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Tenjin was waiting for this day for some time, they have only fought once. He knows not of NeVann’s true power but he does not fear it. His master is indeed strong but Tenjin has grown in power also, and is ready for his second chance. The wind blew hard but could be barely felt through the number of trees surrounding him. The leaves were still green and the sun could be barely pass through them, only small beams of sunlight could break through the wooded barrier. Uchiha has taught him much; his new found powers can plead thanks to the ninja master. Tenjin’s black suit helps shade him among the dark canopy that he lurked. His kusari-gama shined with their blades bright in the sun, Tenjin cracks his knuckles and leaps from branch to branch using his visor to search for temperature differences, hoping to find NeVann before he found him.

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Wondering how his young pupil was holding up world NeVann decide to test Tenjins strength one last time, jumping from tree to tree he felt the warm breeze of mid day sun. His hair wildly danced behind as the wind slid between the strands of his hair, with each gracefulful step he moved farther and farther gliding from branch to branch. The farther he went the more and more the leaves of the trees swayed and only opened in small spots refusing to let in the embrace of the suns glow. Stopping and standing behind a tree he rested the back of his head against it and then peaked around at Tenjin, NeVann's eyes glew a crimson red as he looked down at Tenjin who had yet to notice he was being watch. NeVann just shook his head as a shine of light came off of Tenjin Kusari-Gama that mange to get hit by one of the few beams of light that got pass the tree leaves.

You know if I was your ture enemy you would be dead by now, you need to learn how to conceal yourself better even if you are wearing a black suit.

His voiced echoed through out the forest, he perposely did this so Tenjin would not beable to pinpoint his location. Then decided that it was time to get things started NeVann quickly desended down to the ground, seeming to be floting as he made his way he closed his eyes briefly until his feet finally touched the ground. His knees slightly bent as he made impact and his hair covered his face, he walked forward while taking his left hand and sliding it under his hair and moving back from his face. NeVann's right wrist rested upon the handle of his katana, and then with out saying words his legs began to part sliding away from each other. His left arm extended with a open palm while the right did the same only it found its place inches from his side this was his Iron palm stance, and with a smirk on his face he finally reopened his eyes.

Show me what you have learned.

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Tenjin had pin pointed his master‘s location via his visor, the sounds of his master descending upon his radius. But that wasn’t important now, NeVann was already welcoming the fight so Tenjin gladly obliged to his master’s swordplay. He leaped down and before impact with the Earth, he moonsaulted into a three-point stance and rose to his feet. His face still pointing at the ground while reaching for his kusari-gama, its chain dropped rustling up the excess dirt while he raised the scythe and its blade pointed at the earth.

Master, prepare yourself

Tenjin slowly raised his head and began to spin the kusari-gama violently, its blade tearing through the air. He raised his side hand to his face, keeping his index and middle finger erect while the rest making a fist. He started to recite a jutsu prepared for his master to make the first attack.

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In his Iron palm stance NeVann was ready to take the offence or the defencive, he looked on as his student flipped landing in a keeling or three point stance position. The weighted ball on the butoon of Tenjin's weapon hit the ground springing up a ring of dust around it. The words Master, prepare yourself made its way from Tenjin's mouth over to his ears, then as he began to charge at his student he say Tenjin's hand only with index and middle finger extended out come up to his face. Changing his attack plan alittle NeVann reached behind his back into an hidden pouch and pulled out two smoke bomb, dusts and dirt kicked up behind him as he took his first two steps moving forward and threw the smoke bomb at Tenjin's feet.

His hair quickly moved from his face back behind him as the cloud of smoke began to engulf the area, building a purple dome seperating the two. His weight shifted from left to right as he picked up speed, he raised his hand together and made a set of hands seals once he knew he was a concealed with in the purple smoke. Then jumpping high into sky a trail of smoke purple smoke tried to hold on him as as his clothes and hair looked to be fighting gravity before he hid in the surrounding trees unknow to Tenjin. Then out from the smoke came an extended open palm aimed for Tenjin chest then quickly spinning around with his back right leg he went to sweep Tenjin before dispalying even more speed by twisting his torso back around to deliver a vicious back left elbow aimed for the bridge of Tenjin's nose.

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His master had surprised him, the purple smoke was very intense and he could barely see. He quickly moved his hand from in front of his mouth to the side of his visor. Tenjin tapped the button on the temple area and switched his vision from normal sight to heat vision. Uchiha had charged him with a iron palm but Tenjin tossed his Kusari-Gama aside and used a Pak Sau technique to parry the maneuver but the master ninja’s foot caught Tenjin’s heel sending him to the earth followed by a elbow to the nose. But Tenjin grasped Uchiha’s arm into a hyper-extension right after while wrapping his legs around NeVann’s neck and arching his back, snapping the master’s neck.

But with the twist off his body Tenjin soon found out in a small puff of smoke that this Uchiha was a fake. Tenjin was mislead and grew angry, he gazed deep within the forest using the heat vision to search for his sensei and through all the green he finally decided to do this the Fun way and retrieved his Kusari-Gama and spun it around his head once more.

Master, come out, come out where ever you are!!!!

Tenjin swung the Gama with great force and its blade sliced through the trees surrounding him. They were sliced so clean they didn’t even splinter only tumbled with they’re great weight slamming to the earth below. He suddenly had a light bulb moment and stopped his butchery of the forest only to grasp his other Kusari-Gama and swung it to the side allowing the chain to fully extend. He began to swing the Gamas together as they danced in the air they ripped through the trees, he also moved like he was in a trance allowing the blades to flow in separate directions. He suddenly stopped and let them fall to the earth before retracting them into the handles. They ground was covered in leaves and branches, he then placed the Gamas back into the sheathes on his back.

Tenjin began to do hand seals like his master had taught him before lifting his mask partially to reveal his mouth.

Doku Gasu (poison gas) no jutsu

A large cloud like stream of poison was exhaled from Tenjin’s mouth, encircling the area of fallen trees.

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As the smole grow denser the clone used its cover to conceal its first attack before cutting through it with its palm thrusting forward, spliting a path right for Tenjin's chest. Unaware that his student had recovered his composure the clone was surprised by the parry move, but it was nothing that he couldn't rebound from. Sweeping Tenjin's leg the clone came down full stregth with a elbow to his nose, as the sound of bone meeting bone echoed throught out the forst NeVann watch on from his hidden location wih his sharingan he analyzed Tenjin's movements to see if he had turely grown since they last met. He looked on as Tenjin once again showed great recovery skills grabing the and locking on to the clones arms as soon as it left his nose, then showing a ruthless wrapping his legs around the clones neck snapping it. But this was for nothing Tenjin quickly learned falling to the ground as his teacher turned into a puff of smoke reviling it was only a clone. As he shook his head at the fac that his student was going to go through and kill him he heared yelling

Master, come out, come out where ever you are!!!! before Tenjin begin slicing and pulling down trees.

As usual he's running through destorying everything around him, he really need to think more like an assassin.

He said to himself and he dashed of following his pupil who was by this time swinging from tree to tree, he silently moved side by side with Tenjin just his grace and agility to avoid ruffling to many leaves as he passed them. As tenjin stopped and headed back tpo the ground, he stopped on a branch and continued to look on. Where he saw Tenjin go to make a set of hand seal before covering the surrounding area ina odd colored mist, NeVann quickly know what he was try to do and leapped back and the posioness gas filled the atmosphere. Drawing his Yakamoshi katana he he sent a flow of wind natured chakra into it until it had a thin white glow around the blade and inhaling deeply he the darted at his student, as he pass through the tree the energy coating his blade slit through near by leaves and then slicing forward he released the stored up chakra sending a burst of wind that blow the cloud of posion gas away leaving only Tenjin in the open. Still coming down he shifted his body and threw three quick step like kicks aimed for the head and chest of his pupil before fliping off and landing sliding backwards, sliding back rocks leaves and dust kicked up and as soon as he stop he gripped the handle of his sword in his left hand and charged at Tenjin. AS he picked up speed he clinched on the handle with his other, drawing closer he draw back his sword and then came down in a vertical slicing motion only to vanish inches before the blade could reach. Then reappearing behind Tenjin NeVann Blood dance began as he went to leave a slash on Tenjin back, as soon as the blade would make contact he would dash to a different area and slice with speed so great it would seem like he was telelporting. Eventhough this attack normally ends with a slice across the thoat NeVann didn't want to kill him so he finished with a deep diagnal cut along Tenjin chest before landing a few feet from him.

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His master had evaded his poisonous gas and was headed straight for him. Uchiha’s sword created a rift in the deadly smog and was headed straight for Tenjin. Tenjin had to act fast, so he evaded the master ninja’s swift kicks with a series of open hand blocks courtesy of his Hapkido training. As soon as the barrage of kicks was finished Tenjin attempted a downward clawing motion attempting to tear at Uchiha’s chest but NeVann evaded his move also by setting up a charge once more. His master is indeed relentless and Tenjin prepared for the oncoming onslaught. But to Tenjin’s dismay Uchiha had vanished and soon after he felt a cold blade strike his back then almost instantly another to his chest. Its sharp edge cut deep into his flesh and Tenjin vaulted backwards with a back hand-spring to avoid another strike from Uchiha’s sword. Tenjin spoke these next words fast before attempting his next maneuver.

Master, you are very mighty and I indeed have much to learn but

Tenjin stopped for some reason and stood more erect, before reaching into his pouch on his thigh. He quickly launched three shuriken out of the blue, each flying in a v formation. One at the left, one at the right and another slightly lower the others but aimed for Uchiha’s chest. Tenjin quickly made a hand seal and vanished and replaced himself with the middle shuriken only inches from Uchiha’s body. Tenjin spread his fingers letting his Neko-Te gleam in the now bright light of the sun. But this was all a faint because Tenjin launched himself above his master and said the final fragment off his sentence.

Always finish what you start!!!!

And while that was being said he was performing hand seals and quickly let out a screaming tone of voice.

Shosen Jutsu (Mystical Palm Technique)

And then reached for uchiha’s right shoulder.

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With him not moving at full speed Tenjin was able to find an openning before he could finsh his attack, quickly put distance between the too leaving a trail of blood that begain to mix in with the earth. Shaking his head NeVann realized that he was going to easy on his pupilonce he saw three shurikens come flying at his chest, relieasing his left hand front the handle of his sword he reached it behind his back and as he brought it back forward two shurikens came from his hand cutting through the air deflecting the two shrikens on each end. Then raising his right hand that was holding his sword to defect the last shuriken but it was met with claws scraping upon his blade, small sparks shot out dancing downward when Vann caught notice then Tenjin was making motion to leap into the air as he yelled Always finish what you start!!!! while performing hand seals and then extended his hand out toward Vann's right shoulder.

You're to slow pull off the Shosen on me!

The words blurted out in a commanding tone as he shifted his weight to his left and with ease he parried to Tenjin inside , as he went to grab the pupils wrist with his free left hand and twist while going to drive the butt of handle of his sword into Tenjin's stomach to drive him to the ground. Not letting go of Tenjin's wrist he stared at him with a cold emotionless glare as he gripped tighter to Tenjin's wrist planing to shatter the bone, then raisin his sword up it began to glow with a red tint as he channeled his fire natured chakra into it before he rested the point of the blade at his students throat in a dare to have him try to move while he was still appling pressure to break his wrist.

Your still not ready to face, your moment is sloppy and easily read, you waste to much energy and you still fight to much with your anger. Clear your mind and free yourself of that anger then face me again, but until then take care of your wrist.

He then released Tenjin's wrist allowing gravity to pull down to the earth but still held the edge of his sword to his throat, the blade was still glowing the same eerie crimson color of his eyes.

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Your still not ready to face, your moment is sloppy and easily read, you waste to much energy and you still fight to much with your anger. Clear your mind and free yourself of that anger then face me again, but until then take care of your wrist.

Tenjin stared up at his master,his eyes hidden by his visor. He helt his wrist with his left hand while it layed limp and motionless. Uchiha's eyes still red from the sharigan and with the blade pressed up against Tenjin's throat, Tenjin felt like a belly up dog. His heart filled with rage and agony, the blood from his wounds were already starting to heal. But it still created a puddle of blood beneath him. Tenjin stood to his feet, the blade still at his neck, before turning away towards the clouds. He threw of his visor allowing his true eyes gaze into the bright blue sky. He paced himself still in pain from his master's beating and returned to his home deep within the woods.

Tenjin sat down with legs crossed in the middle of the room, with a white gi on. He pondered to himself about what a failure he was and how master Uchiha treated him like a dog. He unsheathed a tanto and pressed it up against the side of his neck, allowing the blade to make a small cut. The trickle of blood ran down his neck, staining his gi. Tenjin thought of commiting seppuku to aid him in his pain but reliezed he had more to live for. He rose to his feet once more and gathered his belongings and headed off into the woods alone. He later promised himself he would regain his honor and kill his old master, by swearing these words.

Uchiha will die,and his blood shall soak into the earth by my Gama's blade

He later traveled to america and started his missions as the Ace of Darkness for the Wildcardz.