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I have an rpg planed that will remove empires not in use within cv. Id asked for permision and been given the go ahead. The goal being that it will shift the world to a place that we can establish. Instead of right now where nations may or may not be at war, and cities might or might not be destroyed, and the world could or could not have a hole through it. Cannon got shot, the nU left even more holes. So we fix those and make it something worth geting in. Hopefully

When I had first brought up the idea Kratesis and I came to use a pretty good analogy. NU was a functioning bus that took people to the party, where as CVU was a bus that was broken down. Characters transfered to NU or for NU went on, and those in CVU didn't. More importantly it feals that CVU was given more pot holes and road blocks. Its remained static nothing to really do. So I aim to change that. First with a new rule. Assuming the community seams to agree. We don't want to be nU light, but we do need the rule. My version is a more easy going layout that i feal works for cvu.

If you wish to make an empire(kingdom/city/etc) that exists on the world and isn't a made up part of the world one should have a rpg to establish it. That is to say if your location exists in reality claim it in a rp, if its a place such as a floating island(aka doesnt exist in rl) anything goes. A random space station is fine, a take over of NYC needs a rpg. Upon claiming this empire through a open ended rp(open ended means you could win or lose. No garnatee who gets said empire till it ends) one can then make the thread. Should the one owning the thread be inactive with the acount owning location for three weeks the empire is lost. Where it goes into political reform the next two weeks before another can claim it.


1.make rpg to claim land. Should you win move to step two

2. Make thread have fun. Then should you be apsent

3. New reign is made to empire making it unowned.

4. After two weeks of New reign another can take it

The goal is to promote activity and excitment not just a land grab. Its also to avoid half the globe becoming static. We want to keep the world as it was in cvu where anything goes, and damage can be grand. However it also needs to stick, whats the fun in a chance to alter the world if it doesnt alter for most people. So we try and make a more fluid cannon, so things are big fun and consistant.

However if most seem against the empire rule il drop it. Im just trying to help bring back some of cvu. Love nU, but I put alot of work behind cvu I don't want to abandon it all. Im also curious if its even wosrth bothering to try, or is CVU really dead

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I like, nah, luv, to see someone actually making a conscious effort to restore something they want to participate in (in this case the normal CVU). I read through this and think you're idea is a solid one but I'm going to address the elephant in the room real quick. Empires and land grabs alone did not kill or stagnate the Normal U on their own. In fact active Empires really werent a problem at all for the simple fact that they promoted activity. And that brings me to my next point. Lazy rpging did more damage to the Normal U then any Empire. And I dont see one rule change pertaining to Empire creation solving anything. In my opinion all it would take for the Normal U to spring back to life awesome/entertaining/fun looking thread. Location thread, Story thread, doesnt matter as long as its captivating.

And I've never really admitted this before and this is just for me personally, but the Normal U felt like there was alot of entitlement going on and a non talked about issue in terms of New User and Old User. Old User built his or her character for a few years and has extensive canon, massive feats, and accomplishments. As such they feel they're character is owed a certain degree of selling. New User wants to get his/her name out there. So established rpger and up and coming rpger clash as one wants to prove they are still running with the top dogs and one wants to prove they can. Everybody wants to be the King but nobody wants to be the Solider. (hova lol) but maybe that was just my own internal strife.

Another thing nobody wants to talk about and or admit is, Popularity. Its real, its here, may not be fair and maybe there are things we can all do to change it, but pretending it isnt an issue isnt the same as there not being one. Confession time. Myself and another user were talking Pre-CVnU in a Pm and we both stated and agreed that if "this person, this person, and that person," were on board with the CVnU it would work. Why? Cause they're cool lol simple as that. Its the same reason why we have so many street level characters. Why? All the cool kids are using them. If all the cool kids went back to the Normal U it would revive itself in an instant. I'm really not trying to sound like a self-absorbed jerk (I am one but I'm not trying to be at this moment :). People like to say they keep it real while this is some reality for ya. If three users, not gonna name them, all it would take, went and started making threads and interacting with each other in the Normal U everyone, or the majority, would run back too. Thats not being mean, thats just saying what no one else wants to say.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: I'm glad you posted that, because I agree with every word said (although I think you knew that already)

@614azrael: Good luck with this.

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I betcha I can guess.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: The only reason I joined is because it took a reboot for cool stories to finally happen....never understood why it couldn't happen in vine prime but that's an entirely different story.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: No I was just trying not to, clicks are the biggest fault of the vine. New kid comes in wants to do say a alien invasion. Well many don't know new kid so they ignore it. Big name pitches a alien invasion everyone jumps in. Popular kid is a kung fu street level, everyone else wants a kung fu street leveler. Everything sadly does fall on popularity alot of the time. If those big dogs go to a new U others will. The biggest let down is we become also way to reliant on the big dog.

They have the best chance of getting a thread people play in and rps people get involved with. But if they don't post for whatever reason, dead location just like that. Empires are a issue as they take up space, get left. The 'just a phase' is the issue more so then say the actual existance of location. I wanted to pitch away to help that, regrettfully theirs no real rule one can place on popularity. Hell the popular person can say stop being so self absorbed/limited range and it wont change. And part of thats to be expected, we get along with some, and dont get along with some. Naturaly will avoid that other half, a fact that cant be fixed. Might be helpful if everyone tries to latch on to more ideas and projects of others. However while I can say thats the biggest fault nobody can really fix it either <.<

also thankya for the reply ^_^

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@614azrael said:

Im also curious if its even wosrth bothering to try, or is CVU really dead

For now its really dead.

There's a couple of futures for Prime, but the time isn't yet right and the players haven't arrived on the field yet.

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@614azrael: Wow, you're tying to revive CVU. Good to see you back

@Quintus_Knightfall: These things were never a secret. People just sweep it under the rug.

But, that's just me. I peeped it way back.

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@Mr. Mercury: Exactly. Not a secret, just like you said though, swept under the rug.

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Nobody really talks about it, everybody knows it.

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@Ellie_Knightfall said:

Nobody really talks about it, everybody knows it.

One of the truest things I've read all day.

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@614azrael: I'm so excited! I Really want my Prime Universe Back :)

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I couldn't really support this in any way, me having no knowledge of how to, but it would be great. 
It would really put my mind to rest on some issues.

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@shadowknight666 said:

@614azrael: I'm so excited! I Really want my Prime Universe Back :)

Me too. I mean, I JUST got Premo elected president, and then everyone bailed ship.

Come on, don't I get to mess up the USA a bit first? ;)

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@614azrael You know you've always got my support Azy :)
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@Impero: You got accepted to the cool kids table pronto =P 
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@Closure: You're wrong. He built the table.

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@Closure: LOL

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Go Azzy!!!! RESTORE THE CV!!!

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@Impero : You're like that exotic exchange student who everyone wants to be friends with.  It must hurt being you xD   
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I heard people say there were people that wanted the Vine Prime back, but this is the first time I've seen people actually say it.

@Closure said:

@Quintus_Knightfall: The only reason I joined is because it took a reboot for cool stories to finally happen....never understood why it couldn't happen in vine prime but that's an entirely different story.

I think that's what needs to happen. It not the older guys fault people choose, keyword, choose to be dependent on them. The CVnU is the perfect opportunity for people to set their own ships without latching onto certain viners to do it. Vine Prime felt like a pageant show at times. Everything was trendy and it was all about what was en vogue. I saw numerous times how much impact single viners moves unknowingly and knowingly had on other writers. And that's what i think killed the Vine Prime. One viner creates and Empire you see other Empires sprout up.

Every user in this section is a writer capable of creating there own niche to contribute to the whole of the vine, but just objectively speaking if everybody's talking the same 'ol same there's never going to be a push of momentum or dynamic of story conflict and relationships, because everybody's trying to keep up with the joneses. Polarity is not a bad thing.

But in the end I'm not suggesting people stop working with certain viners, just know what you're doing and avoid griping about it when there aren't enough heroes or villains, teams or lack diversity. You can't see what's out there if you're crowding one island.

Do you to the fullest. 110

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I apologize in advance for this long post, phone stops me from indenting, making this end up as one paragraph. Mercury I never left :P, also I think you hit the nail on the head. People should plan and write with who they want, but it would help the entirety of the rp section if they didnt limit themselves to the clicks. By all means write with friends, but each should try and get involved in something . Quoutside of their group. LL thats where you and I but heads lol, I still think something can be done with cv maybe im just stuborn though :). Ellie tis true, worst is nothing can change that either. SK Aaticus Son & Ica lol im trying to, feals alot like a one person crusade sometimes but I try lol.
@Mr. Mercury
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@614azrael: as always az you need me, iam in. Go COP's the primes pretty much only current team.

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Pretty much lol
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@614azrael: will try and post something later was gonna wait for CPG but laptop charger is broken or something like that.