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10:13 PM, Australia

A officer pulls up at a lonely old house, flashlight and gun in hand. He yells out "Anybody there?" He receives no answer. He repeats himself, and he hears a girl's cry from inside, and some crashing. He charges up the porch and kicks down the door.
"Once upon a time, there was a man, a worker on a ship, a long time ago."
The officer shines his light through the rooms. "Hello?!" he yells aloud. He hears some slight creaking from upstairs, but then a loud roar from outside accompanied by some crashing against the outside walls. The officer slams the front door shut and places a chair against the knob. The door slams, and the officer runs up the stairs.
"The ship sunk far out at sea, during a storm. The man survived, but was hurt."
The officer searches the upstairs. "Hello?! I'm an officer, it's gonna be alright!" he yells. He opens one door, and finds a master bedroom.
"He woke up on a foreign shore. There he met a woman, like none he'd seen before."
A man was laid on the bed, face down, and blood covered the white sheets. On the ground, a woman laid on her side, with a massive wound on her chest. The officer slams the door behind him and places a hand over his mouth in disgust.
"The woman placed her hand on his cheek, and asked if he wanted to live."
The officer cringes, but gets back to his feet when he hear the girl's cry again. He looked down the hall, and saw the last room. The girl cried louder, and then he heard another loud roar and slamming on the door downstairs. He ran up to the door and grabbed at the handle.
"The man said yes, and she told him he must serve her. He said he'd do anything."
The door was locked. He slammed his shoulder against the door, pushing through it. The room was obviously that of a daughter, stuffed animals and a small, blanketed bed. He heard some whimpering coming from the closet.
"She told him he must collect the hearts of men, for she had no heart of her own. The man said he would."
The officer moved to the closet and opened it up. A young girl sat behind some clothes, crying. "Hey, hey now. Don't worry, it's gonna be alright." he said softly, easing her out of the closet. More roaring rang out and the girl whimpered. 
"The woman smiled and kissed the man. He closed his eyes and he slept."
The officer held the girl close and held his gun in front of him and he ran down the stairs. The officer made a turn and found the front door wide open, hanging from it's hinges. He shined his flashlight around, looking for whatever had gotten in. He heard a growling coming from another room, and ran forward with the girl, going for his car.
"When the man awoke, he was changed. The woman spoke to him, and he went to do the duty he had promised."
The officer tripped, and the girl tried to help him up, but then ran, screaming. He tried to look up, but something grabbed the back of his head and slammed his face through the floorboards. Nails and and splintered wood tore his throat and blood trickled. There stood a great beastly creature of a man. It's fanged smile and tilted head was the only form of response to the officer's death, and it lasted only a few seconds before the thing darted off after the scent of the young girl. Screams rang out across the lonely landscape, reaching only the ears of scurrying beasts.
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Good read :-)

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I doubt it was.

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It actually was. I like the origin/backstory story within the story. It was creative.

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I am really digging all these new origins, and yours Yowie is very cool too. dug the creativity you put into it