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"i have grown tired. I have been alive so long I can hardly remember the dawn of my own existence. I have been a god breaker, a king, a teacher, a lover...A father...But I have been those things oh so long ago. So many gods, their faces. Some died with the face of pride, some with cowardice and even some with sympathy for my own life. These faces will never escape me, nor will they ever cease to haunt me. I look at this blue planet now with a new perspective. It is so small, miniscule to the planets these old eyes have seen. And yet for a planet so insignificant and puny, I can already feel and hear and see just how strong and alive it is. I hear the sounds of plasma energy crackle from the firearms of robot nations, I hear the sounds of palms smacking against jaws given by this planets fiercest warriors and masked men. The subtle hums from the meditative minds from it's killers as they rest from a long and tiring battle. The orders being barked from it's hundreds of collaborations of "heroes" And what I see is oh so different, almost like they were two different planets entirely, I can already see this planet has it's fair share of strong beings, they have grown accustomed to such people. This will make me feel more at ease, more calm, more welcome. I have not come here to shatter this planet, or kill it's many, many gos like I did in my youth. I am here to retire, at least for as long as I can. I have grow tired, tired of flying through the infinite cosmos and tired of seeing so many planets thrive or be destroyed. For once in what feels like my already infinite existence, I want peace and quiet. At first I found this ridiculous, I am only still so young and I want to retire. But from what I hear and see on this blue orb, that seems to be very old, my age. And so, let us see what this planet has to offer for me in my search for solitude."

Tom finishes his long gaze at the planet earth with just the smallest smirk on his face, something that has not been seen on the god breaker for hundreds of years. He was finally happy, he had hopefully found his new home.

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Very impressive monolog. I think I like you already.

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Oooooh! Kill Gods? How wonderfully ironic! The Starvation will be interested in you! It will!

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Very nicely done man. An I rarely read anything but my own rpgs, this was very cool man

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@Sicarius_: Thank you man ^_^

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@_Hazmat: your welcome

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Go back to your own planet! Boo! Get out!

Nah, I'm just messin'. Hiya, good job. Lotta new Aliens coming out there now.

I like aliens.

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@Sonnenlicht: Not from a planet, from a galactic explosion ^_^ lol. And thanks!

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Hey, same here. People still call me alien. I think it's all semantics, or something.