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Lady Death searches long and far for any sign. Vassago is now tired and weary. She must stop before things get too bad. Her anger swells up inside.

Lady Deaths' demonic blood now screams for blood as she tries to find her torturer. The more she looks the less she finds of it. Anger and lust for blood now rage in her mind. Death has a new porpuse for destruction.

She will now become known as the Madam of Mayhem, Diva of Death, Creator of Corpse, and Mistress Temptress.

Her first victim a young man walking the streets. Lady Death gripped his throat into her grasp and sucks the life's essence clean from his body. When she releases him, there is little to tell who he is/was. The body of the man lifeless falls and shatters on the ground. Lady Death grins wickedly at the vicious attack.

Lady Deaths' angelic blood no longer able to fight for controll and overwhelmed can not come back to even the score. She is a wicked woman of little regrets. Her past forgotten and new powers spring to life. Her mind stronger, her will unstoppable, and her needs are now going to be met with the blood of others.

Lady Death steps off of Vassago and looks on knowing her tormenter was her own desires she locked away. Smiling wickedly, she has unleashed herself to her true nature. Death incarnate a being of strong culture.

Lady Death knows now she needs allies in these deeds of evil and seeks them out. She seeks out one to fill the void of loneliness to asisst in her dark and twisted ways.

The rise of the Evil within has begun!