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A New Force

A New Force

As usual, RPG Rules can be found here.

Out of Character Discussion here.

This will be a POWERLESS RPG, if you play a jedi, sith, droid, hutt... whatever, you only have the powers of that species or class, none of your usual character powers.

For any questions about the Star Wars universe, take a look over at Wookiepedia where every species, technology and Jedi class is explained.

RPG Setting

The setting for this RPG will be in the Expanded Star Wars universe after the fall of the Sith (After Return of the Jedi) with the New Jedi Order starting up and new enemies to face.

all the major star wars planets and stations are still in existance and people are still in fear of the Sith and Jedi even after the death of Darth Vader. most people regard the Jedi as just as bad as the Sith, so if you do play a Jedi or Sith take this into account...

Most planets are pretty desolate having most of their natural resources stripped during the Republic Wars, as such the Hutt empire is stronger than ever, Jedi are in extremely short supply with only 2 to 3 new Padawans per year, because of this crime is rife in the outer systems leaving space for Bounty Hunters, War Lords and Surving Clone Troopers to make their own existence while staying out of the way of the rebuilding Republic.

A New Force

A New Force has been making it's power felt in the galaxy however, starting mainly on the outer colonies and attacking viciously, leaving no survivors there are only rumors of what the new enemy looks like....

though the entire galaxy is rife with rumors of 'shadows' attacking both Jedi, Sith, Republic and Outcast at the same time, specific information is very hard to come by... the only thing known about the new enemy is that while their ships are small in stature, one ship can take down an entire Galactic Class Cruiser... they are also rumored to 'scream' when fly past, though this may just be fanciful rumors by space traders who still talk about something living in hyperspace and on the boarders of the galaxy.

Force Users

1. Supertrooper117 - Fallen Padawan
2. Kara Pierson - Padawan
3. Paragon - Jedi Watchman
4. Andferne - Untrained force user without master or lightsaber
5. Dumbledore - Rogue Jedi
6. Voidhart - Surviving Sith
7. Eelam Lukian - Padawan
8. Gambler - Surviving Sith


As usual i encorage strong storytelling in all RPG's, this one is no exception.. try and describe everything from the history of your character to their feelings at any given time...

during the RPG i will be using my Kara Pierson account for the main RPG with my Methos account only coming in to post storyline events that will effect everyone and to further the plot of the RPG.

if you have any questions about this, please ask in the OOC thread.


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In space there are no sounds. Sound is transmitted through vibrations in the particles that make up the universe. However, in the vacuum of space, there are no particles and so no sound. However a starship is never silent. So perhaps it is better to say that there are no loud or sudden sounds in space. Its metal hull is a superb conductor for sound, not to mention the atmosphere particles inside. The hyperdrive is always humming, computer systems are always beeping and the ever present whoosh of the life support systems create a symphony of soft music for the star traveler. For Mal these noises were as good as silence to his ears. After many long years spent on board ships he had learned to filter them out, listen for the unexpected noises, the irregular ones. Like footsteps in the hallway outside his quarters, or the shrill screech of the proximity alarm. But at this point there were no such noises on Trinity, the ship that was carrying him through the void of darkness that was space. So when he woke up in his bunk, for a split second, he thought he was back in the bunker. Where the only noises you heard in your sound proofed cell were what they wanted you to hear. Panic struck at him, a sudden piercing pain in his chest, and he wrestled with it for few moments before mastering it. The bunker was gone. Blown to rubble by the commando's.

He sat up slowly, the covers falling back to reveal a torso that had seen too many battles. Tiny, hair thin scars marked where they had cut him. The skin on his right side was stretched taught, smooth and a little too pink. An old burn. A similar mark, though a lot smaller was burnt across his bicep. But there was one old wound that stood out the most. Shiny and ugly. His right arm. With a grunt Mal rolled his shoulder, trying to ease out the stiffness in the joint. His prosthetics whirred as the hydraulics adjusted to his movements, the electrical signals from his brain being translated into movement by the limb. Mal had been a simple soldier and now he was a simple mercenary. He didn't have the money for an expensive replacement. The arm was bronzed and heavy, made of thick metal and powerful mechanics. He could punch through sheet steel with it. But it wasn't pretty and it ached like nothing in the universe in the morning.

Standing up he tiptoed across the room in his underwear, almost gasping at the cold metal on his feet. The cabin's meagre kitchen was little more than a hotplate, a cupboard and a sink. But it was all they had on the ship. Trinity wasn't built for luxury. He opened the cupboard and grimaced at the selection facing him. Out of date ships crackers, protein slurry in a foil pack and some powder that when hydrated would form some of the blue milk that could be found on every planet the universe over. Turning away he snatched up a pair of trousers from the back of the rooms single chair. He pulled them on quickly and reached for a dark red shirt, tucking it into his belt. A pair of ship boots that covered his shins was next and then his gun belt, heavy with the weight of his modified E-3 pistol.

Stepping out into the corridor, Mal had already forgotten the aches and pains of the morning. There were bigger things on his mind. Hopping up the short flight of stairs that was more like a ladder to the cockpit he grunted a greeting to his pilot and second in command, Zoe. She didn’t mention what had happened and that suited Mal just fine. Without the payment on that job they would be in a bad way. The ship was falling apart and he was getting mighty sick of protein slurry and stale crackers.Zoe skilfully weaved through the maze of skyscrapers that thrust upwards into the sky of Nar Shaddar, bringing the ship down on one of the free landing pads. Mal checked his blaster in its holster and shrugged on his jacket, the long sleeves covering his robotic arm and weapon.

“Ok Zoe, here’s the plan. I’m gonna go see that stinking Hutt about the job. Maybe I can get a few credits doing our part of the bargain. Why don’t you go around the local cantinas? See if you can find out anything about that ship we saw and why it left us alone.”

He headed aft, knowing that she would take a few moments to power down the ship and collect her gear. Something growled in the darkness but he didn’t flinch. Instead shushing it and waving his hand bad temperedly. The noise had been made by Sam, the predatory Vaarlok that they kept aboard the ship. Native to Onderon, they’re home planet, Vaarloks were a canine species that hunted in the twilight of the planet’s jungles. They were loyal, if unpredictable animals and fiercely territorial, making them perfect for guarding homes or spaceships. Their excellent night vision came in handy as well, allowing them to hunt the vermin that infested every vessels nooks and crannies.

Mal stepped out of the descended boarding ramp and breathed deeply, the thick smog of Nar Shaddar catching in his throat and making him instantly regret coming to the planet. The moon-wide city was no jewel and its citizens made Mos Eisley seem like a resort town. But if you wanted to engage in some less than legal activities, the only kind that made money now that the Empire had fallen, it was the only place to go.

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she tugged the hat down firmly, low enough to cover her brows and shield her brilliant blue eyes. stepping out from behind the just landed cruiser, she scanned the landing strip for her next possible means of transportation. as she was about to walk toward the canteena, she heard voices behind her. as if on instinct, she sucked in a breath and flattened her small form against the hull of the ship

"You hear about that fat load of credits offered up as reward for that girl?"
  the other pilot turned and shook his head  "No, I haven't heard a thing about it? How much we talkin'? And what's the catch?"  the other laughed and nodded his head  "Ain't that the truth. There's always a catch when it comes to collecting rewards. But seriously, some fancy pants on Courscant's lost his daughter. And she's wanted back badly. Apparently the old guy misses her."

from her hiding spot, Marianna clenched her fists and dared to let out a sigh. MISS her? MISS HER? What were they talking about? It was obvious now her father had concocted some massive lie in order to have every bounty hunter, rogue, space pirate, or simple undesirable on the look out for her! she wanted so badly to just tell them what lies had been fed to them, or to whomever they'd been fed to. as the two pilots distanced themselves, she shot out from behind the ship and just glared at their retreating backs

"Lies! It's all a bunch of lies! I hope you know that!"
  she muttered to their backs in a soft tone, knowing they wouldn't hear her. she crossed her arms angrily and aimed a kick at a piece of trash lying on the landing pad. she aimed, the oversized mens boot she wore slipped off her foot and went hurling across the pad, striking a ship in the side. she let out a squeal of shock, abruptly covered her mouth and just stared at the mark it left on the hull plating  "Oh please.. oh please let no one have seen that."  she whispered to herself as she scampered over to the ship and picked the boot up. she stood on one foot, and hopped around as she tried to pull the other one back into place. a few more pilots walked by, shooting her rather odd glances. there were nudgings of elbows into sides and Marianna instantly wanted to sink into the pad and disappear. as her face flamed red, she finally managed to secure the boot in place and put her foot down. brushing her hands on her baggy trousers, she just shrugged her shoulders

"I... had a little too much to drink! Yeah. Yeah you know how it is between runs, right? Sure you do!" 
she spoke in a husky tone, trying to disguise her own gentle, feminine one  "I just need to lay off the stuff! I'm wasting all my credits!"  the pilots just shook their heads and didn't say another word. when they were gone, she just let out a sigh  "This is hopeless, Mari. You know this, so why are you even trying? Oh. That's right. Your father's a horrid liar, he's selling you into slavery, a term he's convienently called marriage..... and he's got half the galaxy out looking for you to bring you back. Good enough reason to give this, "being a guy", thing a try."  she slumped and trudged off toward the canteena, just hoping to keep herself from being noticed. as long as she kept her mouth shut, her eyes down, and did a sufficient amount of burping and scratching, she might just be okay
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The sound of an escape pod's hatch opening filled the air. The hinges creaked under the strain. Lifting to reveal what was inside, this escape pod had a long journey to reach this destination. Hot sand engulfed half the pod, as it had sunk into the sand dunes. Intense heat from the two suns beat down upon the pod, causing the surface to raise in temperature. The door stopped, as it reached its full height. Inside, there was no movement. Minutes passed, a group of five womp rats passed the pod, glancing at it, then moving on. Eventually, hours passed, and there was still no movement. A band of Tusken Raiders came upon the seen, riding their banthas. It was a small group, only three, and the leader dismounted from his steed. Walking up to the pod, he looked inside. What he saw was some kind of droid. Something shined inside, as the Tusken Raider saw something metallic. Climbing into the pod, he reached for it, and suddenly was gone, pulled inside. The two other Tusken Raider's looked at each other. They decided to go look for their leader. Stepping closer, an object was flung out of the pod, hurtling through the air, and landed in the sand. It was the dead body of that Tusken Raider, skull crushed beyond belief. The Tusken's turned to run, but stopped, because something was blocking their path.

Standing in their way, was none other than General Grievous, who was known as dead. There was a slight problem though, he wasn't dead. A Raider whipped out his pistol and fired at Grievous, but it just hit his heavy durasteel armor, not doing any damage. General Grievous walked up to them, standing menacingly tall. The General said,

"What pathetic planet have I landed on?" he said in his deep, dark voice. Neither Tusken spoke up. Seeing this, Grievous whipped out one of his lightsabers, and decapitated both of the Raiders. "Some things you have to find out for yourself." Left standing was only the General, but how. Grievous thought back about what had happened in the Clone Wars. It was going to be a day for Victory, when General Kenobi came and ruined the fun. He distracted me when I was dueling him, causing him to get the upper hand. When I clearly defeated him, he used the force give himself a blaster pistol, and shot me up. Fire roared through my organs, eyes, and brain. I was dead to anyone looking upon me, but not to me. After I was disposed of in a garbage unit, something allowed me to rise, gaining strength again. My eyes were damaged, as my organs, but my brain still functions to its full capacity. Survive, at all costs. I was still weak, and needed to escape. Aboard a foreign ship, I found an escape pod, and took off in it. After weeks of travel, I have finally arrived to this desert wasteland, eyes and organs recovered almost to their full extent.

The General grabbed his cape, and belted his four lightsabers. He scanned the horizon, looking for any sign of Civilization. Seeing none, he walked up to a bantha, and sat upon its back. The bantha let out a small cry from the weight, but got used to it in a few seconds. Taking the reigns, Grievous commanded the beast to go onward, hoping that he might find Civilization.

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"The time has come. Execute Order 66."

The words have burned in his heart for over 20 years now. At that very moment the life of servitude and duty that he was bred to know came to a screeching end. As a captain he had more independence. He was able to think for himself and in his heart he hoped that Order 66 would never come to play because he had grown to admire the Jedi and believed that they were doing the right thing.



His designation was CC-2814 and uncommon for a high ranking clone he did not take a codename. Along with commander Baraca they served under General Ki-Adi-Mundi. He was a well respected Jedi Master from Cerea that was stationed on Mygeeto with the 501st. He was wise and brave and unbeknown to him CC-2814 studied his movements every time he pulled out his legendary blue colored lightsaber. On the day of the order CC-2814's company was set to flank an oncoming droid battalion. They were vastly outnumbered but as the Clone Wars seemed to be finishing and the way the 501st clone regiment had been fighting their victory was eminent. General Ki-Adi-Mundi began to lead the charge rushing in with weapon in hand. CC-2814 was near Baraca awaiting his command to begin the flank when it happened. Baraca received a holographic image from the Emperor issuing the order and in no time after that Baraca passed the order verbatim through a com link that was in every clone troopers helmet.
"The time has come. Execute Order 66." Ki-Adi-Mundi had no idea and when his once loyal troops stopped following him the look on his face burn a hole in CC-2814's heart.

After his death CC-2814 was order by Commander Baraca to dispose of the body and to put in his report that Ki-Adi-Mundi was executed because he was placing an explosive on a bridge occupied by Clone forces. When CC-2814 reached him he saw that 7 laser blast had penetrated his body and left him in an awkward position. He ordered two of his men to blast him some more while he was apparently dead only to play the part. He felt a deep pain inside of him but the fear of anyone finding out that he would have never complied with that order caused him to keep his composure. On the spot CC-2814 lit his body on fire and watched as he burned right in from of him but not before secretly securing his light saber and taking it with him. In his own way he was honoring him by doing so.

Right after the Clone Wars CC-2814 participated in the Great Jedi Purge. This is when the 501st invaded Theed and CC-2814 was assigned to murder the Naboo Queen Apailana. In his mind Ki-Adi-Mundi's death kept replaying and he could not go through with killing the Queen or the Jedi that accompanied her so in an attempt to free himself from the empire without question he faked his own death. Believed dead he was left behind and when night came he stowed away on a supply ship that was delivering weapons to the Rebel forces that ended up in Mos Eisley. With no credits, no place to live and a face that would instantly have him killed by either side CC-2814 took the name Kurr and covered his face with a mask and a  brown hood never exposing his true identity to anybody.


Mos Eisley

The news spread like a plague through out the galaxy. The Emperor had been killed and the patrons of the Chalum Cantina could care less. The establishment was a bounty hunter and smugglers rest stop. It was a place that they received missions, collected bounties, gambled, fought, killed and for quite some time Kurr's had frequented the establishment. Kurr had a shot of hard liquor in his glass. It had been his 5th one. He was looking as dreadful as ever with his face mask on and hood over his head always keeping his clone face covered. He carried dual DL-44 modified heavy blaster pistols with holsters around his upper body. On Around his waist was a pouch that's contents were know to noone but it was the lightsaber of Ki-Adi-Mundi. He had kept it with him this entire time. He was now a feared bounty hunter and smuggler using his skills as a trained soldier of the empire to live his life or that is what he wanted those he didn't trust to think.

As the day went on Kurr continued to drink when finally a man with a scruffy face and a burly exterior sat next to him. "You're late" Kurr said as he downed another shot. The man replied "I got something, this could be big but we need to leave now, are you interested" He didn't say anything to the man he just asked for another drink and about 2 minutes when by without the two exchanging a word. The man grew impatient and said to Kurr as the clone drank "Never mind" then began to walk away. "Rendar, wait..............Dash" said Kurr as he put his glass down on the bar of the cantina and the man turned to face him "I am coming with you"
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CD you got the coordintaes in that big head of yours for Nah Shaddar or do i need to look em up again?
Zoe swang around in her chair as she addressed the on board computer CD
Zoe, i believe you uploaded them to me days ago, i have them right here, shall i implement them now?

yep we need to get down before Mal wakes up or soon after.. hes gonna be pi$$ed about what happened..

her hand gripped the edge of the chair as she thought again of what they had seen.. shaking herslef out of her stupor she kicked at the lever near her leg and got Trinity on the move.damn shipshe muttered to herself, Zoe was so mad about it all they needed that money and without it Trinity was not going to move for much longer. She loved this ship with all her heart and hated to see it fall apartScratching uner her eye patch as she opened the outer shield to get a view of Nah Shaddar she could hear Mal moving around in the kitchen. Yeah good luck Cap, we got nothing she muttered under her breath.
Pulling on the lever again she could feel Trin slowing down..
We are now entering orbit Zoe shall i implement landing procedure?
Yes please CD
zoe responded.
 Mal walked in behind her as she manuvered Trinity through the sky and down onto the landing pad. A great whoosh was heard behind them and a sound on the speaker was heard, Landing permision for ship number 2135646 Trinity approved, please enjoy your stay. Muttering obscenties at the empire under her breath she swung around to face Mal.

“Ok Zoe, here’s the plan. I’m gonna go see that stinking Hutt about the job. Maybe I can get a few credits doing our part of the bargain. Why don’t you go around the local cantinas? See if you can find out anything about that ship we saw and why it left us alone.”

She just nodded at him and gave him a look that said yeah good luck with the HUTT, that slimey SOB was not known for his compassion and she was pretty sure Mal would end up with nothing at the end of a massive argument. She opened the doors for him as she powered the old girl down, the shuddering boomed around the landing dock making a few locals look up and snicker. She just ignored them as she strapped out and grabbed her jacket, strapping on her gun and sword she swept out through the doors and watched them shut up behind her as CD locked up behind them.
Nice ship you got there darling, one of the planets inbreds addressed her as she walked past, swining around she pulled out her gun and shot a hole through the front window of his ship, never saying a word she simply smiled and walked away listening to their swearing and cussing behind her. Bring it on she thought to herself, i could use a fight after what we saw. Shuddering again at that .......... thing they saw in space she forced herself to shake it off and headed into the nearest Cantina.
Zoe was not someone you wanted to mess with, an ex sargent in the war she was a hard woman with a good strong heart, but she took nothing from no one, only Mal had ever seen her softer side and that was a rare occasion.
Grabbing a table by the window she pulled her hood up and moved her gun to her lap, ordering a drink from the bored waitress she waited. They new the score this place.. if you wanted information you never appraoched anyone you simply sat and waited for the creeps to come to you. Sure enough not long after her drink was delivered one of her fellow mercs came and sat with her.

Whatta ya know if it isnt Mals sidekick Zoe, where  you been girl?
The girl smiled at Zoe, she was an amazing looking girl one of the many mers who also traded as a whore, but zoe new Surreal well enough to know few of the men that messed with her lived to tell the tale.
Surreal, we need some info and fast,  you know much about whats happening these days?

Surreals face dropped straight away she knew what Zoe was refering too, it was written on her face.
 You mean out at that mining colony? wait you guys didnt actaully see that thing did you?
 Zoe just looks at Surreal her face giving away little but Surreal is her long friend and knows what is on Zoes face better than she does.
Zoe, you guys need to move and fast.. that thing.. its been attacking for days.. no one knows what it is.. but we know anyone who has seen it.. dissapears.. only a few of us know what is going on

What is it Surreal? does anyone know anything, suvivors? anything?
Before Surreal can reply a group of storm troopers barged through the front doors, Zoe and Surreal slipped out through the side door quick as lightning and sepearted. Two known Mercs could not be seen together so the vanished into the hot air.
Her stride slowed as she passed more troopers, she was suprised to see so many on one of Hutts moons, but she guessed.. that THING was part of it all. The screams they had heard were awoken in her mind again, she shuddered. Zoe never shuddered, she was a strong hard woman but the sounds of that ship still sat with her and she could not shake it. She knew if there were troopers around there was no more info to get right now as everyone would have vanished who could help her any.
Pulling her hood tighter around her and doing up her jacket to hide her weapons she strode along the drity path and headed up to meet Mal near the Hutts residence. Hoping he had had better luck than her.

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Grime covered the walls, graffiti was sprayed on like wallpaper, and there was litter everywhere. A cold draft ran through the tunnel, giving the air a slight chill. A shadow flickered in the low light, and was gone. Horrid smells filled the air, making it difficult to breathe. The shadow came into view revealing a Rodian. He was standing on the side of the sewer, breathing heavy. In left arm was a purse, filled with many credits, and in his right was a blaster pistol. He had to stop for a break, due to his fatigue. Stealing from an old lady did have its benefits, except for one thing. There was legend on Coruscant, that there existed someone that crept in the shadows, someone that delivered justice, someone who had never been caught on a camera. Heat went down the Rodian's spine, because he knew that he was being followed. A shadow moved, and the Rodian cringed back in fear, almost wetting his pants. He heard a faint voice, but he couldn't make out what it was saying. Raising his blaster, the Rodian shot around in fear. "Show yourself!" Blaster bolt after blaster bolt hit the sewer walls, scarring them up even more.

Suddenly, from behind the Rodian shown a figure. It was low lit, but the figure was dressed in a large, black cape, surrounding his body. With the hood up, his face couldn't be seen. Both his arms appeared out of the cloak, but had large gloves on them that covered his forearms. These gloves were made of woven cloth with durasteel plating on the outsides, and especially durasteel, razor sharp, claws. Silently, the man came up behind the Rodian and held a long vibro-sword, fused with cortosis, to his neck, all without a sound. Sweat poured down the Rodian's face, knowing that he would die. Dropping his blaster and the bag, he cried out, "What do you want?" The man smiled under the hood. In a deep, powerful voice he said, "What do I want, what do I want? I am the one without want, I do what is necessary, that no one else will do, I am the enforcer of pain." The Rodian was shaking badly now, and said with much fear, "I need to live, please. I need to see my family again." The man held his vibro-sword just as hard to the man's neck. "You, are you saying that you wish to see your family again?" Nodding ever so slightly, the Rodian tried not to get cut by the vibro-sword.

The man sounded more stern than even before. "If I let you go, do you promise never, I mean never, to steal, kill, or destroy again." The Rodian said weakily, "Yes...anything!" Sheathing his vibro-sword, the man let the Rodian go. The Rodian backed off, happy to be alive. The man grabbed the bag full of credits. "I will return this to the woman you stole from, and I wish you never to do the likes again." It had all been a trick done by the Rodian, as he eased out his hidden blaster. He shot, hitting the man in the chest. Again and again he shot, not happy until the man was destroyed beyond recognition. Click. His powercell went dead.

Rising to his feet, the man walked over to the Rodian and grabbed him by the neck with his clawed hand. "I see that you will never change your ways, and that you must be dealt with here and now." With his other hand, the man plunged it into the Rodian's chest, and grabbed the beating heart. With one powerful stroke, he ripped the heart from the Rodian, and let the lifeless body fall into the sewer water below. "That be the end of your destruction." He grabbed the bag, and slipped it around his neck. Clinging to the walls, the man traversed the ceiling, and found himself at ground level quite quickly. Now where is that woman? He glanced around, until he found her. It was an old lady, who used a cane, and was sobbing, while resting on a bench. The man walked up to her and removed the cloak from his face.

Brown hair, hazel eyes, and powerful facial features. He tapped the elderly woman on the shoulder. "I found the Rodian that stole this from you." She grabbed it from him, overjoyed. "How did you ever get this?" Looking at his blood stained claws, the man cracked a smile. "I have my ways." The elderly lady tugged on his cloak, and he immediately turned to her. "Just one more thing brave sir, what is your name." His face fell into a neutral position. "My name is Cly, that will be all." Cly put his hood back up. He turned around, and headed into a dark alleyway, between buildings.

He scaled the side of the building with ease, standing on the top. Gazing at all of the flying vehicles, he thought how nice it would be to ride in such a vehicle. Cly dismissed that thought, and gazed down on the streets below. Humans, Dugs, Rodians, Hutts, Wookies, Toydarians, Trandoshans, etc. It was all here, here at Coruscant.

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The markets of Iziz were quiet in the early morning air. As the day progressed, Miro knew it would soon start off as a buzz and build to a tremendous roar. Iziz had become quite the city where one could find, or lose just about anything. Merchants could be found dealing almost anything, from caged wild animals they claimed to help guard ships and homes (Though some were untrained, and turned on their owner the minute they were freed), to black market weapons, to cantinas where one could always find a game of pazzak.

He strode quickly across the empty market from the spaceport, his white robes flowing behind him as he walked. The Echani had served as bodyguards to the royal family for thousands of years, dating back to the days of the Onderon Civil War during the Old Republic. Over the last few years, rumour had circulated that queen's current Echani bodyguard was also a Force user. Some thought him to be a Sith, trained by Lord Vader himself in the ways of the dark side, striking fear into many he would pass. Others thought this was just outlandish, and believed him to be just another Echani bodyguard, who's mastery of the Echani way of fighting just made him a great choice to guard a ruler. In reality however, his family had always been Jedi Watchmen, and Miro was no different. Since the purge of the Jedi, Miro was forced to learn the ways of the Force in secret, from the ancient Jedi holocrons the royal family had hidden in their vaults and libraries from the Empire. He was proficient at using the force, but his strength was in his master of his lightsabers, the gold bladed one he call Helios, and the silver shortblade he called Artemis.

This morning he was returning from the moon, Duxn, where he had been sharpening his skills, secretly protecting small villages that dotted the vast jungle moon. It was good practice and it got him out of the palace. Being a royal bodyguard, Miro rarely had the opportunity to explore. He had been all over the Inner Rim on diplomatic missions with the Queen, but hardly ever the time to venture. Today, he had a feeling that would all change. He could feel a disturbance in the Force. Something was happening in the Outer Rim, and the Queen would be sending him there to investigate.

He made his way up the Sky Ramp toward the palace, just as the market buzzed to life.

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A rush of air flew by as a speeder rounded a corner. Right behind it, another speeder rounded the corner, gaining on the first speeder. There wasn't that much air traffic today in Coruscant, so this didn't cause too much of a disturbance. This first speeder, colored yellow, had a man who was running for his life. He had a bounty on his head. Behind him, was the legendary Sarah Scarr, known by most as Scarr, in her red speeder. She was a Mandalorian, trained for the harshest conditions. Wearing red body armor, she was dressed to kill.Scarr said, "I need to catch Jore, before someone else does. I can' t afford to lose that reward. Alive, 30,000 credits, dead, 5,000 credits." She sped closer gaining on the other speeder. Scarr came up alongside it, and Jore shot at her with a blaster. Hitting her armor, it made a small dent, but was otherwise ineffective. "Watch the armor, you wouldn't want little old me to hurt you now." She smiled.

Scarr came up alongside the speeder, and jumped off of it, slamming into Jore. He lost control of the speeder, and in the chaos, broke the steering system. The speeder was going down, and would soon hit the ground. Scarr socked him in the temple once, knocking Jore clean out. Now, she needed to get out of this, alive. She lifted her arm and shot a cord out, wrapping around a structure that stuck out from a building. Scarr grabbed Jore, and jumped off the speeder. Seconds later, the speeder hit the ground, and exploded in a giant of ball of fire. Headed for a window, Scarr pulled out her blaster, and shot it, multiple times. They went through the broken window, and landed. Jore was still unconscious, so Scarr had to carry him.

He was much heavier than her. He must have weighed at least two hundred pounds, if not more, while Scarr weighed one hundred fifteen pounds. She was five foot five inches, and pure muscle. Carrying Jore over one shoulder, she strode on to receive her reward. After much time, she reached her destination. Laying the unconscious bounty before Vrog, she wanted her reward.
"I have captured what you wanted, now I want my reward for it." Vrog tossed a bag of credits over to her. She was very joyful that she had this kind of money. Walking out of the store, rich, she wondered what to spend it on.

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Wulf sat upon the root of one of the very ancient tree's that had laid itself upon the rarely known surface of Dagobah. The nineteen year old boy sat upon the root meditating, connecting his conscious mind to the force, after Vader fell to the infamous hands of Luke Skywalker, savior of the universe, Sith nor Jedi have been trusted by anyone since. All though the fall of the most feared Sith brought peace and happiness to all worlds a new threat was awaiting in it's predecessor's shadow, Wulf and his Master Gormo had been feeling this new threat, new force, hanging in the darkness and growing stronger for over five years. Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo fears that this power may be getting more powerful than even Sith Lord Darth Vader, that was the reason Master Gormo was sending his young apprentice into the vast systems beyond their own to seek out and destroy what this threat may be, the reason for Wulf to be sitting upon his root and meditating. When Wulf believed his path would be clear he decided to visit N'Kata Del Gormo and bid him goodbye.

"Master Gormo" said Wulf entering the cave Gormo lived in. By a fire sat Master Gormo, he was talking to the force ghost of Ben-Kenobi, as he stepped in closer to catch what they were saying the fire was extinguished and they were all plunged into darkness. suddenly a light shone beside him, he turned to see a lightsaber through the darkness, the light shone onto the hooded face of N'Kata Del Gormo and that of the ghost Kenobi. Before Wulf could react the blade swiped for his face. Wulf's padawan braid dropped to his shoulder and slid onto the cave floor.

"In the name of the Jedi Order, I Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo, loyal servant to the Jedi code induce My Padawan Dumbledore into Knightood, now come forth and Kneel  Jedi Knight Wulfric Dumbledore" Almost instantaneously Wulf dropped to one knee, his face looking down at the patch of hair that had once been his padawan braid, "I knight thee, Jedi Dumbledore" at these words Wulf finally looked up to see his Master's blade come down upon each shoulder stopping just an inch away, "Know arise Jedi Knight Wulfric Sol-Sabus Ignatus Dumbledore....."

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The humming of the hyperdrive made its way through the otherwise quiet ship. All systems were green as the crew of the windchaser made its way through hyperspace. They were already overdue for their delivery of bacta to the alliance, but it seemed that they would soon have to find a new source of income. After the battle of Hoth, the Empire was beginning to come unglued, and the battle of Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star confirmed that they were not the same as they were a decade ago. Still, bacta was desperately needed by the Alliance in their continuing fight against the Empire.

The ship was called the Windchaser. It was a heavily modified YT-2400 that had seen years of combat. But the ship was not as important as the crew inside it. They were four of the most unlikely, pilots, aliens, humans, and rogues in the Galaxy. And there was the Captain that brought them all together, a human by the name of Dean. He started out solo, but each mission brought an opportunity to bring someone else for the ride, and each time the opportunity came up, he went for it. The second member of the crew was a Shistavanen techie by the name of Mako. There was also a twi’lek on board by the name of Ariana. She served as both the ships medic and its moral compass. Then of course there was Kit Malenko.

Kit was a Nautolan, born on the species’ home planet of Glee Anselm. He had green skin, pitch black eyes, and fourteen tentacles coming from his head, like all Nautolans. He was the third member to join the Windchaser. While on a mission to Glee Anselm, Dean and Mako needed a guide, and Kit needed the credits, so he gladly accepted this business opportunity. He showed them where they needed to go, negotiated deals, and translated his home language into Galactic Basic.

Then, his life changed. He was invited to join Dean and Mako on the ship as the co-pilot. Credits were hard to earn easily on Glee Anselm, so the three of them headed off into the Galaxy, adding a new member to the family.

That was a year ago and the crew had grown from three to four with the addition of Ariana to the crew. That all lead up to the present job. Most people wouldn’t even want to cross pirates, let alone do business with them, but it’s just one more thing in the job description of a galactic smuggler. After the Windchaser and the pirate cruiser had docked and negotiations began, they began the transfer of the bacta into the Windchaser’s cargo bay. After an insult by one of the pirates, negotiations stopped, and the shooting began. There were only six of them, and the Windchaser’s crew easily dispatched them. The decision was made to make a hasty retreat into hyperspace with the bacta unpaid for and six dead bodies in the cargo hold.

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There is no emotion, There is peace.

There is no ignorance, There is Knowledge.

There is no passion, There is serenity.

There is no chaos, There is harmony.

There is no death, There is the force...


Tressk was adopted by a rich family in the Outer Rim, of course they were big supporters of the Galactic Empire which was the real reason why they were able to maintain there fortunes. Tressk was two they found him crawling around there house. They were bewildered by how he had found his way in their. They kept him and raised him as their own. His father always watched over him with a look of distrust on his face and whenever men from the Empire visited the house for inspection, he always placed Tressk in a hidden compartment of the basement.

He bought Tressk some very peculiar objects for his 17 birthday. The first was three holocrons, the second was his very open ship with a crew of droids to perform everything from maintenance to space navigation and combat. The third was the most foreign to him and it was not presented to him until his father had a talk with him. This talk was when his life became something amazing. is father told him of the many meetings he had with Vader and that every time Vader appeared he could feel some sort of energy, and that same energy was emanating from him. Then he went on to tell Tressk that he was a jedi. Tressk didn't know what a jedi was so his father's words held no meaning at the time. Then his father activated the first holocron, showed a short alien in robes, they draped around on the ground as he spoke. The alien talked about the force and how jedi are wielders of it, then later on he demonstrated how to build a lightsaber and basic techniques on how to fight with it. His father turned the holocron off and gave him the lightsaber. Then he sent him to the ship.

The ship was large. The starboard section was enormous and its elongated shape added to the size. The body of the ship had two separate sections connected by what looked like large bridges. They seemed like targets to him but they were probably well reinforced. There was a protocol droid there to meet him. The droid told him about the history of the jedi as well as what his father wanted him to do. Tressk listened and decided to travel to the Planet of Llum and visit the Caves there. He walked through the ship and stumbled upon a medium sized compartment, it was dark, there were weak lights that kept the darkness from swallowing it. He sat in there and activated that original holocron, he practiced using his mind to lift his Lightsaber. He practiced for hours and all he could do was get the object to shake a bit. He gave up after ten hours, the strain on his mind was making him tired. He rested in a bed near the control room and when he awoke he resumed his “training.” He focused hard on making the lightsaber rise. He failed again and decided to watch the rest of the holocron. It went on to talk about confidence and how too much confidence would lead to the darkside and too little would prevent him from reaching his potential. He tried to lift the saber again. This time repeating a mantra in his mind. “I can do it, I can do it...” The lightsaber shook for a bit then it slowly rose up. It stopped right in front of his eyes. He blinked as he saw the lightsaber right in front of him. He smiled and this marked the beginning of his training.

Tressk decided to take his ship out of hyperspace. The reason being was that he needed time to train and based on what he had been informed on by the protocol droid, there were many dangers on the planet. His traning moved on from basic force control to lightsaber combat techniques. His father had trained him in the use of vibroblades so melee combat was not foreign to him. Yet learning the combat techniques from the holocron was still a difficult task. He suffered many injuries and earned himself quite a bit of burn marks. It took him three years but he finally grasped the technique and he sculpted it to favor his style. The holocron ended with the jedi's code, It told him the jedi recited this mantra as they meditated and it would help guide them through life. He memorized the mantra and recited it every time he went to sleep.The next holocron elaborated on the force and how its an instrument of the user. The one who spoke this time was a female, in similar robes. She stated the force flowed through all things living and dead. The force can be used to increase a jedi's mental and physical abilities as well as other things. She referred to the original holocron, specifically the part that spoke on lifting objects with the mind. She said that as jedi get stronger, they can lift heavier objects with greater ease. He practiced this on his droids, month after month he lifted them, making great strides in his training. Tressk was surprised by the sudden change of pace. He couldn't believe that he was once some weak skinny rich kid 9 years ago. He was now able to lift all the droids with ease while they were all in different areas of the starship. He also had grasped the idea of the ability force push and jump.


“Its taken me about 15 years, but I've finally become a jedi... TC, where are we? In the Outer Rim master, near the Desert planet Tatooine. Tell RX to drop us here. Will do master." As the droid went off to carry out its duties. Tressk walked into the starboard section and peered through the window. He saw the planet, its beige look was familiar to him but he didn't really care, he just wanted to gain to get back with society and find out what he missed. He grabbed his robe, his credits and his lightsaber as the ship docked. He walked down the ramp and was confronted by a man..”  “Hello and welcome to the sand dunes of tatooine! Your in the city of Mos Eisley, there are wonderful shows in the Cantina on Mondays, Wednesdays, and fridays by our lovely twi'lek dancers. Now the docking fee will be 50 credits please?” He handed the man 100 credits and walked off, his hood veiling his eyes. “Sir thats too much... Sir?Tressk, pushed open the door and walked into the Cantina. He sat down and watched the other inhabitants mingle. He watched as two men started to speak to each other and one walked away. Then the other got up from where he was sitting they started to walk off. He got up and began to follow from afar. He knew he would need crewmen for his journey up ahead and those two men seemed like perfect candidates...                      

Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.

Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.

Jedi respect all life, in any form.

Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.

Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

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"She's doing good, cap'n." Mako responded, typing furiously on a keyboard before him. Mako L'upa was a Shistavanen, the 'wolfmen' of the galaxy. As such, he was covered in light brown fur and darker hair at his young age of 15. Mako was also the ships engineer and repairmen. He helped build the ship from scratch, and took care of its every need and technical difficulty. When Mako was just a small pup, his parents, who were traders, made their way to Naboo. Like all Shistavanens and Shistavanen Trade laws, their trades only benefited themselves most of the time. Because of this, they shrewdly traded Mako for a supply of Naboo's energetic plasma. The Gungans, an amphibian race and the race his parents had bargained with, took him in and raised Mako as one of their own, teaching him to survive on both land and water. He took quickly and adeptly to the Gungan's art of combining biology with technology, and the Gungans even sent him to the surface Naboo to study technology there.

One day, when in a Naboo marketplace, Mako saw a collectible from his favorite show Force Guardians. It was an intergalactic dub of the Shistavanen show Paua Rangaas, and he couldn't get enough of the show. When he saw the collectible, he put his skills to work by hotwiring every merchant's stand to malfunction simultaneously. In the midst of confusion,  he swiped the collectible and ran, but the Naboo authorities had captured him. Mako was saved, however, by an Intergalactic traveler named Dean. Mako, according to Gungan philosophy, owed him a life debt, and offered his technical services to help Dean in his profession.

Mako typed on the keyboard, monitoring the Windchaser's vitals: Fuel Levels, Hyperdrives boosters, etc. He also manned the radar all at once. Soon, he heard a small bark, and up to the keyboard jumped an Otta, an aqautic mammal from Naboo. "Why, hello Gung." Mako greeted, not taking his eyes from the screen. Gung barked in reply. Mako had befriended Gung when he stll lived with the Gungans, and named him Gung as a way to remember the Gungan peoples. A blip moved on the radar, and Mako spun in his chair, regarding Kit. "They're coming in soon."

That was only moments ago, it seemed. Now Mako hid behind an overturned cargo transport box dodging blaster fire as it soared over his head. "You had to push the pirates, didn't you!?" Mako yelled, ducking his head. "Who argues with space pirates, honestly!?" He yelled, daring a peek over the cargo. Mako shot his head down again, however, as a blaster shot almost hit him. Gung came running over, hiding inbetween Mako and the cargo box. "Gung!" Mako cried, ecstatic. "Listen to me. Run to my quarters and fetch me my throwing crescents. Go!" He shoved Gung in the right direction as he scampered off. Gun returned with a small pouch. Mako petted him and rached him, taking out a small silver crescent. Setting five in his hand, Mako jumped up and flung them, quickly hiding behind the cargo again. He heard some ping off the machinery, but others he heard a they hit their targets. Mako didn't really like blasters. The Gungans had never used blasters, but sling shots, among many things. He had one of those somewhere, but he had forgotten in the moment. He was usually behind the scenes, tampering with the technical stuff. Even now, between throws of his crescents, he tapped on the screen of his control watch on his left wrist.

"I'm gonna cut off their numbers!" Mako yelled to the others. Typing in a code, the docking bay lock closed, and the door shut, cutting off half the space pirates. The ones that were left, six of them, were easy picking for the crew's lasers. Mako typed in more commands and Windchaser ejected itself from the pirate ship. Mako remotely set the ships engines to full and they blaster off, away from the pirates.

Mako stood up, and the first thing he did was smack Kit upside the tentacles. Gung scampered up Mako's body and wrapped himself on his shoulders, mimicking his friend and slapping Kit. "What in Dee Core were yousa tinken!?" Whenever he got over emotional or angry, his fury slurred his words with Gungan, sometimes making himself unintelligble. Mako even did it when he wasn't angry, sometimes, as a force of habit from living with the Gungans. He shook the rage from his head, clearing his voice. "I'm going to go check the damages to da skeebeetle...err...the ship." He shook the last bit of Gungan from his words and set off to repairing the blasters damage. Drawing a tool from his everpresent side bag, he began ratcheting the loose bolts into place, and rewiring many things as Dean spoke to Kit.

Mako stopped to help them with the bodies. He didn't want to do it at first, but having only four people on a crew meant you always had to help. He made a disgusted face as he daintily carried a body to the cargo hold, rushing off  washing his hands. He seemed to have fixed all major damages and returned to his place at the radar. Gung perched himself on Mako's shoulder, yawning. "Rest up there, Palo." He nuzzled Gung lovingly and set off to typing. He overheard Dean talking about going to Tattooine and a small part of him yearned to grimace.

"Wesa goen to daree...isa bad boopjak!" He warned, saying going to Tattooine would be a mistake.Even if he didn't have the skin of a Gungan, he still thought like them, an knew the sun of Tattooine would be murdr to a Gungan's skin.

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The snow was red.

The man rushed as fast as he could down the hill, the white dust up to his knees, hindering his progress. He stumbled, nearly tripped, but righted himself just in time to have a blaster bolt fry his upper back. He collapsed down onto the ground in agony, screaming out in pain. He managed to roll over onto his back, the cold snow soothing his burnt back, if only a little. He began crawling backwards, the fire that was on the other side of the hill lighting up his vision.

A silhoutted of a huge creature began walking down the hill steadily towards him, humanoid, but far too large for many species to have been. It was dragging something by a strap. As it neared closer, he saw that it was close to eight feet tall, and covered in armor....and blood. Of all colours. A blaster was in one hand, it's barrel smoking. The other dragged the strap, which was connected to a dead man, who made a trail through the snow.

The creature advanced on his wounded prey.

"Please......have mercy.....", the man cowered. The massive form lurking above him released his hold on the carcass, and lowered the large blaster to the man. From inside of the mask covering it's face-the man noted that it looked vaguely Mandalorian, though he knew that they were long gone, or at least he thought they were-came a ragged sound. Laughter, coming from a voice that sounded like what a human's voice would be if you breathed in and talked at the same time....but louder.

"Mercy...?", more laughter. "People have mercy.....animals have mercy......

I don't."

He fired the blaster into the man's head.

Dirge woke up.

Putting a hand to his head, he groaned slightly. He was having such a good dream about a pleasant memory of his. Stepping out of his hibernation chamber, he walked down the cold, metal hallway of his starship. It was a small interior, but it worked for him. On one side of the hall was his hibernation chamber, and the other, directly across, was a rack of various weaponry. A big rack.

He walked to the other end of the corridor, to his pilot's chair, and sat down. He noted something was carved into the wall beside the seat.

Only lead by the deepest hunger, I'll flee from exile...

He didn't remember putting that there......

Shaking his head, he put his attention to the large monitor below the viewing screen. The words "Nearing planet Coruscant. Docking procedures activating...." were scrolled in his native language, the symbols sprayed in neon-red.

He reclined, his large bulk making the chair creak. He began to think again of why he was leaving his planet, the one he had conquered, the one that he was king of. It filled him wth anticipation, excitement, anger.....feelings that he had not felt for years. Wonderful.

Perhaps on Coruscant, he would find a way to catch-up to these beings, to gain information on them......the ships that screamed were what interested him the most. After all, how many heads can you put on a wall?
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“If we get out of this alive, Kit, I’m going to strangle you. Your going to die before we reach our next stop.” Ariana yelled over the sounds of blasters and people yelling. She couldn’t believe that Kit had disobeyed Dean again. But she knew this also wasn’t the first time. For as long as she had been on this ship, it seemed to be his motive. IT seemed like he went to bed every night checking things off his list of things to do. Annoy Captain, Check. Hit on Ariana, check. Scheme with Mako, check.

Ariana looked over her shoulder as Dead joined his comrades in the battle. She smirked to herself as he yelled over to Kit, reprimanding him for not doing as he was told. But she didn’t quite have the time to laugh at Kit’s plight. A blaster from the pirates aimed at Dean and she took the shot. Standing she took position and shot the pirate relentlessly. More fire was being taken but with the addition of their Captain they now had the upper hand.

Finally the smoke cleared and the battle was done. She began checking the pirates for life. She grinned wickedly and kicked one as blood dripped down her arm, “Their all dead. If you guys are wounded come see me when your done with these guys. I’ll go get my medical supplies ready.” She cast a menacing glare in Kit’s direction and then left them all to do what they had to do.

It took her only minutes to get to her station. But by that time she had already lost a lot of blood. She reached for the bandages in the cupboards but her knees collapsed beneath her. She sat on the floor a moment regaining her breath and looked over her shoulder to make sure all was clear. She looked down at her arm and winced slightly as her fingers probed the wound. It was deep and would scar. She let out a quaking sigh and slowly got to her feet and began bandaging her arm as her thoughts went back to her days of enslavement.