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Daemon watches as the night sky washes over the Hill, watches as his people walk through the streets. Some work on buildings that were harmed during the last arrival of a would be attacker, and others work on their own families. In the sky Manson flies circling the perimeter of the dome, keeping guard outside ever vigilant. The other members of the Semisonic Squad work on keeping the people happy. They too trying to keep their own lives whole, they left the world they knew the moment the first signal went out. Putting their jobs as governmental officials at risk to come and find a better place within the Hill. But all of this happening before Daemon he is in is own world, thinking of the things to come. The latest unwelcome arrival was that of Seraph, an immensely strong woman who wages war against everything Daemon stands for. Soon after the first test of the Device, the creation Icarus left to the Villains they needed this to work.

Daemon stood silent watching through the window as everything kept working as it should, suddenly Doctor Parnasis came into the room breathing hard. Slowly Daemon turned to him with an inquisitive expression on his face, as the doctor caught his breath he stood up. Wiping his brow he spoke "The Device sir, its almost ready for world wide broadcast. But we must have Miss London at the front for this, she is the key to making this work sir she..." Daemon snapped his fingers and brought a finger up to his lips quieting the doctor. Slowly walking over to Parnasis he smiled "Miss London is not your concern, she will do as we need. Allow the lovely lady time to cope, this world is something she is not accustomed to. She will be there when we need her, what about our plan for the Squad?" The doctor pushed his glasses up and smiled "They are all ready to begin testings, and the experiment will begin as soon as we can get that damned beast among them to listen to commands." Daemon chuckled "Allow Gretchen to give him his directions, stop attempting to control him yourself. He will do anything she says. Is that all?" The doctor nodded and walked out off to continue the preparation for the Device. Daemon returned to his contemplation of the future, and his smile appeared once again. He knew that soon this world filled with those strong enough to reach their potential, will thrive underneath his rule.

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A silent breeze ran through the empty tunnels it’s only companion was the darkness, some emergency lights flickered throughout, casting little rays of hope into an otherwise desolate world . It had been years since any one had entered the abandoned subs ways of New York, the world had moved on; it was forever in silence a memory best left forgotten. But madness always needs a home, somewhere to spread from, somewhere to grow. In one of the broken down cabs, he had made his domicile, the outer cab still had some of the original wood, it was broken and worn, and rust had taken its cancerous hold.

The inside of the can had been stripped, there was only one dentist’s chair, even that had seen better days, its innards had begun escaping the tan leather skin that held the chair in one piece, the arms had been removed and replace with two metal arms, with small spike sticking out of them and two leather straps for tying the arms down lay empty hanging at the side, there was a foot rest at the bottom, that also had these gruesome modifications. The lights in the cab where broken and but he had returned, his madness slipped over the dwelling like a daughter welcoming home her father.

A scream followed him as the cab door opened, “hello darling did you miss me” he spoke softly to the cab, while lighting two candles, two large men, dragged a women by the legs, her head bagged , she was still struggling when they threw her in the beside, she tried to grab at the bag, but his foot shot forward kicking her in the face, her head flew backwards and she let out a whimper before passing out. It took a few hours for her to wake up again, but when she did, she was looking into those eyes, those monstrous eyes. He was crouched on a chair, looking at her like a predatory bird, “We will start in a moment, the pain killers need to wear off first” he said in a monotone voice, she tried to look away, but found her head tied in place, her mind was slow, her body numb. “Don’t move not yet, you’ll spoil it “her voice was dry and broken “Pain killllerrs” he smiled, she could tell under the skin mask she saw moment where his lips would have been.

Her eyes where beginning to focus more, she was starting to think clearer, she took him in he wore an impeccable purple suit, his face was as white, it looked as if it had clown make up on, but at the same time looked too real to be make up, his hair was short and green and he wore a purple rose in his button hole, she remembered those roses, he had sent them out all over New York when he first appeared, to restaurant and hotels, it took two hours for the poison to set in and that was when people started to die. Not long after that he took over a news station and really started to spread his madness, dropping presents into the streets, children ran to them, as their parents screamed from the windows, well the ones watching the news anyway. But it was too late the bombs started going off. But the Knightfalls brought him to justice, where it only took him three months to escape, he then went to a children’s hospital and killed all the adults and thus bringing a new generation of fear into the world, before vanishing.

It had been over six months since anyone had seen him, his face hung off muscles, it was clamped on, no one knows anything about him and no one knew where he had come from. “Okay Miss Anderson, let’s talk” his voice rasped under the skin “So you’re a journalist, I want you to tell a story…” her heart quickened, he was not going to kill her…he wanted her to tell his story, “Than..” his hand flew through the air striking her on the cheek, “DO NOT INTRUPT ME”. He had moved from the chair and rubbed his cheek against the one he had just struck, she never even felt it, o god she was still numb, “I have to finish my speech before…” he moved quickly throwing his hands up like an excited child, he put one hand to his mouth “I can’t “ he turned away from her, his back shaking like he was giggling, fighting back the excitement, when he turned back he threw both arms out in a grand gesture “OH go on then, let me show you the surprise, “ he ran over undoing the strap on her head, her neck gave out moving forward from the numbness, he eyes gazed upon the rest of her body in horror.

She had been strapped down to an old chair, she saw blood over her pin stripped pants suit and followed the crimson line to her arms that where strapped down to the arms of the chairs, the blood was coming from underneath, but she could not tell why, her eyes felt dry as if she had been crying for a long time, but she was sure she had not shed a tear even when he had kicked her in the face. She had been raised to fight, she could take a beating, but those two men had drugged her… She began to get feeling back and that’s when she really screamed. Pain shot through here like a lighting bolt, he let out a childlike laugh, her head slacked and she brought it back up, looking at him.

He was smiling again “I just did not want you to go anywhere; I want your full attention.” Biting back the pain, she forced out the words, “Thank you”, she could now feel the spikes in her feet, “Soooo let’s get started” he walked over to the a small metal stand and pulled out a potato peeler . “look at this, most people would just see a simple instrument, a day to day utensil.” She needed to keep him talking “What do you see.” He looked at her, with that f@cking smile “Inspiration” he began walking towards her, “See my lovely, darling, Miss Anderson, I see the things it can be, “ his tongue licked the side of her face, before rolling over her lips.

She did not pull away, she tried to close her eyes, but…he pulled away “I wondered how long it would take you too notice.” She spoke without thinking “Why can’t I close my eyes, “ he threw his head back and laughed “oh she finally is starting to ask the right questions, You can’t shut them because I had Inspiration.” He was walking away from her now, “You see, I was sitting here, thinking” he hit his head with his empty hand the potato peeler still in his other “I’m always thinking, think think think.” He turned again walking quickly towards her. He straddled her, pushing his body close to hers, “Then I saw it” his face was an inch from her, she could feel the heat from his body, the smell of his breath, why did he smell like bleach. “The potato peeler, look at it, so simple so….easy to obtain, so easily forgotten.” Her adrenaline had kicked in, the pain was a numb after thought again. “Your my story, Miss Anderson, your my message that I am back and I am going to use the most simplistic tool to do it.” With his free hand he tied her head back down, she could do nothing to stop him, “But..” his finger ran over her lips “Shhhh now”

He leaned into her closer, bringing the potato peeler up “o god, what are you doing” her body began to shudder, with him still on top, the peeler ran over her eye, she screamed louder and louder, the pain caused her to bite her tongue, blood filled her mouth as he continued to peel, her thoughts where lost to her, all she knew now was pain. Her body went limp, as it shutdown he stepped of her, “Was it good for you too..” he laughed before picking up a syringe and walking back over to her, “let’s wake you up again , we still have so much more to do, I may even let my new friends come and play for a little bit...but we are having so muuuuuch fun"

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Returning to her living quarters after the brief dilemma with a few intruders, Grimm sat in a meditated position once again. The scene becoming more and more predictible. She sat secluded and agitated beyond belief, still believing that she has yet to prove her worth.

"I have to leave for a few moments. This room is extremely...smothering."

Levitating up and scanning the vast emptiness of the large room

Oh the Irony Lilith. So pathetic, sulking in this cushy room so quickly once again.

Turning both of her hands in circular motions and chanting a language known to very few a swirling pool of abyss spawned in front of her like a doorway to hell itself. Stepping through she hoped that any random location that she would reappear before her would offer some tranquility to clear her mind and sort her thoughts.

Teleporting to a random location on the planet, Grimm found herslelf in a rural town in the Canadian woods. Night was just falling onto the log cabins that were constructed around the outskirts of the town as trucks drove through the snowy roads. A festival seemed to be in full swing as the Lady of oblivion slowly flew closer during her reconnassiance. Children littered the streets playing with odd toys and metal wagons. The adults gathered in the center of the small bustling town to play music and feast on pig that was roasted on an open fire. The joy before her looked almost like a page was torn out of a "What if: Vikings were still alive" Book.

Interesting. The laughter of children turned into screams and the chaos of another one's confusion has always uplifted my heart.

Smiling, Grimm descends from her altitude and lands silently behind a local general store.

"A purple cloak and black leather tights won't blend into this town obviously."

Spreading her arms away from her torso, her clothing dissolves into normal blue jeans, flat toed cowboy boots and a thick black and red flanel with a scarf and animal lined jacket.

"Perfect. Simply perfect."

Walking away from the store she strolls down the road as if she was a modest citizen of the town herself. Throwing out fake smiles through her gritting teeth and fake friendly waves from her hands that normally produced magical destruction. The giggles of children and the laughter of adults were like nails on a chalkboard to her ears.

Joy from each other's company. Disgusting and weak. All of them.

Patiently waiting for a grand entrance and perfect moment to make her precense known, Grimm continued to watch the humans and imagined prefect deaths that would suit every individual.

"Hey, Lady...How come you're not at the party?"

Turning her figure she sees a little boy standing behind her with a toy train and quisitive expression in his face as he holds the toy lovingly.

The fake smile that was once plastered in her face grows into a genuine grin before she replies to the young child,

"Because youngling. I heard...Santa is in the nearby forest and he's getting his presents ready for...Christmas."

Pausing to remember the holidays of humans she randomly throws out Christmas not even knowing whether it's December.

"Really?" The boy says as his expression lightens and becomes joyous.

"Yes Child over there in the woods. And I bet, if you were a good little snot filled brat, that he may give you a pathetic piece of plastic that you want."

I hate kids.

Not minding the insults, the boy starts to run and stumble his way into the mouth of the dark forest. Grimm turns her head for any would be heroes, but notices that one is looking nor nearby. Still standing at her fixed position she whispers a small phrase and thin razor like tendrils raise from beneath the boys feet and slash at every part of him, before gripping every ounce of flesh and returning back to the shadows. No screams or questions. Just the smile on the killer's scarlet lips and blood soaked snow red with joy.

Oh...I found it...I found a newly painful idea...I could cause pain. But who better to twist the knife in your back then the one you love?

Another phrase is said quietly and the tendrils rise again from a black circle in the ground, this time returning the parts of the boy and assembling them together like some kind of 70's toy. A twist of the finger and the boy is brought back to life not as he was, but a messenger of death and an extension of Lilith 'Grimm' Libertina herself.

"Go now my child. Cause as much pain as possibly imaginable."

She whispers through patterns of giggles to the brainless zombie standing before her. As the puppet of flesh sprints through the street, jaws gaped open and foaming at the mouth Grimm offers one last smile as she twirls her hand and teleports back to the headquarters of terror. Walking out of the abyss and back into her quarters.

"Now is the perfect time."

Leaving her room, she walks down the hallways and cooridoors of her recently made home with a sense of purpose and determination. Opening a door to an area with wide and clear windows, stands her newly made leader. The one who welcomed her as one of his own,

"Daemon...Where do we begin?"

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Becoming restless Daemon took to the shadows and appeared within Parnasis quarters, the good doctor asleep Daemon watches for a brief moment before bugs begin to descend from his body. Slowly they surround the doctor in his bed, and softly lift him into the air until he is upright. As he sleeps soundly Daemon barks "Doctor!" and the doctor awakes quickly and almost falls from his bed of bugs. The bugs catch him and hold him upright before levitating him to the floor, the doctor watches in a mix of anger and terror as Daemon speaks. "I have brought you into my world for one purpose, to finish the good Icarus work and to this end you are pleasing me. But I can only hope but wonder why you came so willingly...." The doctor plays with his glasses for a moment as he listens; polishing them and cleaning them he quickly answers Daemon. "My Lord I...” Daemon interrupts him "Daemon, my name is Daemon do not address me as Lord. Only those beneath me do such a sniveling thing, I believe you are on par with mine." Parnasis stammers for a moment before continuing "I came so readily because I know that a man of yourself has almost and endless supply of creativity, and I a man of science wish to help that creativity....but I cannot lie in that I do wish to have more." Parnasis doesn’t allow for Daemon to interrupt he continues "I wish to be like you Daemon, a creature able to reach his full potential. My mind is one of this worlds brightest, if not THE brightest. I only wish my body could be as such, I am weak and feeble I provide nothing to your cause other than my mind. I want more....please Daemon give me more." Daemon stands staring at the doctor and contemplates everything he had said.

Snapping his fingers the bugs wash over the two of them, and they disappear into a swarm of insects and reappear in a dormitory. Beta Kapa Vega shines in neon above a hallway along with a banner "Initiations tonight, Party On!!!" The doctor looks around in disbelief as to how they traveled. He looks to Daemon "What are we doing here sir?" Daemon knelt down and let out a swarm of insects from his palm. They crawl from his skin and onto the floor, scurrying down the hallway and splitting off into the rooms in the hallway. Daemon steps back from the doctor "Show me what you can do even though you are a weak and feeble man as you so put. Kill everyone in this hallway, and I shall grant you what you wish." With that Daemon disappears into a vortex of insects leaving the doctor alone. Suddenly screams can be heard from the rooms, both male and female students burst from their rooms flailing trying to get the bugs off. As the insects fall they scurry over to the doctor and then around him, pooling into a mass of crawling blackness behind the doctor. They stay still as if watching him, they would be his judge as to what he does tonight. As the fear of the bugs dwindle away and the students become aware of the doctor they stare at him. Finally a tall muscular man shouts "Who the f@%k are you?" he moves fast and shoves the doctor back “How the hell did you get in here? Answer me pencil dick, what are you some kind of perv?!” The doctor stands motionless as the man soon becomes a crowd as the other students in the hallway surround him. All of them screaming at him and taunting him both verbally and physically, the doctor ignores them as much as he can before he gets an idea. “I-i-I I am a doctor….I am her to perform some tests.” The students suddenly go silent as he speaks “There has been a bug going around, and they have deemed this space as the origin source. I need to make sure each of you are alright, now please lets have the ladies in one room and the gentlemen in another.” The first man to come up to him looks to him in disbelief “I don’t believe that, how about I call the head master and see if this guy is legit.” The man moves for a phone in his pocket, the doctor grows worried and fiddles with his pockets finding a pencil. Anger swells inside him and suddenly he bursts “I said!” Gripping the pencil he pulls it from his pocket “Go to your rooms! “Jabbing it underneath the man’s jaw, pushing it up into his mouth. He smiles as he buries it so deep all that can be seen is the eraser, the whole group scatters in a scream filled mass. They inadvertently do just as he asked the women running into one room and the men running down the hall, as they try to escape out a door the insects zoom past them and slam the doors tight. Three men stand terror riddled and almost screaming as the doctor turns the corner, they look at each other and rush the doctor.

Parnasis moves around the first one, and swings an almost closed fist into the second ones throat thinking “Collapse the throat…” Grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him down he grabs tight and slams him into a door knob of a door and continues “Broken rib punctures lung..” dropping the man he tries to catch his breath but it’s no relief as he slowly suffocates. The third man slams Parnasis in the face and the doctor tumbles to the ground, the two remaining men kick and punch at Parnasis. Bones crack with each punch but the doctor has curled himself into a ball and as the two men break for a moment he grabs a book that lays on the floor and slams it into one of there ankles “Break ankle, bring him to my level.” The man falls in pain down to the ground, Parnasis shoves his fingers into the man’s eye sockets pulling out two blood soaked fingers. The last man stands filled with terror and stumbles over one of his friends falling to the ground, the doctor stands over him and asks “Any of you morons an art student?” The man nods and Parnasis grins wide “Where are their tools?” pointing to a closed door the doctor walks in and comes back out with an exacto knife. Kneeling down he cant help but enjoy the adrenaline pumping through his veins, this was exhilarating. Choosing who and how these men and women die, he couldn’t help himself it filled him with such pleasure. Popping off the protective guard he slides the knife over the man’s forehead delicately “Did you know that there are millions of nerves in the human body, and just cutting one could leave a person either paralyzed or dead? But don’t worry I don’t have time to show you all of them.” With almost lightning fast speed the doctor slashes the man’s throat, a geyser of blood sprays the doctors face and chest. Smiling through the dark red of the man’s blood as it washes his face he stands up. Leaving the man to try to stop the bleeding he walks over to the room the four girls fled into.

“Knock knock little ones, lets play doctor!” Kicking the door in the women scream as he enters. Hours go by as Daemon returns, the insects telling him the screaming had stopped. Daemon walks into the room a smile etched on his face, blood covers every corner of the room and the doctor is tapping his head with the knife as Daemon enters. “Sir this one is very strong, I think I want to play a little more find out where she will break.” The other two women are strung across the room, one tied to a chair the upper part of her skull hanging by a thin piece of skin. Her cheeks open and lower jaw hanging like a puppet, her cloths torn to pieces she had bled out long ago. The other was on the floor pens in her palms nailed to the floor, her chest cut from her throat down to her crotch and her entrails pinned to either side of the room. “That one had a very nasty bug, had to find the source….too bad I couldn’t find it.” The doctor giggled like a maniac at his joke, the girl on the bed sobbed as the doctor was flaying her skin peeling it off her in chunks. Finally Daemon spoke “End the girls life now Doctor, we have things to discuss.” Sighing deep the doctor grabs the girls chin and leans down kissing her, she tries to stop him but his tongue is in her mouth before she can. Finishing his kiss he slits her throat and watches as she gurgles on her own blood. The two men disappear into a swarm returning to Daemons quarters, as they do the doctor is strung up immediately chains shoot out from the walls wrapping his arms and legs.

The doctor looks terrified at Daemon “What is going on?!” he screams. Daemon smiles “You wanted power? Well I believe you are getting exactly what you wanted…only its not a painless procedure. Need to keep you from tearing your skin off for a few moments.” Grabbing the doctor’s mouth he forces it open, Daemon opens his mouth and a large swarm of demonic insects flow from his mouth and into Parnasis. The doctor flails against his chains as the bugs crawl into every corner of his body. Filling the doctor entirely with his insects, Daemon releases the doctor and watches as his body transforms. His skin tears and finally the doctor pulls the chains from the walls, screaming loud enough for the city of the Hill to hear. His screams echo and soon they die as finally the doctor has become one of the hive. Parnasis stands trembling, he looks to Daemon and then to his new body a sinister grin appears upon his face and he looks to Daemon “I am magnificent…..” Daemon grins and opens the door, it leads into the Underground. The device hangs from chains above the door and the two men look up “Now onto the matter of the Device, lets hasten its construction please.” The Doctor runs out and into the catacombs screaming to the workers to work faster as Daemon looks at it. It’s almost as large as the room itself, and he almost cannot keep his excitement to himself as the thought of releasing the signal onto the world filled his mind

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“Hush little baby don’t say a word, else Zulu will make your voice never heard.” The halls of this orphanage were dark as a charcoal mark. The sound echoed throughout, be it subtle word or painful shout. Night air outside was cool with a coming cloud, dogs aware of a pending danger barked oh so loud. They wanted to give warning of the devil within, of the mistress macabre and her vile brand of sin. Thunder cracked but no warning received attention, and so alone sat lunatic and child in building friction. Unsilent was he within the crib, he cried as the woman hurt rib. Cackling in the absolute depravity of her deranged mind, ensnared by the wickedness of the voices oh so unkind.

Giddy were those within her brain, sick and twisted ideals from which she could not refrain. “And if you continue to annoy even without voice, then I suppose I simply will not have a choice.” A small ring slipped from her petite hand, and then the blade indeed began to expand. A circular blade of pending doom, the smell of innocence begins to vacate the room. Weapon of choice rises above her head, its position hovering just over the bed. “I’ll cut your heart out and put it on display, I’m afraid if you don’t shh it can be no other way.” And still the sounds of fear were maintained, and so without mercy the fire rained. Down came the blade and the room was set aflame, the queen of insanity the only one to blame.

Sirens began to scream, their wails stirring others from their dream. Out the door did so many run, and that was when things became fun. For each doorframe had been given a noose, and as the ropes were ran into knots were no longer loose. Snap and the bodies began to hang, and in absolute horror police phones rang. Call after call directed to nine one one, it would seem satan's pet is having fun. Embers began to rise the paint seems to melt, her blade rotates and hacking of limbs is felt. “All I want to do is provide calamity, fire cackles like the voices in my mentality.”Onward she sang and as she reached the door there was a bang. Another came then over a dozen, in an awkward pose the lunatic stood as if frozen. The foster home fell, the ash left the story to tell. In time Zulu was in the cell, but that mattered little as sending a demon to hell. Then the officers sat at her side, and giggle did she in devious pride.

They ask “what is it your motive?”

She only chuckled “I come not here with objective.”

Angered were they “how could you!”

She responded on cue. “It’s as natural as the sky is blue, you should get a damn clue. I am not some part of wicked crew, but yes I commited those crimes tis oh so true.”

Angered the officers jumped up in rage, “you belong in a damned cage.”

“That however is the greatness of my condition, I simply can’t be kept in your institution.” And true to her word Azylum was sent back to her asylum. Then it was that the devious fem fatal, was returned to where she was immortal. Eventually then she returned to the one named Dark Child “good evening sir I want the world to be wild. May the wall, of this reality fall, liberated of sanities call.” In her blissful madness the murderous lass would dance, inaudible melodies in her head giving her a chance.

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The masked ball was in full swing as the black limousine swung around in front of the mansion. The driver stepped out and opened the back door. The masked, suited individual in the black suit slipped out of the limousine and offered a hand to his date. He turned to the driver. "Cover us until we get inside." It was a simple order, and the driver nodded. As they approached the door, a well-dressed butler stepped up to them.

"Your invitation, sir?" He asked. Adam handed him a piece of paper. The man looked at it. "Ah, of course." He led them inside. Adam released the grip around his date's hip, and ran a hand through his hair. Rather rapidly, he formed it into a ponytail and smiled. They reached the main hall, and stopped at the door. The servant stepped to the top of the stairs. "Herr Mercer, and guest." He said, with a flourish. Adam and his red-headed date entered, turned, and descended into the crowd. There was much smiling and laughter, and then the music started. Adam accompanied his companion to the dancefloor. At first they simply danced as Adam paid rapt attention to the room, then subtly directed them towards his target.

After a time, Adam and his quarry exited the floor and went to the bar where Adam bought the man a scotch. As they drank, they swapped stories. Pretty soon, Adam was able to convince the man to explore the mansion, and they darted down a darkened corridor, moving away from the ball. Eventually, they ducked into a room that held artifacts. It seemed to be a museum of sorts. The man began to turn, only to feel Adam's claws at his throat. "Morningstar sends his regards." Adam whispered, then pulled hard. The arterial spurt coloured the room crimson. After a moment, the spasms stopped, and Adam dropped the meatsack, fishing a device from an inside pocket and filling a vial with the man's blood. He wiped his hands with a handkerchief from a pocket, then dropped it onto the body. He ducked out of the room and pulled the door shut and walked back towards the party. "Woops, time to go." He whispered to his date.

"Done already? Well, he always was a bit dumb."

"Heh, yeah." The two excused themselves and made their way back to the limousine. As they pulled out of the gates, Adam thought he heard screaming. He pulled his hair out of the ponytail with a laugh.


Adam slipped out of his room, his date from the previous night moaning sleepily. He smiled as he cracked his knuckles and went to find DC to see what was on today's menu of murder and debauchery. He looked up to the sky with a slight smile. As he entered the room, he nodded to everyone. "Anyone else have a fun night last night?"

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Every warrior has a purpose behind their actions. This idea is what separates a warrior from a fighter. Without purpose there is no desire or reason to live. The samurai of medieval and early-modern Japan were the perfect incarnation of this philosophy. Honor was only gained through achievement. If failure was met than seppuku was committed. Trauma is a warrior. He has a purpose. A modern day samurai amongst fighters.

Current location unknown (A home away from home)

An obscure building rests in the shadows of the modern world. The rusted barbwire fence surrounding the property silenced the curiosity of all strangers. The structure is composed of three rooms, a living area, interrogation room, and a disposal room. The interrogation room consisted of corpses hanging from the ceiling. Their decaying hands bounded by chains and the smell of sh!t and piss lingered in the air. The sound of blood dripping expelled from a body that had been cut in half. The intestines glistened from the shine of a dim light bulb. The dripping blood was soon overtaken by the plop of feces falling from the shiny intestines. On a concrete wall that stood before the grotesque scene resided words composed in blood. “I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

Across the interrogation room resided the disposal room. A small space whose only light came from the citrus colored flames of a furnace. The floor and walls were layered in ash and flakes of dead flesh. This was the only burial place Trauma would provide for his enemies. The smoke from burning corpses and coal would escape the building through the cracks and imperfections of the room. Just like Auschwitz, you always knew when someone was being seared.

In between both of these hellish chambers resided Trauma in the living area. A grandiose room filled with ancient artifacts and stunning paintings. The complete contrast of the other rooms. The very liveable area was warm and inviting. Various bright lights shined upon red curtains from gold chandeliers. The sound of soft music bounced off the glossy wood floor that Trauma sat on. His mind was deep in a meditative state. His thoughts all aimed towards one idea. An idea that was shared with his fellow teammates of The Vine Villains. A world restarted. Cleansing the earth of the current scum and rebuilding society in their image. The red eyes of Trauma opened as he spoke aloud.

"I am a Warrior. Our purpose will be fulfilled."

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"Just! J-J-Just hear me out boys! If could just get my checkbook and a pen, you could be living like mutha'f*ckn Donald Trump by noon..." he pleads but his negotiations hit deaf ears.

At their destination the two handymen stood in front of their boss' door, one took the honor of knocking on the ebony wooden surface and with due time they were allowed entrance into the office, so that the target may be "informed" by the Counselor.

Behind the ebony doors the office mirrored a similar tone; dark and lavish. Seeing as the only light source for the office was an shuttered window that welcoming select rays sunlight, there was an overwhelming feeling of angst in the air they breathed.

"You did good out there boys. I could have done better myself, but your decency will have to do for now. So if you'd please place my friend in the chair in front of me here. Your work will be done for the day. You will see your checks in the mail soon enough." Of course the victim pleaded and kicked furiously, but he was begrudging shoved down into the chair with his wrists and ankles constricted by leather straps. Leaving little to no chase of escape.

"You had your men snatch me out of tha'f*kn shower!"

"Unfortunate timing. I understand Mr. Webber-"

"They literally dragged me up here and now I literally have third degree burns on my a*s! You've gone too far Stringer!"

Raul laughs and replies in an almost haunting demeanor "Oh, no... No, I'll have gone to far once I scoop your wife's eyes out. I'll have gone to far once I drown your loved ones, one by one. I'll have gone too far when I plunge your business into the mist and claim the riches for my associates." He leans in close to Webber so that the merciless eyes of his black mask could strike fear into the man's core. Fear that inevitably silenced Webber as the Counselor/Raul continued.

"I didn't bring you here today to make a little harder for you to sleep at night without nightmares. You're here because I want to repay you for investing in my... Endeavors, so long ago. Because truthfully I'm not sure my gang would be so powerful today without your initial support and-"

"I-I only stopped supporting you because-"

"DON'T INTERRUPT ME RIGHT NOW..! I know why you backed out. Hell you said it right to my face; you think I'm insane... You think I'm insane... Well right or wrong, I still choose to repay you Webber. I'm going to end you before you have to suffer."

"No! F*ck off with that bull-"

Stringer quickly grabs an Ice pick from his desk and stabs it into Webber's cranium. Abruptly aiming for the frontal lobe.

"I SAID DON'T INTERRU- *sigh* I'm just going to give you a quick lobotomy and then... Then you won't have to suffer when I really go too far."

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A cross such a simple elegant thing, it hangs above the bed in classic fashion. It’s symbolic nature something prayed to for hope for faith and so many wishes and pleas. The item is with engravings of fluidic brilliance an inspiration for any artist. In the center of the glistening silver is a blue gem of the finest quality truly a testament of the wonders of the world. Everything about the symbol is humbling, inviting and so on. Except for on this night where its vision is marred by crimson streams flowing down every grove in tranquil morbidity. The red ink of flesh had splashed onto the stainless steel and traversed it’s way down dripping onto the crown of it’s original owner.

Sin will carve a way for change

The widow of morality rises spitting filth back into the face of the fly in her web. Disapproving of this feeble species labeled humanity she tried a lustful sin. The reward was pathetic, these creatures had no use. She’d given them many chances and nothing of profit had been found. So it was that the eight legs unfolded from the arachnid’s back and thrusted deep in a way no soul wished. The wound made legs tremble in anguish as it reached through organs and shattered the spine like glass. Shards of marrow danced in the body butchering innards in such a vile way, this religious family man was just her prey. He writhed in agony trembled from a moment just seconds ago that he only had done with his laughable excuse of a wife. Despite the wounds inflicted though he didn’t perish yet as drugs and toxins had been poured into his veins denying him the privilege of passing on quite yet. To further crush the soul of the predators mark though was that very wife. He’d been with her for oh so many years and yet how comical they were in affection and everything else. Like all of these homosapiens they lacked in so much of what could make humanity worthwhile.

That woman with the ring on her finger hung upside down her arms stretched out to the sides. She had latterly been picked apart before the family. Using electrostatic force spiders climbed up a surface in the hands of someone like Noir however this had other uses as well. Instead of sticking to say a wall her hands stuck to flesh. Carefully and precisely the Baroness used this to peel away the wife’s skin. She went layer by layer till she got to past the muscle fibers. Centimeter by centimeter it was pealed away. If you imagined the pain of say a paper cut, but all over the body the pain would be like that, maybe more extreme. As air touched it and it was plucked away of course that also helped deliver the portrayal of agony the spider had craved. This was done at least seven times as skin itself has an epidermis dermis and hypodermis, though the epidermis consists of stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum and stratum corneum. In short though it was just excruciatingly painful like the body was being burned on a microscopic level. Meanwhile her victems also could not escape as a very strong and painful acidic steel like webbing bound her pets down beyond their weakening strength could resist. Course was the wife’s throat as she tried to scream cry and beg. Noir though had insured that wasn’t a possibility.

Then it came the classic sobbing desperate “why? Why this? Why us?”

Arachnid matriarch laughed hysterically for a minute literally before brushing aside strands of silky hair. “I could say it’s for theatrics but it isn’t nobody cares how flayed your bodies are. You are but one in seven billion you matter as much as a grain of sand. I could say I did this for some higher vision, but that call I answered was just for additional benefits I did this for me. Why you, why not? What makes you so special? Nobody in your race is special, looks temporary, intelligence it whittles away, wealth your money means nothing to me, believes make you but another idiot, you just got the shit hand dear. See despite having additional reasons to torture you it’s nothing that matters you are but another. Though I will be honest this symbol over your bed did strike an artistic cord for me.” She paused to let her words sink in, to shred his faith to decimate his virtues.

I am no saint, I bathe in atrocity

“See so many of your kind have strayed from the only thing that makes humanity notable. Sin. Without lusting for another you would not have love. Without wrath you would not have freedoms. Without greed you would not pursue a fortune to enjoy life. Without sloth you’d never enjoy days off. Pride leads you to try and be more. Envy also leads to an effort to have and be more and without it we would not have an economy. If you do not indulge in gluttony then you live only to serve others practically a slave. You believe in but one god, so all the other faiths should be condemned? Never take lords name in vain. Because surely saying f-ck is something to be burned for, surely it is better to beg for gods mercy at every turn then find strength in self? Sanctify the holy day. For it is wise for sure to become a pawn at least once a week to that man who preaches, nothing wrong in hearing the same shit from the same fool a hundredth time. We should follow are elders like an obedient bitch not daring to act on our own. Let us shake hands with Hitler and traitors try and right these people rather then fight back. No adultery all fine and grand but humans have urges it’s not wrong to crave flesh is it? Don’t steal, so Robin Hood’s noble deeds you tell stories of is a devious thing? If you follow these ideals blindly what are you?”

“Someone who sees sexual preferences that aren’t straight as straight up evil. You’d rather be blown apart by monsters then raise arms to fend for your children. You do nothing for you but serve everyone else. You don’t get inspired by anybody but only by words in a old ass book. You become a defenseless obedient useless cowardly stain of flesh. Who would rather give thanks to the air then those who grace you in person. I am repulsed by humanity but you with faith are the most sickening. If humanity is the blight religious are the plague. Humanity is not a creature fighting sin for tranquility. It’s a sinning creature fighting nature for blind obedience. But don’t worry my dear homo-musca I will not end you and send you to the bleak fate of you're stupid ideology. You get to live. The drugs will keep you alive, you’ll become institutionalized in the asylum I love and be on life support. You are blessed with seeing the truth of this world your kind has spawned. Your wife though oh she is not so fortunate.”

Ripping the femur clear of the wife and releasing the bonds the woman slumped to the ground spattering the carpet in crimson. The broken bone was placed in the wife’s hand with a smile on the widow. To escape the unbearable pain the wife thrusted the bone into her heart. Suicidal escape and condemning her to the feared abyssal inferno. “See that sin is in your nature.” Turning the widow walked a few feet and picked up her new play thing.

Lilly Morbidana nine years old had been swayed by the bewitching moon of the Villains. Brain washed into a willingness to follow and commit to fiendish actions. However Noir had gone farther her actions with dear mom and dad had burned into the manipulated psyche of the child. This led to a blackness of the heart that was easily scooped up by a nefarious being beyond. In efforts to bring forth even greater darkness Noir’s deeds had led to a demonic possession. And with the mother slain the father a broken mess the two walked away from the house. Sirens were coming but they’d be to late. Evidence they would have but they wouldn’t be able to follow the web of the baroness.

And so it was clad in black with child in tow the spider entered the meeting room of her allies. Many devious forces were gathered this was home. And in truth this was the future. They were the first wave of evolution into a greater world. Though the small anarchist of giant will believed to really bring it forth, they needed ashes of all humanity to build on. “Lilly this is the Vine Villains. Colleagues this is Lilly. Please tell me the time of foreplay is over. I tire of testing my patience it’s time we begin dissecting the weak.”

a rose has a thorn, but a lily has no such thing worn, it is said such a flower in love finds delight, but if sitg grew under the moon instead of sun would it be cause for fright?

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Days upon days had led Daemon to this day, he had planned with Parnasis and at one time Icarus. Their aim was to bring the world closer to perfection and in these days, the darkness that follows each one of his colleges brings him closer to that perfection. As he sat ahead of all of his fellow villains he knew each had come long from their origins. Yet today was the crowning moment for not only Daemon but all of them, they were to take the world on and by force. Slowly Daemon stood up and bowed slightly to the rest of the men and women in the room, Noir had a small child with her as she sat down in her chair. The others waited on Daemon's words, slowly Daemon waved his hand over the middle of the table before them. Arrow's constant grin turned into something more showing curiosity and a small bubble appeared from within the table. Even his Queen who held a spot within the Hive Mind looked at the tinted bubble in both confusion and curiosity, slowly as the bubble became transparent a vile creature snapped at the glass.

The creature was the very thing both Parnasis and Icarus had been working on for weeks, taking alien DNA and perfecting it into something they can control. The creature stood nearly a foot tall and was slim, its body covered in spines in one moment and the next it transformed into something akin to a worm or a snake. "This is our future, or at least the future for the children of this world. We have dubbed them Symbiotes, and with these creatures we will be able to control those who heed our call." Taking a moment to look at everyone he continued "Three weeks ago a small pulse was sent out, with the help of Miss London..." Daemon gestured to Veronica who stood behind him leaned up against the wall "We were able to send out a pulse of subliminal messages through the telephone lines around this very spot. We may be without the worlds modernization and thankfully so, but the surrounding areas are not. With that single pulse 200 children arrived at our doorstep, out of the two hundred one hundred of them survived the process....." Daemon tapped the table and out of the shadows stepped six teenagers. All in suits resembling Daemon's and each bowed in attention "In our test we were able to gain something unexpected...these men and women came here of their own free will. Following the children as government agents, they saw what I planned and vowed to help us achieve our goals. Each of them were given a symbiote and bonded immediately with the creatures within them, achieving a gift I never expected....control. Each of them can call forth the beast inside and use it, even command it in ways the other children cannot." Ushering Mason forward "Show them..." With that Mason closed his eyes and in an instant was transformed.

He grew an extra two feet taller in an instant and his muscles expanded he went from a slim man, into a monster in the fraction of a second and then returned to his normal form with even more ease. Daemon couldnt help but smile at his plans coming to fruition turning his attention back to his team he continued "Our world is only as strong as the next generation, and these children will be our future. Once we begin millions of children will be exposed to the Signal, and out of these millions thousands will come to us. With every child that bonds with the symbiote we gain another soldier. A soldier who with training can reach there full potential, and with this full potential can continue bringing this world closer to the perfection we all wish for. In a short time the Potentials will rule this world, and we all will be perfect in every sense of the world." He pointed all across the room as he spoke, his voice getting louder and louder with each word "We all have the potential and the ability to reach to the skies and grip onto something, that something is perfection! I am sick of the weak and feeble ruling this world due to money and privilege. Only ones capable of controlling this world should be those ABLE to! With these soldiers we will take control, full control over everything and then once everyone has been shown our power...we will further weed out the weak." Slamming his hand onto the table it almost snapped in two, as he did a projection of every team capable of being a difficulty against the Villains and the soldiers rose and circled the room. "First we show these ones what we are aiming for, in only 36 we will show everyone what we are capable of....We begin in New York...." Daemon waited to hear everyone and their inputs but he had already begun preparations.

Even as he spoke his Hive Mind creatures were making there way all across the world, and many of them focusing on New York taking control of those capable of making things happen. Workers, Politicians, the working class they were all slowly helping Daemon achieve his goal. In little under two days they will show the world what is coming...