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July 2013 - Apartment #23

Nothingness. My ritual lead to nothing but heartache. My status as Queen torn away. That's not even the good part. My soul mate denounced my love without a moment's hesitation. I was than banished from an estate that might as well be mine. And now the newest King, the one who orchestrated my humiliating exile, has found his way back into my life. I find humor in this period of time. Especially how he professes his adoration for family, yet comments on my abnormal existence. This is funny. Now I await the punchline.

"Let's not play games", he took comfort in her home even though resentment exuded from cleansed pours, "Even with my disdain for your kind, I do see opportunity behind this visage." He smiled, but Miss Michelle couldn't fathom why. A man with his features shouldn't display such enthusiasm. Why? Well it's not exactly appealing or tonally appropriate. Nevertheless she'd play his little game, a piece of her still willing to regain footing within her one true home.

"I'm not a wrinkled cougar if that's what you're implying." For a second she felt the urge to flip her finely shaved coffee table, but she didn't Even with six decades of breathing, Maxwell still withheld an unnatural seniority. And even he if he required her unholy abilities, he'd have no qualms with implementing sadistic torture. "Maxwell, I'd love to read your thoughts", she felt inclined to state her feelings, "but we both know I'd have to swallow a bottle of Tylenol afterwards so let's get down to basics. What do you want?"

I hate this. I feel like God is punishing me. I feel like I've upset him. I don't like being the bottom b*tch to an agenda I'm not entirely sold on. Maxwell has a tendency of keeping a majority of his ideas unclear. Ugh. I can't judge. He's promising me a room back at the estate. A place I have history with. A place where my father once roamed. I can do this. Swallow your pride. Swallow the---

"Shinigami. I want you to bring him forth."

bullsh*t. He can't be serious. Does he honestly believe I'd permit that creature anywhere near me? No, I won't do this. I refuse to go in that direction. I won't be someone's puppet. That's not what I live for. That's not what I do!

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"You actually think you have a choice on the matter? You're far more hilarious than I thought."

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Amazing. Ambiguous. Ambitious. Love it.

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Spelling errors *cringes

Thanks. It has just begun!