. Number one as he'll now be called cut through the fabric with a thick blade to unveil a young blonde haired girl who appeared to be in her late twenties. She was pale, bruised, cut up & unconscious, Number one then placed her face to mutilated face with the elderly man, who then broke into further tears. "She's not dead you know." Spoke Mammon "In fact, she can live a very happy life. That is, if, you give me it.". The broken man burst into a fit of ferocious hate & slanderous curses at Mammon who found this situation very amusing. Finally after wearing down the grey haired man spoke calmly & regretfully "Okay, I'll give it to you.". He then sat up only to hunch over again, he started shaking & gagging as sickly noise projected from him. From out of his mouth a small wooden box sprouted forth, not much bigger than a box for an engagement ring but still it was an odd sight to see such an event unfold. Mammon strode over & leaned in to pick it up, he flashed it open & closed for a split second to which he announced "Oh yes this will do quite marvelously, hard to believe I didn't think of cutting you open at the begining would've saved me the trouble of hurting this lovely little flower." he then caressed the side of the girl's face with the back of his hand. Crying even more now the elderly man barked orders to his captor "Do it now! Help her!". With a wicked grin on his face Mammon leant over again to gain contact with the man's ear "I don't think you realise what position you're in. I have everything I wanted & four dead bodies to deal with. What would you do in my position?". The elderly man's eyes widened greatly as the entire floor became engulfed in a black liquid that stuck to all it touched. Slowly the two innocent victims were completely engulfed, it didn't stop here though as the inky substance reached neck height as the two employees began to catch on that their boss didn't make a mistake when he said 'four' rather than 'two'. Expletives were thrown as the room finally became perfectly dark & Mammon was all that was left. He then reached into the dark to open a door of shining light, he stepped out into a London street & closed the door behind him he turned around to see an empty space between a series of closed shops. Whistling he walked down the street while staring at his newly required item of significant power.

Past, the facility

"Hello Cyrus!" Loudly shouted the young Mammon "We were all going inside now d'you want to walk with me? We never really talk much except for when we're fighting.". All this time Mammon would beam his golden smile to the secluded boy while extending a literal hand of friendship. Unfortunately many would learn this was simply a facade.

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“Your majesty, that much tinkering with his brain could leave the prince a vegetable. His brain chemistry would be drastically altered causing potential problems with his abilities are you sure you want to do this?”

“If one wasn’t sure, one wouldn’t haven’t asked”

“As you wish your majesty,”

Turning around towards his patient the doctor wired the prince of power up and uttered under his breath “God help us all, if this goes wrong” then he flicked the switch. Edwards body vibrating and twitching violently as the untamed electric current surged through him overloading his brains electro chemistry and shocking the very core of his mind.

“Enough, it pains me to see him like this. Let his body do its work and then if needs be try again” with that Edward’s mother walked away her son still twitching and rattling in his restraints.

Walking into the great hall the images of his brothers, his memories his opinions all of these lost thoughts came to the front of his mind. “How did I get here? This was ten years ago. It was the day the final trials started.” His brothers now sat around him in silence as they prepared for lunch. “Boys this is you last dinner as equals. For as of tomorrow the final trials begin and one of you will be chosen. Eat well, rest well and remember their can be only one winner”

Looking up across the tables as he did then he could see his main male rivals for the prize. As his eyes met that of Arthur he remembered this was the last day he would speak to him before the day he died. Walking other to him Edward placed a hand on his shoulder “I’m sorry for what will happen. “His words had no effect, the world around him carried on. It seemed that he was trapped in a memory or he was viewing his past from a third person. “What the hell is going on”

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The Present

"Oh the gilded palace! You are marvelous aren't you? Well I believe today you'll become rightfully mine."

Mammon whispers to himself while standing in front of Buckingham Palace, he's coupled with the 'commoners' known as tourists, they all look confused at the man talking to himself. He takes note of this with a blast of black magic, the corpses sink to the ground; their eyes hollowed, flesh singed, hair alight. With a grand push the large metal gates open to have a firing squad of guards, bullets repel off of the black shield that had risen within a second to guard the demon. These rounds return in a supernatural manner piercing the gun's from which they came. Fear is seen in the faces of the soldiers, one breaks formation and attempts a bayonet-to-hand confrontation. In an instant this bayonet is within the grasp of a black claw that emanates from the surface, it promptly stabs the attacker in his heart.

"Well that is a shame. Any of you want to try anymore shenanigans? No? Good, when I take my rightful place I will need guards, though I'd prefer some who are competent. In fact..."

As he tuts multiple hands reach out to decapitate each guard. They rise again, as they march forward the molt their clothes, followed by skin until they reach bone. These skeletal servants stand outside the palace as their commander raids inside.

"Oh mummy, I have got a lovely trinket for your delayed Mother's day present!"

The Past

'There can only be one', there was no doubt in the mind of Mammon that he would be the one. These years of torture at the hand of a demon that 'they' inflicted on him, one this young should not have been subjected to contact with a demon let alone posession by a high lord of Hell. Eternal servitude would ironically give Mammon the freedom he wanted along with the power he had long sought. Even if he would have to slay his siblings in combat it would be worth it he thought, in fact that would be a bonus, these weak minded simpletons who wouldn't think of escaping and probably still believe that they're safe in the hands of a secret dictator. Those philistines regarding the subject of sense will die by my hand he laughed in the confines of his mind.

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Her soft violet, almost pink hair rested at ease on her shoulders. Her long frame proud and at a perfect rest. There was not a twitch in her stance, her breath controled to a point it was hard to know if she was even breathing. She was almost more a statue then a person, her pride like that of a lion. Victoria Windsor was the right hand of the queen, a guard that never seamed to leave her side. However many questioned the purplehaired soldier and her position. After all like all the Windsor's she reveared the royal family as her own. And so as it often is one man had to react harshly. To voice his opinion in the most loud attention grabbing way as possible.

His blade was unsheathed and the scabard tossed aside with a heavy thud. He sliced through the air creating a melody with such a motion. And then with the slightest tilled of his blade he pointed it to Victoria in challenge. "I've bested you atleast a dozen times in practice. I've served this house sense you were but a child being experimented on. And yet there you stand where I ought to be!" Victoria's cat like eyes looked to him in such a way as to label him a child. Alphonse could not stand for this, it was true he had served a very long time. A scar rested beneath his chin where he had taken a cut that originaly was going for the queens throat. And many times he had sparred with the Lioness and won, many could not dispute what he said. So Victoria did what valor demanded, resting the sheath on a desk gently the blade was withdrawn. It was held to the side with perfect grace. Where as Alphonse gripped his blade with his life they were two very different styles.

Victoria was grace and poise, the weapon apart of her. Alphonse was strength, muscles bulged beneath the uniform. Every stroke of that metal was ment to be a critical blow. "Trust me brother there is a reason we stand where we do." Of course Alphonse didn't like being labeled kin to a lab rat. He lunged with a thrust towards her heart, a soft step and the blade was a miss. He twirled the blade aiming to spill the woman's guts along the floor, to which she did a simple perry to avoid. Alphonse then spun with a fierce chop ment to remove her head, which she simply ducked beneath. A quick barrage of slashes followed, all six the cat eyed princess blocked.

Infuriated Alphonse made his next move a feint towards the leg before going for the eye. Victoria blocked it with ease, and Alphonse went for his sidearm, an old pistol of the black powder one shot design. In a flash of orange and pink light a large gauntlet encompassed the Windsor's hand. The small round fell to the floor as bubbling metal Alphonse eyes wide. A quick step to remove Victoria's sword arm was avoided before a hard slap to the wrist caused Alphonse bones to break. Violet hair danced as a quick hand yanked the pistol free, a left foot tripping the man. He fell to find a blade at his throat, and a pistol leveled at his head. Though the gun was now empty it was clear he could be dead. And not so much as a sweat was on the princess brow. "I was taught to never show my full potential unless it was demanded of me."

Many Years Ago

Today was the moment when one Windsor would become the figurehead. They would become a symbol of peace to the people a guardian of this great land. Everyone seamed to run towards the room where such tests would be held. Everything was to be challenged here, ones mind, ones leadership, speed, strength tactics not a thing would go unexamined. Victoria's perfectly built frame however leaned against a wall. "Victoria why are you not joining the others?" Her primary doctor and caretaker asked.

"My orders are to protect my family not to harm them. My code won't allow me to perform the tests as I should. Notice how you don't fight me, its the same concept."